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Michael Jackson and Tatiana Thumbtzen

Tatiana Thumbtzen was the star of Michael Jackson’s video The Way You Make Me Feel. She performed with him at he 1988 Grammys and did shows with him in on the second leg of the Bad Tour in Kansas City and New York, where she famously kissed him during their performance.

Youtube Video: Audio of the show where Tatiana kisses Michael, MSG, New York, March 5h 1988
Full Length HD Quality video for The Way You Make Me Feel

[EXPAND Tatiana started out as a ballet dancer, photos ] Michael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rare [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana modelling in Japan, photos ] Tatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modelling [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana began professional modelling as a teen, photos ]

Michael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rare
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael Jackson and Tatiana Thumbtzen shoot The Way You Make Me Film is filmed in Los Angeles, set photos, September 1987 ]

Michael shoots the video of The Way You Make Me Feel in Los Angeles directed by Joe Pytka, choreographed by Vincent Paterson and featuring Tatiana Thumbtzen

The Way You Make Me Feel, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Michael Jackson, girlfriends, datedThe Way You Make Me Feel, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Michael Jackson, girlfriends, datedThe Way You Make Me Feel, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Michael Jackson, girlfriends, datedThe Way You Make Me Feel, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Michael Jackson, girlfriends, datedThe Way You Make Me Feel, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Michael Jackson, girlfriends, datedMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rare[/EXPAND] [EXPAND The Way You Make Me Feel video premieres, October 31 1987 ] MTV premieres the video of The Way You Make Me Feel. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana news report, St Petersburg times, Music Video Star is Clearwater’s Own, 5th November, 1987 ]

When retired Clearwater school principal O’Cain Thumbtzen told me tha his daughter Stephanie was going to be in Michael Jackson’s new video, I kind of assumed she would have a bit part dancing in the background. That’s sort of what he thought, too.

My wife, teenage son and I tuned in the Entertainment Tonight show Tuesday and watched Michael sing and dance his way through The Way You Make Me Feel, while pursuing this strikingly beautiful young woman.

Could that be Stephanie, whose professional name is Tatiana Thumbtzen? I’ve never met her and had not seen her picture in about a year. No, we all agreed. That’s too big a part for a hometown Clearwater girl. Three additional women appear toward the end of the video and we decided one of them must be Stephanie.

Wrong! “Clearwater’s Own” is indeed the featured performer opposite one of the world’s superstars. O’Cain said his daughter and seven or eight others auditioned for the part last summer. When they finished, Michael called Stephanie back. She told her that Michael is “very pleasant,” to work with and “very gentle and humane.”

I’m not much for rock videos, or Michael Jackson for that matter, but it really is fun to point out his current video costar and exclaim, “Hey, I know her mother and father!”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND The Way You Make Me Feel single is released, 23rd November, 1987 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana talks about why the video didn’t end with a kiss, People magazine, January 18, 1988 ]

“My heart raced when his hand actually touched my leg.” That’s how Michael Jackson made her feel, says Tatiana, his dancing partner in Jackson’s latest video, The Way You Make Me Feel. The storyline has Jackson chasing Tatiana (also known as Yvonne Thumbtzen) through an old car. Her heel gets caught in the upholstery, and Michael gives her a hand in getting unstuck. The gloved one’s touch proved too much. “I fell flat and, as I got up, Michael was dusting off my butt. It was one of my favorite scenes,” says Tatiana. So why doesn’t the video end with a kiss? “Everyone asks that,” she says. “But just because we don’t kiss onscreen doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen later on. But I’d rather keep that personal,” says Tatiana. So would we.

Excerpt about this interview from her book:

On December 30th 1987, I had an interview with People Magazine. Todd Golden did the interview by telephone. I was pleased with the interview.That was my first experience in realizing that things do not always show up in print in exactly the way you say them in interviews. Just the same, I was proud of the piece and Julie was estatic. She asked me; ”So how does it feel to be on the same page as Cher and Elizabeth Taylor.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana invited to Leave Me Alone set, photos, Late January 1988 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana interview on “Hour Magazine” talking about working with Michael, 1988 ]

Youtube video of Tatiana interview on “Hour Magazine” in 1988 Part 1
Youtube video of Tatiana interview on “Hour Magazine” in 1988 Part 2″

Michael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rare

Gary Collins: Joining us is Michael Jackson’s costar in the hit video, Tatiana Thumbtzen. Nice to meet you. (something inaudible)
TT: It’s that kind of weather.
Gary Collins: How are you? Are you enjoying this sort of celebrity status that you’ve got?
TT: I’m having a great time.
Female interviewer: Did you get the job because you look like him? (audience gasps, laughs)
TT: No, I…
Female interviewer: He wishes he looked like you, right? (audience gasp) You’re prettier, you are prettier.
TT: Thank you.
Female interviewer: But naturally.
Gary Collins: Did they tell you it was for him when you got the audition? I’d guess when word got out they would be inundated.
TT: All they really said is that it was for a serious artist, my agent told me it would probably be for someone like Prince or Michael Jackson… When I went to the audition I heard “Beat It” was playing as I ran through the scene so I thought it was for Michael.
Female interviewer: Can you dance that way? Because ballet dancers are not usually good rock dancers.
TT: I did classic ballet, but I had to learn jazz and (inaudible)…
Gary Collins: How many people were involved in this audition? And why do you think you were selected? And please don’t be modest.
TT: Hmm, um…
Female interviewer: Because you look like Diana Ross.
Gary Collins: No, no…
Female interviewer: You’re prettier than both of them.
TT: 4 girls at the actual call back, the first call I think were several hundred girls, the second call where I actually met Michael there were just 4 of us.
Gary Collins: What’s he like?
TT: He’s great. He’s such a wonderful person and he’s so cute.
Gary Collins: He seems very very shy.
TT: So was I.
Gary Collins: Did you break the ice?
TT: It was difficult on set on the first day because when we were introduced and I shook his hand I could not look at him for a moment. (laughing)
Gary Collins: Does he look at you straight in the eye? Is there a lot of intensity there?
TT: Very. (inaudible) To break the ice I kind of… (cut) and when I came back there was a (inaudible)
Gary Collins: But wasn’t there a moment where you worked together, at least hopefully there was, where you think it’s gonna be okay, we’re friends and we can relax.
TT: I think the moment where we broke the ice is when my foot got stuck in the car upholstery and Michael put his hand on my leg to try and help me and I thought I’d die. Oh my God, he’s actually touching me. I got so excited and the director was screaming “Keep going, keep going,” so I pulled away and landed out of the car on my butt and my face was beet red and Michael was cracking up and I gave in laughing too ’cause it was quite funny and as I got up he was wiping me off…
Gary Collins: He touched your… [butt] TT: Yeah. (audience reacts) It was great.
Female interviewer: I don’t blame him.
Gary Collins: What is it about Michael Jackson that makes people turn to jelly?
TT: I don’t know, it’s magic. He has a power that you just feel when he’s in the room.
Female interviewer: I know Michael since the Jackson 5… he doesn’t look the same anymore, but he’s inside there somewhere.
TT: He is the same person inside, he’s very beautiful.
Gary Collins: What’s all this stuff about sleeping in an oxygen tank and all of that, being very shy, very…
Female interviewer: So, so… (something inaudible)
Gary Collins: Will you stop? One minute you’re knocking him, now you’re…
Female interviewer: I’m trying to be an arbitrator.
Gary Collins: Did he seem normal?
TT: He’s very normal.
Female interviewer: It’s not easy for him to go out in the real world.
TT: He is the most decent person I’ve ever met, and I wish there were more like him, you know, I really do.
Gary Collins: Are you dating him?
TT: We’re friends.
Female interviewer: Can you imagine their babies.
Gary Collins: Are you dating him?
TT: Not yet.
Gary Collins: Our guest today was Tatiana Thumbtzen, thank you very much Tatiana, good luck with your career. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Second leg of Bad Tour rehearsals, Tatiana featured on Entertainment Tonight, February 1988 ]

Tour rehearsals are held in Pensacola, Florida. Some footage is aired on Entertainment Tonight.

Michael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rare [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana interview, Touring With Michael is a Long Way From Home, St Petersburg Times, 20 Feb ]

Clearwater’s Tatiana Thumbtzen got a phone call in California this week that was worth calling home about – so she did.

She excitedly called her parents O’Cain and Evelyn Thumbtzen, here to tell them that Michael Jackson had called her from Pensacola where he’s in rehearsal for a 13 city American tour. He asked Tatiana, the costar of his current video, The Way You Make Me Feel, to join him when the tour opens in Kansas City Tuesday. He said he wants her on stage with him to kick off the tour. She was unsure whether she’ll be going to any other cities with him.

Tatiana told her parents she will be interviewing fans in the audience for a segment on PM Magazine.

In a short note to me recently, Tatiana writes about making the video with Michael, which 2was truly a dream come true for me… I consider him the ‘legend’ of our time.”

If you’ve seen the video, you’ll recall she steps ino he front seat of a cat, with Michael right behind her, and then exits the other side. “My heel got caught on the seat cover, and I got nervous because the director was screaming, “Keep going! Keep going!”

She said Michael touched her leg as he was trying to help her, and that made me so nervous, “I fell out of the car on my bottom. My face turned bright red and Michael was laughing… I started laughing, too, because it was funny.”

But when the video was finished, she said, Michael “thanked me for being so professional” and gave her an autographed hat that he wears at his concerts and Pepsi Cola commercials. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael kicks off the American leg of the Bad Tour in Kansas City, Missouri, February 23/24 1988 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael Jackson and Tatiana Thumbtzen perform together, Grammy Awards, March 2, 1988 ]

March 2nd, 1988 Grammy’s, Tatiana performs on stage with Michael

At the 30th Grammy Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York , Michael fails to win any awards for Bad but he makes an amazing performance of The Way You Make Me Feel and Man In The Mirror and gets a standing ovation from the whole industry. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Sheryl and Tatiana pose backstage of the Grammys, Jet Magazine, 21 Mar 1988 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana performs onstage with Michael and kisses him, photos, Madison Square Gardens, New York, March 3-5th 1988 ]

Concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York City. During the show on March 5th, Tatiana Thumbzten replaces Sheryl Crow on The Way You Make Me Feel and kisses Michael on the mouth.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Various press articles about the kiss ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana’s Star Grows Brighter, St Petersburg Times, 5th March 1988 ]

Clearwater celebrity Tatiana Thumbtzen is having a big week. The young woman, who is featured on the Michael Jackson video, How Do You Make Me Feel?, was interviewed on he PM Magazine TV show Tuesday night. The segment included shots of her performing with Michael in Kansas City as the start of his national tour.

She also appeared with Michael for one fleeting moment as he performed on the Grammy Awards show on Wednesday night. And she is appearing with him this weekend at his tour performances in Madison Square Garden.

Tatiana, the daughter of O’Cain and Evelyn Thumbtzen, doesn’t know whether she will be accompanying Michael on the entire tour. “Michael loves surprises,” she said in a photo interview from her New York hotel room, and she doesn’t know what plans he has for her. His invitation for her to appear with him in Kansas City New York was a last minute decision.

As for surprises, “It’s like Christmas,” she said. “I’m having the time of my life.”

Tatiana, who most local people still know as Stephanie, said fans are beginning to recognize her, take her picture and request autographs.

She said she recently completed a movie, The Perfect Model, in which she has a cameo speaking part. “Not just a strut but speaking, too.” She has also been called by one of the cable music networks about being a guest host.

As she told the PM Magazine interviewer, “I’m just so happy!” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Video star visits home, tells Hollywood tales, Tatiana news report, 13th Jan, 1989 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana speaks in Ebony about her career in Hollywood, March 1989 ]

Tatiana Thumbtzen, 28, danced her way to celebrity status as the nymph like creature pursued by Michael Jackson in the video, The Way You Make Me Feel. Now she awaits her own definition of stardom. “I sign autographs for people who stop me on the street, but there are times I don’t have the ren,” she says. Born in Clearwater, Florida, Tatiana studied ballet, but the desire to model and act eventually lured her from dancing. The LA actress can now be seen in a commercial with Mario Van Peebles and in the introduction of the TV series A Different World.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana presenting MJ with the BRE award, photo featured in JET 26 June 1989 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Found in the Vaccaro Vault of possessions owned by Michael and the Jackson family, Portfolio for Tatiana, photo of her half-naked was taken in 1990 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana on the Maury show where Katherine calls in to speak about her, video, Sometime August-December 1993 ]

Link to youtube video, Maury TV Show, amidst allegations about child molestation Tatiana defends Michael and says they had a year long relationship

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Jermaine mentions Tatiana, Tatiana interview, BET, sometime 1993-1994 ]

BET Announcer: Some of you remember the recent BET special where you, the public, had a chance to ask the Jackson family anything. Well, most of you wanted to know about Michael Jackson’s love life. Actress Tatiana says Michael Jackson is all man.

Woman on the street: This question is for Jermaine since you seem to be the closest. Has Michael Jackson ever had a girlfriend?

Jermaine: Yes, Yes, Yes. There was Tatiana that he was very close to.

Tatiana: The first day I met Michael and we were actually introduced, he reached his hand out and said hi to me and we shook hands. I was just so overwhelmed (smiling).

Tatiana: One of the first sparks was a scene in which I had to run through an old car and Michael chases me and by the third run through my heel had gotten stuck in the car upholstrey and I got stuck and the director said ‘Keep it goin’, keep it goin’ don’t stop’ Well, Michael put his hand on my leg to help me get unstuck and I uh, freaked out a little (smiling and glowing) bit and pulled away, and I uh, I ended up outside the car on my bottom. And as I had gotten up to continue with the scene, Michael had grabbed me and had actually started to wipe my bottom off.

Tatiana: He’s very romantic ’cause he’s so sensitive and caring.

Tatiana: His touch…his hugs…his kisses. I fell in love. Michael is not gay, he is not some kind of freak that the media wants to portray him as lately (very sad, angry look).

Tatiana: (She looks directly in the camera with a very sexy look) As far as his masculinity is concerned (arches her eyebrow and lowers her head) believe me, he is.

BET Announcer: Tatiana says she still loves Michael and just wants people to know how special he really is. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana on Geraldo, discussing Once More With Feeling, 1996 ] Youtube video: Tatiana on Geraldo, discussing Once More With Feeling, 1996 [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Two part interview where she discusses Once More With Feeling, 1997 ] Youtube video: 1997 Tatiana Thumbtzen discussing participating in a book “Once More with Feeling”
Youtube video: 1997 discussion “Once More With Feeling” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana talks about her time working for Michael, Extract from book “Once More With Feeling”, 1997 ]

To this day I have no idea what I did that was so terrible, but that was the end of the tour for me. I was not asked back when the Bad tour went on to several cities. Sheryl Crow took my place.

I went home and cried incredibly hard, over both the lost opportunity and over losing Michael. His mother, Katherine, was also puzzled by what happened. She later invited me several times to the Jackson compound in Encino and we talked at length. She told me that when we were shooting the video, Michael had asked her what he should do with me. He had told her how much he liked me and that he had feeling for me. She had told him to express himself, to tell me about his feelings.

He never did tell me anything of the kind, although several others in his camp – bodyguards, secretaries, and writers – had let me know. The only explanation I could fathom was that Michael’s top managers must have seen me as a threat. The Bad tour was one of the most successful promotions of his career, and the people working for him did not want anything to mess it up, especially a relationship with some girl they hardly knew.

Perhaps they thought of me as someone who, like a crazed fan, imagined herself being lovers with the superstar. Michael had done a music video of “Dirty Diana” with a similar storyline. To me, however, the feelings between us had always seemed very mutual. I felt a bond with him. Maybe it was because he, too, seemed to want to think of the world as color blind.
Perhaps, however, I was naive or mistaken or read too much into some of the things that happened between Michael and me. Even if that is so, I always behaved in a completely professional manner. Unfortunately, being fired from that tour had terrible repercussions for me both psychologically and professionally. I hope I will be able to put the experience behind me someday and go on, but for years it has haunted me. Certainly it illustrates how show business, money, and greed can keep apart two people who care for each other.

Encino, 1989
Joseph Jackson Misguides My Career
After leaving the Michael Jackson tour, Joseph Jackson, Michael’s father, wanted to sign me to a management contract. Like Michael’s mother, he also sympathized with me and didn’t like what had happened to me on the tour. When he proposed that he become my manager, I hoped he might really be able to help me. I had never had any problems getting contracts with agents or managers but finding one who could really build my career seemed to be the real challenge. I knew that Joseph was quite the ladies’ man, but he never tried to have his way with me. At the time we met he had a little Asian girl under contract, to whom he paid a lot of attention – unfortunately more than he ended up paying to me professionally.

After a while I realized that Joseph wasn’t going to be able to help me. In fact, I suspected that being under contract to him was probably hurting my career. All I wanted was to get out from under his control, but everyone to whom I showed the contract, including agents and lawyers, told me I was locked in. They said I needed a high-powered attorney with connections, but I had neither the money nor the clout to get one. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael talking about how he selects girls for videos, Conversations with Rabbi Shmuley 2000/2001 ]

SB: So what do you do in things like music videos when you’re expected to portray romance and do love scenes and things like that?

MJ: That’s why it is my job to cast the girl, because it is my job to think they are cute. So I can do it if I really like them, like some of the girls you see in my videos. I have cast them because I really like them and it caused a problem afterwards because they start to really like me, and I don’t want to get that serious, and it becomes a problem sometimes.

SB: You probably face this all the time because not only are you famous, but you are the kind of guy who women want to be around—soft, gentle, not afraid to express his emotions. Women die for guys who aren’t afraid to show vulnerability and softness, whereas a lot of the guys in Hollywood are stereotypically self-absorbed, self-obsessed, and can’t commit. So do you often find that this happens, that women get clingy?

MJ: What do you mean?

SB: Like you said, it is supposed to be a professional thing. You just film something with a female costar, but afterwards they become attached.

MJ: Yes, it happens.

SB: How do you break the news to them that you don’t reciprocate?

MJ: When they see me running the other way. Yeah. Some of them follow me around the world and it is so hard.

SB: That probably makes them chase you even more because they probably are drawn to that boyish shyness. To be sure, many women like “bad” boys. But for the same reason, a lot like shy guys. In the same way they believe that they can redeem the bad boy and polish up this coarse diamond, they believe the same thing about the shy guy. They think, “Only I can bring him out of his shell.” But I guess after a while, with you running halfway around the world from them, they get the message. But you never tell them directly?

MJ: No, because it would hurt them too much. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana interview about being fired used by Bashir in “Michael Jackson’s Secret Childhood, 2004 ] Youtube video: Tatiana discussing being fired on “Michael Jackson’s Secret Childhood”, 2002 [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana’s response to an article on MSNBC.com, August 17th, 2004 ]

“My heart goes out to Michael and his family. I wish them nothing but the very best. Nevertheless, there has been much curiosity on my past with the pop star, and many journalists have been unfair and unkind in their interpretation in telling the story. That is why I choose to tell my experiences with the pop star myself and in my own words. I hope that my book will shed some light on the truth when it comes to my feelings towards him. To Michael, may god bless you!” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana interview by MJNewsOnline, December 15th, 2004, ]

How did you set out on your career in modelling?

I got into modeling on a fluke. I was scouted out one day while in ballet class, at The School Of American Ballet. It was Barry Lategan, (who discovered Twiggy in the early 60’s) who hired me for a special spread In Modern Bride Magazine. The spread featured ballerinas on point. It was the flame that sparked my modeling career. Several months later I met Antonio Lopez, a famous fashion Illustrator. Antonio took my modeling career to the next level, teaching me everything I needed to know and even introducing me to my future agent. I signed with the Ford Agency only to be dropped a week later. Because, they just didn’t know what do with me. They told me, “Your not black enough and your not white enough, Eileen doesn’t know what to do with you, stick with Antonio.” I was stunned and saddened by this. I was warned by Janice Dickinson not to sign with them but I didn’t listen to her. Sure enough…….Janice was right. Anyway, things turned out fine as I signed with the Zoli Agency a week later. And I even scored a contract to model in Japan becoming one of their biggest models for the next five years.

How were you approached to appear in Michael’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” video?

I was approached to appear In MJ’s video “The Way You Make Me Feel” through my agent Julie at JHR. Supposedly, I auditioned with 200 other girls. I believe it was my destiny though. It had been my dream for many, many years to meet and work with Michael. In fact, I actually let the opportunity of meeting him slip through my hands, (in the early 80’s ) while en route to an audition living In New York. And yes, I mentioned it to Michael while shooting the video. He even asked me why I didn’t stop and say anything to him. I replied that I was too shy and couldn’t figure out what to say.

Has your work with Michael influenced you professionally? If so, how?

His professionalism influenced me and also his perfectionism. We definitely have that one in common. He was the utmost professional. I loved watching him work.

Tell us a little of your experiences on Michael’s “Bad” tour.

My experiences on the Bad tour were unfortunately “BAD” and I don’t mean the bad as in slang terms. I mean Bad as in terrible. For the most part I was lonely and bored, except of course when I was on stage and saw Michael. I felt as though I was some sort of Barbie doll that they took out of the box when they needed to show it off. But, I kept getting all of these reports that Michael was in love with me. He even reported that to the media at one point. It was confusing and lonely to be me.

Do you recall any funny anecdotes whilst working with Michael?

One of my funniest anecdotes that I can remember was when Michael asked me If he could use some of my face powder. I was honored in obliging this request, but when he used it he went to town with the stuff. As if there was no tomorrow. I wanted to crack up but didn’t dare to out of fear he’d take it the wrong way. It was a cute site to see.

You have a new book out, “The Way He Made Me Feel”, tell us a little about it.

My book has been a work In progress, believe me! You can ask my friend and business partner Tonia Ryan. We have worked on it for two years now. And even longer for me, as I wrote it back in 1991. This is my Auto-Biography and it derived from my journal while living In Los Angeles. I hope it will be educational to those with stars in their eyes and a dream in their hearts. I truely believe that we are all put here to not only learn from our lessons but to give back to others. I hope my book does that. Because this girl learned “A Lot” and I have a lot to offer.

It has been reported that you and Michael have had a ‘falling out’ over the years, what is your response to that?

Going into writing my book this was one of the reasons why I wanted my story out their. So people would no longer speculate. I have had my words sliced and diced and have even been misquoted. So, I figured who better to tell my story than me? After all….I lived it! Not anyone else. And still I have had fans and foes bombard me with questions on MJ and my past. It’s time for me to put my story out their and move on. Michael and I never had a falling out and if we did…..I was unaware of It. In fact, his mother Katherine tried many times for us to get together and speak and it just never happened. He has never given me his ear. But, I do believe there are some misunderstandings from our past. As his family and I believed there were others in his camp keeping us apart. Everything happens in life for a reason. God doesn’t make mistakes. I put my trust “completely” in my Lord.

As you know, this interview is being conducted for the fans of Michael Jackson. Is there anything you would like to say to them?

I would like to tell the fans…….to “Always Keep Your Dreams Alive” and to always believe in yourself because anything is possible if you just “Believe.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana interview, discussing her book “The Way He Made Me Feel”, 2005 ] Youtube video: Tatiana interview, discussing her book “The Way He Made Me Feel”, 2005
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana Interview with MJJForum, 20th Dec, 2004 ]

Say what you want about Tatiana, but she has been where many fans wish they could go. She has worked with and dated Michael Jackson! Tatiana Thumbtzen has written a book titled “The Way He Made Me Feel”. It not only explains her relationship with Michael, but it also goes into other important events of her life.

Dip into our conversation…

Lei: I just want you to know that I have been a fan of yours since your
appearance in Michael’s video (The Way You Make Me Feel)! You and Mike looked great together. I was actually thrilled when I “heard” that you two were dating! Some fans still don’t believe that’s true? Would you like to elaborate on that?

Tatiana: This is the question that I get asked the most. This is actually one of the main reasons that I decided to write my book The Way He Made Me Feel. This is not something that I can answer in a few lines because I have chapters dedicated in detail about the experiences between Michael and me. I will tell you that Michael reported to the media, to members in his camp, and to his mother Katherine that he loved me.

Lei: I was always looking around and hoping I would see you pop up in another music video, movie, or something. I have seen all your television appearances and managed to find your website by just typing your name into a search engine. You even made me realize that a woman was sexy as hell in a black dress and boots! Any thoughts on that?

Tatiana: I had many disappointments while living in L.A. after doing the video. I went through much turmoil and distress. Fortunately, I chose to write about it all, it was extremely cathartic. Hence, my book was born. I tried getting a book deal and did, except it turned out to be a disappointment and a lesson. I also did an interview with a tabloid and basically learned the hard way that they were going to tell my story their way. Big mistake, but we live and learn – that’s what life’s about. So, I kept the hope and dream that someday I would do my own book “My Way.” As for the dress and boots…..well, it was the look I put together for the initial audition. It worked as Michael liked the look, from what I was told.

Lei: I know that you’ve done “Beat Street”, a music video for Levert, and liquor ad campaigns, but tell us what else you’ve done before the video with Michael? What have you been doing since?

Tatiana: Before working on the video with Michael, I had done several modeling jobs with my then agent Nina Blanchard. I did a campaign for Billy Dee Williams eye wear and an appearance on Hotel – a hot TV show at the time. Before that I lived in New York, which is where I grew up. While living in New York I had done my first video shoot with Herbie Hancock. It was his follow up album, (after his big hit with “Rockit”) titled Hard Rock. That prepared me in many ways and it was a blast. Prior to that, I modeled for five years in Japan.

Since I left L.A. in 1996, I have been focusing on my many projects I hope to bring to fruition, and learning from people and life itself.

Lei: You were one of the writers for “Once More With Feeling”, which by the way I can’t find at the local library and haven’t had the pleasure of reading it…yet! How does “The Way He Made Me Feel” differ from what you wrote in “Once More…”?

Tatiana: Once More with Feeling was a “great” disappointment. They wrote the story in their words and they focused on the stories that interested them. They were even selective about the other stories. I didn’t like this project. My book is the real thing. It’s in my “own words” and I tell the reader about all my crazy experiences and how heartfelt and confusing they all were. It is “My Autobiography”. Not a kiss and tell and not a tell all. It takes you on a bit of a journey, from me as a little girl and all the dreams I believed in, to real life and dealing with show business. And yes, it expresses the great love I had for Michael, although I have moved on with my life and my feelings for him. I will always wish him nothing but the very best; a small part of me will always care.

Lei: Are you single? Any kids?

Tatiana: No, I am not married and I do not have any kids. It would have been nice but it just hasn’t happened that way. The last time I dated was three years ago – he was a Miami police officer and he basically broke my heart into shreds. So, I have totally focused on my work and projects. Maybe someday the Lord will bring the right guy into my life, it would be nice. I have learned a lot and have been through a lot so it will definitely have to be someone mature, confidant, and sophisticated and has his own thing going on. But, I do pray a wonderful man will come along someday.

Lei: Are you recognized as “That Girl from the Michael Jackson video?” If so, has this been a career killer or thriller?

Tatiana: Unfortunately it was a career killer being “The Girl from The MJ Video”. For some reason casting agents couldn’t look beyond it. It hurt me a lot professionally; I lost work all the time. I am still recognized to this day and still there is this big curiosity and bombardment of questions. My partner Tonia saw this when we first met after being around me for a while. With the intrigue still lingering over me makes me even happier to know that people can just buy the book and leave me alone, (he! he!). [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana’s publicist Tonia Ryan makes a PR release about book, 24th January 2005 ] 24th January, 2005,

Tatiana Thumbtzen, the featured dancer in Michael Jackson’s 1988 video for “The Way You Make Me Feel” and the first woman to kiss him in public, admits in her forthcoming book, “The Way He Made Me Feel,” that she lied to Howard Stern and Maury Povich about having a romantic relationship with the singer back in 1993 when he first faced allegations of child molestation. She also describes Jackson’s obsession with child actors like Macaulay Culkin and Ricky Schroder. Her co-author, Tonia Ryan, said in a statement, “You do the math.” The book is due out February 14. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND MJ’s publicist responds, Contact Music 24 February, 2005 ]

“I pulled him close and as I was about to kiss him I felt the hand on my hip and before I knew it we were locked into this kiss.”

But the dream of dating a pop superstar as she toured the world with him were shattered when Jackson dumped her.

She recalls, “My dates just went by. A friend calls me, Michael’s stand-in, and tells me, ‘What’s going on? I’m really concerned about you.’

“He says, ‘You’ve been replaced. Sheryl Crow is doing your number…’ My world was shattered.”

But Jackson’s publicists insist Thumbtzen’s tale, as told to US news show ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, is fiction.

A spokesman says, “This is just someone else out trying to capitalise on Michael Jackson’s name.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Joe Jackson Biography, 2004 (roughly translated from German) ]

Brooke started university and Michael had begun to fall in love with a young dancer. They flirted with each other during the filming of one of his videos and he allowed them to be photographed together in front of his trailer. On their first date towards the end of the 80s Michael’s manager Frank Dileo was present as a sentry dog. Frank knew that Michael was interested in her and the three of them met at a restaurant. Without informing Michael, Frank had tried to court her even though he was married.

As soon as this young dancer realized that Michael was interested in her, she left her boyfriend, a Latino-American dancer who accompanied Madonna on her tour. The unknown dancer has never been near a celebrity and couldn’t believe that my son wanted her. She could barely overcome the excitement and openly spoke about their relationship. It wasn’t pleasant for Michael because he did not want her to be put out on a public review before he had the opportunity to spend some real time with her.

He invited the girl to our home so that my wife and I could get to know her. She liked all of us, she was young, beautiful and she had the heart of a child. Soon Michael had admitted to his mother that he was in love with the wonderful dancer. But he would like to get to know her better, therefore, he had invited her to accompany with him on his tour.

There was a strong sexual attraction between them and some time passed before the young woman couldn’t distinguish their relationship on stage during the show and offstage. She had called Michael at his hotel and had asked whether she could kiss him onstage. Michael had agreed, but had not discussed it with his manager.

They kissed that evening on stage. Michael liked it very much, but his manager was furious since he was afraid that Michael would lose his fans if they found out he was in a relationship.

When the photos of the kiss were printed and when this girl spoke on a talkshow about her relationship with Michael, Michael’s manager has decided that was enough. She was immediately fired. She had only answered a question of the of the host of the show, whether she had something with Michael, ” the you know what”. She hadn’t the slightest idea how closely the media observed her. Certainly, Michael’s friends Correy Feldman and Little Richard, both his sisters and brothers knew that he had romantic feelings for her but we had not uttered a word about it since it wasn’t clear whether their relationship was serious or not.

Michael was sad because then he had to let her go. She had simply been destroyed by this and very much tried to keep their relationship. She commissioned an artist to draw one of Michael’s favorite celebrities and sent this picture to his home.

In vain she tried to draw his attention to herself again, but Michael kept his distance, especially after he found out that she had dated Prince. He suffered from constant comparisons with the star and did not want to have anything in common with the yellow press in which they discussed that his former girlfriend had replaced him with Prince, and then with one of the boys in Milli Vanilli. When Michael’s lawyer tried to introduce her to one of his brothers, it also didn’t help. Nothing came out of it, because she was still in love with Michael.

I pitied the poor girl. She was a lovely girl, but she could not bear the burden of fame after she was shot in one of Michael’s videos. After that she was recognized everywhere but she hardly had money to pay the bills. I offered to become her manager, met with July McDonald, Paula Abdul’s agent, and had asked them to find her a job. July had tried very much and eventually she was employed by the known choreographer Jeffrey Horanday who too worked with Michael before. But she trained insufficiently and though she had a promising start, she had no success. I in fact wanted to help her, was engaged in her management, but eventually she was still too immature, and after I had helped her to earn a couple of thousand dollars, which she was required to pay taxes, I once again paid attention to the career of my children.

When the charges against Michael had appeared, her money must have just have ended again and that’s why she talked on TV about Michael, but she said such nonsense, that it didn’t seem real.

Soon after that Prince saw her in a nightclub and started talking with her about it and reproached her because she had not told the truth, had not mentioned that Michael had been in love with her. Prince knew all about their story because whilst she was with him she spoke only about Michael and had told him that she was crazy about him. I did not reproach her – these talkshows will confuse anyone. But I am glad, that Prince had expressed her his opinion on her hypocritical behavior. She tried to get out and had explained that her words have been twisted but Prince did not believe her. He accused her of telling lies about Michael for money when she was the one who could tell the truth.

Well all right, anyway, after that Michael dated princess Stefanie of Monaco and even secretly recorded a song with her. Certainly nobody had to find out that Stefanie was the female voice in this duet. Michael never wanted that the public found out too much about women in whom he was interested. And since his private life is all out there, you can’t blame him for it. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Excerpts from her book, The Way He Made Me Feel, 2005 ]

TR: What year did you return to New York City?

TT: I returned in 1984 and while going on one of many casting calls , who did I find pounding the pavements of New York City at just a mere five feet away from me? It was Michael Jackson!

This was before he had taken on the title ”The King Of Pop” I could not believe it! I just could not believe my luck. I kept following him and checking him out. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with a cap pulled down low on his face but I could tell it was Michael Jackson. I wanted so bad to stop and talk to him but I just could not figure out what to say. I was thinking of a way to stop and talk, I thought that maybe I could pretend to ask him for directions, but then I thought what to do after that? I just could not do it! I got shy and froze at the thought of talking to him. I followed him for about five blocks before it hit me that I was going to be late for my audition.


In 1987 I signed with a new agency, Joseph, Heldfond and Rix, at the time a fairly powerful group. Julie, my agent, sent me on an audition for a Michael Jackson video, “The Way You Make Me Feel.” I wasn’t told, though, whose video this was for. But I discovered later that two hundred other hopeful young actresses tested for that part.

When they called me, I was told to walk and show some attitude. The scene took place on a street in a rough area. A bunch of guys start hassling the character I was reading for, taunting her with lines like. “Hey baby, what’s up?”

Coincidentally, the very same thing had happened to me as I was on my way to the audition. Some guys had hassled me on the street, so you might say I was prepared. I ran through the scene a few times, and my audition was put on videotape.

A few days later I was summoned to a small dress rehearsal. It was the first time I learned that the video was with Michael Jackson. I was brought into a room by the video’s choreographer, Vince Patterson. Michael was there but I was too shy to even look at him at first. Patterson directed me to go through some moves, which I followed perfectly. Finally I glanced up at Michael. He was sitting there in a red shirt, bopping to the music with this big, happy grin on his face. I saw him turn to the person next to him and say something. I later found out from David Banks, one of the video’s writers, that Michael had said, “She’s the one. The rest are extras.”

I will never forget when my agent called to tell me that I had the job. I screamed so loud that all of Hollywood must have heard me. It was such a milestone accomplishment for me. I felt like I had finally made it, and my career would soon be taking off.

The shoot lasted five days, with the fifth day devoted to outtakes and close-ups of me.

Page 54/55

TT: The time had come when a slim Michael came walking out through an alley. this particular alley is the one that I run down in the video that is a ‘dead end’. I stood trying to control myself and keep my cool. I could not look directly at him, but I could feel his presence within the group of people that surrounded him. His manager Frank Dileo, was to his left, and his photographer, Sam Emerson, was to his right. Michael stopped and stood five feet away from me. I could not believe the artist I most admired and loved stood just before me. It was more than a professional moment: he was the only one for me whom i secretly held a big crush.

I just could not bring myself to look up at him! Instead, I focused on Vince Patterson who stood to my left. Vince greeted Michael and they shared a few words. I didn’t know for a fact but sensed that the two had a rapport. Vince turned to me and introduced me to Michael. He said, ” Michael, this is Tatiana, and Tatiana this is Michael.” Michael extended his hand to me, and I extended mine. I looked into his eyes and managed a quick nervous smile. For some reason, I could not look into his eyes longer than a split second or two. His stare was so intense. His eyes were piercing right through my soul. Michael’s presence was more powerful then words could ever express.

TT: The stylist and director had me go through the wardrobe. Although we agreed on the look the previous day, we tested other looks just to make sure we were satisfied with the wardrobe. We agreed on the black dress.

It was the exact look that I put together myself for the original audition taping with Leeland. There was only one difference in my dress and their dress. Danskin made mine and theirs was an expensive Azzedine Alaia that was priced at around (UNREADABLE).

The boots were mine, and the bracelets were too. I created my own look for the video and I was proud of that creative control, and that Michael liked what he saw. The only thing they added was something that I did not considered. It was a track of hair weaves to add more length to my own hair. They told me it was Michael’s idea.

What was Michael planning to wear?

I remember asking him “What are you going to wear?”

He said in a sweet and soft voice, “This is what I’m wearing.”

I felt so embarrassed because I appeared to be very overdressed compared to his costume. I thought , how silly, I am dressed up like a working girl and here he is dressed casually. I did not get it and I felt that someone needed to change. Since I liked my outfit, it should be him. However, when I was around Michael, I soon forgot about costumes, hair, or make-up. I did not care. I was in bliss. I assume that this boy genius knew what was right. After all, he had that video Midas touch.


Once we started the routine I felt a little bit more at ease but the whole time I still felt as if I was dreaming. The day progressed and I flew higher and higher into the clouds.


TR:How did the routine play out?

TT:In the beginning of the routine Vince went over the scene with me saying, ”Now Michael is going to sing live and when he sings his part you are to walk in this direction.”

I agreed and I knew my cue, but when the time came, no such luck. I went into shock. Michael is very powerful live. All I could think of was that he was so small and thin so where the hell does that voice come from? How did he do that?

As I stood in shock wondering all of this, Vince was screaming his his head off at me, saying, ”Tatiana, Go! React, Go, Go, Now!” Finally, something snapped and I woke up. I thought, I have to perform as well.

I had a look on my face that reminded me of that Pepsi commercial. It is the commercial with little Alfonzo Ribeiro. It came out around 1986 or 1987. In the commercial, Alfonzo turns around and finds Michael standing behind him. He is full of shock, surprise and his mouth drops open.

After the initial shock, I was able to get on with my character. Then Michael yelled ”Hey” to get my attention.

Then he starts singing ”You knock me off my feet, now baby.” I start walking off ignoring him, but then a gang that did not let me pass through stops me. Michael follows me from behind continuing his pursuit.

TR: What happened at the end of your first day on the set? Did you talk to Michael before you left?

TT: Before going home he said, “Drive safe.” I told him that I do not drive, I do not know how to. Someone drove me here.”

He said, “Tell the driver to be safe.”

I said, “Okay, I’ll tell him.”

TR: What did you do when you get home?

TT: When I got home, I was so wired mentally that sleep was far off my mind.

For those four days, sleep and food were not a big part of my agenda. I was running on excitement and adrenaline. My normal weight of one hundred and one pounds was down to only ninety-eight pounds. Not such a big difference, but on my small frame a few pounds does make a difference. I looked forward to the next day as I had the first.

Were you less nervous then you were the first day?

Unfortunately, by next morning my nerves had not improved any.


I got up, dressed myself, did my hair and make-up and I was off to the set. I could not wait to see Michael again. I never wanted this job to end.

TR: What did you and Michael talk about the second day of shooting?
Did you talk to the rest of the cast?

With both of us being extremely shy, we did not talk much at first. We did smile and stare at each other many times though. The wole crew was great and the writer David Banks was wonderful.It was a primo gig. It was the gig of “all gigs.” Even the real gang members that he hired were pleasant. I guess being on a (unreadable) set can bring out kindness in almost anyone.

Michael Jackson, Craig Parks, behind the scenes The Way You Make Me Feel

(Michael and his stand in, Craig Parks)

The one person that I became close to on the set was Michael’s stand in Craig Parks. We sat and talked about how awesome the set was and how wild it was-being such a perfect replica of New York. We also talked about how the guys were real gang members.

I told him how excited I was to work with my idol. Craig had worked with Michael several times before. He told me about his experiences with Michael and how he loved practical jokes. The last days of the shoot with Michael for me had gotten better. Everyone became more relaxed and natural. That is when Michael and I shared a special moment. The icebreaker. This was the same morning that the director, treated me a way that I would have never expected.He took me by total surprise.

TR:What did the director do that surprise you?

TT: I reported to the set. I stood across from Joe waiting for his direction as he yelled at one of the grips

I remember thinking, my God, this is how he treats his people? That is terrible. I had no idea that mine was coming soon. As I started my routine, he snapped! I do not even know what I did to receive such treatment, not even this day.

He started yelling, “You stupid fucking bitch? What’s your fucking problem? Didn’t you have your fucking coffee yet?” My eyes got big. my ears grew red and my heart became pained. I could not believe that he was treating me like this.

I stood frozen in my footsteps. I felt tears welling up in my eyes and I was chocked up with so many emotions that I couldn’t control the tears that were about to flow from my eyes. I heard him say ” Let me know when you are ready to work.” I became determined not to let his negative aura get the best of me. I replied ”No, let me know when you’re ready to work” and I ran off the set.


I ran into the dressing room and I cried for about five minutes. I poured out all the pain his words caused. A few of the guys and the stylists asked me what was wrong, and why I was crying. My emotions took over so I could not reply.

I just could not speak at all. I was balling my eyes and heart out to the extreme. Joe Pytka is known for this behavior, and I was slowly learning this. Someone told me he had a lawsuit against him because of it.

Cindy Crawford had admitted to his temperamental personality when she made her Pepsi Cola commercial years ago. She said he called models names like (Unreadable). She admitted to him calling others girls names, but never her. Of course he did not dare try to do this to Cindy Crawford. She was too famous!

I just could not figure out the mind-set of his treatment. I do feel that I can honestly say, I am and have remained humble throughout all the Hollywood weirdness. I feel that I am as real as they come. After all, I am only a human being.

He was physically abusive towards a grip. It was amazing to me that he treated me this way, and I could not believe that he worked with such negative energy. I mean people noted him to be the best at his craft.

TR:Did you get back to the set?

TT:Yes and when I reported on the set I was willing to forget about it. Just for the sake of professionalism, but I will never forget it.

It was surprising that Joe’s attitude changed suddenly once I returned. He was a bit kinder.

TR: Why do you think her change his attitude? Do you think he realized what he did?

TT: I later learned that Sam Emerson watched him yell at me and went back to Michael to report it. Frank Dileo, was the one who spoke to Joe. Whatever he said, it helped, Joe never openly attacked me again. There were little comments like, “You’re not a star! Tatiana Petitze, the model is a star”. Tatiana Petitze was a famous supermodel at that time. He whispered that in my ear. I thought this must be his way of making me stay humble or something


Did Michael say anything to you about what had happened?

TT: By this time. Michael arrived on the set and seemed concerned about me. I could see it in his eyes. He even brought it up. He asked ”Are you okay?”

I expressed that I did not understand why Joe used that language. It was not so much him yelling at me as much as the language and tone he used. I told Michael that I was a lady and I did not expect treatment like that from anyone. We soon forgot about it.

I was just happy that Michael arrived. A bit later La Toya, Michael’s sister, and mother Katherine arrived. I wanted to meet them. The thought of meeting more Jacksons was exciting. I remember thinking how close LaToya were in size. She disagreed and said I was even smaller. I did not learn until a year later that we both shared the same middle name, Yvonne. We talked a bit and I discovered that our favorite vegetable was broccoli as we waited to shoot our group shots.

I met Michael’s mother at lunchtime

TR: How did you meet his mother

TT: There I was standing near the end of the buffet line waiting for it to move. I saw Mrs. Jackson at a distance with a friend. Janet seems who later became my hairdresser They started walking towards me. I remember thinking Oh MY God! She is coming towards me. Michael’s mother and is coming towards me. what do I say? I just could not help but be start struck by her.

A s she stood next tome, i only mustered up a shy smile. Janet, introduced us. she said, ” Mrs. Jackson this is the girl Michael’s working with Tatiana. ” I said, ” ¸Hi nice to meet you. ” Then she went to look at the buffet but never walked away with anything. To be honest, I could not help but to think that she was checking me out. She wanted to see the girl she had heard about. The girl that had captivated Michael’s interest or tweaked Michael’s curiosity, and I eventually found out I was correct about her suspicion. She admitted it to me later.

tr:Michael talked about you to his mother?

TT:Yes and later in the day, there as an incident that has become a fond memory

We were shooting the scene in which I run from Michael by going through this beat-up car, and he follows me. It was the second take and by that time I was having much fun with the scene. I made faces at him in the car and then ran out leaving him stunned.

By our fourth take, the heel of my boot was caught in the cars upholstery and Michael put his hand on my leg to help pull it out. It blew my mind that he had actually touched my leg, which I pulled away and began to tumble out of the car falling on my butt and hard too! Michael started laughing hysterically as Joe Pytka yelled, “Get up, keep it going, keep it going, and don’t stop.” As I did, Michael got out of the car and started wiping my butt off.

I could not believe it! Michael was flirting with me. I thought if anyone questioned his manhood, here was his or her answer. This was a guy who didn’t care about expressing his likeness or attraction to me in front of others. It broke the ice of our shyness between each other and it gave me a rush. We laughed about that one for a while.

The fall caused a run in my stockings and the stylist wanted me to change. I started walking of the set and Michael asked, ” Where are you going?” I explained that she wanted me to change my stockings. He disapproved by saying. “No, I like it. I think the run is neat. It’s sexy.” I found that comment was a masculine statement, and personally, I did not think the run would matter.

However, that one moment was the most memorable of the shoot except for the final scene when we hug. It made me realize that my dreams had come true. Michael also said that he loved my walk and that it was very sexy. This I felt for sure was a compliment from a heterosexual male.

Did you two continue talking?

Between the break, I admitted to him that I saw him years ago in New York walking ahead of me and that I followed him a few blocks.

He said, ”Oh really? Why didn’t you say something? You should have said something.” Because I was too shy and couldn’t think of what to say.

This was truly ironic: I had followed him several years before on the streets of New York and now here he was chasing me in his video.

What happened the rest of the day on the set?

As we continued shooting the car scene, I was choreographed to run towards my girls, while we laughed and made gestures at them:making fun of Michael and the guys. I then walked off, like ”Yeah right,” and walked around to another car: a Volkswagen where Michael started a game of hide-and-seek.

Next I walked up to a street bench and sat down while he tried to get my attention I tried not to focus on the fact that we were coming close toward the end of the video and I kept trying not to think about it.

How were you feeling that night knowing that the following day would be the last day of the shoot and maybe the last day you would see Michael?

That night as I was lying in bed. It was very sad for me. All I could think about was that tomorrow would be my last, I fell asleep with much sadness in my heart. The morning sun came and I awoke with excitement of seeing Michael’s face again.

So how did the last day go?

TT: We began a scene in which I run up to an apartment building, avoiding him again, and then I run back down stairs. Michael told me, “Whatever you do, don’t fall down the stairs or I will start cracking up.” I was thinking what a brat. During a quick break from the scene, Michael pointed out two birds high above us perched on a ledge — they were making love. He said, “Look,” while pointing up. I became embarrassed and shy and I looked away blushing. Michael stood gazing at me with this sweet smirk on his face that was somehow naughty.

what was it like watching Michael dance live and up close?

Watching Michael dance with his group was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever experienced, My dance experience gave me a deep level of appreciation for the opportunity to have been part of all this. I had already seen some of the greatest acclaimed dancers ever-Rudolph Nureyev, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Edward (unreadable). Michael was a perfectionist. I admired

how he emulated the mood of the legendary work West Side Story but in his original and completely fresh version.
didn’t realize it then but I was falling for him. My heart was growing and my emotions were becoming wrapped up in him.

what are your other memories

Michael had some interesting and exciting guests visit the set. I met Corey Feldman, Emanuel Lewis, and Kidada Jones; Quincy Jones’ daughter. When we were introduced, she was not friendly at all and the only thing I could not figure was that she would have disapproved of any girl Michael chose for his video.


TR: What happened as you approached the last scene?

Michael had requested a closed set for the final scene in which we hugged, no one was allowed other than people necessary to th shoot. No dancers, visitors, or extras.

It was quietly rumored that we were supposed to kiss at the end of the video scene but Joe came up to me and whispered in my ear, ”Don’t kiss him, he’s too shy for that, don’t kiss him!” Therefore, of course I respected his direction.

I would never question an order from the director. As I stood and turned to my right, I looked out to see Michael. He approached me we stared deeply into one another’s eyes. I felt as though he could see my sadness and could hear my heart.He placed his arms around me and mine around him. I remember him stroking my back up and down as to say, ”I care for you too.” You can see this in the video. I felt it was all happening too quickly.

The weirdest thing about that scene was the way the light hits the water. It actually made the shape of a heart behind us. Between the scenes, Michael said to me, ”I heard you wanted to dance in this video.” I admitted it was true and I said ”I thought I would get the opportunity to dance with you.”

Michael replied in a soft and sweet voice, “Don’t worry, we’ll work together again.” Suddenly I felt content and confident that his words were true, and my hear felt with joy. However, it did not linger in my mind for long after his promise. I settled for what I got. I mean, how many people even get that close to a dream? I was fortunate, in starring side by side with him. It was the Fred and Ginger of the 80’s as far as videos are concerned.

I was thankful to Jesus a million times over, and I knew then that dreams do come true. I have lived a few and I hope many more to come.

TR: Did anyone on the set notice there was something going on between the two of you?

TT: One of the actors said to me, ”You like him don’t you? I can tell you both like each other. Bet you’ll end up married and have ten kids.”-I remember thinking,… with my little body I don’t think so!…

One of Michael’s own security guards even asked me during a break if I had a boyfriend. He asked as if he was asking for Michael. Michael stood by doing some out takes and I waited around and watched with my new buddy Craig

TR: How did you feel at the end of the day?

TT:When his final shot came I was sad and a bit depressed knowing the end was near, as we walked Michael off to his trailer. He thanked me for being so professional and I remember being a bit surprised.

Those were golden words to my ear as I expressed how great it had been working with him and then he asked me if his team had my number. I floated out of the trailer. As I left, I could hear Michael say to Frank :

”Aren’t you going to give it to her?”

Frank replied, “No, why don’t you give it to her? It’s from you.”

They were bickering like kids and before I knew it Frank tossed one of Michael’s hats to me. A black fedora with his name embroidered in gold inside the rim that he used in the Bad Tour. I caught the hat as if on cue and as I walked off I recall saying ”I love you Michael” I guess the fan was coming out of me.

Or maybe I could just not admit that my comment was much more personal. I did not own one Michael Jackson album or tape at that time so my feelings were based on respect for him as an artist and what I came to know of him as a person rather than being a fan.

Of course. I owned the Bad LP when we finished the project. I was honored to have been a part of the history and the making of the video. Several days later, I finally got my appetite and my sleep back on schedule but working with Michael been the greatest natural highs that I ever experienced.


TR: Did you see or talk to Michael after you shot the video with him?

TT: Not long after the video production was over, Michael’s stand-in, Craig, who had become a friend of mine, called and said, “You know, Michael talks about you all the time. He asks me how you are and told me to tell you hello. I think he really likes you. He says stuff like how incredibly beautiful you are and how sweet you are.”

In January, Michael was shooting a new video entitled Leave Me Alone. To my utter surprise, Craig called to say that Michael invited me to come and visit him but that I would need to clear my visit with Michael’s personal secretary Joli.

I was ecstatic at the thought of seeing Michael again. My heart raced with the warmest and

happiest of feelings. The location was in Culver City and I only had forty dollars with me which I knew wasn’t enough to get there and back but I figured I would worry about that later. I just could not pass up the opportunity to see Michael again especially since he had invited me.

When I arrived I was just so nervous and excited to see him. I remember taking a big breath as I pulled open the studio door. To my left, Michael stood on a platform that was about four to five feet off the ground. He wore a yellow Hawaiian print shirt with a ball and chain wrapped around his leg. It was the funniest site. I had arrived between takes and Michael seemed genuinely pleased to see me. For the rest of my visit he was full of smiles. Craig and I hung out while Michael did his scenes and for a short break. Sam Emerson, Michael’s photographer, asked that Michael and I pair up to do some photos. He took a full roll and film and they gave me two of the Polaroid’s as a gift. In one of the shots Michael was cuddling me and in another I was wearing his long black coat.Craig (Michael’s stand in) and I hung out whole Michael did his scenes and for a short break. Sam Emerson, Michael’s photographer, asked that Michael and I pair up and so some photos. He took a full roll of film and they gave me two of the Polaroids as a gift. In one of the shots Michael was cuddling me and in another I was wearing his long black coat.

Leave Me Alone, Michael Jackson, Tatiana ThumbtzenLeave Me Alone, Michael Jackson, Tatiana ThumbtzenLeave Me Alone, Michael Jackson, Tatiana Thumbtzen

He told me that The Way You Make Me Feel had charted number one that day and Michael complimented on the earrings I was wearing. They were of a little boy and girl engaged in a kiss. As we finished the photos, Michael’s manager Frank Dileo arrived. Michael joined him in his trailer and a few minutes later they asked me to join them, When I stepped into the trailer Frank took control, as Michael seemed to be a little uncomfortable and at a loss for words. He kindly asked me to have a seat and join them for some pie.

Michael sat next to the window and I sat beside him as Dileo took the containers out of the bag. Michael impatiently, like a kid, opened his up and started to chow down. Frank asked ”So, how is it going?” I started telling them about my interview for Hour magazine. Michael was inquisitive and seemed to know nothing about it. Frank, on the other hand, was aware of the interview and began to explain the scenario to Michael. Frank then offered me some of his banana cream pie which I later learned is one of Michael’s favorite. When I dove in to get a piece somehow I ended up with a larger slice than Frank and I jokingly remarked that I needed more of it than he did anyway. Frank was taken aback by my comment and his face turned red.

After a few minutes of small chitchat, Frank told me that he and Michael needed to discuss business

TR:Did you think that Frank’s statement was to dismiss you because of your comment?

TT:I wished I had not made the remark but I had not said it with any bad intent.
Michael just kept laughing like a kid. In fact, Frank laughed it off too as well. Nevertheless, I do not think he said he had to discuss business because of my comment. They left soon after. Frank was always rushing off somewhere.

It was not long after that Frank approached me about representing me. So I don’t think he was offended by my pie remark.
TR: what happened next?

I returned to the studio to hang out with Craig while Michael continued his shots, Craig and I stood nearby with Michael’s makeup artist Karen Faye. Michael and Craig were laughing about something between them, like a private joke as I stood next to Karen. She asked me what was going on — why were they laughing? I replied that I did not know, and I didn’t. I was simply smiling from the joy of being there. I was on cloud nine. I could feel Karen’s negative energy – probably because she felt I was holding something back from her. The rumor floating around was that Karen had feelings for Michael so it would complete the sense that she despised me and she did not try to hide it. You can feel a person’s heart when you look into their eyes.

Anyone could tell that Michael and I had chemistry when we were together. It was obvious to the eye and there was talk of his feelings about me going around. Craig was constantly telling me that Michael was asking about me and Michael would ask him to relay hellos to me. It was fun being there and seeing Michael again.

At the end of the day I realized I didn’t have a ride home. Still a recent transplant from New York, I didn’t drive yet. The cab to the studio had cost more than I had expected, and I didn’t have enough cash for a cab home. Craig pushed me to ask Michael for a ride.

Too shy to go to Michael directly, I explained my situation to Miko Brando, Marlon Brando’s son and Michael’s right-hand man, and asked if he could lend me a few bucks or give me a ride. Miko offered to check it out with Michael but thought it would be no problem to give me a ride in the limo. A few minutes later I was on my way home, sitting next to Michael in his black stretch Mercedes, which Miko was driving. At first Michael seemed nervous and jittery like a kid. We talked a lot, mostly about our families.

I asked Michael why he always wore tape wrapped around his fingertips during his performances. he explained that the tape gives an illusion of extension for dramatics. I thought how ingenious and I told him “You are a genius!” Michael loved this compliment and he smiled from ear to ear. He sweetly said “Oh thank you.” I placed my hand on top of one of his hands and then I picked it up and put it in both of my hands holding it gently. I could feel his nervousness. Then suddenly he picked up the phone as a call came in from his secretary Joli. I let go of his other hand so that he could manage the phone. He remarked that my hand has a roughness to it like his sister’s or members in his family. he didn’t say this in a bad or insulting way and it’s true. My hands are of an old soul, and other people have noticed this before. I felt that Michael liked me touching him but that somehow he just did not know how to deal with it.

When he dropped me off, I thanked him and said I hoped to see him again.

He said, “Oh, you will.”


One of the big Jobs Nina booked me on was a Billy Dee Williams eye-wear campaign. It was exciting to know that I was about to work with Diana Ross’ leading man from the film “Mahogany.” To my surprise Billy Dee arrived to the studio a bit liquored up. It was only 10:00 a.m. and we could all smell the liquor on him. he was frustrated and preoccupied with a personal problem, mumbling on about something. Still, I was excited about this day and working with him. When we got to work, the mood in the studio was fun and light. I did get a surprise though. The photographer positioned us with Billy Dee seated and me standing behind hovering over his light shoulder. The shot was a tight frame. Out of nowhere, his hand grabbed my lower private parts. I am certain that a shocked expression flashed across my face as I let a little scream out and jumped back. We did finish the shoot and the photographer called out a traditional ending, “That’s a wrap.”

I lost respect and admiration for Billie Dee that day. He hurt and disappointed me with his behavior. For a moment, I considered telling my agent Nina about it, but honestly, I did not want to cause a scandal or problem. I felt it was better to let it go and forget it.


The following month I sent Michael a valentine card. I wanted it to be special so I enclosed one of the earrings that he said he liked; the one with the little boy and girl engaged in a kiss. I thought for sure that would make my card stand out from the norm. I wanted it to have a romantic overtone. I contacted Joli for the mission.

On February 8th Frank Dileo, requested we meet at his office in Ventura. I remember being very excited until I got there and realized that Michael was not there and he was not going to be there. Frank told me that he had been Michael’s manager for a while, and confided that his luck could change any day. Michael could move on and get new representation so he had to think about future prospects and other clients. He expressed that he wanted to represent me. He told me how he could tell I had a thing for Michael and advised me to move on for my affection for him. he told me to focus on my career instead. he confused me. I did not understand his comments or his advise. he said that Michael and I would still be working together, and he gave me a tour jacket as a gift but he never came right out and told me I would be apart of the Bad Tour. Somehow, I just did not trust Frank. I guess because he was telling me something I just did not want to hear, as far as me moving on with my affections for Michael. He also made a comment about having me over and see his new home someday, but without mention of Michael being around or his own family being there.

We then discussed the request I had received from Michael’s office to audition for his upcoming Dirty Diana video and he disagreed with the idea of me doing another video for Michael. He said “You don’t want to be known for doing too many videos, and the role is a negative character. Just leave it be.”


(Tatiana talks about being invited to do the Bad Tour. She talks about the hotel she stayed in and how fabulous it was.)

When the management (of the hotel) told me that they were honored at having me as a guest, the truth was, I was honored at being their guest. Most of all, I was impressed with their hospitality. Unfortunately, When we returned to L.A, I heard someone say that Karen Faye had started a rumor that I complained about the service at the hotel and that I had demanded a suite. I was stunned, to say the least, but I knew that Karen did not like me. I could sense it whenever she was near.

That night I joined up was the final show in Kansas City followed by 5 days off. I spent most of my time in my room watching movies and I was bored. The only person that was socializing with me was Miko.

Why was he the only person you socialized with?

I came to learn, through one of the band members that Michael told them to stay away from me and not to bother me. I thought this was respectful of him to do and my mother especially liked it!

Why do you think he told them to stay away from you?

The way I perceived it, then, was he being protective. Michael knew that men could be dogs and the tour scenario just invited trouble. On tour, he wanted them to know that I was his personal interest.

4. On the 29th, we were off to New York City — the city of dreams and my home away from home. I could not help but remember the creative visualization I had done leaving New York for L.A. The words that ran through my head were, “Someday New York, I’ll be back in style.” I guess you could say that creative visualization does exist and I am a strong believer in it. With that, and a good amount of willpower, you can accomplish anything in life.

he next day on the 3rd, it was off to Madison Square Garden

This was our first date in New York City and still I had not had the opportunity to speak to Michael. I wanted a one-on-one with him. I wanted to thank him personally for making me a part of his tour. There were such brief verbal exchanges during our rehearsals and somehow, I just did not think it was too much to ask for.

So, you had not spoken with him yet?

The only time I saw Michael was onstage, or on television.

I was usually alone in my room watching movies or wondering what Michael was doing. Being on tour can be a bit boring especially if other members had been told to stay away from you

Honestly, this rule lead me to believe that Michael was going to spend some of his down time of his down time with me. I mean… Why not? Everyone was passing all these little mentions and comments from him to me. I often asked Miko about him.

On the 4th, we had down time and I once again spent part of my day off in my room with Miko. On the 5th I wrote in my diary that I was depressed and wanted to go back to L.A.


Did you finally get a response?

The following day was our day off. Once again, Miko was entertaining me. We had lunch, and yes I asked him about Michael.

Walking home from lunch, I saw my old friend Vanity on the cover of Playboy magazine. Suddenly, Miko and I were in a heated discussion about whether or not I would consider appearing in Playboy. Miko argued that I would and I argued that I would not

He insisted that I would do it for the right price. Later that night we took another walk. I told Miko that I wished I could take a horse and carriage ride with Michael.He asked me if I were crazy. He said, ”Mike could never do that! He would be recognized.” I argued with him that he would not. I mentioned how he could disguise himself, as he is known to do. In my mind Miko was losing the argument.

One of Hugh Hefner’s assistants told me Hef was good friend of Michael and that he did not want to involve himself with anything that was not ”Pro-Michael Jackson”.-Never did I consider my story against Michael in any way

(The PM Magazine was a magazine that Tatiana did an interview for after the TWYMMF video. Michael’s PR team set up the interview but surprisingly Michael did NOT know anything about it until later. That just goes to show you that Michael’s business team had more control than most people thought. They were doing things that Michael was unaware of.)

On March 1st, the PM Magazine piece aired. To my surprise, but not to my dismay, the story read as though Michael had found his soul mate in me. On this day, I left a message with Michael’s secretary Joli, and I told her that I wanted to speak to him. She explained how busy he was, but she said that she would give my message to him.

The following day, March 2nd, we performed for the 1988 Grammy awards at the famed Radio City Music Hall. Now I really felt on top of the world. This was history in the making. When we ran through the rehearsal I was so happy to see Michael again since it had been six days since the last time I had seen him.

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TR: So what happened during the rehearsal?

TT: Our routine was going to be different for this special performance. Michael started singing, The Way You Make Me Feel, then he went in The Man In The Mirror, combining the two songs.

During a short break, Quincy Jones played a practical joke on Michael. He placed a photo of Prince on the seat next to him. Michael nodded his head as to say, “No Way!” While the rehearsal continued, I had some off time so I sat in Michael’s seat watching. I caught Michael smiling at me with approval and a gleam in his eye.

At one point, as I was powdering my face, I realized that he was watching me. Before I blushed or even had a chance to get embarrassed, he asked if he could use some. I could not believe he was asking me this, but I was honored to share it with him and wee were going on stage so it was a natural thing. I watched him use it and it was a site to see. He was going to town with the stuff. I almost cracked up about it, but of course, I did not for fear that he would take offense. I treasured that compact with sweet memories. Unfortunately, a so-called friend of mine stole it from me.


After a couple of hours, it was back to our hotel, The Parker Meridian. I couldn’t resist calling my parents and keeping them informed on the day’s events. It was sad to me that they were not there to share this joyful time in my life but I kept thinking they would join me in another city.

TR: How did it feel to depart for a performance at Radio City Music Hall?

TT: We piled into the tour bus, and as they escorted us to the entrance and to my complete surprise fans were yelling my name. I could not believe it! One of the dancers even made a comment saying, ”Oh, so they know your name now huh?” This comment was sarcastic and made me feel a little uneasy. All I could think of was how weird this all was. Four years earlier, I had cried about not being able to attend a Michael Jackson concert and now here I was a special feature in one.

I was overwhelmed with my blessings. It was wild! Limos and celebrities were everywhere. As we gathered in one room waiting for our cue, I heard Michael through the door of a private room going through his vocal warm up. I noted how powerful his voice was! One of his security guys remarked to Michael that I looked beautiful and I heard Michael reply, ”I know. ”

He did not even see me yet.

Before I knew it, the incredible Stevie Wonder and his entourage were escorted inside. Yes, I was in awe.

TR: Did you get a chance to meet Stevie?

TT: Yes, someone introduced us and when he asked for something from the buffet. I was more than happy to hand him an apple. When I did, I told him how much I admired his music, and I told him that he was ”Bad’, which really meant good in 80s slang

Stevie laughed and told me, “No. this apple is Bad. That is what’s bad because you gave it to me. You are Bad.

TR: What an event even before the show time!

TT: It was!

Finally, we were escorted through the many hallways and the stairs of the music hall that lead to the stage. As we took our positions, the audience went silent in anticipation of us coming onstage. Peaking out from a curtain, I saw the faces lost in Michael’s magic. They were in a trance. I suddenly heard the familiar beat and signal for my cue.

When I stepped out onto the stage, I passed Mike and heard him say,

”Work it! Work it! That’s it!”

A comment like that inspired me even more. We had decided during rehearsal that I was going to catch his black fedora hat but ultimately the idea was nixed, Instead, I walked off the stage and I blew him a kiss.

TR:What happened off stage?

TT: I stood in the wings watching the rest of Michael’s performance. I was deeply lost in a trance like everyone else. Someone walked in front of me and as I shifted my position the woman turned to me and said,”Oh! Excuse me!” It was the one and only Miss Diana Ross. She was the woman that Michael admired as he grew up. Well, so had I.

TR: Did you talk to Diana?

TT: Yes. I even shared with her that people told me many, many times that I looked like her. She had this expression of surprise on her face and had no comment whatsoever. Then we both stood watching Michael’s performance and I focused on the monitor set up nearby

I sang every lyric and Herb Alpert who was standing near me said, ”I see you know every word don’t you?” I smiled and continued to sing.

TR: What happened when Michael finished his performance?

TT: They rushed Michael backstage. He stood nearly five feet away from me covered in a black cape with a white towel around his neck. There were many people around him talking to him and I didn’t dare get near him. I did not even try. I just watched from where I stood. I did yell ”You were great Michael!” At first, I did not think he heard me but he did a few moments later say, ”Oh! Thank you.” in his soft Jackson voice. I was thrilled that he acknowledged me and before I knew it, he was whisked away like Zoro.

TR: Did you watched the rest of the show?

TT:I watched with some of the dancers. I was enthralled with seeing my second live music show-the first being Herbie Hancock appearance following the video we had done.

5. On the 5th, I wrote in my diary that I was depressed and wanted to go back to L.A. I was receiving regular phone calls from a reporter asking me all sorts of questions about me and Michael. I put him off by saying, “I gotta go” and quickly hanging up. He would call right back and eventually I relented when he asked, “What’s it like working with Michael?” I finally gave in and replied, “I love it, it’s great!” Well, that was my first TABLOID experience. What was printed was that I said, “I love him.” It was true but I never, ever, have said such a thing. After his call, I was out the door to get ready for a show.

While Karen Faye was doing my makeup before the show, I found myself trying to make small talk. I had a feeling that she did not want to talk — she had such a bad vibe with me. I asked her “Do you really think there is resemblance between Michael and me? People are always saying we look a bit alike. Even the PM Magazine piece compared us calling us “Soul mate look a likes.” She replied bitterly saying, “Oh! Not at all! You two look nothing alike.” her tone was of such disgust and negativity that I did not say a word. I let the conversation go, stood up to go to the bathroom and pushed onto a swinging door. As I was pushing in, someone was pushing out. To my shock and surprise it was Michael’s little sister Janet.

(Tatiana talks about how she told Janet that she was a fan of hers and how she chatted with Madonna.)

My boot hit the stage and the roar of the audience greeted me. It was massive! Leave it to the New Yorkers to let you know how they feel. I walked out of character making fun of Michael and his homeboys while making hand gestures at him; basically, making fun of them. Strutting back and forth across the stage, I stopped, grabbed his collar and said, “Come on Mr. Big Shot.” I was calling his bluff, changing up the routine a bit. As I grabbed his collar, I landed a big wet one on his cheek. I kissed him. I did not think anything of it, and I did not think he would be ticked off. I just thought that it would add some excitement to our performance.

The fans went berserk! they loved it. After I left the stage, I heard a laugh in every note Michael sang. I figured from his laughter that he enjoyed the surprise. the dancers told me that he was happy and excited about the kiss. Telling me, “OOHHH, Boy! You just made Michael’s day! He was happy!” I pretty much thought it was a good thing.

In the dressing room, I wanted to take off my makeup, but there were celebrities everywhere! One of the reporters teamed me up with a very tall Brooke Shields. I saw La Toya, Michael’s sister from a distance and I decided to join her. We stood talking, and someone from the press asked us to pose for a photo which was later published in Rolling Stone. That magazine photo was one of the coolest experiences in my life.

After the photo, Frank came over to me and said, “Good show kid,” while patting me on the back. Meanwhile, I was overwhelmed by the entire thing. There were so many stars waiting backstage. They were all hoping to see Michael. I doubted that most of them would get to see him, because he usually did his Zorro act and disappeared. I never saw him after a show.

(Tatiana talks about how her and Miko had lunch the next day. Miko wanted her to do Playboy magazine but she declined.)

March 5th we had another great show. Afterwards CBS threw a party in Michael’s honor. I remember seeing one of my favorite actors, Christopher Walken from a distance and being star struck. Joli, Michael’s secretary joined me. She told me that she knew Michael had feelings for me, because he spoke of me often. Yet, she said that she was confused to why he had not responded to my request to speak with him yet. She promised me that she would make the call happen. I was fed up with everyone else telling me that Michael liked me. Everyone but the man himself was telling me that he liked me. I did not get it. It was just not making sense to me. Of course, it felt odd that I could not speak to the guy that supposedly liked me. Still I was thankful for the wonderful experience I was having, and I remained hopeful.

(Tatiana talks about the next day would be her last day in New York and how John Draper said they wanted to rejoin the tour and Atlanta.)

The next day was the last day I was scheduled to perform, and I called Michael’s secretary to ask her if I could talk to him. She gave me his number but told me not to keep him on the phone for too long because he was very tired.

6. As I dialed his number, I felt like I had the worlds winning lotto digits. When I called him, Michael answered the phone, not Bill Bray. It was as if Michael had been expecting my call. I asked him how was he doing and he answered; “Oh fine, I’m just a little tired.” I told him to take it easy and to take care of himself. I brought up our last show together. I apologized to him because I had kissed him on the cheek. I said, “I am sorry if I threw you off in any way,” Mike intervened by saying, “OH! NO! NO! It was fine! It was great! I liked it!.” Then I asked him, “Well would it be all right then if I did it again, and perhaps take it a step further?” He said “Oh sure! That’ll be great!” After all, he would sometimes pull a girl out of the audience and embrace her. Why would a kiss from someone you like be a big deal? I explained to him that fans were always asking, “Why does Michael chase you through this entire video only for a hug?” I then said to Michael, “Well thank you so much for inviting me to be apart of the shows. It has been so exciting. I love being out there with you. It’s a blast.”

When I stepped on-stage, there was there was that roar from the audience again, they were fired up. They truly liked me too, I thought. When I approached Michael, my heart was fluttering. For a few brief seconds, I thought about whether or not I should follow through on the kiss. For some reason I was questioning myself. As I stepped up to him and put my arms around his collar, he looked deep into my eyes, almost as though he was challenging me. Then he did this sexy little thing where he bit his bottom lip. I placed my arm around his waist, and I landed a kiss right on his smacker!

Never for a moment did I feel this was one-sided, as he at this point, put his left hand on my rear. Anyone witnessing this historical event saw that this was a mutual effort. I nearly fell off the stage because of the adrenaline rush in my body.

I walked towards the dressing room and down the hallway afterwards and I ran into Frank Dileo. He had this expression of hard disappointment on his face. His eyes said to me, you have done it now. It was an evil look. Until this day, I bare a scar on my soul from this look, and from the entire experience. He did not say one word to me, and in the past he always said, “Great show kid,” and gave me a pat on the back.

I stood frozen. knowing that something was wrong. Then I reminded myself about the conversation that we had, and that Michael agreed to the kiss.

The next person to greet me was Michael’s mother Katherine. She walked towards me and gave me a big bear hug. I was so touched by this and, for the moment, I forgot about Franks cold evil stare. She actually hugged me. Katherine Jackson put both her arms around me and very warmly hugged me. This meant a lot to me. She later admitted to me that she saw absolutely nothing wrong with us kissing. She approved.

At the hotel after the show, John Draper, the tour coordinator, approached me about signing some forms for the bill and told me that I was to rejoin the tour later. I was standing with John and Miko came at me from no where. He was yelling at the top of his lungs. John and I stood frozen and in shock. Miko was in a rage. He yelled, “How dare you f****** take advantage of him like that! You f****** b****! Who the f*** do you think you are? I cannot believe you are f****** took advantage of him like that in front of all those people.” He kept on and on, and I could hardly get a word in but finally I said as calmly as possible, “Michael and I spoke about it over the phone before the concert. He said it was okay.” He eased up a bit. Then I said, “I would never take advantage of him. It take two to tango you know!” I ran to the elevator, choking up and about to explode in tears. I had never, been so humiliated and embarrassed in my entire life. He showed no diplomacy or class by approaching me in the manner he did. I guess he yelled at me because he thought it was my fault. I could not believe the tabloids did not write about this incident. They love this stuff. Miko apologized to me later that night ans asked me to give him a call before my flight that evening.

7. (Tatiana talks about being hurt by Miko’s remarks but assures herself that everything is fine. She does an interview with Ebony and how she met Rebbie Jackson when she got on the wrong flight. She talks about how she met David Copperfield and danced with him.)

Someone showed me a 45-single of The Way You Make Me Feel with my picture on it. After finding that out I heard about a 1988 Michael Jackson calendar. Again my picture graced the month of May. I was not paid for the use of my picture and image. I asked Julie about it and she had no comment, questions, or professional advise of that matter.

My pal David Banks felt I was being taken advantage of from all around. I’ll never know the facts, but several professional people led me to know that my own agent had not had my best interest at heart, and suggested that she might have taken more of her cut. He could not believe I was paid $5,000 for the tour and a little less than that for the video.

(Tatiana talks about developing Alopecia, a condition caused by trauma and stress and how her hair was falling out)

On April 11th, I appeared on the Tonight Show with host Ross Schaffer. Ross was the host before Jay Leno took over. He asked me, “So are you and Mike really dating?” I replied, “No we’re not. Our relationship is strictly professional.” He insisted, “Oh come on!” I repeated my answer and once again, he insisted with the point that we were dating. I thought I would add a little humor and some mystery so I responded by saying, “No we’re not. Not yet anyway.” It got back to me that Michael did not like my response. Suddenly I was some plotting broad and I was up to no good. I could not believe it. I just could not win.

Two days later, the tour moved to Atlanta, Georgia. That is where I was to join the tour. I was expecting a call.

(Tatiana talks about receiving a cameo appearance in the movie Identity Crisis.)

When I returned to L.A., I received a phone call from John Draper. He wished me a happy birthday and then said, “I’m sorry about what happened to you.” I had no idea what he meant, so I asked “What do you mean what happened to me?” I sensed he was caught off guard. He continued saying I was a sweet girl and he wished me good luck. I still had no idea what he was trying to say to me. I started to worry and think about it everyday. I kept calling Frank Dileo, but he never returned my calls. I called MJJ productions, and they did not return my calls either.

He was basically saying “sorry, you’re fired” without fully coming out and saying it to me. He thought somebody else had already told me. He thought that I knew.

The following week on the 25th, I did a two-day shoot for Elle Magazine. During my interview for the piece, the writer, who shall remain nameless, told me that a friend of his wanted to hire me for a clothing line campaign. He said that his friend had contacted MJJ records to get in touch with me but was told that I was booked, unavailable, and in Europe. Well my friends, I have never been to Europe.

This not only devastated me, I felt as if a knife went through my heart. To think that my idol would do something so cruel was impossible to believe. Could he really be responsible? Would he do something that would damage my life and my career forever? Could it have been people from his camp? Was he aware of what they were doing? I pondered these thoughts for so many months. Of course, I wondered if I had lost other jobs or possible clients like the clothing line without even knowing it. What could I do? What had I done to deserve this? Yet, I could not ignore some of the rumors that floated my way. Someone told me they heard that I was being blackballed. That one really played with my mind.

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My agent who had represented me for the tour had nothing constructive to offer about why I was not going back. I had been ”added” to the tour as a trial and Julie had not required any type of contract. She made so many mistakes along this road.

I went through a great battle with depression. I cried often and extremely hard. Then to top it off, I was bombarded with questions “about why someone else was doing my part ?“ People asked me , ”Why aren’t you out there?” ”Why did Michael replace you with her?” All kind of comments came my way, and it hurt so BAD. It hurt too much to be questioned about it as often as I was. It got to where I hated leaving my house. I felt as though I did not want to live.

However, I did experienced many more lessons in the land of Hollyweird.

Later that evening, the telephone rang again. This time I was really surprised. It was the matriarch of the Jackson family.


Michael’s mother called me saying she was very interested and concerned about me. I first spoke with Rebbie for a few minutes and she said that they were concerned about me. They wanted to know why I was fired from Michael’s tour and she stated that her mother wanted to speak with me herself.

Mrs. Jackson got on the line and her voice and sweet yet: it was filled with an enormous amount of concern and anger about the situation. She told me she and the family were going to investigate some things with Michael’s camp.

She comforted me and reassured me that she was going to look into this and some other things. She invited me to her home in Encino. That very day I sent a birthday card to Michael at his office.

page 100

The MTV Awards were on September 7th, and I was preparing for Michael because he was nominated for an award but would not be present to accept it as he was still on tour. An MTV producer had received the okay for me to accept an award on Michael’s behalf if he won.

I thought this was weird! I mean, they had just unprofessionally fired me and now agreed for me to accept an award on his behalf. Even thought it was odd , I was absolutely thrilled

Terri took me shopping for the event and bought me the most beautiful dress. I felt like Cinderella, and when that evening rolled around Michael did win the award. As I prepared to go onstage and accept for him, the announcer said , ”Since he could not be here tonight as he’s still on tour, we accept this on his behalf” Well, so much for that! No one informed me of

the change.

TR: Did anyone even give you some idea about why you were fired from the tour?

TT: On September 14th I read an article that disturbed me. It basically read:

“Michael ditched his traveling companion, a leggy namely Tatiana because she talked about their friendship to a European publication. Silence, she learned too late, is golden where Michael is concerned”

I knew better than to believe what was written in a tabloid but it bothered me. Anything I ever said about Michael was good or positive. Michael was my hero and my idol, after all. My friend Marie Gabriel sent me another article from the SUN which is Britain’s answer to the National Enquirer. The headline read: “Love shock for Jackson -Sexy sizzler drives Michael wild”.

The story itself read as though we were in love.

Including photos from the famous or should I say, infamous, kiss they copied the National Enquirer story. The quote that Michael gave to the press really blew me away.According to one report they quoted him saying; Jackson stunned concert fans by locking himself into his first public kiss with Thumbzten ”I love her because she’s warm, caring and exciting.” Michael said. This led me to believe that he was falling in love with me.

Page 101

On the 9th Michael was back in town and I spoke again with Mrs. Jackson on the 14th. She assured me and comforted me once again. She said that I would get an opportunity to speak with Mike and find out what the problem or confusion was. Michael’s family felt this was Frank Dileo’s doing. It was clear: they did not trust his manager. Michael’s mother put me on the telephone with someone working with her and Joseph. He was a real character, named Jerome Howard.

He took an interest in helping me with with my career. My own parents felt some form of relief and hope from all the promises the Jacksons and Jerome Howard made. He talked about the things I should be doing to capitalize on my success-like having my own clothing line, my own calendar, or my own doll. He told me how perfect my face was for a doll and the great success I could have, he promised it would all happen if I stuck with him.

He told me that he was working with them and helping them with their investigation. He admitted to me that Michael’s own parents could not get in touch with him when they wanted to and was there to help find out what happened. Jerome picked me up for my first visit to the compound.

My mother advised me to write Michael a letter during this time and to pass it through my new contacts within the family. I was constantly in touch with Jerome. He called me almost everyday.

When I finally went to the Jackson family home. I could barely believe that I was there.

I had seen photos in magazines like Ebony and Life, and now I was actually there! I was hanging out in the kitchen with Michael’s mother and his sister Rebbie telling them how lonely I was and how I only saw Michael onstage.

Then I told them how Frank and Miko had treated me after the kiss. I expressed everything I had endured and I told them some of the things that I thought were odd. Katherine listened to me with great interest.

She said that she knew her son had real feelings for me because he told her so when we were making our video together. She said that one morning, before the shoot, she found Michael sitting on his bed. He looked troubled about something. She asked him what was wrong.

Michael told her he had real feelings for me and he wanted to know what he should do about it. Katherine said to him, ”Just tell her, and let her know.” She asked me if he had ever told me anything about this or his feelings for me.

I told her no, but everyone told me that he had feelings for me. It was clear to me that she was sad about the situation. She felt that Frank Dileo had something to do with it all. I brought up the fact that Michael had sent A request to my agency for me to audition for the Dirty Diana video, and that Frank discouraged me from doing so. Her response was of more or less ”Ah, ha, you see! You are a threat to him

If Michael falls in love and wants to marry you, then Dileo fears the person Michael is close to could have more value and credibility than he does with Michael.” She made a point I never considered myself. It was interesting that my parents and the Jackson family shared the same theory.

Katherine encouraged me to tour the grounds and she warned me to be careful of the swans out back, telling me that if I go too close they would bite. I remember standing on a little bridge staring down at these swans as the glided in (unreadable) and wishing Michael was there with me.
David Banks told me I was living in a fantasy world but I did not see it yet.
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I had a dinner date with the hilarious and talented Eddie Murphy. While on telephone with him I spilled my drink and said, ”Oh hold on I just spilled my Pepsi”.

Why did I say Pepsi? I don’t know because it was a coke. I did not drink Pepsi.

Eddie replied in that distinctive voice ”Oh, You are just all Jackson-ed out”. This was during Michael’s big Pepsi campaign.

In truth, he was right with his analogy, because I was crazy about him.

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Family friend Majestic on one of his many visits to my apartment, surprised me once by bringing the actor Corey Feldman with him. I first met Corey when I filmed the video with Michael. Corey asked me why I had not attended the premier of Michael’s new video Moonwalker. We both became embarrassed and we felt awkward. Corey could not understand why Michael did not invite me and neither could ****. Corey was preparing for a show at the Palace in Hollywood and he invited me as his guest. It was a fun show and I recall meeting Soleil Moon Frye from the TV show Punky Brewster. She innocently asked me to tell Michael hello.

I thought how can I do that for her when I can’t even call him myself. Some people believed that we were dating or they all thought that we had some sort of connection.

During this time I was close friend with Matt Leblanc.This was before he scored a part on the sitcom, Friends. We went out a few times, but our physical relationship grew into a friendship. Once his career took off, I felt as though he changed a little. Hollywood and stardom can do that to the best of us.

I do recall Matt fully enjoying my DeNiro stories. I guess it was that Italian mano y mano thing that they shared.

TR: Did Michael’s mother try to put the two of you in contact again?

TT: It was not too long after that Mrs. Jackson took me with her and the family to one of Michael’s shows. It felt good, on one hand, to have his mother in my corner. On the other hand I went from being a part of the show to watching the show.

I guess if I had to go with someone, going with the matriarch of the star himself was not too shabby. Majestic picked me up and drove me out to the Jackson home. When I arrived, I waited in the den. Then, more and more people from the Jackson family arrived.

Rebbie and her children arrived later someone said that she is always the last to show up. Everyone gravitated towards the kitchen. One of Michael’s sisters in law asked her son who I was.

He looked up at me with these big innocent and shy eyes.

At his mom’s insistence he answered in the cutest and sweetest voice, “Tatiana Jackson” Everyone cracked up. I was speechless and I was laughing, but the comment made me nervous. However, I will not deny this was my biggest wish and dream.

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The investigator Jerome and the Jackson’s relationship was not going well. From what I heard, he was backstabbing them with deals. That is what Katherine told me. I soon found out that he was shopping for deals for me with a fake demo tape. He was doing the same thing with me that happened to Milli Vanelli.

One time, Jerome and I left the Jackson compound to pick something up at his apartment and he somehow found it appropriate to have a porno channel on while I waited in his living room.

This was the moment I ended his chapter .


Before I knew it, Mr.Jackson approached me about representation. Although I was still working with Terri, everything we did was PR work. I wanted some real jobs. I will not deny the idea of Joseph Jackson managing me swept me off my feet.

I am a huge believer in destiny and I feel we choose our fate in life. I loved my manager, Terri Hartman but this offer from Mr.Jackson was one I felt I could not refuse.

There was more attached to this deal than Terri or anyone else could imagine.

Katherine and Joseph both assured and promised me a visit to the ranch at Neverland Valley to speak to Michael. Therefore this alone played a big part in me wanting to sign with him.

TR: Did you feel that you could trust him?

TT: I had faith in him, perhaps far more than his own family.

I probably had more faith in him than I should have but I felt that without Joe, none of the Jacksons would have been where they were. His dreams and diligence took them so far.

I could not pass on this opportunity. I went to two different attorneys about the calendar and the 45 single. As misfortune would have it, both were afraid of a case against Jackson productions. They told me to consider myself lucky for having worked with the king. They were too afraid to up against someone of his stature and power.

I was penniless and powerless. I was not going to get anywhere with this.

Taking my idol to court and suing him was not in my heart anyway.

Nevertheless I did want to be compensated for what I felt was rightfully mine. Katherine and Joseph seemed so concerned and they wanted to help me professionally and personally.

Someone finally wanted to help me and I was obsessed with following their encouragements and suggestions. I felt I was in the best hands imaginable.

I loved their son.


Majestic approached me initially about Joseph’s interest in managing me and he was also a client, their assistant and houseboy. He was living rent-free in one of their Las Vegas homes.

TR: Did your friends or family feel that it was a good idea to have Joe Jackson as your manager?

TT: My family agreed that it was a good idea to secure the connection because it could help me clear up my issues with Michael. My agent, Julie, already messed up and had not contracted a merchandising agreement.

Nor I had for that matter. We only had a standard Screen Actors Guild contract that was strictly for the video. Most attorney feared going up against someone like Michael and most felt I must had signed something that protected their side. I had not knowingly signed such a document.

TR: Did you decide to sign with Joe Jackson?

TT: When I did come to a decision to sign with Joseph they had me contact one of Joe’s representatives-a man named Ben Brown.

His claim to fame was that he produced one of Michael’s first record, entitled Big Boy. He also took pride in the fact that he still owned the rights to the song which must have been an accomplishment in itself.

Michael owns everything, and it seemed that Michael wanted the rights to that too. Mr.Brown and I met Joseph at a restaurant in Encino. Joseph expressed sincere and positive intent as a manager working on my behalf.

I left the meeting feeling positive and confident that this was the right move for me. Joseph was charming and funny. and I believed I was in good hands. Joe, in a strange way, reminded me of my own parents.

I do not know why, perhaps it was his old school mentality and charm. Nearly two weeks passed and we were still in the contractual stages. The contract was taking this long to be drawn up.


Then, through my ex- boyfriend Angel, I met a female attorney named Terri Bingham. She was anxious and hungry to work on a deal involving a name as important as the Jacksons. She had worked on a record deal with Angel and I trusted his judgement.

That decision came back to slap me in the face later. She turned out to be so conniving and manipulative, that I did not even know what hit me. My mind does not relate to people who can manipulate and calculate with such evilness.

I pride myself in being a good person who would not kill a soul just to get what I want. This girl, well. she would stab you in the back without a thought or pause. I do not know. Maybe nice guys do finish last.

Terri went over the contracts that Mr. Brown sent to her and she agreed to virtually everything. I do not recall her making many changes, if she made any at all. The contract was for five years with a three year extension. I thought eight years was too long, but she told me that it was standard.

The relationship lasted only seven months. I was patient for seven months. Many things went wrong with our partnership and I learned of the lack of respect the entertainment industry has for Joseph and his endeavors.

I did not realize this when I signed with him. People were constantly asking me, ”Why are you signed with him?” Some even were sarcastic and rude when they found out that he was managing me.
They said, ”You’ve got to be kidding?” When it came to business. Michael was highly respected, especially during this time, but his father was not. I was offended when people made negative comments. After all, this was a reflection of my partnership

It was an important time in my career and I did not want any negative light cast on me.

TR:Did Joe get you any work?

TT: There was talk of a movie deal and a recording contract. The first project we were supposed to have done was a movie called Tracer

We even had a meeting with the producers of the film and they hired an acting coach for me to work with, I was on a mental high for months because of this project. I was into the character and the script. I felt confident about its possibilities and I felt physically capable of doing the part. A good five months has passed since I first met with the producers and casting agents. Everyday, every week and every month, Ben Brown had an excuse about the delays. He was constantly telling me to be patient.


Joseph left so much in Mr.Brown’s hands that I often questioned who I was really signed with. I was constantly bringing up the calendar and album to Mr. Jackson reminding him that my financial situation needed to be better.

He always assured me that he was going to investigate it and find out first hand, through Michael, what had happened.

I found that I was asking this question so often with no outcome-that I had to question his relationship with his own son.

I remembered the family complaining that the could not reach Michael when they wanted or even needed him.

After two or three months, Joe told me that Michael had handpicked me for the part in the video.

“What does that have to do with anything? This I already know,” I said.

This was not the question at hand.

I was trying to not be disrespectful when I asked him, ”So, what did he say about the calendar? Or album’?”

Joe brushed it off and said. “These things take time. I need to do more investigation; I’ll be talking to Michael again.”

He was stating that he had Michael on the telephone, which is supposedly hard to do, and he did not use that opportunity to ask him about the things regarding me his client? When I was going to get an answer?


TR: Were you working at all then? Were you still going to auditions?

TT: During this time there was an audition coming up for an LA Gear commercial. Michael had a big campaign with them at the time and my agent wanted me to go up for it. I did audition but they did not pick me.

Several clients did not pick me. They said ”She has that Michael Jackson Girl image.” This worked against me a lot. I auditioned for Pepsi and was told that they already had Michael and did not need another reminder of his image.

I also had a Coke audition and was told that they could not use me because I was a reflection of Michael which could be a conflict of interest.

It seemed that my relationship with Michael was working against me all the time. It was hard enough that I had a look that makes it difficult to know what category to place me in, now I had another obstacle that worried me, I had the ”Michael Jackson Girl” image strapped to my back.

I even heard at music video auditions that “We’re sorry. We are looking for a new face, and you are a little too famous.” Some of the videos were for new recording artists. Their managers or the label were concerned that I was too recognizable.

They thought that I was going to steal the thunder from their artist altogether . There was a new band on the scene during this time called the Dan Reed Network. They wanted to use me in one of their videos but I believe it was not booked because of finances.

… the lead singer wrote a song about me, and he named it after me. I was honored to say the least, and if you are still out there, I thank you! I was deeply touched and I loved the song.

During this time, my mother called and told me that my first dance teacher, Beatriz de Paris, was organizing an Alumni Salute for me in Clearwater, Florida. It was to be a special dinner in my honor saluting my achievements.

They wanted to present me with the key to the city of Clearwater which is my hometown. I was honored beyond words but I did wonder why they had picked me. I felt as though this was an honor that should be given to someone who had accomplished much more than I had.

I felt this was premature and I just did not quite feel worthy. The event was all prearranged and planned so I was obligated to follow through on their time schedule. Mr. Jackson scheduled an important meeting for me at the same time, …

…and my teacher was very annoyed at the thought of me not attending. I received so much press promoting the event that classmates from many of my classes called me to say hello and congratulations. I even had relatives that I didn’t know call to say hello!

It was all interesting and odd. The press was calling my mother and asking questions. I was weird to be in my skin sometimes, I cannot say that I was always comfortable with it.

You see, I had not changed, but it seemed the way people felt about me had changed. When I arrived, I could not believe my eyes. There was a full house – the room was packed! My teacher and the mayor presented me with the key to the city of Clearwater.


When I returned to Los Angeles I helped with a children’s charity that Mr.Jackson was involved in. I drove to Las Vegas — the event site- with Mr.Brown with another one of Joseph’s clients: a small Asian girl named Mihoko who was a singer.

We checked into a hotel for the first evening with plans to spend the night after the event at the Jackson’s Vegas home.

When we arrived at the house, Mihoko walked in and immediately rushed to one of the rooms and put her bags down.

Mrs. Jackson complained to me about this saying that she planned for me to stay in this room Mihoko had chosen.

I found Mihoko to be a bit disrespectful to the Matriarch, but she was good at kissing up to Mr.Jackson. It was obvious that he liked the attention. I could not help but feel there was more to the relationship than meet the eye and I could tell Mrs. Jackson felt the same.


Later that evening, Majestic and I watched television with Katherine. I felt more comfortable around her than Joseph. He was a bit too hard and stern at times.

Majestic asked me “Wouldn’t she be a great mother-in-law?” and he was right. She always appeared to have a soft and sweet side to her. She loves to play board games and is especially good at scrabble.

The entire group was scheduled for a charity event at a park located near the Jackson house. The event was not at all what I had expected. I had a feeling I was at a family barbecue. This was my first visit to Las Vegas and I was excited about seeing the nightlife-the bright lights, casinos, and slot machines. Mrs. Jackson did not go with us on my first adventure of Vegas and we planned to go back to the hotel after the event.

When we arrived at the hotel I ran right into Miko Brando. This was the first time I saw him since my Bad tour days and we shared a brief moment of awkward pleasantries. I did not occur to me until later that Michael was probably in town and staying in the same hotel.

Once this hit me, I knew that someone would tell Michael that I was in the hotel. After all, Miko was his personal assistant. I mentioned this to Mr. and Mrs. Jackson but they didn’t have a comment.

On my last day there, Majestic told Katherine that I wanted to see a Vegas show. Katherine and I started talking about the possibility of going to a show together, and the two of us staying another day. Joseph walked in as we were having this conversation and unfortunately, he did not like it one bit.

Before I knew it Joseph requested that Mr.Brown and I join him in the room in which I was staying. Joseph told me that he was the who had initially invited me not – not Katie- and that I should have asked him about this first.

He also said that if I wanted to come back with her on another trip that was fine but I was not going to add an evening with her or be staying another night.

I am extremely sensitive and because of the way he handled this. with such a harsh tone in his voice I started to choke up a bit and cry. Oddly enough, I somehow felt that I understood the inspiration behind Janet Jackson’s hit song Control.


I felt I was experiencing her words firsthand. When the three of us came out of the room, where I had been chewed out, I did my best not to lose it and not cry in front of Katherine, but felt the tears welling up.

Sitting next to her, I wanted to let it all go and cry in her arms. I trusted and felt so comforted by her and I wanted to stay another day with her. In the end, we both submitted to the pressure. We did not say a word to each other.

TR: What made you decide to submit (in your words) to Joseph? He was not your father and you were a grown woman.

TT: I followed through with Joseph’s original plan to leave the following day. I assumed Katherine knew why. It was clear he controlled everything.It was obvious that Katherine took the backseat on this as well.

About one week after we returned to LA, there was a big party held at the Jackson home in Encino. It was a celebration for several of Joseph’s clients and projects myself included.

One of his babies’ was a soft drink called Joe Cola.

To my complete surprise, my ex-attorney, Terry Binghaum was at the party. She was the one who had admitted to me a week earlier that she was elated in meeting me because she only wanted to get to the Jacksons.

She said to me ”I never cared about you as a client. You were my link to get to them. I always wanted to be connected to the Jacksons. ” Well, now she was connected.

Majestic told me that she was working on several projects with Joseph. She was even working on one that involved Michael. I could not believe it. I knew Katherine disliked and did not trust her.

Majestic told me that Katherine had asked him, ”Where did Tatiana find her? Why did she ever bring her around?” The whole thing was such a joke. My attorney had used me to get to my future manager.

Then, when he became my manager, she admitted to me that she had used me to get to them and then jumped off my ship to join his. The whole thing made me sick! I was so disappointed. The whole situation was such a farce. I was frustrated beyond words about my career.

It seemed obvious that if she admittedly used me to get to the Jackson family that she had not negotiated my contract to protect me. I realized that I signed my career and my life away. This was when I realized it was all a joke. It was time to do something. As difficult as it would be. It was time to move on.


TR: Did you have any income at all then? How did you pay your bills?

TT: During this time I got a job at the China Club. Everyone in the industry went in this hot spot. It was “The Club”.- I was the coat check girl; so I greeted all the guests and knew who was there. There were many celebrities who were regulars: Sylvester Stallone, Eddie Murphy, Paul Stanley from KISS, Richard Greico, David Bowie, Julian Lennon-the list of celebrities was long. The China Club was the first place that an artist like Bruce Willis would jam with an artist like Elton John. It was a fun place to work.

Mondays and Thursdays were the hottest nights. The nights that celebrities showed up and jammed live onstage. One night, Scott Baio came in and flirted heavily with me. I could not believe it! He was overwhelming and I could not even flirt back because I was in awe of him!

He was just a dream to me. I always had a crush on him but I was too shy to respond to him. I think he got the impression that he did not faze me or that I did not like him. However, it was just the opposite. He was all that.

After working at the club for about a month. I invited Mr. Jackson and Mr. Brown to be my guests. After all, it was Joseph’s idea that I get a normal job . My friends at the club, however felt that as my manager he should have had me working as an actress. They did not think that I should have to work as a coat check girl. People wondered why my career was standing still when in fact it should have been on the rise.

We arranged to meet at the club on my night off.

I was not told who would be picking me up: I hoped it would be Joseph, since he was my manager. He told me he wanted to support my efforts especially since he advised me to get a job to supplement my income until one of our projects took off.

Early on, the evening’s wires got crossed. Joseph, Ben and even Terry went to the club without me. I planned the entire evening and I ended up at home alone wondering what had happened to my guests.

I guess the joke was on me. Mr. Jackson later complained to me how Terry had to wait alone at the club entrance. I could not believe what I was hearing. I had put his name, and mine, on the guest list plus two guests. Terry was his guest and Mr. Brown was mine.


At this point, I realized what and who his priorities were. Terry’s new found relationship with Mr.Jackson was a conflict of interest and I decided to cut off contact with her. After I signed with Mr.Jackson, and prior to the party, her attitude towards me could only be described as nasty. I had witnessed a major change in her.

When we first met, she appeared to be sweet and kind to me. Once she got in with Mr.Jackson, and began working on deals with him, she became very dictatorial. Majestic told me that she went to Las Vegas as Joseph’s guest.

I knew that things were not right with my camp. My ship was sinking and I had no answers

I met Rob and Fab from the group Milli Vanelli around this time. Rob and I became friends and even dated for a brief (unreadable)

He could not believe, like many others, that I was under management with Joseph Jackson. Rob told me about a meeting he and Fab had with Jospeh and Joseph supposedly approached them with a music deal. Rob offered to help me get out of my contract with Joseph but instead I would opt for someone’s else advice and guidance.

That someone else was Robert DeNiro.


On a night off from the China Club, I received a phone call from one of my bosses Danny. He was also one of the owners of the club. He told me that he wanted me to come in the following evening-also my night off. When I asked why, he said that Robert DeNiro had been in to the club and had seen my head shot hanging in the office. I gave this photo to my bosses when they hired me. Danny said that Robert wanted to meet me.

I was silent and just sat there listening to him. I guess because I was keeping cool about this information Danny got persistent saying, “Hey! I am talking about Robert De Niro. You should make an effort to meet him.

He could help your career. You never know. Maybe he will put you in one of his films!”

I did not jump all over the idea. Antonio had warned me about Bobby years before saying, “Tatiana don’t you ever get involved with Bobby.He is Toukie’s man, and she’ll kick your butt” Bobby and Toukie Smith had been an item for years. Toukie was at one time a model.

We had something in common. She was a former model, and she was making the transition from modeling to acting. Her first big break was in the film Salsa.

I also did not trust the idea that DeNiro would put me in one of his films. I did not want a part just because someone liked me or wanted to help me. I did not trust or believe it was that simple and easy.

I agreed to show up and I brought one of my girlfriends, Angela Alvarado, who was an actress and a beautiful, tall Puerto Rican girl.


When Angela and I arrived at the club, we asked Danny about De Niro at least three times. Danny acted busy, and as if he did not know what I was talking about. By the fourth inquiry, he said that he was not sure if DeNiro had even arrived yet.

Angela and I thought that was too odd. The owner of the Club would know if one of the world’s greatest actors was in his club or not. A few seconds after asking Danny about De Niro Angela and I spotted him at a table sitting with another guy and two other women. How weird that Angela and I were asking Danny if De Niro had arrived and there he sat in the roped off, VIP section with a small party of three.

I also thought it was odd that two other women were there since Danny had made it clear he had invited me on some kind of date. This kind of scenario was somewhat typical stuff that happens in Hollywood. Whe the women finally left, Angela and I introduced ourselves and joined the De Niro and his male guests.

We told him honestly that we had been asking Danny about his whereabouts and Bobby acted as though he did not know who Danny was, saying, ”Danny? Who is Danny? I don’t know a Danny ”

Angela knew that this was some kind of game and she said to me, ”Oh this is such total bullshit! Now suddenly he does not know who Danny is!” De Niro did not catch on to what she said nor did he comment on Angela’s remark. I was so glad I had Angela with me.

She was the kind of friend you knew had your back in times of real need. She did as much on many occasions. Ironically, Angela starred in a film with Bobby fourteen years later called, Showtime.

I am sure she thought about the days she shared with me at the China Club. I doubt though that she reminded Bobby that she was the girl who remarked. ”This is total bullshit T.” I was happy to see that she had accomplished one of her dreams as I remember her saying that she wanted to work with him someday.

I believe that when you conceive a dream you can achieve it. We can will whatever we want in life. We just have to foresee the dream and work hard.

I am proud and happy that she was able to bring one of her dreams to fruition.

TR: So what did you and Robert DeNiro talk about?

TT: We made small talk for a while and I told DeNiro that I admired and respected his work. For some reason I told him that I never wanted to change the image I held of him.


My instinct made me say this to him. It was almost like a prediction, somehow. Unfortunately, when I look back on tarnished relations and disappointments I have had with people I was correct in saying this to him. I did not care about his status as the world’s biggest star. The bottom line was that he was just another man made of God’s likeness.

Bobby told me with complete confidence that he was going to phone me later at home to see if I got in all right.

I told him that he did not even have my phone number yet.Then I thought, how cocky and arrogant. He assured me that he did have it, and that he would call.

Angela and I ended up staying at the club for at least an hour dancing and socializing.

TR: Did he call you that night as he said he would?

TT: When I got home, it only took five minutes for the phone to ring. Yes, it was DeNiro.

Somehow, I was still stunned that he called so quickly, even though he did tell me that he was going to. Danny never admitted to me that he gave him my number, but then again, he never admitted to me that he was in the club either.

On one hand, I was touched that he was calling, but on another hand, I felt like Danny had ‘arranged’ the situation much like he would with a call girl or something. I mean, why didn’t DeNiro just ask me for my number himself?

Why did the two of them act as though they didn’t know each other? I felt like a Christmas goose that was being prepared for the feast.

TR: What did you and DeNiro talked about during your phone conversation?

TT: During the phone conversation. Bobby was kind and sweet. He said he was pleased to see that I got home all right, and that he wanted to get together with me sometime to talk. He asked if he could call me the next day.

I told him that I would be home in the afternoon and to call me then. The following morning at 10.00 a.m. he called. It took me by surprise a bit, but it did make an impression on me. It was a sweet good morning, hello call.

DeNiro called again later in the afternoon . he told me that he was headed back to New York for a few days but that he would love to take me out for lunch and when he returned, he


came to my home to pick me up. I then lived in the San Fernando Valley. When he walked into my apartment, he immediately noticed a huge painting that Antonio had done of me.

This was a special piece to me and when People magazine wrote an article on Antonio in 1982, they included the painting. Bobby recognized the painting right away and I knew that he would, because his girlfriend Toukie has also worked with Antonio.

In fact, she and I had worked together on a job with Antonio that was for the designer Hormel. My cat, Magic Michael made his presence known, darting out of nowhere and jumping on Robert. I thought it was funny and I cracked up. When Robert pointed out the Antonio he mumbled that he was familiar with his work. I waited to see if he was going to make any comment about Toukie and their relationship. I did not know where there relationship stood but he never said anything about it.

Antonio’s advice to me about not getting involved with Toukie’s man cruised through my memory bank. Antonio had warned me, as if he knew my turn with De Niro would come someday.

It was a known fact that Bobby loved women of color. DeNiro was not the greatest conversationalist, but he was sweet and charming. For some crazy reason I felt comfortable enough to disclose my problems and my concerns about my contract with Michael’s father.

There were moments when he looked into my eyes and I felt his concern were genuine.

TR: Where did you and De Niro go on your date?

TT: We went to Residuals it was a little place frequented by the people in the industry and near my apartment. It was a very nice first date. He was concerned that someone was going to recognize him but no one did. As odd as that sounds, he was not in disguise at all.He did not have a hat on, or dark sunglasses. Our waitress didn’t even know who he was. He did wear reading glasses, but they just made him look nerdy and unrecognizable. On our second date Robert took me out to a Japanese restaurant in downtown Chinatown.

It was a pleasant date and we began a friendship.

The following day I called a friend of mine an attorney named Gary Walterstein. I met him when I had been under management with


Terri Hartman and worked with him during this time I was doing the demo records. I asked Gary for advice and assistance about my contract with Joe. I got two different attorneys advice, and both of them had said that the agreement was binding and it would be not easy to get out of it. I worried myself sick about it. The last thing I wanted was to be stuck into a contract with someone who did nothing for my career. Close to six months had passed and Mr.Jackson and Ben Brown had done nothing for my career. The only thing I received was ridicule and sarcastic comments from people about my contract. I was beginning to realize that I had been better off with my last manager Terri Hartman.

She actually did a good job for me and I would eventually thank her for everything she has done. The main reason that I signed with Joe was that there were so many unanswered questions I had for Michael. Answers that Joe had promised me he would find out the answers to.

Majestic relayed a message to me that he heard that Michael’s response to me signing with Joseph was, ”She can’t be that stupid!”

I could not believe what I was hearing.

”Michael said that?” I asked.

I never knew for sure if he did or not. I never knew what the truth was. When I asked Majestic, ”When and where did you hear that?” he would not disclose how he knew.

I was getting fed up with all the rumors and the gossip. It seemed to me there was some communication between Michael and his parents but none of them would put me in touch with him as they promised me. Joseph’s reply always was, ”These things take time.”

Bobby and I talked again around this time as he was in town for a few weeks. He was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel and he phoned one evening, insistent that I come and visit him. He asked me about the contract giving me the impression that he could find someone to help me, or that he would help me find an attorney. I was at home with a girlfriend named Kookie,and neither one of us felt like moving, We were comfortable at home together, just chatting.

I told Bobby that I did not feel like going out, but he was very persistent ”Oh come one! Just for a while,”he said.

Most women , I guess, would think I was crazy or out of my mind to say no to someone like DeNiro. I think that was one reason

page 128.

he liked me. I was a challenge for him and my guess is that most women fell at his feet. Michael was the one who held the key to my heart. When I look back on everything now. I missed a few good men because of my feelings for Michael.

I have no regrets though. You have to be open and ready for things as they come. Open I was not, and ready? Mentally preoccupied was more like it.

TR: did you meet him or did you decline?

TT: I told Bobby that I would think about it and get right back to him As soon as we hung up the phone and it was Bobby again pleading ”Just a little while, bring your friend too. I don’t care,” he said. Kookie and I arrived at the hotel around 9:30 p.m Bobby had a friend with him who announced about fifteen to twenty minutes later that he needed a ride to his car. Of Course, he directed this question to my girlfriend Kookie. She and I just looked at each other like, okay, but we had expected the set up. Kookie was concerned and wanted to know if I wanted her to stay, asking me if I would be okay. I reassured her to go ahead and that I would take a cab home. I did feel comfortable with Robert and I did need to speak with him.

Once Kookie left, we spoke about the contract which I brought with me. Robert asked ”Why do you even have a manager for acting? All you need is an agent”, He argued this fact, insisting ”why and why Joe Jackson?”

I remember Bobby having a sarcastic expression on his face acting out the craziness of it all; saying that Mr.Jackson’s status and profile was low on the industry’s totem of respect. He told me that Michael was a great entertainer and performer and that he was even weird but that Joe was a total joke. I agreed that I was not knowledgeable about what I gotten myself into although, it did bother me a bit that he called Michael weird.

I somehow agreed and I thought that he might be right. After all geniuses are a bit weird. He mentioned knowing Dileo, Michael’s manager and how they were friends.

I reminded Bobby about the calendar and album and that I had not been paid for any of it.He then brushed it all off by telling me that I needed an attorney’s help.

It was obvious that it was all too much to be bothered with at this moment. Before I knew what hit me, Bobby wrapped his arms around me in


a lock and hold position. I felt as though an octopus was attacking me. I demanded that he let me go of me or I was going to punch him. He started laughing and he let go of me. I started to see his real intentions and I told him that this was all a farce. He did not care about helping me.

He suddenly got serious, and he apologized. However, that lasted for only five minutes and it was back to ”Octopussy”. His arms wrapped around me again and I was a little enraged and I threatened to leave if he did not shape up.

He stopped for long enough that it made me decide to stay a few minutes more. Bobby then excuse himself and he said that he wanted to change into something more comfortable.I felt as though I was in an old movie and that he was reading a line from ascript. You know, usually the woman is the one that says ”Let me go change into something comfortable.” Within seconds, he came prancing out in a thick Beverly Hills Hotel robe.

He assured me that nothing was going to happen, and that he was not going to harm me . He said all of this as he was pulling me into the bedroom. I asked him back by saying:

”Oh, I know. Nothing is going to happen because I will kick your ass, if you try anything”

Suddenly, I was in my tough girl New York mode. He laughed and found it all amusing, and I thought he was being silly and playful. Never did I feel threatened or scared, if anything Bobby amused me with it all.

Suddenly Bobby jumped onto the bed and started acting like a little kid, jumping up and down. I could not believe my eyes. Here was the Great Robert DeNiro jumping up and down on a bed flashing me as his robe flew open.

Somehow I just could not get into the moment. I had arrived with a mission in mind, to find a resolution to this damn contract. I am a Taurus and we can be serious at times. This was one of those times. I demanded that he call me a cab.I told him that it was all ridiculous and a joke!

When Bobby hung up the phone from calling a cab, I asked him.”What would you do if there was a fire right now?” Until this day I have no idea why or where that question came from. Bobby replied ”Well, I guess I would run out of here!”

I then replied, everyone who saw you would say, “There goes DeNiro, what a little weenie!” Yeah, I know, it was a bad choice of words, but you have to understand I was frustrated with these games. I wanted some advice


and help with this contract. I was not in the moment or mood for this playful crap and I felt he was making light of it all, and he was. Why I chose the word ”Weenie” I do not know it. It flew right into my mouth. As I used the word. I meant he was weenie, but I am sure he thought I was speaking about his anatomy. That was not what I meant! That was completely intact, in all honesty. I made the comment to distract him and turn his motor off.

It had worked and I was on my way home.

TR: Were you not attracted to him? Is that why you did not want to talk about more than the contract?

TT: I found Bobby very attractive but my head was just not in the mental place that he was.

I guess he viewed me as playing hard to get, but I was not. He was beginning to do exactly what I initially feared and expressed at our first meeting. He was tarnishing my respect for him and changing the image that I held of him.

TR: Did you talk to him again after that night?

TT: He phoned me several times the following day, as I assumed he would. I screened my calls until I was ready to discuss what happened and when

we did speak he was extremely apologetic and a true gentleman. All was forgiven. I had agreed to call him later that afternoon but something came up, and I did not get home until much later.

Keep in mind this was the day before cell phones and the luxury of constantly being in touch. So, when I did finally come home there were five messages from Bobby-one after another and with each messages he grew more and more angry.

By the fifth message, my mouth was hanging open from the shock because of his tone and the words he was using.

TR: What did he say?

TT: The first message was upbeat and friendly. He said ” Hey Tatiana its Bobby. Call me when you get in.” The second message he said “Hey, it’s Bobby again. I am just calling to see if you are in yet. Call me. I’ll be here.” In the third message he said, ”Yeah, its me again. Where are you? You said you would call me and I am waiting to hear from you. Call me when you get in.” By the fourth call he got a bit irate and his tone of voice was not pleasant. He said ”Hey, where the fuck are you? I can’t fucking believe


you haven’t called me yet. You said you would call me, and I think its pretty fucken rude that you keep me waiting. You said you would call”. The fifth call was the final straw, and it blew me away. I le said, “I just can’t believe that haven’t fucken called me back yet.”

TR: Did you finally call him back?

TT: I immediately called him and gave him a piece of my mind. I apologized for not calling him as I promised, but told him he had no right to leave such profane messages on my machine, and that I wasn’t his wife or girlfriend and I didn’t owe him anything.

Before I knew it, we were making plans to go to the movies.We went to see Pretty Woman. After the film, I told Bobby that unlike the character in the movie I hadn’t found my prince charming in him. I broke it off with him. Call me stupid, but I didn’t have feelings for him and I was not about to use him or any other man to try to further my career.

I felt confident enough in myself and I always wanted to succeed on my own merit.

I have tons of pride, and a healthy amount of self-respect. When I got outside of his Mercedes, I never looked back.

Most women , I guess, would think I was crazy or out of my mind to say no to someone like DeNiro. I think that was one reason he liked me. I was a challenge for him and my guess is that most women fell at his feet.

Michael was the one who held the key to my heart.

When I look back on everything now. I missed a few good men because of my feelings for Michael.

I have no regrets though. You have to be open and ready for things as they come. Open I was not, and ready? Mentally preoccupied was more like it.

Tatiana was under contract with Joe Jackson and she tried to find a way out. She talks to him for advice.

Kookie, who is mentioned once is a friend of Tatiana. They were together when DeNiro called and asked Tatiana to come see him at his hotel room. He told her she can bring her friend if she wanted to.

141 (The BRE Awards in 1989)

The creative consultant for the Black Radio Exclusive Awards show, Ingrid Woodson, called me.

She said that Michael was being awarded the outstanding achievement in the ”Pop, Rock and Soul” categories.

He won the ”Triple Crown Award” which is the highest honor of the evening. Ingrid said that she wanted me to be part of the show-to present the award to Michael.

Finally, it seemed I would have an opportunity to see and speak to Michael. I looked at this as if it was God’s doing. I spoke with the producers several times over the next two weeks.

What I did not know at the time was that Ingrid was familiar with all the industry gossip that surrounded Michael and me.

She also knew about me being fired from the Bad Tour. Ingrid told me that she felt that an injustice was committed towards me and that she had heard and felt that Michael cared very much about me. Ingrid felt I was the underdog. She said that there must have been a misunderstanding between us and wanted to help.

As I listened to her over the phone saying all of this to me, I felt deeply touched that she cared so much and wanted to help me. I was beginning to regard her as a “Guardian Angel” of sorts.


It is rare in Hollywood to find people who care enough to want to do something positive to help you especially behind the scenes. Ingrid’s view on the situation surrounding Michael and me was very rare.

Her views reminded me of what his parents and my parents thought. Ingrid said that she heard from many people in the industry that Michael cared for me, but she felt his professional camp had taken control of the situation by brainwashing him and telling him lies about me.Ingrid wanted to give us the opportunity to work together again and she wanted us to get together and speak one on one.

I invited Joe Jackson as my guest. Joe said ”We already know about the show and the entire family has tickets to it.I will check my schedule and see what else I have to do. I will try to come” He did not seem enthused and his lack of interest hurt my feelings.

The show was held at the Universal Amphitheater on May 28th, 1989.

I put a lot of thought and preparation into my image for the award. I wanted to emulate the old days of Hollywood, when the stars were truly glamorous. I used Rita Hayworth as my inspiration and I wore the long white gown Terri Hartman had bought for me.

I styled it with long white satin gloves and silver pumps that sparkled with rhinestones. I was glamour at its finest. When I arrived at the theater,I reported in to the producers and we had dinner in the green room. There was nearly an hour before the show started and the producers had me wait with the other performers and presenters in a special waiting room, separating me from the two friends I had bought as my guests.

Ben Brown, my assistant manager had come in Joe Jackson’s place. This really disappointed me and while Ben and I waited around, someone from the media snapped a few photos of us and then teamed me with Little Richard.

He is one of the original creators and innovators of rock and roll. He inspired Elvis, Prince, Michael and Terence Trent Darby. To me, Little Richard is the king of Rock and Roll. As a little girl he captivated me. His good looks, style, hair, and the way he tore up a piano was too cool, and unlike anyone else out there. When Prince came along it was like deja vu. To me, Prince was the spitting image of Little Richard but in a different time. Little Richard was way ahead of himself.


We finished the photos and it was close to show time. I was on stand-by and I started getting nervous. When I was walking backstage, I felt confident that things would finally be resolved for me And I would finally have some peace of mind after speaking to Michael.

As I waited to present the award, I dazed out onto the stage and watched the singing group ”Surface” perform. Quincy Jones was standing not too far away from me and he too was a part of the special presentation for Michael.

My original entrance was to be stage right, but just a few minutes before Ingrid told me to walk across to stage left, changing the original plan.

As we got halfway across, I heard someone saying something through a walkie-talkie to the person escorting me, who was Ingrid’s husband. It was so muffled that I could not make a complete sense of the voice at the other end. What I did hear was ”Michael something, something. ..Tatiana.”

I was so excited at the time and I was walking with a big smile on my face. I was so elated about being there and having this opportunity to talk and see Michael that I did not really listen to what was being said.

My smile and good mood were about to change. I began to feel very confused. I asked my escort what was going on and he replied ”Nothing!” He looked as bewildered and confused as I was. Then he muttered ”I don’t know. They just asked me to go back to our original entrance.”

I realized that my escort was too kind to reveal what was really said because he did not want to hurt my feelings. In time, found out the missing words in the puzzle.

As we walked back to the other side of the stage, I was so dumbfounded over what had just happened that I could barely focus on what we were doing. My cue finally arrived and I started to walk towards the stage then someone said ”No! No !NO! yet!” I stopped in my tracks. Then someone said ”OK Go!” I felt the warmth of the glowing spotlight hit me and sensed the surprise of the audience as they yelled and applauded. I was so nervous and I kept thinking about possibly dropping the award. I though ”Please, T, do not drop this award whatever you do.”

The award was heavy and I remember wondering how much it actually weighed. No one warned me before hand that it was going to be heavy and it felt to be at least forty or fifty pounds. It was obvious that the


award was too heavy for me-you could see the strain in my arms as I carried it. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remembered the few awards I had won when I was a little child ; one for gymnastics and one for a limbo contest.

But that was kid stuff and this was the big leagues. Award shows and awards themselves did not get any grander then this event and I was presenting an award to the world’s greatest star.

I loved and adored Michael and I was once again participating in the making of his history. As I stood before Michael he was smiling. I stretched out my hands to honor him with his award and to relieve myself from its weight .

When he took the awards out of my hands, he walked to the microphone to begin his speech. At one moment when the audience was applauding, he turned to me and told me how surprised and happy he was to see me and that he’d had no idea that I was going to be there.

I flinched in response and said ”Oh really? I was told you knew.” My response jumped out of me spontaneously and I did not even have a chance to think about what I was going to say. He turned back to the microphone and towards the audience to finish his speech.

I though he was behaving strangely but did not quite know why. Somehow, I just felt Michael was not being sincere. He was not being honest with me somehow but I could not imagine why.

I stood on stage near Quincy Jones and the executive producer of the show, Mr .Sidney Miller. Michael’s speech ended and he walked off stage and left me behind.

I just stood there dumbfounded and numb.

The audience showed their disapproval as they echoed a series of oooooohhs and ahhhhhhs. They broke my trance. This was not a televised event but if it had been, perhaps he would not have left me on the stage alone. I found it especially odd since he had just expressed how surprised and happy he was to see me

Yet, here he was leaving me on stage as I was following behind him. It just did not add up or make any sense to me. Once we passed the curtains, out of view of the audience,

his security surrounded him quickly-as if they were shielding him from all who tried to approach him. Before I knew it, I could no longer see him in view and he was gone.

Outside the theater, I saw the large trailer that was set up for him:


roped off by his security team. I spotted Mr.Brown and waited with him. I told him how badly I wanted to speak to Michael and how he had been rushed away before I could even talk to him. Ben encouraged me and told me to go for it!

I mustered up all the power and determination within me and I told myself that I was not going to let this opportunity slip through my hands. I was within feet of him and I had to fight for this moment. I had to talk to him to find out why I was fired from the tour. What had I done to deserve that? Why did Sheryl Crow replace me? I just had to try to find out the answers or die doing so.

When I approached his trailer I had butterflies in my stomach. I was far more nervous than I had been on stage with him. I had all the words that I wanted to say running rapidly through my head.

I approached the gate and I asked Bill Bray, Michael’s assistant
if he could please relay to Michael that I would like a moment with him. He told me that he would see what he could do.

While I stood there, Alfonzo Ribeiro and Ricky Shroeder also waited to see Michael. Ricky was the child star from the sitcom Silver Spoons. I talked to them for few minutes and before I knew it, they were admitted inside Michael’s trailer. After around ten minutes Alfonzo and Ricky came out of the trailer where I was still left feeling very alone.

I stood there starring at Bill Bray patiently but I felt like some sort of peasant. I felt like something less than a peasant.

Before I knew it, Bill yelled ‘’Well hurry up! If you are coming, come on! We do not have all day! We’ve got another award to get.”

I stood looking at him stunned and shocked. I just could not believe he was talking to me like that. I turned back to look at Mr.Brown to see if he had seen this, I just could not believe how he spoke to me in front of everyone that was there.

He spoke to me as if I were trash. Yet, Alfonzo and Ricky were greeted so nicely. I was so embarrassed and humiliated that I wanted to cry. However, there was simply no time for tears.

Here was my moment, my long awaited cue and I was going to get some questions answered from Michael. When I walked towards Bill, I passed the entrance gate and the door to Michael’s trailer flung open. I assumed and imagined that I would go


inside the trailer to talk to him. That is what I hoped for anyway, but Michael walked out of his trailer and he stood before me.

He kept repeating exactly the same words to me that he said on stage. as though he had been scripted.

He said ”Oh Tatiana! It is so good to see you! I had not idea you were going to be here.” It was like an instant replay, and it was so weird.

I said, ”Michael, I would really like to talk to you.”

Right after I said that, Bill Bray grabbed Michael’s arms and pulled him away saying, ”We gotta go!”

They did this as if they planned it. It reminded me of what Majestic told me about Michael always having other people bail him out of situations that he did not want to be a part of. Basically Michael did not want to look like the bad guy.

Michael closed with. “Oh well! I gotta go, sorry!”

I just stood there in shock, and once again, I was alone. Obviously, he did not want to talk to me but I was being treated so disrespectfully for no valid reason.

Why would Michael not let me talk to him? Why did he keep repeating the same comment to me? Why did he leave me onstage alone? The biggest question was why did he tell me he had no idea that I was going to be there when he did know?

The producer told me that he was aware of the entire show including the monologue. I was feeling very uncomfortable in my own skin, embarrassed and rejected. I told myself that it was time for me to move on.

I turned around and I walked back towards Mr. Brown. Even though I felt ridiculous and stupid, I tried to carry myself with complete and utter confidence. I tried to regain my dignity, self-respect, and composure.

I was speechless for awhile , but I felt as though Ben sensed my pain and disappointment.

I told Ben that I did not get a chance to speak to Michael and , of course he had seen the entire thing. He knew what I was feeling and what really happened.

Ben and I went back into the theater to watch the rest of the show.

I heard someone whisper as I walked to my seat ”Ooooh… There she is!” Hearing the worst in that statement. I wanted to go home.

TR: What happened when you did go home?

TT: My girlfriends tried to help me make sense of it all but there was no comfort to be found. For the next two weeks this disturbed me. I kept searching for answers within myself and I could not stop crying.

TR: Did you talk to Mr or Mrs. Jackson about what happened at the


award show?

TT: I told Mr. and Mrs. Jackson about my experience and that I did not get a chance to speak to Michael or get any of my questions aswered. I explained the Bill Bray story, how her had spoken to me, and how I had been treated.

Joseph made a remark about Bill that made it obvious that he disliked Bill and said that had he been at the awards with me none of that would have happened: I would have been able to speak with Michael. Katherine also said that she did not trust Bill.

I remember asking myself what possible good their comments would do for me now. Perhaps they were in the dark but I felt as though they knew more than they were telling me.

TR: Did you speak to Ingrid about the show?

TT: Ingrid called to thank me for the being part of the show and she apologized for the way I had been treated. I knew at the time of the show as it was perhaps obvious to others that Michael did not want to talk to me, but now it was confirmed.

”I don’t know what happened to you on tour but I heard a lot of different things and felt there were other people around Michael trying to keep you out. I thought I could help you two get together so you could talk.”

Ingrid said that she just really wanted to help and she was sorry how the whole thing turned out and how badly Michael had treated me.

My curiosity grew when she admitted she was aware of the cold treatment I received. I felt she knew more and my instincts were correct.

I begged her to tell me what she knew and it took a lot of coaxing before she did. I said that whatever she had to tell me would not hurt anymore than I have already been hurt. She finally told me that as she had been organizing the event she called Michael’s publicist Bob Jones.

He told her that he had some concerns about me being involved with the presentation. She told me his comment was ”Tatiana, she’s only a dancer! Why is she involved in this? Is she going to speak?”

Ingrid told me that she said ”No! She is just going to be presenting him the award.” He asked her, ”Why does she have to be in it at all?” Ingrid told me she reasoned with Bob and that she stated that


because we worked together before it would be a nice moment in the show and that the audience would enjoy this as well. When I worked with Michael, it not only catapulted my career and brought me into the public eye but it helped his image to some degree. It validated his masculinity to those who doubted it and fans often said that we were the perfect match and a believable pair.

Ingrid continued to explain the situation to me adding that Bob decided that they would go along with this idea as long as I was to present and not speak. It really hurt me to think that Bob Jones said such a thing about me when he did not even know me. Ingrid’s information was enlightening.

What I learned was that Michael knew that I was involved with the show yet he had said repeatedly that he was surprised to see me and that he had no idea I was going to be there. My instinct that his sincerity was not real was correct.

I hated to believe this. Oh, how I hated it, but it was true. He knew of my involvement and he even approved it, as long as I did not, ”have anything to say.”

Ingrid also shed some light on the walkie-talkie incident that occured when I was being escorted from behind the stage left to stage right. I learned that the missing words of the puzzle were, ”Michael does not want to see or speak to Tatiana before the show.”

I knew that these words were true because I was rushed back to the opposite side of the stage from where he was to make his entrance, then when Bill Bray was pulling him away from me it proved that they timed it so Michael would not have to deal with me.

The entire thing was obvious to everyone.

TR: How did you feel after the phone call with Ingrid once you found out the truth?

TT: I cannot even put into words the devastation that I felt. It was very difficult to get over the pain that this and other experiences working with Michael had caused me. I never, in my wildest dreams, ever considered I could go through such agony. Looking from the outside in, you picture things so differently. I did anyway absorbed in it all and I wanted nothing more than to find answers. I look back on Ingrid as a beautiful spirit for trying to help me.


TR: Did you talk to anyone else about your experience at the award show?

TT: Majestic came over to visit me and we talked about it for hours. I told him everything and I took him through every part of the evening. Majestic explained again how Michael’s people take the blame and they cover for him so he does not look like the one at fault.

” He will not look like a bad guy,” Majestic said. He reminded me of a similar experience that he had with Michael years prior when he visited him on a video shoot.

Majestic helped me understand what really happened to me that night . He said that when Bill Bray yelled for me to “Come on” it was probably giving Michael a cue for him to come outside his trailer so that I could not go inside. Then, when Bill pulled his arm saying, ”We gotta go,” that was also a planned skit.

He made it clear to me that Michael did not want to speak to me. Just as David Banks pointed out before, if Michael wanted something, he got it! ”What Michael gets,” he said.

It was naive of me to think otherwise. Majestic reminded me that his own family complained about not being able to get in touch with him when they wanted. Majestic said, “Tatiana! Who do you think is to blame or really in control?”

Our conversations opened my eyes some. It explained the crazy experience I just had but it still didn’t answer the big and main question. Why? Why was I made to endure all of this? What had I done to be treated this way? These were the questions no one could answer.

Majestic said, “People just fuck you in this town and don’t kiss you first, huh, Tatiana?” He ended that wonderful comment with laughter, but it wasn’t funny to me. This was my life and my career we are talking about.

Only Michael knew exactly why was fired from his tour. Only he could answer the questions about replacing me with his back-up singer. I brought up the issue of not being paid for his 1988 calendar or the single’s cover of The Way You Make Me Feel.

I still felt as though I was the underdog and wanted so badly to talk to Michael, I just couldn’t help but feel that someone had filled his head with lies or something. Maybe he did not like that fact that I didn’t audition for the Dirty Diana video.
Somehow, I reason he had been lied to. He had the wrong impression of me.

Even after all the confusion and pain I endured from the experienxe of the BRE awards I still sent him a birthday gift three months


later. It was August 1989 and I was making arrangements with Katherine to have it delivered. It was a huge, larger than life full size portrait of his friend and idol Marlon Brando.The portrait was from his classic film the Wild Ones.

It was a creation by my friend and artist Demetrie Kabbaz. Jermaine’s wife Margaret picked it up from me and we loaded it into her Jeep. At 5 feet wide and standing at 5’6-5’6 1/2, it wasn’t an easy gift to carry or transport

TR: Did Michael call you or send a thank you note for the gift?

TT: I never received a word of thanks or a card of gratitude. I was forced to realized that I was fighting a losing battle. I was begining to tell myself that I just needed to move on!

(on meeting Prince a few years later)

The Prince chapter


My 29th birthday was on April 22nd, 1989. I celebrated it with a group of friends at Club 20-20 in Century City.

Someone at my party told me that Prince just arrived. I figured since it was my birthday, I was going to ask him to dance with me which is how I met and danced with the artist formely known as Prince.

It was like the parting of the Red Sea. We were all having a great time but I think my friends were amazed when I walked over to Prince’s table and I politely said to his bodyguards that I wanted to ask Prince for a dance.

I had to go through them first because there were several of them blocking me the front of his table. Prince was sitting down and his bodyguards parted and let me enter.

I told Prince that it was my birthday. I said to him, “If I could have one birthday wish it would be to dance with you. ” He nodded his head yes. He is a man of few words. We tore up the dance floor to Madonna’s song, Like A Prayer. The entire club was gawking at us.

To back up a bit, my friend Craig astounded all of us with his Michael Jackson moves. He had them down and it was like watching the ”Bad One”.

I caught my friend Kookie, trying to take snapshot as we danced. Prince’s bodyguards stepped in front of her and stopped her dead in her tracks. I was so disappointed because she was not quick enough.

Prince walked me back to my table. He said that I had an open invitation to join him at his table. I quietly agreed to meet him there in a


few minutes. After all it was my birthday! Friends and guests gathered around me. They started asking me if I knew Prince. I replied ” No, I just met him.” They were all so surprised because I casually walked over to him and asked him if he would dance with me.

I did it as if we already knew each other. Kookie kept saying how disappointed she was because they would not let her take a picture of Prince.

My girlfriend Audra was so mad at herself because she had not made it to my birthday party. She was a huge Prince fan. After blowing out my candles and opening my gifts. I excused myself and went to Prince’s table to join him. When our drink arrived, he offered me a taste of his drink.

He had a Virgin Pina’ Colada. I said, “No thank you, but can I have your cherry?” Prince gave me this wide-eyed, shocked expression. He took it as a sexual innuendo. I said it was not my intention and we started cracking up.

Prince liked innuendos and double meanings, so he enjoyed that. As this exciting evening progressed, Prince asked me to join him in his limo. He wanted to take me for a ride.

When I walked up to the long, white stretch limo, I stopped in my tracks. I wanted to make a mental note of this magical moment. The glow on the evening light bounced off the limo’s frame.

It looked like something from a fairy tale or a Hollywood movie. I felt like Cinderella and this was the most wonderful birthday I have ever had in my life.

TR: So where did you and Prince go’?

TT: We just rode around Westwood all night.

We were listening to some of his new music on his demo. He asked me what I thought about his new stuff. One of the songs was a demo of Sheena Easto singing a song that Prince had produced. I told him that I met her once and said hello but she ignored me and that I hated that crap!

I added I couldn’t stand snobs. Anyway, I loved his new stuff.

TR: So what did you do at the end of the night’?

TT: I was not ready for this night to end, but we had been driving


around for a few hours. He invited me to his hotel-the Sunset Marquee in Westwood. I questioned the thought of going there with him. After all, we had just met. But we were both having such a wonderful time together and neither one of us was tired.

When I entered his room, I took a mental picture of everything. How neat he was, the artwork, even the smell of the air. Although this was a hotel, Prince was living there: making it his home.

He showed me around and we walked down a short hallway that led to the bedroom. I recall staring at a painting that hung above the bed. The detail was so small and faint that from a distance I could not make sense of it. As I got closer I saw that it wall all nude women intertwined together.

He told me, “Don’t get too close it might damage your eyes.” I told him that it did not frighten or faze me. Prince was a musical genius and he intrigued me. He walked me towards his closet and it was amazing! It was just awesome beyond words.

Before me hung dozens and dozens of outfits. I was dazzled by the colors, textures,bold prints, and designs. For every outfit, there was a matching pair of boots. His closet was the bomb! It was unlike anything I have ever laid my eyes on.

He told me, ”Curiosity killed the cat.” I stepped in his closet further and said, ”Yeah, well the cat had nine lives.’He got a kick out of my quick come back. He asked me, ”Would you like it if I dressed you in my clothes sometime”

I told him him that would be cool, but I thought his pants would be excessively too short for me. He is only 5’4″ and I am 5’7”. However, I tried on one of his boots, and it was a perfect fit. He started it out by saying ”You know, when I was little… Well, I’m still little…” Before he could finish, I started laughing so hard. I thought I was going to bust a gut from laughing so hard. I thought it was great that he could joke and laugh at himself and make light of his small frame.

I thought it was cool for a few seconds anyway. Suddenly, I stopped laughing because of this expression on his face. There was immediate silence. He had this look on his face as to say” I can make fun of myself but you cannot.”

Prince is a Gemini and I soon learned that his moods switched on and off like a light switch.

His bathroom bewildered me. Laid out were an endless amount of make-up and toiletries: Any girl would have been jealous. The vanity’s


layout was so beautiful arranged. You could view every piece of lip liner, mascara, and eyeliner. He had more make-up and perfume than any woman I knew. We went back into the living room and he asked me if I was hungry.

I was and minutes later everything I ordered was in double amounts. Prince did not touch any of it. I thought it was odd that he did not have anything to eat, especially since he ordered so much. Why did he order so much if he was not going to eat?

Did he think I was a pig? After I ate. Prince and I sat Indian style on the living room. We just sat and talked. I had a top on that was strapless and out of nowhere Prince yanked my top down. He did it in a playful manner as if he was still a little kid. A spoiled brat was more like it.

I did not flinch when he did it and he asked, “I thought you said you were shy?” That was the last topic of our conversation. It was his playful test for me.He wanted to see how I would react and see how I would respond to it. He asked me inquisitively ”Do you ever caress them or play with them?” I could not believe that he was asking me this and I quickly answered ”No!” I know I started blushing and I laughed it off.

He then asked me, ”Well why not? They’re beautiful.” The conversation quickly switched from my beautiful boobs, to Vanity. She was the lead singer of his girl group Vanity 6. I told him that I knew Vanity and knew her real name was Denise Matthews.

We met in Tokyo when we both were signed with Zoli. It was during that time she was working with Prince in the studio. They were working on a demo for the single Nasty Girls. I was staying in her New York apartment and she had given me strict instructions not to answer a red phone. She was the only person that could answer it so I assumed that Prince called her on that phone.

After I told Prince that story he said, ”Oh, that Vanity!”

It was already 5:00 and and we were still talking. We were like two kids defying the limits and boundaries of time. We did not want to go to sleep. I felt comfortable with him and I was having a ball. He asked me if I wanted to sleep over.

Before I knew it, Prince handed me a beautiful pair of silk pajamas. The entire scenario was out of the ordinary for me but we were having fun and there was such trust and comfort that I reasoned with a myself it was okay to spend the night with him


I changed into the pajamas and I asked him what he was going to put on. He told me, “These are my pajamas,” —telling me the black lycra cat suit with the half of the waist missing were his pajamas for the evening.

There was a chain attached to the cat suit that dangled from his waist from one side of his body to the other. I thought ” Well you go ahead with your bad self, Do your thing!” Geniuses are odd. He is a genius and he is odd. We curled up in bed like kittens and simply fell asleep, sweet and innocent as that. It took me forever to fall asleep though. I couldn’t believe that I was snuggled up in bed with one of the greatest artists of that time.

In a way, Prince was viewed as Michael’s musical rival.

TR:How are the two of them different?

TT: Michael was the Peter Pan squeaky clean one, and Prince was the sexually overt one. They were like night and day but they were both geniuses and incredible to observe.

Prince admired and respected Michael

Did you talk to Prince again after your birthday night?

A few days later Prince called me and invited me to a concert. The group Guy was performing at the Universal Amphitheater.

Prince asked me if I would mind if the press took a few pictures of us together. I said that it would not bother me in the least that it was part of the deal. I felt that Prince was concerned about media putting their own twisted spin on us and it was also out of concern and respect for Michael.

He believed, like most there was something between us.

The show was incredible and Teddy Riley was awesome! Prince admired his work. After the show, we rode around the lot of Universal and Prince asked if I wanted to drive the limo for fun. I passed because I did not have my license yet. I didn’t admit to him I did not want to crash the limo or be responsible for it.

That night I wore a silver belt buckle spelled out LOVE in bold letters. It was similar to a belt Madonna worn in the early 80’s that read Boy Toy. Several times during the night Prince complimented me on it. He told me that he wanted one that spelled out Gemini. He wanted his in gold and mine was in silver.

Prince and I spoke several times by phone and at odd hours. It seemed we both had a late night schedule. We spoke many times at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. Once he called me and when I answered he said,


“I bet you’re sorry you gave me your number huh?” I reassured him and said, ”Not at all. I’m a night owl ”

A few weeks went by and I ran into him at Vertigo, a popular nightclub. Prince asked me to join him as he sat surrounded by three other women. Sometime during the evening, I asked him if he was dating or seeing anyone.

He replied something like ”I don’t have any! I have many. ” Suddenly, he turned into Dr.Jekyll and his mood changed.

He left me standing on the dance floor alone.

At the time I was working on a special surprise gift for him. I had called a friend in New York and asked him to make a gold belt buckle that spelled GEMINI, This is what Prince said he wanted. I did all this for someone who left me on a dance floor alone.

Gemini’s are strange. They do have two sides to their personalities. Prince did show me his gratitude by wearing the buckle in his video Batdance. In the video, he plays a character named Gemini. The video was for the movie Batman.

Prince and I lost touch for about four years. We met by chance one night at a club and started talking about an interview I had given to the Star tabloid during the scandal involving Michael Jackson and the underage boy. Prince was upset that I had spoken to the tabloid; he attacked me for my comments and he was especially bothered by a line that quoted me as saying that Michael would never get married. He shouted, “Did you need the money that bad?” Are you that poor-that broke, that you sell your story to the tabloids?


TR: Did you want to keep working, modeling and acting after all that happened?

TT: I was going out less and less on auditions. I was in an odd position. I was in this sort of ”catch-22” thing

I was looked as somewhat of a celebrity but I was not a big enough name and my credits were not building. Everywhere I went the fans knew my name but the casting agents just couldn’t seem to get past the quote, unquote, ”Michael Jackson


(unreadable) thing. I finally did score a commercial for Miller light. On the day of the shoot I was told that the director decided to put me in the background for fear that I would steal the thunder from the commercial’s star, comedian Dennis Miller.

It seemed as if I was big enough star to threaten the stars status but I was not a big enough star to have my own campaign.

This was the only offer I had at the time and when the commercial aired I could not be seen at all.

It was truly an odd positon to be in and ,strangely, many people that had been in the business for years envied me. So many artists are truly talented-they work for years on one project and then another and they do not get the recognition that was bestowed upon me from just one video. The thought of being employed on a regular basis in our industry without anyone knowing who I was sounded great to me. Here some actors envied me and here I was envying them.

I thought I would be great on a soap opera because I had already been through so much drama and confusion that I was living my very own day and nighttime drama. I wondered if Michael’s last video girl, Ola Ray, from Thriller ever experienced anything similar to my situation. I thought it would be great to sit down, talk to her, and trade stories.

TR:How were you feeling emotionally at this time

TT: I cried enough to make my very own river.

I did not know what or who to believe. It was difficult for me to trust anyone. I could not even trust my own judgment anymore. Even the guys I dated made me feel like they were with me because of some celebrirty status. Suddenly I became this hot trophy, I could tell I was looked at as some kind of sex object. Real relationships were becoming difficult to find, male or female. I even questionned the friends I had prior to my ”newfound fame” I mean one of them stole the powder compact that Michael used while I was on tour with him. That was a hard pill to swallow. This so-called ”friend” and I had a three-year friendship before all the Hollywood crap. It really hurt me.

TR: You had to have at least one true friend out there

TT: My friend Valerie Simpson took on the role of surrogate mom. She endured all the tears and confusion, and pain with me. I thanked God for her constantly. It was a blessing that I had someone as beautiful and


compassionate as Valerie with me. Especially since my mom lived in Florida and she could be only supportive and compassionate by telephone. Valerie was my closest confidant and will forever considered my guardian angel on earth during those times of despair.

She saw it all, heard it all, and lived it all with me. I sometimes feel that if it were not for her love and support I would not have lived to tell this story. There were many times I considered ending it all.

Not only my heart was broken but I also had issues with working, dating, my own camp, and paying me rent. Many people assumed that I was set for life financially because I worked with the world’s greatest entertainer of our time.

I would get picked up at my apartment and some guys could not believe that I did not own a home. Many wondered why I was not driving around in a Mercedes. I once had a date with Kato Kaelin (famous from the OJ Simpson trial) and when he picked me up, he remarked ”This is where you live?”

This was coming from a guy who lived as someone else’s fricken house guest. At least I had my own place! Well, I never said that I always had the greatest taste in dates or men.

Even though times were difficult. I did not want to give up. I kept pursuing the Hollywood dream and continued to be knocked down, only to stand up and brush myself off repeatedly. I considered going overseas to work but decided not to go.

I probably should have considered it more seriously.

TR: Did you ever have to ask anyone to help you financially?

TT: Michael’s mother was aware of my hard times and she once gave Majestic fifty dollars to give to me.

I sincerely felt that Katherine cared very much about me and was perhaps frustrated that she could not do more to help or get Michael with me to talk. Yet, I could not understand why she did not ever make it happen. I guess it was too hard for her to do.

I had moved on from Joseph and the contract. I spent a lot of unnecessary time worrying about getting out of it, when in fact it was a null and void situation. None of the obligations were fulfilled within our


agreement so I had nothing to worry about. It reminded me of the movie, the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy fretted so much about getting back home, when all the while she had never really left home. Here I was fretting about getting out of a contract that was not valid anyway.

Ultimately, we went our separate ways without any complaint or argument.

TR: Was Joe Jackson upset that you did not want him to represent you any longer?

TT: Not at all, and it did surprise me a bit that Joseph didn’t care enough about it to even to discuss our parting ways. I

did not accomplish anything during the duration of our contract. I even tool several steps backward when I signed with him.

None of the promises he or Katherine made to me were kept. They did not give me any answers about why I was fired and going to Neverland never happened. My dissapointments were ongoing, but never did I complain to either one of them. I just accepted these losses and went on my way.

I traveled to the Far East to resume working with Satoru, an agent I had worked with years before. This was when I ran into Rebbie Jackson again. We spent a few days together talking, having dinner, and sightseeing during our time off. She was touring and promoting her album at the time. Although things did not go well with Joseph, seeing Rebbie was running into a family member.

When I returned to L.A for work, things still did not pick up for me. By this time, I was under pressure, too, because the statue of limitations for the calendar and the 45 of The Way You Make Me Feel were almost over and the day was approaching that I would not be able to challenge Michael in court.

I did not want to sue my idol but I couldn’t help but feel like I was a casualty or some sort of victim of of circumstance. I was pleased that my contractual agreement with Joe Jackson ended amicably In 1991, I did not have representation for management. I did not trust people anymore. I had made some awful choice and trusted the wrong people. Perhaps I had even missed out by letting the good ones slip through my hands.

My brother William once told me ”If you know how to play game of chess then you’ll know how to play the game of life.” I regret not knowing this game because I believe there is something to this theory. I believe this is simply what life isall about. Living and learn


ing, if you haven’t learned anything from it then you haven’t lived. I look back now and see how gullible and naive I was about certain things and people in L.A. I was raised by teachers and I spent my formative years in New York City.

I thought I had learned a bit about street smarts. Still I had yet to learn a thing or two about Hollywood and its smoke and

mirrors. Many people play games there. There is a difference in New Yorkers. They are not fake with you.

They are straight up and honest to the core, which I adore. But in L.A people can be very plasic and pretentious in many ways. Not everyone, but many that I met. Hollywood is a city that is made up of dreams and fairy tales.

Auditioning even changed for me because I started to question my own ability and talents. I felt as though I was not in the

moment when I was auditioning, as if I were outside myself judging me. Like some kind of outer experince. I lost myself due to all the deception.

Working with my idol took me through many experiences. I knew what it was like to go from anonymity to suddenly being famous within just a few days.I anticipated doors being opened in the end, no one even acknowledged my knock.

They would not even give me work as an extra. I did not have any prior knowledge of the entertainment business and I found myself flat broke. Having a good support system is a big advantage.

The people that are backing you, both professionally and personally are very important. The message behind the movie Mahogany is so true.”Success is nothing without someone to share it with.” To top it all off, In lost a different loved one each year for three years.

I endured endless pain. As each person in my life passed on, I, in turn, lost strength and energy. As soon as I would regain my strength and start to feel better, another one left me.

TR: Who were the important people in your life that you lost?

TT: In 1989, I lost my mentor, Svengali Antonio Lopez. I felt in many ways that it were not for him, I never would have made it as far as I did. He gave me and taught me so much about the industry. I take great


pride in being an “Antonio Girl.” Not many hold the title and the ones that do are an elite few. Some of the others are Jessica Lange, Pat Cleveland, Jerry Hall, Grace Jones and Toukie Smith-are all Antonio’s girls.

Losing Antonio was devastating to me. He was like my brother, my father. my teacher, my friend and my everything wrapped up in one. I miss dearly. In 1990 I lost my one and only link to life itself , my biological mother.

This was one of the most difficult burdens for me. Although I have two wonderful parents who are there for me a biological mother is incomparable as far as people and relationships are concerned. In 1991, I lost my closest male friend and soul mate, Chanti Gani Tyelis, a.k.a Eric Tyus. He was truly one of a kind. I will always consider losing him a great-great loss.

He was everything to me! Someday I will tell the story of our lives together.

TR: How did you manage without representation?

TT: In 1992, I became my own Agent/Manager and I put together a package and proposal for Playboy Magazine.There was much interest and I came close to signing with them.

Considering the deal made me reflect on my Bad Tour days when Miko and I debated the future and if I would ever consider a Playboy spread especially if I was paid the right price. But at this point in my life, it wasn’t just about the paycheck.

It was more about having new opportunities. I looked at it as a chance to have a voice and to be taken to the next level professionally. I felt that perhaps it should be the next step in my career, but the deal did not happen.

TR:Why? What happened?

TT: One of Hugh Hefner’s assistants told me Hef was good friend of Michael and that he did not want to involve himself with anything that was not ”Pro-Michael Jackson.-Never did I consider my story against Michael in any way.

if anything my story was that of a woman who cared very much about him. However, because I was fired from his tour people thought that I must have been on bad terms with him.


I was better off not doing Playboy. That somehow I was saved from something that really was not made to be.

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TT: My friend Chris Ameruoso encouraged me to express my support for him publicly. Initially the thought frightened me but I did consider doing it. I

thought it would be good for him to know that I was still in his corner.Also, the public would see that I was.

TR: Why did the idea of you expressing your support frighten you ?

TT: I was frightened at the thought of the issue itself. This was a serious implication. Nevertheless, my love for Michael and my belief in him gave me the willpower and strenght to go forward with my pursuit and to speak out on his behalf.

Chris set up my first interview on the Howard Stern Radio Show. I remember being nervous because I did not know much about Howard until the day before our call.

I did not know what to expect or if he was going to be kind to me. I was not knowledgeable about his show and I just did not know what to expect. It’s a strange experience to have so many people hear you speak to someone by phone that you’ve never met.

It’s so cold and impersonal. You cannot see that person’s expressions or see what is in his or her eyes. If you cannot see into a person’s eyes, you are not connecting with their soul.

When Chris handed me the phone to me. Gary, the producer of Howard’s Show, asked me questions about the video shoot to confirm I was the girl. My heart raced, and Howard welcomed me. He was straight to the point. He then asked me the question that was on everyone’s mind.

Did you sleep with him? What proof do you have that he is heterosexual?

Suddenly my being in support of his innocence meant having to offer personal information about my intimacy with the pop star. I took offense to this fact, yet at the same time. I wished that I did have some proof for people. In my heart, I felt I had enough proof. I was not as prepared as I thought I was for such a strong and opinionated host as Howard Stern.

Howard left me with something to think about when he asked me, ”I don’t get why you support him. Why the loyalty?” I knew he had a point and it made me question myself. It was a great question and there was no clear answer why I supported Michael other than wanting to believe in his innocence and loving him dearly. Because of the love and adoration I had for Michael. He could do no wrong in my eyes. By nature’s course, I am a Taurus who is ruled by Venus. This means that I am stub-


born, determined, diligent, and in-love with the thought of love itself. The sign Taurus believes in loyalty and they will endure anything and put up with a lot before they give up and let go of something and someone.

It is hard for them to move on. Howard could not have conceived just how much I had gone through. It was a though interview, but overall Stern was pleasant to me and his partner Robin impressed me. She knew all of my credits, which she read aloud.

This was the best and hardest interview of them all. My next interview was for Black Entertaiment Television. It was a one on one piece with the reporter and it helped that I could see her eyes.

I was emotional, and I was honest and the words came from my heart. The interview caused me to lose control and cry on camera. I hated that but it was real.

If truth be told I was optimistic and I thought that perhaps this would bring Michael and me together.

Maybe he would see how much I cared and loved him.

About a week later, I was in touch with Katherine and Joseph.I expressed my concern and sincere support.

I could tell that they were somewhat surprised that I was in support of him. I reassured them that I was not taking a stand for any payment.

I just wanted to show my support. There was another interview scheduled. It was in New York City for The Maury Povich show.

On the panel I found myself among those who were in support of the pop star and people who were not. Majestic was in the group of Michael supporters with me. I found it a bit surprising that neither Joseph nor Katherine made an appearance.

They commented by telephone. Nevertheless, I knew that it was all taking a toll on them and their health. They were both disturbed by it all and who wouldn’t be? This was there baby and these were some serious allegations

It was nothing to take lightly.

TR: What questions were you asked at this interview

TT: They asked me sismilar questions Howard Stern asked me on his radio show. “Did the two of you have sex?”

That was all anyone was concerned about and that is what they wanted an answer to. As if saying we had, was going to validate his manhood: that my affirmation would have made him innocent of these horrific accusations. I do so


wish that I could have told them that we did have sex, but if we did, how was I to prove this to the public and media? I wished I could have gone beyond just speaking out on his behalf but I could not.

When I blurted out something about dating Michael his mother Katherine confirmed his feelings and love for me and it angered the other panel guests because they were trying to crucify him.

I was there as a supporter, not as a a judge and jury. However, for many people, that was not good enough. Some on the other panel were security guards that had worked for the Jacksons, at their Hayvenhurst home.

In fact, some were involved in a lawsuit against the Jacksons. They told stories about Michael and his young males guests at the house. Suddenly I was out of my realm. I did not have anything to say about this topic.

The panelists were arguing saying that I never visited the house when Michael still lived there, and they were right! I became a visitor after he moved out. I had to remind myself that was there to support Michael. Not to lie.

I had already blurted out something about us dating for close to a year and I said that we were romantically involved when in fact we were not. There were only a few visits to the set of Leave Me Alone and Baby Bad.

Even though I had old issues lingering in the back of my head. I put them all aside for the sake of love and loyalty. As I told even one little white lie I was becoming a part of it all.

TR: So you lied and said that you dated Michael for a year when you did not? Why did you do that?

TT: The lie slipped out of my mouth simply because of my feelings for him. I felt that an injustice was being committed.

Plus, I wanted Michael to see how much I loved him.

In my fairytale mind I thought that he would come looking for me and thank me. Boy was I wrong! I regretted being on the panel at the Maury show. It was all about debate and somehow I just did not foresee it being that way.

It was an odd situation that I put myself in the midddle of yet I was still willing to go to war for him. I could only imagine the mental and physical stress he was going through

TR: How did you feel when you saw Michael on televison at this important time?


TT: The CNN piece stunned me. Michael was looking straight into the camera. He was dressed in a red shirt, donned false eyelashes and he was claiming his innocence. I felt that if there was any momwent and time that Michael needed to look a little more normal and down to earth,this was the time to do it. He needed to show every aspect of his masculinity. I was angry when I thought about it wondering why he wasn’t being better advised. This was such a critical and serious time.

If he was going to come clean and talk to the media about this, then he needed to look the part as well. I pitied him and felt he was not getting the best advice. I wanted to help him and I felt as though there was an injustice being committed

I just could not see Michael harming a child. In my heart of heart of hearts, I knew that when we worked together on the video there were real sparks and feelings between us. The feelings were mutual. His own mother confirmed this fact

TR: Do you think it may be possible that his mother just wanted to believe that he was in love with a woman? Is it possible that she wanted others to believe this as well to protect her son?

TT: You are asking me if she could have been in denial about his sexuality. When I think about all the little flirtations, gestures, and looks he gave me, I just cannot fathom that none of that was true or real. I am convinced he did feel something for me at one time.

I mean real feelings, and if he was gay, well, I would probably have still loved him anyway. I went back to Los Angeles and I continued in my fight and support for Michael.

I wrote a letter to Oprah hoping that she would do a story with me and perhaps some other women who had worked with him. However no such luck. Soon I was horrifed by an interview his sister LaToya gave at a live conference. She said something to the effect of, ”I cannot and will not stand by and allow little innocent children to be hurt by my brother, and I won’t be a silent collaborator to this.” This was so shocking to say the least. Like many

I could not believe his own sister was speaking against him yet I feared there was truth to what she was saying. After all, she is his flesh and blood, and we assume that family knows their own.This of course, is not always the case. At any rate her statements certainly did not help him.

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Then it was soon reported that Michael settled with the boy for around twenty million dollars.

I was sad because I knew how this was going to make him look. The world would think that he was guilty.

I was also disappointed because I believed he was going to fight to the end to prove his innocence. I was dissapointed on both sides of the coin.

Both sides came out looking bad. I had also hoped that my defending him would bring us close.

I at least wanted some kind of contact, but once again, I never heard from Michael. He did not even send me a thank you card.

TR: Why do you think Michael should he have sent You a thank you card?

TT: Its not that he had to thank me for supporting him.

It just would have been a polite thing for him to do. No matter what. I did it because I believed in him, and wanted him to know it.

I will never regret my support and love for him. However I secretly hoped that he would reply.

I did not understand why he shut me out. I believed in him. My friend, Iris Parker kept telling me to wake up and smell the coffee. She said that it was time for me to move on for good.


TR: Did you wish it were you that married Michael instead of Lisa Marie?

TT: Yes, it hurt that it was not me. However I put everything in the Lords’s hands, because I trust in Him.

My support of Michael had not brought me any closer to him or his family.

Sometime in May of 1994, Michael married Lisa Marie Presley the King’s daughter. Initially, I was stunned. I did not know what to think. My brain went blank.

TR: Did you feel that Michael and Lisa Marie’s marriage was conventionnal?

TT: After viewing Michael and Lisa’s appearance on MTV and their famous kiss, well all I have to say is, our kiss was far more convincing.The proof is in the picture, but she carried the name Mrs.

Only time will tell what the furture holds for me or for Michael, but after everything I still believe in my dreams. You can call me crazy if you like, but I will always have a bit of a soft spot for this little kid from Gary, indiana who captured my eye and made me a part of his history. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana comments on his passing, Myspace, June 25th 2009 ] June 25th, Myspace website update:

Tatiana Yvonne: have been completly numb, saddened, and sickened by the recent news. I am devastated! beyond words. But i want to thank all of you for your continued support Mood: distraught distraught1 hour ago

I am weak with heavy emotions and saddened beyond words. I don’t understand how someone could pass a physical exam and die so suddenly. Something just doesn’t add up. What he meant to me, my childhood dreams, the belief that anything is possible, that anything can happen if you believe in magic. My dream did come true because I was blessed and privileged to have known and worked with the greatest artist of our time. I will forever cherish the small details of my personal experiences with Michael. Like the time he invited me to the set of the video ’’Leave Me Alone’’. He drove me home in his limo and we had great fun talking the whole way there. He would turn giddy and shy, in that child-like we he had, when I touched his hand. I remember feeling nervous as I got out of the limo because I knew he was watching my every move, so I made sure not to stumble or trip.

The child in me, the little girl I was that grew up with Michael Jackson, died that day along with him. He is the quintessential icon. I really did love him and he will be forever painfully missed by me. My time with him is sacred to me and nothing or no one can diminish the truth of that. My heart goes out to his family, my love to Katherine and Joe.
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana talks about his passing to E!, June 2009 ] Video has since been removed.

Video has since been removed but Tatiana expressed grief and heartbreak at Michael’s passing, said that what they shared would always be “sacred and precious” and said her thoughts were with the Jackson family. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana attends Michael’s funeral, September 3rd 2009 ] Youtube video: Tatiana attending Michael’s funeral [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana speaks about her favourite MJ moment and song, June 25th 2010 ] June 25th 2010 Talks about her favourite Michael moment and song
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana talking about his funeral, “The Way You Make Me… Heal?”, Firpo Carr, March 17th 2010 ] Firpo Carr, March 17, 2010

Tatiana Yvonne Firpo Carr The Way You Make Me…Heal?
The girl in the video makes good

Day 266, Week 38, Article 37

What do Naomi Campbell, Cheryl Crow, Iman, Lisa Marie Presley, and Britney Spears all have in common? They all came in the wake of Tatiana Yvonne (then known as Tatiana Thumbtzen) as love interests who played opposite the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Tatiana starred with Michael in his “coming of age” mega-hit film short, The Way You Make Me Feel (1988). In it, the Gloved One couldn’t wait to get his hands on her. Even though superstars and supermodels would come later, none of Michael’s videos or performances, made with the above stellar cast, outpaced the Billboard #1 hit, The Way You Make Me Feel.

But on September 3, 2009, the night that Michael Joseph Jackson was finally laid to rest, Tatiana Yvonne was made to feel anything but happy. However, little did she know that a hurt feeling then would turn into a productive healing now. But before we entertain this transition, Tatiana succinctly tells of the tragedy and trauma of that sobering, memorable night.

In Encino: “After inquiring about the possibility of paying my respects,” states Tatiana, “Mr. and Mrs. Jackson invited me to the funeral, and family friend Majestik was sent to pick me up. Fond memories stirred my emotions as we approached the house. It had been two decades! Unexpectedly, I lost it at the gate. It hurt so much. Majestik, said: ‘C’mon T, pull it together.’ We went inside. I didn’t see Katherine, who was upstairs, until the service. But Joe hugged me, after which family and friends sat together. There was an uncomfortable silence, which prompted Joe to say, ‘It’s too quiet in here!’ He then handed me the TV remote. ‘Oh, you handed it to the wrong person,’ I confessed. ‘I don’t know how to work these things!’ Everybody laughed. Suddenly, the phone rang. Joe answered, turned to Majestik, and said: ‘You have to go and do that Larry King piece.’ ‘Let’s go,’ Majestik ordered me. ‘You’re coming with us.’”

At CNN: Indeed, Tatiana was among the Jackson entourage I encountered at CNN’s Los Angeles ’ bureau on Sunset in Hollywood . As I came off the Jane Velez-Mitchell show, I ran into Rev. Al Sharpton, the stunning actress Lisa Raye McCoy, and the Reverend’s entourage. Right after, I saw a teary-eyed, traumatized Tatiana. Although I didn’t recognize her at first, my heart truly went out to the petite-sized woman. Angel Howansky, Joe Jackson’s publicist, introduced us. Tatiana had a faraway look in her very sad eyes. I didn’t think our introduction registered. Surprisingly, it did.

Memorial Service: Tatiana continues: “I was overwhelmed by a flood of thoughts that ran through my mind as I sat at the service. At the same time, I was in a complete haze. It was heart-wrenching.” Her tremendous sadness was supplemented by the thought that, reportedly, Cory Feldman, Alphonso Riveiro, Margaret Maldonado (the mother of two of Jermaine’s sons), Rebbie Jackson, Michael’s bodyguards, and Mrs. Katherine Jackson herself, all said that the Gloved One was especially fond of Tatiana; talked about her regularly; and considered marrying her–even to the day he died. “Mrs. Jackson told me,” said Tatiana, “‘I know my son loved you. He had feelings for you. He told me this one morning.’”

Repast at the Restaurant: A pensive Tatiana said further: “I was also invited and went to the repast at a restaurant in Pasadena . It seemed that everyone was there. But my heart was still aching for Michael. I couldn’t really enjoy myself. Not for one moment.”

Back to Encino: A select few were invited back to the Encino compound, and, not surprisingly, Tatiana was among them. “I felt so sorry for Mrs. Jackson. Even though she tried to be strong for everyone, she was completely distraught.” As an artist, Tatiana thanked Michael’s parents by presenting a framed drawing of him, which they appreciatively placed in the Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 museum. Unexpectedly, she discovered doing for others was therapeutic.

Hope for Haiti : “Seeing a young Haitian boy emerge from the rubble with a broad smile inspired me to do something for the people of Haiti ,” says Tatiana. “So I came up with a montage painting entitled ‘Hope for Haiti .’ When this and other items are purchased at The Official Myspace (Fan Site) Of Tatiana Yvonne (Tatiana Yvonne) | MySpace or Tatiana Yvonne, 40% of the proceeds go to the Help for Haiti fund. I invite everyone to purchase something and help me help Haiti .”

Tatiana in Text?: In doing this Tatiana is imitating the spirit shown by a Christian woman in the Biblical text named Dorcas, who abounded in “good deeds and gifts of mercy,” including making clothes for certain ones in need. (Acts 9:36, 39; 1 Tim 5:18) Stay tuned for more on the Michael Jackson-Tatiana Yvonne Connection as we explore the chronicles of the King of Pop, and anxiously await justice to be dispensed. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Bodyguards from 2007-2009 posted onto Tatiana’s facebook wall, March 27, 2010 ]

MJ’s BodyguardTatiana Yvonne: You were spoken of with very kind words. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Article about Tatiana, Firpo Carr, The King of Pop, Lip-Locked? 1 April, 2010 ] The way she made him feel…her?

The video The Way You Make Me Feel (1988) with Michael Jackson and Tatiana Yvonne (then Tatiana Thumbtzen) has received nearly 22 million YouTube hits. Even with this interest, few know of Michael’s public displays of affection for the woman he loved till his dying day. Consider what a New York correspondent for a British newspaper wrote. After prominently showing a touching photo of Michael and Tatiana with the caption reading, “‘I’m really in love with her,’ the Pop star admitted,” the article went on to say:

“Superstar Michael Jackson stunned thousands of his fans-by kissing in public for the first time. The girl who received the smacker is his new love, model Tatiana Thumbtzen. And it came when the couple danced together on stage during a concert in New York. ‘They were doing their number from the video they filmed together,’ said a close friend. “They don’t kiss in [the video],” the article quotes the eyewitness as saying. “But this time their lips met…and lingered.'” (MICHAEL!) The article continues: “Those who know Michael were stunned. It was the first time he’s kissed in public. He’s usually very careful about that sort of thing.” (Brother Jackson!)

“Michael, 29, flipped for 25-year-old Tatiana the moment she showed up to audition for his video The Way You Make Me Feel nine months ago. Tatiana said, ‘During the one stunt I accidentally fell down. He offered to help dust me down. (Dawg!) He started by brushing his hands against the back of my legs and then he gradually worked his way upwards. (Help me Lawd.) He was gentle but it was very cheeky.’ The singer said: ‘I didn’t think any woman could affect me like this. I’m really in love with her.'” But, if this is true, then…

Why Didn’t They Marry?: According to the King’s loyal fans who’ve followed his royal romances for decades, Frank Dileo (Michael’s long-time manager who he reportedly fired) and Karen Faye (Michael’s long-time stylist, also reportedly terminated) maneuvered matters so as to prevent Michael from marrying Tatiana. “Dileo couldn’t have his moneymaker married,” said one fan. “Michael can be heard on the Glenda Tapes as saying, ‘Sam says Frank [Dileo] is trying to get Tat [Tatiana] in trouble.'” Another fan alleges, “Karen Faye was just jealous of any love interest of Michael’s. Even Lisa Marie had Michael fire her.” Whatever the case, friends and family say Michael’s love for Tatiana was enduring, and that future wives and secret girlfriends (whose relationships were either real, imagined, or exaggerated) were glorious afterthoughts.

The Paris Pause: On the night that Michael Jackson was finally laid to rest on September 3, 2009, Michael’s daughter Paris met Tatiana for the first time. It was at the Jackson Encino home after the repast. When Paris was told that this “was the girl with the golden brown hair that danced your father in the video, The Way You Make Me Feel,” her eyes lit up. She then took a deep, joyful sigh and said” “Oh! Wow! Really?” Her radiant smile brought unanticipated warmth to Tatiana’s heart. She responded, “Come here Sweetie and give me a hug.” Paris caressed her around the waist and squeezed ever so gentle. “It felt as if Michael was hugging me through her,” said a misty-eyed Tatiana. Paris’ behavior toward Tatiana is significant. Michael trusted the child prodigy’s judge of character implicitly in certain matters. He seriously embraced me and took me into his confidence after Paris reacted to me in a positive, trusting way.

Tatiana’s Timely T-Shirt: Paris was wearing a pink t-shirt with Michael’s picture on it when she and Tatiana met. An idea was subconsciously planted in Tatiana’s mind that would later serve to express her desire to see justice done in Michael’s case. Finally, the Paris-inspired idea reached fruition with the “Justice for Michael” t-shirt emblazon with the one and only photo of her kissing a cherubic-faced Michael on the cheek. (Visit The Official Myspace (Fan Site) Of Tatiana Yvonne (Tatiana Yvonne) | MySpace for info on obtaining one.) “Please help me seek justice for Michael by wearing the t-shirt,” says Tatiana, “especially during Justice Week starting Monday, April 5, 2010, the next court date for Dr. Conrad Murray.” Peace. Out. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana talks about kissing Michael in Japan documentary, 2010 ] Tatiana: “Here’s one secret: He was a great kisser.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND New info regarding her time shooting the video through till her 2005 book, Excerpt from Tatiana’s book “King of My Heart” ] [Page 50] Poitier Was Pissed! Since Harry loved my talent, he wanted me to try out for a film with his good friend Sidney Poitier. This will be the day I will never forget. While I was waiting for him to call me in to his office, I already could hear him yelling at the top of his lungs. He was yelling at someone over the phone. He was so loud anyone could hear him. He was already very obvious really upset. Soon, it was time for me to walk in. I began to read the script, my part wasn’t a small one. This was actually an leading role. With this being my 1st chance for a possible leading role that I have never been use to and his very obvious angry attitude I very intimidated. He told me, ‘No, that’s not it!’, he yelled.
‘Do it again!’ he ended with. There was no patience, no concern, he was cold-hearted and very unencouraging. Then he ended my audition by saying, ‘You’re not ready. I don’t know why Harry (Belafonte) would even send you to me.’ I couldn’t be totally offended by his statement because he was 100% correct. I did confess to him and said, ‘I don’t think I did very well did I?’ I even felt that he didn’t like me as well. Harry still was encouraging to me and told me everything would be ok.
Getting the Part [Page 54]

Her representation called her on August 28 letting her know she got the part.
[Page 58]:
David Banks the co-writer of TWYMMF, is a relative of Eddie Griffin. He(David) shared with her how MTV had complained about MJ’s new video TWYMMF saying it was too “ethnic”. David said to her, ‘He’s (MJ) Black. What do they expect?’ [Page 62] Meeting Michael: There I stood in front of a slim but very handsome Michael Jackson came walking up to me.
[Page 65] Staring Contest (Between she and MJ):
The next day of shooting the video. That morning, at this time mostly what the 2 did (she and MJ) gaze at each other back and forth and just smiled and waved at each other the whole time. As she puts it, they just kept on repeating this silent, unscripted and unrehearsed scene over and over again. BUT it was Michael, who broke the ice and took it to another level.
Though he did regularly gaze at me, I was in awe when I caught him looking at my butt. He just approached me up close boldly and studied my butt. Then he took a moment to look away for a second after he did that and it was as if he was thinking or as if he was somewhere else? Then after he took this little pause moment he just bluntly asked, ‘Were you a ballerina?’
TY: ‘Yes.’
MJ: ‘You wore pointy shoes and danced on your toes?’
TY: ‘Yes, I did.’,
[Page 70] Flirty Talk, Sexy Walk:
(After their flirting in and out of the car and her fall along with MJ helping her up and wiping her butt off and the 2 giggling and him telling her not to walk away and stay there with him. Because in MJ’s eyes she didn’t need to change her stocking because it was sexy the way she had her runs on them, she says this happened with MJ. With him being mischievous and testy, he became the over seer and had the last word on his video-he was like an construction worker with the way he acted with her that day.) This was the moment that was one of the most pleasurable and special we shared between us. He said to me, he absolutely loved the way I walked, it was all so sexy. He was all so sexy just by the way he said it to me. His words,
‘You’ve got a great walk’, TY:’It’s just a walk.’, MJ:’Oh no! It’s a “special” walk. It’s sexy.’
[Page 71] Role Reversal: This was during a break and she shared with him how she did see him about 3 years old in NY, he was walking ahead of her that day and she followed him.
MJ:’Oh really?’,
TY:’Yeah, I was there during the Victory Tour.”
MJ: ‘Why didn’t you say something? You should have said something.’
TY: ‘I was too shy; couldn’t think of what to say.’
[On page 72, she shows a pic of her and MJ when they were performing for the Bad Tour onstage and he is checking her butt out with excitement. She comments how much she enjoyed the fact that he would often check out her butt.] Also from this page she talks about MJ pointing out the 2 birds from above mating and she mentions how by this moment she became use to with MJ often looking at her with “naughty” looks, stares and his sweet smirk-it all became familiar to her now. Could It Be I’m Falling in Love?:
[Page 73] She finds out that it was originally written in the script for her and MJ to kiss but it was Joe the director who decided to not do that. She now admits she had no clue, as she wasn’t privy to the script. She was completely unaware of this while they were filming this video. She now seems to realize and understand that while she and MJ were doing their hugs embrace scene that they were acting and there’s a great possibility that MJ just may’ve not necessarily been trying to comfort her because of her being upset that this was the end of their working together in this video. She did say that it was all professional. Towards the end of the video of the 2’s hug and makes an heart, she shares how that was not planned or scripted it just happened that way and everyone especially the director pointed it out and was pleasantly surprised. She felt it was a sign from God himself.
[Page 74 and 75] Teased at the Table:
During the last 2 days of shooting the video, everyone but MJ and LaToya had 4-5 tables set together by the caterers to server their lunch. All the production crew, director, extras and etc all gathered together for their meal. It was MJ and LaToya who ate privately in their trailers. During lunch at the tables it was so much like elementary school. As she walked to get her food and take her place at the table, some people were teasing her about she and Michael, ‘Oooh. You and Michael like each other.’ they would say. Then someone else went with a chorus of giggles, ‘They’re all in love.’ Even the director joined in with the teasing of that, he somehow had teasingly choreographed the scene with everyone acting like children cackling. She understood it was all fun but it did make her blush beet-red. Eventually the director quieted his class. She eventually ran quickly away from everyone because she was getting embarrassed even though she knew it was harmless fun to them.

“I Love You, Michael”: As she made her way to respectfully leave Michael and Frank from their trailer; and after she received a hat from both of them, as she was walking she said to MJ, ‘I love you, Michael.’ and according to her Michael said, ‘I love you too.’
She kept in contact after the video was finished with, Craig (MJ’s stand-in), David Banks and Joe Seneca. She shares here how not only David Banks who was amazed by how tiny she was but Michael Jackson as well. Michael Jackson would say to her, ‘So, you’re a size zero?’
TY: Yes

She says that she was so small that she would slip through his (MJ’s) hands.

Chapter 10:Slipping from the Grip of the Glove: Shamless Curiosity:
Pg. 77 and 78: She now realizes and found out that after her People magazine interview everything else she did was set up through MJ’s team for pre-filmed interviews from music channels so as BET, VH1, and MTV. Willie Harper was in charge and on January 5, 1988-when she met him he was contracted by MJJ Productions (which was MJ’s) as the director of the interviews. She has met Willie before that they-to her they clicked very well and had chemistry. She felt that he was the one who inspired and gave MJ the idea for the morphed faces in Black/White. You see, what Willie Harper did in the PM Magazine piece on MJ and Tatiana was morphed their faces together starting from her into Michael’s. She felt MJ saw that and liked what he did and that’s why he was (Willie) hired to work with MJ again She got to have creative input with Willie and enjoyed every moment working with him during their 10-hour day hrs. Her ex-Angel got to choreograph the dance sequences.
Keeping Pace with Paula (Abdul):
Juile was also working with Paula Abdul as well. Tatiana had gotten to actually work with Paula in a commercial before and found Paula very sweet. One day while filming the commercial with her Paula had her show another girl on her classical ballet skills along with contemporary dance. They were all impressed by her (Paula was impressed by Tatiana). Paula said to her, ‘You’ll work a lot with moves like that.’ (she said with a big smile)
Tatiana shared how she was aware that Paula was dating Arsenio Hall at this time and would’ve loved if she and Paula got to be sisters-in-laws if they both got to marry a Jackson. According to Tatiana, Paula had dated MJ’s brother Jackie Jackson and if she only got to marry Michael, they would’ve been sisters-in-laws and Tati would have loved that. They both would be “Mrs.Jackson”. Tatiana also helped plugged Paula’s show, “Live to Dance’ in this book.
[Page 80 and 81] Facial Recoginition:
She expresses how began to be scared out of her mind out of the 24 hours a day of starting to she her face, likeness and image everywhere thanks to the video she did with MJ. She began to get followed by people and being recognized everywhere was went. She had her “taste” with fame when she was in Tokyo, Japan, but it was nothing like this! This was now worldwide across from one country to another. While in Hollywood people from all over the globe was now aware of her and now began to be weird and insane to her. She was now being asked for autographs and etc. and also had to deal with the press. She also explains who she got to be in contact or “associated” with Martin Bashire in 2004. She recalls how in 2004, one prominent media involvement tricked her on this one. What happened was it was from during the time MJ’s trial was about to start. This was about around the time she had been working on her ’05 book. She understood that people began to have an “interest” in her because of MJ’s case. The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) contacted her for an interview. They flew her from Miami to New York, and had an female reporter to questioned her. After that was done, people began asking her why on earth did she agree to do an interview with Martin Bashir? She had no clue what they meant? She admitted she has never met Martin Bashir, that’s when she found out what had happened. BBC dubbed Martin Bashir’s voice over the female reporter, with made it look like she was being interview by him. This in truth never happened. BBC knew what they were doing, they had just “manipulated” the situation for what they wanted to present
[Page 82 and 85] Chapter 11: Making It Back to Michael:
Reunited!: Craig (MJ’s stand-in) explained to her that MJ was too shy to call her himself and ask her to visit him on the set of Leave Me Alone so, he asked him to do it for him. Also, she would have to clear this up with MJ’s secretary Joli (Levine). Craig also very much insisted that this “invitation” was 100% directly from Michael. Craig gave her the number to MJ’s office where Joli was, to call her. After she arrived between takes she now hints and wonders if the pictures taken by Sam Emerson (of her and Michael), MJ’s personal photographer-if they weren’t “scripted”. From her exact words, “It may have been “scripted”. Either way, Sam took a full role of film with between she and MJ.
Baby Bad: At a log adjacent to Leave Me Alone, there was Baby Bad set. During a break, she, Miko and Michael all 3 walked over to it. She was glad to be away from Karen Faye who gave her the creeps. Michael she recalls was in grins and seemed very happy. A moment she will never forget. As they reached to the Baby Bad set, MJ said, ‘This is the Baby Bad set, what do you think?’
TY: Oh my god, it’s so adorable, it’s so cute. It’s just like the other set, but smaller; for little people. It’s so cute.’
They all laughed about it. MJ ended up pointing out certain detail things about the set. On the wall the words read, ‘Baby Bad’ instead of ‘Bad’. When she got to see the actual video from Baby Bad, on tv she was able to realize what it was that MJ showed her. She also felt so honored that he had shared this with her even before it became made and shown world wide. She felt and thought it was so sweet that he wanted to share something so near and dear to his heart with her.
[Page 86-88] A Ride with Royalty:
Once she heard the words ‘It’s a wrap!” she knew it was time to go. She remembers that when she arrived to the set that spent $40.00 to get a cab and asked if Miko mind to take her home. Miko told her he would have to clear that up with Michael 1st. But before Miko had the chance to ask Michael, Michael actually approached her by making his way to say goodbye to her. She asked Michael herself, and his eyes lit up with excitement and said to her, ‘Sure, no problem.’ Miko came up to her with an armful of boxes of Super Soakers-large, powerful water guns-that he had just picked up from Michael’s request. Miko asked for her to help carrying them to the car. She carried about 2-3 light boxes into their trunk. As they made their way from the studio to back to the car, Michael was walking following back them. It was Miko who opened the door for her and she got in on the driver’s side of the back seat of the car.
Girl Interrupted: She at some point placed her hand on top of one of Michael’s hand and picked up the other one and put them both in hers and held them very gently. She felt his nervousness-but she was nervous as well. When the phone rang coming from Joli, she removed one of her hands from one of his so that he could grab the phone…When they made it to her door on Orchid Avenue, just up the street from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, she thanked Michael for being so kind of giving her a ride home. and she thanked Miko as well. (The rest was pretty much exactly the same from the ’05 verison.)
A Dark Tonight Show? It was April 11, 1988 and I came on the show. He kept on insisting and hinting around that there just must be something going on between me and Michael and I kept on repeating the same answer! He would say, ‘So, are you and Michael really dating?’ and I would say, ‘No, we’re not. Our relationship is strictly professional.’ and then he would go, ‘Oh come on!’ So after his “insistence” I just decided to say ‘No, we’re not. Not yet anyway.’-I didn’t know what else to do?! He refused to believe we weren’t dating-so I didn’t know any other way to deal with it. I thought what I said was ok and he made me feel so uncomfortable and nervous, what else could I say? Either way, I later was told that Michael wasn’t happy that I said, ‘Not yet anyway.’ I was so confused, I mean, why? Part of me felt that maybe this person who told me or “claimed” Michael didn’t like my answer was only jealous and saw me as a threat; because other than that I don’t get why he would felt what I said was a problem?

[Page 89] Distrusting Dileo?: On February 18, 1988, in his office in Ventura, around 40 miles Northwest of L.A. I was excited to see Michael and thought I was, but turns out he wasn’t going to be there that day. Frank wanted me to remove my feelings from Michael and I believe he possibly told Michael to remove his feelings from me? Frank also told me that I would be invited to see Neverland one day, but he said it in such a way that gave me an impression nor Michael or Dileo family would be there? Either way, at least he did say I still would be working with Michael and gave me the Bad Tour jacket as an gift. Then he brought up the invitation I got straight from Michael over the audition for his new video Dirty Diana. He disagreed with Michael’s idea of me doing another video with Michael. When the video came out, so many fans thought in fact it was me. To this day many of them still do! [Page 90]This Bad Is Good!: That following week on February 17, 1988, I finally got the confirmation that I was indeed going to work with Michael-just like both he and Frank said. I had been added to the Bad tour. By this time so many people including my agent Julie told there have been rumors everywhere that Michael had feelings for me. For not too long the tabloids would catch up with this story.
Chapter 12: A Taste of Touring: [Page 91] At the Hotel:
On February 22, 1988, I joined the tour in Kansas City. As soon as I got there the 1st person I saw was Miko. We picked up our luggage, and off to the hotel. The hotel staff all were impeccable. They personally escorted me to my room but to the bellman there was horror, my room wasn’t clean. He apologized completely and went to the manager. As I dropped my bags off, Karen Faye and her assistant, Anne Morgan were there viewing it all. I tried to chat with them ’til the bellman came back. The bellman told me that the management were honored to have me and I would be moved to another floor. I was truly honored to been in such a grand hotel and was grateful for how kind they were. He gave me a key that had an elevator access to this floor, with a beautiful corridor and led directly to my suite. This was a private floor and this suite was breathtaking. By the time I went by to L.A., I received news that Karen Faye was claiming I was the one who asked and demanded the suite. What I noticed was Michael’s camp were threatened by my presence. Rehearsal:
Once I was settled in my room, it was time for Kemper Arena and met with my director. This was the PM Magazine piece regarding the tour. The PM Magazine cameras were there when I came off stage, asking me all kinds of questions.
[Page 93] I used Miko’s shoulder, with my eyes crying for the next 5 minutes. Miko kept an watch over me, he kept me company. This all seemed to be his job because he was always there. The Bored Room: When I joined the Kansas City show it was the final night there. I spent most of the time in my hotel room watching movies and being bored. The only person I ever got to speak to or see was Miko. Band members and all of them told me Michael told them not to spend time with me. I took it as meaning on Michael’s part, ‘This is mine. Don’t mess with it!’
[Page 97] Star Gazed:
A woman just walked in front of me as I was watching rest of Michael’s performance. She was blocking my view, as I moved from behind her, she finally turned and said, ‘Oh! Excuse me!’ It turned out to be Diana Ross! I tried to tell her that I often get people telling me that I look just like her, she seemed surprised but said nothing. We just both returned to watch and look at Michael. Now You See Him, Now You Don’t: He was surrounded by a so many people. I just gave up trying to get near him. All I could do was watch the whole thing, but I managed to yell out something to him. 1st I was concerned that he wouldn’t hear me, with so many people surrounding him. Within a few seconds I got to see him look towards me and say thank you back to me. I was so surprised yet happy to hear him speak among the huge crowd of people and he was able to hear me?! [Page 98] This was the next day and we were now at Madison Square Garden. This would be our 1st date in New York City. I wanted so much to speak with Michael one on one, I wanted an private moment with him. But yes, we did have verbal exchanges during our rehearsals, but that was brief and wasn’t enough for me. With him being the one to not allow anyone but Miko to be around me, it led me to believe he was going to spend time with me. This all played with my mind. and I was still going all these messages and little mentions and comments from him to me. I often tried to ask Miko about Michael and would ask what he was doing. Once a week passed and I still hadn’t got a reply from Joli on my request to speak with Michael, I tried again. She tried to tell me to be real patient and he was real busy. MY First Taste of Tabloids: It was March 4, 1988 and I spent part of my day with Miko in my room. The next day I wrote in my diary, there was this mystery guy who kept on calling me and calling me. He wanted to know what it was like working with Michael, after several attempts of me hanging up on the guy; I eventually did let him speak to me. I answered his question and told him I loved working with Michael and that its great! I found out later that he worked for National Enquirer; and he lied or mis-quoted me. He put in the Enquirer that I said I loved Michael. Yes this was privately true but I wouldn’t tell a stranger that! I in no way told him that. At the same time Michael privately told his mother that he was in love with me. I did the same with my mother and she was the only one who knew at this time.

[Page 99]Catty Chatty: While I was sitting in the make-up chair, I tried to still make nice with Karen Faye. I shared with how many people mention me and Michael looking alike and even the PM Magazine compared the 2 of us. I even asked her opinion of the matter? She had this disgusted look on her face and such negative attitude. and she said, ‘Oh no, you and Michael look absolutely nothing alike. You have completely different looks.’ After she said what she said and the way she said it, I decided to no longer speak with her. It was like she really didn’t want to talk to me? I just didn’t get her problem what so ever. I just got up from that chair and made my way to the bathroom, as I was trying to push the door that swung in, something was pushing the door out? It was Janet Jackson-Michael’s sister! I asked her for a quick picture to be taken together but she said nothing and just stared at me with those big brown eyes and did nothing. I actually admired her work as well but the only thing I can think of for the reason of her attitude was that she was real shy to meet me. I still don’t know?
The Garden Kiss: As I was making my way to the long hallway towards the entrance, I ran into Madonna and she was leaving the stage to take her seat.[Page 100] This time I decided on my own to kiss Michael on the cheek. When I did that, the dancers told me that I made Michael so happy and excited. They said I made his day! I thought it was a good thing. As I made it to the dressing room there were celebs everywhere! There was one reporter who put me and Brooke Shields together, we exchanged some words (pleasantries) and once I noticed LaToya, I went over to her. We talked to each other and then the press caught us and we took a photo of us together. The photo made it in Rolling Stone’s magazine. I saw it as one the coolest photo in my life. The following day with our day off, Miko again was with me and entertaining me and we had lunch and yes, I asked about Michael.
[Page 101-103] Contact with the King:
It was March 5, 1988, got to do another show in New York and afterwards there was an CBS party thrown in honor of Michael. Joli approached me and told me she knew that Michael had feelings for me because he speaks about me often. She was determined to make this talk with Michael to happen for me. As I was in the middle of a luxury bath (relaxing) at the Parker Meridian. The phone rang, it was Joli! She was really rushing I could tell from her voice. She told me immediately to call Michael, but to not take very long because he wasn’t feeling well-he was tired. So when I call him ask for Michael ‘cause Bill will answer it. Bill was Michael’s personal assistant. I was really excited, so excited and nervous my hands were shaking and heart beating so loud, I could hear it! I paced in my room for a little while, then I decided to just get over my nerves and call him. But when I called it wasn’t Bill who answered it-it was Michael! It was so obvious that Michael was waiting by the phone for me to call him. (He knew I was going to call him?.)
[Page 102] After I explained to him how the fans never understood why we never kissed, then I “reasoned” that kissing him would be “a good thing”. The Kiss Heard Around the World:
[Page 103] (This pg. has the complete play by play of what led to “the kiss”, from her grabbing a hold of him by the collar, to him looking into her eyes-biting his bottom lip, to him (or both) landing the kiss on each other lips and then him looking to the audience biting his bottom lip-looking all macho and proud that the 2 kissed and her looking at him “thinking” they did a “great thing” and the 2 maybe an “item” now. Her comment about these pix, ‘Our history-making kiss was Michael’s 1st ever public display of affection. I loved him more than life itself.’)

Tatiana’s 2011 book:
[Page 104] Her favorite article about her kiss with MJ onstage:
This one was from New of the World, Sun day, exclusive:
“Love Shock For Jackson, sexy sizzler drives Michael Wild”.Chapter 15: Leaving for La La Land [Page 110-113] A Record with the Devil?: This is the way it went: Whenever I would hit a bad note when I was trying to sing on this record with Joshua Thompson (of group Surface); they would turn the lights off, in this claustrophobic booth and used the synthesizer to produce demonic, along with devil like noises and Josh would speak into the mike. Each time they would do that, I couldn’t help but to scream several times because I hated it! Regardless, they wouldn’t stop. They kept continuing with their cruel jokes and eventually they all laughed out loud. Then, I decided to ask them why are they doing this? They told me, ‘That’s what we’re going to do whenever you hit a bad note.’ They claimed this was suppose to help me but I didn’t see any proof in that. Here this was suppose to be an very promising opportunity with the signing record deal with CBS, but all of that crumbled like cake. They wanted to be my producers, however, they were not my idea of good producers-I would want others than them. They wrote the 3 songs I was suppose to do and we only got to one. I didn’t get to have any say in the matter and the song we did do had like an Latin salsa beat and it was called, 99 degrees. Joshua also had the nerve to try and exploit my friendship with Vanity. I asked him to please not to but he didn’t listen. What he did was send a message with her record company in my name and asked her to call me. She returned the message by calling me and I had no clue what was going on? Vanity: My record label said you called., Tati: What? I didn’t call you. Then I finally figured it out what just happened, I was so disgusted with Josh. I didn’t want any part with him and left the whole ordeal. [Page 113] This picture on this page of MJ having his leg upon Tatiana and with him looking right at her, as she looking into the camera and has her arm over his shoulder and his arm is on her side-this pic appeared in the 1988 Michael Jackson Calendar for the month of May. Her comment of this picture, ‘It was still another “close” moment and happy time between us.’

Chapter 17: The Aftermath: [Page 117-131] My agent Julie finally “kind of” explained to me why I was no longer part of Michael’s tour. She told me I had been only “added”, I wasn’t necessarily “offically” part of the tour. There wasn’t any concrete 100% guarantee that I was always be in this tour. She said I was an “trial”, so therefore she did not need to request for any type of “contract”.
[Page 118] The MTV Travesty: At the VMAs on September 7, 1988. Michael happened to be nominated for an award, however, he wouldn’t be present to accept his award he won. This was because of his tour he was still on. Terri, my manager, told me that MTV’s producers had just received an okay for me to accept the award for Michael. This was from Michael’s camp, I found all of this so odd considering I no longer even work for/with Michael? Terri went with me and took me shopping and helped bought me this really nice white dress for this event. I really felt like I was in a fairytale. When this event arrived and it was time for Michael’s award to be accepted; as I was ready to come onstage…this happened, the announcer said, ‘Since he (Michael) couldn’t be here tonight, as he’s still on tour, we accept this on his behalf.’ Well, I spent money on this dress and spent all this time coming on here for Nothing! They had time to inform me and tell me that they had changed their initial idea-but however they did not tell me at all. Obviously, I was “someone’s” joke.
Tantalizing Tabloids:
By September 14, 1988 there were tabloids running everywhere about me and Michael. There was the Globe with their stories. I must tell you I had never spoken to any European tabloids except for that reporter who had persistence when I was in New York briefly touring with Michael. But Michael, however, had spoken to at least one. My friend Marie Gabriel who had lived in London while all of this was going on, sent me the article that had spoken to Michael. From The Sun, ‘Love shock for Jackson sexy sizzler drives Michael wild.’ I realized that Michael did speak or shared stories with the National Enquirer and that’s how The Sun got their story, they copied what Enquirer originally had with Michael. This is what National Enquirer actually had, ‘Jackson stunned concert fans by locking himself his first public kiss with Thumbtzen. ‘I love her because she’s warm, caring and exciting,’ Michael said.’
[Page 121] Musing with “Mother”: David Banks was always trying to distance me from having any feelings for Michael; he finally presented to me what his “true” intentions were. He always had something negative to say about Michael and always tried to make him look like the bad guy-like Michael was this horrible person who only exploited me for his selfish gain. While I was at the Jacksons house David asked me out on a date. I said, ‘Are you kidding? I’m old enough to be your daughter.’
*I was at the time 27 and he was 45. So I added, ‘Well, how would you like it if an older man asked your daughter out?’
DB: I wouldn’t, TY: I didn’t think so., DB: Well, Peewee, you can’t knock a man for trying.
[Page 122-131] Chapter 18: Residual Ruination: A Really Different World: After thanks to Sinbad’s help and Terri’s (my manager) as well, I was suppose to appear as a guest on the show. This was a part of the deal they made with Terri. I’ll admit when I audition for it, I was totally unprepared and it was one of the worse thing I did to my career. Debbie Allen seemed to me more concern on wanting to know any “sexual” details between me and Michael Jackson. She just asked me one day how big was his “anatomy”, like I knew?! I would never discuss it anyway. I just laughed it off when she asked me. I would often run into the cast of Different World after I did the intro for the show. What got to me was even after my unprepared audition Debbie did promise me and Terri I would have at least an guest appearance-that never did happened? I could feel and sense the energy emanating from Debbie and her friends-something was up and not being said. They would “accidentally” whipped their hair in my face. (Now this happened months later at a nightclub) This happened that night after Debbie told me a producer was looking for me and wanted to work for me but she just couldn’t remember who it was. Hollywood calls this, ‘mind f***k.’ The cast members, you name it about everyone associated to this show pretty much treated me this way whenever I saw them. Eddie Murphy: He’s a very talented man and I met him at a club. One of his guards came to me at my table and introduced himself. He gave me Eddie’s card; we exchanged numbers. We eventually talked on the phone a few days later and then he invited me to a Beverly Hills restaurant. When we were on the phone, and I accidently said Pepsi-he some how sensed I must’ve been still thinking about Michael Jackson-cause he brought it up and he was right. At the restaurant, he was more serious, I kind of was hoping for the funny Eddie. During our date, we did end up talking about Michael again like we did on the phone. This time we talked more about the tour and how it was going seen my sudden absence. Eddie did share with me he personally knew the Jacksons and he and Jermaine have been talking about the things they didn’t like about Michael’s tour-especially the back-up singers doing J-5 material. I didn’t think it was right for me to share my sentiments of especially how I felt about Sheryl Crow replacing me. So I didn’t reply on the subject.
[Page 127] Concert Trauma: (On the last show Michael did in L.A., they all went to the show. Tatiana with the Jackson family and Corey Feldman went on this own and etc.) When it got to the end of the show we were all ready to leave-but not soon enough. What made us want to leave was when Sheryl Crow came strutting doing my part. I wasn’t prepared to see this. I had a hard time seeing her wearing my dress and doing the character I created. I tried to be respectful and realized she just was a performer following orders. Jermaine felt and knew my pain and he was looking right at me, he very kindly asked if I was ok. Then I said something in the effect, ‘No, I’m not.’ I just wanted to leave.
[Page 129] Complaints from the Clan:
Margaret, Jermaine’s girlfriend (at the time)-who became the mother 2 of his sons, said she thought that Frank Dileo was threatened by me and saw his paychecks going through the window. Katherine Jackson agreed with her.
[Page 131] Even though Milli Vanilli did become the brunt of Arsenio Hall’s jokes. He did allow them to sing live on his show. However, my own experience with Arsenio wasn’t such a good one. How can I forget my only one time I met him. As we all are aware of his big long hands and fingers, he squeezed my hands so hard and tightly that I couldn’t help but to muffled out a scream; once I did that he scurried away. A few people were around when this happened. A man even asked me what happened, and if I was ok. I just was so shocked, and tried not to call anymore attention to what just happened. I don’t even get what Arsenio was calling himself doing? I tried not to have any ill-will towards him. God only knows what that was all about.

Chapter 19: Managing Joe Jackson [Page 133 and 134] A Loser Lawyer: Through my ex-Angel, I got an female attorney to help me with the contract. She seemed her main desire or interest was to have her association with the Jacksons. Several years later, after our awkward experience with “working together” and both of us years ago decided to go our separate ways-we met again. It was September 3, 2010, 1st annual Never Can Say Goodbye Event honoring Michael. During that day I went on took photos and shared some kind words to this woman who I vaguely remembered. She went to Majestik and had an brief conversation to him and said, ‘Oh she (meaning me) hates me.’ I was like, I don’t hate anyone?! That’s not what I do, is hate anyone. I was wondering who is this woman? What she is getting at? Then I found out she was the lawyer that I had during that time I was working with Joe. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even recognize her. I say, her conscience was bothering her.
[Page 148] Prince’s Palace: (This was when Tati met Prince on her birthday-at a club with MJ’s stand-in Craig and some of her friends were with her. To make a long story short, she ended the evening with going to his hotel. She now does claim they “dated”.) We went into his living room then he asked if I was hungry. I told him I was. Next thing I know minutes later everything I asked for was ordered in doubles. Prince didn’t eat anything. I don’t get why he ordered tons of stuff then? Maybe he thought I was a pig. Then we eventually were ready for bed. He gave me his pjs to wear and he was wearing a black cat suit with half of the waist missing. With a chain attached to the cat suit that dangled from his waist on one side of him to the other. Then we both curled up like little kittens, and went straight to sleep. I know that’s hard to believe, but truly was as simple and as innocent as that. From what I gathered, Prince didn’t make much sexual overt moves on Madonna either. They dated like in 1985 and she had been quoted of saying, ‘He was just sipping tea, very daintily. I have this theory about people who don’t eat. They annoy me.’ This may have been meant to be a kind comment because in 2007, the two were caught on camera having a hug at an Oscar party. Either way, that night I really wasn’t able to fall asleep. I just couldn’t get over who I was curled in bed with-one of the greatest artist of all times. The public viewed Prince and Michael as musical rivals. To them, Michael was squeaky clean-Peter Pan and Prince being the sexually overt one. They were different as night and day, both geniuses who were interesting to observe. Prince in truth, actually admired and respected Michael. They were friends. Prince only spoke highly of Michael. Few days after I spent the night Prince invited me to a Teddy Riley concert.

[Page 151] Prince seemed to be concerned with the media and how they were going to put their twist on us. He really wanted to show respect for Michael. He even like many, believed there was something going on between me and Michael. In my heart, I wished it would be, but by this time I was hearing negative reports coming from his camp about me. At the same time, people were still reminding me that if Michael really cared why hasn’t he called. David Banks on several occasions when we would have long conversations about what happened to me. David would say, ‘I’m sure he (Michael) has your number. If he really cared, he would call.’ David wasn’t only the co-writer for TWYMMF, but he played the store owner in the video.
Now on to the show, it was incredible and Teddy Riley did an amazing job! Prince admired his work as well. After the show, Prince and I rode around Universal’s very large parking lot. Then he asked if I wanted to drive this limo for fun. I passed on this because I did not have my license at the time. I didn’t want to admit that to him, and I didn’t want to be responsible if the limo had crashed.
Chapter 21: Desperately Seeking DeNiro:[Page 163] (She ended up having a total of 4 dates with DeNiro-which she claims were all due to thinking/ at least hoping he was going to help her with her now failing career. Does mention how much she wished she had followed her former mentor’s (Antonio Lopez) advice, about staying away from DeNiro-he’s Toukie’s man and he’s trouble. It seems she went on 4 dates with DeNiro that would expand to about 6 months since it began some time about May 1989 into 1990-since they end up going to see Pretty Woman-which was out in 1990.) So we went to see Pretty Woman (1990) and after the film was over, Bobby (Rob DeNiro) was to me unlike the character in the movie, I hadn’t found my prince charming him. I broke off everything with him. It was so obvious now with me that he was not going to help me with the contract was just an enticement to date me. You can call me crazy but I just couldn’t have any feelings with him. And I wasn’t about to just use him or any man that way to further my career. I value my self-confidence, self-esteem, and healthy does of self-respect-along with my virtues. With tons of pride, tempered with humility, I didn’t mind being determined to meet my success on my own. I got out of his Mercedes and didn’t look back.
[Page 168 and 169] Chapter 22: On Stage Again With Michael: Insincerely Yours: (On pg. 168 is the picture of her and MJ from the last time the 2 would ever see each other. Her comment regarding this picture and moment, ‘Michael and I reunited on stage at the BRE awards in 1989. This was when I had just presented him with the very heavy award statuette.’) When Michael’s speech was over, he abruptly walked off the stage-leaving me alone. This did not look good to the audience. I just stood there for a little while dumbfounded. With the audience’s disapproving sighs by Michael’s actions, broke my trance. They saw what he did as rudeness on his part. If this was on TV; perhaps he would not have left me on the stage alone. This was all odd to me, he acted like he wasn’t aware I was going to be there. He expressed how surprised and happy to see me. Ingrid Woodson, confirmed to me that he was aware and approved it. Once the curtains passed out of the view of the audience, his security surrounded him quickly, it was as if they were shielding him from anyone to try and approach him. He soon was completely out of view. Completely gone. Outside of the theatre I saw the large trailer that was for him, roped off by his team. I saw Mr.Browne and waited with him, I shared with him how bad I really wanted to talk to Michael. I expressed how he had been whisked away where I couldn’t talk to him. Ben encouraged me to go for it! So I tried to build up my courage and determination to speak to him and not let this opportunity slip through my hands. I wanted so badly to find out what happened, why I was “let go” from the tour-and been replaced. What I had done to have this happened? (If any of you have read the ’05 book, she pretty shares the same story. So I decided to stop there-but tomorrow I will post more on what Ingrid Woodson-the lady who invited Tati to the BRE awards explains in more detail why MJ acted the way he did.)

[Page 172-174]Demystifying Michael:
Ingrid Woodson spoke with me on the phone on why things went the way it did between Michael and me. She told me it had a lot to do with his publicist Bob Jones. Bob admitted to her that he had some concerns about me being involved with presenting Michael an award. Ingrid admitted she had to “reason” with Bob, saying it would be a nice thing if I showed up and presented Michael an award especially since we had worked together. From what I’ve been told, it would validate his masculinity to those who doubted it, trashing him as being weird. Many have said (especially fans) that we’re a perfect match. Bob eventually went along with the presentation as long as I wouldn’t speak to Michael. I didn’t get what Bob Jones was getting at. After all, I never met the man, he knew nothing about me and I knew nothing about him. But irony would set in years later, because by 2004 and during Michael trial Bob would turn on him and made a book criticizing Michael. Ingrid’s information helped me. Michael did know before I presented the award that I would be there. But oddly he would repeat at the show that he was surprised to see me and that he had no idea I would be there. I knew he wasn’t sincere by what he said. I hated to think of him in this light. But this was the reality of it. Not only did he know, he approved it as well-but as long as I had nothing to say to him. By the time I arrived to the show Ingrid gave me the missing pieces of what was said about me while I was there. ‘Michael doesn’t want to see or speak to Tatiana before the show.’ I was truly thankful for Ingrid.
[Page 173 and 174]The Rumor Mill: So many rumors were floating around. They were completely untrue. I supposedly stalked Michael, and that his security had to step in and pull me away from his limo. It was so bad that I couldn’t help but to think this person must have taken this storyline from Dirty Diana video. Rumors of me being a high class call girl. A nasty rumor and not true what so ever. That I written sexually vulgar letters to Michael. If I had, I don’t think his own mother would have encouraged me to send them. She read them herself. These rumors began after I was let go from his tour for the next two years and then they came back again after his passing. These rumors came from his fans all around the world. Some fans shared with me the correspondence of Ms.Karen Faye. She was exposed as the source of these such rumors. If those letters were authentic, then it would be consistent by Ms.Faye’s behavior with me all those years. Another who that’s recent allegedly told by Ms.Faye is that I slept with Lenoard Rowe a man who is a family friend of the Jacksons and concert promoter. I hadn’t met Rowe until the day of Michael’s funeral and burial. I never had such a romantic relationship with this man. I’ve been celibate for two years now I’m so happy to say-along with during this time I was writing this book. I still sent Michael a birthday gift right after the BRE event.

Chapter 23: Chasing the Wind: The Wild One:
About 3 months after the BRE event, I tried to get my mind off of it and stepped into the nightlife. This was the summer 1989, so I often went to the Roxbury club in L.A. I came across with Jaime Foxx and Bobby Brown on 2 different occasions. As I was walking through the club I felt a hand on my butt-it was Mr.Bobby Brown. I told him, ‘Excuse me.’
BB: Hey, it’s all bout da money.’ he mumbled in his Ghetto slang.
I asked, ‘Didn’t you just get married.’
BB: It’s all ’bout da money baby.
Then I just walked away. On another wild night at this club, men had been pulling and tugging me all night long it seemed. Then someone grabbed my arm, I turned around and it was Jaime Foxx. I just snapped my arm back and turned and walked away. Looking back I probably should have handled the way I tried them a bit better than I did. In August that was when I arranged with Katherine to send a gift to Michael. Jermaine’s girlfriend Margaret came over and picked it up and putted it in her jeep. (that was the gift she had of Marlon Brando life size portrait of him from film, The Wild One.) Facing the Ugly Facts: [Page 177] As for all the changes Michael had went through surgically, I can only feel a bit of sadness that something or someone caused him to feel inadequate. In my eyes, he was always the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen! Painful Puberty: [Page 178] In the last decade of Michael’s life there was a big change in not just his looks (with surgical enhancement) but his spirit as well. He seemed sad and losted to me. He changed to a point of being barely recognized. By this point in my life I had very few and fewer auditions. I was in a very odd position. It was like an catch-22 thing. People saw me as some celebrity but I wasn’t big enough and to my credit it was not building. Everywhere I went fans knew my name but with casting agents couldn’t seem to get pasted the ‘Michael Jackson Girl’ view.

Tatiana 2011 book: [Page 179, 181-182] From Miller to Thriller:
Since Michael had also worked with Ola Ray before me, in the Thriller video; I had for years wondered what it was like for her and if we shared similar experiences. I always imagine it would be amazing to personally meet her and share stories. I was so curious, but after Michael’s passing, I no longer feel that way. I feel my experiences with Michael-while I worked with him were unique.

Tatiana Goes to Jail-in South Korea!: I was part of this show that included Michael and Janet Jackson lookalikes. When we had flown to South Korea since we were scheduled to perform in this city of Pusan. This promoter of ours ran off with our money! We were stuck with the hotel bill, we barely had any money between us to buy some food to eat! The security followed us as we went to buy some food; as it turned out we became hostages! This was crazy. We tried to escape. By 5 am we tried to snuck through the lobby, got busted! The Michael Jackson impersonator threw down some real karate on the bellman. Anyhow, they motioned us to go ahead and leave. As we were on our way out, cops were pulling up, and we were all arrested! We were taken to the police precinct and we had 14 grueling and stressful hours to deal with. The investor eventually came and bailed us out. He paid the hotel bill and all other expenses. He eventually took us to a 5-star restaurant where we got to eat a wonderful meal. Since we already at least have her plane tickets, he didn’t have to pay for that. All I can say, Karma is a bitch!

The Wizard of Oz [Page 182]: Michael’s mother heard of my hard times and gave me $50 through Majestik. I felt that at least Michael’s mom really did care for me. I also sensed-perhaps, she felt frustrated that she couldn’t do anything to really help me-especially with her son Michael to talk with me. I guess, it was harder for her than I could realize. As his mother maybe she just didn’t want to push him. You’ll never know.

[Page 194 and 195] This is about when she appeared on Maury Povich show during MJ’s late 1993 into early 1994 scandal with the ugly Chandler family: The panels who had worked with Michael were security guards who worked with him when he still lived in the Jackson’s family home in Encino. In fact, they were involved in a lawsuit against the Jacksons-as well. They told these stories about Michael and young boys as his guest at the house. This proved I was out of my realm. I couldn’t add or say anything on this topic. The security guards didn’t mind saying I never visited the house when Michael still lived in the Jacksons’ family house. What can I say, they were right! I became a visitor after Michael just moved out of there. Then when I blurted out that Michael and I were dating and his mother at least confirmed he had feelings for me. This happened around the same time when Jermaine came on BET and answered, ‘Yes, yes, yes. There was Tatiana who he was very close to.’ In fact, their mother Katherine revealed to the world that Michael told her that he loved me angered the other panelist because they were on a mission to have Michael as an gay, pedophile, and asexual man.
[Page 195-198] MJ’s Not Gay!:
His own mom confirmed this fact (of him having feelings for me) not only to me-myself, but to the world. I tried to write to Oprah, in hopes that she would do a story on all other women that he worked with-which would include me. No response from Lady O. This surprised me. She seemed pretty distanced from Michael during this ugly time in his life?. But years later she had Lisa Marie (his ex-wife) and even his parents and children on her show-those were all positive lights on Michael. I could even relate to LMP.
Tabloid Trash
It’s so obvious that the media never really treated Michael right-or even those associated to him. They wanted me to be against him and was using me for it. I was their scapegoat-that’s what they wanted from any female connected to Michael. It would help keep him in their “image” of Michael as gay, pedophile and asexual. Some people even asked me why even do that story with the Star? It helped me to feel guilty about it. Even Prince-the man I dated, was one of them.

Chapter 28: Just Married: Lisa Marie Presley, Leave It to the Lord:
[Page 201] Whatever reason, it wasn’t mean to be (between me and Michael) in this life. I do believe in destiny, and as much as I loved and adored him, something always pushed us a part. I’ve tried not to regret anything, there’s always something to learn in all things. One should never regret a lesson. Really mistakes are blessings. Everything has a reason and a rhyme in this life.
Chapter 29: Life and Learning, The Prostitute Panel: [Page 203] The only author with a legitimate story besides mine on Once More With Feeling was Jennifer Young. The others just may’ve had legitimate stories also, but nothing like ours. This didn’t hit me until we had our book tour. I had to say to myself, ‘What the Hell am I doing?’ While sitting on this panel with openly admitting prostitutes. I’m not trying to have anything against them, however, I was in wrong company for certain. I was thinking, ‘Will I ever the right forum to tell my story?’ I was so mad at myself for just settling for my deal. So, that’s exactly what I did, settled! The reason why I did it because I thought any deal is better than no deal! Well, I found out that wouldn’t be true. I still had so much to learn. I had to sit back and wait for the right opportunity to come along-at the right time. Life’s Lessons: With me trying to be head strong all throughout my career all backfired on me. I was in wrong company, during the promotion of this “prostitute panel”. We were on camera for a high profile entertainment show. While the camera was focused on me they said, ‘former call girls’, giving an obvious title that I was a former call girl!
[Page 204 and 205] Here, I went to do this book deal with an headstrong belief to finally tell my story the way I wanted. Personally knowing Margaret (Jermaine’s ex-girlfriend) reassuring me that it was a great deal. I felt that I was in good hands with Allstate. But, now…I don’t blame her. I did sue that entertainment show for claiming I was a former prostitute. They settled out of court. With my attorney they had sent me a threat saying that I will never work in Hollywood town again. They didn’t realize, “someone” had “black-listed” me long time ago. However, it was never nice to have to hear that type of talk. They called me derogatory name and threatened to ruin my career, that has been done already-hasn’t it?
Principal Lessons: [Page 205] It was so hard to have to see articles and books I was affiliated with misrepresent me by completely misquoting me or quoting me out of context-mainly just lying.
Chapter 30: Home Sweet Home, Clearer Waters: All I could kept on thinking about to myself: if people only knew the confusion, turmoil, stress, pain, lies, rumors, and corruption that took place between Michael and me,or the slander against me. Would people still consider me “lucky”? I don’t see that.
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Talking about the events relating to Michael’s passing and attending his funeral, Excerpt from Tatiana’s book “King of My Heart” ]

When I was told that Michael had passed (it seemed that Tatiana had been working at an restaurant as a waitress) I almost fell to the floor. It was until I was flipping from one channel to the next. Then, it finally hit me. I completely lost it. When I spoke to my friend Iris that next day, she said I should eat something. I told her I wanted vodka to calm me down. She bought me 2 small bottles of vodka, but suggested for me to eat some soup. I ate some soup, she also bought me my favorite candies, twizzlers. During the next 2 weeks I had sharp pains in my chest; I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I was having sharp pains in my chest. I ended up praying for God to take me. Then that next morning when I woke up and realized I was still here, I actually said, ‘Are you kidding me? Must I, another day?’

[Page 213] Around 2 weeks before the funeral I called Majestik, who was helping Mrs.Jackson pack to go to London. Aware we wanted to speak to each other he put her on the phone.
TY: Hi Mrs.Jackson. How are you doing?
KJ: Oh hi, how are you?
She went immediately to Michael-he was mainly in her thoughts.
KJ: They didn’t treat him right here.
TY: I know.
Then I got very emotional and began crying.

From Larry King to the King of Pop: After possibility for me to pay my respects, Mr. and Mrs.Jackson invited me to the funeral and family friend Majestik picked me up. Michael Joseph Jackson was finally laid to rest on September 3, 2009. Memories stirred with emotions came as I approached the house. It had been 20 years! I lost it at the gate. It hurt so badly.
Majestik: C’mon T, pull it together.
When we went inside I didn’t see Katherine, she was upstairs, so I was told. She didn’t come out til the service. Joe hugged me, after then family and friends sat together. There was silence, prompted Joe to say, ‘It’s too quiet here!’ He handed me the remote. I confessed, ‘Oh, you handed it to the wrong person. I don’t know how to work these things!’
Everybody laughed. Then the phone rang. Joe answered and turned it to Majestik. ‘You have to go and do that Larry King piece.’ Majestik turned to me. ‘Let’s go. You’re coming with us.’ Majestik said to me.
[Page 214] From CNN to the End: Angel Howansky, Joe’s publicist introduced me and Firpo Carr. After the Larry King piece with Leonard Rowe the group headed to Michael’s final resting place in Forrest Lawn.
Memorial Service: My mind drifted while sitting back to the Bad Tour days, with Corey Feldman, Alfonso Riberio, Margaret Maldonado, Rebbie, Michael’s bodyguards, and Mrs.Jackson all said that Michael loved me; talked about me regularly; even considered marrying me. As I found them and began to make my way through down the row I heard someone say ‘That’s the girl from one of his videos.’ I looked up and saw Chris Tucker sitting on the end of the row. Our eyes met as I made my way to my seat. When I sat down I tapped his shoulder. I began to choke up, ‘Hello, I always wanted to meet you…’ Chris, ‘Yes, I know, but under different circumstances.’ I really appreciated his consideration as I understood he was hurting too. I saw Kenny Ortega. Our eyes locked. I could see his pain welled up in his eyes. As if we said together, ‘What an awful day. What an awful 1st circumstance under which we meet. What an awful thing we have to share.’ I stumbled slightly but someone caught me. When I made it to the coffin, I reached out to touch it. I spoke to him with my mind. While I was doing this something interrupted it. Someone snapped a photograph. People immediately chewed him out. After things calm down I turned back to the coffin. After my thoughts I tried to pull out a flower, but couldn’t. A hand pulled it out and handed it to me.
[Page 216] Way out of the mausoleum I saw Katherine. She was standing by the balcony-like structure. Several women were hovering around her. One of them being Rebbie, I gave her a hug. Katherine was distraught to go into mausoleum. Frozen with grief. I came to her and hugged her and told her I loved her. When I released and pulled back, I brushed against her ear and knocked her earring off. I tried to pick it up and handed back to her and apologized for my grief-with my clumsiness. She kindly accepted it, while dealing with her own grief. Linking Up With Lisa: After the funeral the cars all went to a restaurant in Pasadena, several miles from Forest Lawn in Glendale, California, less than 10 miles from L.A. It was like everyone was there. This was where I met a brief introduction to Lisa Marie Presley. Rebbie introduced us. I was sitting down and Lisa and Rebbie were standing nearby. Rebbie: This is Tatiana.
Lisa gave me a pleasant nod of acknowledgement and bowed slightly as she reached down to shake my hand. We locked eyes, and then I said, ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you.’ She responded with strong silent stare, after which she and Rebbie returned to their conversation as I floated in and out of the fact Michael was gone. I didn’t enjoy myself for one moment.

[Page 218-220] Back to Encino: I asked to be taken home. Leonard Rowe fully understood this request, & saw it that our driver took us back to the Encino house. There I met Paris, Michael’s little girl, for the very 1st time. She was told I ‘was the girl with the golden brown hair that danced with your father in the video, TWYMMF, her eyes lit up. She took a deep joyful sigh. Paris: Oh! Wow! Really?!
With her radiant smile brought unanticipated warmth to my heart.
TY: Come here Sweetie & give me a hug.
Paris caressed me around my waist & squeezed so gently. If felt like if Michael was hugging me through her. I was surrounded by Mrs.Jackson. She tried to be strong for everyone, she was still completely distraught. To soothe my pain, I drew portraits of Michael & presented it in a fame to Mr.& Mrs.Jackson. They appreciated it & placed them in the Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 museum. Leonard took me home.
Loose Ends & Letting Go: A woman named Lorraine said she knew Michael just before his passing. She was now working with an artist who was doing a tribute to Michael, & was inviting me to be a part of this event. She wanted to meet me before that, so she invited me to see This Is It at the Archlight Hollywood at the Cinerama Dome. This was the final week of the film in theaters. We met at a restaurant inside the complex & had drinks prior to the movie. She told me he had just spoken about me on June 19, 2009, a week before he passed. My mouth dropped open. She wanted me to know that I was one of the 4 main women he really loved. The other 3 were Tatum O’Neal, Brooke Shields, & Lisa Marie Presley. Then dropped a bombshell: She told me I was still in Michael’s heart & he still loved me! She felt I should know that. She shared that when he heard I was dating DeNiro-& heard there were pictures of us dating-it crushed & broke Michael’s heart. I told her, ‘No, I never took pictures with DeNiro!’ I just lost it. She also told me that he left Jehovah’s Witnesses just before he met me, & loved that I said-& still do say ‘God bless you.’ While the movie was about to began thinking of all she just told me, I cried during entire film. I was truly hurt to hear about DeNiro when nothing ever really happened with me & him. I just couldn’t wait to get out of there. I was literally sick for the next couple of days & had to leave work. She told me, ‘I can tell you that whenever he sang Liberian Girl he thought of you.’ I couldn’t tell how much pain I could endure. Fans had pointed out to me about the Glenda Tapes. Glenda was a good friend of Michael’s, & taped loads of conversations between them. Michael was unaware of this. One tape was heard of him saying, ‘Sam says Frank [Dileo] is trying to get Tati[Tatiana] in trouble…’ It was so clear to me now that Frank truly was trying to get between Michael & me. Hearing those words were reliving that nightmare. Throughout the years I heard lots of people saying Michael was depressed after I was “let go” from the tour. Ingrid Goodsend was one of those. Even Firpo Carr told me recently he heard the same thing.

[Page 220] Around August 2010 a certain Cindy J. who also worked with Michael said when she would bring up my name, there was regret in his voice. None of this helped me. I received unanticipated comfort when Majestik & I were together just shortly after the funeral. Stevie Wonder called Majestik; when Stevie heard I was with Majestik, he asked to speak to me. It was very consoling; he offered some kind words of encouragement.
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana and Frank Dileo had breakfast together a few months after Michael’s passing where he talked about why she was fired, Excerpt from Tatiana’s book “King of My Heart” ] [Page 211-213] A Frank Encounter: It was a weird coincidence that I ran into Frank Dileo in L.A. about a month or 2 after Michael’s passing. I never understood how I was “fired” from the tour, I thought this was a good chance to find out how this happened. I wanted some clarification, closure on how everything ended. We arranged to have breakfast together and just ask: I heard Karen Faye put out a rumor that I was “fired” from the tour. Why was I “fired”?
Frank Dileo: “You were never “fired”? You were never fired. We were negotiating. You wanted $5,000 a show, and Michael wasn’t going to pay that. Michael was cheap.”
TY: “What! Are you kidding me! I wasn’t asking $5,000 a show. I was happy with the $1,000; happy to be part of the show. I knew nothing about the negations. That was my agent.”
FD: “Well, Michael was cheap, and he wasn’t going to pay that.”
TY: “Why would Karen Faye say such a thing? What was wrong with her? What’s her problem? Why is she attacking me?”
FD: “Ah, she’s crazy. She thought she was married to Michael. She’s getting ready to write a book.”
So, that was it. I got some of my answers. I still don’t hold any hatred towards Julie my former agent, Frank, Karen Faye or anyone who played a part in separating Michael and me.

A Final Thought: ‘With Michael my love it was ever so nice; now begins a new chapter in life.’
The Complete End.

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Michael Jackson and “Emily” 2000/2001/2002

From Frank Cascio’s book “My Friend Michael.” Based on the time that Frank spent working and was most around MJ, either 2000-2001 or 2001-2002 seems to be the most likely time period for this relationship. Frank began working for MJ in June 1999, and MJ was married to Debbie until October 1999, and he says that this relationship occurred around a time Michael visited London with him, which was in March 2001.

From “My Friend Michael,” by Frank Cascio

Sometimes Michael invited members of his fan clubs to Neverland, and he occasionally formed a special relationship with one of the women. One time I was driving Michael into town. Someone was next to me in the passenger seat of the Bentley, and Michael was in the backseat, kissing one of his fans.

“Easy back there,” I said. “Relax, calm down.”

“Just keep driving,” Michael said in a joking way. “Don’t worry about it, just keep driving.”

Michael’s dalliances with fans were infrequent and discreet, but they were hardly unheard of. He tended to like tall, slender women whom I’d describe as nerdy in a sexy way. Once, in London [March 2001?], I was in his suite when he brought a friend he’d known for years into his bedroom. They were in there for about an hour, and when he emerged, his pants were unbuttoned. I smirked at him.

“Shut up, Frank,” he said, smiling sheepishly. The woman, equally sheepish, said goodbye and left.

Around this time, Michael had another friend – I’ll call her Emily – who visited the ranch regularly. She was a nice, cute girl, slender, with brown hair, in her early to midthirties. Emily didn’t want or need anything from Michael. They just liked spending time together – talking, walking around, hanging out in his bedroom. It was a romantic relationship, but as far as I know, he didn’t tell anyone about Emily but me. Michael kept her a secret – she didn’t stay in his room because he didn’t want her to be seen coming out in the morning – and even I didn’t see real evidence of the romance. That’s how I knew he was telling the truth. He wouldn’t have been so secretive if he hadn’t had something to hide. That was the longest relationship I saw Michael have: Emily was at the ranch frequently over the course of about a year.

The question as to whether Michael was intimate with Debbie Rowe came up often. People seemed to think that they could make sense of Michael if they could only unravel the mystery of his relationships with women, but Michael was his own man. There were no simple answers. I know he was sexually intimate with Lisa Marie when they were together – he told me so. With Emily, to be honest, I’m not sure, but I know in her he found a companion, a friend.

Frank Cascio, CY Interview, 5th January 2011

Frank shows a personal side of Michael, sharing stories about him kissing and dating numerous women. He agreed that Michael’s attraction to women was something that generally wasn’t focused on.

“It was downplayed. And I’ll tell you, Michael was private about that part of his life. Michael was attracted to women. He had a very particular type and it’s funny because people wouldn’t think it, but it’s a simpleton. He was dating this girl who he really cared about and you know and she cared about him and it was great to see, but it was also kept very private because Michael did not want to, you know, expose this girl and have the media from the outside ruin a relationship that he really was enjoying and you know, he likes slender, tall, simpletons, sweet, humble, soft-spoken girls. And I’m really happy that Michael actually found that in his life later on.”

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Michael Jackson and Giselle Samson

Michael Jackson and Giselle Samson

[EXPAND Contestant on the First Cycle of America’s Next Top Model Where She Said She Wanted To Meet And Dance With/For Michael Jackson ]
America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 1, Episode 5

In her interview, Giselle told Cindy Berger about her “infatuation” with Michael Jackson’s talent

Giselle Samson: One day I’ll be able to meet Michael Jackson.
Cindi Berger: You want to meet Michael Jackson?
Giselle Samson: I want to meet Michael Jackson so bad! [/EXPAND] [EXPAND During The Show She Did A Shoot For “Stuff” Men’s Magazine, Printed May 2003 ]

Michael Jackson and Giselle Samson, America's Next Top Model, Stuff Magazine, bikiniMichael Jackson and Giselle Samson, America's Next Top Model, Stuff Magazine, bikiniMichael Jackson and Giselle Samson, America's Next Top Model, Stuff Magazine, bikini
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND After Seeing Her in “Stuff” Michael Jackson Contacted Her And Invited Her To Neverland ]

America’s Next Top Model 2006 Follow Up:

After appearing in “Stuff” magazine, Giselle Samson got a call from one of her idols.

“Michael Jackson got in contact with me.”
“Oh, my gosh, that was my dream come true.”
“So a week later, I went down to Neverland Ranch and had a grand old time.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Performed In a Dance Troupe For Him On His 45th Birthday, August 2003 ]
Giselle Samson’s website:

Michael Jackson’s 45th Birthday Celebration – (Dancer) in honor of the the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, Giselle performed an invigorating dance number at the Orpheum Theatre in Hollywood, CA. It was here where she performed with a dance group that brought Jackson’s favorite television show alive through dance
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND At This Event She Can Be Seen Passing Him A Note ]

Michael Jackson and Giselle Samson, America's Next Top Model, 45th birthday party

The note:

Michael Jackson and Giselle Samson, America's Next Top Model, 45th birthday party

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Visited Michael’s home in Gary, Indiana, On His Birthday, August 29th 2011 ]

Giselle Samson, facebook, Aug 29th 2011

Happy birthday michael jackson! xoxo

Giselle Samson, facebook, Sept 10th

Just left the jacksons home in gary, indiana….so cool to see! Miss you MJ! xo

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Michael Jackson Proposal To African Oakland Artist 1989-1992

According to Michael’s friends Michael Jackson reportedly proposed to a woman around 1989-1992. There isn’t very much specific information about this woman available, but all the info compiled here seems consistent with this possible relationship.

[EXPAND Michael Caught Browsing Rings In Disguise, Lewiston Morning Tribune, May 1st 1989 ]


Youtube footage of Michael shopping.

Simi Valley, California – Police who surrounded a jewelry store after employees reported a suspicious person casing the joint were stunned to learn the wigged man was pop superstar Michael Jackson in disguise.

In addition to the wig, the Grammy Award winning singer was wearing a fake mustache, false teeth and eyelashes while shopping for rings at Sycamore Plaza here with a 12 year old boy Monday afternoon.

The two went into Zales Jewelers and aroused the suspicion of the store manager, said HN Edwards, a security guard for the shopping center in this city 30 miles northest of downtown Los Angeles. Three squad cars were sent to the store.

“I asked him, ‘Why are you wearing a false mustache?'” Edwards said. “He said, ‘I have to – I’m in disguise – I’m Michael Jackson.’ When he told me this, my first thought was this guy had gotten off the elevator between floors.”

Police Sgt Ken Tacke and Officer Gordon Weeks said they questioned Jackson, and asked him to remove his disguise and show his identification. He complied.

“He old the police he has to wear a disguise when he goes shopping or he would be mobbed by crowds,” Edwards said.

After Jackson signed autographs, he and the boy drove off in a late model Mercedes Benz. [/EXPAND]


[EXPAND Michael’s Reading Material While In Hospital, Jermaine Jackson, June 1990]

In “You Are Not Alone,” by Jermaine Jackson

“I noticed two books on his bedside table: one about marriage and divorce, the other about taxes.”



[EXPAND Remember The Time Draft Written On The Back Of A Clock, 12th August 1990]

Michael Jackson Proposal To African Oakland Artist 1989-1992, Liza Minnelli, diamond ring, pre-raphaelites, secret girlfriends

Michael’s words:

Do you remember
On that summer night
When I gave you that ring



[EXPAND Teddy Riley Says He Knows But Wouldn’t Publicly Disclose Who Remember The Time Was About, Hiphopwired and Billy Bush, July 2009 ]

Teddy Riley, HipHopwired, July 8th 2009

“I was always that friend he could’ve said anything to. He expressed a lot of his most deepest concerns and feelings about a lot of things. I know some personal relationships that he has gone through, female relationships and different things like that but I would never disclose that. That’s the stuff that I know.“

Teddy Riley on Billy Bush’s radio show, 25th November 2009

Teddy R: When we were working on RTT. We actually stopped. We played the music. That was actually the fifth song, the fifth track I played for him. He stops me and I thought I would be kicked off the project. He took me to the back. I thought he was going to lecture me you know, like saying that I did this cord wrong or something. He was like: “Play that on the piano”. And he took me to the back just to see if I play. I played it on the piano and he said: “That melody, everything. Everything is just great about this song. And what I want to do to this, is it to be full of love.” He said, “I can’t tell you who I’m writing this about, but I know this is going to be a second single.” He said this while we were playing the track.

Billy Bush pipes in and asks Teddy if MJ ever told him who he wrote the song about.

Teddy: No. No, I know who it’s for, but I can’t say (laughs)

Billy Bush:

Teddy: I would never. I mean, we’re close but even when we signed a um disclosure agreement and everything, he said, “You can talk about it,” and I’m like no I would never talk about it. It’s like a secret I would keep for my book. [/EXPAND]


[EXPAND Michael’s poem on the back of a painting, Valentine’s Day, 14th February 1991]

Michael Jackson Proposal To African Oakland Artist 1989-1992, Liza Minnelli, diamond ring, pre-raphaelites, secret girlfriends

I still can feel you with me
Even though your [sic] far above
I love you so completely
You are my only love
– 2. 14. 1991



[EXPAND Brenda Richie on twitter, March 2019]

Lionel Richie’s ex wife and mother to Nicole Richie on twitter, 13th March 2019:

“I know of a women Michael proposed to in 1991 but she was not an artist from Oakland! Yes, African American!”



[EXPAND Michael Jackson In A Taped Conversation With Sam Stein, “You gotta go find out,” “You can’t be completely totally alone,” September 1990 – September 1991]

Tape 3.1

MJ: If you don’t know. I don’t know.
S: Well.you know what you gotta go and find out.
MJ: I can’t afford to mess up
S: Really? You can’t afford to not to, take a chance…?… Yes you can. I think, I mean you can’t be completely totally alone… I think that when you’re totally ready …?…Who’s hurt you the most in your life?
MJ: Excuse me?
S: Who’s hurt you the most?
MJ: People that I…(I trust?) they hurt me?….
S: Oh really, who’s hurt you the most?
MJ: Lots of people… (i)
S: She didn’t mean to, though?
MJ: (I)
S: Really?
MJ: When she started making a game out of it and [she knew that I was (I) and lied to me….(I can’t hear this part)…and tried to…] S: Who else? What about you manager guys?
MJ: Excuse me?
S: What about your, who’s your manager’s name?
MJ: Who?
S: The one that really hurt you…his name’s Frank or something.
MJ: Who, Tate?
S: No, your manager, your manager, your
MJ: Frank Dileo?
S: Yeah.
MJ: That was different. That was a business relationship.
S: Was that just like uh, he didn’t hurt you, he just uh, you just had a parting of the ways?
MJ: He tried to get too controlling.
S: That was just, uh, that was just business.
MJ: I don’t remember…?…(mumbles)
S: Mike, trust me. You can trust me. Who else has hurt you? You don’t have that many people with you.
MJ: What difference does it make?
S: Well, I hope I’m not one of them.
MJ: (I) (I’m going to (I))
S: Well you have
MJ: (i)
S: Well, you are. Maybe you should die.
MJ: Maybe I should die?
S: In the media
MJ: What?
S: Maybe you should die in the media?
MJ: (Laughs uncomfortably) Naw.
S: Imitates being an announcer “(See or the)…?…Michael Jackson.” (Then they’ll knock themselves out on TV getting you to die in a video.) Imitates being an announcer again [(i).. hidden behind the curtain, very overwhelming?) ] MJ: It’s going to be the British.
S: I’m going to run you out of this city.
MJ: Why?
S: Cuz I’m mean Jackson.
MJ: For real?
S: I’m going to run you out of this city Jackson.
MJ: Say what?
S: I said I’m going to run you out of this city if you outlive me.
MJ: You’re not gonna outlive me.
S: Hey, I’m 33. You’re 32.
MJ: …?….(I)
S: Huh? What?
MJ: Sometimes it’s hard for me to get close to people. What would it have been like if I wasn’t Michael Jackson…?…Would there…(I bad tape quality)?….Joseph…?…But you know that I’m not gonna hurt you ….. You know I would never hurt you. You know, you know that, right?
S: Yea
MJ: But you know that I wouldn’t hurt you.
S: …?…(I)
MJ: That’s the billion dollar question, Yes, but you know that…it’s just a game.
S: ? would I (I)
MJ: ? it’s just a game.
S: Oh, in the media?
MJ: As far as being, um
S: As far as having a relationship? Is the baby moving?
MJ: (Laughs uncomfortably) No, we’re careful, there’s no babies.

S: (Have you even been in this kind of relationships?)
MJ: No, this is the real (thing??)…
S: …individuals you were with?
MJ: Its real messy and they’re mean.
S: How about people outside the business?
MJ: At the same time, it’s hard. It’s hard to be friends with someone who’s not in the business because they don’t see, they don’t, they don’t understand, it’s different…?…and so[/EXPAND]


[EXPAND Song About A Secret Relationship, In The Closet, written and produced in 1991]

“In The Closet”

[Princess Stephanie of Monaco] There’s Something
I Have To Say To You
If You Promise You’ll
I Cannot Contain Myself
When In Your Presence
I’m So Humble
Touch Me
Don’t Hide Our Love
Woman To Man

[Michael] She’s Just A Lover
Who’s Doin’ Me By
It’s Worth The Giving
It’s Worth The Try
You Cannot Cleave It
Or Put It In The Furnace
You Cannot Wet It
You Cannot Burn It

She Wants To Give It
(She Wants To Give It)
(Aahh, She Wants To Give It)
Dare Me
(She Wants To Give It)
(Aahh, She Wants To Give It)
She Wants To Give It
(She Wants To Give It)
(Aahh, She Wants To Give It)
(She Wants To Give It)
(Aahh, She Wants To Give It)

It’s Just A Feeling
You Have To Soothe It
You Can’t Neglect It
You Can’t Abuse It
It’s Just Desire
You Cannot Waste It
Then, If You Want It
Then, Won’t You Taste It

She Wants To Give It
(She Wants To Give It)
(Aahh, She Wants To Give It)
Dare Me
(She Wants To Give It)
(Aahh, She Wants To Give It)
She Wants To Give It
(She Wants To Give It)
(Aahh, She Wants To Give It)
(She Wants To Give It)
(Aahh, She Wants To Give It)

[Princess Stephanie of Monaco] One Thing In Life
You Must Understand
The Truth Of Lust
Woman To Man
So Open The Door
And You Will See
There Are No Secrets
Make Your Move
Set Me Free

[Michael] Because There’s Something
About You Baby
That Makes Me Want
To Give It To You
I Swear There’s Something
About You Baby

Just Promise Me
Whatever We Say
Or Whatever We Do
To Each Other
For Now We’ll Make A Vow
To Just
Keep It In The Closet

If You Can Get It
It’s Worth A Try
I Really Want It
I Can’t Deny
It’s Just Desire
I Really Love It
[Princess Stephanie of Monaco] ‘Cause If It’s Aching
You Have To Rub It

[Michael] She Wants To Give It
(She Wants To Give It)
(Aahh, She Wants To Give It)
(She Wants To Give It)
(Aahh, She Wants To Give It)
She Wants To Give It
(She Wants To Give It)
(Aahh, She Wants To Give It)
(She Wants To Give It)
(Aahh, She Wants To Give It)

[Princess Stephanie of Monaco] Just Open The Door
And You Will See
This Passion Burns
Inside Of Me
Don’t Say To Me
You’ll Never Tell
Touch Me There
Make The Move
Cast The Spell

[Michael] Because There’s Something
About You Baby
That Makes Me Want
To Give It To You
I Swear There’s Something
About You Baby
That Makes Me Want

Just Promise Me
Whatever We Say
Or Do To Each Other
For Now We’ll Make
A Vow To Just
Keep It In The Closet

Because There’s Something
About You Baby
That Makes Me Want
To Give It To You
Because There’s Something
About You Baby
That Makes Me Want
To Give It To You

I Swear There’s Something
About You Baby
That Makes Me Want
To Give It To You

I Swear There’s Something
About You Baby
That Makes Me Want
To Give It To You

I Swear There’s Something
About You Baby
That Makes Me Want
To Give It To You

Somethin’ About You Baby
That Makes Me Want

Just Promise Me
Whatever We Say
Or Whatever We Do To
Each Other
For Now We’ll Make A Vow
To Just
Keep It In The Closet

(She Wants To Give It)
Dare Me
Keep It In The Closet …



[EXPAND Michael Confided In Kit That He Had Someone In Mind To Marry Circa 1992, “Lost Boys” by Kit Culkin]

“I still remember a couple of things that Michael had to say to me about a year or two following my first coming to know him [in 1990]. The first had to do with the possibility of his one day having children of his own. I may have been the one to put the question, or openly wonder, simply out of a general interest as to what he would have to say (I can no longer remember), but I do recall him telling me that he was thinking of getting married, and his adding (almost furtively) that he actually had someone in mind. I recall further that in my own mind my own business sort of way (New Yorker as I can never help but be) I didn’t take the bait and ask. “Who?”: but even if I had, I rather suspect that he wouldn’t have confided in me (although I could be wrong). [/EXPAND]


[EXPAND “Two Birds” by Michael Jackson, Story About A Secret Relationship, Dancing the Dream, published June 18, 1992]


It’s hard to tell them what I feel for you. They haven’t ever met you, and no one has your picture. So how can they ever understand your mystery? Let’s give them a clue:

Two birds sit in a tree. One eats cherries, while the other looks on. Two birds fly through the air. One’s song drops like crystal from the sky while the other keeps silent. Two birds wheel in the sun. One catches the light on its silver feathers, while the other spreads wings of invisibility.

It’s easy to guess which bird I am, but they’ll never find you. Unless…

Unless they already know a love that never interferes, that watches from beyond, that breathes free in the invisible air. Sweet bird, my soul, your silence is so precious. How long will it be before the world hears your song in mine?

Oh, that is a day I hunger for![/EXPAND]


[EXPAND Michael Jackson in Taped Conversation With Glenda Stein, “Or when you called me and told me that you were gonna get married,” sometime mid 1992]
Tape 2.5

Glenda: (laugh) Or when you called me and told me that you were gonna get married. I thought that I had given you all the wrong advice, I thought, “Oh my god!”
Michael and Glenda: (Loud laughter)
Michael: I forgot all about that!
Glenda: “What did I saaay?! I didn’t mean to!” Yeah, we’ve done a lot in this short period of time, haven’t we?
Michael: Yeah. That was funny now that I think about it, at the time[/EXPAND]


[EXPAND Michael and The Nymphs, Brett Strong Painting, Commissioned Early 1993]

Michael Jackson Proposal To African Oakland Artist 1989-1992, Liza Minnelli, diamond ring, pre-raphaelites, secret girlfriendsMichael Jackson Proposal To African Oakland Artist 1989-1992, Liza Minnelli, diamond ring, pre-raphaelites, secret girlfriends, Brett Livingstone

Based on the pre-Raphaelite Waterhouse painting on the right:

Waterhouse’s “Hylas and the Nymphs” brings to life a version of the Greek myth, Jason and the Argonauts, as told by William Morris in The Life and Death of Jason. In Morris’ version, Hercules is left on the island of Lemnos after his companion, the handsome Hylas, wanders away from the ship. Hylas comes across a group of sea-nymphs who, enchanted by his beauty, seduce him into loving them, eventually dragging him into the sea water with them. The Argo leaves Hercules and Hylas behind on the island, and Hylas is never found.[/EXPAND]


[EXPAND Michael Painted As The Lady Of Shalott And With Drowning Ophelia, Two Depictions of Unrequited Love, Paintings by Brett Livingstone, 1994]

Michael Jackson And Proposal To African Oakland Artist 1989-1992, Liza Minnelli, diamond ring, pre-raphaelites, secret girlfriends, Brett Livingstone

Lady of Shalott, Pre-Raphaelite Waterhouse painting

Tells the story of Lady Shalott who had an unrequited love for Sir Lancelot:

The work is a representation of a scene from Lord Alfred Tennyson’s 1832 poem of the same name, in which the poet describes the plight of a young woman (loosely based on Elaine of Astolat, who yearned with an unrequited love for the knight Sir Lancelot) isolated under an undisclosed curse in a tower near King Arthur’s Camelot.

Drowning Ophelia, Pre-Raphaelite John Everett Millais painting:

Michael Jackson And Proposal To African Oakland Artist 1989-1992, Liza Minnelli, diamond ring, pre-raphaelites, secret girlfriends, John Everett Millias

Portrays Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, after she had committed suicide because her love for Hamlet went unrequited.



[EXPAND Michael Was Considering Marrying an Artist With An “African Type Name,” Flo Anthony, facebook, 12th August 2011]

“I do know he dated an artist from the Oakland, California area in the 90s who he was considering marrying. She had one of those African type names.”



[EXPAND Michael Showed Liza The Ring He Had Gotten Her, Liza Minnelli, Daily Mail, 27th September 2011] She sighs. ‘I remember he was going with this girl and he was so in love with her. He came to show me the ring he’d bought for her. I asked him what he was going to say and he didn’t know. So I said: “Let’s rehearse,” and that’s what we did.

‘But the girl turned him down. She said she wasn’t ready to commit right now. She told him to ask again in six months. And it all but killed him. He was heartbroken. I knew all his girlfriends including Lisa Marie who became his wife.’[/EXPAND]


[EXPAND Liza Minnelli Confirms It Isn’t Anyone Famous, Twitter, September 2011]

No, it wasn’t Brooke Shields. I don’t feel at liberty to divulge the identity of the girl, but no, it wasn’t even anyone famous. [/EXPAND]


[EXPAND Flo Anthony says she believes they were actually engaged, MJ Preservation Project radio show, January 22nd 2012 ]

Flo Anthony on the MJ Preservation Project Radio Show, 22nd Jan 2012

Q: There was a tabloid story in the early 90s about a security guard that supposedly stole I guess, a photo of Mike in his hot tub with two women and I wondered if there was any truth to that story. And I also wanted to ask about Liza Minnelli, she came out a few months ago and saying that Mike had proposed to somebody in the early 90s and she turned him down…
Flo Anthony: I don’t remember a hot tub picture but he had a lot of hot tubs so that could be true. And Liza wasn’t saying that he proposed to her, was she?
Q: No no –
Flo: You know I thought that he was actually engaged to this chick that lived in the Bay area of California, that was an artist.
Q: Oh the Oakland –
Flo: So I thought they were actually engaged.
Q: Oh and what happened? Did she —
Flo: I don’t know what happened, then they broke up. But I always thought they were actually engaged. In fact, if Candace goes back in her archives I believe I said that on the Joan Rivers show. She had one of those funny African American names, Yatzibazi or something like that, I don’t really remember the girl’s name, but it was one of those type names.

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Michael Jackson and Sheila

Florence Anthony says her friend Sheila dated Michael and went to Disneyland with him in 1978, Michael Jackson Preservation Radio Show, 7th August 2011

Florence: I originally met [his family] in 1977 at Disneyworld in Orlando Florida.

“Were you doing what you were doing at that time?”

Florence: Oh I was a kid. I was at Disneyworld just like they were at Disneyworld and they were in line, just like I was in line. LaToya later told me that was her first time. And the kids were like, “Flo, that’s Michael Jackson,” and I said, “No, that’s not Michael Jackson” and they said “Flo, it’s Michael Jackson” and I turned around and it was Michael Jackson. So I was like, “Everybody just calm down and see if we could take some pictures.” So we took the pictures and the rest is kind of history.”

Q: “Michael wasn’t in disguise when you met him?”

Florence: No no, Mike was in line like everybody else. And later on, a friend of mine that he used to go with, Sheila, she went to Disneyworld with him not long after that, I would say maybe a year and a half, two years after that, and he wasn’t in disguise at all. He would mainly put on disguises when he would hand out JW pamphlets and stuff, but other than that he wasn’t in disguise.

Q: “You said he used to go with Sheila?”

Florence: Yeah, a friend of mine, Sheila, used to go with Mike and she went to Disneyworld with him, I’d say about a year and a half – that was about 77 so it was about 78, 79, when they went to Disney after that and I mean, he was a great great fan of Disneyworld and so he was there often throughout his life. Even after the kids were born he would go, back then I can’t think of the first… ’cause that’s when they had the Magic Kingdom, so I can’t quite think of the hotel he stayed in but after that he would mainly stay at the Dolphin and the Swan, because he liked the paddle boats that they had and then after that his favorite hotel was the Grand Floridian.

Confirms they dated on her facebook, August 2011

Florence Anthony:

• Yes. My friend Sheila dated Mike.

There was speculation on forums that it might be a lady named Sheila Eldridge and then on November 2nd 2011 someone shared this photo of her with the Jacksons in 1978 on facebook showing that they did in fact meet, further fueling suspicions it is the right lady:

Michael Jackson and Sheila, Sheila Eldridge, Michael Jackson, Jacksons, Flo Anthony

Flo Anthony on the MJ Preservation Project Radio Show, 22nd Jan 2012

Q: I wanted to know more about this woman he was dating…
Flo: He had a lot of girlfriends so you can’t just go into one. Michael had a lot of girlfriends. I don’t know why people don’t realize that. And uh, due to her privacy and she’s still around and kicking, I won’t go into all that, but he had a lot of girlfriends.
Q: So why do you think the media portrayed him as such an innocent person when he had so many women?
Flo: Well because he wasn’t seen much with any women other than Debbie and Lisa Marie. And before that, Brooke Shields, that’s why. But he had a lot of girls.
Q: Was that purposeful?
Flo: Um I don’t know, I guess so, since it worked.
Q: Did he want to maintain his privacy or their privacy or…
Flo: He did want to maintain privacy. I don’t know so much within there, but he did want to maintain privacy.

I know you can’t talk about Sheila to respect her privacy and I respect that.
Flo: I don’t believe I ever said her name, did I?
Q: I think you did say Sheila, but –
Flo: I did? Okay.
Q: But what we wanted to find out – because people said –
Flo: You have a tape that I did say her name?
Q: Uhh…
Flo: I don’t think I did.
Q: I think you might have said it.
[MJ Preservation Project girls play the tape of her talking about Sheila the first time] Flo: (laughing) Gotcha! You outted me. Okay.
Q: (laughing) We weren’t trying to out you, but there was so much controversy over that. Because people were confused when you said, “Go with” they weren’t sure if –
Flo: “Go with” – I’m old school.
Q: They dated.
Flo: They dated, yes.
Q: Oh, okay, that was it. And I guess people had heard about this, and people wanted to believe that he didn’t date a whole bunch of people or you know, what ever the case may be, so you may have rocked a few people’s world, when you said that.

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Michael Jackson Neverland Jacuzzi Photos

Michael Jackson, Neverland, Jacuzzi, Photos, News Of The World, 1992

Outdoor jacuzzi at Neverland

News reports surfaced that photos of Michael Jackson in a jacuzzi with two unidentified women had been offered to News of The World for £60,000, but that Michael had threatened to sue if they were published.

[EXPAND Jackson’s Sex Snaps Stolen, News Of The World, May 24th 1992]

SENSATIONAL photos of Michael Jackson romping with naked women are being offered for sale by one of his former aides.

A former aide of Michael’s had swiped the pictures out of a security camera at Michael’s luxury ranch, which showed him fondling a topless woman in a jacuzzi.

The former aide was selling the pictures along with a home video of Michael and Macaulay Culkin, and another set of pictures showing Michael doing a “bizarre” dance with the bones of the elephant man. The former aide was once one of Michael’s closest friends.

Others are said to feature the star, who has never had a serious girlfriend, in a clinch with a nude woman – apparently unaware he is being filmed.

The News of the World this week turned down an offer to buy the snaps for £60,000.

The snaps are thought to have been copied from film swiped out security cameras at the eccentric star’s 2,700 – acre California ranch. Ironically the cameras are there to protect Jackson, who is obsessive about privacy.

Jackson tried to buy the skeleton of hideously deformed John Merrick – played by John Hurt in the film the Elephant Man – for £1 million from a London hospital. But his offer was rebuffed and the star had a replica built.

The elephant man bones replica/dance they seem to be talking about is from the set of Leave Me Alone

Michael Jackson, Neverland, Jacuzzi, Photos, News Of The World, Leave Me Alone, 1992

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Jackson’s secrets may be exposed, Nationwide News Pty Limited, May 25th 1992 ] The Advertiser

May 25, 1992 Monday
Jackson’s secrets may be exposed


LENGTH: 96 words

MICHAEL JACKSON usually leads a reclusive life at his luxury ranch, but some of the mystery may soon be exposed. A former associate of pop’s megastar is trying to sell photos of Jackson romping with naked women. The News of the World reported that some pictures show Jackson fondling a topless girl in a jacuzzi at his ranch. The newspaper turned down an offer to buy the photos for $138,000. Also included in the package was a video of Home Alone child star Macaulay Culkin at the ranch and photos of him doing a bizarre dance with a skeleton of the Elephant Man.


LOAD-DATE: September 27, 2003


GRAPHIC: photo: michael jackson


Copyright 1992 Nationwide News Pty Limited [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Thief Nabs Photos Of Jackson’s Hot Tub Romp With Two Gals!: Secret Home Video Shatters Star’s Mr. Clean Image, Globe Magazine, June 6th 1992 ]

Michael Jackson Neverland Jacuzzi Photos

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND ‘Jackson Touchy-Feely In The Jacuzzi” South African paper the Rapport, June 1992 ]

Former employees of Michael Jackson are in possession of steamy photographs of the singer taken in the jacuzzi of his California ranch and are threatening to sell the pictures and shatter his squeaky clean image.

The photographs were taken from CCTV footage at Michael’s Neverland ranch and show the singer in the jacuzzi with two naked women. The one photograph shows the singer touching one of the women’s breasts.
A source said: “These cameras were installed for Michael’s protection and now look at what has happened.”

The guards are asking for $100 000 for the pics. Michael says he will sue if they are ever published. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Flo Anthony Asked About These Photos, MJ Preservation Project Radio Show, 22nd Jan 2012 ]

Flo Anthony on the MJ Preservation Project Radio Show, 22nd Jan 2012

Q: There was a tabloid story in the early 90s about a security guard that supposedly stole I guess, a photo of Mike in his hot tub with two women and I wondered if there was any truth to that story. And I also wanted to ask about Liza Minnelli, she came out a few months ago and saying that Mike had proposed to somebody in the early 90s and she turned him down…
Flo Anthony: I don’t remember a hot tub picture but he had a lot of hot tubs so that could be true. [/EXPAND] Michael Jackson Neverland jacuzzi photos

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Michael Jackson and Jocelyne Danchick

Photos with credit to Jocelyne Danchick’s blog:

The Mirror, 29th June 2009

Love first touched Michael at the tender age of 11 – when a schoolgirl as lonely and shy as he was helped him get over the snubs of other kids.

Jocelyne Danchick was the same age and the only person to befriend the Jackson 5 singer at Hollywood’s Gardner Street Elementary School in 1970.

The successful choreographer spoke for the first time about her friendship for the boy king by revealing: “We had the biggest crush on each other.”

And Jocelyne smiled: “Of course, at 11 we didn’t smooch all the time. But there was lots of flirting.

“He was timid but the sweetest, funniest kid. And though we never declared our love – you don’t at that age – we both had feelings.”

Jocelyne, now happily married and with her own dance company in France, herself felt out of place at school – until Michael arrived.

She explained: “My mom was a fashion designer with lots of wild friends like Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix.

“I never fitted in and it was the same for Michael when he moved from Gary, Indiana, to LA after he and his brothers signed for Motown. The other kids ignored him because of his fame and quietness- and me because I was a shy flower child.

“So while we weren’t in the same class, we still felt a connection and just hit it off. You know what first love is like. We both had twinkles in our eyes.

“Posing for our end of school picture, he even got me to stand right behind him.

“He really proved his sweetness, though, when we had to sing in front of our parents before we moved on to high school. I didn’t want to embarrass Michael by being out of tune. But he nudged me and squeezed my hand to let me know it was OK.”

The two lost touch when Michael went off on tour.

But a year later, as Jocelyne and her family were leaving for a new life in Europe, they ran into each other. She said: “I never expected that would be the last time I’d see him.”

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Michael Jackson and Joanelle Romero

Seen in first picture with her daughter Sage; other photos of Sage and Michael on the BoW set

[EXPAND Joanelle Romero shares her story of going to school with Michael in 1970, him asking her to “go steady” with her back then, and then working on the Black or White video together ]

On June 25th 2009, I was packing and moving out of a house we had lived in for 6 years and an acquaintance phoned me and said Michael Jackson is dead, turn on the TV.I dropped the phone, turned on the television and there it all was, I fainted, no one was home with me. I woke and cried and cried and I am still crying. My heart is so broken; you see Michael was a friend and he believed in me. I’ve known Michael since I was 10 years old, we went to school together at Gardner Street school off of Sunset Blvd, we were in the 6th grade together. I was always invited to go to his house to play, he would swing me in this big tree swing and we would speak of our dreams. Michael asked me to go steady on the steps of Gardener Street school. Two weeks before school ended my mother sent me to live with my dad in NM. I never got to say goodbye to Michael.

One week before Michael left this earth, my son and I were shopping at Nordstrom’s, and we run into Jermaine. I asked him to please tell Michael I needed to see him, that I needed to visit, that it was important and I gave him my new numbers. God works in mysterious ways.

In 1991, I launched my production company, it was 2 weeks old when I received a call from Michaels casting office, asking if I had any American Indian dancers because everyone he had been interviewing wasn’t right. I told them “I have the best dancers in town” I really had no one, however I went to many Pow wows and gathered 30 dancers, one of them being my precious daughter Sage. She was 5 then. Michaels casting office had no idea that Michael and I knew each other. To make a long story short. Director John Landis, cast 5 dancers, my daughter – who was the jingle dress dancer, and four other dancers from the native community here in Los Angeles that I brought in that day.

Michael shot 7 hours of photos of Sage while shooting his video and used her image for his painted angels in his Neverland ranch. We had so much fun while filming. Michael, Sage and I watched “Willie Wonka” 3 times while everybody had to wait on set. Michael took Sage and Nancy Reagan to lunch, he had asked if I wanted to go however I declined for obvious reasons. Many stories to remember …..

We had shot the segment of the native dancers in the studio, then Michael read one of my music video scripts and one week later we were on location re-shooting the native segment out-side. Due to Michael’s insight, he added my production company and shared the press in Entertainment Weekly.

Michael became the leading force in making my company known to the world. It is now an award-winning production company in producing American Indian documentaries and independent films. The 1991 “Black or White” music video and song made history. I was able to negotiate for the American Indian dancers to be paid over and above any dancers on any music video ever, due to the fact they were traditionally dressed (the wardrobe did not come from western costume). To date, they are the highest paid dancers in the music video industry. Also, this segment was the first clip of American Indian dancers in a music video without being a Native American music group/artist.

On our opening night of our 2009 Red Nation Film Festival – A Night of Tribute Awards, we honored Michael Jackson for his “Black or White” Music Video – In Loving Memory of Michael Jackson. I have many personal stories about Michael and that I will keep in my heart forever. I am not going to spend my life being a color, I am a Human Being
– God Bless You MJ
Together we can Heal the world make it a better place.
…..We Love You Michael … [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Joanelle performs a Native American ritual outside Hayvenhurst, July 6, 2009 ]

Singer Joanelle Romero performs in front of a makeshift memorial at the Michael Jackson family compound on July 6, 2009 in Encino, California. A star-studded musical tribute is scheduled to take place at the Staples Center sports arena in downtown Los Angeles July 6. Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Timberlake and Stevie Wonder as well as others are expected to perform. Some 750,000 fans are expected to descend on the arena, which holds 20,000. A lottery for which 1.6 million people registered online awarded two tickets for 8,750 entrants. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Joanelle Romero, on ‘Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell’, CNN 10th October 2011 ]
Link to video

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Joining me tonight in an ISSUES exclusive; I`m thrilled to have someone who says she grew up with Michael Jackson. Joanelle Romero, thank you for being here. These are photos, with you —


VELEZ-MITCHELL: And who is the cute adorable child in the middle.

ROMERO: That`s my daughter, Sage.


ROMERO: And that`s during the “Black and White” music video. It is a wonderful story, our story, my life with Michael.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ok. Tell me how you met him.

ROMERO: Ok, I met him in the sixth grade at Gardner Street School.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: That`s here in Los Angeles.

ROMERO: That`s here in Los Angeles.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: They moved from Gary, Indiana all the way to Los Angeles.

ROMERO: Right. And they lived — and they lived on King`s Road. And my brother and I were the only ones allowed up to the house to visit and —

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Did you know he was famous?

ROMERO: Well, it was when he had “ABC”.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: He was still famous.

ROMERO: He was 11. I used to protect him in school. The kids were kind of mean to him in school. And I remember sitting on the steps of Gardner Street School. He asked me to go steady. He was like really shy. He had a tremendous light then as he always carried throughout his whole life.

He had a major concern at 11 as well as I. And he used to swing me in this big swing, Jane, at his house. We used to talk about bringing peace to the world. And you know, love and peace and what we`re going to do to save the world. And this is at 11, you know, we were talking about this.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Did he seem traumatized at 11? Because he`d already talked about being beaten — in retrospect, he said at that age, he was already being hit his dad with a belt when he made mistakes during rehearsal. Did you hear anything about that?

ROMERO: No. And I`m — but you know when we`re survivors. I have 30 years sober and when we`re survivors —

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Congratulations.

ROMERO: Yes. Thank you.

And when we are survivors and we are told not to talk about these kind of things, you know, we don`t at that age.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: On Saturday, there was a huge Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales and his children showed up dressed in his old costumes. Check this out from iambicTV (ph) and YouTube. Something to see.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: This is bringing out some emotion in you. Why?

ROMERO: It is because children were very, very precious to Michael, all children. And the reason why I`m so honored to be here is because Michael`s legacy and philanthropy that he created for his children and to see Blanket and the kids there, I`m so glad that mom — grandma, took them over to Europe to celebrate their father, to celebrate his talent, his magic, his light and to keep them in that instead of in this.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: That`s what I said. I said, Katherine did all of this to distract the children so that they were happy in remembering their father in a positive light as opposed to remembering and hearing about these tremendously personal details. Things like catheters and urine and all these things, the most private person on earth, how upsetting is that? We will be right back in just a moment.


L. JACKSON: In the beginning, I just immediately said I don`t know if I really want to do this, to come out of retirement for all these years. But then I said I have to. It is Michael you have to do this for him. I mean he would do it for you. So of course, I did and I enjoyed it.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now that`s Latoya at the concert in Wales over the weekend. It was a tribute to Michael Jackson, but there was a lot of division in the family.

Jermaine was not in favor of it. Janet wasn`t in favor of it. They said the whole family should be here at the trial where we are, right here in downtown Los Angeles. The Criminal Courts Building is right behind me.

I`m here with Joanelle Romero who was childhood friend of Michael Jackson`s and reconnected around the “Black and White” video time.

What do you think? Do you think the family should all be here it doing you a united front or should they have gone to Wales and some of them done that concert?

ROMERO: There is a united front with the Jackson family already that is well-established. There has always been a united front and I think is fabulous that his mother took the kids to Europe and celebrating their father`s life and legacy. And that`s where they should be and that`s what a grandma — that`s what grandmas do.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: That`s true.

ROMERO: That`s what grandmas do. And there is a united front, they are all there. The family`s there.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: What`s your reaction to all these personal details of Michael Jackson, the urine and the catheters and the syringes and all of these things being revealed about the most private man in the world? What would his reaction have been?

ROMERO: There are no words. The word is unconscionable — am I saying that correct?


ROMERO: It`s unconscionable, what`s going on. There are no English words to define what is happening with the state that we are in with television. This is Michael Jackson. There`s not going to be another Michael Jackson ever, ever. He was the only person on this earth that can drop all races, all nationalities, all — everyone at a drop of a hat. He was the only person on this planet — I know no one on this planet that can do that.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And yet, this is what`s happening to him in death?

ROMERO: And it`s — it`s unconscionable. It`s — it`s —

VELEZ-MITCHELL: It`s like dissecting his life in the most unflattering manner imaginable. How would he have reacted if he could see what`s happening now?

ROMERO: Things have already broken his heart with media. Michael was a — was an incredible human being. He was a human being. He had feelings. He had a heart. He had tenderness. And he was an entertainer, the greatest entertainer that we have ever had, greater than Elvis. I grew up on the sets of Elvis Presley. My mom did the Presley movies. Michael was the greatest entertainer. He was human being.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: But his family says they want justice and this is what is required in a criminal trial.

ROMERO: Yes. Yes. So we have to do that but it`s still unconscionable and what would he have thought, you know — what I feel —

VELEZ-MITCHELL: What do you feel?

ROMERO: What I feel is that this man should get more than four years.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Four years. I think that`s what a lot of fans are saying, all this for four years? All this for four years? This is justice for Michael, embarrassing him in death with personal details? All for the maximum of four years? And then it could even be less because of prison overcrowding.

We will be right back. Thank you Joanelle.

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Michael Jackson and Diana Ross

[EXPAND Michael Jackson says Diana Ross told him people in show business can get hurt, age 12, 1970 ]

“Diana Ross has told me that people in show business can get hurt. I don’t see how, to tell the truth. Maybe one day I will, but I kinda doubt it”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana speaks about first meeting him, Newsweek, 1970]

When Hatcher later became the city’s first black mayor, he rewarded the Jacksons by spotlighting them at a 1968 civic “Soul Weekend” starring Diana Ross and the Supremes. “He won me over the first moment I saw him,” Ross told NEWSWEEK in 1970. “I saw so much of myself as a child in Michael. He was performing all the time. That’s the way I was. He could be my son.” She convinced her boss, Berry Gordy, to audition the group for his legendary Motown label. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael’s quotes about Diana in the 70s]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND 14 year old Michael, Right On!, October 1972 ]

Diana Ross makes me happy! She’s still very involved in our career and visits us whenever she can. She’s like a sister to us! [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Pete Bennett, Promoter, On The Transfer From Motown to Epic, Says Diana Ross was calling him every day asking him not to sign, 1975, (July 2nd 2009)]

Pete Bennett, Promoter, On The Transfer From Motown to Epic, 1975, (July 2nd 2009

“Joe Jackson signed the contract to CBS, the Jacksons were threatened by their label not to go to Epic/Columbia and even Diana Ross was calling him up – calling Michael every day telling him don’t sign don’t sign, don’t go to Columbia. You’re gonna get in a lot of trouble, things like that.

Michael’s affiliation with… Diana Ross, Diana Ross was close to Michael. But Diana Ross, Michael always admired Diana Ross, he loved Diana Ross. They were very good good friends. He idolized Diana Ross. You know, for advice and things like that. I would say.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND MJ speaks about drawings of birds he gave to Diana, Soul, May 10 1976 ]

Michael spends a great deal of time with the birds. He even draws pictures of them, at least one of which he has given to his good friend Diana Ross.

And speaking of likes, his tastes in a potential wife are succinct and to the point: “I would like for her to be nice and kind. That’s important.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Wiz Rehearsal with Diana in NYC, July, 1977 ]

Michael is in NYC to rehearse and film his first movie The Wiz, with Diana Ross as his co-star. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Wiz Press Conference, September 28, 1977 ]

Universal Pictures holds a press conference at Astoria Studios in Queens ( New York ) to announce the making of The Wiz. Michael attends the event with Diana Ross, Nipsey Russel and Ted Ross. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Katherine speaks about the Jacksons Diana, how Michael would tease his sisters that they weren’t pretty ’till they looked like Diana, My Family by Katherine Jackson, (published 1990)]

Motown was still searching for a house to rent for the family, so it put Joe, Jack, and the boys in temporary accommodations. I was amazed to hear those temporary accommodations happened to be the Hollywood Hills home of Diana Ross. Diana and the boys became attached immediately.

MARLON: The time spent at Diana’s was one of the best times of my life; we got to do whatever we wanted to do. Diana was a kid in some ways, too.

We’d just tear up. Boy, we had fun! Diana, Michael, and I would go swimming all day. To encourage our interest art, she bought paint supplies, including several easels that she set up in the living room.

But more often than not, our painting sessions would turn into big paint fights. We really did a number on her white shag carpet.


As “I Want You Back” was being released in October, the Jackson Five made their network TV debut on “The Hollywood Palace.” The guest host was none other than Diana Ross, making her farewell appearance with the Supremes. I watched with baited breath from my living room in Gary, with LaToya, Randy, and Janet at my side.

After she and the Supremes opened the show with a melody from the Broadway musical Hair, Diana took the microphone.

“It’s wonderful to return as your hostess,” she said, “especially tonight, when I have the pleasure of introducing a great young star who has been in the business all of his life. He has worked with his family, and when he sings and dances, he lights up the stage. Here he is, Michael Jackson and the Jackson Five!”


The kids were inside. After we got through hugging and kissing, they turned and said, “Mother, we want you to meet Diana Ross.”

Diana, who happened to be visiting, approached me.

“I’m so happy to meet you,” she said. “Your children have talked so much about you.” Then she hugged and kissed me, too.


When Diana Ross was named to play Dorothy, Michael had further incentive to land a role in the movie; he’d been in love with her ever since he and his brothers had been her houseguests. “You’re not pretty until you start looking like Diana!” he would tease LaToya and Janet.

The fact that we were still being sued by Motown at the time did make Michael wonder about his chances of winning a part in The Wiz. But with Diana’s encouragement he went ahead and auditioned in front of director Sidney Lumet for the role of the Scarecrow. To Michael’s delight, Mr. Lumet loved his audition and chose him for the part.


Diana Ross was a big support throughout the shooting. Michael referred to her as “my mama” on the set. She made a habit of checking in on him in his dressing room each morning. However, there were some moments during the dance rehearsals when Diana was probably pretty upset with Michael. Michael learned his dance moves so fast from the choreographer that he wound up unintentionally showing up everyone else, including Diana.

“Michael, wait a minute!” she’d have to tell him. “Don’t do it so fast. You’re making me look silly!”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Story about them working on The Wiz, The Ledger, 14 Oct 1977]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael speaks about working with Diana during the Wiz, August-Dec, 1977,]

Another, though much less serious, problem occurred during filming of the movie. In one scene the Scarecrow had to pick up Dorothy, who had fainted. Michael later recalled the rather humorous incident: “the funniest thing was a scene we were doing on the rooftop. Diana was supposed to faint, and I had to pick her up. But she was too heavy. I kept puffing away on the dialogue while I tried over and over again to lift her, until I finally made it.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael says Diana Ross is a “special lady”, Record Mirror, October 22 1977 ]

One person Michael isn’t new to is Diana Ross who plays the lead role of Dorothy. What’s it like to be working with her again?

“I love it, she’s a great lady, a special lady.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Story about Diana and Michael reportedly sleeping together during The Wiz shoot, 1977 (published December 15 2000) ]

Diana Ross, while filming The Wiz, was asked to Michael Jackson’s apartment in New York and stayed the night.

One of Diana’s assistants said he had been trying to get hold of both of them all morning as they were late for filming. He said that he eventually got hold of them on the phone and was surprised to find they were in his apartment and that she had apparently spent the night there.

When this assistant asked Michael if anything had happened between them, Michael said, “you’d have to ask her that,” and when he asked Diana, she told him he needed to ask Michael.

Later on during the shoot Diana was apparently overheard talking to some girlfriends of hers and said to one of them, “Well, I’ll tell you one thing, Michael definitely isn’t gay.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael speaks about Diana’s daughters visiting the Wiz set, London, Disco Dancing, 1978 ]

The movie gave Michael a chance to team up with an old friend, the legendary and beautiful, Diana Ross.

“Diana looked after us a lot when we first started. She and I became good friends. I used to stay with her whenever we’d come up to New York. She got me interested in drawing and all kinds of things.

“One of the nicest things that happened on the movie set was when she brought her daughter and all her school class onto the movie set.

“We had such a great time. Even though she spent almost the entire afternoon trying to bite off the huge false nose I had to wear for the part.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Bobby Colomby speaks about how Michael told him he confided in Diana about sex/relationships, Todd Gold, Recording of Destiny, 1978 ]

Michael’s gullibility about sex worried Colomby so much that one day he took him upstairs to one of the small, second-storey offices at Cherokee Studios for a man-to-man talk. “Michael,” he started, “you’re a young man. You’re about to get out there in the world and meet a lot of people–a lot of women. And you might run into some interesting situations. Sometimes it’s difficult for you to go to your parents or your brothers and talk about those kind of things. But I want you to know that I’m there for you. That any time you need a friend, in any kind of situation, I’ll help you.” Michael smiles. He was touched. “God, that is so sweet of you,” he said. “But I already have someone I confide in like that.” “Oh, great,” Colomby replied, mildly surprised. “Can I ask who?” “Diana Ross” Michael replied.[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Diana attend the premiere of The Wiz, October 24, 1978 ]

Michael attends the premiere & opening night party of the movie The Wiz at the Pitt’s Century Plaza Theater in Century City (Los Angeles) with the Jackson family & Diana Ross among others. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael talks about how beautiful Diana is, People, January 15th 1979]

Her supporters on the set included Michael Jackson, 20, a protégé of Diana’s ever since his family Five began. “She’s so beautiful, inside and out,” he gushes, “and she can talk about anything: jewelry, hairstyles, est.” Then there was a new admirer, Wiz director Sidney Lumet, who declares that “watching Diana is like watching this supernova exploding—she’s stunning.” But, admirers aside, there’s no romance in her life. Diana hasn’t had a strong, steady pair of arms since the divorce. “I had a lovely marriage,” she says. “When you find someone that you can enjoy a lot of the same pleasures with—even if it’s sitting in front of the television late at night with a big sandwich—it’s terrific. Those pleasures I miss.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Randy says Michael loved working with Diana, April, 1979]

Randy says that Michael is very excited with the Wiz. “He loved it. He knows and loves Diana and that made it so much easier for him. She’s like a sister. He loved the original film and loved the play. He saw it when he didn’t know he was going to do the movie. He saw it about thirteen times.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND MJ talks about how he speaks to Diana on the phone, Ebony, September, 1979 ]

On whether he has any close friends

“There are a lot of people I like, and I think they like me, but only time will tell whether our friendships are really true ones, close ones. Diana Ross and I have some deep, deep conversations at times-especially on the phone, because I’m much deeper in conversation on the phone than I am in person.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Stephanie Mills speaks about Diana, Reading Eagle, Dec 28 1979]

One of Mills’ disappointments, although she’d rather not talk about it, is the fact that Diana Ross got the movie role in “Wiz,” a role that she wanted very, very badly.

“I visited the Wiz set,” Mills is saying, trying to sound cheerful and not succeeding, “and Diana asked me if I was bitter that she was there and I was just passing through,” she recollects. Ross, by innuendo, made her feel even worse. “She told me that if she didn’t get Wiz that Melba Moore or Lola Falana were next in line.”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael speaks about how he wanted copies of photos made for Diana, “Before He Was King”, Todd Gray, photos taken in 1980 ]

We arranged to do this shoot of Michael in the Presidential Suite of the Peach Tree Hotel in Atlanta in the late afternoon, the time photographers call the “magic hour,” when the light casts a warm glow and the angle of the sun creates deep shadows. Throughout the session, Michael tended to look away from the camera and directly into the lens, and he only smiled once of twice during the forty-five-minute shoot. We barely spoke to one another, not wanting to break the spell. I made minimal hand gestures to direct him, and I would nod and hum approvingly when I was sure I got something special.

Later, when I showed him the proof sheets of the photo session, he ordered two large prints of every picture, which was highly unusual. Typically, if someone orders one or two pictures from a session, it’s considered a success. I was blown away. “Two of every single one? That’s about 144 prints… Michael answered, “Yes, I can count. I want one set for myself and one for Diana [Ross]. Todd, this is magic.”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael speaks about Diana checking in on him, Melody Maker, March 1, 1980]

Melody Maker, March 1, 1980

“Every day [Diana Ross] would stop in my room and ask me if I wanted anything. She’s a real, real mother. We met her when we auditioned for Berry Gordy at his mansion in Detroit — and it’s really a mansion. You think everything seemed big to you when you were a little kid because you were small, but we were back there on the last tour and — ooh — it’s still huge. It’s got everything — an indoor pool, a bowling alley, a gold course — and we auditioned at the pololside. Diana came over and told us how much she loved us and wanted to play a big part in our career. So she introduced us to the public. Our first hit album was called ‘Diana Ross Presentes The Jackson Five.’

When we came out with ‘Destiny,’ which was our first album writing all the songs and producing ourselves, she told us she’s proud of what we’re doing. She told me: to be with Motown or not be with Motown, she’ll always be here for us when we need her.

She checked in on me today. She’s in New York and she heard I was in hospital — I don’t know what made her think so — and I got a message that she wants me to call her. She really cares. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael says that Diana is very special to him, Blues and Soul, May 6-19th, 1980 ]

How much help and influence did you get from Diana Ross in those early days?

“Diana was – and still is – like a overseer for the whole group. As well as Berry Gordy – they were the two. You know, Berry has only ever managed two groups in the whole Motown history – the Supremes and the Jackson 5. But when we auditioned for Berry in Detroit, Diana came over when we were finished and she kissed and said that we were going to go a long, long way and that she wanted to be a part of it – and that’s what she did. In the things we have done together – such as “The Wiz” or the MTV specials – she been for us 100% and making sure that everything was done for us that could be done.

So she is someone very special to you?

MJ: Very! [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael is Diana’s date to the American Music Awards, January 30, 1981 ]

Michael attends the American Music Awards with Diana Ross as his date for the evening.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Diana perform Upside Down together onstage, February 5, 1981 ]

During a Diana Ross concert in Los Angeles, Michael gets on stage to sing Upside Down with her. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Diana film a special together, March 2, 1981 ]

CBS airs a Diana Ross’s TV Special featuring Michael. Together, they perform Rock With You & Ease On Down The Road (with Quincy Jones on the piano) [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana speaks about men in her life and how sometimes Michael is her date, Toledo Blade – Mar 1, 1981]

Diana, Toledo Blade – Mar 1, 1981

“It would be nice to have somebody to share my life,” says Diana, “somebody who is mine. I really don’t like transit affairs – I can’t stand that.

“I want a family relationship, but a lot of men get really scared of that. They’re afraid of getting tied up, trapped.”

Diana’s steady date and lover for the past year has been Gene Simmons for the rock group KISS. She took up with him after being introduced by Cher… soon after Cher gave him up.

But there are problems.

For one thing, Simmons won’t go out in public without a mask and, of course, he appears on stage only with full face makeup, usually with his tongue extended.

Complains Diana: “When I went to the Golden Globes, I wanted Gene to come with me, but he couldn’t go, because it’s a big deal about his face and everything.”

Keeping covered started as a gimmick for Simmons, but now, according to Diana, it has grown into much more.

“His ego has nothing to do with showing his face. He wanted very much to go with me to the American Music Awards and thought of sitting in the back, but we knew there would be problems.

“So again, that left me without a date. So I took Steve Binder (a television producer). Sometimes, Michael Jackson and I end up being dates.”

She sighs, stretching on the sofa like a cat, her slender limbs sheathed in a satin jump suit. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael is asked about his relationship with Diana, April, 1981]

Alright Michael, so just what’s all this about you and Diana Ross?

He looks to the floor and flounders a bit.

“We’re just good friends.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Fan sees Michael backstage at a Diana Ross show, “My Michael Jackson Encounters” Blackwomenconnect, 1980]

My Michael Jackson Encounters,

One afternoon I was backstage as Diana Ross was rehearing for a special I was assigned to. I felt someone come up from behind, and there were three black guys. It was Michael with his two brothers. I can’t tell you which of his brothers, because I was absolutely mesmerized by the quiet, unassuming Michael who greeted Diana with a hug, as I stood just ten feet away.

I couldn’t say anything to him, because I was shocked he was there. It was surprise to everyone. He turned around, and we caught one another’s eyes. He smiled. I smiled back, and just like that he was gone. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael is Diana’s date to the Oscars, March 31, 1981]

Michael attend the Academy Awards with Diana Ross and then they go to an after party where he meets and befriends actress Brooke Shields.
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND MJ calls Diana his “mother love friend”, BC Interview, October, 1982]

October, 1982

BC: You worked with Diana Ross…
MJ: Only very special people. I mean, Diana’s like a mother-lover-friend to me. She’s wonderful. I just produced and edited her next single, Muscles.
BC: Did you write the lyrics, too?
MJ: Lyrics, Music – I just finished that and it should be coming out at the end of this month.

Regarding the “mother-lover-friend” comment, in January 1977 Diana Ross gave an interview to People where she refereed to Berry Gordy as her, “father, mother, brother, sister, lover.” At the time it wasn’t public knowledge that she and Berry had had an affair together years earlier. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana Ross says she’s crazy about Michael, Ebony November, 1981 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael says he wants to marry Diana, Ebony, December, 1982 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael speaks in Moowalk re: Muscles 1982 ]

Moowalk re: Muscles 1982

“That song fulfilled a lifelong dream of returning some of the many favors she’s done for me. I have always loved Diana and looked up to her. Muscles, by the way, is the name of my snake.”

It includes the lyrics; “Let this be, we’ve got this thing made/Lost at sea, hide the desert/Stay with me, you won’t regret it/Take this love, so deep to swim in/Come to me, and let the love in.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael attends the premiere of the play Dreamgirls on behalf of Diana, April 1983]

For instance in 1983 at the Los Angeles opening of the musical “Dreamgirls,” Entertainment Tonight reporter Catherine Mann waylaid Jackson at the post-show party. When Mann asked Jackson what he thought of the show, he replied: “It was the most incredible play I’ve ever seen. It’s brilliant. Everybody should see it.”

Asked how close it was to the true story of the Supremes, he said, “Boy, I’d hate to comment on that ’cause Diana Ross is a very dear friend of mine. So I better not say anything.”

Asked when he might tell Ross about the show, he said, “Actually she told me to see it for her. She did.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael says Diana stopped by to help peel the skin off his snake “Muscles”, Jet 12 Sep 1983]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Diana special, Ebony Nov 1983 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Director for Bea It, Bob Giraldi, says Michael and Diana always think about how the other would do things, 24, Dec, 1983 ]

But it’s Diana with whom Michael confides his “deepest, darkest secrets.”

“They have a friendship as genuine as any I’ve seen,” says Bob giraldi, director of his ‘beat it’ and ‘Billie jean’ videos in addition to Ross’ flashy video. “on set Diana would say, ‘what would Michael think of this?’ Michael would say, ‘what would Diana do with this?'” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael says he tells Diana sometimes he’s gonna marry her,  1983 ]

Of course one of my best friends in the world is Diana Ross. She’s a good friend, a very dear friend. She’s the kind of person I can tell anything to- the most private of secrets! And she tells me her secrets as well. Sometimes I tell her I’m going to marry her. Our relationship goes on forever. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana Ross says Michael can be so shy but onstage he turns in to this “sexy macho thing”, 1984 ]

Diana Ross says of her good friend, “Sometimes even I’m stunned at how he can be so shy. He’ll hide, talk like this (she whispers) — then you let him on stage — and and he turns into this sexy, macho thing. I try to get him to step out socially, to get a little more out of himself. He spends too much time by himself.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael blows Diana a kiss from the audience as she presens, AMA, Pittsburg Press, 17 Jan 1984 ]

Diana Ross, Jackson’s close friend and mentor since their days together on the Motown label, then came up to present the award and Jackson blew her a kiss. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana says she tried to get Mike to take his sunglasses off, Michael Mania TV Special, AMA 1984 ]

@3:05 Michael Mania TV Special, AMA 1984

Diana: “He’s a very special kid and he’s grown up. I tried to get him to take his sunglasses off, he wouldn’t. But he’s very shy you know and he’s a star.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana giving Michael a congratulatory kiss photo featured in JET, 30 January, 1984 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael thanks people for their support and messages after his burn, The Dispatch, 31st Jan 1984 ]

Branca said Jackson wanted to thank his friends and fans “for the love, flowers, telegrams and support they have been sending him… He especially wants to thank his dear friends Jane Fonda, Brooke Shields, Diana Ross, Yul Brynner, Liza Minnelli, John Travolta, Quincy Jones and Paul McCartney.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael says Diana is like a peacock to him, Jet 6 Feb 1984 ]

Jet 6 Feb, 1984

During the interview, Michael made these observations about:
Diana Ross: his lasting inspiration: “To me, she is a peacock… That’s what she is. She has so many colors. She’s not only a singer. She’s a philosopher. She teaches you all kinds of things. She told me to forget about the business side of business because we’re friends and that’s what counts.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael says Diana is his best friend, Focus Magazine, February 1984]

RO/CLASS: Did the Wiz’s failure disappoint you?
Jackson: I was sorry. Sorry for Diana, me, all of us. But that seems so long ago, now.

RO/CLASS: Are you and Diana Ross still extremely close?
Jackson: Always. She’s my best friend. I love her. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana says he spends too much time by himself, Toledo Blade, 5 March, 1984 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael says he can tell Diana his most private of secrets, Toledo Blade, 8t March 1984 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Speaking of Michael’s ambiguous relationship with Diana, “Michael Jackson: Body and Soul” by Geoff Brown, 26th April 1984 ]

“Then, of course, there was always Diana Ross, his ‘mother-lover-friend’ as he often described her. There are two persistent rumours surrounding Michael and his relationship with Diana, only one of which seems at all plausible. One is that he is none other than her son (despite the fact that they only looked alike after his nose surgery). The other is that she initiated him into manhood before he “slipped away entirely”. Whatever the truth, Michael clearly has a very strong attachment to her, and she to him, though her expressed knowledge of him isn’t as thorough or intimate as one might expect: “Michael has a lot of people around him but he’s very afraid. I don’t know why. I think it came from the early days.” Genuine ignorance of him, or polite evasion of the question?” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana’s message for Michael, Billboard Magazine Special Honoring Michael, 21 Jul 1984 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael attends Dreamgirls at Diana’s request, Pittsburg Post Gazette, 5 Oct 1984 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Jermaine says Michael is close to Diana, 1984]

He’s also very close to Diana Ross but he isn’t obsessed with her. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana speaks about how Michael is afraid to be alone at night and how she tries to get him out of the house, Sept 11, 1984]

Diana Ross says her favorite time with Jackson is their private moments.”When I’m with him, I try to give him exactly what he needs-a little peace and the feeling that he is loved and that he can trust you”, she said by the phone from New York.

”I also try not to talk about any of the things that other people would talk to him about. I bring up our little trips together or his love of art of his sketching and ask where he is with that.”

“I care for Michael but I don’t worry about him. I think sometimes that he’s got angels on his shoulders to protect him.

He spends a lot of time — too much — by himself. I try to get him out. I rented a boat and took my children and Michael on a cruise and he loved it. He has so many people around him but he’s still afraid, especially to be alone at night. I don’t know why but he’s always been very cut off and distanced. When you get to be a star from age six and never knew any normal teenage life, when you were just used to the limousines and the tour buses, I guess it is understandable.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND 1983, 85, 86, Michael works on Dirty Diana ]

Michael writes the first draft of Dirty Diana in 1983, updates it in 1985 and finishes writing it in 1986. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael spotted as a houseguest of Diana’s during the Christmas holidays, SUN VALLEY SERENADE, Jan 7, 1985]

All of Sun Valley was atwitter, having Michael Jackson amongst them for the holidays (as Diana Ross’s houseguest). Another Sun Valley duet: . Barbra Streisand and new beau, Richard Baskin. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND EATEN ALIVE written by Michael and the BeeGees for Diana, registered July 1985 ]

Song written by Michael with Barry and Maurice Gibb – two of the
Bee Gees.

Originally written, and registered in March 1985, by Barry and Maurice
Gibb. Michael heard their demo and felt it needed something else;
Barry offered to share credit with Michael, if he wanted to supply what he thought was missing. Michael agreed and a second demo – recorded by Michael – was registered in July, with the note, ‘words and music in the choruses have been completely rewritten’.

Both demo versions, recorded in Los Angeles, remain unreleased.
Recorded by Diana Ross in mid 1985 in Los Angeles, with Michael and
the Gibb brothers on backing vocals, for her album of the same title,
issued in September 1985.

Produced by Michael with Barry Gibb, Karl Richardson and Albhy
Galuten. Michael was present during the recording of the instrumental
tracks, and judged whether they were suitable by dancing to them in the studio. He also supervised the mixing, settling on one that Galuten wasn’t too happy with. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana Ross releases the song Michael wrote for her, “Eaten Alive”, September 1985]

A song co-written and including vocals from Michael, which includes the lyrics; “One flick of my tongue changes/The meaning of the world… Gotta do her, crawl all over me/You can rip my shirt, drag me in the dirt/I will be your slave, anything you say/I don’t ever wanna be, eaten alive.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael reportedly turns down Diana as a manager, 1985 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana marries Arne Naess, Michael does not attend, Spokesman Review, 2 feb 1986 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael sees Diana for the first time after her marriage to Arne Naess and is visibly jealous, 1986]

According to Adrian Grant’s book, Michael showed up half way through the AMA 86 ceremonies with Liz Taylor. Diana had already gotten married to Naess in a private ceremony in Oct ’85 and her public wedding in Switzerland was to be in Feb ’86. MJ apparently cancels his attendance at the public wedding at the last minute and doesn’t attend.

Michael Jackson was truly heartbroken that Diana Ross planned to marry Arne Naess, and would later say that he was particularly hurt that she hadn’t even introduced him to Arne, especially since they were already man and wife. “I was jealous because I’ve always loved Diana Ross and I always will.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Report on Michael having a Diana Ross shrine, Pepsi Official Will Never Forget Evening With Mike, 1986]

Pepsi Official Will Never Forget Evening With Mike, 1986

Michael asked if we would like a tour of the house. Bubbles went back in his cage while the rest of us began the tour with the room next to Michael’s bedroom – the Diana Ross shrine.

With a convex ceiling and white brick walls, the room looked like a wine cellar. Every square inch was covered with photos of Diana Ross from her earliest years with the Supremes. On shelves, tables and the floor were hundred of candles that Michael kept burning 24/7 to “honor his friend.” We were speechless. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael commented on the book Dreamgirls that Sam Bono, a Bad background actor,  was reading, 1987 ]

Bono said that he and Michael talked about girls and family.

Sam got a surprise reaction to the the Mary Wilson book. He recalls, “Being that we were on the train for five hours, and we spent a lot of time waiting. I pulled a book out of my bag. It was the new Mary Wilson book, Dreamgirl. I asked Michael if he would write something in the book for me. When I handed the book to him he looked almost shocked. Michael said, “Are you reading this book?” He said, “I won’t read this book. Mary is so jealous of Diana. You should have seen her at the Motown 25th special…” “He just went on and on recounting, as if I were there.” Sam recalls, “So I jokingly said to him that I knew just what he was talking about, I spoke to Diana last night. She said to tell you Hi… and we both laughed about that.”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Report on Michael reportedly turning down an invite to make an appearance on her show, Sep 6, 1987, Toronto Star ] Diana Ross, who had become a second mother to Jackson, reportedly asked him to make an appearance on her TV show. He declined and the frost set in. He did not even attend her wedding to a Norwegian shipping magnate.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael talks about Diana and how he will always love her in his book Moonwalk, 1988 ]

You’ll hit the charts just as Diana Ross and the Supremes did.” This was almost unheard of in those days, but he was right; we turned around and did just that. Three in a row.

So Diana didn’t find us first, but I don’t think we’ll ever be able to repay Diana properly for all she did for us in those days. When we finally moved to Southern California, we actually lived with Diana and stayed with her for more than a year on a part-time basis. Some of us lived with Berry Gordy and some of us with Diana, and then we would switch. She was so wonderful, mothering us and making us feel right at home. She really helped take care of us for at least a year and a half while my parents closed up the Gary house and looked for a house we could all live in here in California. It was great for us because Berry and Diana lived on the same street in Beverly Hills. We could walk up to Berry’s house and then go back to Diana’s. Most of the time I’d spend the day at Diana’s and the night at Berry’s.

This was an important period in my life because Diana loved art and encouraged me to appreciate it too. She took the time to educate me about it. We’d go out almost every day, just the two of us, and buy pencils and paint. When we weren’t drawing or painting, we’d go to museums. She introduced me to the works of the great artists like Michelangelo and Degas and that was the start of my lifelong interest in art. She really taught me a great deal. It was so new to me and exciting. It was really different from what I was used to doing, which was living and breathing music, rehearsing day in and day out. You wouldn’t think a big star like Diana would take the time to teach a kid to paint, to give him an education in art, but she did and I loved her for it. I still do. I’m crazy about her. She was my mother, my lover, and my sister all combined in one amazing person.[/EXPAND] […]

Once “I Want You Back” came out, everyone at Motown prepared us for success. Diana loved it and presented us at a big-name Hollywood discotheque, where she had us playing in a comfortable party atmosphere like at Berry’s. Following directly on the heels of Diana’s event came an invitation to play at the “Miss Black America” telecast. Being on the show would enable us to give people a preview of our record and our show. After we got the invitation, my brothers and I remembered our disappointment at not getting to go to New York to do our first TV show because Motown had called. Now we were going to do our first TV show and we were with Motown. Life was very good. Diana, of course, put the cherry on top. She was going to host “The Hollywood Palace,” and big Saturday night show; it would be her last appearance with the Supremes and the first major exposure for us. This meant a lot to Motown, because by then they had decided that our new album would be called “Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5.” Never before had a superstar like Diana passed the torch to a bunch of kids. Motown, Diana, and five kids from Gary, Indiana, were all pretty excited. By then “I Want You Back” had come out, and Berry was proven right again; all the stations that played Sly and the Beatles were playing us, too.


I was already a devoted fan of film and animation by the time “The Jackson Five” Saturday morning cartoon show started appearing over network television in 1971. Diana Ross had enhanced my appreciation of animation when she taught me to draw, but being a cartoon character pushed me over the brink into a full-time love of the movies and the kind of animated motion pictures pioneered by Walt Disney. I have such admiration for Mr. Disney and what he accomplished with the help of so many talented artists. When I think about the joy he and his company have brought to millions of children – and adults – the world over, I am in awe.


Motown bought The Wiz for one reason, and as far as I was concerned, it was the best reason possible: Diana Ross.

Diana was close to Berry Gordy and had her loyalties to him and to Motown, but she did not forget us just because our records now had a different label on them. We had been in touch throughout the changes, and she had even met up with us in Las Vegas, where she gave us tips during our run there. Diana was going to play Dorothy, and since it was the only part that was definitely cast, she encouraged me to audition. She also assured me that Motown would not keep me from getting a part just to spite me or my family. She would make sure of that if she had to, but she didn’t think she’d have to.

She didn’t. It was Berry Gordy who said he hoped I’d audition for The Wiz .


When we were doing The Wiz , I was being instructed in the choreography along with my characters – the Tin Man, the Lion, and Diana Ross – and they were getting mad at me. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong until Diana took me aside and told me that I was embarrassing her. I just stared at her. Embarrassing Diana Ross? Me? She said she knew I wasn’t aware of it, but I was learning the dances much too quickly. It was embarrassing for her and the others, who just couldn’t learn steps as soon as they saw the choreographer do them. She said he’d show us something and I’d just go out there and do it. When he asked the others to do it, it took them longer to learn. We laughed about it, but I tried to make the ease with which I learned my steps less obvious.


The problems on the set were really few and far between and it was great working with Diana so closely. She’s such a beautiful, talented woman. Doing this movie together was very special for me. I love her very much. I have always loved her very much.


I still enjoy seeing The Wiz and reliving the experience. I am especially fond of the scene where Diana asks, “What am I afraid of? Don’t know what I’m made of . . .” because I’ve felt that way many times, even during the good moments of my life. She sings about overcoming fear and walking straight and tall. She knows and the audience knows that no threat of danger can hold her back.


Diana’s singing and dancing and acting have stayed with me ever since. She was a perfect Dorothy. After the evil witch had been defeated, the sheer joy of our dancing took over. To dance with Diana in that movie was like an abridged version of my own story – my knock-kneed walk and “bigfoot” spin were me in my early days; our tabletop dance in the sweatshop scene was where we were right then.

[…] [Tatum and I] developed into a real close relationship. I fell in love with her (and she with me) and we were very close for a long time. Eventually the relationship transcended into a good friendship. We still talk now and then, and I guess you’d have to say she was my first love – after Diana. When I heard Diana Ross was getting married, I was happy for her because I knew it would make her very joyous. Still, it was hard for me, because I had to walk around pretending to be overwhelmed that Diana was getting married to this man I’d never met. I wanted her to be happy, but I have to admit that I was a bit hurt and a little jealous because I’ve always loved Diana and always will. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael speaks about Diana, Interview about Bad, 1988 ]


Interviewer: (Diana) Ross discovered the Jacksons when you were only 10. Are you still close?

Michael: Yes, very close. When we don’t see each other, we talk on the phone. She’s in Connecticut with her Norweigen husband, Arne Naess and their baby son a lot of the time.

Interviewer: There’s an expectation that the two of you will record together again.

Michael: I’ve written songs for Diana, but we haven’t been able to sing together for some time. We sing in spirit; we’re always together.

Interviewer: Another Disneyland is due to be built near Paris, where your friend Diana Ross has bought a home. There have been rumours you’ve considered doing the same.

Michael: Both good reasons to live there but i have no plans to move to France.[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana releases her greatest hits, opening them to the strains of Michael’s Dirty Diana, 1989 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Releases Leave Me Alone, February 13th, 1989 ]

Includes the lyric, “Ain’t No Mountain I Can’t Climb, Baby”… One of Diana Ross’ biggest hits was the song, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND LaToya’s Autobiography, 1990]

Chico apparently developed a crush on me, leading Diana to speculate about us becoming a couple. I really liked him but thought of him more as a brother. Michael would tease, ”Guess what Diana said today:’Latoya is so right for Chico. I wish those two would get together, because he’s a little wild, He needs somebody like her.”’ Michael, a brilliant mimic, imitated Diana’s voice and manner, which was always hilarious to watch. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael “dandles” Diana on his lap at an Oscars party, People Magazine, April 15th, 1991 ]

But all turned out fine. Michael, tit-for-tat, dandled Diana Ross on his lap before Madonna returned and joined him for a grand exit.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana says Michael shuts her out, The Rock Hill Herald – 23 Jun 1991]

“Stevie has never shut me out,” she says. But Michael (Jackson)-when he wants to see me, he sees me; when he doesn’t he kind of close the door. There’s no reaching him, there’s no finding him, there’s no anything. He’s just this illusive love out there. Somebody you care about, want to protect in a strange kind of way, feeling motherly toward him, but at the same time you can’t reach him and don’t know where he is. But Stevie’s always been there for me and really special.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana Ross says she doesn’t believe he changed his appearance to look like her “you see, we actually love each other”, interview on Larry King, 1991 ]

KING: You had such a long relationship with Michael Jackson back when he was a young recording star. There are rumors that he changed his looks to look like you. How do you describe Michael Jackson – Diana Ross? What is that?

DIANA ROSS, SINGER: You see, we actually love each other. And he is like one of my children. When he started his career, I introduced him on their very first television show, which was the “Ed Sullivan Show.”

And then I had my own television special at that time. And I introduced them, the Jackson Five, on the television special.

And I took a special interest in him. And we were very close.

When the boys came from Indiana, they stayed with me in my house in California, and I was their house mother. And I took care of them until their parents came. So we just built a relationship in the early days.

And then he went on to have his own career, which he’s very, very talented. And he became so very, very successful. Just like skyrocketed, the whole family, actually.

KING: Are you as close now?

ROSS: Not as close now. I don’t get to see him very much. And that’s because, again, my life has just gone in a different direction. I live in Europe a lot of time with my husband.

And so it’s just that we don’t see each other half as much as I would like to see him. I did see him maybe a couple months ago and introduced him to my sons, my boys. And my little one, Evan, loves music and wants to look like Michael Jackson.

Do you think he wants to look like you? Do you buy that?

No, I don’t buy that at all. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael says it took him a “years, a hell of a long time” to get over Diana Ross, Glenda audio, June 1992]

G: Tell me something, you know what? you told me before that you’re the loneliest person

M: I am!

G: Then how can you be that way when there’s so many people..

M: ‘Cause I don’t love those people like that! I want to be with someone…I want to know what a relationship is all about before I die, cant you understand that girl?… I never had.. I mean I’ve been with Tate.. I’ve been, well not with.. I been with Tate..I thought I was with Diana.. it was just in my own mind..

G: You were a little boy..

M: I know, I have never had a real relationship, my brothers have been married… My brothers have had girlfriends. I really haven’t had that….

G: How long did it take you to get over Diana?

M: Years. A HELL of a long time. I just wanna know what it’s like girl, to have a real relationship with someone who doesn’t want me for me… that I dont, I don’t have to look over my shoulder all the time…

G: Who doesn’t have an ulterior motive..?

M: Yeah, that doesn’t question me. I mean (inaudible) I dont… and, and… like La Toya said in her book… she said, either I am going to have to find somebody who doesn’t know who the heck I am or deal with somebody who’s career is equally as important, or equally like mine.

G: Well, a nix to both of those.

M: What am I gonna do? I don’t want to die without knowing about… having a real relationship with a women or being involved…


M: Like living with Diane. They tell you what to say, what not to say. The lies I had to tell. Um. Diana. Diana discovered the Jacksons. That wasn’t true. She did not discover us. But it’s publicity. It’s pretend.

S- Who discovered you really?

M- Bobby Taylor and we went to a party and, uh, Gladys Knight. Diana, Diane had nothin’ to do with it.

S- I guess she was just the big name at the time huh? [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Dedicates Remember The Time with love to Diana Ross, March 3rd 1992,]

Michael dedicates his single, Remember The Time to her.

“Dedicated With Love to Diana Ross”. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Bodyguard on tour says Michael wouldn’t grab his crotch in the show when he knew Diana and her kids were there, July 15th, 1992, Oslo Germany Dangerous World Tour ]

Michael Jackson’s Bodyguard on DWT, Bravo Magazine, (pb 93)

Michael would be nervous only when he knows in the crowd there are some of his friends. Example- in Oslo, I noticed he never grabbed his crotch, he only placed his hand on the thigh. Later, I found out that Diana Ross was with her kids watching.[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Name checked in the video for his song about cheating, “Who Is It?” August 31st, 1992 ]

Name-checked in his video for the song, “Who Is It”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael says he always had a crush on Diana in response to who quenches his desire, Oprah Winfrey, Feb 1993 ]

Oprah: What kind of woman makes you…in the video we’re going to see later, we premier the world video, there’s a line where you talk about being quenched. So what kind of person does that for you?

Michael: [Sings] Quench my desire … Well Brooke, I’ve always liked her and when I was little I used to stay with Diana Ross, me and my brother stayed with her for years and I never said, but I always had a crush on her.

Oprah: You did?

Michael: Yes. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael mentions Diana in his 1993 Grammy legend awards ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND During the allegations, Mid 1993 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana Ross speaks about Michael in her memoir, Secrets of a sparrow, 31st Oct, 1993 ]

I have always known Michael to be a decent, sweet and loving person who wants very much to make a difference in the world by helping others, especially children. He cares about animals and nature, and he believes that with a positive attitude we can have whatever we want. He would like to produce and direct, and I believe that he will have those opportunities. Whatever he does I hope that he never stops making his beautiful music.

Michael was about eleven when we met. He was artistic, a quality that he and I shared. I remember that we used to go out to buy paints and easels and we did artwork together. He was always wonderful to be around. I am pleased that I touched him in the early days of his life, and I am sad now I don’t have time to see him more often and to know him better. Careers have a way of separating people. Whether we are together or apart, my love for him never stops. It makes me happy that at one time we were close and that he cares for me. My love for him remains very dear, and our friendship will always be very important to me.

“When the Jackson 5 first came to California, they all moved in with me. They have always been good to me. Despite the negative things that have been written about them, I knew them to be a unique family. People have picked them apart and gossiped about what they did or didn’t do, but in my eyes Michael’s mother is a very special and loving woman. The strength in those Jackson kids exists because of the strength and character of their father. Parenting is never easy. If you’re too hard, you lose the kids; if you’re too easy, you also lose them. Some fathers just have to be tough. Maybe if he hadn’t been tough, the kids would never have arrived where they are today. Maybe the Jackson children will grow up to be very fine parents as a result of their own tough upbringing. I would like very much to see Michael settle down with a family of his own.”

“It was at this meeting that they told me they were considering Michael Jackson for the role of the Scarecrow, Dorothy’s first friend along the path, who is looking for his brain, or deeper knowledge. I was enthusiastic. I thought it would be wonderful for Michael and me to work together. Michael and I were pretty close during that time. We spoke on the phone every couple of days and usually saw each other about once a week, when our careers permitted. Even though this would be Michael’s very first acting role, I told them that I considered him an ideal choice. His personality suited the role, he was a superb dancer and there was a great deal of dancing designed for this lavish musical production, and we were already very close friends.”

“…but Michael’s makeup was a different story.It was probably the most difficult of anyone’s in the film, and it certainly took the most time to apply. I remember seeing poor little Michael, he was very young and inexperienced then, sitting there every morning for hours and hours, having his makeup painstakingly done and redone. And then there was the added difficulty of removing it every night, a process that must have been quite damaging to his skin, a possible source for the severe skin problems that he is presently experiencing and doesn’t want to speak about.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana speaks about Michael’s current well being on Regis an Kathy Lee, December 1993 ]

Regis an Kathy Lee, December 1993

Q: One more movie now, The Wiz. The Wiz with the great cast, let’s see, Russel of course, Michael Jackson. Now Michael, you knew him since he was a little little boy.
DR: Yes, yes. Since he was about 8 or 9.
Q: So many people are now claiming that they discovered the Jacksons, what was your relationship with him?
DR: I think Berry Gordy discovered them at a step. I think I gave them an opportunity on my television specials to be introduced to the American audience. And they were really young then.
Q: They came and lived with you for a while too, didn’t they?
DR: I had a place in California, they were moving from their home to California, so they stayed with me for a while. Michael’s very creative. And you know, this is a family in trouble right now.
Q: Does it break your heart to see what’s happening?
DR: Yes, yes. All the support. I saw the family on television the other night and I just sat there and I just felt the pain. And I know they’re trying very hard to pull together. It’s a family in trouble and they need our prayers, for the right thing to happen really.
Q: Have you been in touch with him personally?
DR: Yes, I did. I’ve spoken to them twice.
Q: And he’s getting the help he needs you think?
DR: I hope so. I’m not sure, see, I have been away from Michael’s life for quite some time. So I don’t know all the people that he has surrounding him or what-
Q: That’s a big problem isn’t it…
DR: – Well, I heard his mother say, ‘I can sleep better at night.’ I didn’t understand what she meant then, you know through that interview the other night. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana refuses to speak on the allegations, Jan 14, 1994 ]

Ross flatly refused to discuss her friend Michael Jackson and his troubles. But did say:

I’m about as famous as I would like to be. I wouldn’t want to be any more famous. I wouldn’t like to be Madonna, or Michael or Whitney, because I can have a life. I can walk on the streets, I can take my kids to the school, I can drive my cars. I think they have a difficult time having a normal, balanced life.’ ‘[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana speaks about Michael, Nowhere To Run: Story of Soul Music, (pub. 1st August, 1994),]

It’s a strange life. When I leave all of that…”She waves a hand at the racks of stage costumes, the lavish buffet, the flowers, the cases full of makeup. “I mean, when i go home and go to bed–by myself–it’s confusing.”

For some performers, that confusion can pose serious adjustment problems. This worries her about her very dear friend Michael Jackson, who missed out not only on normal teen years but on a childhood as well. He has been the featured player since he was old enough to tie his shoes, never knew the inside of a school bus, and watched cartoon shows from the back seats of limousines. He was only ten when as part of the Jackson Five he came to live in Diana’s Hollywood home once Motown moved west. By the time he was twenty-four he had written for her and produced her single, “Muscles”.

“It was weird, she says, “but I had to force him into being the dominant one when I was singing his song ‘Muscles’. One night in the studio he said, ‘I just can’t. I can’t tell you what to do.’ And I said, ‘You’re the man. You’re the boss on this one.’ I know him so well. But sometimes even I’m stunned at how he can be so shy. He’ll hide, he’ll talk like this”–she lowers her voice to a halting whisper–“then you let him onstage and he turns into this sexy, macho thing. Offstage I try to get him to step out socially, to get a little more out of himself. He spends a lot of time, to much time by himself.”

She asked him to go see Dreamgirls for her and give her a report. She tries to coax him to Connecticut for quite weekends. Once, when she was really concerned, she rented a yacht and took Michael and her daughters sailing in the Caribbean. On the boat he was like one of her children, running across the decks, playing hide-and-seek. Over dinner he was her friend and confidant. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana Ross says they don’t speak as often as they used to, The ATTITUDE MAGAZINE, September 1994 ]


“We don’t get to speak as often as we used to. Careers have a way of separating people. Whether we are together or apart, our friendship will always be very important to me, whatever he chooses to do with his life. I’ve always wanted to see Michael settle down with a family of his own, and now it seems that he has done that.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana takes her children to visit Michael in hospital, Saturday, December 9th 1995]

Motown songbird Diana Ross brought her two youngest sons to visit ailing Michael Jackson yesterday, even as bulging plastic bags of Warner Bros. gifts and a huge statue were trundled into the star’s sickroom. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana sits on Michael’s lap during her performance of Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, World Music Awards, May 8, 1996 ]

Michael makes a break in the Ghost shooting to attend the World Music Awards in. At the end of the ceremony he gets on stage to hug Diana Ross. Diana Ross sits on his lap during her performance of, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” singing the words, “If you need me/call me/no matter where you are/no matter how far,” to him.

After the show a reporter catches up and fires some quick questions at him:

“Michael, you got to see Diana again.”
MJ: (Inaudible?) I love her dearly.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana Ross says her recording of You Are Not Alone was a way of reaching out to Michael, radio interview, December 1996 ]

Superstar Diana Ross says she has now lost touch with Michael Jackson – who was once her young soul- mate on the legendary Motown label. Ross, a stunning 52 admits: “I care deeply about Michael as I’ve known him since he was really a child. But I never see him these days I only read what you read in the papers about him. I guess it’s true that he’s having a baby. I know he loves children.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana Ross helps induct him into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, May 6, 1997 ]

Diana Ross is one of the people present to induct him into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana and Arne separate, May 1, 1999 ]

Diana Ross and Arne Naess announce their separation. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana releases her album “Every Day Is A New Day,” which includes a song “Drop The Mask” which seems to allude to Michael, May 4th, 1999 ]

Included in the Japanese release is a song entitled, “Drop The Mask,” which includes the lyrics; “I was there when it all began/ I still remember the boy within the man/ I understand what it means to run and hide/
There’s so much that we’re holding onto deep down inside.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana Ross says Michael called her on the phone the other night, Time, May 17, 1999 ]

Diana Ross, Time, May 17, 1999

Recently Ross received a phone call from a friend–Michael Jackson–who was also working on a new album. “Late, late at night I get a call: ‘Hello, Diana?’ I said, ‘Michael, is that you?’ He said he was working on an album, and the album would be out sometime in the year 2000.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana Live on MSN, June 5, 2000 (live interview)
] “Dish Diva” : From judydee2 at dianarossandthesupre mes.net: My friend Joe is Diana’s greatest fan! We are traveling all the way from London to Las Vegas just to see your show on 5th August. This question is for all of you What is the furthest you would travel to see your favourite star and who would that be?

DianaAndSupremes : Diana: I don’t know how far I would travel to see a performer but I just traveled to London to see a special award for being courageous. So I think I would travel for something like that, saving someone, and other good causes. I was under a lot of pressure that day and I remember that they were giving this honor to people who have done something courageous and we make our parents, policemen that save people’s lives, teachers, as our role model. I know that my teacher, parents, sister have been my heros. I think I would travel miles to do the things that Princess Di did. Go to hospitals to give small children stuffed animals that don’t have anything. For me, I love performers, but where I’m at in my life, I want to be the voice of those people who can’t speak for themselves. I’d love to see Michael Jackson perform, but I’d rather be with a girl in a wheel chair collecting money to save other people’s life. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael visiting record shop, Sometime after 2000 ]

Michael visiting record shop, Sometime after 2000,

At one point when we had taken him down to the basement to look through all of the junk, he turned and asked me, “Do you like Diana Ross and the Supremes’ music?” I said that I did and I asked him what his favorite song was by them. He said “Stop In the Name of Love”, I think. I told him that mine was “I Hear A Symphony”, and he said that he loved that one, too. He said he thought it was a shame that their reunion tour that was supposed to happen didn’t because they couldn’t get along. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael describes Diana as his “second mother”, MGM 30th Year Anniversary, September 2001 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Debbie Rowe is asked about who Michael has in mind to take care of his kids should anything happen to him, Custody Hearing, October 17th 2001 ]

Q. Have you ever considered the possibility if Michael should die, what would happen to the children?
A. I’m sure he’s – he has a wonderful person in mind to take care of them.

(On March 22nd 2002 he drafted a will leaving his children to Diana Ross should anything happen to his mother) [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana remembers inspiring Michael’s art as a kid, 22 January 2002 ]

Diana Ross credits herself for kick-starting Michael Jackson’s love of art – because he became her constant companion on trips to New York art galleries when he was just a boy.

Jackson and his brothers lived with Ross while she was trying to break them on TV shows and in the studio.

She says, “I got him interested in artists like Degas and Michelangelo and I bought him paints. I used to get him to draw all over my walls. He’s a great artist.”

And that wasn’t the only thing Jackson was good at: “I taught the Jackson brothers how to take care of themselves and made sure each of them had a chore to do. Michael would do the dishes.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana and Ross at the Democratic National Committee’s Every Vote Counts Campaign, April 24, 2002 ]

Is joined on stage by Diana Ross during a performance of Heal The World, during a Democratic National Committee’s Every Vote Counts Campaign Party. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Harvey Fierstein says Diana confided in him about Michael, Out magazine, June, 2002 ]

Q:You played Diana Ross’s agent in Double Platinum.

A: The things she told me about Michael Jackson, I will take to my grave. It wasn’t terrible things – just a few things I didn’t know. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael’s Special Thanks on his Number Ones CD, 2004]

“Diana Ross, I loved you during the early years and I love you even more today. I love you.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND BBC links MJ as someone Diana is rumoured to have had an affair with, BBC News, 10 Feb, 2004 ]

BBC News, 10 Feb, 2004

The 1970s also saw her duetting with Marvin Gaye on an album, starring in more films such as Mahogany and the musical The Wiz, also starring a young Michael Jackson – who she was rumoured to have had an affair with.[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana Ross speaks in support of Michael, November 8, 2004 ]

Diana Ross, November 8, 2004

She voices her support for the embattled singer, now awaiting trial on seven felony counts of child molestation:

“I know what’s going on in the media, and until they prove he’s done something wrong, I just like the fact that other performers and most artists are still supporting him and what he’s done in the music industry, because he’s done so much.

“I heard Usher on an awards show; he really gave credit to Michael, and I appreciate it so much. Michael’s music was authentic, sincere and very important.”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana Ross remembers speaking to Michael all the time on the phone but says she hasn’t spoken to him for years now, interviewed by Alicia Keys, Feb 2005 ]

AK: The one thing I have found as a performer traveling around so much is that there will be times when I’m talking on the phone, talking to my friends, talking some business, and talking, and talking, and talking, then when it’s time to go onstage, my voice is tired.

DR: That’s why I write notes to people sometimes, when I just need to be quiet. There’s something you just said that made me think of Michael Jackson. I used to talk to Michael on the phone all the time. I haven’t talked to him for years now, but he always used to ask me questions about how to make this whole show-business thing work . [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana Ross says she and Michael have not been in contact for some time, after the trial, Nov 9, 2005]

When asked if she was still in contact with Michael Jackson following his acquittal in his child abuse trial, Ross replied: “I am sure Michael is in a quiet place, recording music… but, no, I have not been in contact with him for some time now.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana releases the album, “Blue,” June 20, 2006 ]

The album cover looks like an homage to Michael’s “Invincible” cover. It also includes a cover of one of Michael’s favourite songs, “Smile.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael doesn’t attend show to honour Diana, December 7 2007]

Where in the world was Michael Jackson?

One would think the King of Pop would have jumped at the chance to pay
tribute to Diana Ross at Sunday’s Kennedy Center Honors.

But no, Ross’ onetime best buddy and costar in the movie musical The Wiz decided not to take part, according to an insider.

While I had heard rumblings that producers ditched plans for Jackson to appear because accommodating him would have been a logistical nightmare, I’m told they were willing to make it work.

Now, I’m told Jackson declined the offer to attend.

Still, Ross probably wasn’t too worried about it. Ciara, Jordin Sparks, Lyle Lovett—not to mention Ross’ five children, including Girlfriends star Tracee Ellis Ross—were all in attendance to celebrate the event. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Dian’s son Evan Ross said he was working on music with Michael, June 26th 2009 ]

MICHAEL JACKSON ended his life mentoring the son of the soul icon who mentored him – he was working on EVAN ROSS’ breakthrough album.

Just two hours before Jackson’s death on Thursday (25Jun09), Diana Ross’ son sat down with WENN to discuss his upcoming movie

Life Is Hot In Cracktown – but talk quickly turned to his music career.

The 20 year old admitted he was keen to complete upcoming movie projects so he could finish an album he was working on – and revealed he was working with the pop superstar and his mum.

He says, “I’m more focused on acting right now. The music will come. I just don’t want to push it. I’m writing with a lot of different people like Michael (Jackson) on this. It’s R’n’B mixed with a Prince urban vibe.[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana speaks out after Michael’s deah, “I can’t stop crying,” 28th June, 2009 ]

28th June, 2009

Distraught Motown queen Diana Ross yesterday paid tribute to Michael, sobbing: “I am unable to imagine this.”

The 65-year-old diva – a mentor when he was a child star and one of his closest friends – said: “I can’t stop crying. This is all too sudden and shocking.”

The ex Supremes singer starred with teen-aged Michael in a 1977 Wizard of Oz remake called The Wiz. She played Dorothy alongside his Scarecrow and it was Michael’s first collaboration with hit producer Quincy Jones. Diana added: “I am in prayer for his kids and the family.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Jermaine Jackson on Larry King, July6th, 2009]

“I think it’s very interesting. There’s been a long, close relationship with Michael and Diana for many, many years. And I think it’s great.”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Emil Wilbekin speaking about Michael and Diana’s connection, CNN, July, 2009 ]

Emil Wilbekin, CNN, July, 2009

“You see skits from variety shows where they are doing Frank Sinatra songs and Casablanca,” Emil Wilbekin, managing editor of Essence.com and a founding member of Vibe magazine under Quincy Jones told CNN.

“Although she was older than Michael, they had a real connection and that connection, I think, and that friendship really moved throughout his career.”

That friendship was something of a motherly love on Ross’ part and an idolization from Jackson, according to Wilbekin. And the bond they formed could explain why Jackson chose her to care for his kids, if his mother could not, Wilbekin said.

Ross raised five children of her own who grew up to become extremely “normal and successful children of a superstar,” Wilbekin said.

“The other thing interesting about Diana and Michael’s relationship: They both were a part of groups, they both ended up eclipsing their groups, so they had a shared experience that nobody else could really realize,” he said. “I think in that they had a very special bond.”

“The point that nobody has brought up — Diana Ross happens to be a phenomenal mother. [Her kids are] kind of balanced, normal celebrity kids. And I think that’s the part people aren’t really looking at,” Wilbekin said.

While some people may have been surprised another Jackson family member didn’t follow Katherine Jackson in the will, Wilbekin said he believes that by picking Diana Ross, “he named someone who was super-responsible.”

And because Jackson’s children, have been growing up in the limelight because of their father, he may have wanted someone familiar with that, Wilbekin said.

“That just shows Michael’s foresight, his emotional wisdom and his ultimate love for his family and protecting them,” he said. “These are not normal kids, they did not live a normal life, and she totally completely understands that.”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana’s statement at the Memorial, July 7th 2009 ]

“I am trying to find closure, I want you to know that even though I am not there at the Staples Center. I am there in my heart. I have decided to pause and be silent. This feels right for me. Michael was a personal love of mine, a treasured part of my world, part of the fabric of my life in a way that I can’t seem to find words to express.

“Michael wanted me to be there for his children, and I will be there if they ever need me. I hope, today brings closure for all those who loved him. Thank you Katherine and Joe for sharing your son with the world and with me. I send my love and condolences to the Jackson family.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Don Cornelius speaks about Michael falling in love with Diana- Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009 – TIME ]

He had a star quality, even as an 8-year-old. He was such a lovable individual. If you were backstage, you saw the women who happened to be on the same show, and they just kind of adopted Michael. They were always hugging and kissing and rubbing him — it went on and on, more than almost any other kid could possibly bear. I’m sure Michael got tired of it, but he never complained. They were all over him. As time went on, he sort of fell in love with Diana Ross —her music and her singing — and I think it was mutual. She fell in love with him also. He was still only 9 or 10.[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana Ross Denies She Is In A Feud With The Jacksons Over Custody Over Michael’s Children, July 21 2009]

Singing legend Diana Ross is slamming the rumors that she is in a feud with the Jackson family mother Katherine, and is calling the gossip that the two are at odds over custody over Michael Jackson’s children “ridiculous.” Diana was named in Jackson’s will as an alternative guardian for the children if his mother Katherine was unable to care for them. The decision was unpopular among Jackson family members who have challenged the will, which was drawn up in 2002. Jackson’s sister LaToya told reporters, “We believe there is another will which will emerge. He updated his will almost every five years, so we expect one to come from 2007. Michael always told us that he wanted his eldest sister, Rebbie Jackson, to look after the children. Rebbie had a nice family, which Michael loved. He told many family members that she was his choice.” Despite the media reports, Ross is still insisting that there is no bitterness between her and the Jackson family. A spokesperson for the star says, “Ms. Ross has deep love for the Jackson family.”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana Ross, Tracee Ellis Join Evan For MJ Themed Birthday Celebration In L.A. August 31, 2009 ]

Evan Ross celebrated his 21st birthday at Guys and Dolls in Los Angeles, CA on Friday (August 28) with a Michael Jackson themed party. Evan was joined by mom and longtime friend of MJ, The Magnificent Diana Ross, and sisters Tracee Ellis Ross and Chudney. In honor of MJ, the crowd sang Happy Birthday to Michael first before singing the celebratory song to baby MJ Evan. Sources report, Ms. Ross then sang her son’s favorite MJ song to him from Jackson’s, Off The Wall album [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Diana Ross dedicates her tour to him and sang “Missing You/You Are Not Alone/I Love You” in his memory, May-June 2010 ]

Inside the front cover of her tour book: “My tour is dedicated to the memory of Michael Jackson. I love you Michael.”

First show:

“I’m dedicating my tour this year to my dear friend Michael Jackson, I loved him dearly. Every single word of this song is true.” She went on to perform a medley of Jackson’s hits, including the track You Are Not Alone.

When the picture of them together with his arms around her waist came up, she turned around and walked up the stairs to the top and stood in front and sang two lines from the song, “I Love You” – “I love you/And that’s all that really matters/Yes, that’s all that really matters.” Then the stage went dark. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael’s children in her audience, 10th June 2010]

Almost a year after Michael Jackson‘s tragic death, his three children stepped out on Wednesday night to attend Diana Ross‘ concert in Los Angeles during which the singer paid tribute to Jackson, RadarOnline.com has learned.

“The reason I did this concert for one night is to pay tribute to my friend Michael Jackson,” Diana said at the end of her performance at the Nokia theater. “His children are in the audience,” Ross said and the crowd thundered with applause for the three children. Prince, 13, Paris, 12, and Blanket, 8, were seated next to Barry Gordy, the legendary founder of Motown records.[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Q&A with Douglas Kirkland photographer for Life magazine]

Q.One of Michael’s strongest influences was Diana Ross, who befriended him when The Jackson 5 first joined Motown. He adored her. You worked for many years with Diana-did she ever talk about Michael?

A.I did most of Diana’s photography for about a ten-year period, before the Thriller video was made. She would periodically speak of Michael in a very warm way. She had real admiration and affection for him -her eyes would light up every time that she spoke of him.[/EXPAND]

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