Glenda Tape Transcript 4-1

Glenda Tape 4-1, right click to download

Date: Sometime June-July 1992, Dangerous World Tour

MJ: (I) I’ve got another call going through.
G: Oh great.
MJ: Hold on just a minute.
G: Okay.
(He’s back on the phone with Glenda now)
MJ: Hello.
G: Hello.
MJ: Hi.
G: Hi. What are you doing?
MJ: I just got out of the shower… cause I’m tired, cause I was up early. I got up at 4:30.
G: I thought you got up at 4:30 every morning.
MJ: No. Sometimes I get up at 5:00
G: (Laughing) Oh (Laughing) Okay.
MJ: I was awake earlier… I got out of bed at 4:30. I’ve been up listening to the radio.
G: What kind of music are they playing?
MJ: Well, I listen to the (I)
G: Oh really?
MJ: Yeah.
G: They play pretty good music?
MJ: Well, a little… it’s old.
G: Laughing
MJ: (I) and they talk about I have that show…
G: Tonight?
MJ: Yeah.
G: Oh.

(cut in tape)


G: Let me turn the radio down.
MJ: What?
G: I said “I got to turn the radio down.” I couldn’t hear you. So what day is it there?
MJ: Saturday!
G: It’s Saturday. Oh yeah, that’s right… it’s Saturday… the 11th. Okay.That’s right…you do have a show. (Laughing)
MJ: Yeah, I do!
G: Laughing
MJ: God…This day is going to go by so slow.
G: No it isn’t. It will be tonight before you know it.
MJ: I’ve got to make an appearance today.
G: What…Where?
MJ: At a Childrens Hospital..(I) Pediatrics. I was going to give away (I) for this family (I)
G: That’s lovely
MJ: So I was deciding… I was deciding what (I) I was going to wear for the appearance.
G: Oh. Did you decide?
MJ: Uh uh.
G: Do you pick your own clothes?
MJ: Yep.
G: You do?
MJ: Uh huh
MJ: I think I’ll wear black and gold.
G: That always sounds nice. You love black, huh?
MJ: Yes.

(Cut in tape – sometime between 12th -14th July, still in Cologne)

MJ: Hello… How ya doing?
G: Fine…It’s been a while huh? Laughing . ‘Cause usually it’s been ages since I’ve talked to you last. (Laughing)
MJ: Yeah
G: (Glenda’s callwaiting beeps).. Hold on…(She’s back)…No, he just called to tell me he was spending the night with Richard.
MJ: (Michael is teasing Glenda, acting like her son that called was making up the story about spending the night with Richard. Michael is insinuating that Richard was covering for his son)… So Michael says: (I) “Good…That ‘s (I) good… Let’s call and tell her that! (I) If she calls you, cover for me.”
G: (Laughing). But, Richard might be with him. (Laughing) No, I don’t believe that. I believe that he’s spending the night. Really!
MJ: You do?
G: Uh huh
MJ: Yeah. He is… he’s a good kid.
G: He is, you know!
MJ: I know he is.
G: He’s kinda wacky… He’s working at our Factory.
MJ: Is he?
G: Yeah
MJ: Ahhhhhh
G: Yeah. I went out to lunch with him today, had lunch…
MJ: You sound really far away.
G: Sorry! So do you! Could it be because you are.
MJ: (I)
G: ( Laughing) So have you had an exciting week?
MJ: Yeah.
G: You been going a lot of place and doing a lot of stuff?
MJ: Yeah. Of course, I visited the children’s hospital (I)… and we went to this…it’s called a Chinese Pond.
G: Oh yeah?
MJ: And you take little baby pigs in the mud because they do..(I)
G: Oh NO
MJ: It was fun.
G: There’s nothing cuter than a BABY PIG!!
MJ: I’m gonna get one.
G: …with his little tail… Oh, How darling!
MJ: I’m gonna get a Pot Belly.
G: Oh I love baby pigs…I just love them.
MJ: Do you?
G: Oh, I do.They are the cutest things in the world. How bout you?
MJ: (I) absolutely
G: What’s cuter than a baby pig? I mean they’re so sweet, their little butts and their little tales and those faces…
MJ: ( Laughing) Would you like to have a baby pig?
G: I’d love a baby pig
MJ: Really? A Pot Belly?
G: Laughing
MJ: (I)
G: Ummm..I think they’ve been having a lot of aftershocks in Big Bear/Bend???? But, I haven’t felt any. (talking about the June 28th 1992 California earthquake)
MJ: (I)
G: Yeah
MJ: (I)
G: Do you? I can’t wait! What are they?
M: They are surprises.
G: Oh NO
MJ: Say it!
G: What?
MJ: SURPRISES…(Glenda must say “surprises” wrong and he wants to hear how she says it)
G: SURPRISES…(Laughing) Alright..Yeah… I like “s’prises”
MJ: We’ve been doing a lot. (I) Didn’t I tell you about that?
G: I don’t think so.
MJ: We went on a balloon ride…
G: Aahhhhh
MJ: It’s beautiful up…
G: Is it? You’re in Cologne now Right?
MJ: Yep.
G: Huh?
MJ: Yes.
G: Is it nice there? Is it any different?
MJ: Yeah.
G: (Glenda’s callwaiting beeping again.) You know who’s phone I’m on… HOLD ON.
Glenda and Michael are back on now..
MJ: Maybe.
G: What?
MJ: What?
G: (Laughing) What?
MJ: Laughing
G: Umm. Who were you talking to?
M: I was talking to someone across the street.
G: Oh… That must have been (I) I love your telephone (must mean his mobile). I should have known better. You know what?
MJ: What?
G: It is SOOOOO wonderful in this room that you slept in. I took the…
MJ: I would call it my room.
G: You didn’t want me to. I thought you didn’t want me too… okay… Your Room. There’s such a beautiful breeze in here right now.
MJ: Isn’t it nice?
G: It really is nice. I took out the… part of the window. You know, in the front? That big window? I took out that pane… The big pane.
MJ: Really?
G: I took out the window and the screen is there. But, the window. There’s only… You cut it in half. Half is the window and the other half is the screen. So, I’ve got this wonderful breeze coming in and it feels great.
MJ: Are you in my bed?
G: Of course. (Laughing) I’ve been sleeping here.
MJ: I love that room.
G: Huh?
MJ: I love that room.
G: You know what? I love it too. I never realized how much I love it.
MJ: Oh yeah.
G: I’ve been sleeping in it all week.
MJ: Really? I like it I love it. And I think the bed is real comfortable.
G: Yes it’s got… They both have really nice mattresses.
MJ: Yeah, they do.
G: There’s just something peaceful about this room.
MJ: Yeah.
G: Yeah, I prefer it to my own.
MJ: Do you? I like yours. I like your bed… but I don’t like my bed. My mattress is too noisy.
G: Yes, it is! (Laughing) Hey Michael? It’s soooo mundane compared to what you have. I mean, you have so many beautiful things. I can’t believe you like something so ordinary.
MJ: (I)… I wrote something for you!
G: Did you? Can I hear it? (Glenda thinks Michael would say No)… so she says “No”, huh?
MJ: You can hear it. Let me get it upstairs. But, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way… Okay?
G: Oh God.
MJ: No. It’s not bad. But, I don’t want to seem like a typical nigga. It’s not like I’m coming on to you or anything.
G: Alright.
MJ: It’s just… Well, you’ll understand.
G: Okay.
MJ: Let me go get it, okay? Because I’m in the other room and I..
G: Okay.
MJ: It’s simple.
G: Alright.

(CUT IN TAPE) (Talks about London so maybe August 20-25th 1992)

G: Sure! What did you say?
MJ: I went back to London the other day.
G: Oh you did? Do you go over there often?
MJ: London is like…. um (depending on where you are in Germany)… like an hour and a half away.
G: How Nice! I always wanted to go to London. Do you like it? Is it very clean?
MJ: (I)
G: Just working!
MJ: (I)
G: Yeah, aahhh


MJ: I’m sure it’s (I)
G: It is! Laughing
MJ: I’m sure (I)
G: It’s a beautiful evening… I love this
MJ: Excuse Me?
G: I said, this is a beautiful evening. I love this kind of evening.
MJ: Is it dark over there?
G: Yeah. It’s dark and it’s a lovely breeze. It has been miserable. You know it’s been really hot. And it’s been real hard to sleep at night and it’s really nice tonight.
MJ: Don’t ya’ll not turn on the air?
G: No.
MJ: You don’t?
G: Uh uh. Never did. We have air conditioning in the living room and there’s, an air conditioner unit in the bedroom… the other bedroom… (clears throat) So we never had to turn on the air
MJ: (I)
G: You do? Laughing

> Backstory to the Michael Jackson and Glenda Stein tapes

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