The High Price Of Child Molestation

The price the media pays for you to be molested by Michael Jackson:

[EXPAND Robert and Ronald Newt – Offered $200,000]

The High Price Of Child Molestation, Michael Jackson, Robert Newt, Ronald NewtThe High Price Of Child Molestation, Michael Jackson, Robert Newt, Ronald Newt

Fox News:

No matter who testifies next in Michael Jackson’s alleged “prior acts” of sexual abuse mini-trial, the prosecution will have to deal with the fact that only one boy will show up to say he was molested many years ago by the pop star.

Now comes Robert Newt, 30, long a “Holy Grail” for The National Enquirer from its investigation into Jackson circa 1993.

Newt and his twin brother Ronald Newt Jr. (now deceased) were aspiring performers and spent two weeks as guests in the Jackson family home in Encino, Calif., around 1985. They were about 11 years old. This all occurred before Neverland was completed. Michael, Janet Jackson and LaToya Jackson were all there, as well as the Jackson parents.

Fast-forward to December 1993. The National Enquirer, desperate to get a scoop that Jackson has abused children, heard that the Newt kids once spent time with Jackson.

The tabloid offered the Newts’ father, Ronald Newt Sr., $200,000 to say that something happened between his kids and Jackson.

Newt, a San Francisco “character” and filmmaker whose past includes pimping and jail time, considered the offer.

A contract was drawn up, signed by Enquirer editor David Perel. Enquirer reporter Jim Mitteager, who is also now deceased, met with Newt and his son at the Marriott hotel in downtown San Francisco.

It seemed that all systems were go. But the Newts declined the offer at the last minute.

Ron Newt Sr., to whom $200,000 would have seemed like the world on a silver platter, wrote “No good sucker” where his signature was supposed to go. The reason: Nothing ever happened between Jackson and the Newt boys.

Indeed, no kids, no matter how much money was dangled by the tabloids, ever showed up to trade stories of Jackson malfeasance for big lumps of cash after the first scandal broke in 1993.

“Maybe there aren’t any other kids,” a current Enquirer editor conceded.

I met Bobby Newt yesterday near the office where he works as a mortgage broker in suburban Los Angeles.

Just as his dad promised me a few days earlier, he’s a good-looking kid. He’s half black and half Chinese.

Robert and his twin brother were likely very cute kids. They have the same features as other boys advertised as alleged Neverland “victims.” But all Bobby Newt remembers of his encounter with Jackson is good times.

And all he remembers about the man from The National Enquirer is that he wanted Bobby, then 18, to lie.

“He said, ‘Say he grabbed you on the butt. Say he grabbed you and touched you in any kind of way,'” Newt said. “He told us he took all these people down. Now he was going to take Michael down. That he would really destroy him. He told us he took all these other famous people down. All the major people that had scandals against them. He said, ‘We take these people down. That’s what we do.'”

Prior to Bobby’s meeting with Mitteager, Bobby’s father met with him and brought along an intermediary, San Francisco politician, businessman and fellow jailbird Charlie Walker.

Walker is infamous in San Francisco circles for being “hooked up” to anything interesting cooking on the West Coast.

“My dad said these dudes are offering this money to take Michael Jackson down. And the guy [Mitteager] said, ‘Say he touched you. All you have to do is say it. But you might have to take the stand. You might have to go on ‘Oprah’ in front of all these people. You have to be prepared for this thing. Just say it. And we’ll give you money,'” Newt said.

Two pieces of evidence confirm the Newts’ story. One is the actual contract proffered by the Enquirer and signed by Perel, who declined to comment for this story.

The contract, written as a letter, says it’s an agreement between the tabloid and the Newts for their exclusive story regarding “your relationship with and knowledge of Michael Jackson, and his sexuality, your knowledge of Michael Jackson’s sexual contact and attempts at sexual contact with Robert Newt and others.”

Mitteager expected them to sign, even though it was completely untrue and there was, in fact, no story.

He knew you were lying, I reminded Bobby Newt.

“Exactly! And he didn’t care! He was like, ‘Just say it and we’ll give you the money.’ And I was like, ‘He [Jackson] never touched me!” Newt said. “He [Mitteager] was really fishing and really digging. Think about it — most people you say it to, ‘We’ll give you this money,’ even [if it’s not true]. And they’d take it.”

Bobby Newt recalled more details of the 30-minute meeting with The National Enquirer’s reporter:

“He was trying to coach me — if I decided to take the money, what would happen. He said ‘You know, it’s going to be a huge scandal. You’ll probably have a lot of people not liking you. You’re going to be famous!’ But to me, you’d be ruined. And the truth is Michael didn’t do anything even close to trying to molest us.”

Ironically, the second piece of evidence also backs up the Newts’ story. Unbeknownst to them, they were taped by Mitteager.

I told you last week that Mitteager did more surreptitious taping than Richard Nixon. When he died, the tapes were left to Hollywood investigator Paul Barresi. His dozens of hours of tapes include a conversation between Mitteager, Ron Newt Sr. and Charlie Walker.

When I read some of the transcript back to Newt the other day, he was shocked.

“I said all that,” he observed, surprised to have his memory prodded some 12 years later.

Back in the mid-’80s, Ron Newt Sr. put his three sons together as a singing group much as Joseph Jackson did. He called them The Newtrons.

After much pushing, he got the attention of Joe Jackson, who agreed to manage the group. Joe Jackson got the Newtrons a showcase at the Roxy in West Hollywood.

Michael showed up and loved them. The result was a two-week stay for the boys at the Encino house on Hayvenhurst Ave., where they were supposed to work on their music.

“We would see Michael in passing. We didn’t see him, maybe, because he was working on an album. We saw him downstairs in the kitchen and we talked to him,” he said.

The Newtrons eventually got a record contract and recorded the Jackson 5 hit “I Want You Back” at Hayvenhurst. They also spent the night at Tito Jackson’s house. But nothing about what Bobby Newt hears now about himself or others makes sense.

“I don’t know what to believe. He had prime time with me and my brother in the guest room for two weeks,” he said. “And he didn’t try anything.”

As a footnote to all of this: In the small world of the Los Angeles music business, Bobby Newt recently worked with choreographer and alleged Jackson “victim” Wade Robson on tracks for his first album, a potential hit compendium of original R&B ballads.

Jackson’s former maid Blanca Francia implicated Robson in the case during Monday’s testimony. Robson is not testifying for the prosecution.

“Wade is straight as they come. He’s getting married. And nothing ever happened to him, either,” Newt said.

He shakes his head, thinking about those who have made claims against Jackson.

“You have to look at these people, go back and see when their relationship with Michael fractured. The calls stopped coming,” he said.

And Newt should know. After the adventure in 1985, the Newts never saw Jackson again. It didn’t bother them, Bobby says, as much as it might have others.

“They probably didn’t like it. And this is their way of getting back at him,” he said.



[EXPAND Alfonso Ribeiro – Offered $100,000 ]

The High Price Of Child Molestation, Michael Jackson, Alfonso RibeiroThe High Price Of Child Molestation, Michael Jackson, Alfonso Ribeiro

From Lisa Campbell’s, “King of Pop’s Darkest Hour”

Alfonso Ribeiro appeared on Geraldo, to say there was never a time when he felt uncomfortable with Michael Jackson. Ribeiro, at the age of twelve, had starred with Michael and the other Jacksons in a Pepsi commercial in 1984. Ribeiro felt like Michael was one of his buddies and felt the allegations were “preposterous”. He also disclosed that his own father was offered $100,000 by a tabloid to say anything negative about Michael Jackson.

Alfonso defending Michael over Wade Robson’s allegations, May 15th 2013

[youtube][/youtube] [/EXPAND]


[EXPAND Wade Robson – Offered Six Figures ]

The High Price Of Child Molestation, Michael Jackson, Wade RobsonThe High Price Of Child Molestation, Michael Jackson, Wade Robson

From Jermaine Jackson’s book, “You Are Not Alone”

As the media invited ex-employees to run with their wildest allegations, induced by large six figure payments and the racier the allegation, the bigger the cheque. I’ve since learned that Wade’s mother Joy Robson was approached by the National Enquirer and offered a six-figure sum if she changed her story ‘to say that Michael had molested your son.’ Thankfully, people like Joy had scruples and she, like every other parent and child who’d spent time at Neverland, would not corroborate Dr Chandler’s claims or anyone else’s.



[EXPAND Michael’s Cousin, Tim Whitehead – Offered $100k To Say Michael Was Gay ]

From Lisa Campbell’s, “King of Pop’s Darkest Hour”

The defense witnesses included Tim Whitehead, Michael’s cousin who is very close to Michael, who told the jury he had been offered $100,000 to say that Michael is gay. He refused and said he has never seen any behavior that could be construed as child abuse.



[EXPAND Daniel Kapon – Paid $500k By The News Of The World ]

A lawsuit filed by a young man who alleged he was molested as a boy by Michael Jackson — and who also claimed he fathered the singer’s two oldest children and saw him dine with Fidel Castro — was dismissed today by a judge.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rolf M. Treu granted a motion by Jackson’s lawyer, Thomas C. Mundell, to throw out the case after the 22-year- old plaintiff, {tag Daniel Kapon}, failed to show up for the scheduled start of today’s trial.

“I think the judge realized how crazy the lawsuit was,” Mundell said outside the courtroom.

Kapon never visited Jackson’s Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County as he claimed, and the entertainer did not know him, the lawyer said.

Kapon’s lawsuit alleged Jackson “repeatedly and forcefully sexually molested” him starting in 1987, when he was 2, and lasting until he was 14.

The case was originally filed in Orange County, but a judge transferred it to Los Angeles County in March 2006 at the request of Jackson’s lawyers.

In court papers filed Dec. 17, Mundell said Kapon made a series of unusual statements during his Dec. 11 deposition that undermined the validity of his case.

Kapon claimed his mother married Jackson multiple times, and testified that the ceremonies were attended by Elizabeth Taylor, Celine Dion, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Beyonce Knowles and Diana Ross, according to Mundell’s court papers.

He said Kapon testified that his mother “was in Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ music video. She helped Michael with a lot of his material, his songs, his music videos. Michael Jackson was madly in love with my mom.”

Kapon also claimed he fathered Jackson’s two oldest children, Paris and Prince Michael, by masturbating into a jar so his semen could be used to impregnate Jackson’s ex-wife Deborah Rowe, according to his deposition.

Jackson specifically wanted Kapon to be the father of the two children, Kapon testified.

“He was obsessed with geniuses and blood lines and he told me that he wanted to continue my blood line, which he believed to be related to the Rothschilds,” Kapon testified.

Jackson wanted Kapon to have sexual intercourse with Rowe, but “it did not work out,” he testified.

Kapon also testified that one of Jackson’s other lawyers, Marshall L. Brubacher, was conspiring with disgraced private investigator Anthony Pellicano and “other associates of Michael Jackson” to “kidnap me and make my life a living hell.”

According to additional Kapon deposition testimony, he said he saw Jackson dining with Castro in New York City, Mundell’s court papers state.

“These are not good-faith deposition answers,” Mundell wrote. “They are the ravings of an unbalanced celebrity stalker.”

Treu granted a motion by Barry Fischer, Kapon’s most recent attorney, to withdraw his representation Jan. 10 after his client stopped communicating with him in late November.

Kapon’s mother stated he was homeless and living in a car, Fischer said in his court papers.

“I do not know if he is ill, dead or simply refusing to respond,” Fischer wrote.

The lawyer filed a “missing persons report” with Los Angeles police on Jan. 3, a copy of which was attached to his motion.

In December 2006, Treu threw out Kapon’s allegations of childhood sexual molestation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, plagiarism, conversion, breach of contract, accounting, fraud, negligence, civil conspiracy and unfair business practices.

However, Treu ruled then that case could to trial on allegations of battery, willful misconduct, assault and false imprisonment, along with a sexual battery cause of action that Brubacher did not move to dismiss.

Kapon’s court papers alleged the false imprisonment occurred when Jackson confined him for “multiple periods” from 1987 to late 1991 at Neverland Ranch, as well as homes in Encino and Woodland Hills.

Kapon also claimed he was occasionally confined inside a car, against his will, by Jackson; that the singer stuck his tongue down Kapon’s throat, masturbated him and anally penetrated him by force; and that Jackson gave him drugs and alcohol and subjected him to unnecessary cosmetic surgery, as well as burning, torturing and beating him.

Along with the abuse claims, Kapon alleged Jackson misappropriated his song ideas, lyrics and melodies during the time in which the pop star was recording”Bad,” released in 1987, “Dangerous,” released in 1991, “HIStory, released in 1995, and “Blood on the Dance Floor,” released in 1997.

Treu previously dismissed Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Sony Music Holding Inc. as defendants. Kapon alleged they shared responsibility with Jackson for stealing his music ideas and for breaching a contract.

– Daily Breeze

Here is the original story that The News Of The World spent $500,000 obtaining:

Edition 3GXD

SUN 30 MAY 2004, Page 19

Jacko filmed as he abused me; News Of the World investigates

He’d be laughing demonically while this was happening

New youngster claims he was drugged and used for ‘sadistic pleasure’ from age of three

A SECOND youngster has accused Michael Jackson of sex abuse, alleging the singer FILMED him as he carried out depraved acts. Daniel Kapon also claims Jacko, 45, is a sadist who revelled in inflicting pain.

The teenager, now 18, sets out a catalogue of sickening abuse that started from the age of THREE.

And he makes the detailed accusations in a harrowing 28 minute and 50 second video as his case is studied by Los Angeles police. Daniel said he was never taken to Jacko’s bedroom to be abused-but to a chilling bare room without an ounce of comfort.


He recalled: “I wouldn’t be in his bedroom. He’d do the sadistic acts, sometimes taping it, in a darkly lit room. He’d just be getting his kicks. The room had bare walls and had two camera lights and a chair which he’d make me sit in. There might have been a bed too. It was dark. I recall a director-type, an older guy with white hair. He would be holding the video camera and directing, telling Jackson what to do and sometimes they’d collaborate.”

Daniel also alleged Jackson:

DRUGGED him in order to carry out depraved acts.

SWITCHED personality the second he was in private, changing from a charming companion to a “demon”.

And ABUSED him for years at the star’s two palatial homes, leaving him in emotional turmoil.

The video recording Daniel’s claims begins with his chilling words:

“I was abused by Michael Jackson.”

The singer already faces trial, possibly in September, accused of abusing cancer sufferer Gavin Arvizo when the lad was 12. Jacko, who denies all charges, could be jailed for 74 years on nine charges. Second accuser Daniel was clearly emotional on the video as he claimed he was filmed being forced to take part in “grotesque acts”. He added: “It seemed as if he was deriving pleasure from my pain.” Then he claimed Jackson would “be laughing demonically while this was happening.”

The youngster, currently in a safe house in Los Angeles, and now represented by highly respected lawyer Gloria Allred, said that there was nothing he could do to fight back.

He added: “I had no control over my body but I was still conscious. They drugged me. I was given a goblet of red wine. I suspect it had something in it.” And he described the sinister change in Jackson’s personality once he was in private. One minute they might be walking through grounds of the star’s Neverland Ranch in California.

Once inside and out of sight of others, Jackson would turn off the charm like a tap. Daniel said: “In public, Jackson was charming, but when I was alone with him he was a freak. His whole demeanour changed. You have to have a totally whacked-out demeanour to even consider doing the things he’s done to me. He was acting demonic, he was acting crazed. Very sadistic.”

At this point, Daniel breaks down and asks to stop filming. When it resumes, his first words are: “He was verbally abusive, cursing, very crazed for power.”

Daniel went on to describe Jackson’s naked body.

He said: “I remember that his whole body was the same colour, very white, very pale.”

The youngster’s mother Suzanne says her son was introduced to Jackson by her estranged husband Danny.

Before long, the child became a regular visitor to Jackson’s home in Encino and was also treated to a special birthday party at Neverland.

Daniel said he suffered abuse ordeals at both places.

He added: “I can remember things as far back as when I was three. I have a photographic memory. I vaguely remember first meeting Jackson-but the things that stick out in my mind are the sexual acts that occurred with him.”


“And I remember walking with Jackson on the trail at Neverland and holding his hand and talking to him. Just chit chat. Most of what I remember at around the age of 12 and 13 is just being alone with him and that other guy and all the sexual acts.”

Mum Suzanne, who did not have custody of Daniel, said she had noticed bite marks on intimate parts of his body.

Asked if he has any pleasant memories of the star, Daniel spits:

“Pleasant memories with Jackson? Only outside Neverland riding the rides.”

Suzanne said she discovered her son knew Jacko shortly before his fourth birthday-when one of the star’s songs came on the car radio.

She said: “My son was very agitated and started kicking my radio so that the knob came off. He told me, ‘I don’t like that’.

“I said, ‘What? It’s Michael Jackson’.

He said, ‘I don’t like him’.

I said, ‘You’re talking like you know him’.

He said, ‘I do’ and started crying. I just flipped out.”

LA District Attorney Tom Sneddon has quizzed Daniel and passed a file to cops.

As ridiculous as this story is what makes it even more ridiculous is that The News Of The World printed this story on May 30th, 2 days after the LAPD had closed their investigation into Daniel Kapon’s allegations and stated on the record that they had “concluded there was no evidence that any crime occurred.” So they printed and paid for this story when it had already been concluded that he was lying.


[EXPAND Aaron Carter – Offered Six Figures ]

Aaron says that after Leaving Neverland aired he struggled to believe there was no financial motive behind Wade and Safechuck’s claims based on how the media had been offering him money.

“You don’t think for the interviews they’re doing that they’re not getting paid? Because I’ve been offered six figures already for an interview and I’ve turned them all down. I told them to go fuck themselves.”

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