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Michael Jackson’s Real Leaving Neverland: Framed By Victor Gutierrez, a NAMBLA Member Embraced By The Media

Chilean “journalist” Victor Gutierrez

The Michael Jackson allegations were a set up by a man you may never have heard of before named Victor Gutierrez.

Victor comes from Chile and moved to the US in the 80s where he claims he infiltrated a NAMBLA meeting and heard that after seeing Jackson’s relationships with children in the media, they wanted to make him a poster boy for their cause. [1] [2] He’s given various conflicting accounts on how he managed to “infiltrate” NAMBLA that are bogus, for example claiming he’d worked undercover for the LAPD. We called the LAPD and they’ve never had anyone by his full name who worked for them. The likely reason he was there: he too is a NAMBLA member.

Victor admits that it was then that he became obsessed with Jackson. He started trying to track down anyone who worked at Neverland and any family he saw spend time with Jackson in public. After claiming he’d spent 5 months trying to search for them, he managed to meet Wade Robson’s family in 1992 and on meeting with them told them immediately that he was investigating Jackson for being a pedophile. They told Jermaine Jackson in 2011 that at this point they reported him to Michael. [3] Jackson likely just figured Victor was another normal kook and ignored it. Perhaps the biggest mistake of his life.

In mid 1993 after Jackson had befriended the Chandlers, the father who wanted to become a big time screenwriter, suddenly became obsessed with Michael abusing his son, according to their own story, before Jackson had even started abusing him. [4] Phonecalls started coming in around May 1993 to the National Enquirer tipline claiming in fact that Jackson was abusing Jordan. Every week a journalist there told us they were getting these calls with more info on these allegations. [5] They didn’t print the story because the caller had provided no proof and hadn’t been looking to sell the story at the time. This was just as the Chandlers would claim Jackson had started abusing Jordan. So either the caller had been blessed with psychic gifts, had extrasensory perception or something else was going on. Evan hadn’t been around Jordan that much to have any real suspicions of his own, they’d only spent a weekend together at the end of May. [6]

Notably, the Chandler family had been seen in public with Jackson to the point that the Enquirer had already written a story about the family at the start of May, so if anyone had wanted to try and track them down for stories or info in the way someone had done with the Robsons, they would have been able to. Evan also would’ve therefore known how to get a hold of the Enquirer should something pressing like the idea his son was being sexually abused by a superstar turn up, because surely that’s the phonecall you make first before calling the police, a psychiatrist or even perhaps your lawyers.

Jackson had also started investigating Evan because he was making all kinds of weird threats and demands, like asking him to build an extension to their home. Jackson refused. Jordan’s step father and Evan were taped around mid June where Evan claims, “there’s other people involved” waiting for a phonecall to happen to unleash “a certain plan that isn’t just mine”. That Michael Jackson wouldn’t know what was going to hit him. “If I go through with this, I win big time. There’s no way that I lose. I’ve checked that out inside out. I will get everything I want, and they will be totally — they will be destroyed forever.”  Contrary to the later idea that this family was incredibly media shy, he brags on tape that he wants this to be as public as possible. He’s asked if he knows if Jackson has abused his son, he says he has no idea. That his well being is “irrelevant” to him. That all he has is his “imagination” now that neither Jordan, Jackson or his ex wife June had wanted to speak to him anymore after he’d begun his threats. [7] He’s never claimed to have evidence of any of this abuse on Jordan specifically, not at the time, not later, yet he’s utterly convinced that when this goes public there will be more happening that will condemn Jackson.

A few weeks after this after gaining back custody of Jordan, Evan would reportedly drug his son with sodium amytal in order to get him to admit he’d been abused. This was a very convenient choice of drug as it would make all testimony he gave inadmissible in court as that drug makes people highly susceptible. That would mean Jordan would never have had to take the stand, and if he ever did, that his testimony would not be considered trustworthy. [8] Evan had previously demanded that Jackson pay him $20 million for 4 movie scripts he’d written stating that working on them with his son would help bring the pair together which were his purported claims for why he wanted such extortionate demands, Jackson had refused. Evan would then lower his demands to $1 million, Michael Jackson still refused to pay. If he were throwing money at children and parents surely at this point this would have been the time to pay the money and make the whole thing go away. Evan would later brag in his book, “Had Michael paid the twenty million dollars demanded of him in August, rather than the following January, he might have spent the next ten years as the world’s most famous entertainer, instead of the world’s most infamous child molester.”

Instead of reporting this to the police himself like any normal parent, he takes Jordan to a psychiatrist who was legally bound to report it for them. Again, this was a convenient plan because it meant Evan couldn’t be sued for making false allegations as they were reported by someone other than him. It would seem the well thought out plan he’d told Schwartz about before he’d even known about any abuse was being carefully laid out and followed. If his son Jordan had told him that he hadn’t been abused at this point, Jackson could surely have sued him for extortion after all his private threats and demands, so it was very lucky for him that he seemed to know his son would be abused by Jackson before he had been, had called the National Enquirer to report that his son was being abused by Jackson as he was being abused without knowing for sure if he was being abused, and that his son had then admitted to being abused after finally being drugged by him in order for him to demand the exact same sum of money he’d demanded of Jackson without knowing his son was being abused.

The week the story breaks the Chandlers sell the story to the National Enquirer, with full direct quotes from both Evan and Jordan. They would later claim they didn’t take Jackson to court because they were scared of all the publicity. Yet it would seem they had been trying to take this to the National Enquirer since before Evan had even drugged his son to confess abuse, then sold a story the second it had become public.

It’s here where Victor Gutierrez is going to the journalist Diane Dimond at Hard Copy claiming he has the inside info about these allegations, she would later brag publicly that he was her “best source”. What did he impress her with that she believed he had impressive links to the Chandlers and others? A man named Rodney Allen starts messaging Dimond from Canada as soon as the allegations break, writing to her about once a week claiming that a Jackson family member had abused him in the past. He’s ignored as he comes off mentally unwell.

A week after the allegations break, Victor Gutierrez himself would be interviewed by the LAPD over two days, it’s unknown whether he made himself available or if they had sought an interview with him, but he would tell them that he’d been working on a book explicitly about this subject and had “interviewed” some of the boys that were being sought in connection by the authorities already. The boys he would cite in his book as victims he claims he knew about were: Spence, Safechuck, Wade, Brett, Macaulay, Jordan. [9]

Disgruntled employees spring up, overly eager to sell their stories to Diane Dimond’s Hard Copy and a few other tabloid outlets for tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, claiming they’d witnessed Jackson in the shower, jacuzzi or touching a few boys:  Spence, Safechuck, Culkin, Wade, Brett Barnes. Conveniently none of them would claim that they’d witnessed the main victim in all this, Jordan, being abused. This would mean that the chances this would go to criminal court would be lower as there would be nothing but one word against another.

In a lawsuit against Michael Jackson, these employees would claim they’d been fired for “knowing too much about Jackson’s relationship with boys”, though earlier they had also told police and a jury that they’d seen nothing and in fact felt comfortable letting their children around him. They demand $16 million in compensation in the lawsuit. It’s from this suit we find out that they had all interacted with a certain Victor Gutierrez. They say they’d spent a few hours with him before selling their stories and that he’d helped them with their lawsuit, they would also later say he’d put words into their mouths and said things they hadn’t even claimed. Michael Jackson wins the lawsuit against these employees, the judge finds they have stolen from him, lied, sold stories about him, at one point the judge is so appalled by their behavior he leaves the bench in disgust. Jackson was awarded $1.4 million in damages which they never paid. Many of them like McManus still continue to sell stories recounting ever more lurid and graphic acts they’d seen Jackson perform without so much as a single word mentioned about this lawsuit or her many contradictory testimonies in court and to the police. [9] [10]

Around October or November of 1993, with a paucity of credible victims and witnesses, Gutierrez is claiming in Chile that two kids were abused by Michael in Latin America. That claim isn’t heard from again. Then in December of 1993 he contacts the FBI to tell them that they had already investigated Michael for sexually abusing two Mexican boys in 1985, but that it had been overlooked because Michael was receiving an award from the president. It was actually the previous year he’d received that award, but the FBI did a search on their files and could find no such investigation had ever taken place. I believe Victor would later claim that it was an FBI fact that there had been an “investigation” by the FBI into these allegations based on the phonecall he had made himself. [11]

The draft drawing the Chandlers (and Gutierrez?) had completed in October of 1993.

This month Michael Jackson also strips naked and allows his body to be documented by police, a brave decision to make if he knows Jordan had indeed seen him naked. Bizarrely it was the prosecution who then submitted a multiple choice to Jackson to either hand over the photos of his naked body, submit to taking more photos or have the photos barred from court. They wanted to force Jackson to make the choice to bar the photos so they could claim that Jackson wanted to hide something and not they themselves, because obviously there was no way he’d take more photos or hand anything over to them knowing that they could use it to work around or sell obnoxious stories about. Jordan who was Jewish had claimed Jackson was circumcised (as their writing on their drawing shows: “Mike – circumcised”), he was not. The Chandlers would later include a draft version of what Jordan had claimed in a book, where they have a little box which states “My theory” in regards to how they believe Jackson’s genitals looked, unintentionally revealing to us that they lacked that knowledge themselves. There are mentions to a secretary Jackson once had called Orietta Murdoch who had been fired before Michael had met the Chandlers, as well as graphic details about Brett Barnes. Orietta had been one of the people Victor had befriended and Victor had been obsessed for some reason with Brett Barnes. [12]

It’s around the same time in October when Jordan gives a further interview to Dr Abrams which contradicted some of the timelines in his earlier report to his case worker Rosata, and one of the things he also does is list boys he claims Jackson had told him he’d abused as though it were proof he were an abuser, their names were edited but in context we can tell that they seem to be: Spence, Safechuck, Wade, Brett, Cukin. The same names Victor had outlined in his book and the same ones cited by the “witnesses”. 

Jackson’s forced to stop touring and enters rehab, he’s then sued by $20 million for the cancellation. Jackson had been fighting to get the criminal trial started first; he wanted to risk going to prison over these allegations. But the judge ruled in favour of the Chandler’s who had been fighting from the very beginning so that the civil one could be allowed first, and that Jackson could be deposed for this. This would violate his first amendment rights as the Chandlers could use his testimony to amend their own stories and legal strategy. His legal team therefore wanted to settle the civil trial and encouraged him to do this at this point, though he’d resisted for over six grueling public months.

After he does so, the case goes through two grand juries in the summer of 1994 and they refuse to prosecute him. One juror states that no damaging evidence had been heard. They interviewed 40-60 children, 400 people. Apart from the Victor “witnesses” who went to the media first, nobody has any info about anything and there are no further victims. [13]

A year later a story breaks in January of 1995 by Diane Dimond that Jackson’s being investigated by the LAPD for a tape of him sexually abusing one of his nephews. Diane Dimond claims on air that the descriptions of these acts bear a remarkable similarity to the acts that it was described were committed against Jordan Chandler. Jackson sues over this. The source of this claim is our friend Victor Gutierrez. In court he would change his story numerous times and admit he had no knowledge of the tape or who the victim was, and in fact challenged Michael Jackson to produce both things for him. At this time he also publishes a book he claims is compiled of documents from the Chandlers, claiming detailed graphic accounts about the sexual abuse Jackson orchestrated on children including Jordan. He includes the “draft” drawing that the Chandlers would later use on their website, depicting what Jackson’s genitals supposedly looked like according to them. The book is very lurid and involves a lot of fecal matter, and also portrays the idea of child abuse as consensual and “loving” (Jordan never portrays it this way himself in his own psychiatric interview, this is a story conveniently added by the NAMBLA attendee and “boys and men can engage in sexually fulfilling relationships” proselytizer Gutierrez later). This book would be involved in the lawsuit and Jordan and Evan Chandler would give sworn declarations denying they had knowledge of any of various quotes in the book, but never once denying they’d met Victor. The judgement for this is in Michael’s favour at $2.6 million. Victor flees back home to Chile and pays Jackson nothing. [14]

Around this time a Canadian boy starts contacting Diane Dimond to tell her he’s also been abused by Jackson. He’s very graphic and comes up with detailed layouts for Neverland and even Jackson’s parent’s home. He’s able to identify Jackson’s staff by their photos. He completes a drawing of what he claims Jackson looked like during their alleged sex act. Dimond and Hard Copy fly up to speak to him, he continues with his story, never wavering. There was an intermediary who said he’d be there and he never shows up. They manage to find out that this man is Rodney Allen. The same one who’d been letter writing them previously. The boy breaks down and admits it was all a lie. Dimond never pursues this story, never wonders how this child was coached to give such compellingly accurate details about homes he’s never been to or why Rodney Allen went through all this, or even how odd and sinister it is that a boy has been coached to claim abuse by any man at all. [15]

Having refused to testify in front of the grand juries, Evan and Jordan Chandler sue Michael Jackson again for $60 million. They threaten Jordan will testify this time around. Evan wants Jackson to let him release an album called EVANstory where he wants to sing about his son’s supposed sex abuse, as loving fathers are wont to do. They provide monthly updates to the Enquirer about this. The case is thrown out of court and they’re required to pay Jackson’s legal fees. [16]

In 1999 Rodney Allen is arrested for the sexual abuse of boys, in a way in which anyone besides Diane Dimond could otherwise have predicted. At that time he was posting on online forums obsessed with Jackson, claiming he’d be caught for sexual abuse soon and sharing the numbers for the Chandlers and others in the case. He seems very upset at the uncle Ray Chandler, a man who Evan used as another intermediary with the press in order to get out of the NDA agreement; seemingly Victor and the Chandlers had had a falling out. The Chandlers had immediately tried to sell their book about the allegations in 1994 after the settlement instead of seeking to testify against Jackson, but no publisher would touch it because of their NDA. [17] Victor Gutierrez had used many notes and photographs sourced it would seem from the Chandlers; had the Chandlers originally intended to use Gutierrez to publish the book to get out of the NDA only for the lawsuit against him to jeopardize that? Or had they fallen out over the book for other reasons? Either way, Gutierrez’s illustrious relationship with the Chandlers would seem to draw to a close here and Ray Chandler, who would later publish their own book in time for the 2005 trial, would refer to Victor as a “sleazebag.” (Jackson would subpoena Ray to testify over their book in the 2005 case, an odd decision if he believed Ray could say anything damaging against him; Ray would refuse to testify against his nephew’s supposed abuser and would essentially claim his book was fiction [18])

Around the early 2000s a story breaks in Chile about a case involving a man named Spiniak being involved in child sex abuse. Suddenly another victim comes forward. A boy who claims he’d witnessed that Spiniak had been involved in orchestrating a child sex ring with politicians from a certain political party, and he’d participated in these orgies. The stories were incredibly graphic, at one point I believe he claims that a politician defecated into a child’s mouth. The claims fall apart when it’s discovered that Victor Gutierrez had paid this boy 20,000 pesos and bought him new trainers before he came out with this story, that he’s the only witness and that there’s no other evidence. [19]

“Lawyer confirms that Victor Gutierrez delivered money to L.Z (initials used to protect the alleged child victim)”

Either unaware of these aspects of his past or just blissfully unconcerned, Victor Gutierrez would continue to be used as a “best source” by Dimond, Martin Bashir, Vanity Fair, and in fact Tom Sneddon would say he believed Victor’s book was accurate and would attempt to examine witnesses using some of the scenes depicted, which for example June Chandler contradicted. [20]

After Michael Jackson’s death, some of us who’ve spent years researching these allegations would wonder about this Gutierrez. Why did he feature in almost every single allegation against Michael? Every witness was through him, every victim was someone he had met at some point. How did such a fortuitous thing happen? How was this Canadian man capable of learning enough about the intimate details of Michael Jackson’s life in order to coach a child to make such a compelling case about also being his victim? How would a man like Rodney Allen with a stated mental IQ deficit seem capable of organizing such a calculated thing and what would have been in it for him? Why was Victor so invested in the Neverland 5’s lawsuit against Jackson? We find out about the Spiniak case, learning he’s coached a child for money previously.

So we write to Rodney Allen in prison and ask him if he remembers his friend “Victor”. We deliberately don’t include Victor’s last name. He writes us back enthusiastically about his old friend “Victor Gutierrez” and a spiel about Michael Jackson. He tells us that he’s mad at Victor because he “and Evan Chandler” owe him money, but he doesn’t say for what. On the taped call with Schwartz Evan had claimed he’d already spent thousands organizing his “plan” against Jackson, including obtaining “information” against Jackson. [21] “I was to be paid a large amount of money when things settled down, I was promised by Victor Gutierrez and Evan Chandler that it would be paid. But they didn’t pay me. Michael never touched him [Jordan] and sexually hurt him.” He blames Victor for his own child abuse arrest and the fact that he had NAMBLA materials in his home. He tells us Victor had abused a boy in a hotel one time. [22]

So there are now at least two boys who have been coached into claiming sexual abuse connected to Victor Gutierrez, both in such a convincing manner that they did so to the police. Was Jordan also a victim of Gutierrez’s coaching via Evan Chandler? Was Gutierrez one of the men who Evan Chandler had in place waiting for their plan to unfold?

Some of the graphic descriptions in Victor’s book are believed by others, in fact they’re on websites. One of the people running those sites had once bragged in 2011 of sending a link to the site to James Safechuck, where they also asked him if it was true that he’d gotten “married” in Neverland (Jonathan Spence’s mother confirmed to us that it had been her son who’d gotten married at Neverland; in the 2005 trial Mesereau had been mistaken and had asked a witness if it were Safechuck), and told him they understood he wouldn’t say he’d been abused because he was still in love with Jackson. According to emails obtained from his own lawsuit, Wade Robson had sent one of the links to the site in an email to someone, but would later conveniently claim he didn’t know what it was about (his memory evolves and devolves in every deposition or oath he makes).

Safechuck has at least 5 stories from his account that match with Victor Gutierrez’s book. For example, Victor claims that Jackson had once attempted to anally penetrate Jordan Chandler with a finger, but Jordan had told him not to so Jackson didn’t. In Jordan’s accounts to the psychiatrist he states that Jackson had never tried to do anything to him anally. Yet Safechuck claims that exact same scenario happened to him in the exact same way Victor claims. Victor claims Jackson gave Jordan a medallion, Safechuck claims Jackson gave him a medallion. Not a story from Jordan. Victor claims Jackson and Jordan had a “honeymoon” and were like a married couple, Safechuck claims they got married and had a honeymoon (Jordan definitely never claimed this, he describes Jackson in his allegations as “just like a regular person” with no infatuated tone). Gutierrez claims Jackson would watch child pornography featuring children masturbating, Safechuck is the only person who suddenly claims he too witnessed child pornography movies featuring children masturbating. Jackson’s Neverland ranch, 2 condos, the home of his secretary and the home of a manager were raided in 1993 and in 2003. They went through all of his computers and books and video tape collection and could find no child pornography at all. [Full detailed photos of a few of the books found in Jackson’s 10,000 book collection as documented by police for the prosecution] The only person to ever previously claim such an extreme thing is Victor Gutierrez. Following on from that extreme child pornography claim, Safechuck would also elaborate in casual conversation with the director over their new HBO show that Jackson had once filmed himself having sex with Safechuck, only to “tape over it” [23] or “destroy” it later in a panic [24], in a storyline that seems remarkably similar to the Victor Gutierrez 1995 videotape that never existed. Safechuck had never even made such a claim in his lawsuit, it would seem he embellished likely as a means to explain why no proof of any of this had ever been found with Jackson.

It’s also exceedingly obvious at this point that the Chandler’s narrative about abuse has also been crafted by Gutierrez, which means any other alleged Jackson victim who uses details attributed to Jordan are also likely using stories from Gutierrez’s mind. As can be seen in their collaborative effort in their attempt at describing Jackson’s genitalia, where Victor has clearly been used to try and piece together an idea of what Jackson looked like naked using the knowledge of what Evan Chandler had seen of his buttocks after giving him an injection and from information that Victor seemed to have claimed he’d had from others like Orietta and his obsession with Barnes.[26]

The case against Michael Jackson has been created by a NAMBLA attendee and at best pedophile obsessed man, Victor Gutierrez. He has a hand in almost every graphic sordid story about Jackson. The only allegation he seemingly didn’t have a hand in was the Arvizo’s, and that was likely because he was still in Chile avoiding paying Jackson his legal fees.

Now I want to say our belief here isn’t that Victor Gutierrez met Evan and they concocted a plan together to extort Michael on the idea that he was a child molester. But that Evan was also somewhat of a victim in this initially. He was a bipolar by all accounts pretty unstable guy. We believe that Victor had tracked Evan down as he had done with the Robsons, telling him that he was investigating Jackson for being a pedophile. Evan was likely curious about this. So Victor started lying the way he would do in his book and to others, claiming he had “proof” that Jackson had abused other children that they had revealed so to him, and as Victor is very graphic, a huge fantasist and someone who Allen claims has abused boys too, he was able to give Evan vivid detailed descriptions. We believe he’d promised Evan his “proof” about this and that when the allegations came out, this proof would materialize. Of course he didn’t have these victims, so he had to create these using his witnesses and by trying to create victims like the FBI story, the video tape story and of course with Rodney Allen coaching a victim for them. Maybe the money he offered wasn’t for the coaching but because he believed Victor would provide him real proof and Rodney was meant to be providing this “proof” in the form of an actual victim. Or maybe they knew at that point the jig was up and were trying to pay for victims because they desperately needed one to back up their story. Considering Rodney knew that Jordan hadn’t actually been abused, this wasn’t a pretense any of them was keeping up in private.

Our guy Victor Gutierrez has been embraced by Diane Dimond, The Sun, the National Enquirer, Hard Copy, Vanity Fair, Channel 4, Martin Bashir, and of course Sneddon and the prosecution. He is not some small potatoes guy, he has been deeply involved in crafting the pedophile narrative around Jackson with all their complicity and likely others since the story broke in 1993.

Not a single journalist we’ve met ever went through Victor’s past. Not a single one tried to work out what his deal was, why he was involved in every story, what his obsession and investment in this was all about.

Now that Safechuck and Robson are seeking to profit from these lies once again, it’s time that the real orchestrator behind these allegations is held to account. And it’s not just Victor, it’s every single journalist who has enabled his lies and fantasies to spread throughout the media and to ultimately utterly ruin Michael Jackson’s life.

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