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Glenda Stein Tapes and Michael Jackson Backstory

Glenda Stein Tapes and Michael Jackson Backstory, Damion Stein

Glenda Stein with Michael Jackson

These are the audio and transcripts made of tape recordings of Michael Jackson speaking on the telephone to the Stein family from 1990-1992. Michael had been contacted by Glenda’s son Damion Stein sometime around 1984 when Damion was a kid and Michael had written a letter back to the Stein family and a friendship had developed with the family from there. Damion claims that Michael’s phone calls to his family were taped out of jealousy, because Michael had begun spending a lot of time speaking to his mother, Glenda, at all hours of the day, and her husband Sam was apparently becoming suspicious that they might be having an affair.

The tapes were sold in 2005 to gossip news site Hansnews.com, the TMZ of their day, seemingly by Damion Stein. It is not known whether Michael knew about the recordings, but he has never denied them and by all accounts they seem authentic.

The Stein family are: Sam and Glenda Stein, their sons Damion and Jason and daughter Megan.

Download the Glenda Tapes on Divshare
Password: Mike

As there have been problems with downloading the tapes via Divshare, I’ve uploaded them to the site. You can right click to download. Let me know if there are any problems with these.

Glenda Tape 1-4
Glenda Tape 2-2
Glenda Tape 2-3
Glenda Tape 2-4
Glenda Tape 2-5
Glenda Tape 3-1
Glenda Tape 3-2
Glenda Tape 3-3
Glenda Tape 4-1
Glenda Tape 4-2
Glenda Tape 4-3
Glenda Tape 4-4
Glenda Tape 4-5
Glenda Tape 4-6

Glenda Stein Tapes and Michael Jackson Backstory, Damion Stein

Glenda, Megan and Damion Stein with Michael

Interview with Damion Stein in 2005, who sold the tapes:

Damion: He adopted my family.

We opened up our family to him and he was kind of another member of the family. He got to experience what a family atmosphere was about. And I think that that isn’t something that he ever had himself.

Narrator: One of the most famous men in the world was now regularly driving out to Orange County to stay in Damion’s spare room.

Narrator: The Michael Jackson show got even more demanding, when the star began calling Damion’s mother day and night, to off load about his traumatic childhood.

Damion: He needed someone to confide in.

My dad would be waiting for my mom in bed, for her to to come to bed, and she would never come. She would be speaking to him in depth on the phone, late hours in the night.

Narrator: When Michael started calling three or four times a day, Damion’s father because suspicious and started to tape his telephone conversations.

It was extraordinary and flattering that a star like Michael would choose an ordinary family to confide his secrets to. But then Jackson suddenly stopped ringing.

Damion: And so we just waited on the phone call and it just never came. It was difficult to accept that.

Narrator: One minute Damion and his family were Michael’s best friends, the next they were sidelined.

I want to add:

- Their friendship with Michael began around 1984 and lasted until 1992. They attempt to make it seem as if Michael was fickle and moved on from one family to the next without hesitation, this fact obviously contradicts that.
- They were not the only family Michael was friends with at the time. Other families Michael was friends with included the Cascio’s, Emmanuel Lewis’ family, the Barnes, the Culkin’s, the Agajanian’s, the Robson’s, Safechuck’s family, the Richie’s, Quincy Jones’s family.
- He says his father only started taping the phonecalls out of jealousy. The phonecalls were taped beginning from at least 1990 (possibly 1987) through ’till 1992 and included Michael’s conversations with daughter Megan, son Jason and even Sam himself. Was Sam hoping to find clues about an infidelity from any of those conversations? Wouldn’t it have been possible to know at some point within the first few months whether there was a romance and not after 2 years and possibly longer if Michael had kept calling?
- There’s a conversation between Sam and Michael were Michael sounds tense and suspicious, “You be asking so many questions”; is it possible Michael stopped calling because he realized the family were taping him or using him?
- Considering the fact that Damion and his family not only did betray Michael by taping him, selling these tapes for money and then appearing in a TV show entitled “Michael’s Boys”, it seems reasonable that Michael had legitimate reasons and suspicions for wanting to end a friendship with them.
- The ominous nostalgic darkly lit tone of the interview with the foreboding music in the background really isn’t manipulative at all, is it?

The transcripts organized by the date when they were seemingly taped:

Conversation between Michael and Sam, seemingly about how hard Michael finds it to trust people in relationships (“I can’t afford to mess up”). He’s 32 here so this is sometime between August 29th 1990 – August 29th 1991
This conversation seems to be a continuation of the one above, between Michael and Sam. Assume these conversations take place around the release of LaToya’s book, released February 1991.
Conversation between Michael and Glenda about Joe’s abuse. Michael’s 33 in this conversation so it’s sometime August 29th 1991 – August 29th 1992
Conversation between Michael and Glenda about his appearance. After Dangerous is released in 1991/early 1992.
Conversation between Michael and Glenda about her mother and about Michael’s insecurities. I think this is before he leaves on the Dangerous tour, possibly spring/summer 1992
Conversation between Michael and Glenda about his ex girlfriend and a girl he’s seeing, Melissa. Rehearsals for Dangerous World Tour, June 1992
Conversation between Michael and Glenda about how Joe had just called up to ask for half a million dollars. Father’s Day June 21st 1992
Conversation between Michael and Glenda at the start of the Dangerous World Tour. June 27th 1992, Munich, Germany.
Brandi picks up the telephone, conversation between Michael and Glenda and Michael and Sam about Father’s Day and Germany. 27th of June 1992.
Conversation between Michael and Glenda. Sometime when he’s in Germany in June, 1992, during his Dangerous World Tour
Conversation between Michael and Glenda. Sometime June-July 1992, Dangerous World Tour
Conversation between Michael and Glenda’s daughter Megan. Dangerous World Tour, Monza Italy on July 6, 1992.
Conversation between Michael and Glenda about where she’s lived and about medical things.  Summer/Fall 1992, during the Dangerous World Tour
Conversation between Michael and Glenda’s son Jason. First part in June/July 1992 then from around August/September 1992
Conversation between Michael and Glenda about Bill Bray’s gas problems and about the Jacksons TV series. The television series “Jacksons: An American Dream” is coming up so I assume this conversation is sometime in the fall, 1992

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20 Responses to Glenda Stein Tapes and Michael Jackson Backstory

  1. nrt October 12, 2012 at 8:44 pm #

    Hi it’s me again!

    LOL! I just downloaded all the Divshare recordings but I couldn’t get 4 – 6.

    I’m using Firefox and the right-click to download function does not work. I can load the audio in a new window but I cannot download it…is there any way you can help me?

    Thank you so much!

    • lacienega October 12, 2012 at 11:58 pm #

      You should be able to right click and click “Save Link as”.

  2. Dangerous April 12, 2012 at 4:51 am #

    Wow I have to say I’m not surprise about the “S” transcripts being fake. I notice after MJ’s death that these tapes resurfaced. Obviously back in 2009 I did go to the Hansen website and it dates back to 2005. SO I do believe the Glenda Tapes are authentic. I stumbled across a blog this person claimed to be one of the many few who had the tapes and then had a slew of transcripts. This person said people from Youtube stole her transcripts and audio tapes etc etc. SO this person starting transcribing which are now known as these “S” transcripts. What I found ODD was the fact they never ever posted audio. Then they put the blog on password protected, and eventually a year later she shut the blog down. Now thinking back I realize she was playing a major game having hundreds of people believe the “S” transcripts were authentic. Such a same I even kept some of the transcripts from that blog. Glenda Tapes are real “S” Transcripts are fake. Thanks for clearing it up and I love your website

    • Eva August 2, 2012 at 8:29 am #

      Thank you!
      But do you mean the transcripts above are fake?!

  3. christa March 23, 2012 at 4:29 am #

    hi, i had a question about these tapes. alot of people assume these are fakes because of their content. they say that all the information is taken from books at the time, like taborellis or latoyas. what do you think… i think its nearly impossible to fake the spontaneousness of the calls and the voice is just llike him.. what do you think about that argument though.. that it was only taken from the books.. and also in the tapes he mentions latoyas book as if he read some of it, but in operas interview he says he never read it. i would appreciate your reply thanks

    • lacienega March 23, 2012 at 6:02 am #

      I think he said he didn’t read Toya’s book so he wouldn’t have to be forced into confirming/denying things. He talks about it on the tapes when he talks about what LaToya is saying, saying how they were brought up to say certain things in public and not discuss things and how it’s making him feel conflicted now, “I’m torn between Mother and LaToya.”

      The Stein family have shown photos of themselves with Mike and they do exist, so I don’t know if people want to suggest they as an entire family conspired these tapes together only to hide away mostly. I think faking phonecalls where he doesn’t reveal anything negative would be weird. If they were faked they had Mike’s voice, Glenda Stein, Sam Stein, Jason Stein, Megan Stein, Brandi Jackson and a woman on Sam’s end who all talk, seven different voices and people, it’s pretty in depth for phonecalls where nothing major that could make any scandalous headlines is discussed.

      I don’t know why people fight these tapes so hard, what would be the point of faking a conversation where Mike tries to spell out German words and says one German word that I couldn’t understand until my German friend translated it for me? Why have Mike and Megan talk about a dream she had about Chuckie? Mike and Jason talk about his teacher with a wooden leg? Glenda telling Mike about how she loves baby pigs and how she’s moved into this house or that house? If you had an MJ impersonator and a family whose entire identity you could use including their photos and having one of them speak about it, wouldn’t you fake a lot more interesting stories?

  4. thankyoufortheparty March 18, 2012 at 10:23 am #

    I’ve read that they’re fake. Apparently they were originally offered on a website that was fishy to begin with (around the time of the 2005 trial) and then disappeared for a few years until the owner of the site unfortunately committed suicide. Fans have been circulating these as real more so after Michael died, but most people considered them fake prior to that.

    • lacienega March 18, 2012 at 8:19 pm #

      I’ve posted the link to the original website, Hansnews, which is where they were released in 2005. They didn’t disappear, they’d always been shared amongst fans, it was only his death with new fans who were taking a look back at his life who paid attention to them again. Fans such as me who went back and re-transcribed them because the original transcripts were not accurate, something which was tricky in some places because some of the audio is poor and things like MJ saying a couple of German words were hard to catch, as well as some phrases specific to growing up as an African American musician back then (ex, the original transcript had MJ saying he was on the “chilling circuit” when he was saying the “chitlin circuit”). MJ and his people have never denied that they are real. I’ve included the interview with Damion Stein who is the son of Glenda and seems to have been the one to sell the tapes, as well as the two photos of Michael with him and his family that he included.

      There were also the “S Transcripts” something that only was circulated after his death and which were said to be extra audio tapes from the Stein’s but the audio has never surfaced and it seems almost certain those transcripts are fake. But they don’t have anything to do with the original audio which is available to hear for anyone, and seems very authentic.

      • thankyoufortheparty March 18, 2012 at 9:01 pm #

        Thanks for the speedy reply! Unfortunately I don’t have the information any more ( I do know somebody posted it on the fan forum Crazy Over MJ), but the gist of it was that the tapes were part of a court case and were proven to be an impersonator? I haven’t been able to find too much information on it over the years, but like I said back in the day a lot of us just took them to be fake. I remember the S thing though – what a crack up! I can’t believe people though those transcripts were real, haha!

        • lacienega March 18, 2012 at 9:36 pm #

          Someone made that up and it went viral for some reason, they’ve never been used in any court case. MJ has never sued anyone over them and there’s never been any impersonator associated with them. You can try and find any news citations to back it up but they don’t exist. Kind of funny that someone made that info relating to the tapes up and said the tapes are fake.

          The most interesting news stories about the tapes was how the media were shown to blatantly lie over what was on them. At the time news stories said MJ spent all his time on the tapes talking about women to a young boy over the telephone, that MJ complains about his “nigger hair” at one point, that MJ talks about a cute blonde kid eating cake with him – all things that can easily be seen to be untrue on listening to the tapes. I’m tempted to include a foot note on those stories because that to me is the most interesting aspect on any news stories relating to them. The news stories also quickly fell away when the tapes were released and nothing negative was on them.

          • thankyoufortheparty March 18, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

            Oh man, it’s weird how things travel around the internet like that! Honestly, I had no idea and I’m quite ashamed to admit that as a long-term fan, haha! I may have contributed to a bit of that viral-ness…I reblogged on tumblr the information about them being fake, and I did honestly believe that they were. But after reading your blog here and the information that I haven’t seen anywhere else, I feel that you’re right.

            That said, it’s still very weird to listen to them. It’s such a private conversation/conversations and it’s sad that they even got leaked in the first place.

            • lacienega March 19, 2012 at 1:30 am #

              I think a lot of fans reblogged it because many of them think the “S transcripts” and the Glenda tapes are the same thing. It just kind of bugs me because there were no citations, news stories, or any reports, and I’ve personally ransacked various news archives (google news, and the paid NOTW/Daily Mail/Sun/Mirror archives) as well as the archives on various message boards in order to try and figure out everything I could about these tapes as well as all the other legal issues Michael was involved in during and after the trial, and I know there’s never been any mention of anything relating to them there. It would’ve been very high profile if MJ had sued anyone over something like this. (As an aside I’ve been tempted to try and collect every lawsuit waged against MJ and the details regarding them in a post because I don’t think people realized just how many times he was sued over the years for the most bizarre things). There were even attempts to track down Glenda at one point and many fans did find her and her family’s info which did directly correlate to what was on the tapes (Sam and Glenda being married, their ages, and their three children). Damion Stein also has a youtube channel where he has an interview with Orianthi about her TII work and though he never mentions personally knowing Michael on that interview, it is obviously the same guy from the interview posted here.

              I don’t know if I should add all that info, if people would find it helpful. I could also try and link back to all the various different discussions on these tapes on MJ messageboards from 2005 too if people wanted to see those. Before anyone had transcribed them and because Hansnews seemed confused about it too a lot of people believed the older woman he talks about on the tapes was Randy’s friend Kathy and that Sam’s name was Scott for some reason, so the old discussion could be confusing because that’s what they were working on.

              The S transcripts only appeared after MJ’s death and that did confuse things because many people originally believed they were true (I know I did) until we realized the transcripts didn’t add up (they called Sam the original transcribed name “Scott” – something that still confuses me because nowhere does anyone use that name so I wonder where it came from – as well as timeline details that didn’t add up with MJ’s life or even with these tapes here) and then when they never surfaced and everyone involved with them kind of ran away it became obvious they weren’t real.

              Heh, as you can see I tried to be as thorough in researching these tapes as possible. ;) I can understand if others who haven’t ransacked so many places looking for info might not be aware of certain things. I feel that as these tapes are publicly available that as fans we should use them to help make people realize what a normal guy he was, and how in these conversations it’s obvious he has no deviant interest in Glenda’s children and is much more interested in confiding in Glenda, an adult woman. It reveals once again that MJ’s interest was always in families and not in isolated children. They also make MJ sound incredibly real and human and he’s able to speak about himself in a way I don’t think he would ever have felt publicly comfortable, even if it would’ve been in his own benefit. Much like the “Michael Jackson Commemorated” footage or the “This Is It” footage, which MJ would never have wanted people to see if he had his say but which helped convey a side of him that people never got to see.

              • thankyoufortheparty March 19, 2012 at 3:42 am #

                I definitely think you should preface this page with everything you’ve just told me, because a LOT of fans are still confused over the tapes and its good to get some background on it!

                I really admire your patience to go through and find all that information, heck your whole blog is AMAZING! Great resource dude. <3

  5. mjjazii January 9, 2012 at 11:30 pm #

    Mystery uncovered at last.

    First of all, I’d like to say thank you for all the updates, I’ll be reading up on the new info starting right now ;D.

    I swear, I hate that this happened but at the same time you could tell something was fishy. Especially the conversations with Sam were just creepy. I’d have liked to think that at least with Glenda things remained decent, but Lord knows if Mike hadn’t cut it off with the whole family what could’ve happened.It just goes to show with more inside look to the fans who’ve read the conversations how easily shit can blow up in someone’s face.

    *sigh* I just wish sometimes Michael wasn’t so trusting with people, but then that’s not even it since he’d known them for so damn long. Hell. Definitely a disappoint.

    I’d assume the Glenda Paris had mentioned on Twitter is definitely not Mrs. Stein then?

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