Glenda Tape Transcript 4-2

Glenda Tape 4-2, right click to download

Date: Summer/Fall 1992, during the Dangerous World Tour

G: I’m gonna sell it probably in January.
MJ: What?
G: I’m gonna put it on the market in January
MJ: You are?
G: Uh huh
MJ: Why?
G: Because (in a sad voice) (I)
MJ: You don’t have to do that!
G: Well, why not? (chuckling)
MJ: (I)


G: When I first came out here, I lived at lived on 6th street..2 blocks from Wilshire. I lived on the bus line and I use to take the bus every morning down (cut in tape). And I lived in an apartment called Yorshur.
G: (laughing)..that’s what I called it when I first came out here. Hold on..Hold on a second..I think I’m getting a cold. Anyway… Are you there?
MJ: Yes.
G: Then, I lived there for awhile and I met these 2 girls at a boutique.. Diane and Chris. And I lived on Rollo street, which was further down on Wilshire and then at (I) Apartment Complex.
MJ: Wilshire District?
G: Yeah. And then, after that, I moved into Hollywood. I lived at Lexington and Vine in back of the Brookmoor Hotel. It was a really funny place..It had a lot of history. They had this old….this real old guy..this old retired actor that use to play in Horror films and stuff and he turned into a real recluse…and he was uh, a real cat person. There was like 50 cats that lived in that place. I lived there for about 6 months..Then I moved to N. Hollywood….I lived on Gow…I lived in the foothills on Gower street.
MJ: I’ve heard of that.
G: And then I lived…then I moved to North Hollywood on ?Poton? Avenue . And then from there..I went to South Africa. I moved to a lot of places..I hated Hollywood. Oh, I thought that was the worst place to live.
MJ: Yeah, vicious
G: Yeah!
MJ: Yeah it is.
G: Melrose Avenue!! Laughing…We lived across the street from the Hollywood Ranch Market, if you could imagine.
MJ: Yeah, that is..
G: What a trip..Laughing.. Characters like Gav!
MJ: Laughing
G: It was funny. It was real funny. I met a lot of strange people. I guess the most fun was when I first met(I)….he was writing film and he was at Studio City and he gets really (I) out there all the time….to Jim/Jenn
MJ: Yeah, really (I)
G: Yeah
MJ: (I) me. (I?)
G: She did? Isn’t he dead now? I think he died. I think I read something that he died.They use to come out there all the time.(I)
MJ: (I) really (I)
G: Yeah? I’m one of those name droppers
MJ: Both G and M laughing.
G: How you doing?
MJ: (I)
G: You feel real good?
MJ: Yeah..(I) really working my ass. He’s been pushing me all week. Running around (I) closure..
G: Are you eating?
MJ: Yeah! I have to eat. I got a show to do tonight. Of course, I’ll probably lose a couple of pounds on stage. I’m trying to keep my weight at a certain place. I’m starting to eat a lot of proteins and stuff…rice and beans and (I).
G: Uh huh..Do you eat pasta?
MJ: Well… It depends on the if it’s made with vegetable oil or (i)
G: Oh.
MJ: It’s good though… So, I probably drop a couple of pounds at least.
G: How long was your show?
MJ: A couple of hours. Did I tell you I (I) went to (i)?
G: Yeah!


G: Yeah! And then what they really wanted you to…they were really trying to get you to… I was reading…
MJ: A lot of negotiations.
G: Sorry?
MJ: A lot of negotiations.
G: I was reading about that mural that they are going to do of you at the….um…some building….a warehouse..over at the..close the the (I) Chinese Theatre.
MJ: Oh, yeah, that (I) unveiling
G: You’re bailing?
MJ: Unveiling!
G: Unveil….Laughing…I thought you said you were Bailing..Laughing…All right…If you want to bail..Laughing..
MJ: Let me get (I)
G: Okay
MJ: (I) (very hard to hear)… (I)…new girl..(I) cute and stuff
G: She is?
MJ: (I)
G: Say what?
MJ: She’s cute and stuff and her name is Jennifer (I)
G: Oh
MJ: (i) kind of a weird speech and (I)
G: Yeah?
MJ: (I)
G: Everything must be so different, huh?
MJ: Oh they have this one mouthwash… I don’t know the name of it. (I)the AIDs virus.
G: Laughing
MJ: (I) girl had an abscess… It had me crying!
G: NO?
MJ: Yes!
G: Was it worst than Listerine?
MJ: Oh, I HATE Listerine.
G: Laughing
MJ: No this stuff… was… minty… it stinks (I)
G: Laughing… You know what I still have of yours is your plaque! It’s still here.
MJ: Oh really?
G: Yeah!
MJ: Plaque (I)
G: You didn’t? Did you really?
MJ: (I) should know! (I) find out what the best thing better than Listerine?(I). I go to doctors and I like… do you know what I like to do?
G: Uh Uh
MJ: (I)
G: Laughing..oh probably.
MJ: When people get colds… When I get colds or something… I like to watch the germs and stuff.
G: Aaahhhhhh (acting shocked)
MJ: It’s called ….tine….It attacks everything.
G: Oh my god.
MJ: It’s so cool to watch.
G: For you, baby (laughing)
MJ: I love to watch (I) that you know cough up and stuff
G: Oh my god.
MJ: Laughing
G: Oh, no more!
MJ: She was (I)…millions of them… And they were like crawling on top of each another.
G:Aaahhhhh (Shocked)..You and Scooter should get together. She would love this kind of talk. She was telling me today about her Barium Enema that she (laughing) had yesterday.
MJ: Oh god!
G: (laughing) It was the worst.
MJ: What did she say?
G: (laughing)…She just goes into detail. I just wanted to be SICK (I)  I’m (I) pathetic. Now, God, woman… You know I have such a vivid imagination… And she’s heavy. You know? She’s a real fat woman and I can just imagine this. And it just grosses me out…laughing… She drinks this… She’s suppose to (I) do an upper GI every hour. You drink this stuff…
MJ: Yeah
G: …this chalky stuff
MJ: Yeah
G: Then she was telling me how they lay her on her side (laughing) and (I) barium enema (laughing). And she said “they cleaned me all out!”
MJ: Laughing
G: (I) Huh?
MJ: Everything but the taps came out.
G: Laughing…I said, “Please don’t say anymore.” She’s tickled at me. She thinks I’m kidding, but I’m not. I’m just on the verge of running to the woman’s bathroom. She’s very sweet, but very graphic. She loves to really get into it. She would love this.
MJ: (I)
G: Huh?
MJ: (I)
G: Uh huh…
MJ: I Love (I)…United States and everything (I)under the microscope…..and got curious (I)’s interesting (I) it’s all on your body and stuff! Did I tell you about Jess/Ess/Jeff?
G: NO!
MJ: Ess/Jess/Jeff (cut in tape)… I told my friend, I told this girl, I told my friend about what Jess/Jeff did. She cleans her house all the time now, cause she doesn’t want dust to get in.
G: Dust is nasty?
MJ: Yeah… (I)..dusty… even going to the bathroom (I)
G: No!
MJ: Yeah it is!
G: I don’t believe you.
MJ: Yes it is. It’s a medical fact. Ask your doctor.
G: You’re full of it!
MJ: I swear. Ask your doctor.
G: Laughing
MJ: It’s something ya’ll kinda like and that creates dust (I)
G: Oh you are nuts!
MJ: Girl, I’m not. Ask a doctor!
G: Laughing. I don’t believe you.
MJ: I swear to you. I swear on Mothers Life. I wouldn’t lie. It Is!
G: Poor Mother! (Laughing) She’s died a thousand deaths by now. (laughing)
MJ: ( laughing) I swear to you. That’s what it is.
G: Laughing. No!
MJ: Yes it is. I swear, I would not lie.
G: Oh ya’ll…
MJ: It is, I swear.
G: laughing . Oh no!
MJ: I promise. Ask your doctor.
G: You’re going to promise me?
MJ: I swear
G: Laughing
MJ: That’s what it is…


G: I’m reading the most horrible book.
MJ: What cha reading?
G: It’s real bad
MJ: Polter….?
G: No. I’ve already read that one. I read…I don’t read anything unless it’s true. It’s gotta be true.
MJ: What is it?
G: This is called “Early Grave”. And it’s about, um, this man and woman that kill…I guess she kills…She killed 2 or 3 people…2 or 3 girls. She would pick up young girls and then she would kill them. This one..she would did, um, she injected her with draino and liquid plumber.
G: You know..and she injected her in her neck. She was only 13 yrs old.
MJ: Is that right?
G: ..she was only 13
MJ: The lady was trying to kill her?
G: Yes..And that didn’t kill her, so she ended up just shooting her in the back. And she (I). This woman is so horrible.
MJ: It’s a true story?
G: Yeah. And she is so cold and calculating. This happened back in um…well, she was on trial in 83. So I guess it must have been…
MJ: Who was the woman?
G: Judith Neely and Alvin Neely is her husband. But, what a sick person, a real sick woman.
MJ: Really!
G: And she met her husband when they were um, when she was only about 16 and um, she got pregnant and she gave birth to twins. And she actually…when she went around and committed these atrocities, these babies were with her. I mean they were sleeping in the backseat. You know..they just like drifted around from town to town and they did like petty theft and armed robberies and stuff like that to get money..this was around Alabama and Georgia that this all happened. I had heard about it. I had heard about this couple that had taken this 13 yr old girl and kept her for several days and injected her with Liquid Plumber and Draino..I didn’t really know the whole story behind it..And then they picked up another..They picked up a couple. It was a guy and a girl. And this girl, as it turned out, was mentally retarded. But, they didn’t know that. I guess this boy (I) didn’t know that either she was simple. They ended up shooting him and leaving him for dead, but he lived. But, they killed her. But she, um… I didn’t understand, I didn’t know why either. Well, she was married and she would have these babies, she would have these twin babies. But, she was like a lesbian, I guess, because she wanted to get these young girls for herself and sharing them with her husband… I don’t know… I thought you were either one way or another.
MJ: No..(I) girls
G: He seemed to accept (laughing) the situation
MJ: (I) open their legs (I)
G: I guess! Must have been. ‘Cause she wanted him to, you know, have sex with these girls. And she would have sex with them herself. And I thought, God
MJ: That’s a little strange!
G: Huh?

(BEEP—Must be callwaiting)

MJ: When did you get..When did you start reading it?
G: Oh, Um, I got it about 4 days ago.
MJ: Can I read it?
G: Sure!
MJ: (I) good book!
G: Yeah..It is good..Right now. I read where she’s been… she’s in prison and she’s writing letters to her husband. He, um, they couldn’t get him for any of the murders, cause he never seemed to be on the scene when she was committing the murders. But, they got him for rape and the robberies and stuff like that. She was a big woman. She was like 6 foot and big boned
MJ: (I)
G: Huh?
MJ: (I) petite
G: Yeah. And he was a big fat slobbery thing

> Backstory to the Michael Jackson and Glenda Stein tapes

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  1. kat says:

    Do you understand what the dust and going to the bathroom have to do with each other? I want to know since he swore on Katherine’s life about it. lol

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