Glenda Tape Transcript 1-4

Glenda Tape 1-4, right click to download.

Tape: 1-4, taped: June 27th 1992, Munich, Germany, start date of the Dangerous World Tour

Arriving in Munich:

Glenda: Hello?
MJ: Hey!
G: Hey.
MJ: How you doing?
G: Fine, how are you?
MJ: Oh, I’m doing very good.
G: You sound real good.
MJ: Yeah. I’m having a great time.
G: That’s wonderful. I bet you’re excited, huh?
MJ: Yeah I am, tonight’s the show!
G: Are you all ready?
MJ: Yeah. I know, you know, I know it’s gonna be rough, we’re starting out a little rocky [but it’s starting to come along?] G: I can’t even imagine the excitement you must be feeling.
MJ: Girl, you know and, it’s, I’m still in America time, you know?
G: Yeah?
MJ: But I’ve been so tired, we passed soundchecks today. It’s like God, I have a show to do!
G: (laughs)
MJ: How was your trip?
G: Oh it was just fine, it was very nice. So you, um- how long will the show be, how long does it last?
MJ: The show?
G: Yea.
MJ: Tonight?
G: Yeah.
MJ: Well, a couple hours, a little longer than that you know. We’ve got a big crowd. It’s gonna have pyrotechnics and it’s gonna have… it’s gonna have a lot of, you know, stuff like that ’cause I looove that kind of stuff. And it’s gonna have illusions and it’s really exciting, I can’t wait.
G: (chuckling while he talks)
MJ: I love it, I never wanna come home.
G: (chuckle)
MJ: And you know I’m gonna feel [accepted? Exactly like that?] on stage. Especially when [all that (I) all over the place] Oh God, I love it! I love this. Yeah.
G: That’s wonderful.
MJ: So excited
G: I can hear it in your voice
MJ: I’m taking all (I) I’m doing my vocal exercises and stuff, [going to bed] and (I)
G: Is your voice in top form?
MJ: Yeah!
G: (clears throat) Are you feeling okay?
MJ: I’m feeling great. Feeling so good. You know, I was kinda a little bit skeptical when this (inaudible) but now that I’m here I can’t wait, I can’t wait!
G: (laughter)
MJ: Can’t wait. I went, we went to this hospital, and we saw a lot of — we weren’t we weren’t– I been back and forth already [to Germany?] And we, um, were on this helicopter ride and it’s beautiful in this country. I mean there’s a lot of green, blue skies, lot of green. (I) And we saw this castle, it’s this Bevaria castle, you know?
G: uhuh
MJ: And it’s called Noo—Noo Sheee..sjdskdjaskj.. wooonnnn…. sheee… cheeee (trying to pronounce it) (He’s talking about Neuschwanstein Castle, it was the inspiration for the Sleeping Beauty castle)

G: Yeah… Yeah.
MJ: And, and… yeah.
Michael and G: (laugh)
MJ: And King Ludwig used to rule there, he used to live there. They say he was a real loony toons. Like they said he was really strange, yeah.
G: Hold on. Hey! Go ahead. (another line? Someone says Hello in the background)
MJ: (mumble) I heard: (I) you hollering?
G: Come and find out (Glenda is talking to a person in the room again)
MJ: What?
G: I’m talking to (Kevin? maybe her son Damion?) right now. He want’s to say hello to you. He hasn’t talked to you in awhile. (silence). Is that alright?
MJ: Yeah!
G: Hold on.
MJ: (now Michael is talking to someone in the room) How you do that? (laughing) I was gonna say “Bill, what are you talking about?”
G: You can keep talking. He’s not here yet. (talking about Damion/Kevin, I guess).
MJ: Oh. But I get excited. I’m looking at my schedule and stuff. We’re gonna go to Berlin for (I), Cologne, that’s gotta be (I) and this place called Phantasialand.
G: Really?
MJ: We’re gonna go to the zoo in Frankfurt. And we’re gonna go to the (inaudible). And I was hoping, I don’t know, but I don’t know what [days?].
G: (laugh)
MJ: (presumably to someone in the background) I did, I really did!
G: Hello?
MJ: Hi.
G: Hi.
MJ: I’m gonna (I) Schatzi (German word for “sweetie”)
G: I don’t know what that means
MJ: That means… Schatzi means, “Sweetie”
G: Uh huh
MJ: What was the next (I) I said hello and (I) (both laugh) Yea, I like that.
G: What’s that mean again?
MJ: It means, Schatzi means… (i) Schatzi the music.
G:Ooh, that sounds nice.
MJ: We have this MTV here but it’s 2 years old.
G: Oh really? Oh.
MJ: Yeah, it’s really weird though. Have you ever been to [London?] G: Yeah.
MJ: They’re like, you know, as far as LA is concerned they’re like 2 years behind
G: No.
MJ: Yeah, they’re 2 years ahead of us. And even in Germany, they’re, it’s different. The girls are (I)
G: Really?
MJ: Yeah they are.
G: When we went to South Africa it was like, our clothing was about 3 years ahead of y’know, the United States. Then we came back our clothing was ahead of everybody. Then they caught up about 3 years later.
MJ: Isn’t that weird?
G: Yeah it was (laughs) it was weird.
MJ: Have you had a nice time (I)?
G: Yeah, hello? (laughs)
MJ: Good, (I) gutt?
G: It was very nice, very relaxing (romantic?)
MJ: Really?
G: laughs
MJ: Did you see the card that I sent to Sam?
G: Yes, I did. It was very sweet. He liked it.
MJ: (Inaudible) [He was good to me?] G: Well yeah, you haven’t talked to him in ages. He’s been gone a lot, though. He’s gone every night.
MJ: (I) I do, I love [being gone from the states] laughs
G: Really?
MJ:Yeah I do, laughs. (I) You know what’s really weird? I was just telling (static goes up)
G: Okay.
MJ: Today and yesterday, like on the top of your head, like on the right side–
G: Yeah.
MJ: — been getting a really sharp pain and they go away. And it was a really, really sharp pain.
G: Have you ever had those before?
MJ: No. No, I haven’t… I mean, I had them earlier, tonight and then [like yesterday] G: Maybe you’re just tired.
MJ: I never had that before.
G: Never?
MJ: No, no. But then they go away. But they’re real sharp pains, just like on the very top of my head on the right side.
G: Oh.
MJ: (Inaudible, ich?) …haven’t had it, haven’t had it.
G: Are you taking your medicine?
MJ: Yeah.
G: Are you eating?
MJ: …Yeah.
G: (laugh)
MJ: We have this thing, it’s a (inaudible). We had them in London (he pronounces it so British, it’s cute), I didn’t, I didn’t taste it- EAGHH. Actually, when I heard it, I heard about it a long time ago. Did you see the movie King Ralph?
G: No.
MJ: There was this pastry out in London in stuff, and it’s called a Spotted Dick.
MJ and G: (both laughing)
MJ: (imitating someone else) ” It looks good.”
G: Sounds terrible! (laughs)
MJ: (In British accent repeats) “Would you like a Spotted Dick?”
G: Laughing.. That’s funny.
MJ: Laughing..”Would you like a Spotted Dick”?
G: It sounds interesting.
MJ: I don’t think so.
M & G laughing

This is the English pastry “Spotted Dick”:

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