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Michael Jackson Neverland Jacuzzi Photos

Michael Jackson, Neverland, Jacuzzi, Photos, News Of The World, 1992

Outdoor jacuzzi at Neverland

News reports surfaced that photos of Michael Jackson in a jacuzzi with two unidentified women had been offered to News of The World for £60,000, but that Michael had threatened to sue if they were published.

SENSATIONAL photos of Michael Jackson romping with naked women are being offered for sale by one of his former aides.

A former aide of Michael’s had swiped the pictures out of a security camera at Michael’s luxury ranch, which showed him fondling a topless woman in a jacuzzi.

The former aide was selling the pictures along with a home video of Michael and Macaulay Culkin, and another set of pictures showing Michael doing a “bizarre” dance with the bones of the elephant man. The former aide was once one of Michael’s closest friends.

Others are said to feature the star, who has never had a serious girlfriend, in a clinch with a nude woman – apparently unaware he is being filmed.

The News of the World this week turned down an offer to buy the snaps for £60,000.

The snaps are thought to have been copied from film swiped out security cameras at the eccentric star’s 2,700 – acre California ranch. Ironically the cameras are there to protect Jackson, who is obsessive about privacy.

Jackson tried to buy the skeleton of hideously deformed John Merrick – played by John Hurt in the film the Elephant Man – for £1 million from a London hospital. But his offer was rebuffed and the star had a replica built.

The elephant man bones replica/dance they seem to be talking about is from the set of Leave Me Alone

Michael Jackson, Neverland, Jacuzzi, Photos, News Of The World, Leave Me Alone, 1992

The Advertiser

May 25, 1992 Monday
Jackson’s secrets may be exposed


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MICHAEL JACKSON usually leads a reclusive life at his luxury ranch, but some of the mystery may soon be exposed. A former associate of pop’s megastar is trying to sell photos of Jackson romping with naked women. The News of the World reported that some pictures show Jackson fondling a topless girl in a jacuzzi at his ranch. The newspaper turned down an offer to buy the photos for $138,000. Also included in the package was a video of Home Alone child star Macaulay Culkin at the ranch and photos of him doing a bizarre dance with a skeleton of the Elephant Man.


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Michael Jackson Neverland Jacuzzi Photos

Former employees of Michael Jackson are in possession of steamy photographs of the singer taken in the jacuzzi of his California ranch and are threatening to sell the pictures and shatter his squeaky clean image.

The photographs were taken from CCTV footage at Michael’s Neverland ranch and show the singer in the jacuzzi with two naked women. The one photograph shows the singer touching one of the women’s breasts.
A source said: “These cameras were installed for Michael’s protection and now look at what has happened.”

The guards are asking for $100 000 for the pics. Michael says he will sue if they are ever published.

Flo Anthony on the MJ Preservation Project Radio Show, 22nd Jan 2012

Q: There was a tabloid story in the early 90s about a security guard that supposedly stole I guess, a photo of Mike in his hot tub with two women and I wondered if there was any truth to that story. And I also wanted to ask about Liza Minnelli, she came out a few months ago and saying that Mike had proposed to somebody in the early 90s and she turned him down…
Flo Anthony: I don’t remember a hot tub picture but he had a lot of hot tubs so that could be true.

Michael Jackson Neverland jacuzzi photos

9 Responses to Michael Jackson Neverland Jacuzzi Photos

  1. kita lee May 25, 2012 at 2:27 pm #

    I wonder w/the constant Jacuzzi story (though reported in ’92) has any link or asso w/MJ & Brett Livingstrong-Stone’s painting they did w/MJ around the pool w/women? Though both these Jaczzi reports & their paintin’ was finished in the early ’90s, in the painting MJ was dark skin? Possibly both the painting & MJ was started paintin’ & Jacuzzi event happened in like ’90/’91 when MJ was a bit dark, it wasn’t til last 1/2 of ’91 when he was more completely white due to his disease…!

    • lacienega May 27, 2012 at 2:51 am #

      It would be very funny if there was a link between the two, it would definitely by the type of humor MJ had.

  2. Mandy January 4, 2012 at 10:32 pm #

    I do not think the News Of The World articles are meant to be proof of anything. The purpose of this blog is to share information. Religion has nothing to do with what Michael Jackson did as a person, he would have been just as charitable and lovely if he were atheist. Michael was a man, not some do-no-wrong saint. We fans love him for all he was not just what he accomplished. We are trying to learn all we can about this wonderful man, and everything I read makes me love him even more.

    • insomniatic2004 January 9, 2012 at 6:08 pm #

      Everything you’ve said is the truth. Let the guy be human. Geez.

  3. Different Corner January 4, 2012 at 5:54 am #

    @lacienega: perfect selection

    @ND: Nothing, in my opinion. Still, there are numerous JW principles including ones that teach against pre-marital sex, sex outside of marriage, etc. It is quite possible that Jackson subscribed to these more private, personal principles as he did to the more public principles of charity and welfare.

    • lacienega January 4, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

      I don’t believe in casting moral value judgements on concepts like virginity/sex outside marriage let alone using it on par to why religious people do humanitarian work. Michael left the JW in 1987 and still performed many humanitarian acts, it was not his JW faith that drove him to do that, it was himself. He believed in God and was inspired and moved by that and by religion, but religion alone was not why he did what he did.

      There are other principles within JW Michael had also broken while he had still been a JW. I’m not personally interested in whether or not he was a “good” JW, I don’t think it has any bearing on how good he was as a person or even in what it would mean in his belief in God.

      However, this is a site that will discuss that other aspect of Michael, if you have a problem with that then you are welcome to not read this information and not care. It’s all old info, from bad unreliable sources so I don’t think it will cause you any great problems in not having to read it.

  4. Different Corner January 3, 2012 at 9:06 am #

    I think you have done a very thorough job of compiling your research and making it understandable. You seem to be a Jackson fan trying to say something with this blog. My question is: what are you trying to say; Jackson was a heterosexual male who had sex?

    His first wife did publicly said as much. Jackson may have had sex with women other than his first wife before, after, and during the marriage but, who does this concern? Jackson did not want his personal life exposed. It does nothing for his legacy and only encourages unnecessary scrutiny and judgment. His artistry and extraordinary achievements have nothing to do with his sexual prowess. What made him a man had nothing to do with the frequency and/or variety of his sexual partners.

    I know you have non-sexual blog entries (I’ve read them) but, the majority are consistently suggestive, sexual linkages to almost every woman you have researched. It is noted you have not explicitly written that he had sex with these women but, the suggestion can disrupt their current lives with their partners or may already have.

    May I pose a hypothetical question to you? Let’s say you found undeniable proof that he followed the teachings of his faith and decided not to have sex until he married his first wife. Would you post that information knowing it would negate a great portion of the entries here?

    Let’s say you did. I would like to think this would be something his fans would be proud of. Jackson was a man of religious/spiritual principle and that particular belief requires admirable dedication. It aligns with his charitable nature, his promotion for the protection of the earth’s bounties, and the sacredness of children, among other principles he believed and used his celebrity to promote. I am not sure this particular belief (provided he held it) would have been very well received or believed here. Still, any reaction to that hypothetical entry would not reflect on Jackson or his personal life choices.

    The research posted in these entries is again suggestive, sometimes quite questionable but, mostly circumstantial. It is often old rumors, innuendos, and “hearsay” that the reader is left to decide on its validity and formulate a sensual ending if they so choose. Some of the research includes sources Jackson warned his fans about.

    The post above is a perfect example. NOTW has been disgraced publicly, Jackson himself saw it as a tabloid, and yet, it is used as reference. Nameless Jackson aides/employees were also known to offer salacious, untrue, deviant stories in the midst of the Chandler allegations. Why should nameless Jackson aides/employees be more credible with this story as opposed to the deviant stories? Why should we believe NOTW here but, not their other scandalous, false stories about Jackson? This is clearly a ridiculous, tabloid article. (Shame on the other outlets who printed the details of NOTW’s article as well.) I do not see how or why it should be used to reference any factual point in Jackson’s life. Even if it were proven to be true, it is no one’s business.

    I am not judging the blog or its readers. I am not trying to interrupt the entertainment value of this blog. I just feel differently and wanted to express that.

    • lacienega January 4, 2012 at 1:26 am #

    • ND January 4, 2012 at 1:51 am #

      Let’s say you did. I would like to think this would be something his fans would be proud of. Jackson was a man of religious/spiritual principle and that particular belief requires admirable dedication. It aligns with his charitable nature, his promotion for the protection of the earth’s bounties, and the sacredness of children, among other principles he believed and used his celebrity to promote. I am not sure this particular belief (provided he held it) would have been very well received or believed here.


      What does virginity has to do with being charitable and caring about the welfare of others???

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