Glenda Transcript 4-6

4-6: Listen to the audio here

Time: First day of his Dangerous World Tour, 27th of June 1992.

Brandi: Brandi Jackson
Glenda: Who?
Brandi: Brandi
G: Brandi? Oh, I don’t think I’ve talked to you before. Is Sherry there?
Brandi: Yeah
G: Can I speak to her?
Brandi: Is this Glenda?
G: Yeah, this is Glenda.
Brandi: Yeah?
G: Yeah! Who are you, Brandi?
Brandi: What?
G: Who are you?
Brandi: Who am I?
G: Yeah
G: Brandi Jackson?
Brandi: Yeah.
G: Oh (laughing) which one… who do you belong to?
Brandi: Sigmund (Jackie’s real name)
G: Sigmund, oh okay.
Brandi: My daddy (inaudible)
G: (Inaudible)? Oh, okay. It’s nice to meet you.
Brandi: You too… Wait, hold on.
G: Okay.

This is Brandi Jackson, Jackie’s daughter.

TAPE IS CUT: Likely edited out Glenda talking to Sherry after Brandy went to get her.

MJ: Hello
G: Hi
MJ: Hi
G: I’m gonna have to get a new phone. I hate all this static.
MJ: Oh, you have static?
G: Yeah. And I don’t know what causes it. I don’t know if it’s the cord, the phone or what it is. But, it just aggravates me so much, I’m getting a new phone.
MJ: (Laughing) It might be the cord
G: Well, I was thinking that. I even tried to change. I tried to use the cord, ya know, from the other room because this one has some little nicks in it and still, it still has static. So I’m thinking, “It’s got to be the phone.”
MJ: Hmmmm
G: I’ll find a new one.
MJ: (Laughing) Brandi comes to me and she says, “There’s another lady on the phone and she’s the sweetest.” (Laughing) I think she (I)
G: (Laughing) (I) she sounds (I). I’ve never talked to her before.
MJ: She’s a cutie pie. She’s Jackie’s little girl. (I) She was in my commercial, that LA Gear commercial.
G: Oh she was?
MJ: Yeah.
G: Oh.
MJ: And she was in the video, “Time to Remember.” She was a doll. She was soooo pretty.
G: Aahhhh
MJ: She’s a good actress. Let me see what time it is.
G: Well, I was expecting your call.
MJ: Yeah?
G: Yeah
MJ: Hold on a second, okay?



MJ: (Laughing) Then we went to the um… I don’t remember the name of it. It was a wild animal place in Germany.
SAM: A wild animal place?
MJ: Yeah. Have you been here?
SAM: I’ve been there, but I didn’t go to a wild animal place.
MJ: Where’d you go?
SAM: Luxemburg and um, Hamburg. That’s all.
MJ: Have you been to Venice?
SAM: Yeah.
MJ: It’s beautiful.
SAM: Is this the first time you’ve ever been there?
MJ: No, never
SAM: Yeah, it’s beautiful and the weather?
MJ: It’s okay. It’s really hot out here in Germany.
SAM: It was nice today. It wasn’t bad. I might have to use tomorrow the air conditioner.
MJ: They have snow capped mountains here.
SAM: Oh really?
MJ: A lot of green and a lot of blue sky [I never seen (I)?] SAM: (I’ve been there). We’ve got such bad (tapping phone) reception on this phone.
MJ: Yeah, I know.
SAM: So what did you do? Are you doing any shows?
MJ: Yeah, I do one today.
SAM: Today? Oh what time today? What time is it?
MJ: It’s about 6:30
SAM: In the morning?
MJ: Yeah.
SAM: Oh, I see. That’s why you’re excited.
MJ: Yeah
SAM: Well, that’s great. You got it all together?
MJ: Yeah!
SAM: You sound real good
MJ: I’m excited (laughing). I can’t wait, God!
SAM: Fantastic.
MJ: We went to a hospital called Hope (I)… I don’t know… something. And we gave some… and we gave away tickets to under privileged kids (I) and tee shirts and stuff like that.
SAM: So where’s your first concert? In Stuttgart?
MJ: No. It’s in Munich.
SAM: In Munich? So how many are you doing in Germany? Just… You just doing one?
MJ: What?
SAM: You doing one?
MJ: No. I’m going to do more than a couple.
SAM: Oh okay, well good.
MJ: Real good.
SAM: I thought you’d call last night, but you probably didn’t get a chance.
MJ: No, I didn’t. (whispering inaudible) It was engaged
SAM: She’s here… she wanted me to talk with you first um (inaudible) what’s going on and to say hi.
MJ: We already talked (laughing)
SAM: Oh God (laughing) that’s right. I don’t know why I didn’t think you didn’t speak to her, of course you did.
MJ: Did you have a real good Fathers Day, Sam?
SAM: I had a good one yeah. It was a real good .I got Vodka
MJ: What else? What else did you get? I heard you got a video game
SAM: Yeah. I got a video game, a golf game, real neat. And I got some cologne.
MJ: What kind of cologne?
SAM: I don’t know what’s it’s called… it’s uh… Ho ..Ho..Homo..Homo something.
MJ: (laughing)
SAM: Homo-
MJ: Sexual? (laughing)
SAM: It ain’t Sexual (laughing) It’s called… I don’t remember what… some, some Japanese thing. It’s called Sung Homo.
MJ: Son of a Homo?
SAM: Son of a Homo!
MJ: (laughter)
SAM: It’s called Sung (spells it) S U N G
MJ: Yeah
SAM: Oh you’ve heard of it?
MJ: Yeah.
SAM: Sung. And then it says Hammy (he spells it) H A M M E.. I think that probably means cologne, huh?
MJ: (Laughing)
SAM: Sung Hammy… It’s Hung Sung Hommies… Hommies. We call homosexuals Homies!
MJ: Another thing that means Homie! (Laughing) I’m a big home boy.
SAM: (Laughing) You’re a home boy!
MJ: I’m a home boy!
SAM: You sound real good. Who answered the phone? Randy’s son? Randy’s daughter?
MJ: Randy doesn’t have a daughter.
SAM: Huh… who answered the phone… um was it Jermaine?
MJ: Jermaine? Jermaine answered the phone?
SAM: [Does he] have a daughter? Does he have a daughter?
MJ: Yeah.
SAM: What’s her name?
MJ: Her name’s Autumn.
SAM: I don’t think that’s it. Well, Glenda will tell me when she gets home. (I) She said… be able to say it’s a “nice lady on the phone”.
MJ: Huh? What did she say about that?
SAM: She said that… [she never spoke to her before] MJ: I got a feature to do tonight. I got a couple of them.
SAM: I know. You already told me.
MJ: Oh yeah. I got some stuff in German to do
SAM: German, huh?
MJ: Yeah, I got some postcards. But, I haven’t got ’em all yet. We’ve got some coloured [pictures?] for you and um, we got (I)..
SAM: How are the rehearsals going?
MJ: Oh, fine
SAM: Going good?
MJ: Yeah. We have a sound test to do. You know, there are a lot of soccer fields out here too and I’m suppose to meet with some soccer pro. I forgot the name.
SAM: Well, there’s lots of good pros. You should get some signatures for me.
MJ: Yeah. He’s well known. I forgot his name.
SAM: There’s lots of fields down there.
MJ: I have to check it out.
SAM: They’ve got soccer fields there, like there are baseball fields here.
MJ: Yeah. There’s a lot of soccer.
SAM: Do you know how to play soccer?
MJ: A little bit.
SAM: If the guy’s meeting you, he must be a superstar huh?
MJ: Yep. I know you know this guy too.
SAM: Would you recognize it if I tell you?
MJ: Yeah, maybe.
SAM: Is it (I) Hans [somethingforeign] Maya?
MJ: No
SAM: That’s one of the biggest… um let’s see who else… Craig?
MJ: No.
SAM: That’s one of their big guys. Well, (I)
MJ: Yeah. I’ll let you know
SAM: Well, you seem excited. That sounds great
MJ: Yeah… I’m (I)
SAM: Well, it’s been a long time since you’ve been on stage hasn’t it?
MJ: Yeah, it has. Since the Bad tour.
SAM: Well, I thought you did that thing for Sony?
MJ: Well, yeah… but, we’re talking about concerts.
SAM: It’s a different feeling, huh? Were you doing one song or can you do a whole other album?
MJ: No. We’re going to do more than that.
SAM: Oh you are?
MJ: And you know what? When we were out in Germany, we did this thing for (I) that day.
SAM: Yeah
MJ: They got a TV station in (enwych?? English?) and they got (I). It’s a radio station


SAM: Y’all must have been thirsty.
MJ: They gave us some beer over there.
SAM: Oh! And you haven’t drunken any?
MJ: No.
SAM: (I) beer to drink it
MJ: They wanted me to try this beer. They said it was the best beer… that isn’t nasty.
SAM: Some of it is
MJ: What?
SAM: Some of it is
MJ: Oh, I don’t know. I didn’t want to try it. They said in Germany, everybody’s going to be drunk after the show (laughing). ‘Cause see… we don’t sell beer. I don’t want beer during the show.
SAM: During the show? Yeah
MJ: It’s like (I)you know (i) The beer is called Haff. HaffStein..It’s (he spells it) H O T H S T I F T
SAM: Let me write it down
MJ: Okay
SAM: What is it?
MJ: Okay, you ready? It’s H O T H… It’s one word… H O T H S T I F T
SAM: It’s like STINE?
MJ: Yeah
SAM: Oh Hothstift, Hothstift?


SAM: Who would call this late? Hello
Female voice: Hi Sam
SAM: How you doing?

CUT IN TAPE (Back talking to Michael)

MJ: We’re going to Bavaria. The Bavarian castle in the mountains. And King Ludwig [i] stays there… They say he is a loony toon.
SAM: Oh really?
MJ: Uh huh. We’re going to go to that castle. It’s Neuschwanstein Castle. And King Lu… Lud…
SAM: Ludwig?
MJ: Ludwig… We went to a hospital called the Hur… It’s (he spells it) H E R T. then it’s (I)J E S U Khronosinhouse (Khronosinhouse is the German word for “hospital”)
SAM: (I)? (repeats the hospital name)
MJ: Yeah
SAM: I’ve never been there though. I heard it’s beautiful there. (I) beautiful place.
MJ: I don’t know if he um, where we’re suppose to go… Stuttgart
SAM: Stuttgart?
MJ: Stuttgart. You know… it’s not like me not knowing what we’re (I)
SAM: So what that? The Hospital’s name?
MJ: No. Where I’m (I)
SAM: Oh really. But, Stuttgart is very famous.
MJ: Yeah, but it’s not a (I) like (I)
SAM: I think that’s um, didn’t the Beatles (I) there?
MJ: Yeah. I’m sure they did.
SAM: That was the main place
MJ: (I) We’re going to go…we’re going to go to the um, to the zoo in Sansburg… And um
SAM: Is there going to be naked animals?
MJ: (I)
SAM: Laughing
MJ: And then we’re going to go to Berlin. Then we’re going to go to (I) September show (laughing)
SAM: When Glenda comes… I’m gonna say, “Michael called,” and she’ll say, “When? Oh no, I wasn’t there?” So… Um she’s back now! (I)
MJ:  (laughing)
SAM: She rides back to work and I said, “We missed you, we missed you.” She always misses her mom.
MJ: Really?
SAM: And when she’s gone over the weekends, it’s peaceful.
MJ: (laughing). I know you told me that (Laughing). Don’t say that.
SAM: (Laughing) No, I really miss her.
MJ: You know, have you ever been to Cologne?
SAM: Cologne? Yeah.
MJ: (I)
SAM: Uh huh
MJ: Do you know where we are going to go?
SAM: Where?
MJ: We’re going to go to some, um some place. It’s like Magic Mountain.
SAM: Oh really?
MJ: Yeah. It’s not as big as Disneyland, but it’s like (I) and we’re gonna go there. (He’s talking about Phantasialand)
SAM: Oh.
MJ: Then we’re going to go to the Frankfurt zoo
SAM: Are you having a hard time traveling around?
MJ: No
SAM: So there’s going to be crowds that are following you and everything?
MJ: Yeah, I know. But I like traveling.
SAM: Well, they’ll probably shut down the place for you.
MJ: Yeah. Like I’ll be in Disneyland and I go to the…You know they have tunnels in Disneyland. We get to the front of the line and I go and hide (I).
SAM: They have tunnels?
MJ: Yeah
SAM: You mean… underground?
MJ: Yeah. In Disneyland
SAM: Really?
MJ: Yeah they do
SAM: Is that for private stuff?
MJ: Yeah. They’re for V.I.P.s
SAM: Oh. How come I never got to go under them?
MJ: (Laughing)You didn’t know about that?
SAM: I thought I was a V.I.P
MJ: You are to me.
SAM: V.I.P’s do lots of things. Right? I have a V.I.P. pass to (I) ellica
MJ: What? (I) ellica
SAM: It’s a restaurant
MJ: Oh that restaurant
SAM: Glenda made fun of me because I’m V.I.P (laughing)
MJ: (Laughing)
SAM: Well. I want to thank you for my card. Thank You for my card. It’s really, really nice.
MJ: I’m glad you like it
SAM: (i)
MJ: It’s weird (I) .She goes I (I) tires..ya know..(I) need is tires. (I)

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