Glenda Tape Transcript 2-4

Glenda Tape 2-4, right click to download

Taped sometime when he was in Germany in June, 1992, during his Dangerous World Tour.

G: So does your family not get together today for fathers day?
MJ: I don’t know, I don’t know.
G: You just got that phone call and that was it?
MJ: I know mother–
MJ: (in posh English accent) Would you like a spotted dick? (it’s an English dessert)
G: Sounds interesting (Laughing)
MJ: I don’t think so.
G: (Laughs)
MJ: My commercial’s running now (Pepsi Dreams commercial I’m guessing)
G: What commercial?
MJ: (i) [Dreams?] G: Is it?
MJ: Yeah
G: I haven’t seen it, is it here?
MJ: Oh no, you won’t see it in the states.
G: Why?
MJ: Laughing
G: (Laughs) Why?
MJ: Would you (I)
G: Yes
MJ: (I) I’m not really that important/ involved at this stage except for the fact that I was y’know in it/did it. It almost means nothing now. (I think he’s talking about the TV show, Jacksons: An American Dream, which aired that fall)
G: No, I guess not. But that’s your decision, isn’t it?
MJ: Well, yknow (I). There’s not very many black people here.
G: No?
MJ: No.
G: You know, the German women really like black men.
MJ: Yeah so do the women over in at (I)
G: Is it?
MJ: Yeah. Black men aren’t really allowed to be there really. They don’t appreciate black men.
G: (laughing)
MJ: Yeah, but their women like the black men though (laughs)
G: laughing
MJ: (I) And it snowed here, flying over (I) So green and so brilliant and beautiful.
G: Sounds lovely!
MJ: I get so (I)
G: Really?
MJ: I guess I have a lot more (I)
G: I guess.
MJ: Yeah.
G: So how long will you be there?
MJ: Well, until the 25th is the schedule
G: Hold on. Okay?
MJ: (I) today, then after that I’m gonna be in Cologne July 11th… still there?
G: Uh huh
MJ: Cologne till July 11th
G: Uh huh
MJ: Gonna be in Frankfurt on August 28th
G: Okay
MJ: gonna be in Stuttgart on the 7th
G: Is it S T U G
G: G?
MJ: No, S T U T T G A R T Stuttgart and that will be on August 30th, I’m skipping my birthday. Then I will be in Berlin on September 6th. Then I will be in GE — GE—-
G: (Laughing) Go on
MJ: Let me spell it. G E L S T no I’m sorry G E L S E N
G: Oh, wait a minute here we go, G E L S E N
MJ: K I R C H E N (Gelsenkirchen is a city in Germany, but he didn’t play there) September 6th
G: Okay
MJ: That’s what I’ve got for now
G: Okay. That’s what you’ve got for now. Good that sounds exciting for you
MJ: So that’s my schedule.
G: You sound so wonderful. You sound better than I’ve ever heard you.
MJ: (Giggles) I’m not, well, you know this is how [I really am ask my brothers] G: I guess
MJ: And I’ve got the Hese—hesevonsin–
G: (laughing)
MJ: Hese- it’s a hospital
G: What’s it called?
MJ: It’s called Hesuit-Hersuits H E R Z then the next letter is J E S U Khron- Khronosinhouse hospital K R A N K E N H A U S (the German word for hospital is Krankenhaus which is what I think he’s trying to spell out! I googled and found a Herz Jesu hospital, maybe that was what he was talking about?)
G: Good grief, that’s a hospital? (laughing)
MJ: Yes
G: (laughing) Okay. What do you do? Do you visit children there?
MJ: Yeah. Yeah, I’m going to
G: Well, they showed you on MTV, they showed you on (Monday?)
MJ: When was this? The other day?
G: Oh yeah, it was when I was with Lynette.
MJ: Oh really? You saw it?
G: Yeah, you cut your hair.
MJ: Oh I trimmed it. I trimmed it a little.
G: Anyway, you look swell.
MJ: What?
G: You look swell.
MJ: Oh, thank you.
G: Laughing
MJ: (I)I know about (I)
G: Why?
MJ: (I)concerts, you know a lot of stuff and then (I)
G: I’m sure you’ll be perfect. You’ve put a lot into this, It’s gonna be perfect
MJ: Yeah, I know but it always takes a little time [to do? Get into?] [Tape cut] G: There’s a part when you, there’s a part in Jam, when you, um, I think it’s when you catch the ball-
MJ: Don’t tell me…
G: (Laughs) What?
MJ: I look like Janet.
G: Nooo! (laughs)
MJ: Oh.
G: I was gonna say you just like, you have a very vulnerable look on your face. (laughing)
MJ: When I catch the ball?
G: Yeah.
MJ: And I’m smilin’, right?
G: No, not really. No, you’re not really smiling. No, you don’t look like you’re smiling, you look king of lost. Really lost.

I think she’s talking about:

MJ: Okay, it’s not the frame that I was thinking of.
G: No. It’s towards the beginning.
MJ: Oh, yeah. You mean when I was with Michael and- I look confused or something?
G: When somebody throws you the ball and you catch it, you just have a real off look on your face.
MJ: Did you like the video?
G: Yeah. I do like the video, I like it a lot.
MJ: I remember when you called me (I), excited.
G: Yeah?
MJ: Yeah.
G: Do you talk to a lot of people on the phone?
MJ: No, why?
G: I was just wondering.
MJ: Why would you ask that?
G: I just wondered if you did. (Laughs) Oh, I read, um, I got a magazine to read on the plane. I bought Us magazine, and there was a couple of poems in there, I guess from your book, and there was a picture of you with a veil over your face.

MJ: Uhuh?
G: It was the poem, um- one of the poems was the Ryan White-
MJ: Oooh, the Ryan White poem?

Michael’s Ryan White poem:

Ryan White, symbol of justice
Or child of innocence, messenger of love
Where are you now, where have you gone?

Ryan White, I miss your sunny days
We carelessly frolicked in extended plays

I miss you, Ryan White
I miss your smile, innocent and bright
I miss your glory, I miss your light

Ryan White, symbol of contradiction
Child of Irony, or child of fiction?

I think of your shattered life
Of your struggle, of your strife

While ladies dance in the moonlit night
Champage parties on charted cruises
I see your wasted form, your ghostly sight
I feel your festering wounds, your battered bruises

Ryan White, symbol of agony and pain
Of ignorant fear gone insane
In a hysterical society
With free-floating anxiety
And feigned piety

I miss you, Ryan White
You showed us how to stand and fight
In the rain you were the cloudburst joy
The sparkle of hope in every girl and boy

In the depths of your anguished sorrow
Was the dream of another tomorrow

G: Yeah. And then there was another one but I don’t remember. About a baby looking at his mother’s face or something. I was really very taken with the Ryan White one.
MJ: Oh, they got a really, really a lot of nice drawings that I do. Some nice photographs and stuff.
G: And there’s a couple of pictures, besides the picture of you with a veil over your face, there’s a picture of you standing with your black jeans and your redshirt and your hat. And then there’s a picture of-
MJ: There’s pictures of paintings that I did, too?
G: Oh. Well, not in this magazine that I got.
MJ: Oh.
G: I was talking about US magazine. And there’s a picture of you sitting. Just sitting. Yeah. It’s fun ‘cause it’s (i)??- it’s nice. It’s a nice picture.
M: Well, I hope you like the book
G: I’m sure I will
M: That’s what I was going to give (I)
G: Oh? That would be nice
G: Yeah they asked about you.
M: [Asked what?] G: Yea. Scooter said to me, when I got back, “Did you see Michael on television?” (laughing) and I said “Yea”.
M: This is what I wrote describing music. “People ask me how I make music. I tell them I just step into it. It’s like stepping into a river and joining the flow. Every moment in the river has it’s song. So I stay in the moment and listen.”
G: “In the moment” what?
MJ: “I stay in the moment and listen.”
G: Oh, I see. Oh, that’s beautiful, Michael. When did you do all of this?
MJ: [I wrote this poem over at, I just collected, I’ve been doing a lot. I’ve been writing poems for always. I got something for you that I wrote] (I)
G: Yeah, that would be very nice
MJ: Yeah. (i). It says (Inaudible something style?) I love you, it says a lot.
G: It does?
MJ: Yeah, it does.
G: When did you write it?
MJ: I wrote this about- Oh! Guess what?
G: What?
MJ: Guess what I got. (chocolate butterscotch!! Mmm).
G: (gasps loudly) Did you really??
MJ: Yeah, I did!
G: [Do you like it?] (laughs)

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  1. kat says:

    Do you remember when Oprah interviewed Janet and Janet said Mike was on Tour and she had not spoken with him in two years? Do you think this is the same time Mike was talking to Glenda? Why do you think he would not want to return calls to Janet?

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