Michael Jackson Glenda Tape Transcript 4-3

Glenda Tape 4-3, right click to download

Conversation between Michael and Glenda’s son Jason Stein

Date: approximately in June/July 1992 then in the fall Septemberish 1992

Jason: Hi
MJ: How you doing Jason?
J: Good.
MJ: So what’s up?
J: Nothing
MJ: You wanted to talk to me about something?
J: Uh huh.
MJ: About what?
J: I don’t know
.MJ: You don’t know?
J: Uh huh.
MJ: What’s the matter?
J: Nothing.
MJ: So what have you been up too?
J: Reading a lot.
MJ: Oh yeah. Whatcha reading?
J: Ummm. One book is called “School’s Out” and one of them is “??Westside?? School” and then one I was reading um, a little while ago was um, is called “Maggie Maggie”
MJ: Muggie Muggie? (I think he misunderstood him)
J: Uh huh.
MJ: Which one is your favorite?
J: Um, Schools Out.
MJ: And your school’s out, right?
J: Huh.
MJ: Your school’s out?
J: Yeah.
MJ: So what are you doing this summer?
J: (I) music and going on camps
MJ: That will be fun, huh?
J: Yeah. Today I went to Kids Space Museum.
MJ: Huh?
J: Kids Space.
MJ: Yeah?
J: Uh huh. Then we did dress up and then we had like a beach and I had my… a bunch of shells in cases and two chairs and then it had a whole bunch of sand on the ground and buckets and shovels and on the wall it was painted like water and fish in the water and a bottle floating in the water and at the bottom there is like a big treasure chest…
MJ: (inaudible)
J: Yeah, um they had like ocean noises. I had fun… I went to the beach. Newport (I) the other day.
MJ: Yeah?
J: Yeah. And one guy… he was drunk and he went out in the water.
MJ: Yeah?
J: And um, the lifeguard had to go out there and get him… and he was like walking the wrong way and stuff.
MJ: He was what?
J: Like… when she was telling him to go over here, he was walking the other way.
MJ: Oh really? Because he was drunk?
J: Yeah, and there was a great big huge whale out there. It was making real big water..(I) .touch and so um… he like went high… one of the big whales, on top of the water.
MJ: (I) Water
J: And my mom made a tape for me
MJ: Yeah?
J: Of Janet and… Have you seen the new tape out Madonna made?
MJ: Yeah.
J: About “This Used To Be My Playground”?
MJ: Yeah.
J: She made that one and she got the tape of it so she put on the song “This used to be my playground”.
MJ: Yeah.
J: The one that Madonna sings, she put that on it… And she put on um Prince, that one Money Don’t Matter 2 Night and (I?) and Fine Young Cannibals
MJ: Oh Yeah?
J: “She Drives Me Crazy”
MJ: How’s your friend… that little girl I talked to?
J: Oh Jill? She’s good…

(Break in Tape – The transcript above took place when school was out in the summer and the one below, Jason is in school.)

J: I have a bad sunburn on my face.
MJ: Really?
J: Yeah. At school the teacher had to put that um like gel on my back.
MJ: Uh huh.
J: Aloe Vera.
MJ: Aloe Vera?
J: Yeah. One of the teachers at our school… he got like blisters from the sunburn on his back.
MJ: Ewww.
J: And he’s allergic to Aloe Vera.
MJ: Really?
J: Yeah, so he can’t put it on. He had gel. Another kid… he had like a sunburn, it was making his back peel and Edward peeled off pieces of his skin because it was like peeling off… And then there was another teacher. She had cancer when she was 11 yrs old and she had it in her leg, so she lost one of her legs, and now it’s like a big pole and it has like a cushion all around it and her foot is made of rubber.
MJ: Yeah?
J: And this is funny… she said this is funny… but, she would scare people by letting cars run over her foot.
MJ: (Laughing) That’s funny (Laughing)
J: And we would all go, “There’s a car running over her foot!“ (I) It was funny.
MJ: Laughing
J: And she um she like whenever we were playing a game of cards… I would stick my nails in her leg.
MJ: Yeah?
J: And she would just keep on playing. She wouldn’t even notice it. Well it was weird.
(Somebody else says “Hello”, maybe another kid grabbed Jason’s phone?)
MJ: Yeah, I have a friend in (I)he has a wooden leg.
J: He does? Wooden?
MJ: Yeah, his name is Mike.
J: Mike?
MJ: Yeah, he’s got a wooden leg. He got his leg… what happened was he got his leg shot off.
J: Shot off?
MJ: Yeah.
J: Oh you just reminded me of the friend at school, his dad was a firefighter and he like in that… you know that fire thingie that happened? That is happening… Yeah, in LA (He’s talking about the Rodney King Riots in April 29th 1992, LA)
MJ: What fire?
J: It was like a big fire and people were getting shot and stuff.
MJ: Yeah, when was this?
J: And his father got shot.
MJ: When was this?
J: This um… the Rodney King Thing happened.
MJ: Oh, when they were having all…
J: Like those things.
MJ: The riots?
J: Yeah, the riots.
MJ: Yeah?
J: Um… His father was in it and he got shot and he’s okay.
MJ: Yeah? That’s good.
MJ: I have a dog, and I have it’s… it’s a doberman, a guard dog. He’s big…
J: He’s big? Bigger than Sasha?
MJ: Oh yeah, much bigger.
MJ: He’s a Doberman… You know what a Doberman Pincher looks like?
J: No.
MJ: Oh, they’re beautiful.
J: Yeah? Real beautiful?
MJ: Yeah. He’s black and tan. He’s got a black face and tan eyebrows and his Muzzle’s tan and he’s got a little tail. Well see, Dobermans have these long tails, but people cut them off and make them short. So he’s got a little stubby tail. It’s maybe 2 inches long.
J: Does it… is it hurting when they cut off his tail?
MJ: Does it what?
J: Hurt?
MJ: No, it doesn’t… HOLD ON PLEASE (talking to someone in background)
J: Okay.
(faint talking in background, then Michael comes back)
MJ: Yeah, they cut their tales off and their ears also.
J: They cut off their ears too? (acts real upset)
MJ: Well see…You know, remember my dog I brought over there? She’s too little…
J: She’s way too little.
MJ: Yeah and they teach the Doberman Pinchers to be mean and aggressive to attack.
J: Is yours mean?
MJ: Yeah, the one I have here. He’s real mean. He’s a guard dog. He protects me.
J: If I pet him, would he bite me?
MJ: Well, he’s okay around children. You see, if you give him a command (I) and you give him ??TONTO?? (the dog’s name presumably) a command you say ATTACK, then he’ll attack somebody.
J: If a child did that?
MJ: What?
J: Even if a child does that?
MJ: If okay, like he has a trainer ??TONTO?? has a trainer. If a trainer calls for ??TONTO?? to attack, he would attack whoever he had to attack. Even a child.
J: Did you hear about the first time when I came visiting… I walked in and Sasha looked at my face and she liked… she liked looked at me in a weird way.
MJ: Yeah?
J: And she like opened her mouth like she was going to bite me and she came closer and started (I). I felt like (I) face
MJ: You felt what?
J: It looked like she was going to bite me. But she just came up, and it felt like she was going to bite me, but I just felt like um (I) in my face. It was weird.
MJ: Yeah?
J: (I)
MJ: But she didn’t bite you, did she?
J: I don’t know (I) she cleaned up my face
MJ: (Laughing) It bothers me [if she would bite you] J: (I)
MJ: What?
J: Sasha’s not real mean.
MJ: Well she can be. You know my other dog I have, Shadow? Shadow is not mean at all. You could do any… If I told Shadow, if I said, “Shadow attack!” Shadow would never attack.
J: You should never make shadow be a guard dog
MJ: Well Shadow can’t be a guard dog… because she… it’s not in her blood. Shadow would never attack. Sasha would attack, because Sasha is a guard dog.
J: Did I tell you about that little girl that teaches Sunday School with her mom?
MJ: What’s her name?
J: Kathy…Katcherina?
MJ: Serena?
J: Katcherina
MJ: Katcherina??
J: Yeah. She’s a little girl in our Sunday class. Sunday School Class, where she takes little toddler kids and she’s from Germany…

> Backstory to the Michael Jackson and Glenda Stein tapes

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