Glenda Tape Transcript 4-4

Glenda Tape 4-4, right click to download

Conversation between Michael and Glenda’s daughter, Megan Stein

Date: Dangerous World Tour, Monza Italy, July 6, 1992.

MEGAN: …and the other kids (I) She went over and she pulled a different person out… Then… and pointed to a different person… So she went up to the the girl and said, “You lost your seat.” And the woman, she was all staring at us. It was funny. Then she walked up to the boy right when you were coming up to me and she said, “You lost your seat.” (Laughing) He looked at me. It was funny.
MJ: Really?
MJ: How old is the little girl?
MEGAN: She’s like… (Meagan is asking someone in the room something, possibly Glenda) I think that she just turned 3.
MJ: Oh really?
MEGAN: Uh huh.
MJ: Does she have blonde hair…
MEGAN: I think… blonde.
MJ: Really?
MEGAN: Uh huh.
MJ: What?
MEGAN: She does have blonde hair.
MJ: What part of Germany… Ask her. The next time you see her, ask her what part of Germany did she come from.
MEGAN: Okay. (Now she speaks in a foreign language to someone else in the room, then comes back to the phone and says). My mom said she’ll ask the mom and tell you.
MJ: Do you know what time it is here?
MEGAN: What time?
MJ: It’s morning already.
MEGAN: It is?
MJ: Uh huh.
MEGAN: It’s not morning over here!
MJ: It’s 6:43 over here.
MEGAN: Why? (I) lucky
MJ: You know what?
MEGAN: What?
MJ: I’ve got a show to do tonight.
MEGAN: You do?
MJ: Yeah, I have a couple.
K What channel is it on, on TV?
MJ: Oh, it’s not gonna be televised.
MEGAN: Ahhh ( kid sounds sad) I saw your one, um, the other day…
MJ: Yeah?
MEGAN: That one that you put on…
MJ: Yeah, but…
MEGAN: I’ve never seen that kind before.
MJ: Yeah, but didn’t your guys record it on channel 11?
MEGAN: (Megan uses a foreign language to speak to someone in the room, comes back to the phone and says) Yeah.
MJ: You should have recorded it on MTV because it was a lot better, it was a lot longer.
MEGAN: Yeah, ’cause that one was like real short.
MJ: Yeah, but the one on MTV was (cut in tape) It was fun.
MEGAN: It was? Really?
MJ: Yeah. A lot of fun. When I come to the states, your mother’s going to take you to my concert.
MEGAN: (excited) Is she?
MJ: Yeah.
MEGAN: (talking to someone in the background again, comes back to the phone and says ) She said, “She didn’t know.”
MJ: Of course she is.
MEGAN: Are you going to do it in the states?
MJ: Excuse me?
MEGAN: Are you going to do it here?
MJ: Yeah, hopefully, we’re gonna come to the states.
MEGAN: Good! Do you know where we can find Michael Jackson T-shirts at?
MJ: Um… they probably… I’ll get you a T-shirt, but I don’t think they are selling those in America right now.
MEGAN: Okay.
MJ: But, you know what?
MEGAN: What?
MJ: When you come to my concert in LA, they are going to sell T-shirts, and they are going to sell programs about the show with pictures in it, and they are going to sell buttons.and posters and pictures…
MEGAN: I had a dream that you bought me a real (cut in tape), and it had like a TV and it had brown wallpaper. And it was scary because me and mom… my mom sat by the, by the, um, by the closet… and we heard a noise coming from inside…
MJ: Yeah?
MEGAN: And it would talk and said, “To the beautiful,” and inside the closet… it would say “room”.
MEGAN: We opened it up…
MJ: Yeah?
MEGAN: You know Chucky? He always scared me… So I saw in the middle part… a body sitting in there. There’s no head, no arms, no feet, no butt…
MEGAN: Just a body. There’s nothing there…just a big square.
MJ: I’m not afraid of Chucky.
MEGAN: It was moving and made like a liquid ..yuck..
MJ: Did you see those Chucky movies?
MEGAN: NO! I’m scared of them.
MJ: You know, that’s only pretend.
MEGAN: I know. But he SCARES me. My friend…you know Jill? She saw that and she said it was so scary, she had nightmares.
MJ: Yeah, it is. It’s not for children. You know what? I’ll tell you something.
MJ: I’ll tell you something.
MEGAN: What?
MJ: Chucky is make believe (I) Hollywood… It’s just for movies, it’s just make believe.
MEGAN: I know but it has a creepy doll and it talks (sounds scared). And my friend Amber, um, she said that, um, that Penguin (from Batman) is Chucky’s sister (someone in the room is laughing)
MJ: No, it’s not. She’s not telling you the truth.
MEGAN: I know and that always scared me. So I had to take out my Poster of Batman Returns because Batman doesn’t scare me but Catwoman and Penquin scare me. Penquin looks like he has blood down his face.
MJ: Yeah, but do you know what?
MEGAN: It scares me.
MJ: But, you know what?
MEGAN: What?
MJ: That’s all pretend. Hollywood does that. You know like I did “Moon Walker”?
MJ: That’s just pretend. That is not…
MEGAN: I know… But, how do you make that ponytail stick up in the air?
MJ: Where?
MEGAN: In that one guy that said “kill him, kill him”.
MJ: Oh, Oh…You mean Joe?
MJ: The drug dealer?
MEGAN: Yeah.
MJ: They did that with moose and stuff like that. That was a hair piece and they did that, with you know… moose that you put in your hair?
MEGAN: Yeah?
MJ: Yeah.They did it like that. But it’s all pretend, it’s all make believe. That is the great thing about Hollywood… is doing movies… ’cause it’s all pretend. You know, it’s like… you have an imagination and stuff like that.
MEGAN: Is that right?
MJ: Yeah. It’s all pretend.
MEGAN: Well soon, I’ll be starring in a movie because I’m gonna be in one.
MJ: Yeah. I think you will!
MEGAN: Because my dad said he’s going to get me in the movies. And I said “If you get me in the movies, I’ll buy you a golf course”.
MJ: LOUD LAUGHTER. You know how Janet laughs?
MJ: Janet goes (HIGH SQUEEKING SOUND). Janet’s got a real high laugh.
MEGAN: She goes “( repeats: Hee Hee..HIGH SQUEEKING SOUND)” OH, Remember the Time came on when I was driving to “Kids Space”.
MJ: Oh really? On the radio?
MEGAN: In (I) movie
MJ: What movie?
MEGAN: In San Bernadino it came on.
MJ: Oh really?
MEGAN: Yeah. Right before it was Madonna’s new movie song.
MJ: : Did you see my new video?
MEGAN: What one?
MJ: The one called Jam.
MEGAN: Yeah that was good. (pause). And I saw you made like a book of poems.
MJ: Uh huh.
MEGAN: I saw that and… you looked funny when you sat up straight and you were like this and you had your shoulders up real high and you were smiling.
MJ: Yeah?
MEGAN: It looked funny.
MJ: Did you read any of the poetry?
MEGAN: Yeah. A little bit.
MJ: There’s a poem in there. It’s about children. There’s some… There’s a lot of poems in there about children.
MEGAN: Really? ‘Cause I’ve hardly read any of them. I just read a couple of them. There’s one poem you wrote when you were 12 years old.
MJ: Who, me?
MEGAN: Yeah. (long pause)
MJ: What?…are you looking at the book?
MEGAN: No. Just one book. Here you are when you’re 11. “The Magic and the Madness”.
MJ: Oh that! (sounds disappointed)
MEGAN: Here you are in a swimming pool.
MJ: When I was little?
MEGAN: Yeah.
MJ: Tell me! Meagan? (I think he’s distracting her from the book)
MEGAN: Yeah?
MJ: What is your biggest dream you want to be when you grow up.
MEGAN: AN actress, a dancer and a singer…of POP music
MJ: Yeah?
MEGAN: Yeah. Have you seen the movie “Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken?”
MJ: No.
MEGAN: I just watched it and it was a very good show. It was about a girl and she liked um, she found in the newspaper a job… You see, she wanted to be like an actress and stuff. There was a job… there was a horse and it runs up an alley and you jump on the horse…
MJ: Yeah?
MEGAN: And then you run off some more and you drive in the water and a bridge goes up.
MJ: Uh huh
MEGAN: And they run out on the bridge and you come up out of the water and then you bow. It was like that. And she did that, um she did the driving because the other person quit..because she broke her arm…and the other girl takes her place. Ya see, the girl became stuck to the job. And then her horse got sick. So she (continues talking about the horse going wild in the air)…(I’m confused on this part of the translation)..(She continues about 3 more minutes about the movie)..{Michael was listening and going uh, huh, uh huh.] MJ: Yeah that was a true story.
MEGAN: It was a wonderful one too.
MJ: Yeah… pause…Do you still have your (I)?
MEGAN: Yeah. All of it.
MJ: Really?
MEGAN: Uh Huh. Did you watch fireworks?
MJ: Yeah we had fireworks. I went to a party. It was a private party and we had fireworks (I)
MEGAN: A movie star party?
MJ: Well, no it was a private… friends (I)
MEGAN: (I) watching this one show…and all the lights went out and there was like fireworks that go across the sky and more and more would come. AND they were flashing across the sky like. Purple would all head over the left way and green would go that way, red would go straight up and they would all get mixed. It was very good. But, it was in Disneyland.
MJ: Oh yeah?
MEGAN: Yeah. People have even been setting them off in our neighborhood. But, they’re not suppose to.
MJ: I know they’re not.
MEGAN : I heard like fireworks.. I was listening to music and it’s like POP and I looked up and there was fireworks going off. I remember when my brothers…

> Backstory to the Michael Jackson and Glenda Stein tapes

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