Michael Jackson and “Emily” 2000/2001/2002

From Frank Cascio’s book “My Friend Michael.” Based on the time that Frank spent working and was most around MJ, either 2000-2001 or 2001-2002 seems to be the most likely time period for this relationship. Frank began working for MJ in June 1999, and MJ was married to Debbie until October 1999, and he says that this relationship occurred around a time Michael visited London with him, which was in March 2001.

From “My Friend Michael,” by Frank Cascio

Sometimes Michael invited members of his fan clubs to Neverland, and he occasionally formed a special relationship with one of the women. One time I was driving Michael into town. Someone was next to me in the passenger seat of the Bentley, and Michael was in the backseat, kissing one of his fans.

“Easy back there,” I said. “Relax, calm down.”

“Just keep driving,” Michael said in a joking way. “Don’t worry about it, just keep driving.”

Michael’s dalliances with fans were infrequent and discreet, but they were hardly unheard of. He tended to like tall, slender women whom I’d describe as nerdy in a sexy way. Once, in London [March 2001?], I was in his suite when he brought a friend he’d known for years into his bedroom. They were in there for about an hour, and when he emerged, his pants were unbuttoned. I smirked at him.

“Shut up, Frank,” he said, smiling sheepishly. The woman, equally sheepish, said goodbye and left.

Around this time, Michael had another friend – I’ll call her Emily – who visited the ranch regularly. She was a nice, cute girl, slender, with brown hair, in her early to midthirties. Emily didn’t want or need anything from Michael. They just liked spending time together – talking, walking around, hanging out in his bedroom. It was a romantic relationship, but as far as I know, he didn’t tell anyone about Emily but me. Michael kept her a secret – she didn’t stay in his room because he didn’t want her to be seen coming out in the morning – and even I didn’t see real evidence of the romance. That’s how I knew he was telling the truth. He wouldn’t have been so secretive if he hadn’t had something to hide. That was the longest relationship I saw Michael have: Emily was at the ranch frequently over the course of about a year.

The question as to whether Michael was intimate with Debbie Rowe came up often. People seemed to think that they could make sense of Michael if they could only unravel the mystery of his relationships with women, but Michael was his own man. There were no simple answers. I know he was sexually intimate with Lisa Marie when they were together – he told me so. With Emily, to be honest, I’m not sure, but I know in her he found a companion, a friend.

Frank Cascio, CY Interview, 5th January 2011

Frank shows a personal side of Michael, sharing stories about him kissing and dating numerous women. He agreed that Michael’s attraction to women was something that generally wasn’t focused on.

“It was downplayed. And I’ll tell you, Michael was private about that part of his life. Michael was attracted to women. He had a very particular type and it’s funny because people wouldn’t think it, but it’s a simpleton. He was dating this girl who he really cared about and you know and she cared about him and it was great to see, but it was also kept very private because Michael did not want to, you know, expose this girl and have the media from the outside ruin a relationship that he really was enjoying and you know, he likes slender, tall, simpletons, sweet, humble, soft-spoken girls. And I’m really happy that Michael actually found that in his life later on.”

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14 Responses to Michael Jackson and “Emily” 2000/2001/2002

  1. Ala says:

    Probably Emily is Shana Mangatal. Someone wrote on her facebook page, that she think Frank wrote about her and Frank liked the comment.

  2. Rachel says:

    I will never ever forgive Frank Cascio for this. Michael wanted this relationship kept private he says?? Ok so why is he writing about it in a book???? It disgusts me beyond belief!

    Frank betrayed Michael inconceivably with his “book”

    • thankyoufortheparty says:

      Er, because Michael isn’t here any more and what he needs is POSITIVE publicity, especially since most people still relate him to the 2005 trial. I think it’s wonderful to finally hear these stories.

  3. Erica Davis says:

    i just want to say that i love your site and i hope u put more information up but i also was wondering if u can put some things up about joanna thomae ?

  4. Joan says:

    Hey LaCie, Thanks for all the postings here and all you do.
    But Frank needs to shut up already I think. I mean “simpleton” ??? I don’t think Michael liked simpleton women at all. He liked intelligent, nice, very attractive women. The more Frank talks, the more egotistical and way off base he sounds. I am thinking that this special woman that Michael dated, that he talks about in this interview is “Emily” though.

    • lacienega says:

      I agree completely about Frank, I also find him very inarticulate.

      I think the word he meant was “simple” – like a simple, non fussy, non diva kind of down to earth non famous girl. It’s kind of ironic that he would use the word “simpleton” the wrong way like that LOL

  5. Joan says:

    Thanks LaCie. Yes, I wasn’t sure what was happening with the spam. LOL . I will post again soon and I will remember to wait for approval, that’s no problem. I still haven’t found image of Frank either yet in the video or pics with Michael in London in 2000, but it’s hard to say. Maybe Michael traveled with Liz Taylor only during that trip.

    • lacienega says:

      I haven’t seen anything with Frank in London before 2001 either. He was definitely there in that trip to 2001 so I’m guessing that’s likely when it happened.

      Hey, unless that longtime friend of his was Elizabeth. 😉

  6. julie says:

    That girl that Frank refers to with Michael at the hotel room …could’ve been Joanna? They knew each other since she was thirteen…anyone have a clue who it could’ve been?

    • lacienega says:

      It sounds like someone he’d known for years in a more personal way than just a fan like Joanna, someone more of a good friend. It could be so many people! Michael seemed to always meet up with old friends in cities like London and New York, most I’m sure we have no idea about. It sounds like whoever it was, MJ and her had been intimate before, which makes the situation even more interesting…

      • Joan says:

        Hi LaCie,
        I have come across information that Michael was in London in May, 2000 as well. Michael and Elizabeth Taylor attended the Elizabeth Taylor Tribute Concert at the Royal Albert Hall on May 26, 2000 in London. We can be fairly sure that Frank was with him on this trip to London as well, because he was working with him by 1999. Just a thought too. There are videos and pics of t he Elizabeth Taylor Tribute, but can’t see Frank in any of the pics though.

        • lacienega says:

          I’ll check to see if I can see Frank in the background of any photos/videos on that time period. I know he was definitely there in 2001 with Michael. He doesn’t seem to have been there all the time around Mike from 1999-2003 when he worked for him, so it’s hard to know.

        • lacienega says:

          And sorry for your post not going through, I’ve had to put everything through a massive spam filter because for some reason this new site is attracting a tonne of random spam. Even my own posts keep getting tossed into the spam filter LOL. If it doesn’t show up immediately it’s just waiting to be approved, so don’t worry about having to post it again.

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