The Updates

Welcomeย  to the new site!

Update 28th August:

Updates 25th May:

Update 21 March:

Feel free to leave any submissions, comments or questions below.

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14 Responses to The Updates

  1. LMO85 says:

    Hi–love your blog…I came across a gossip blog that randomly had this posted today–and I was wondering if you have heard or come across this story before?

    “A Brazilian model (Xuxa) alleges that she was asked to marry Michael Jackson. Xuxa previously dated race car driver Ayrton Senna and soccer legend Pele. She alleges: I was invited to have dinner with Michael Jackson and an aide suggested that I would make a good wife and a great mother to his kids. ”Later, the same aide called and invited me to Neverland. Jackson knew everything about me. I had dinner with him again. That evening, he proposed, I declined.” Xuxa is Brazil’s richest woman with an estimated fortune of $1 billion.”

  2. Kiki Jackson-Brown says:

    Hey, LaCienega!

    I just want to say that I just absolutely ADORE your blog, LaCienega Smiled and I’ve been following it for the longest. I officially dubbed it as one of my “Mighty Michael Encyclopedia” websites and I appreciate all the hard work you’ve been putting into this entire thing.

    I recently saw your link to this new site and I followed it. But now I’m confused with the layout of everything….is everything you post in a particular listed order like the blog, or do I just follow each link in each entry here? Or does it even matter what order I read the things on this site? I’m so confused and I actually like the L.S. Blog better. But…I suppose this site will have been more up to date than the original blog site, right?

    • lacienega says:

      Oh no, how do you mean? You mean that the info inside the posts isn’t in an organized order? It should be in a chronological order, though I may have screwed up with some pieces.

      The old blog had too much info crammed together so that I felt it made it hard for people to scan through and find updates or find specific info that they were looking for. I know it caused lag problems according to google and it would personally drive me a little crazy whenever I needed to find info or scan through. I’ve tried to keep all the info in the pages in the same order.

      If you click on the bolded title the specific info opens up and you can read it and then clicking it again will close it and you can move on to another interview/piece, or you can just leave them open.

      Maybe if I had a button at the top of each page which opened up all the info?

      Or maybe if I expanded/collapsed for specific years?

      My goal is to make this info really accessible so I’d hate it if it was less so now. It might give me a hernia trying to thing of ways to make the LMP thing easier to read for example LOL

  3. mjbaby says:

    Hey I love all the amazing work you do. Thank you. Will you do an entry about Whitney Houston and Michael? I loved what she said in that Gest docu and I think Mike was very fond of her ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks if u can.

  4. Okunuga says:

    There are some posts that couldn’t open what should i do.

  5. AiKai says:

    Hi Lacienega, sorry, not registered on wordpress, love your work, thanks for the new site! Trying to find an option to subscribe as it was on your first site, can you please guide me where to click? (don’t know if sound silly but clicking on SUBSCRIBE/CONNECT gives me a list of strange letters and numbers and I’m not an IT person)))


    • lacienega says:

      Thanks for bringing that up! I added something to the side where it asks for an email in order to receive future updates, does that work?

      • AiKai says:

        Thanks, I’ve entered the email, not sure whether it works or not, ’cause there is no “thank you for submitting” response or smth…

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