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Michael Jackson Last Girlfriends Friend Flower Bodyguards

Three bodyguards who worked for Michael through the years 2007-2009 have opened up about working for him, revealing that he had been dating at least two women in the years that they worked for him. These women were nicknamed “Friend” and “Flower” in order to protect their privacy.

[EXPAND Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield, Javon Beard, Bodyguards from 2007-2009, Good Morning America interview, 9th March, 2010 ] [youtube]xMjktj5Xdd8[/youtube]

Interviewer: Was he a pedophile?
(all three shake heads)
Mike Garcia: No.
Bill Whitfield: No.
Javon Beard: Not at all.
Bill: Being a father myself and being a man, men know men, he had the desires of women like we do.
Narration: In fact, they say he had at least two girlfriends, dispelling that other rumor.
Bill: We had a curtain that covered the backseat, you couldn’t see in the backseat, they talked back there… I mean, you know.
Interviewer: So he’s making out in the backseat.
Bill: Or chewing loud gum (everyone laughs).
Interviewer: It sounds like you’re chaperoning two teenagers on a date.
(All nod and agree)
Javon: It was cute for us.

Narrator: They didn’t ask for anything for this interview. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND News article about that interview with a few more details, ABC News, March 9th 2010 ]

MICHAEL JACKSON’s former bodyguards have spoken out about their late boss, revealing the King of Pop romanced a string of women with dates in the back of his limousine.The Thriller hitmaker’s longterm security guards, Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield and Javon ‘BJ’ Beard, agreed to be interviewed on U.S. TV show Good Morning America on Tuesday.

And the trio divulged personal details of the late singer’s life behind closed doors, insisting Jackson had at least two steady girlfriends whose identities have remained a secret – and he took them on dates driving up and down the Las Vegas strip when he lived in Sin City.

When asked about the child molestation charges which were levied at Jackson despite his acquittal at a 2005 trial, all three insisted the star was not guilty of the accusations.

Whitfield says, “Being a man… men know men, and we (were) around him long enough to know he was a man.”

While Garcia adds, “(He had) desires of women like we do. He had lovers.”

And Whitfield goes on to describe Jackson’s various romantic encounters in the back of his limousine: “In the cars that we had, we had a curtain that covered the back seat. You couldn’t see in the back seat. They talked back there, they didn’t do nothing out of bounds… you can hear the kissing.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND The Bodyguards revealing more details about these women on their facebook wall ]
link to their facebook

Q: I trust you Bill, but I don’t understand why you don’t want to answer some of the question here because you’ll be talking about them in the book, however you don’t mind answering other questions you also will be talking about in the book. To be clearer; why don’t you want to answer here any question about his girlfriends?

MJs Bodyguards – Questions such as what? I get questions every 2-3 minutes every day, I can’t answer everyone or every question.

– Its not that we dont wanna answer questions about his female friends, its NOT about them, its about MJ. Who they are shouldnt matter.

Q: Random question……..dont have to answer if you dont want are you gonna talk about romantic interests? just curious who he was cheating on me with lol jk

MJs Bodyguards – He was not cheating on… we never said dating two ladies, we said he had two friends that he knew. ppl took that as something else….

– Ok, I see many of you have different feelings on what we should or shouldnt write about in the book. Please understand, his children want this, they want the world to know and see the side of their father the press and media never took the time to acknowledge. Its not about his Love life, its about his being happy and real. He would have loved towalked thru the mall with a “friend” and not be bothered by the media. He didnt put his personal life out there because he couldnt without being hounded by the press. This book is for his fans too, if you beleive and agree great, if you dont we are sorry but I assure you, if your a true MJ fan you will Love this book!

Q: Were there any times or moments when Michael was in public and no one either recognized or bothered him? And did he try to go out by himself sometimes without security? Stay blessed!

MJs Bodyguards There were a few times we escorted him and no one recognized him, he would take long walks at night with a friend.

Q: Bill, who was the friend MJ use to go on long walks with? E. Taylor? Thanks and have a relaxing weekend!

MJs Bodyguards A friend [/EXPAND] [EXPAND They reveal one was known as “Friend” and that she had a European accent, NYPost, May 9 2010 ]

Michael Jackson’s former bodyguards — Bill Whitfield, Javon Beard and Mike Garcia — are shopping a book, “In Defense of the King,” about their three years working with the King of Pop. The body men, who were interviewed by ABC in March, will sit down for another chat with the network to air in June, in which they will expound on Jackson’s financial troubles and try to kill rumors that the singer was gay. For one, confirms publicist Lelani Clark, the bodyguards say Jackson had two girlfriends toward the end of his life. One was called “Friend” and spoke with a European accent. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Dr Karen Moriarty spoke to Michael’s bodyguards and they shared details about his liaisons with these women, calling the other girl “Flower”. She also reveals details about Michael being seen with girls around Los Olivos when he lived at Neverland, the book: Defending a King, published January 2012 ]

“Defending a King,” by Dr Karen Moriarty

His Las Vegas security guards – Williams, James, and Garcia and Thomas Mesereau, all of whom knew Michael well, have confirmed that he was not homosexual.

Attorney Thomas Mesereau became intimately aware of Michael Jackson’s sexual proclivities during the months of the 2005 trial that delved into every aspect of the superstar’s private life. There was a massive and thorough investigation into every event and piece of evidence that might reveal Michael’s sexual preference and behaviors. Every item at his Neverland home – books, magazines, videos, articles of clothing, laundry hamper, papers, safes, and personal effects – was searched, confiscated, and/or filmed. Only some “girlie” magazines were found; nothing related to homosexual pornography was found – nothing. It is interesting to note that a photo of Marilyn Monroe was displayed on Michael’s bedside table.

Thomas Mesereau affirms that “Michael Jackson was a ‘red blooded male heterosexual’; he was not a pedophile – nothing could be further from the truth.”

His Las Vegas security team of three men have affirmed that “Michael Jackson was not gay.”

“Men know men,” they explained in a kind of shorthand to communicate that they got to know their boss intimately and that he obviously liked women. He would watch them from his vehicle, like any heterosexual man would do, and occasionally he would comment to his protectors on the attractiveness of various women.

Mr Jackson maintained a relationship with each of two women during the many months of guard service by Boyd Williams, Baron James and Michael Garcia.

Known to his security team as “Flower” and “Friend” each would occasionally come to visit their boss. Mike Garcia speaks about driving them to meet when one of the women came to Las Vegas to spend private time with him. Three men believed that Mr Jackson used nicknames for the women in order to protect their identities.

Mr Jackson did not entertain either of his female friends in the presence of his children nor did they come to his house. Nothing was more important to Mr Jackson than the well being of his family and he did not want to impose a single/unmarried female guest, as his “date”, upon his young, impressionable children. This behavior was in keeping with his self professed description as “old fashioned” and “a gentleman.”

It is fair to say that Michael Jackson was at the point in his life that he would not allow himself to open up thoroughly to any woman or allow himself to fall in love. Doing so would bring a world of his attention to his women friends, and the media would be relentless – like a dog with a bone – in chasing and hounding these women.

Ironically, it seems that the only ones outside of his security team – who ever saw Michael Jackson and one of his female companions together did not recognize him. Thankfully, no photos were ever taken. This situation is a tribute to his security men, who worked so diligently and intelligently that Mr Jackson and his special “friends” were not detected or revealed to the public.

When Mr Jackson was visited by one of the women, the security team covertly made all of his requested arrangements. The guards escorted Mr Jackson into his reserved hotel suite without the knowledge or cooperation of hotel management. It would be too risky to notify hotel personnel about the boss’ identity; his rendezvous with his lady could be easily and quickly ruined by the onslaught of paparazzi. “Michael Jackson with Mystery Woman!”

For the guards, it was great to know they could provide Mr Jackson with temporary peace of mind, which he so longed for and deserved. He could have someone he truly liked and she could reciprocate his feelings. They “acted like high school sweethearts,” laughing, giggling, and joking around. They spoke on the telephone often, so much that Mr Jackson accumulated huge monthly long distance phone bills.

The revelation of Michael Jackson and women friends comes as no shock to most of the residents of Los Olivos, the closest town to Neverland, at a distance of five miles. There, among the townspeople, it was commonly known that their neighbor superstar was dating women. Michael and his female friends typically avoided public places, as was his modus operandi in general, but sometimes he was spotted with a woman companion, who was obviously a “date” and the Michael Jackson sighting would be passed by word of mouth. Soon everyone would hear about it in this peaceful, scenic town in “wine country” with only 1,100 residents. It’s also interesting to note that, according to a recent US Census Bureau report, the racial make up of Los Olivos was 92.7% white, only one African American (.1%) and the remaining 7.2% of individuals were of other races. Michael Jackson was unique within his local community and in so many ways – the biggest celebrity, the wealthiest resident, and an anomaly as an African American man.

When Michael Jackson was seen in the Los Olivos area, especially with a woman friend, it was always notable. [/EXPAND]

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Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston

[EXPAND Whitney had been a fan of Michael’s since she was a kid, “How sweet the sound: my life with God and Gospel”, Cissy Houston (published in 1998) ] [While she was away touring for Elvis Presley when Whitney was a child]

I’d call home every night, allowing for the time difference and timing the call to be near the kids’ bedtime. Gary was a little bit older and kept his feelings in check.

Nippy was always into something — busy playing or watching her favorite performer, Michael Jackson, on TV. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Cissy Houston says Whitney wanted to be like Michael, Dailybeast, February 2012 ]

Was there a moment when you were watching her perform and realized there was something exceptional there?

Well, I thought she was a very special kid from Jump Street, not just because she was mine. She was beautiful and talented and very smart. And she was very observant, interested in the things around her. Most children are, I guess, up to a point. But she was exceptional in that area. She would listen very closely to music, and she was always very alert musically.

And then she started to sing herself. I called it screaming at the time—well, my husband did. But I said, “Hey, one day, maybe she’ll be a singer.”

And Whitney used to tell me she would. She would look at Michael Jackson and say, “Mommy, I’m going to be a star. I’m going to take care of you, and you’re never going to have to work again!”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Jermaine opens up about his affair with Whitney, “You Are Not Alone” by Jermaine Jackson ]

Michael Jackson Whitney Houston, Jermaine JacksonMichael Jackson Whitney Houston, Jermaine Jackson

[Sometime in 1984, Jermaine at a meeting with Clive Davis]

“Now, before you leave, can you put your producer’s cap on for a minute?” Clive Davis asked. “I have this new artist…” He pushed a tape into his VHS recorder and we sat back to watch this tall girl with model looks and an incredible voice singing in a club in somewhere like New Jersey. She must have been about 18. That was my first sigh and sound of Whitney Houston. “She needs material,” he said. “She’s going to be huge. I’m working with other producers. We’re not rushing her. What do you think?”

I blurted out what was in my head the moment I heard her voice: Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. That’s the gold standard I had in mind. A duet. Me and her. “I’d be excited to work with her,” I said. “We’d be perfect together.”

THE FIRST TIME I SAW WHITNEY in the flesh she was at a studio in Hollywood. She was even more gorgeous in person. She walked over, we shook hands, and there was one of those recognitions that sends all sorts of wires sparking and fusing on the inside. I caught her during a break in recording, and she was smoking. “You don’t want to smoke those,” I said. “They’ll ruin your voice.”

She smiled. “You might want to live more dangerously,” she said. Touche. This girl was quick witted with a confidence that trod on your toes. She was that mix of street smart East Coast girl with an air of innocence and a vast talent. I found that a hypnotic combination.

Her voice had strength, passion and softness, and she could use every element of her range to tell a song’s story. She could sing anything. We would spend a lot of time in the studio together, recording duets and in production, and soon enough, she was calling me Jackson, not Jermaine, setting the easy atmosphere in which we worked. We had an instant mutual respect for each other and a growing attraction. During our increasing time together, it was what we didn’t say – yet still conveyed – that sent me into a head spin. I kept reminding myself about Hazel, the family, and everything I had built and everyone I loved. This was the stuff they didn’t warn you about when you got married, aged 19. They didn’t tell you that when you grew up there would be super human forces to drag you toward temptation. No matter your intentions, you should be tested. And this collaboration, with an as yet unknown artist, was to be mine.

VICTORY’S SCHEDULING MEANT WE WEREN’T SOLIDLY on the road for five months. We had periods back home and we had off days built in, which gave me time to continue my collaboration with Whitney Houston on her debut album. Clive Davis was still building the hype about his protegee, throwing parties on both coasts and clearly wanting to ride this collaboration on the crest of he brothers’ tour. There was always some club to attend, like the Limelight in New York, or a promotional party in LA, where Whitney and I made our well choreographed entrances. I didn’t know at the time, but someone from Arista was always nudging the writing elbows of gossip columnists in the hope of building an are-they-or-aren’t-they mystery. But it seemed the press was more interested in the fact that Whitney spent a lot of time with a woman named Robyn Crawford. Whitney once described their friendship as being “closer than sisters” – and that was all journalists needed to read between the lines. They were curious about her sexual orientation before her album was even released.

Having witnessed this kind of false diversion play itself out in Michael’s life, I had every sympathy, but we also laughed about it in the studio because, trust me, if you had spent more than two minutes in the charged energy of the “Whitney Whirlpool”, you didn’t need to ask how that fire smouldered.

I knew I was in trouble in the face of that fire when Clive booked us on to the CBS soap opera As The World Turns to test our duet “Nobody Loves Me Like You Do” for the wedding scene of Betsy (Meg Ryan) and Steve (Frank Runyeon). I remember when she held my hand mid song as the cameras rolled – an unrehearsed moment – and something hit me. The frisson just kept developing the more we worked together.

Back in the studio, we recorded and produced songs like Take Good Care Of My Heart, If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful, Sweetest Sweetest, and two unreleased ones called Don’t Look Any Further and Someone For Me. With each session, we were in each others eyes, almost cheek to cheek around the mic, selling the lyric, feeling the song – and the intense professional chemistry crossed over. Come the end of a powerful rendition, Whitney would just stay close to the mic, close to me, and say “What are you going to do with me, Jackson?” She held the seductive gaze. I lost my words. Then she walked away.

These were turning into duets between temptation and forbidden love, and the studio sessions gave us what feel like stolen time together. I arrived on those days with butterflies, because the whole experience of being around Whitney was intoxicating. I admitted silently that I had the strongest feelings for a remarkable woman, whose heart was as beautiful as her face, and it became increasingly hard to sing love songs with all that emotion and unspoken passion between us.

I spoke to no one about this until the day Michael raised an innocent enough question:

“So how’s it going with Whitney?”

He’d heard me predict that “She is going to be the biggest thing when people hear her voice.”

“Were getting along very well,” I told him, smiling.

“You like her?” he asked.

“Yeah, I like her.” Still smiling.

“Oh, you really like her!” He started chuckling.

“I really like her,” I said. Smile now gone.

Michael got excitable. “You in love with her?”

“I can’t be in love,” I said. “I’m married.”

That was a deliberate lie. I was caught between the guilt of saying it out loud and respect for his position because he was, at this time, still a devout Jehovah’s Witness. I guess I didn’t want to be a disappointment to him having for so long been an example.

I can’t remember what his exact words were in the back and forth that we had, but for a man with limited experience of this kind of thing, he had the wisdom of a sage. He didn’t fuel the temptation as some guys would. He reminded me about Hazel. About family. About not getting wrapped up in the moment. He gave the soundest advice, and I knew that doing “the right thing” was ultimately what I had to do.

Whitney and I spoke endlessly about our shared predicament and as much as I wanted to lose myself in all these feelings, I told her to wait. I spoke of “one day” and “maybe.” Ultimately, we had to go our separate ways and it killed us both even if it was the right sensible option.

I don’t think anyone punched the air harder than I when the album “Whitney” became the biggest début album ever, selling 16 million copies worldwide after its release in 1985. Two years later, her follow-up album turned her into the first female artist to have an album début at number one. We didn’t see each other for years after we finished recording.

In fact, she saw more of Michael than of me backstage at one of his concerts in New York, and then again in 1988 when she was onstage with Quincy Jones to help present Michael with an honorary doctorate in humanities from Fisk University. I saw newspaper photographs of them together in this moment and I observed the irony of them side by side.

In 1985, I received a phone call from someone close to Whitney, telling me that she was releasing her new single “Saving All My Love For You.” Like Michael, she expressed herself through song. When I watched the official music video, I soon realized that it was also autobiographical with its parallels-and coded message-to what we had recently shared in the studio together. I guess we had both left a deep and abiding impression on one another and her positive impact has never left me. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND According to a source Jermaine held back from full details of their love affair in his book, The Sun, 5th March 2012 ]

But he claimed they quelled their feelings for each other before becoming lovers.

Revealing how he was torn between his wife and the beautiful singer, he wrote: “Whitney and I spoke about our shared predicament.

“And as much as I wanted to lose myself in all these feelings, I told her to wait.

“I spoke of ‘one day’ and ‘maybe’. Ultimately, we had to go our separate ways and it killed us both.”

But the friend revealed Jermaine was being less than honest — because he did not want to reveal the truth out of respect to Whitney while she was alive.

The pal explained: “Jermaine didn’t tell even half the story in his book.

“He made it sound like they flirted and backed away. But they were lovers.

“In those early days with Whitney, he was smuggled into her hotel rooms, they worked extra late in the studio and she even had a codename for him. She referred to him as ‘Ji’.

“The reason it ended was because Jermaine wouldn’t leave his wife — and Whitney was angry. The video for Saving All My Love For You was about all of that.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Steve Dennis, ghost writer to Jermaine’s book You Are Not Alone, says Jermaine wrote about his affair with Whitney with “discretion”, Twitter, 4th March 2012 ]

Steve Dennis@SteveDennis71

Been no “confession” frm Jermaine @DrMALee. He wrote about #Whitney w/discretion & decency last yr. The Sun piece 5mnths later is v separate

Steve Dennis@SteveDennis71

BREAKING NEWS: Journalists lift quotes from books. UPDATE: Journalists don’t tend to tell authors in advance. (Shocking, I know)

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Jermaine Jackson’s ex Margaret Maldonado says Jermaine and Whitney dated, Jackson Family Values, 1996 ]

“I later learned that he had romanced Whitney Houston, the beautiful model Iman, and Stevie Wonder’s sister.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Whitney speaks about how she was having an affair with a married man while recording Saving All My Love, New York Daily News, July 1999 ]


About half the show is the new CD, the rest her past hits. “I have to do ‘How Will I Know’ and ‘Saving All My Love’ and ‘I Will Always Love You,'” she says. “Those songs brought me here. I’ll do them forever.”

And is that a burden?

“No, because they all had meaning for me. When I did ‘Saving All My Love,’ I was going through a terrible love affair. He was married — and that will never work out for anybody, never, no way, forget about it.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Whitney Opening her first concert with Wanna Be Startin Somethin, 1986 ] [youtube]v=totOmrUh92k[/youtube] [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Whitney saying she wanted to record a duet with Michael, You magazine, Mar 2, 1988 ]

Whitney Houston the reigning princess of pop has her sights set on royal marriage of sorts. She says she’d like to do a duet with the prince of pop Michael Jackson: ”He’s one of the people I believe to be a genuine talent and for me to be able to sing with him would be the ultimate honor. It’s one of the goals I’m working toward to.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael honored at United Negro College Fund and Whitney Attends, March 10, 1988 ] [youtube]AWyZKohl75A[/youtube]

Michael Jackson Whitney Houston

“Michael winced when Whitney flubbed “Lift Every Voice And Sing” but loved her “America The Beautiful.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Whitney Presents Michael With Award At the World MVA, video, photos, Jan 30 1989 ] [youtube]e9eQxZxDJfU[/youtube]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Talking about how Michael invited Whitney and the crew back to Neverland for that award, “Diva: Totally Unauthorized Biography of Whitney Houston,” by Jeffery Bowman, printed 1995 ]

In a televised interview, Whitney revealed, “Of all the people that I would like to do a song with, Michael Jackson would be on the top of the list.” She also mentioned that she had talked to the elusive superstar on the phone, but didn’t have the nerve, despite her own celebrity, to ask him to record an album with her.

The increasingly media-savvy young singer also couldn’t resist the temptation of hinting that she and Michael were an item. One reporter fell for the ploy and wrote, “Whitney seems to be trying very hard to get in good with Michael Jackson. She seems to be everywhere that he is–a coincidence?”

Indeed, Houston did seem to pop up in Michael’s life at regular intervals. In 1988, she was spotted a various functions that Jackson also attended. She made sure they were photographed arm in arm at the Grammy’s and she spoke of Jackson fondly in interviews. In March of that year, Michael was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters by Fisk University in recognition of his generous donations to the United Negro College Fund. Houston attended the ceremony, which was held at the Sheraton Center in New York, and a camera caught the two stars beaming at each other.

Houston’s presence at the event could be explained by the fact that she was also a major contributor to the United Negro College Fund. But the smile she sot Michael when she came onstage to sing the unofficial black national anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” suggested her motives were more than philanthropic. That suspicion was confirmed when she made sure the paparazzi photographed her with Jackson.

Later that year, Whitney flew to California to present Jackson with the Life Achievement Award for Video, which was broadcast as part of the “World Music Video Awards.” After the ceremony, Jackson further fueled rumors of a romance with Houston by inviting her to lunch at his family’s compound in Encino, California. That the superstars’ relationship was less than romantic was suggested, however, when Jackson also extended the invitations to the entire production crew of the televised awards ceremony.

After lunch, Jackson gave Houston and the rest of the party, a personal tour of the grounds, on horseback as though-the same pundit joked-he hoped to keep at least a horse-length buffer between himself and Houston. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Whitney quotes Michael, Ebony, May 1991 ]

“Like my friend Michael [Jackson] says, ‘You want our blood but you don’t want our pain.”’ [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Whitney speaks about wanting to duet with Michael, BET Video Soul, May 1991 ]

When interviewed on cable TV”s BET Video Soul in 1991, Whitney Houston revealed that she would like to work with Michael Jackson: ”I think he and I probably would create a lot of magic… Incredible!” She mentioned that two or three years earlier they had talked about it, but it didn’t happen. ”He hasn’t called me”, she smiled, ”but I can’t wait.”

She also confided, ”Now you know that ‘s another person I’d love to do something with. Bobby (Brown) and I would be explosive. As a matter of fact I wanted to do a duet with Bobby for the album I’m your baby tonight but that didn’t work either.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Whitney Houston quotes Michael, Rolling Stone, June 10, 1993 ]

RS: How has your huge success changed your life?

WH: It’s really strange. Michael Jackson said it best: You become this personality instead of a person. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Whitney Defends Michael Against The Child Molestation Allegations, The Deseret News, February 21st 1994 ]

Jackson And I Are Victims Of Racism, Whitney Houston says, The Desert News, February 21st 1994

Whitney Houston says she and Michael Jackson are victims of media racism.

“I see white folks do a lot of things – a lot of things that I wouldn’t even think about doing – and nobody cares,” Houston told TV Guide.

“I think a lot of emphasis is placed on black people because there are not many who are able to succeed. So when one does, it’s like, ‘Uh-oh.'”

Houston said she first recognized the problems last year when tabloids reported – falsely that she had been hospitalized for an addiction to diet pills.

Her awareness grew during the media frenzy over allegations that Jackson sexually molested a young boy.

“You do not convict someone of a crime that you have no idea they committed,” Houston said. “I hate the media for doing it to him.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Whitney Houston: Her Grammy fears… and why she’ll “always love” Michael Jackson, TV Guide, February 26th – March 4th 1994 ] Michael Jackson Whitney Houston. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael allegedly told Lisa Marie that he had once got drunk with Whitney and she stayed in his hotel room, Monica Pastelle, The Mirror, “THE FEUD’S OVER; Whitney calls off war with Madonna” The Mirror, February 9 1996 ]

THERE was a time when you could have told feuding firebrand Whitney Houston to bury the hatchet – and she’d have planted it between Madonna’s shoulders.

But not any more. For the two have retracted their razor nails, shaken hands and the egos have bonded.

They are even about to make music together – which isn’t bad, considering ‘Whitters’ once called ‘Madders’ “the high priestess of tack”.

But this new-found friendship is a key element in The Taming of The Houston, Hollywood’s latest drama, brought to you exclusively by the Daily Mirror.

“I’m too exhausted by the feuding in my life to keep them all going,” says 32-year-old Whitney. “I’ve made a resolution to end all battles.”

“And she always gets what she wants,” adds her close associate Freda Maguire.

Whitney – star of the hit movie Waiting To Exhale – is a very demanding diva.

But she’s also just a girl with feelings for her fellow females.

Take Madonna – upset and exhausted after giving evidence against a crazed stalker sitting opposite her in a courtroom.

The phone rang – with Whitney, her arch-rival, offering genuine sympathy.

A couple of days before, Houston had sent Ms Ciccone a huge bouquet with the message: “I know what you’re going through. Chin Up! Love, Whitney.”

Says Freda: “When Whitney heard about Madonna’s court case last month she said: ‘I don’t care what bad blood has been between us.

“‘It’s stupid for us to hate each other. It’s a horrible feeling not knowing where the next stalker may be coming from’.”

Freda adds: “Whitney said she wanted to bury the hatchet, which was pretty great considering she once called Madonna ‘revolting’ and ‘the high priestess of tack’.

“Then Whitney actually suggested that they do a duet together. She wants it to be about being stalked, about being afraid for your life.

“Madonna agreed and they’re going to do it. The duet will appear on Whitney’s next album. It’ll be huge – imagine how many millions it’ll sell,” Freda says.

This could be all about money, but no one denies that Whitney’s had her fair share of stalkers.

Her movie The Bodyguard may have encouraged a few weirdoes – but not the one who claimed to have had three-in-a-bed sex with her or the other who was discovered with enough explosives to put Houston on the moon.

For her part, Madonna was soon praising Whitney for keeping her tricky marriage going with singer Bobby Brown.

“Whitney said Madonna is ‘a true sister. I’m sorry I ever said a bad word about her’,” Freda explains.

If that was Hollyworld War One over, Hollyworld War Two also seems about to end in peace.

This one has seen ‘Whitney v Janet Jackson’ ever since ‘Hou’ discovered ‘Jack’ had once had an affair with Bobby before he became ‘Hubby Brown’.

Step forward Janet’s brother Michael ‘Peacemaker’ Jackson. Seven years ago he and Whitney spent the night in a hotel bedroom together.

Of course, nothing happened, though Whitney blushed and refused to comment.

But Monica Pastelle, a pal of Lisa Marie Presley, says: “Michael told Lisa that Whitney practically drank him under the table that night.

“She can handle champagne. He can’t. Poor Michael had one drink, got dizzy and swooned on the bed.

“Whitney slept on a chair and slipped out before he woke. It was pretty embarrassing for him.”

But Jackson so appreciated Whitney’s tight lipped discretion, that she won his never-ending loyalty.

Michael told Whitney that sister Janet was also a fan.

So Whitney called Janet in Malibu. “They agreed to ignore pressure to keep their feud going,” says Monica.

Now Hollyworld War Three – against Diana Ross appears to be ending as well.

It all started when Whitney, then 16, met Ross, 52 next month, in a nightclub. The teenager said she idolized Ross and wanted to be a singer too.

But Diana slammed her fist on a table said: “Girl this is the worst business in the world” and then offered her a job as a baby-sitter.

Step forward Whitney’s Mum yelling: “Don’t listen to her! She’s nuts!” Exit Houstons while Ross fumed. They became the best of enemies.

As Whitney’s star climbed she said she wanted to play the lead witch in Dreamgirls, a movie character based on ‘Rossie’.

Then Whitters said she’d like to star in the Josephine Baker story, a role for which Miss Ross would kill.

But at the recent Soul Train awards, Diana hugged Whitney for a full minute – in public.

“I was shocked,” Whitney said. “Maybe it’s all behind us.”

Now all she’s gotta do is sort out Bobby. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael listed as one of Whitney’s ex-lovers, Drum:a magazine of Africa for Africa, 1997 ]

Whitney’s explosive marriage to rap artist Bobby Brown is constantly in the news, and her string of ex-lovers includes stars such as Michael Jackson, Kevin Costner, Eddie Murphy and Robert De Niro – not forgetting earlier rumours that she’s actually a lesbian. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Whitney Houston Added To Michael’s Second NY Concert, MJ says she could sing the Yellow Pages and he’d buy it, August 16 2001 ]

Whitney Houston has confirmed performances for both Friday, September 7, 2001 and Monday, September 10, 2001 at the all-star tribute in honor of Michael Jackson at Madison Square Garden. Producer David Gest said in a press release:

“Whitney is one of my closest friends and I am delighted she will share this special occasion with Michael, who happens to be her favorite artist. They will perform a duet together.”

Michael expressed his delight about Whitney joining him on both nights by stating:

“I feel Whitney is one of the greatest voices in the world. She could sing the yellow pages and I would buy it. I absolutely adore her and am her greatest fan.”
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Whitney tells Oprah Michael’s death was devastating, 17th September 2009 ]

The second portion of Whitney Houston’s sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey aired on Tuesday (September 15) and, in addition to opening up more about her marriage to Bobby Brown and her issues with substance abuse, she also spoke candidly about how she reacted to the news of Michael Jackson’s death.

“Devastating,” Houston told Winfrey. “I have so many good memories of spending time with him. I’ve known his family for so many years that I thought, ‘It can’t be true.’ ”

Houston said that she was aware of his troubles over the years and even heard about his painkiller addiction at one point. “I knew he was on painkillers at one time… I didn’t know how far and how deep it was,” she recalled.

She said that performing with him at his 30th-anniversary special in 2001 opened her eyes — she saw him as a “mirror” because he reflected her own problems with addictions. “I just remember doing the anniversary special and I remember looking at Michael and I remember looking at myself and I was getting scared looking at him,” she said. “I was looking at myself. I don’t want it to be like this. Mike and I were very close.”

That concert was the last time that Houston remembers seeing him, but she does note that the pair stayed in touch over the years via the phone. “I think it was that time [that I saw him last], but I spoke to him during the trial a lot. He would speak to me on the phone, but he didn’t want me to see him,” she said. “[It] saddens me.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Whitney performs I Will Always Love You for Michael, St Petersburg, 12 of December 2009 ]

I had the honor and pleasure of knowing him personally. I had a telephone number. I could call up and say hey Mike what you doing? He’d say Whitney, I’m alright, I’m a little tired.

I’m missing you
I can’t call you on the phone tonight
I’m missing you Mike

I’m truly for real no joke or jive
From my heart to yours Mike
I’ll never forget you
This must be the hardest part of my show
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Whitney’s Tribute Speech To MJ At Concert, Nuremburg, May 27 2010 ]

Michael and I were friends for at least 20 years. In our business, some things that are very precious you try to keep to yourself because…you know…you know how that is. We wanted to be very discreet about our friendship and our love for one another because it was a true friendship you know. He called me Whitney and I called him Michael. I don’t know what anybody else called him. I don’t know no other name but Mr. Michael Jackson. He was not the ordinary, just not the ordinary but the extraordinary. There will never ever be, in this life time, a man that (can’t understand what she says here).

I have to tell you he could do it all. Whatever he put his mind to. His body, his movement, his songs, his writings, his words and he loved entertaining you…he loved entertaining you.

I have to tell you, I spent time with Michael laughing, crying, crying, laughing, singing, talking, or not talking (she laughs).

Then she finishes by saying he would want her to tell the fans how much he loved him and he dedicated five decades of his life to entertainment.

Ad libs:

My love for Mike is out right now here on the stage
I’m not gon hide it
See Michael, I’ll always, I’ll always, I’ll always
I’ll love you in a place where there is no space or time

I’ll love you all my life
We were friends, dear friend of mine
And now that’s over
I remember when we were
Yes we spent time alone together [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Whitney talking about how Michael pulled out all the stops when she visited Neverland and her meeting with Bubbles, David Gest Documentary November 2011 ]

Michael Jackson Whitney HoustonMichael Jackson Whitney Houston
Michael Jackson Whitney HoustonMichael Jackson Whitney HoustonMichael Jackson Whitney HoustonMichael Jackson Whitney Houston

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Whitney saying she really wanted to marry Michael, Outtake From David Gest Documentary, November 2011 ] Whitney: “I really wanted to marry Michael and you [David Gest] were in the way all the time, so that’s why.”
David: “He should’ve married you.”
Whitney: “Yeah he damn well should’ve, right.”
David: “I love you so much.”
Whitney: “I love you, too.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND David Gest says Michael confided in him that he and Whitney had once kissed, The Sun, 21st February 2012 ]

My friendship with Whitney started in 1985 when I was introduced to her by my best friend Michael Jackson.

At the time, I was producing the American Cinema Awards in LA and as Michael and I were driving to Disneyland in his Rolls-Royce, I said I would love to have Whitney receive the Distinguished Achievement in Music Award. He dialed and passed me the phone saying, “Okay, here she is, ask her.”

I was like “Holy Focaccia, Michael, you’ve got Whitney Houston on the phone!”

I liked Whitney from the moment I spoke to her and she immediately said yes to the honour.

I produced eight shows with her, a number of them in aid of her Whitney Houston Foundation.

When I met with her last year, it was to interview her for my film Michael Jackson: Life Of An Icon.

She really loved Michael and he adored her. Michael told me they once shared a passionate kiss, and she told me she was at one time very much in love with him.

I think she really wanted to marry him but, although he had a crush on her, he was too shy.

Later, he confessed to me he should have made every move. If they had got together, I believe Whitney would not have done drugs or become a semi-recluse. [/EXPAND]

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Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

[EXPAND LMP working on her music career, Deseret News – Oct 11, 1992 ]

Another Presley – Elvis’ daughter Lisa Marie – is developing a singing voice in the hopes of starting a music career. She has been singing and writing her own material for demo records.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP working on her music career, 21 October 1992 ]

Elvis’ 24 year old daughter is doing her own thing and writing her own material. Insiders say Lisa Marie has an unusual and strong rhythm and blues voice and has recorded some demons for a possible recording deal. Stay tuned.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP gives birth to her son, October 21st 1992 ]

Lisa gives birth to son, Ben.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND They meet at Brett Livingstone’s house, November 1992 ]

Excerpt from “Child Bride” about their meet up together, by Suzanne Finstad

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

He had become a successful artist, famous for a million-dollar portrait he had painted of Michael Jackson, who had become his personal friend. Brett, the great connector, considered introducing Lisa to Michael. “She had the talent as well as the beauty and the name, so I thought Wow! The sky is the limit. What an image! I had known Michael for six years or more, and I thought maybe I could introduce Lisa to Michael Jackson. I thought, Hey, the person to get is Michael Jackson, because he’s an artist, instead of dealing with businessmen who would just categorize her and work her way up.” Michael had a new record label, Brett knew, and was looking for exciting, undiscovered talent. Who better than Lisa Marie Presley? “I didn’t discuss this with anyone,” said Brett. “I just thought about it and went about my business and thought that sometime in the future Lisa would like to have a conversation with Michael. From what I could see, Lisa was disenchanted with Jerry’s representation because she didn’t like what the head guy at Sony in New York had told her about where she had to begin and what she had to do—that she had to crawl before she walked.” Lisa wanted to emerge a full-blown star, and Michael Jackson, Brett believed, could help her.

Several months after the idea occurred to him, Brett telephoned Lisa, who was taking courses at the Scientology center in Clearwater, Florida. He said, “Lisa, if you’re really serious about your career, why don’t I put you in touch with Michael Jackson?….I think you should meet him and play your music and sing for him, and I think he could really encourage and inspire you on a direction you could take.” Brett told her that Michael had his own company, Nation Records, sponsored by Sony, and that he could “really launch her big time.” Lisa was intrigued.

Brett’s next step was to telephone Michael Jackson. “I said, ‘Michael, what would you say if I found talent for you that had the potential to be number one in the world in the recording industry—beautiful girl, great voice and also a reputation that would be a public relations dream come true?’ and he said, ‘Who are you talking about?’ So I said, ‘Lisa Presley.’ And he said, ‘What? She can’t sing!’ and I said, ‘She can.’ And then I asked, ‘Have you ever met Lisa?’ and he said no.” The conversation, recalled Brett, was brief, followed by lots of other conversations about it. Michael was “amazed at first, and then said, ‘Well get her to send me a tape.’ ”

At the time, neither Michael nor Lisa recalled their fleeting meeting introduction backstage, at the Sahara Tahoe when Lisa was six and Michael was sixteen. Lisa’s close childhood friend Myrna Smith, who was with Jerry and Joe Esposito when they took Lisa to that long-ago concert, confirmed this. “Lisa didn’t even remember meeting Michael as a child,” Myrna said. “She asked me, ‘Did I ever meet Michael Jackson?’ and I said, ‘Don’t you remember? We took you to see the Jacksons.’ ”

When Brett told Lisa about his conversation with Michael, she was offended that she would have to send a demo. She told Brett, “Forget it, I’ll play the tape for him in person.” Lisa called Brett constantly afterward, inquiring about the meeting with Michael. She told Myrna excitedly that Brett had arranged to have Michael and her get together at his house in Pacific Palisades and for Lisa to play her demo tape.

Lisa took her husband Danny, along to that meeting, and the group gathered in Brett’s living room. “Michael…was blown away by her music,” according to Brett. “She played the tape and was really excited that Michael Jackson was here, and at that point, she looked like a fan of his. And he was really tickled to see that she had a lot of potential, but he didn’t think too much more than ‘Wow, Brett is onto something here.’ ” There was, according to Brett, not even the slightest suggestion of anything romantic between Lisa and Michael at that meeting. “Her husband was here.”

Michael carried on with his own career interests after that meeting, but Lisa, recalled Brett, “kept calling me after that. Constantly calling me. And she wanted to get together with Michael more.” Lisa met with Brett a few times to talk about it, remarking that she had “a few things in common with the Jacksons and maybe she should pursue a friendship with Michael.” Brett, still their intermediary, offered to represent Lisa in a business contract with Michael for a recording deal, even though he had an art partnership with Michael and had been his friend for years. Brett had worked up some figures and talked to Michael, who arranged for Brett to take Lisa to meet with Michael Greenberg, the head of Jackson’s company, Nation Records in Santa Monica.

Lisa brought Danny along with her attorney, John Coale. “I didn’t know anything about that business,” said Brett, “but I wanted to make sure that Lisa made a deal at the top level…by saying, ‘Hey, Elvis is the King and she’s the Princess. She’s got the talent. All she needs is Michael to help record at the highest possible level and help her choose the songs and teach her some presence on stage. I was trying to get Michael to…make a deal with Lisa at the top—the deal that the other recording companies were making with Madonna and Barbara Streisand. And he was like, ‘Are you crazy? They have proven themselves.’

And I said, ‘No, make the same deal; a deal over a period of time…based on performance as the records sell. And not only will you make the deal with Lisa, you’ll promote the company.’ And I knew that’s what Lisa would love, if she was put on a pedestal.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa’s Lawyer, John P.Coale on this meeting, November 1992 ]

The newlyweds first met around November 1992, says Lisa Marie’s friend, lawyer John P. Coale, who was advising her at the time. Was it business or pleasure? “It was more of a social meeting,” he says.

The meeting took place in L.A. at a friend’s house. (“Nobody famous,” Coale says.) “She liked him. She thought he was real nice. In the beginning they were friends, just friends. There was no romantic hint of anything at the time. . . . I’m not sure when the romantic thing came in.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa’s uncle Garry Hovey on their meeting, Larry King, (aired April 16, 2005) ]

GARY HOVEY, UNCLE: She went to meet with record people, with a manager, and the [music deal] was just about set. She didn’t do the deal because she became pregnant with Ben, her second child, so it all got put on hold a year or two later, whenever she became interested in singing again, which happened to coincide with the time she met with Michael.

ZAHN: Five years into Lisa’s marriage to Danny Keogh, the relationship was buckling. It was during this time that a fledgling friendship with Michael Jackson began to evolve.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND “You and me, we could get into a lot of trouble. Think about that, girl,” MJ to Lisa, “Magic and Madness,” Lisa Marie, November 1992 ]

“I always liked him,” Lisa Marie recalled. “Michael fascinated me with his talent. I loved watching him dance. He wanted to know me better, but I always thought he was sort of freakish. I didn’t really want to know him any better than I already did.”

At this time, Lisa had recorded four songs produced by her husband. She felt she had a lot to say about her unusual life as daughter of an icon, and she was looking for a way to say it through her lyrics and music. “I had a voice,” she once told me, in retrospect, “but I didn’t have the experience. Things always got too wild when people found out that Elvis’s daughter wanted to sing. It became a matter of deals and money, money, money: I lost my fire for it. I lost the urge to create. I was scared, I guess, so I pulled back.”

She had no confidence in herself as a vocalist,” Said Brett Livingstone Stone. “She was afraid of being compared to Elvis, afraid of rejection. When I suggested Michael could help her, she said, “He’s a superstar, do you really think he’d help me?” After dinner at my house, Lisa played tapes of some of her music, and Michael was blown away. He told her, “You have real talent… a fine voice. You could be a star. Let me see what I can do for you.”

As she sat with him and listened to stories about his life in the business, she found herself falling under his spell. According to Brett Livingstone, when Michael was about to leave, he offered Lisa a penetrating look and in a conspiratorial voice said, “You and me, we could get into a lot of trouble. Think about that, girl.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND San Jose Mercury News , Nov 23, 1992 ]

New once-again mom Lisa Marie Presley, 24, is said to be working on her debut album.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND ”Lisa was in relentless pursuit of Michael,” Excerpt from Child Bride, February 1, 1993 ]

Lisa was torn. Part of her was in “turmoil,” recalled Brett, “on her mind was ‘I have my kids,’ and she was in turmoil with her husband and what should she do? If she wanted to be a star, she had to really want to live and breathe that.” Michael Jackson also advised Lisa similarly: If she wanted to pursue a singing career, she would have to dedicate herself to it. During the following weeks, Brett found herself the hapless man in the middle, caught between a balking and busy Michael, and an ambivalent yet driven Lisa.

Brett made arrangements for Lisa to visit Michael in Japan while he was on the tour for Dangerous, and tried to facilitate other plans, some of which occurred while others dissipated. According to Brett, Lisa was, “in relentless pursuit of Michael Jackson,” and phoned [Brett] constantly to find out whether the deal would occur. Michael, in Brett’s characterization, was obviously intrigued by the thought of signing Lisa Presley, “but there was more desire on Lisa’s part for something to happen.” Lisa, he recalled, finally said to him, “It doesn’t seem like I can make that deal with him, and I don’t want to push him too much.”

Brett, who was still hoping to bring them together for a record deal, finally arranged for a representative from Michael’s office to send a formal letter to Lisa stating that Michael was still interested in keeping things going. At the same time, Prince also began pursuing Lisa to sign a recording contract.

Lisa celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday with a huge party, planned by Priscilla, at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Prince was among the guests, along with a sprinkling of celebrity Scientologists such as Kirstie Alley, Nicole Kidman, and Juliette Lewis. Lisa invited Michael Jackson as her special guest, “and he would have loved to have gone,” said Brett, “but he had other things.” Brett suggested to Michael that he should at least send Lisa a birthday gift, “so he told me, ‘Well you go get it!’ ” Brett selected, as Michael’s gift to Lisa, an art book on Michelangelo and a silver picture frame in which he placed a photograph of Michael and Lisa’s original meeting in his living room. Brett, attempting to be gallant on Michael’s behalf, wrote sweet birthday inscriptions in the art book and on the birthday card, making them appear to be from Michael. “I was just trying to be a good friend for him,” said Brett. “I went to the party with my son Jason, and when I got there, Lisa was like, ‘Oh! Where’s Michael? I hope it’s all right that Prince is here.’ I said, ‘Michael just couldn’t make it, but here is a gift from him.’ And I didn’t say anything [else].” Lisa, he recalled, “latched onto the gifts excitedly and immediately opened them to check them out.”

He later figured out, said Brett, that he had inadvertently played matchmaker to Michael and Lisa by buying the birthday gifts, for Lisa, seeing the card and the inscription in the art book, both of which she believed to have been written by Michael, misinterpreted Brett’s affectionate words as an indication that Michael Jackson had feelings for her. “I wasn’t trying to bring two people together to get married. I look back on it now as a sign that [she was thinking], Wow! He really cares about me. And she secretly wanted a relationship with him, because I always talked about him as a passionate man [who was] extremely loving…and that attracted Lisa, that loving part, and loving children.”

Lisa never knew that Brett wrote the birthday card and signed her book. “I can’t recall what I wrote exactly in the book or card,” said Brett, “but that might have been something she read over and over again and thought, Jeez! And afterwards, Lisa kept calling me, and eventually, after the many calls and pursuits and my little bit of fairy dust that I sprinkled about the place, hey, those guys [got] together, and I thought, ‘Maybe they’ll record something,’

And I remember Lisa saying, ‘Brett, what do you want out of this?’ and Michael Jackson asked me the same thing, and I thought, ‘Boy, there must be something happening here.’ I told Lisa, ‘You can give me whatever you think is fair,’ and I told Michael the same. I thought up the idea and executed it, and I stayed on top of it. Any other business person would be claiming something, but since I am an artist, I told them, ‘If you do record something, give me a job at art direction instead of hiring somebody else.’ So we didn’t think anything else or more about that other than that it was going to happen.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Brooke Shields on Michael kind of asking her to marry him around the same time, February 1993, ]

What did I think of his marriage to Lisa Marie? I think we’re not dealing with convention, so somebody like Michael, he’s not going to just fall in love with somebody and get married. I think there were a few people that he could identify with, and what I know about Lisa Marie, she was very sweet, she could identify with him, they could talk about things that I’m sure she understood with regards to her father. So I think he tried to create a convention for himself. There were times when he would ask me to marry him, and I would say, “You have me for the rest of your life, you don’t need to marry me, I’m going to go on and do my own life and have my own marriage and my own kids, and you’ll always have me.” ]

He never actually formally proposed to me, though. He would sort of say, “Why don’t we adopt a child together? The way your heart works is what I want in my life,” and I said to him, “You’re always going to have my heart, we don’t need to adopt a baby, and I think it’s wonderful that you want to have children, adopt a child.” I wanted to fall in love and get married and have my own babies, and I said, “I don’t think that you need to necessarily do that.” This was just before he married Lisa Marie in the Nineties, I guess. He had discussed it with me, and I said, “I don’t think that’s the best thing to do for me.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP embarking on a singing career, Pittsburg Post Gazette, 23 Feb 1993 ]

Lisa Marie Presley, only daughter of Elvis, has decided to embark on a singing career. It’s all tentative, but this week’s People magazine says that Presley – who looks a powerful lot like her cultural icon daddy – has recorded four demon tapes produced by her husband, musician Danny Keough. Her tastes run to rock and R&B, and a friend says she sounds a lot like a black Bonnie Raitt.” Mercy. But don’t get too hepped up: Presley, the mother of two children, won’t do anything too mondo until her 4 month old is a little bigger. However she continues to dye her blond hair black. Tell me that doesn’t mean something.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP on her music career, Anchorage Daily News, 24 February, 1993 ]

“I’ve always had an ear for it, and I’ve always felt music,” the 25 year old daughter of Elvis and Priscilla tells People magazine. “I’ve been around it all my life. I definitely have it in me.”

“Dark hair really suits my personality,” she says. “I’m pretty aggressive and fiery. I don’t act like a blonde.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND MJ and Lisa get closer, “Child Bride,” Late February, 1993 ]

In late February, a few weeks after her 25th birthday, Jerry Schilling received a mysterious phone call from Lisa. “Something is going on,” she told Jerry, “but I can’t tell you what. And it has nothing to do with you, but I’m not going to continue with this record contract right now.” Lisa told him, said Jerry, that she was busy with her new baby and wanted to put the Epic deal on hold. Jerry, who had no idea Lisa had even met with Michael Jackson, simply said fine and puzzled over what might be happening in Lisa’s life.

Mike Edwards, who had also remained close to Brett after his breakup with Priscilla, began getting phone calls from an amazed Brett about this time. “He’s saying, ‘Gosh, Lisa’s calling me and Lisa’s really interested in Michael!’ ” Brett’s impression, said Mike Edwards, was that Michael was absorbed in his work, but that Lisa was really interested in him. “And I said, ‘Come on! What do you mean?’ [Brett] said, ‘You haven’t met him, but he’s very charismatic.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, but I can’t believe it.’ He said, ‘Yeah, she’s kind of pursuing him.’ And I went, ‘My God! What’s gonna happen?’” “I could see that Lisa fell in love with him,” confirmed Brett. What attracted her in part, he felt, was that Michael was not after her money. “I think she didn’t know him very well, though. She didn’t know his quirks and eccentric lifestyle, and she thought, This guy is going to be great. A stepfather for my kids.”

Lisa, according to Brett, was the one who was in pursuit. “I think it was the passion of a woman who fell in love. And Michael wasn’t even interested at all. And he is a gentleman, he wouldn’t have wanted to pull her away from her marriage to Danny. And she pursued him. Family friend Bob Wall, who heard about it after the fact, confirmed this. “I know that Lisa is the one who pursued the relationship.” She did it, Bob felt, to create an identity separate from the Presley name, to be known as something other than “the daughter of.” “Lisa really wants to be credible,” said Bob. “You’ve got her father, who’s a genius. Her mother’s done incredibly well. And all she’s got is a lot of money. So maybe that’s important to her, to create her own identity.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Considered attending Oscars together, Excerpt Child Bride, Around March 21st 1993 ]

Brett, seeing the progression of the friendship, suggested that Michael take Lisa to the Oscar ceremony that March, just as he had escorted Madonna the year before, but Michael balked, since Lisa was a married woman. The relationship intensified on Michael’s part that fall however, after 13 year-old Jordan Chandler accused him of child molestation, causing a scandal to erupt worldwide. Later, Michael would quietly escort Lisa to the Jackson Family Honors.

Lisa, who was then spending time with Myrna Smith, a childhood friend who use to sing with Lisa when Lisa was a child, told Myrna about her secret romance with Michael Jackson. Myrna perceived that Lisa felt sorry for Michael because of the sexual molestation charges and the devastating effect the scandal had had on his career and his image. Myrna also believed Lisa had sincere feelings for Michael. “Yes, she did, according to what she told me. She did. She’s like her father—they like the underdog…she did it for her own reasons, but she didn’t do it because Michael coerced her. She genuinely cared about him and she thought he cared for her.”

Myrna, who knew and knew of Michael through music circles, tried to warn Lisa about the relationship, which she considered both dangerous and absurd. “I can only guess what his motives were, and I could only tell what I thought, what a smart businessman he was, and that he was only pursuing her for what she could do for him, and that he wasn’t interested in women. And she told me he was.” Lisa did not tell Myrna whether she and Michael had sex, though Brett believed they did. “Yeah, sure, I think, because of what happened. I didn’t want to ask any questions. I could have asked Lisa the nitty-gritty.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa attend a Jimmy Carter fundraiser together, May 5, 1993 ]

Michael is invited by ex president Jimmy Carter to Atlanta in order to boost the Atlanta Immunisation Drive. Afterwards, Michael joins Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, Emmanuel Lewis and Lisa Marie Presley in the front row during the Kids Celebration at OMNI.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND ”You look like a woman who needs to let go and have some fun,” Michael to Lisa, Magic/Madness on Lisa Marie, Mid 1993 ]

He truly was misunderstood, he told her. “I know you think I’m gay,” he said. “But I’m not. I get tired of people thinking I am gay. But, oh well, fuck them. I know you’ve heard a lot of things about me, in fact, he continued, but most of it isn’t true. And that stuff that is true, you shouldn’t hold against me.” He winked at her.

“Hey, I’m a married woman,” Lisa said. “And you’re coming on to me.”

“Yes, but are you happy?” Michael asked.


“See?” Michael remarked. “I knew that. You look like a woman who needs to let go and have some fun. You look like a woman who needs to hook up with me.”

Lisa recalled, “I thought to myself, Wow, this is a real guy. He swears. He’s funny. I told him, ‘Dude, if people knew who the hell you really are, they would be so surprised. People wouldn’t think I was so crazy for being into you if they saw who you really are; that you sit around and you drink and you curse and you’re fucking funny, and you have a bad mouth and you don’t have that high voice all the time.’”

He said, “Well, just don’t tell them.” I thought he was normal and that everything you saw of him publically was just a mask.”

Lisa recalled, “As time went on, Michael and I talked more, I thought, I’m getting to know the real man here. He puts on an act for outsiders, this sort of victim thing, I thought, but I’m the one seeing the real deal, the real person. I started thinking I was special, that he was opening up to me as he never had to anyone else. He made me feel that way. He can be very seductive when he’s pulling you in.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Magic/Madness on Lisa Marie, August, 1993 ]

“I was in on the beginning of the molestation stuff, and I was getting the phone calls, and he was telling me that it was extortion,” she recalled. “I believed him at the time. I mean, I was convinced. He was freaking out. I believe that he didn’t do anything wrong, and that he was being wrongly accused and yes, I started falling for him. I wanted to save him. I felt that I could do it.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael’s addiction to painkillers according to Magic/Madness, September 1993 ]

When Michael telephoned Lisa from overseas in September 1993, he was high, incoherent and delusional. Alarmed, Lisa attempted to convince Michael to do as she had once done, enter a rehabilitation centre.

“Absolutely, I felt that I had a responsibility to save him,” she said. “I don’t know the psychology of it and what it had to with my father. I only know what I felt.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael cancels world tour, enters rehab, November 12, 1993 ]

Michael announces he is cancelling his world tour to seek treatment for an addiction to painkillers.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa was supposed to fly in to his Puerto Rico Dangerous World Tour Date, November 21 1993 ]

In the Diane Sawyer interview Lisa Marie says she was supposed to fly in to see him on this date.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Allegedly proposes to her over the phone at this point, Magic/Madness, November/December, 1993 ]

Michael decided to calm himself by calling the one person who could somehow help him forget that his career hung in the balance: Lisa.

She had certainly been persistent in her pursuit of him. She left telephone numbers for a house she was renting in Canoga Park, California.

She also left the number of the new three acre estate which had just purchased and was getting ready to occupy on Long Valley Road in Hidden Hills.

Then, just to be sure, she left the number where she could be reached in Clearwater, Florida, where she was planning to spend time at the Scientology retreat. She even sent him party balloons with messages attached. Somehow, she could always put a smile back on his face, even if it was just her raspy voice proclaiming, “Oh, fuck them!” He found her in Canoga Park.

Michael valued Lisa’s settling effect on him, so much so that during his phone conversation, he posed a question that surprised both of them. “If I asked you to marry me, would you do it?” Was this a joke? A hypothetical? Or was it a dare for Lisa to take him seriously? If it was a dare, Lisa was the woman to take it – even though she was still married to Danny Keough. Without missing a beat, she replied, “I would do it.” Michael didn’t say a word, at first. He then said, “Hold on, I have to use the bathroom.”

When he finally did speak into the phone again, he was speaking to his new fiancée. “My love for you is real,” Michael told Lisa. “Please, believe me.”

Unbeknownst to even Michael’s attorneys, Lisa Marie Presley had also tried to influence his decision to settle. A seasoned survivor of many publicity wars, she had long through that Michael should end the matter with a cash pay out. She was finally able to convince him that, as she later put it, “some things, like a good night’s sleep, are more important than public opinion.”

He wanted to get on with his life, Michael said, so that he could finally marry Lisa. Not much movement had occurred in their relationship since his odd proposal to her on the telephone, and he was afraid that she was becoming impatient with him. “The only thing I got out of therapy is that it’s my responsibility to have a good life,” he said, “and maybe I can have that with Lisa. I don’t want to lose her now.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael returns to LA, December 10, 1993 ]

Michael returns to Neverland.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa considering marrying Michael, Excerpt Child Bride, Christmas 1993 ]

By Christmas 1993, Lisa was discussing with Myrna the possibility of marrying Michael Jackson. “He told her,” said Myrna, “that she was the only woman he could see himself marrying. And I was like, ‘You gotta be kidding.’ ” Myrna recalled that Lisa responded, “Myrna, you don’t understand.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa and Michael together as a couple, Magic/Madness January 1994, ]

One of his closest advisers says: “Michael was living full time at Neverland Ranch. And all of a sudden, here comes Lisa Marie on the stairs in a bathrobe. We thought, “Well, hey, what’s up here? She spent the night up there? With Michael? And then here comes Michael down the stairs in his Mickey Mouse pajamas with a big grin on his face. The two were lovey dovey at breakfast and she hasn’t left his side since then. “

According to staff at Neverland, they knew things were serious when Lisa Marie began ordering around the servants. “Michael started talking about his “girlfriend” Lisa Marie. And she was around all the time,” said one.

“No woman has ever given orders to Michael’s servants, except for Elizabeth Taylor – and even she checks with Michael first before she asks for a Diet Coke.”

He was kissing her fairly passionately and, from many accounts, in public places. He seemed to enjoy doing it, too.

“I’m not a woman who goes for the norm, anyway,” Lisa said in explaining her attraction to him. “I like strange guys, the ones on the edge, the ones with an edge, the ones with fire in their bellies. That was Michael, to me.”

“Apparently, Michael Jackson is a freak in bed,” said Lisa’s friend Monica Pastelle. “Lisa said he was amazing, and she’s been around. Everyone was saying, ‘No way, Lisa. It can’t be true. Michael Jackson? Are we talking about the Michael Jackson, the one with the glove?’” However, she wasn’t joking, and it wasn’t long before she didn’t think it was funny, either.”

“He liked her to wear jewelry in bed. They were into role playing games, though Lisa would never say who was playing what kind of role.”

When Lisa didn’t become immediately pregnant, even before they were married, he began to express his disappointment. “I want children,” he said, “and I thought we would be expecting one within a couple of weeks of making love. But Lisa says it takes time. I don’t have time,” he said. “I want it to happen, now. I want children so badly.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa going to a movie together, David Foster’s memoir Hit Man, sometime early 1994 ]

Michael was also interesting to hang out with. The better I got to know him, the more elusive he seemed. One moment, in a little-boy voice, he would curse the head of Sony Music. “That Tommy Mottola is a mean person,” he’d say, sounding like a six-year-old. In the studio, he’d be a pro, a regular guy, and we really connected. (He struck me as Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly rolled into one). And with Lisa Marie Presley, whom he was dating at the time, he would be somebody else entirely.

Interestingly enough, my then-wife Linda had once dated Elvis, so she and Lisa Marie actually knew each other fairly well. You might say for a brief period Linda had played the role of Lisa’s step mom.

Anyway, the kids were visiting from Los Angeles – three of my daughters and Linda’s two sons – and one night they decided they wanted to go to the movies. We were staying at the Plaza Hotel, and Michael rented me a magnificent suite – on a low floor – that must have had six bedrooms. It was a palace, a lot better than the Zen-like concrete bunker at the Delano.

“I can’t go to the movies,” Michael said. We all knew what he meant: He couldn’t go out in public without creating a shit storm among the paparazzi. And one of the kids said, “We can dress you up and disguise you.”

And that’s what they did. They got in an elevator and went down to his suite and dressed him up in their own clothes. They put a scarf on him, and some jeans, and they tucked his hair under a cap and turned it to the side, gangster-style. Michael wasn’t wild about hiding the curl, though; he wanted it right out there on his forehead, for the whole world to see. The kids told him he had to hide the curl because it was a dead giveaway, but he was adamant. “No, no, I’ve got to have my curl out,” he said. I thought that was very telling. He didn’t want to be seen, but he kind of wanted to be seen – which I guess is often the issue if you’re famous.

Then they argued about what movie to see. My kids voted for Speed; Michael was more interested in Little Big League. Hmmm.

We had the valet bring the van around, and we piled in without incident. There were some paparazzi out front, but they must have looked at us and figured we were nobodies. And it was very interesting, because Michael and Lisa Marie got separated when everyone scrambled into the van, and it was clear that he wanted her to sit next to him. On the way to the movie theater, he turned to her and said, “Lisa, here. Come here. Sit here.” He said it just like a regular man, not in that little-boy voice of his. It was like, You’re going to sit with me, woman, and she did. I was very impressed, but I was also confused. I mean, who was this guy?

Maybe she brought out the testosterone in him. I don’t know. But I do know this: she loved him. And that relationship became one of the biggest tabloid nightmares of all time.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael invites Lisa to a Temptations concert in Vegas, Magic/Madness, 1 February, 1994 ]

On 1 February 1994, Michael telephoned Lisa Marie Presley at her estate in Hidden Hills, California. He was at his hide out in Westwood. “Hey, listen up, girl,” he said, according to her memory, “I’m heading up to Las Vegas to see The Temptations and The Fifth Dimension. Come with me. I’ll get us a suite at the Mirage and we can party like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Am I staying in the suite with you?” she asked.

“Hell, yeah,” Michael said. “What do you think, girl?”

“I think I’m still married,” Lisa said.

“Then separate rooms, if that’s what you want,” Michael responded.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Spotted “all up in her face, kissing on her,” by Otis Williams, at the Temptations Concert, February 2, 1994 ]

Michael attends a concert of The Temptations at the Sheraton Desert Inn of Las Vegas with his date Lisa Marie Presley.


Lisa agreed to go; the next day, the two flew up to Vegas in Michael’s private plane.

Otis Williams of The Temptations once told me, “Man, we were backstage after the show, and her comes Mike with this chick, and he’s all up in her face, kissing on her, and we were saying, “Who the heck is this girl?” Finally he introduced her: Lisa Marie Presley. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I said to the guys, “Check this out. The King of Pop and the King’s daughter, together. It had to happen. They looked pretty cozy.”

Two weeks later, Lisa accompanied Michael again to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for his appearance on the Jackson Family Honors Special.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Newspaper cited them as being seen together at this concert, King of Pop and a Princess, Feb 4 1994 ]

Brooke Shields is no longer Michael Jackson’s constant escort: The Gloved One stirred a Vegas crowd Wednesday night when he attended a Temptations and the 5th Dimension concert with The King’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Back in NL according to Magic/Madness, 21 February, 1994 ]

When they got back from Las Vegas, on 21 February, Michael invited Lisa to Neverland. The two spent hours walking hand in hand on the well manicured property, as Lisa’s children, played with their nanny. Workers at the estate recall seeing Michael and Lisa kissing while high atop the Ferris wheel, then nodding graciously to the Neverland staff members as they sauntered from one ride to the next.

For the first two days, Lisa and her children stayed in one of the visitors’ units on the property. On the third night, Michael ordered a dinner of poached salmon and cucumber salad to be served to him and Lisa on one of the candle lit terraces. Afterwards he presented Lisa with a gift: a three strand, pearl choker with a diamond clasp at the front, worth about $50,000. That evening, while her children and their nanny slept in the guest quarters, Lisa stayed with Michael in his bedroom.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Staying at the Trump Towers together, New York City, Trump Tower, April 28, 1994 ]

Michael accepts a Caring For Kids award during the Children Choice Awards at the City Center in New York City (where he rents a three bedroom suit at the Trump Tower )

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Donald Trump recalls their time there together ]

Donald recalls seeing Michael and Lisa walking hand in hand on his estate, seeming lost in a mutual dream. In a photograph taken that day, Lisa was elegantly dressed in a severely tailored, black silk dress that fell in fluid lines around her shapely figure. Michael was wearing a sharp, black suit, scarlet- colored shirt and a matching tie. At one point, he dropped to one knee and kissed her hand. She urged him to is feet; the two embrace. Michael gazed at her intensely, mesmerized by her face. They kissed. He pulled from his vest pocket a small, wrapped box. When she opened it, Lisa’s face lit up. Pearls.

“It was romantic,” Donald Trump recalled, “Later, I asked Michael how things were going and he said “Great. I just got to kiss the most beautiful girl in the world. I hope I’m worthy of her. I think I might marry her.”

“For a while, those two were really getting it on.”

“They made love at the Trump estate,” said another one of Lisa’s confidantes. “She said it was intense, it took her breath away. I have no idea what they were doing, or what he was doing to her, but since she gravitates toward the unconventional, she was out of her mind over this guy. Maybe it’s hard for some to believe,” she concluded “but true, just the same.”

People Magazine on this:

Jackson, who is worth an estimated $100 million, and Presley, whose own fortune tops out at $100 million, have been seen together around New York City for at least six months. Lisa Marie, according to one source, is a regular visitor to Jackson’s duplex apartment in Trump Tower, just beneath Donald and Maria Trump’s triplex home. The romance first came to light early this year, about the time Jackson settled the civil suit filed by the child who had accused him of sexual molestation. Jackson was spotted dining with his friends the Trumps at Manhattan’s Le Cirque restaurant. Apropos of nothing, Jackson suddenly said, “You know what? I’m in love. Her name is Lisa.”

A few weeks later, when Trump invited his friend to visit his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla., Michael asked, “Can I bring my love interest?” Jackson spent the week with Lisa Marie and her two children, Benjamin Storm, 21 months, and Danielle, 5. She and Michael stayed in separate bedrooms but were otherwise inseparable and affectionate. They spent nearly every evening in a part of the mansion called the Grand Tower, looking at the stars, and left the house together just once. “They walked down Worth Avenue,” says one witness, “and caused a big commotion and came right back.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Their stay at Trump Towers at Mar-a-Lago according to Donald Trump’s book, “Trump: The Art Of The Come Back”, published 1997 ]

One of my most interesting Mar a Lago experiences involved the turmoil over Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. Michael was a friend of mine and a very good guy – but very different. It began in New York, when I got a call from him one day, saying he would be coming to the city and would like to get together. He often called to say hello when he came to New York. This time I invited him out to [page missing]

… military outfit with a large black hat and picked up the menu. It was as if he had never seen a menu before, and we carefully went over each item. But what was most amazing were the looks on the distinguished faces in the room as they came over to our table practically begging for an autograph. These are people who had probably never asked for anyone’s autograph before, and I can guarantee you, it was not easy for them to do. They would always start by saying, I have a son who is a big fan of yours, Mr Jackson. Could you give him an autograph? But I believe it was for them, not their sons. One woman, one of the most socially prominent in New York, known for her attitude approached our table trying to look cool, then slightly tripped. She grabbed the table for support and asked in the same breath, “Mr Jackson, can I have your autograph?” It was amazing to see this woman, whom I have known for years, so flustered and nervous.

Somehow, Michael feels comfortable with me. I asked him how he was doing, and we started talking about his life, including his sex life. I was somewhat surprised when Michael told me he had a new girlfriend. I congratulated him and asked, Who is it? He was very shy and looked down into his napkin, then put the napkin over his face and said, “Trump, Trump, I don’t want to talk about it, I’m so embarrassed.”

I chided him. “Come on, Michael,” I said, “tell me who your new girlfriend is.” When he finally looked up, he said that it was a girl named Lisa Marie. That was the one of the conversation, and we went on to another topic.

A couple of weeks later, I got a call from Michael asking if he could go down to Mar-a-Lago with me. I said absolutely, and we flew down in my plane together. Michael had a small group of people with him. We did a lot of talking. On the flight down, he asked if it would be possible for his girlfriend to come over and say hello and even stay at Mar-a-Lago with him. I said absolutely, I looked forward to meeting her. I asked if it was the same girl, Lisa Marie. He said, yes, it was and she would be arriving sometime around eight o’clock, about an hour after we got to the house.

When the doorbell rang, the butler answered, and a beautiful girl walked through the door. I don’t believe people realize how pretty Lisa Marie Presley’s face really is. She’s got the best of Elvis and Priscilla and I don’t think she has ever been recognized for her incredible glow. In any event, Michael came running down to the living room, greeted her with a hug, and then took her off to look at the ocean. When they came back, holding hands and hugging, they seemed very much in love. I’m not saying that I was surprised at this, but there was never a doubt in my mind that they definitely had something going.

During the weekend we saw very little of Michael and Lisa Marie, since they stayed up in the tower. Then they made the mistake, on Saturday afternoon, of trying to sneak out to sneak out of Mar-a-Lago and go shopping, in disguise, on Worth Avenue. Well, the paparazzi broke out, and all hell broke loose. They were driven in a limousine back to Mar-a-Lago with the paparazzi in pursuit. The rest of the weekend was absolutely wild. Hundreds of cameras surrounded Mar-a-Lago and Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie were stationed in their love nest tower rising high above the house. The press didn’t bother them or me either, but it was quite a frenzy.

I had other guests at Mar-a-Lago, one of them the brilliant New Jersey businessman Arthur Goldberg. He took a company named Bally, which was in tremendous trouble – by any other account should have been bankrupt and defunct – and through sheer talent, energy and force built it into a great company in a short time, and sold it to Hilton Hotels for $3 billion. Arthur made over $100 million on the transactions, and I often cite him as one of the few examples I have seen of a top executive truly deserving of what he gets. He did an incredible job. He is now the president of Hilton’s gaming division and is working closely with Barron Hilton and Steve Bollenbach.

In any event, Arthur and I were having a meeting in one of the rooms at Mar-a-Lago when there was a knock on the door. Arthur didn’t know Michael Jackson was staying at the house, but he was aware that there was a great commotion and he was curious as to why there were so many people outside taking pictures. Arthur got up to answer the door. This particular room at Mar-a-Lagp, the Dutch Room, is done in very dark woods and is lit very dimly, in keeping with the look. Arthur swung open the door, and there was Michael Jackson. “Look, look, it’s Michael Jackson,” he said to me. Michael, on the other hand, saw somebody he wasn’t familiar with, put his hand over his face, and ran down the hallway. That was the last we saw of Michael that weekend. He went back to the tower to be with Lisa Marie.

People often ask me whether or not the relationship was a sham and I give them an emphatic no. I was there, and the magic of Mar-a-Lago brought it out, because after they left, it didn’t work so well. I can tell you, for at least a period of time, these two folks were really getting it on.

A photo of Michael at Mar-a-Lago from Trump’s book

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie announces separation from husband Danny Keough, April 29, 1994 ]

Lisa Marie announces separation from her husband, Danny Keough.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Teddy Riley says Michael told him he didn’t know Lisa would leave her husband for him, on a Radio Station, Aug 24 2002 ]

One of the DJ’s asked about Michael and Lisa Marie. Teddy said that Michael had talked to him in great detail about Lisa and Debbie. One of the things that Teddy said MJ stated was, “Man, I didn’t know that Lisa was going to divorce her husband for me.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa and Danny’s divorce is made official, May 8, 1994 ]

Lisa Marie’s divorce to Danny Keough is finalized.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Travel to Dominican Republic together, May 25, 1994 ]

Michael and Lisa Marie Presley arrive at Casa de Campo de Campo in Dominican Republic .

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson marry in the Dominican Republic, May 26, 1994 ]

Michael & Lisa Marie secretly marry in a 12 minutes ceremony only attended by Eva Darling and Linda’s ex brother in law, Thomas Keough (both Scientologists). Reportedly others from Michael’s side also attended but have never disclosed their presence.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Wedding Invitations To Celebrate Michael and Lisa’s Marriage ]

These seem to have been printed prior to the wedding

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, marriage, wedding invitationMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, marriage, wedding invitation

And these ones later

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Elizabeth Taylor and Monica Pastelle comments, Magic/Madness: ]

That night, Elizabeth was with friends at the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel. When a reporter asked her if she would confirm rumors of Michael’s marriage, she snapped at him, “I am not in the business of clarifying rumors. Now, be gone!”

Even though Lisa was in love with Michael, she – not he – was the one with certain goals she hoped to achieve as a result of the marriage; chief among them was the realization of her musical career. “Michael told Lisa that he would attempt to get her a record deal at Sony,” says her friend, Monica Pastelle. “Yes, she loved him. She didn’t marry him because of the offer to help her career, but it was on the table as something he was going to work on for her.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Honeymoon in Disneyworld, June 5, 1994 ]

Michael takes Lisa Marie and her children Benjamin and Dannielle to Disneyworld in Florida .

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael sighted in Palm Beach, Jun 20, 1994 ]

We previously reported that Michael Jackson visited Palm Beach to look at potential East Coast retreats, including the since-sold blue-roofed Martino estate on North Ocean. Michael supposedly was the guest of Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, but since then a couple of sources claim he actually stayed several weeks at a home near those of Mollie Wilmot and the Kennedys. A Palm Beach resident claims to have seen Michael walking the beach at 7 am.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Media learns about the wedding, July 11, 1994 ]

Media learn about Michael & Lisa Marie ‘s wedding.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Joe Elefante’s wife Caryn on having met him during this period, Summer 1994 ]

Michael had many questions for us like if any of us went to camp for the summer. He said that he always asked his parents if he could go to summer camp because it looked like so much fun and of course they told him no!! This was right around the time when the media was questioning whether or not he had married Lisa Marie Presley. I noticed a ring on his hand and I said, “so does that ring mean you are married to Lisa Marie?” He nodded his head yes and said “shhhhhh”. We chatted for a while, he signed our album cover and we went home having what I thought was the greatest day of my life.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Stay at Trump Towers, Magic/Madness: ]

Meanwhile, the two took a duplex apartment suite in Trump Tower in New York (directly below Donald Trump’s), while Michael began work on a new album.

One of his bodyguards remembered, “it was chaos with the media and fans suspecting the newlyweds were in the suite, but not able to confirm it.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND People Magazine’s Reaction To The News, People, July 25 1994 ]

The Jackson camp, confronted with the news splashed across the front page of Santo Domingo’s leading daily newspaper. Listin Diario on July 11, says the tale is fiction. “There was no marriage,” says spokesperson Lee Solters. Presley’s people say the reports sound false, but they also admit they couldn’t immediately locate the alleged bride—who announced her separation from her musician husband, Danny Keough, just three months ago. Jerry Schilling, her former manager and lifelong friend, says that until he hears it straight from Lisa Marie, he won’t believe a word. “Too tabloidish,” he says.

And yet if this is a hoax, it is a very elaborate one based at least in part on some persuasive evidence. Consider: Dominican civil judge Hugo Francisco Alvarez Pérez has produced documents purportedly signed by Jackson, 35, and Presley, 26, which Charles Hamilton, the handwriting expert who exposed the Hitler Diaries fraud in 1983, has told the press he examined and declared with 75 percent certainty to be authentic. (Pérez insists that he released the documents only after receiving repealed press inquiries and is not taking money for the information.) Janet Palli, director of publicity for the plush Casa de Campo resort in La Romana, 50 miles from Santo Domingo, says that Jackson arrived on their private landing strip in a Falcon 900 jet owned by his record company, Sony; government officials confirm Jackson’s arrival on May 24 and his departure three days later; and according to one witness, he was accompanied on his trip by two women.

Though not exactly proof, the documents and details have some of Jackson’s closest pals—insiders who usually know everything and tell nothing—scratching their heads. In New York City, Liz Taylor’s publicist Chen Sam read the headlines and phoned her boss to ask, in jest, if Liz had served as the maid of honor. (Taylor said she hadn’t heard a word from her very close friend in three weeks.) Meanwhile in Manhattan, some well-informed friends took the news of the nuptials with little wonder.

Jackson, who is worth an estimated $100 million, and Presley, whose own fortune tops out at $100 million, have been seen together around New York City for at least six months. Lisa Marie, according to one source, is a regular visitor to Jackson’s duplex apartment in Trump Tower, just beneath Donald and Maria Trump’s triplex home. The romance first came to light early this year, about the time Jackson settled the civil suit filed by the child who had accused him of sexual molestation. Jackson was spotted dining with his friends the Trumps at Manhattan’s Le Cirque restaurant. Apropos of nothing, Jackson suddenly said, “You know what? I’m in love. Her name is Lisa.”

;”>A few weeks later, when Trump invited his friend to visit his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla., Michael asked, “Can I bring my love interest?” Jackson spent the week with Lisa Marie and her two children, Benjamin Storm, 21 months, and Danielle, 5. She and Michael stayed in separate bedrooms but were otherwise inseparable and affectionate. They spent nearly every evening in a part of the mansion called the Grand Tower, looking at the stars, and left the house together just once. “They walked down Worth Avenue,” says one witness, “and caused a big commotion and came right back.”

Two months later, Presley announced her separation from Keough. Oddly—or perhaps not—the name one witness scribbled on the wedding certificate in May is Thomas Keough, the same name as the younger brother of Lisa Marie’s estranged husband. Since Presley and Danny Keough never announced an official dissolution of their marriage, and the Dominican Republic is a mecca for quickie divorces (Mike Tyson barely had to turn off the jet engine when he flew in to obtain a divorce from Robin Givens in 198, speculation is rife: Did Danny accompany Lisa Marie, obtain a divorce and then for some reason ask his brother to serve as a witness to her wedding? This much seems relatively certain: Michael and Lisa Marie are spending more time together than most married people. Last week, Jackson spent six days in a New York City recording studio, and according to a source, Presley was with him three of those days. Are they becoming the new Sonny and Cher? As Josefina Rodriguez, chief of the Dominican consulate in Miami, says, “Who knows? When you find out, tell me.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie Releases A Statement Confirming Her Marriage To Michael, August 1, 1994 ]

“My married name is Mrs. Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson. My marriage to Michael Jackson took place in a private ceremony outside the United States [11] weeks ago. It was not formally announced until now for several reasons; foremost being that we are both very private people living in the glare of the public media. We both wanted a private marriage ceremony without the distraction of a media circus. I am very much in love with Michael, I dedicate my life to being his wife. I understand and support him. We both look forward to raising a family and living happy, healthy lives together. We hope friends and fans will understand and respect our privacy.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND WHAT A COUPLE! By Katy Kelly, USA Today, August 2, 1994 ]

Lisa Marie confirms: She and Michael are wed – Why did pop princess and king unite?

Mrs. Presley-Jackson says she loves him tender, but others have their doubts Theirs is a marriage based on true love, says the woman who now calls herself “Mrs. Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson,” daughter of one king, now bride of another.

After marrying King of Pop Michael Jackson in apparent haste – in a quickie Dominican Republic ceremony in late May – 26-year-old Presley-Jackson said in a statement Monday, she’ll “dedicate my life to being his wife.”

The question both fans and foes want answered: Why?

Theories abound: Cynics see it as an extreme public relations ploy aimed at restoring Jackson’s reputation, damaged by accusations of child molestation. Some speculate that he has joined Presley’s faith, the Church of Scientology, and guess that the two have found common ground in religion. Others see it as an old-fashioned royal alliance, aimed at consolidating and expanding two separate kingdoms.

It is, unquestionably, a monumental merger of money and music. She’s the sole heir of her father’s Graceland estate, reportedly valued at $100 million and grossing another $20 million a year. She doesn’t get all royalties on Elvis’ songs, but, says RCA executive Paul Williams, “I would assume that Lisa Marie participates in payments from RCA to the Elvis Presley estate.”

Jackson, 35, is worth a conservatively estimated $150 million and has an elaborate estate of his own called Neverland, which comes with its own amusement park. Included in his kitty: an extensive income-producing music catalog that includes classic Beatles songs and works by Little Richard and the father of the bride, Elvis Presley.

newlyweds first met around November 1992, says Lisa Marie’s friend, lawyer John P. Coale, who was advising her at the time. Was it business or pleasure? “It was more of a social meeting,” he says.

The meeting took place in L.A. at a friend’s house. (“Nobody famous,” Coale says.) “She liked him. She thought he was real nice. In the beginning they were friends, just friends. There was no romantic hint of anything at the time. . . . I’m not sure when the romantic thing came in.”

The May 26 wedding – which followed Presley’s May 6 Dominican Republic divorce from musician Danny Keough – was not without romantic elements. “She wore a beige, strapless dress; he was dressed in black,” said Luisa Rebeca Valentin, the reporter who broke the story for the Dominican Republic’s Listin Diario and got the juicy details from the wedding officiant, Judge Hugo Francisco Alvarez Perez.

It was an understated affair. “There were no flowers. It was very simple, very sedate.”

Valentin is a bit of a doubter: “You know how celebrities are, they don’t marry for love. There are conveniences.”

When Coale saw Presley in July, she didn’t mention that she and Jackson were married but “there were strong hints,” says Coale.

The usually chatty Donald Trump has also been keeping the secret. “I’ve known for a while,” he says. “They’re nice people and I wish them luck.”

The couple reportedly spent a week at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Palm Beach estate in February and they and Presley’s children (Danielle, 5, and Benjamin, 21 months) have been living in a $110,000-a-month Trump Tower duplex (below the Donald’s triplex) since early July. They’re expected to stay chez Trump through September, while Jackson finishes work on an album.

Some residents have spotted the pair hugging and kissing, and Trump acknowledges that Lisa Marie and “the babies are in and out all day.”

But even Trump, who has pulled a few marital surprises of his own, seems a bit amazed: “The whole thing is wild, isn’t it?” he asks. As for possible future offspring: “Can you imagine what they’ll produce?”

Family living is apparently on the couple’s agenda: “We both look forward to raising a family,” the bride said in her statement.

Jackson family spokesman John McLaughlin had no comment on Michael’s status (other Jackson spokesmen spent weeks denying marriage reports). As for the mother of the bride: Contrary to tabloid reports of maternal disapproval, “She (Priscilla Presley) said, `Please assure everyone I’m very supportive of Lisa Marie and everything she does,’ ” says Paul Bloch, publicist for both Presleys.

Ditto for the folks at Graceland: “All of us . . . are delighted for Lisa and Michael. We wish the best for them in future,” says Graceland spokesman David Beckwith, adding, “There will be no changes in the structure or operations of Elvis Presley Enterprises or Graceland.”

The Church of Scientology International issued a congratulatory press release: “We consider marriage and a happy family the most valuable building blocks of a stable society, and we wish the newlyweds the very best for a joyful future.”

Disappointing the masses, they added, “The Church has no other information as this is a private matter between Lisa-Marie and her husband.”

Not all fans are as enthused: “Oh God, no! Are you serious?” blurted Terry Marcos, president of Elvis’ California Fans (We’re Still Shaking). Jackson’s “not even a man as far as I’m concerned.”

Priscilla Parker, 54, of Pittsburgh, president of the We Remember Elvis Fan Club, is disappointed. “Partly, because Lisa Marie was just in one marriage and is jumping into another, and I don’t understand that, no matter if you’re famous or the person next door.”

Members of her fan club are phoning in reactions: “Some people are saying they’ll never go back to Graceland if this is true, (others are) saying that it’s her life and she can do what she wants. But it’s not her life. She has two kids to consider. If she were my daughter,” she says with a laugh, “I’d lock her up and throw away the key.”

Some suspect Jackson of ulterior motives: “Michael’s image took such a battering over the past year and a half, with him being linked to an underage boy, that what better stunt to pull off than to marry a very desirable woman?” says Mitchell Fink, People columnist and a CNN correspondent.

“I also think this makes sense for him professionally, because I’m sure he wants to buy every song he can connected with her father, because then he would control the music of the Beatles and Elvis Presley. And I believe as I have all along that he will produce her debut album. He wants to be able to say that he produced the daughter of the king. But I honestly didn’t think he would take it to this new extreme!”

Fink adds, “There’s no question that for many, many years, Michael has been a shrewd media manipulator.”

Stuart Fischoff, a media psychologist at California State University, is paid to ponder such questions. He doesn’t know what motivated the twosome but, “many women, given the opportunity to meet and marry Michael Jackson, would jump at the opportunity. She’s marrying a cultural Mount Rushmore.” And what’s in it for him? “The cynical point of view is that . . . this (marriage) would go in his mind a long way to dissuading people that he’s been fooling around with boys.”

Richard Johnson, editor of the New York Post’s gossip page, thinks “you can’t ignore the Scientology angle. I would think the people at Scientology would be urging her to nurture this relationship.”

John Coale thinks the union may well be a Love Me Tender story. “Lisa’s a pretty levelheaded woman,” he says. “I’ve always been impressed with her decisions. . . . If everyone just gives (the marriage) a chance, I think we’ll all be pleasantly surprised.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Marking their first public appearance together Michael and Lisa arrive in Hungary, August 5, 1994 ]

Michael and Lisa Marie arrive in Budapest (Hungary) and make their first public appearance together causing a media frenzy.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Passenger On Board Concorde With Them Remembers Them “Canoodling” In The Back, Eric Seidan, 5th August 1994 ] link to post

I’ve decided to blog about Michael Jackson briefly. Why so? He’s auctioning off tons of his stuff. I realize nobody I know would actually want it, but still. Looking through the online auction catalog is utterly fascinating. You can order one for $100 or $500 with autograph. As if.

I met Michael Jackson once when on Concorde — whilst exiting the on-board bathroom. Really. He was married to Lisa Marie Presley at the time. The story’s recounted in my personal website’s Concorde pages so I won’t repeat it here. I can’t find the story anywhere.

Anyway it was the same flight on which David Bowie and Iman were on. The return flight had Robert DeNiro. Anyway, I will skip all the details for now — but I wonder where I wrote about this — maybe a long ago email to friends. I am thinking this was in an email way back in 1993 after Labour Day weekend when this all happened. Maybe I have a copy archived on one of my Apple II disks that I can no longer read. No idea. If any of you have a copy of that old email, forward it to me and I’ll post it.

Anyway, he was in the waiting room for the flight but in a secluded side room. On board he was in the back of the aircraft with Lisa Marie. They appeared, in all honestly, to be very much in love. Anyway, nature called mid-flight, and I went to use the lavatory. I took a whizz, washed my hands, opened the door, and who should be standing in front of me? Michael Jackson. He’s taller than you might think. I smiled, said excuse me, he muttered something, and went in. That concluded my interaction. Concorde is always fun and that was my very first trip (and only one on Air France). It was memorable because it was celebrity packed.

This auction made me think of it.

I thought the Michael Jackson was somewhere on your site. I remember reading it, how Michael and Lisa Marie were canoodling in the back.

Eric Seidan’s quotes, USA Today Article, 2003

Growing up, Eric Seiden thought the Concorde “was just something cool” but assumed it was out of his reach. Then in 1994, Seiden, who lives in Miami and works for a distributor of screws, nuts and bolts, was unexpectedly upgraded from business class to Concorde on Air France.

“It’s as close as you can get to outer space,” said Seiden, who has his own Concorde Web site. “You can actually see the huge curvature of the Earth.”

Seiden’s fellow passengers included newlyweds Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley canoodling in the back of the plane.

The marriage did not appear to be a publicity stunt, Seiden noted. “They were really in love.”

They both autographed a concorde menu

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa visit a hospital together, August 6, 1994 ]

Michael and Lisa Marie visit sick children at St Jude hospital and meet Bela Farkas, a little boy in need of a transplant. Moved by his story they decide to finance the operation that will save his life.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa return to New York, August 9, 1994 ]

Michael and Lisa Marie fly back to New York where Michael resumes the recording of his new album.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Robmix on Gearsltuz: ]

I was there when Lisa Marie was around. They acted like two kids in love. Held hands all the time, and she hung out at the studio for quite a while. I never questioned their love for each other.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Brett Strong on how they met, ET – Aug 10, 1994 ]

Brett Strong: They just fell head over heels in love and that love just grew and grew to the point where they just married.

ET’s John Tesh: Internationally renowed, Brett Livingstone Strong will now be known as Hollywoods hottest match maker. This Australian creator has made millions with his paintings and his sculpting. He has two National monuments now displayed in Washington, DC. and is currently working on his third, a tribute to our space program. And now he is the guy who bought two musical super powers to the altar.

Brett Strong: Obviously Lisa was not looking at Michael for his fame or looking at him for his success. She was purely looking at him because he is a true gentleman.

ET’s John Tesh: Strong is a long time friend of both. He originally talked the pop music icon to meet with Lisa to hear her sing.

Brett Strong: I told Michael what if I came up with and brought to you the best person on this planet who has not been exposed, and is beautiful. Michael’s reponse was “who the heck are you talking about. Who is it?.” I said Lisa Marie Presley. Michael’s response was “No! She can sing?” She is fantastic. Michael said “well Brett obviously I am interested. Can you get me a tape or something?”

ET’s John Tesh: Well Lisa did not want to send a tape. She wanted to perform in person. So Brett arranged a meeting at his house in November 1992 when this picture was taken of the three of them and Bretts’ son, Stason.

Brett Strong: In fact that was the day they first came together and where Lisa performed a couple of song’s for Michael. It was a fabulous experience, for I think both of them. And Michael really felt really honored. He was like “Wow! I am Lucky. You know.” And Lisa felt the same.

ET’s John Tesh: And it turns out that Michael loved more than just her singing. They ran off and got married. Brett said that Lisa did not even

tell her mother. And Brett said you can forget all the rumors you hear about why the couple married. This is the real deal.

Brett Strong: It is a purely a very simple story. It’s a love affair that grew from a friendship.

ET’s John Tesh: And here is the rest of the scoop. Brett Livingstone Strong tells ET thattrue love blossomed last year (Feb 93) when Priscilla Presley threw a birthday party. And Southern California Magic Mountain Amusement Park was rented for the ocassion. Michael sent Lisa a present. The picture of that famous night they met (Nov 92). And the rest is history.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Brett Livingstone Strong, National Enquirer, 1994 ]

Lisa Marie Presley saved Michael Jackson from killing himself when the child sex abuse scandal drove him to the brink of despair, says the man who introduced the pop superstar to Elvis’ daughter.

In an exclusive Enquirer interview, Hollywood artist Brett Livingstone Strong – a longtime friend of both Michael and Lisa Marie – spoke freely about his role in the marriage that shocked the world.

Telling his remarkable story for the first time ever, Strong revealed that:

* Lisa Marie fell in love with Michael first and pursued him relentlessly.

* The newlyweds are truly in love with each other – and both of them want to start a family.

* Lisa Marie told Michael she wanted to be a singing star – and when he warned her she’d have to “give up everything” to succeed, she broke down in tears. But now she’s dedicated to becoming a superstar – and Michael has vowed to make her dream come true.

“When I introduced Lisa Marie and Michael never in my wildest dreams did I think they’d marry,” said Strong, 40, a painter and sculptor.

“But they became close friends. Then their feelings turned to love – and I think they’re the perfect couple!”

Strong’s relationship with Michael dates back to the early 80s when he painted a portrait of the superstar singer tgar a Japanese businessman bought for a whopping $2.1 million.

The 36 year old performer was so impressed that he formed a business partnership with Strong.

And in November 1992, the artist – who’s known Priscilla Presley and her daughter for 15 years – brought Michael and Lisa Marie together.

Lisa Marie desperately wanted to launch a music career, “but she had no confidence in herself as a singer,” said Strong.

“She was afraid of being compared to Elvis and terrified of rejection. When I suggested Michael could help her, she said, ‘He’s a superstar. Do you really think he’d help me?’

“I introduced them in my Los Angeles home. They sang together and played Lisa Marie’s music – and Michael was blown away. He told her, ‘You have a real talent – and a fine voice.'”

But Lisa Marie soon realized she wasn’t prepared to make a full time commitment to music.

“In December 1992, she told me that Michael explained, ‘To be a superstar you’ve got to give up everything. That’s how I approached my career and it’s the only way to do it. Any other method is doomed to fail,'” said Strong.

“Lisa Marie left that meeting with tears streaming down her face. At the time, she couldn’t dedicate herself to her career.

“She was having a lot of trouble with her musician husband Danny Keough – and she had to deal with her marriage first.

“She said they’d had screaming arguments ‘about everything from bringing up the kids to running our prospective careers.'”

While he marriage deteriorated, Lisa Marie’s feelings for Michael deepened.

“By mid 1993, Lisa Marie was deeply in love with Michael – and she made sure they got together regularly,” said Strong.

“I realize now that she was pursuing Michael – and that she was determined to to make him her husband.”

Lisa Marie proved the depth of her love when a teenage boy accused Michael of sexually abusing him.

The shocking allegations sent Michael into a suicidal depression – and Lisa Marie helped pull him through.

“Michael talked about killing himself but Lisa Marie and his dear friend Elizabeth Taylor talked him out of it,” said Strong.

“They spent days at his Neverland Valley ranch, trying to boost his spirits. Later Michael admitted, ‘I don’t think I’d be here now if it weren’t for Lisa Marie and Elizabeth. They saved my life.'”

Michael didn’t realize he was in love with Lisa Marie until she announced her split from Keough in April, said Strong.

“But believe me, the love affair between them is real. It’s not a phoney marriage designed to make Michael look better. Michael definitely wants to have children with Lisa Marie – and she says she can’t wait to have his baby.”

Now the newlyweds are working feverishly on Lisa Marie’s musical career. “Lisa Marie is determiend to become a superstar – and Michael has dedicated himself to her quest,” said Strong.

“They plan to perform together eventually, starting off in a small way and later giving major concerts. Lisa told me, ‘Michael is my love and my inspiration. I adore the very ground he walks on. I want to become the Queen of Pop just as he’s the King.”

Strong is currently finishing a new portrait of Michael.

He’s also painted a romantic vision of the shirtless superstar in a stream surrounded by topless women. Incredibly one of the bare breasted beauties bears an amazing resemblance to Lisa Marie.

Asked whether the young woman is Michael’s bridge, Strong would only say, “You have to draw your own conclusions about that.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND People, August 15 1994 ]

The families of the bride and groom have not exactly been gushing forth their approval. Jackson’s parents, Joe and Katherine, and his siblings, Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, LaToya, Marlon, Randy and Janet, had no immediate comment about Michael’s marriage, but Johnnie L. Cochran Jr., who represented Michael in the molestation case, says that those in his inner circle “are happily surprised.” (A call to the $3.99-a-minute LaToya Jackson Psychic Network, however, elicited this response from a psychic named Stephanie: “I can see them together a year from now…as far as two.”) Lisa Marie’s mother, Priscilla, 48, who attended her daughter’s first marriage but not her second, said through her publicist that she is “very supportive of everything Lisa Marie does.” But she has said nothing further in public, and one source close to the Presley camp says he saw Priscilla a month after the wedding, “and she looked downright terrible. It was obvious she was very preoccupied.”

Says Washington attorney John Coale, Lisa Marie’s friend: “I guess she and Michael are our rock and roll royalty.”

This much seems certain: The two definitely get along and enjoy hanging around together. When they stayed a week at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla., last winter, they spent each evening, says Trump, “holding hands and talking until the wee hours”—even if they did always adjourn to separate bedrooms. Last week the New York Post reported that the newly-weds have spent many summer nights in the small but lavishly landscaped park atop New York City’s Trump Tower. “They hold hands, kiss and cuddle, stare into each other’s eyes and look out at the stars together,” a source told the Post. And a longtime friend of the Jackson family says that, with Lisa Marie, one gnawing source of anxiety is absent: “Michael always said that he never knew if a girl was going to like him for himself or his money. She’s not after him for money.”

How long has this been going on? One employee of Jackson’s who prefers to remain anonymous says that Lisa Marie “has known Michael almost all of her life. Elvis brought her around to meet the Jackson Five when she was a little kid, and they stayed in touch.” (Lisa Marie, who was raised mostly by her mother after Priscilla and Elvis divorced in 1973, was 9 when her father died in 1977.) Coale says their adult friendship began in November 1992 in L.A. This past April, Lisa Marie announced that she was breaking up with Keough—who it now turns out, obtained a quickie, uncontested divorce in Santo Domingo on May 6 (they will share custody of the children). A mere 18 days later, Jackson and his intended jetted to the deluxe spa Casa de Campo in the Dominican province of La Romana. From there it was viva La Vega, as the lovebirds proceeded to a town of that name for the May 26 nuptials, conducted by civil judge Hugo Francisco Alvarez Pérez.

Since Lisa Marie’s announcement, Jackson and his new family have been spending most of their time holed up in a 12-room duplex near the top of Trump Tower. Michael was making daily trips, via chauffeured van with blacked-out windows, across town to the Hit Factory recording studio, often with Lisa Marie.

Strange as it may sound, Jackson could actually be a maturing influence on his new wife, who is set to assume control of the company in 1998. A close friend of the CEO says Soden has long been nervous about what he considers Lisa Marie’s “unpredictable” behavior. The high school dropout went through an admitted period of rebellious drug-taking and battling with Priscilla. And now, if one source in the Presley camp is to be believed, their future chairwoman up and married Michael Jackson—a businessman with a track record of accumulating music rights—without informing them.

Michael may even unleash the songbird in Lisa Marie. “Maybe he’ll produce a solo album for her,” says his ex-manager Frank DiLeo. Presley-Jackson has long talked about pursuing a music career, and in the early ’90s even made some demo songs before putting showbiz aside to raise her children. Her singing, says Coale, “is fabulous. She likes rhythm and blues, like Aretha Franklin.”

Now there are rumors that Jackson, a former Jehovah’s Witness (he left that religion in 1987, after 24 years), has been meeting with Scientology worldwide leader David Miscavige. “They recruit the emotionally vulnerable,” says Atack, and Jackson—who once stunned a dinner party of Hollywood executives by lowering his head to the table and bursting into sobs—is definitely in that category. But a friend of Jackson disputes that. “No one can control Michael,” he says. “He’s always been independent.”

It would be possible for Michael to marry Lisa Marie without joining her church. But a Scientologist friend of Presley-Jackson says that even if he doesn’t convert, the couple “may have found that they were just right for each other spiritually.”

Meanwhile, Presley-Jackson friend John Coale says simply that “Lisa knows what she’s doing” marrying Jackson—and that he’s planning to go out soon to buy the couple a gift. “Probably something from Tiffany’s,” Coale says. “Lisa Marie has very good taste.”
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa on the cover of Hello, Zimmerman photos, August 20, 1994 ]

Michael & Lisa Marie are on the cover of magazines around the world (Jet, Hello, Paris Match ect…) with exclusive pictures taken by photographer Dick Zimmerman.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Photographer Dick Zimmerman on taking photos of the two, Québécois magazine translation, Aug 1994 ]

“A kind of magic emerges from this young couple. I really did not know what awaited me when I arrived, but what I saw made me think of the scene which two in love act as if they were alone in the world, in spite of the crowd which surrounds them. That only comes when two people are deeply enthusiastic about one another. Like everyone, I had heard rumours which surrounded their marriage several weeks ago. But it was necessary that I see them with my own eyes to work out the depth and sincerity of their love. This love, neither could hide from me. It will be enough for you to realise it by looking at my photographs, especially those which I took of Lisa. There are attitudes which cannot be faked. In fact, I did not even need to guide Michael and Lisa. I did not need, for example, to ask them to intertwine. They spontaneously did it and most naturally. I had to only say to them to place themselves at such or such a place, and the rest came naturally. They spoke to each other in a very soft tone, the tone of two people very much in love with one another.”

“It’s like when you see two people in the street who’re in love and act like there is no one else around them. I saw it with my own eyes.

If you look at the photographs, you’ll notice that there is something going on, especially with Lisa. I didn’t have to tell them to put their arms around each other, they just did it.

Having spent an entire day with them, I saw some magical things. They talked to each other very quietly like lovers would. For the first shot, I told them to stand close. They immediately put their arms around each other and Lisa cuddled right up to Michael. I told Lisa to sit in a chair and Michael to kneel beside her. He put his arm around her and pulled her head to his chest, while Lisa tenderly took hold of his hand.

Between shots, they were whispering and giggling to each other. They were so happy it was hard to keep their attention on the camera. They were so much into each other.

They are so happy with the photos. Michael put Xs over the ones he liked, and the pages of photos were covered with Xs. But the loving ones with Lisa, showing their happiness, were his favourites.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa give a joint interview to JET, 22 August, 1994 ] [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Another interview with Dick Zimmerman, “Last Time” (Vol. 1, No. 31) (rough translation) by journalist Solange Plamondon, August 27 1994 ]

The photographer Dick Zimmerman

Dick Zimmerman, the photographer assigned to several persons at the international level, has spent nearly 24 hours with Michael Jackson and his new wife Lisa Marie Presley. He has been privileged to witness the love they had hitherto concealed and the beginning of their honeymoon. He gives us this story in moments of tenderness he has seized on the spot…

Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue near Central Park, has always been the rendezvous of tourists who visit New York. Its 70 floors, happy marriage of windows and roof gardens, proudly soar skyward. Its gigantic hall, with all its gilding, its escalators and giant sparkling fountain, has always been the pride of its owner, millionaire Donald Trump, one of the richest men in New York. The crowd besieged the Trump Tower seems to have grown in recent days and this is not Donald Trump and Marla Maples that all these people want to see today is the famous couple Michael Jackson-Lisa Marie Presley, whose marriage made headlines recently when they chose this luxury building to house their first days of newlyweds.

One of the most famous photographers of the world, Dick Zimmerman, the man with all the stars and all members of the jet-set quarrel lenses and projectors is popular with celebrities because he is a remarkable photographer and his discretion helps draw their confidence. We often speak of the secrecy of confession. Without being the least priest or pastor, Dick Zimmerman has made its trademark and does not reveal anything in public that could betray the trust of his famous clients. The interview that we publish is therefore marked with the seal of the utmost sincerity.

When we joined a few weeks ago, Hugo Perez Alvarez, a Dominican lawyer who performed the marriage of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, the gentleman, tired of seeing his word doubted by the entourage of the two famous married, we had launched at the end of the phone interview:

“Listen, I do not know if these people were serious when they married, I’m not in their skin. What I do know, however, is that it is indeed Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley which I helped celebrate the marriage. Their passports were there to identify them, and the numbers of those passports are on their marriage, I’ve sent. I’m not judging whether it was a publicity stunt or not. What I can say is that marriage is an official act seriously in the Dominican Republic.”

Well, according to the attitude of a young married couple that Dick met with them, it seems that Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, too, regard their marriage as an act very seriously and are deeply in love l ‘one another.

But we let Dick tell him.

How did you meet Michael and Lisa?

I met Michael Jackson for the first time in 1982. It was I who, at that time, did the cover of his album “Thriller.” Subsequently, he gave me the task of making the photograph that adorns the cover of his album AND As for Lisa, I’ve known her for years. It was a little girl when I took the first photographs of her mother, Priscilla Presley, 18 years ago.

Did you suspect the existence of a romance between them?

Not at all. I had not the slightest suspicion. I knew that Lisa knew Michael, but never would have any idea that there was something serious between them. I am very surprised this marriage, but I also think that nothing more could logically happen. Michael is an incredible superstar, and Lisa, also ranks in a separate category because of his father. It will be even more of a superstar when she starts recording. A union between these two characters as popular and as famous as they are, so this is the perfect “match.”

If I trust what I saw during the whole day that I had passed, first to take pictures, then to choose with them, I can tell you that kind of magic emerges from this young couple.

I really did not know what to expect when I came in after them, but what I saw made me think of the scene can offer in the street two lovers who act as if they were alone in world, despite the crowd around them. This only happens when two people are deeply fond of each other.

Like everyone, I had heard rumors surrounding their marriage several weeks ago. But I had to see them with my own eyes to realize the depth and sincerity of their love. This love, they were neither one nor the other me hide. All you need to make you aware, for looking at my pictures, especially those that I took of Lisa.

There are attitudes which can not be feigned and belong to a scenario, if the actors are good.

In fact, I did not even need to guide Michael and Lisa. I did not need, for example, to ask them to hug. They were spontaneous and most natural way. I had to tell them to put in a particular place, and the rest came naturally. They spoke in a very soft tone of two very loving one another.

How have they contacted you?

They must have thought of me when they had the intention to have pictures of the couple taken by a professional. Especially since, as I said earlier, I worked for Michael Jackson.

And how did it happen?

The usual routine, even if I live in Los Angeles and they settled in New York. I flew to New York and I rented all the equipment on site. For this shoot, I wanted to work alone without assistance. It seemed to me that would be more comfortable to work. So I arrived at Trump Tower at about 10 am, and it took me three hours to install my equipment in their wake. Throughout this installation, Michael and Lisa getting ready and dressed. The event took place in two sessions: one that lasted about an hour, after which they changed for a second meeting, which lasted about half past one.

It is they who choose their clothes. Let’s say for the first meeting they were to say the least sophisticated and for the second, at my suggestion, they were dressed so much easier.

Furthermore, I arrived home was not easy. The hotel was literally full of security guards. You could not get close to lifts without a pass and permission. And all this without speaking to the crowd that thronged in front of the building! The marriage had been confirmed officially by the two stars, and everybody wanted to meet: Paparrazzi and representatives of all major newspapers and all television channels embedded in a host of admirers who asked that to the promise. For a moment I wondered if I could be home at 10 as expected!

I was especially nervous when transporting all my gear in the hotel that people have recognized my truck. For my convenience, security guards allowed me to take the service elevator. It was the only solution.

Finally, I found myself in front of my young married couple. Real newlyweds, have I already said that?

Once the pictures were completed, however, I had to leave, and it worried me a lot: I found myself with nine rolls of pictures in a bag and I was afraid that fans unleashed stinging me. I knew, however, that nobody would recognize me. So I decided to leave through the front door, overlooking Fifth Avenue, the simplest way. I was engulfed in a taxi, I went to the laboratory, which would develop the film immediately. I had indeed made arrangements with the people of this laboratory, that had even signed a document guaranteeing me, on pain of fines, none of these photographs would be placed in the general public. Anyway, as two precautions are better than one, I stayed with the technician while the time lasted printing of these pictures and their doubles. A rather challenging experience!

Quite simply, during all those hours, I had the impression of being in a spy movie. Firstly, the flight to taxi with the fear of being followed, then the constant supervision of everyone in the lab so that no negative me is stolen and no additional photo is printed without my knowledge.

I finally left the laboratory to 11 pm and I immediately went to find my two famous clients. At that time, there was naturally far fewer people at Trump Tower, and I quickly found before them. It was the moment of truth. Pictures they liked the best?

They are so happy with the photos. Michael put Xs over the ones he liked, and the pages of photos were covered with Xs. But the loving ones with Lisa, showing their happiness, were his favourites.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael’s friend Amy Agajanian remembers their relationship, 1994/1995 ]

Amy Agajanian

She said she thinks she was MJ’s best friend (but of course she wouldn’t really know for sure) until Lisa Marie came along. She told me about accompanying the couple to a few outings, including at Neverland and a Disney trip, and she BURNED with jealousy, the poor little thing. She said it was obvious they were in love, always holding hands and kissing. So Michael started finding less and less time for her.

Oh, in the interest of fairness to LMP , she said LMP was as sweet as could be to her and she did come to like her.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa visit Nice, September 2-6, 1994 ]

Michael and Lisa Marie visit France (Nice, Cannes , Paris & Disneyland) and spend time with Prince Al Waleed who wants to launch a production company with Michael.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa at Versailles, September 5th 1994 ]

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND At Disneyland, Paris Match: September 6, 1994 ]

Michael Jackson and his bride, Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson,treated their fans to an audience with rock royalty at the disneyland hotel at eurodisney over the weekend.

Predictably everyone went nuts,crowds at the themepark outside paris gathered below the newlyweds balcony and chanted “MICHAEL!MICHAEL!MICHAEL!” until the pair came out and waved. At midnight,Jackson a frequent eurodisney visitor-took Presley to the park to play.They romped until 3 a.m.,hours past the official closing time and yesterday the couple hit paris to do some shopping.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael Shopping With Lisa Marie at the Emporium, by 1karenhb, Date: 1994 ]

Findadeath, 30th June 2009

When I worked at Disneyland I talked to a fellow worker who worked at the Emporium (the parks big store on Main Street) the night MJ and Lisa Marie came in during a private party they had. She said MJ walked throughout the store saying he wanted to buy practically everything and Lisa Marie followed him continually saying NO. She said it was really funny to watch. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa kiss at the MTV Awards, September 12, 1994 ]

Michael & Lisa Marie open the MTV Video Music Awards Ceremony with a kiss.

“Afterward, they had a huge fight about it,” said Monica Pastelle. “Her whole thing was, “I told you no, and you just disregarded it.” But Michael thought it was great, a showstopper. He was all about the show, you know? What could they do that would cause headlines? That’s where his head was at. “But people will be talking about that kiss for decades,” he said. “Don’t you see? They’re gonna run that clip over and over.” Lisa was pissed off for days. “Don’t you fucking even come near me,” she told him.”

Lisa Marie on Oprah 2010 :

O: Did you ever feel manipulated in the relationship?
L:  Sometimes. But he knew that I didn’t love that and he was okay. He got it. He needed to do his thing, I would be there uncomfortably, like the MTV thing, his hand was blue afterwards after we got off that stage. He showed me and it was completely blue, I had squeezed it so hard! (laughs) I did not want to do that. It’s not in my nature to do that sort of thing. But I understood it as his way of, he needed to do things like that.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael interview, London Mirror, September 12, 1994 ]

After his telephone proposal, once they were in LA together. “Lisa and I were in the living room [at Neverland] having a glass of wine,” he said. “We had just finished watching All About Eve, starring the Bette Davis. We both love that movie. I just walked over to her, reached into my pocket and pulled out this huge diamond ring. “So what do you think?” I asked her. “You want?” She screamed out, “Yes, yes yes.” I never even officially popped the question. We never actually discussed marriage. It just sort of happened.”

“This is not a hoax,” Michael insists, “I swear it’s not.”

“I want people to know that I wouldn’t marry someone just for publicity. That’s just not me. I love her. This is serious. I hope people believe it. If not, then, hey, too bad for them.”

Was Lisa pregnant, as had been reported? “No, that’s not true at all,” he sighs, “Lisa Marie is not pregnant.” But he admits: “Yes, we want to have children. Yes, we will have children.” Then he laughs: “Don’t rush me.”

There had been recent reports that Lisa had plastic surgery in an LA hospital, her breasts enlarged and liposuction on her hips, at Michael’s behest. It was preposterous, but I decided to ask him about it, anyway. “Ridiculous,” he told me. “Just try telling Lisa Marie what to do. It would never happen. I would not be able to convince her to do anything, let alone plastic surgery. The truth,” he said, “is that she had scar tissue removed from an appendectomy, and dermabrasion on her face to get rid of old acne scars.”

Did he and Lisa have a prenuptial agreement? “No way,” he said. “What kind of marriage would that be?”

“I love Lisa Marie. Why won’t people believe that? Why won’t the public let me be happy?”

Michael claims it was their similar tastes that drew them together. They love watching slapstick, screwball comedy films, like the Three Stooges and old movies, particularly ones starring Jackson’s great pal Liz Taylor.

They also share a love of animals.

“One of the things that most attracted me to Lisa is that she gets along well with the many animals in my zoo,” he says.

“Elizabeth Taylor for instance, is scared to death of all the animals, especially the horses. But Lisa Marie just loves them. It’s hard not to fall in love with a person who can relate to animals.”

Michael is astonished at the public scorn the announcement attracted. When he was told one of the reasons was because Lisa Marie’s press release only discussed her feelings for him, he was perplexed.

“Why should I have to explain how I feel about my wife in a press release?” he asked.

“The press release was Lisa Marie’s idea. She wanted to set the record straight. If it was up to me, I would have just said, “Let people think what they want.”

A final rumor Michael dismisses was the report that he and Lisa Marie will sing a duet on October 8 at a Tribute to Elvis Presley in Memphis. “But he adds, we’ll be together forever so there’s plenty of time to sing together.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tabloid story about MJ attending Scientology courses, Scientologist Terry Dangers, 1994 ]

Contrary to rumour, Michael is not taking courses in Scientology. “At least not yet,” says Terry Dangers, a former center employee. “But most people believe he will, soon. For the last few months he and Lisa Marie have been so often they know everyone by first name. Michael is very open and friendly to the people there. He used to show up in disguise – once as an old woman. But not anymore.

“Recently, he enrolled in a complicated purification program which involves a lot of reading, studying and psychological testing. He passed with flying colours, meaning he’s ripe for Scientology. After the test, Lisa Marie hugged him and kissed him on the lips. She was so proud and happy. It certainly looked like they were a happy couple.
Everyone knows it’s been Lisa Marie’s intention that Michael be exposed to Scientology and then make up his own mind about it. Passing the purification tests was a big step.

According to Terry, Lisa Marie has said that by the time they couple celebrate their second anniversary, Michael will be a Scientologist. “She also believes that Scientology can help Michael with lupus,” he says.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa interview, Ebony, October, 1994 ]

Michael and Lisa Marie are on the cover of Ebony with an exclusive interview of Michael by Robert Johnson.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa In The Studio Together, Mike Dean Ellis ]


There were producers and engineers, but I didn’t ever see talent when I was there. Finally one Monday night I was told MJJ is coming. The staff and folks from his group always referred to him as “MJJ” instead of Michael. Sure enough a bit later he showed up. When he walked in it appeared he already knew the other staff but I saw him eyeballing me realizing I was new here. Someone introduced me to him, “This is Michael..”, as he walked up and shook my hand and quietly said “My name is Michael too..” with a very nice smile and firm handshake. The biggest thing I remember about it was he smelled like baby powder. Big time. That was really the only strange thing I saw from him.

My impressions of him were that he was a quiet, pleasant, very humble, normal man. Sure, I have read the stories that circulated in the years before that everyone else has as well. He didn’t come across to me as being that person that everyone read about in the tabloids. One time a very beautiful lady arrived, Lisa Marie Presley. She was only there once while I was there but it was clear they were very into each other and in love. Even displays of affection like a kiss or holding hands I noticed.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Jimmy Jam on working with Michael, October – December, 1994 ]

Jam can talk about how cuddly Jackson is with his wife, Lisa Marie Presley. Jam can talk about how Jackson wore essentially the same outfit to the studio every time – whether in New York, L.A. or Edina: an oversized cotton shirt over a T-shirt (usually white), black jeans, penny loafers (sometimes white socks) and makeup.

“Michael is the nicest guy in the world. I remember reading a quote from Lisa Marie when they got married. And someone asked what she liked most about him, and she said, `He’s the nicest guy in the world.’ I laughed when I read that. But he really is. It sounds corny, but he’s definitely the nicest guy I’ve ever met.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND At an Elvis Tribute Gala, October 8, 1994 ]

Michael and Lisa attend an Elvis Presley tribute gala in Memphis with Janet and Rene and Lisa’s mother Priscillia Presley

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Bruce Swedien in “Black and White” – Nov. 5th 1994 ]

BLACK&WHITE : Michael is married now. What do you think about his marriage with Lisa Marie Presley?

Bruce Swedien : This marriage is not for commercial purposes. This marriage is pretty serious thing and I’m glad to see him happy finally. Lisa Marie is great, they feel very good together. They are inseparable. She comes very often to the studio.

It feels good to me, seeing that, because of that relationship Michael has changed.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Friend and artist David Nordahl recalls meeting them together and working on a painting of them together, November 1994 ]

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

“In November, 1994, I spent 2 weeks with Michael and Lisa Marie at the Trump Towers in New York. I was there to work on 2 projects for Michael while he was in the recording studio. Michael and Lisa Marie were great together and a lot of fun to be with.

In 1995 Michael asked me to do a painting of the 2 of them. Not one to do a normal portrait, he came up with a creative vision of how he wanted to portray their love for each other. Michael gave me a list of things he would like to see in the painting. I made a sketch and sent the original to him. He called me when he received it. He said he loved it and not to change a thing except to make the castle more “fanciful”. At this time, I was working on 3 or 4 projects for Michael. I asked if I should set aside these projects in favor of this painting. Michael told me to finish what I was working on and to do the painting afterwards.

Sadly, by the time I got around to this painting, Michael and Lisa Marie had separated.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael confided in Niles Rogers that his marriage to Lisa Marie was not going well, “Le Freak: An Upside Down Story of Family, Disco, and Destiny” by Nile Rodgers, December 1994 ]

We chatted for a while, and to my great surprise and relief, I didn’t have a pressing urge to drink or drug in the studio lounge.. I actually felt comfortable. From that point on, Michael carried most of the conversation. . He continued reminiscing about the early days on the road. I could tell he missed the music, as well as the love and camaraderie, not specifically mine, or his brothers’ or his crews’ or his family’s—it was more general: He missed the adulation his crews’ or his family’s—it was more general: He missed the adulation that he had always elicited up to that point in his life. . Unsurprisingly, I sensed that he was happiest when the world really loved him and everything he did, before his personal proclivities sparked constant tabloid fodder.

The tone of the conversation changed. His mood shifted and something happened that I would have never thought possible in a million years: He opened up to me about his dark feelings. Until that point our rap was all upbeat—typical musician laughing and joking around.

He said gossip in the news upset him and ultimately saddened him. I was very fragile and so was lie, and we connected over our mutual state of mind. It was as if we were on the bus in the early

seventies, only this time the secrets we shared were Far less innocent. I’d made it clear I wanted to play guitar and go home. But I was also so grateful for the Fact that Michaeljackson felt comfortable enough with me to share such intimate revelations. He confided that he was having marital problems and would probably be getting divorced. This was a full year before the slightest mention of his split with Lisa Marie Presley hit the press.

Why share this with me? I thought to myself as Michael continued to unload. Maybe because I outwardly seemed very happy and well adjusted,, and he could sense that I was trustworthy.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Reports Surfacing About Michael Considering Divorce, New Straits Times, Dec 1, 1994 ]

Pop superstar Michael Jackson and his wife Lisa Marie Presley are to divorce Just six months after their marriage, the Daily Mirror said today.

The british tabloid said Jackson had instructed lawyers to file divorce papers after complaining that his wife was ”invading his space”.

Lisa Marie, daughter of rock ‘n roll king Elivs Presley, plans to move back from Los Angeles to New York, it said.

The Daily Mirror billing its story as a world exclusive, quoted a source in Jackson’s entourage as saying the reclusive star had complained: ”He cannot go anywhere or do anything without her.”

“the idea of marriage was better than marriage itself. When Michael was facing possible child molestation charges, his life turned upside down,” the source said.

”During that time, he talked to Lisa Marie nearly every day on the phone… Since Lisa Marie was always there for him it was logical he’d ask her to marry him. But Michael does things on the spur of the moment and he lives to regret it. The reason he wants out is that he wants his privacy,” the source added.-Reuter

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie Denies Tabloid Reports About a Divorce, Dec 2nd 1994 ]

The official word, direct from Lisa Marie Presley: She and husband Michael Jackson are not registered at the Heartbreak Hotel. Michael did not tell Lisa to beat it.

“Once again, the media is being very irresponsible and spreading false rumors,” the daughter of rock ‘n’ roll king Elvis Presley she said. “Michael and I are very happily married . . . These rumors, in spite of their wishful and destructive thinking, are totally unfounded and false.”

What’s happened to the Graceland-Neverland love thing?

Jackson biographer Christopher Andersen said the marriage was “a scam” from Day 1, and now Lisa Marie wants out.

Gossip columnist Liz Smith intimates Michael viewed the nuptials as a “public relations coup,” but Lisa Marie fell in love and now Michael wants out.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Spends Christmas with Lisa in Neverland, December 24/25, 1994 ]

Michael makes a break in the recording sessions to enjoy the holidays with Lisa Marie and her children at Neverland.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa meet King Ndoufou in LA, January 20-24, 1995 ]

Michael and Lisa Marie welcome King Nana Amon Ndoufou in Los Angeles.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael practices choreography at LMP’s house, April-May 95 ]

MJ practices choreography with Travis Payne at LM residence

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa go to Six Flags, May 25, 1995 ]

Michael, Lisa Marie and her daughter Danielle go to the Six Flags Amusement Park in Los Angeles. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa Marie give interview on Primetime to Diane Sawyer, June 14, 1995 ]

Michael and Lisa Marie give an interview to ABC’s Primetime Live with Diane Sawyer. Lisa Marie later says that after this interview the marriage began to fall apart.

Excerpt from Child Bride, June 1995

As Lisa and Michael prepared to do their much-publicized, hugely anticipated and widely watched July 14, 1995 interview with Diane Sawyer on Primetime Live answering questions about their bizarre marriage, Lisa was seen coming out of the president’s office at the Celebrity Centre in the Hollywood Hills the afternoon before, where she was being advised on how to handle the questions and answers. Another one of Lisa’s childhood friends, Dana Rosenfeld, watched the interview, along with most of America, and was stunned. “My only take on that is that for so long she was hidden from everybody and nobody knew anything, and what better way to just catapult yourself to the center of the media’s attention than to marry someone like that?”

“It was right after the Diane Sawyer show that things started going bad,” says Monica Pastelle. “Lisa started to wonder if she’d made a mistake in choosing him as a life partner. The great sex continued, though. It was the thing that made it difficult for her to see straight where he was concerned. Whatever was going on in the privacy of their bedroom was enough to keep her hooked into the relationship. However, things were getting strained. When they weren’t in bed making love, they were fighting.”

Said James Cruse, who knew her well at the time: “It was embarrassing for her to constantly defend his actions, always explaining that he was not a pedophile, he was misunderstood, he was a child at heart, blah, blah, blah… the same stuff you always hear about the guy. He didn’t seem to care that it was hard on her. He just wanted to live his life the way he had always lived it. “What I do is none of your business,” he told her. That really set her off. “How can you say that? Of course it’s my business,” she told him. “You’re my husband. You’re my business.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Life and Hello feature on MJ/LMP, photos taken by Harry Benson, June 15, 1995 ]

Both Life and Hello carry the same pictures of Michael and Lisa kissing (taken by Harry Benson)

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael’s HIStory album is released, June 16th, 1995 ]

Dedication to Lisa Marie: “To Lisa Marie. Your being provides the star that brightens my galaxy and the force that strengthens me. Love, Michael.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa vacations with ex-husband and kids to Hawaii, Sometime between June 16-July 10, 1995 ]

Lisa Marie goes on holiday with her children and ex-husband Danny Keough to Hawaii.

The rumors of separation between Michael Jackson and his wife arose last July when Lisa Marie took two weeks vacation in Hawaii with his mother and two children, Danielle and Benjamin, aged six and two years. The former husband of Lisa, Danny Keough, joined them to spend two days with them. He was then seen repeatedly in the company of Lisa Marie and children, which immediately led people to conclude that they were about to reconcile and form a family again. As Michael was not there, the rumor mill was soon to start.

Oprah 2010:

L: And I did things that hurt him. I did stupid things too.
O: Like what?
L:  Like, I was very torn because I broke up my family. I left my husband for Michael. I was having a hard time trying to process that.
(Lisa Marie was twenty years old when she married her first husband musician Danny Keough. Together they had two children, Riley and Ben. After more than five years together Lisa Marie divorced Danny. Twenty days later she was married again to Michael Jackson.)
O: While I was with Michael I was still trying to process what I had done. I never could feel good about it. I felt like, how could I have done that to somebody and I have these two little ones. Danny was still very much part of my life. Michael didn’t quite know what to do with that sometimes. That made him uncomfortable and I understood that. Michael would wonder, “Why are you in Hawaii with Danny?” I’d take a vacation and Danny would go. Michael would get upset and “Where are you?” and he would disappear for a couple of weeks and I couldn’t find him. Things would make him uncomfortable and when I would do things that would make Michael uncomfortable, if he got uncomfortable or felt vulnerable, he would ice you out as a mechanism. He would push you away and ice you. It was like a shark sometimes in that way, he could just like that, if you’d done him wrong or whatever, you were out. We had some moments like that. But I have to say in retrospect. that he honestly tried so hard and went through so much with me, and I know now when I look back at it, he’s never done that with any other female or anyone as much as we went through. We hit rough waters, we would fight, we would argue, three day arguments sometimes, taking a break to eat and sleep. I have to say that I really admire that he really gave it a good shot, you know, I didn’t appreciate it then and I wish I did.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND MJ and Lisa attend opening of Magic Johnson Theatre, July 10, 1995 ]

Michael and Lisa Marie attend the opening of the Magic Johnson Sony Theatre in Los Angeles .

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND MJ and Lisa shoot video for You Are Not Alone, July 12, 1995 ]

Michael and Lisa Marie shoot the video for You Are Not Alone and they also appear on the cover of Jet magazine. The director says that Michael was too shy to ask her to participate himself, but considering there was tension between them at the time, it might have had less to do with him being shy and more to do with the relationship being strained.

Michael is a fan of Maxfield Parrish’s 1922 painting “Daybreak,” which was what inspired their YANA video.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Director of YANA, Wayne Isham, interview: ]

“Having done videos for so long, nothing strikes me as strange anymore. Everything has a unique twist. But, the one that ranks at the top is probably Michael Jackson “You Are Not Alone.” We had planned out all these elements for the video and then Michael had this idea where he wanted to use this Greek, classical-styled, artistic imagery. And, he wanted to appear in it naked with his wife, Lisa Marie Presley. Like they were Greek gods. It had nothing to do with the video we were doing, but I said, “OK, that’s cool. We can shoot it.” We set it up and as we’re ready to shoot, he leads me into the trailer and says,

“Have you asked her?” He wanted me to ask her to appear in the video. He was too shy. So I asked. And we did it.”

It took 5 days to complete shooting of the clip “You Are Not Alone”, plus another 5 days to edit and create the special effects.

According to director Wayne Isham, the very last scene of Michael and Lisa Marie was filmed without the couple’s knowledge.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Another interview with director Isham, from B&W 1998 ]

Famous for filming the You Are Not Alone short film, Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way and Ricky Martin’s “Living La Vida Loca , video director Wayne Isham was interviewed by Black & White Magazine in 1998. Here is an excerpt from that interview.

“The warmth displayed in the You Are Not Alone video is for real. The shots in the last scene were done without Michael and Lisa Marie knowing it, literally off-camera. Michael never at any point indicated that this was a marketing thing. It was more personal than that. The nude scenes were Michael’s idea. I thought it was ballsy and honest; you can’t get any more open than that. They’re saying, “Here we are, you want to see us?” I didn’t look at it as a marketing thing. I thought it was a statement.

The funny thing about my relation with Michael is that I did one of my first jobs serving as an electrician on the Billie Jean video!

He was great to work with. When you actually talk to Michael he really is a normal guy; there’s just a lot of layers to go through. And Lisa’s got a great sense of humor. They’re both no-nonsense kind of people.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Debbie Rowe’s friend Tonya Watts says that Debbie was also on the set, from her myspace, ]

So She took me to Gower Studio where he was shooting a music video. He works at night so we went around 11pm. I was so nervous (only he and Dolly would make me nervous).. We arrived and his body guards led us to a trailer. She went in and left me outside of the trailer for a while. Finally, she opened the door and called me in.. She said “Michael this is Tonya Tonya this is Michael”. he shook my hand.. and I said the dumbest shit ever… ” “should I faint now or later” giggle giggle.. He then said “listen to her laugh.”. so I sat in the corner in a chair while she, Michael and the makeup artist all carry on while he is getting his makeup done… not many people can say they have done that.. he is very private about his makeup affairs ha ha

Off to the set we went… I was so shy and trailed behind.. He stopped and waited on me.. Such a gentleman.. We did go in his personal trailer and there was candy all over the place..just as I would have imagined . We soon had to leave cuz Lisa Marie was on her way. She was in that video and well, it was time to go.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND After a fight with Lisa, Michael flies out to Disneyland, July 31-August 6, 1995 ]

After an argument with Lisa Marie, Michael flies to Disneyland Paris and doesn’t see or speak to Lisa Marie for 6 weeks.

She tells Rolling Stone in 2003: “He got upset and he would just disappear.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Feature on MJ and Lisa, Q Magazine, August 1995 ]

There’s also the event that was bizarre even by Jackson standards, and, the cynic might believe, the main weapon in the PR fightback: the marriage of the King of Pop to the daughter of the King, Lisa Marie Presley.

Janis de Silva: I was happy, very happy for him. I was just jumping with joy. I think Lisa Marie’s a very lucky woman because Michael’s very, very romantic. I was in the studio just last Sunday and he was on the phone three times to Lisa within an hour. They are very much in love and anyone who doesn’t believe that is just stupid.

Isn’t the marriage just part of some big scheme to rehabilitate Michael?

Michael would not marry somebody just for the sake of publicity or he would have done that years ago when they were saying he’d had a sex change and that he was gay.

Kevin Smith: We actually knew about it. We have great sources within the ranch now. We had all the documentation proving it was Lisa Marie but no one would print the story. No one in the world believed it.

It looks like a stunt but there’s one thing which makes me believe that it wasn’t. He was seeing her behind closed doors. If it was purely just a publicity stunt, then you’d do it for the cameras. So I think there is some truth to the fact that they are close.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND You Are Not Alone released, August 15, 1995 ]

You Are Not Alone is released as a single and directly reaches number 1 on the Billboard.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael Jackson Simulchat (during their separation)- August 17, 1995 ]

Bruce Ross: How has your marriage to Lisa Marie changed your life?

Michael: I think I find it more fun to appreciate what family really means. The fact that even though there were ten of us Jacksons…we were always doing things at different times, and I’m really learning the real meaning of love. Giving 100% of yourself all the time. Putting up with one another. So far it has been pretty joyous.

Sam: A story in the UK press claims a quickie divorce on the way. Is it true?

Michael: Never believe tabloid garbage. Don’t waste your time, don’t waste your money. No, it’s not true. If you hear it from my lips, then you can believe it. But no, it’s not true.

SiBiS: In Oprah’s interview you said that you wanted to raise a family one day. Do you plan to do so?

Michael: Yes. That’s my dream for a long time. My own children, I want to adopt them. Not only my own, but children from all over the world. I think we should be less territorial about it.

Kurt: How did you like working with your sister Janet on the “Scream” video and your beautiful wife Lisa Marie on “You Are Not Alone”? P.S: Best of luck to you two, don’t listen to all the B.S going around!

Michael: That’s a great question. The press creates all of these negative stories so people will buy their magazines or read their columns. You mustn’t read everything you read. Most of it is not true, most of it’s garbage. And I want everyone to be aware of what the tabloid media is like. I have had so much fun working with my sister and working on the set everyday. I haven’t seen her in quite some time and she is busy and I am as well and it’s like a reunion. I’m closest to Janet of all the family members. We were very emotional on the set. We laughed, we cried, we had a lot of fun. Everyday she’d come to me sad because of something in the press. I told her she’d just have to become resiliant. I had a lot of fun with Lisa Marie on the set. But when the director said, “Action”, she became very shy. I was giving her a hard time too!

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Rumors of divorce, The Mirror, August 19, 1995 ]

If it’s Saturday, it must be time to air another [LISA MARIE] Presley-Michael Jackson rumor. This time rumor central has it that Lisa Marie plans to divorce.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa’s spokesperson denies those reports, Buffalo News, Aug 20, 1995 ]

Spokesmen have denied a British report, attributed to an unnamed aide of Lisa Marie Presley, that the daughter of the king of rock ‘n’ roll wanted a divorce.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND More rumors of divorce, Seen, Heard, Said, August 28, 1995 ]

Mommy rumors are surfacing again for Lisa Marie. This info comes during the couple’s heated denial that Lisa Marie wants a divorce and in fact was seen walking on a beach with ex-hubby Danny Keough. A source tells The Star that Danny is saying, “It’s not a matter of if she’ll get divorced – it’s just a matter of when.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Danny and Lisa vacation together in Hawaii with their children, August 1995 ]

The scene is Hawaii’s plush Mauna Lani Bay resort. A happy young couple kiss and cuddle as they stroll along a pebble beach.

Then the young man spells out his undying love in white lava rocks, meticulously arranging them to say “Dan loves Lisa.”

Locals and tourists who saw the romantic happening say they suddenly realized the lovers were Lisa Marie Presley and her former husband Danny Keough – back together and openly flaunting their passion for each other.

It was the second time within a couple of months that Lisa Marie and Danny had got together in Hawaii – and both times there was no sign of Lisa Marie’s superstar husband Michael Jackon.

“They were walking hand in hand on the beach, for all the world like teenagers in love,” says restaurant boss Jim Keir.

“Danny was all over her, kissing her neck and caressing her.”

The news has come as a crushing blow to Michael, who has privately warned Lisa Marie to cool it with Danny. But publicly he has denied there is anything wrong with his wife wanting to spend time with her ex.

In a recent interview with Women’s Day, Michael said he had no concerns over Lisa Marie’s trip to Hawaii with Danny and their children, Danielle six and two year old Benjamin.

“Lisa Marie went to Hawaii with Danny. That was okay with me,” said Michael. “In fact, I wanted her to go. Lisa Marie’s kids love their dad. They wanted to have a reunion with him.”

They were spotted canoodling at the Mama Yu Japanese restaurant where a perky Lisa Marie stunned inquisitive diners by saying, “It’s okay, we were married once!”

Waitress Carla Sartori 19 says, “If they’re divorced then maybe all couples should split! hey were just totally in love.”

Jim Keir says, “Lisa Marie looked radiant. She was close to tears when Danny spelled out his love for her on the beach. And he was like a dog with two tails. Visitors who seal their love with lava rocks like that – well, local tradition has it that they stay in love for all time.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael performs at VMAs, September 7, 1995 ]

Michael attends the MTV Video Music Awards in New York City . He opens the ceremony with a 20 minutes long medley (including Dangerous & You Are Not Alone) and accepts an award with Janet for Scream.

Lisa Marie tells Rolling Stone in 2003; She says that after about a month without any contact, his people started calling, saying that it was important that she show up at the MTV Video Music Awards. She agreed to show up if she didn’t have to go down the red carpet; they consented, and then led her down it anyway. “I was pissed. I just felt like I was being used at that point.” She was then told that he was going to sing to her and that he had a surprise for her. “I remember my whole look was: ‘Don’t you come anywhere fucking near me — we haven’t spoken in a month.’ And he got it. He didn’t come over. I talked to him later and he said, ‘I saw the look on your face, and I knew that if I walked up to you, I didn’t know what you were going to do me.’ ”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Magic Madness, September, 1995 ]

In September 1995 rumors surfaced that Michael and Lisa Marie were ending their marriage, causing an international firestorm of headlines. I managed to get Michael on the telephone for an interview for the Australian magazine, Women’s Day, to check it out. “Let me just say this,” he told me, impatiently. “No. No. No. No. These stories are damn lies made up by people who hope they’ll get lucky with one of them and hit it big.”

I asked if he wanted to further respond to reports that Lisa did not know about his vacation in Paris with the Cascio brothers. [Blognote: Michael vacationed with the entire Cascio family: both parents, and daughter Marie Nicole, his cousins and another family] “Like I wouldn’t have told her? “ Michael asked. “Like she wouldn’t read about it anyway, or see us photographed by every newspaper photographer in the world? Neither one of us could have kept a secret from the other, even if we wanted to,” he said. “We’re so happy,” he added of his marriage. “We do it our way. I don’t know if it’s conventional. My parents have been married for forty years. Is their marriage conventional? Were Lisa’s parents in a conventional marriage? I don’t think so. I love being married, knowing that Lisa’s there,” he continued. “She’s strong. She’s smart. She’s on my side, listens to me, understands me, understands my world.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Visit Memphis Zoo, September 24 1995 ]

She is seen walking ahead of him and the relationship appears tense.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Janet Jackson, USA Today, Oct 11, 1995 ]

She also defends his (Michael’s) marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, “a true sister to the 10th power. Lisa’s wonderful. She’s beautiful inside and out. They’re good for each other.” She was disgusted when her brother’s sex life was probed in June’s Prime Time Live interview. “For Diane Sawyer to ask all the other questions and then have someone else ask that – why?” says Jackson, rolling her eyes. “I’m sick of this whole stupid thing about, ‘Do they have sex?’ Somebody asked me that and I said, “No, they just sit there, look at each other and masturbate.’ I mean it’s STUPID. I wish people would shut the fuck up and leave him alone.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael visits Germany, Nov 4, 1995 ]

Dozens of screaming fans welcomed Michael Jackson to Germany yesterday as the enigmatic US superstar arrived for a celebrity game show billed as his first such European TV performance.

Fans tried to climb aboard his luxury minivan as his cavalcade drove out of Cologne airport Jackson wearing dark glasses and a white mask across his face stood up through the sunroof and threw flowers to the faithful. The singer 36 who witnesses say was not accompanied by his wife Lisa Marie Presley.

Jackson was whisked away to Cologne’s Hyatt hotel where he has booked the whole sixth floor for himself and an entourage of bodyguards, crew and assistants.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael collapses and is rushed to hospital, December 6, 1995 ]

Michael collapses while rehearsing the concert and he is rushed to the Beth Israel Medical Center . He is suffering from gastro-enteritis, dehydration and electrolyte imbalances.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND < Rock Hill doctor helped saved Michael Jackson’s life after 1995 rehearsal collapse states that there were no drugs…(Published: Wednesday, Jul. 08, 2009) ]

But Dr. William Alleyne had more reason to be sad than most fans. Alleyne said Tuesday, for the first time in 14 years, “I was the doctor who saved Michael Jackson’s life.”

In December 1995, Alleyne was the critical care director at Beth Israel North Hospital, on the Upper East Side in New York City across the way from the mayor’s Gracie Mansion. He was the guy in charge when one of the nurses told him, “We have Michael Jackson coming here.”

Alleyne didn’t believe it then.

“I said, ‘Ha, ha, very funny,’” Alleyne recalled.

He had seen patients who were stars, or spouses of stars, but this was different. Thousands of people started clamoring outside the hospital. The place was turning into bedlam.

“Ten minutes later, they rolled Michael Jackson in on a stretcher,” Alleyne said Tuesday from his Rock Hill office where he’s one of the partners at Carolina Pulmonary Physicians. But in 1995, Alleyne was the doctor to the King of Pop. Jackson had collapsed after a rehearsal for an upcoming HBO special at the nearby Beacon Theater.

Alleyne and his wife had seen Jackson before in concert, on television, and now, in 1995, Jackson was waiting, unconscious, for Bill Alleyne to save his life.

“Mr. Jackson was in critical condition,” Alleyne said. “He was dehydrated. He had low blood pressure. He had a rapid heart rate. He was near death.”

Alleyne went from doctor to a star to doctor of a man who could die. Alleyne, an acquaintance of Jackson’s doctor at the time who had seen some of that doctor’s patients, had been picked personally by that doctor to be the attending physician for Jackson’s emergency care. Alleyne gave the order to have the defibrillator ready if needed to treat the abnormal heart rhythm of the most famous entertainer with the best rhythm on Earth.

After about an hour or so that December dusk, Alleyne said he had Jackson stabilized with intravenous fluids and other treatment, and transferred Jackson to intensive care. But in the meantime, the crowd outside had become massive, a mob scene.

“I looked outside the window, and the crowd was shoulder to shoulder, huge, far more than when the mayor’s mansion across the street had hosted the pope, the president, even Nelson Mandela,” Alleyne recalled.

And inside the hospital, Alleyne said, “it was absolute pandemonium.”

Jackson’s entourage had muscled into intensive care. Alleyne had a brief showdown with one bodyguard who did not want to let Alleyne in the room again after Alleyne had left briefly. Alleyne recalled he said to the bodyguard, “Your boss is dying in there, and I am going in there to save his life. You can be the one who has to say you wouldn’t let me in.”

Bill Alleyne walked in and saved Michael Jackson.

But the crush of people inside wasn’t over. The entourage of Jackson’s then-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, came in. Presley came in, too. Then through the middle of the crowd, another entourage, and Janet Jackson, Michael’s sister.

“Here is Janet, drop-dead, stop-the clock gorgeous, and she said, ‘Thank you for taking care of my brother,’” Alleyne recalled.

Alleyne found time to call home. His wife, Cheryl Courtlandt, a physician herself who now is a pediatrician at Levine’s Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, was home with two small kids. ]

I’m gonna be a little late honey,” Alleyne told his wife. “Turn on the news.”

He told his wife Michael Jackson was his patient, and she said to her husband, verbatim, in words Alleyne will never forget: “Well, you take care of Mr. Jackson and hurry home, because I have two kids here and you need to take out the garbage.”

Jackson soon was stable, and Alleyne and Jackson started a doctor/patient relationship similar to all in theory but unlike any relationship Alleyne had ever had in practice. As people were climbing trees to get pictures of inside the hospital, as Jackson’s fans sang his songs outside and the world press invaded the sidewalks and street for information about the condition of this most-famous man, Bill Alleyne tried to keep Michael Jackson alive with intravenous food and care.

“Michael Jackson was the most soft-spoken, least demanding guy you would ever want to meet,” Alleyne said. “Everything he said was a whisper. His biggest concern was could he perform.

Alleyne told Jackson no way could he perform anytime soon.

Alleyne had to get permission to release information to Jackson’s family. Jackson gave it. Alleyne had to deal with other doctors who came to watch his every move, and a world that wanted information that Alleyne would not give to anybody but those Jackson said to give it to.

After about 72 hours, Alleyne and Jackson’s publicists and others realized they had to give a press conference. So Alleyne worked with Jackson’s people to go over what could be said, what to stay away from but still tell the truth. Alleyne was blunt with the world, saying Jackson did not have any immune system problems because rumors about AIDS were swirling. He was blunt that Jackson had no drugs in his system.

News accounts from 1995 show Alleyne and his then-partner, Dr. Bob Glennon, talking about Jackson’s condition to convince the world that Jackson was, in fact, critically ill.

“Michael Jackson was unconscious when he arrived,” Alleyne said. “I had to make that clear.”

Through the next few days, Alleyne was Jackson’s doctor. Other doctors came to watch behind him, but Alleyne said he was not affronted. Having others sets of eyes look at his care and treatment of Jackson was understandable.

Jackson had to do what other patients who are recovering must do, Alleyne said. Walk around, be monitored. Except he had an entourage in the next room.

“After a couple of days, Mr. Jackson told me he needed to get his hair done,” Alleyne remembered. “I told him we had a barber at the hospital.”

Jackson’s entourage laughed: A stylist traveled around the world with Jackson and would style those locks right there in intensive care. The makeup crew came in, too.

Near the end of Jackson’s hospital stay, he asked Alleyne if he could visit other patients in intensive care. Jackson met one lady, gave her an autographed picture after he prayed with her, and the lady told Alleyne, “I can die now; I prayed with Michael Jackson.”

Alleyne recalled, laughing: “I told Mr. Jackson maybe visiting with people who had suffered heart attacks or other serious problems wasn’t such a good idea.”

When Jackson was discharged, Alleyne stayed in the background as the cameras went off and the video was shot. But Jackson asked Alleyne to make house calls for the next three days. Blood pressure checks, pulse, all that stuff. Alleyne was the director of critical care — house calls were not his bag. But Michael Jackson had asked, so Alleyne said yes.
“House calls, to the penthouse of the Four Seasons hotel,” Alleyne said. “He had rented out the entire top two floors.”

In one “moment of weakness,” Alleyne said he almost asked Jackson to teach him how to moonwalk — Jackson’s famous trademark dance.

But Alleyne kept it professional with Michael Jackson, as the entourages and the world watched Alleyne’s every move.

Finally, about two weeks into this whirlwind relationship, Alleyne told Jackson, “Mr. Jackson, you are stable. I can stop being your doctor and return to being your fan.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Oprah 2010 interview: ]

O: Okay, so in May of 1994 when you were married to him or during the time that you were married to him, did you suspect a drug problem?
L: Honestly, I didn’t really suspect and catch on until just before I filed for divorce. There was just an occasion, an incident, where he had collapsed and he was in the hospital.
O: This was for HBO?
L: Yeah, there was an appearance he was supposed to make.
(In December 1995 Michael Jackson collapsed onstage while rehearsing for an HBO concert special in New York. His doctors said Michael was suffering from a viral infection. Lisa Marie flew to his side in the hospital where he stayed for six days.)
L: Everybody flew to the hospital. And, um, it was very confusing what was wrong, because every day there was a different report. I couldn’t tell what was happening. Dehydration, low blood pressure, exhaustion, a virus, so I couldn’t really get a straight answer as to what was happening with him. I think we were all a little bit in the dark. At that point I think I really got from various indications I believed that was going on then.


As soon as he was checked into the hospital, Michael’s press people telephoned Lisa in Los Angeles and, with frantic explanations, begged her to fly to her husband’s side. “Hell, no,” was her response. “Screw him. I’m not going. Why should I?”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie visits Michael in hospital, asks for a divorce, December 10, 1995 ]

Lisa Marie finally visits him and she asks for a divorce.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tuesday, December 12th 1995 ]

Lisa Marie Presley has been living at the Four Seasons while she visits her ailing husband. But she didn’t check into Jackson’s swank suite she got her own, reports a spy.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael goes to Disneyland with the Cascio’s, December 18, 1995 ]

Michael goes resting at Disneyland Paris taking with him the Cascio family

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Officially files for divorce, January 18, 1996 ]

Lisa Marie officially files for divorce. Michael’s spokesman states that they remain friends.

Oprah 2010:

O: So you still loved him even when you left him?
L: Very much. I left him to sort of stomp my foot in the ground and go… I was trying to take a stand and say, come with me, don’t do this. That was a stupid move, because he didn’t. And he’s you know, he’s a stubborn… I’m stubborn, he’s stubborn. The two of us it was like you know…
O: Don’t make a dare you’re not willing to follow through on. ] [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Magic/Madness: ]

“Lisa said that the part of him that is critical of himself – the beaten child part of him – really kicked in after the divorce was finalized,” said Monica Pastelle. “He wanted to call and talk to his best friend, her. He didn’t want to let go. She needed space, though. She really needed time away from him. She felt that he had really screwed with her mind, and she got sick and her body started breaking down after the divorce. She poured her life into him. Now, she had to reclaim it for herself. He had a hard time with that.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Child Bride: ]

Lisa’s ill-founded marriage to Michael came tumbling down within six months of the Diane Sawyer interview, when Lisa filed for divorce in January 1996. The inside word was that, before the marriage, Michael had promised Lisa a recording contract with his company and had later reneged. “That’s what he might have been promising her,” commented Myrna, who disapproved of the marriage from the outset, “but that might not have been his intention.” Lisa, she revealed, was devastated by the experience. “He’s very much top of the pile in his world, and that’s probably one reason why Lisa filed for divorce,” said Brett. “And the things she asked for from Michael, he wasn’t willing to do.”

Priscilla’s response when she heard that Lisa had filed for divorce, said Rick Stanley, Elvis’ stepbrother, was “Praise the Lord!” Marco said simply, “The wart has been removed.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Reaction to their divorce, AP News, January 20th 1996 ]

“There are no disputes as to property or anything else,” Coale said by phone from his office in Washington, D.C. “It’s going to be a very simple and clean divorce and they’re going to remain friends.” ]

The petition, filed in the state that spawned no-fault divorce, said their community property has yet to be determined. It also asks that Jackson pay legal fees and that her name be restored to Lisa Marie Presley.

A spokeswoman for Michael Jackson’s British fan club said: “A lot of the fans didn’t really think Lisa-Marie was being supportive enough of Michael. Many didn’t really think she was the one for him, she wasn’t very demonstrative, so they will probably be quite happy with this news.

“It’s going to be a very simple and clean divorce,” Coale said.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Karen Faye have dinner, January 26th 1996, ]

Pop superstar Michael Jackson came out of hiding last night, enjoying a sushi dinner and the company of a mystery blond in midtown (Karen Faye, his make up artist) just a week after his impending divorce was made public.

“I am having a great time,” Jackson said, his first public words since Lisa Marie Presley told him to beat it last week, ending a 19-month marriage that has often been described as a giant publicity stunt.

It was hard to tell whether the carefully choreographed public appearance at the Motown Cafe was meant for his personal enjoyment or to quell questions over his sexuality that have dogged him for the last several years.

No one could figure out who Jackson’s friend for the evening was but judging from their body language the pair seemed very well-acquainted, right down to their matching mirrored sunglasses, which never came off during the hour they spent together at the W. 57th St. spot.

The woman, who appeared to be in her late 20s or early 30s, did not answer when asked her name. Restaurant personnel said they did not know who she was.

The self-described King of Pop looked healthy, relaxed and true to character heavily made up when he entered the theme restaurant just after 10 p.m.

Rubbing shoulders with fans, tourists and executives from CBS Records, he was dressed casually in jeans and a red button down shirt. A light red lipstick and base makeup covered his face.

As the couple and an entourage of bodyguards entered through the cafe’s revolving doors, the crowd hushed, then stared and cheered while Jackson and his group mounted the stairs to an upstairs dining area.

The area where they ate was just behind a metal statue of the singer as a boy.”That’s 10,” Jackson said when asked how old he was in the statue.

A crush of people clamored for a glimpse of the singer, who signed a few autographs. He spent several minutes holding 1-year-old Juelle Dixson, whose father, Julius, is a performer with the restaurant singing group, the Motown Moments.

“I am a big fan of his,” Dixson said. “It feels good when you are really a fan of someone’s. He is someone I really like.”

Jackson was equally impressed with Juelle. “She’s so beautiful,” he said.

His waitress brought out Evian water, orange juice and a specially prepared plate of sushi California roll, salmon and shrimp. Eating with their hands, the couple dunked the sushi in sauce, clinked their glasses and giggled.

After a few moments, Jackson called over the waitress, Andrea Whitaker.”He said, ‘Can I request ‘I’ll be There,’?” Whitaker said. “I said, ‘You can request anything you want!’ ”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie contacts Karen Faye, January 27, 1996 ]

The day after this PR date, Lisa Marie contacts Karen Faye and calls her a bitch.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND More reaction to their divorce, Newsweek – Jan 28, 1996 ]

“Michael is a workaholic and Lisa Marie has no idea what that is all about,” said one fan. “She hasn’t worked a day in her life. We thought it was pretty tacky for her to separate from him while he was sick.” A Presley source asserted that even if Jackson friends found the timing tacky, the Jackson family genuinely liked Presley. Some wondered if Jackson’s refusal to join the Church of Scientology, to which Presley and her mother, Priscilla, belong, contributed to the rift. “It was an issue at the beginning,” said J. Randy Taraborrelli, a Jackson biographer. “Michael actually went and took a couple of tests. I understand he flunked the personality test, but I understand everybody does. In the end, he decided not to become a Scientologist, but it wasn’t a major factor.” And some blamed Lisa Marie’s interlude last August in Hawaii with her ex-husband, musician Danny Keough, the father of her two children. Not so, said Jackson family friend Flo Anthony: “Michael OK’d that trip.” ]

Through all the muck and innuendo, most immediate family remained silent. Priscilla Presley was unavailable for comment, although we know she was very fond of first husband Danny and less wacko about Jacko. “Lisa Marie should come to her senses and kick this freak out before these allegations taint her,” Priscilla reportedly said in August, referring to child-molestation charges that follow Jackson even today. Jackson’s family, too, was silent, unless you count La Toya’s husband Jack Gordon as family. “La Toya warned Michael that this marriage would be his downfall,” said Gordon. “It’s one thing to get married, but to Elvis’s daughter was totally absurd. Something went wrong in that marriage and Lisa Marie will soon be telling it all, and Michael will be destroyed.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND People Magazine, February 6 1996 ]

IF THIS WERE TELEVISION—AND rest assured, it soon will be—Lisa Marie Presley would wake with a start, just as Pamela Ewing did a decade ago, and say, “Zowie! Was that a weird dream or what?” The fact is, we the people could have been pinching ourselves nonstop for nearly two years now: What was Elvis’s kid doing eating pizza with Michael Jackson and Michu the circus midget outside a castle in Hungary? Could that really be little Lisa Marie saying, “Yes, yes, yes!” when asked right there on prime-time TV if she was having sex with her husband?

[Indeed, fans, it all happened. But take heart: it’s also all over. Last week, in a move that managed to be at once sensation-making and entirely unsurprising, Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson, who turns 28 on Feb. 1, filed for divorce from her superstar husband, asking L.A.’s Superior Court only for the restoration of her maiden name and the right to have Jackson, 37, foot her legal bills.

“This is a no-brainer,” says John Coale, Presley’s attorney. She will keep the estimated $100 million she has inherited from her father’s estate; Jackson will keep the $150-or-so million he has earned in a lifetime at the top of the music charts. “We wait six months. Then they’re divorced,” says Coale. “There’s really not that much to it.”

Some claim, in fact, to have detected a certain chemistry when the couple got together. “There was a lot of teasing, a lot of kidding around, like any other newlywed couple,” says Jackson family friend and former publicist Steve Manning.

Why did Presley keep her distance from Jackson? A reliable source close to Presley says, “There are a lot of shady characters around Michael who were upsetting to Lisa. She felt that in their minds she was part of a machinery to re-create his image.”

Jackson, for his part, saw the separation as a sad but far from shady turn of events. “They spent a lot of time away from each other, and both realized it wasn’t working out,” says a source close to him. Jackson had hoped to make a joint statement announcing the split in the near future, says the source, and is only upset “about Lisa Marie’s jumping the gun.”

But if either of them had doubts, they kept them to themselves. “I had no idea it was coming,” says Paul Bloch, longtime publicist for both Lisa Marie and her mother, Priscilla, 50. Nor did the Jackson family expect the split. In a phone conversation with a close family friend just two weeks ago, Jackson’s mother, Katherine, gave no indication that the couple were having major marital woes. She did say, though, that there were problems—notably, Presley’s frustration with the expensive toys Jackson showered on her children by first husband Danny Keough—Danielle, 6, and Benjamin, 3. Presley, according to Katherine, was concerned that Jackson would spoil her children. “She’s got a point,” says the family friend. “Michael just likes to see the kids smile. He’s a kid himself. He doesn’t get how much it annoys Lisa Marie.” ]

“He is disappointed,” says Taraborrelli; and yet, adds another close associate, he’s ready to move on: “He’s happy that it’s over.”

“Lisa Marie wanted to help Michael with his life,” says the Presley source. “She fell in love with him.”

“I’ve never seen her look so happy,” her former manager and lifelong friend Jerry Schilling told PEOPLE at the time. “They have fun together.”

But was she, as has been suggested in published reports, on a mission to lure Jackson into her church? A source close to Presley says no. “Jackson had just been accused of being a pedophile,” this source says. “He’s not going to help any organization, whether it’s the church or the Kiwanis Club. I’d have a harder argument if Kevin Costner were the guy. You could say a lot about Scientologists, but they ain’t stupid.”

By the time Jackson fell ill in December, Presley felt enough was enough. “Once she makes up her mind,” says a friend, “she doesn’t look back.”

For the moment, Presley’s spirits, friends say, are good. “She’s disappointed,” says the close source, “but she’s not crying in her soup.” Instead, she is “focusing on being a good mother,” says Paul Bloch—which may, according to Liz Smith, mean reuniting with her children’s father. But Presley’s camp denies she still has a romantic interest in Keough. “He played no part in the breakup,” says the source. Still, the two have remained close—vacationing together, as friends, sources say, at Hawaii’s Mauna Lani hotel last June.

Beyond the divorce proceeding, what lies ahead for Jackson is unclear. “Michael is still an icon,” says Vernon Slaughter, an Atlanta-based entertainment attorney who was a vice president for CBS Records in 1982 when Jackson’s Thriller was released. “The real question is, can he become bigger than he is? The game plan for him should be back to basics. Let’s strip away all the King of Pop stuff and get to the core of what he’s about.”

The hectic schedule has left him little time to figure out what went wrong with his marriage. But Presley’s lawyer could put it to him in two words. “Irreconcilable differences,” says Coale. “Which means nothing—and everything.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Taraborrelli claimed MJ was helping Lisa with an album, Feb 20, 1996 ]

Pop star Michael Jackson will produce the debut album of his estranged wife, Lisa Marie Presley, “Day &; Date” reported yesterday.

On the program, celebrity writer J. Randy Taraborrelli said, “Michael Jackson will be producing Lisa Marie Presley’s first album in the next few months.And chances are there will be a duet between Jackson and Presley.

Taraborrelli, who wrote the unauthorized biography “Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness,” added: “Lisa Marie will make her record industry debut in the next six months.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP interview, March, Vogue Magazine, 1996 ]

Is Lisa happy with her face? “God, no. NO! How could I like what I see in the mirror?” she asks. “I wouldn’t hang out with a human who woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror and said, ‘I look beautiful.'” But she’s content. She’s not about to go run off to a cosmetic surgeon like some people we could mention. And if she does, it will be for routine repair, not rebirth as a different person. “I’m pretty vain. And I don’t like things falling without my permission. If something does, then I’ll get it fixed.”

The face in the mirror is one thing; the naked body showed with Michael Jackson’s pasty flesh in the “You Are Not Alone” video is another. I wanted to know how she saw her public image. “That’s a hard one.” You bet it is — only partly through her own fault (she presumably chose to make those videos) but mostly because of the fatal star that made her Elvis’s only child. In person, she is reserved and private — “terribly shy,” she says — but she’s been a honey pot in the press since the day she was born and lives fenced in by minder staff, and security that beat anything I’ve ever seen.


She came into Vogue’s offices to try on the clothes for the photo shoot. She was as nervous as a two-year-old colt at the thought — “of talking” — even about clothes. She doesn’t talk to the press. She’s done only one other press interview in her life, though her tabloid clippings could fill a room. The clippings will be doubling and redoubling as the divorce — about which she will not say one word — goes through.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Debbie Rowe becomes pregnant with Prince, May, 1996 ]

Debbie Rowe becomes pregnant again with Michael’s baby.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Ladies Home Journal, August, 1996 ]

They both married in their early twenties, were divorced single mothers by their late twenties and will be linked forever by royal marriages to messed-up pop-music messiahs.

Small wonder that Priscilla Presley and daughter Lisa Marie are attached by a fiercely protective, almost mystical bond that has influenced their tumultuous journeys to Graceland and Neverland and back. It is a tie, Presley says, that grew stronger through Lisa Marie’s rumor-ridden twenty-month union with Michael Jackson, which ended just before her twenty-eighth birthday early this year.

“I’m her mom,” Presley says. “I’m there for her. She knows that. It’s a very delicate situation, for her and for everybody involved.”


She is animated and expansive talking about comfortable topics like family values and child rearing, but ask about Lisa Marie’s life since her Caribbean elopement with Jackson, in May 1994, and a curtain drops behind Presley’s blue eyes. She won’t even mention what’s-his-name–and certainly won’t comment on all those tabloid reports. Among them: that she pressured Lisa Marie to split from Jackson, hoping for a reconciliation with Keough, whom she calls a “terrific father”; or that Jackson continued to spend time with young boys while married.

“I don’t want to get into these questions” is all she will say. “I have a very difficult time with divorce. I would never betray her. But there’s one great thing about Lisa Marie: She understands surviving.”


Still, there’s no controlling what Navarone picks up at school about his famous half-sister’s much-publicized marriage to Jackson. “He’ll come home with crazy things, and I’ll have to change the opinion right away,” she says. “That’s the hardest thing–to keep on top of the information he hears.”


Lisa Marie is, says Presley, far more complex than the sassy, posturing princess America saw interviewed with Jackson by Diane Sawyer for PrimeTime Live. “I know someone very different. I hope the public doesn’t judge her for that.”


Interestingly, just as Lisa Marie’s divorced parents spent amicable time together, she and Keough “want to be together and want their children to see them together,” says Presley. “She gets along wonderfully with Danny.” Asked how the marriage to Jackson affected that connection, Presley instinctively pulls back: “I don’t want to even–that’s another story.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Rome News Tribune, November 9th 1996 ]

The woman who is carrying Michael Jackson’s baby has told friends that the King of Pop’s marriage to Lisa Marie Presley broke up because she wouldn’t have his child.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Nov 14, 1996 ]

Michael Jackson was still married to Lisa Marie Presley when he first started trying to have a baby with a secret girlfriend!

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie Presley Denies Intention To Remarry Daniel Keough, Liz Smith, Oct 24, 1996 ]

LISA MARIE PRESLEY was in New York recently being photographed by the dynamic makeup genius Kevyn Aucoin for his second book The one-time Mrs Michael Jackson, daughter of Elvis, is nothing if not loyal and faithful to her friends, her family and her two ex-husbands Lisa Marie tells me she watched in dismay as Entertainment Tonight and much of the rest of the media seized on a made-up story out of London that says she’s planning to remarry her first husband Danny Keough.

She said:”This kind of thing gets so irritating seeing it reported everywhere as truth. It’s completely false! We made a statement when we divorced that we would remain friends for our children’s sake. And that’s how it stands. We are friends That’s our relationship.”

I asked Lisa Marie how she was otherwise. ”Otherwise, I’m alive. Im concentrating on my children. I did an ad for Versace recently that is being seen internationally. But I have no comments to make, nor do I want to talk about Michael Jackson. I do wish him the best in life. And I am sure he wants the best for me.”

This is the Lisa Marie of today, sounding quite mature, responsible and grownup. (There was no question of my pursuing anything more about Michael Jackson. Lisa Marie was polite and gracious but firm. She is not a woman one can ”push” too far, or one from whom information can be craftily wheedled.) [/EXPAND] [EXPAND ET Says LMP Was Mistaken In Their Saying She Would Remarry Danny, Oct 25, 1996 ]

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT reps say Lisa Marie Presley was mistaken when she told me their show was among the news entities that reported she would remarry her first husband Danny Keough .They never said any such thing. But I guess Lisa Marie is no different from the rest of us she always has ET on the brain. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Liz Smith, March 5th 1997 ]

MICHAEL JACKSON is upset with me. He reportedly asked a member of his inner circle the other day, “Why is Liz always picking on me?” Well, I don’t believe I pick on Michael at all; I think I bend over backwards where he is concerned. I am just about the only press person who wished Jackson and Debbie Rowe well upon hearing that he was going to be a father.

Every body else went out of their way to make fun of him. And I have said over and over that no matter what the rumors are, or what one hears or assumes, Michael has never been indicted or convicted of any crime. I have also reiterated how talented he is.

Michael’s problems with the media are mostly of his own making. Too much spin control and too much disregard for plain common sense.

But I love it that Michael has complained. He also supposedly said, “Liz is always nice to Lisa Marie, and Lisa Marie is much weirder than I am! (The Daughter of Elvis was, for a brief shining moment, the Wife of Michael.)

Michael, we all appreciate your occasional candor.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie is hospitalized, May 30, 1997 ]

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley and the former Mrs. Michael Jackson, has been hospitalized since Sunday in Florida, says USA Today. The twenty-nine-year-old mother of two has been diagnosed with a bronchial infection and stomach and liver infections. Her spokesman, Paul Bloch, said Presley’s condition is improving. “The prognosis for recovery is excellent, and she hopes to leave the hospital this week.” Presley, a practicing Scientologist, had a fever for nine days before she was admitted to the hospital.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP commenting on her hospitalization later, (from her Q Magazine July 2003) ]

After splitting from Jackson in 1995, Lisa Marie Presley fell seriously ill, sparking rumours of suicide attempts and a nervous breakdown. In fact, she now believes, her health problems (which included everything from asthma to weird allergies) were related to stress and old mercury fillings. At the same time she was trying to get her emotions back to a stage approaching normality. In her case, this meant reaching a stage where she felt nothing towards Jackson at all. As opposed to just hating his guts.

Lisa’s friend Monica Pastelle,

“She felt that he had really screwed with her mind, and she got sick and her body started breaking down after the divorce.”

Lisa Marie on Diane Sawyer 2003

Lisa Marie Presley: No, he… I think he got on to, you know, getting somebody else pregnant, right? Or having a baby. That’s what he wanted. He seemed to get on that pretty quick. You know, I don’t know.

Diane Sawyer: Did it shake your confidence?

Lisa Marie Presley: Yeah, I was pretty much needed to be mopped up off the floor after that one.

Rolling Stone 2003

You pulled the plug?

“Yes. I told him I wanted a divorce. Then he didn’t talk to me for a couple of weeks.”

In the period following her split from Jackson, her health collapsed: “My body started to deteriorate. I started to have panic attacks. I went through two years of baffling every doctor from East to West Coast. One week it was asthma . . . hypoglycemia . . . candida . . . reflux . . . I had everything. My gall bladder just fucking stopped working, and I had to get it taken out. This was when the tabloids said I tried to kill myself or something like that. We settled out of court. But anyway, I wound up in the hospital. I had everything happening; my body completely fell apart. And nobody knew what the hell was wrong with me.” She was allergic to everything. “I had to eat chicken and broccoli for a year,” she remembers. “I was absolutely falling apart, physically and emotionally, for a two-year period.” At times she thought of death. “It was the constant physical breakdowns that were going on that I didn’t understand.”

You really thought you might not make it?

“I really thought it. It was just non-stop.” Then she went to a homeopathic doctor, told him all her symptoms, and he asked her to open her mouth. He told her to get her fillings removed. “But once I started to get it out, it all stopped.” (She now thinks her problems were caused by a mixture of mercury fillings and extreme stress.) “

Idiot, song from Lisa’s Album “Now What?” 2005

You’re raining, you’re boring
Oh, did you hear me snoring?
I’d wanna mutilate myself when I talk to you
So here we are, I hope you can tell that I’m no referral
You can have ’em, call hell
You’re gonna drive ’em nuts
They’re gonna hate your guts

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie’s Illness, The National Enquirer June 1997]

JACKSON AND HIS WIFE DEBBIE ROWE: Lisa Marie was shattered when Debbie gave him a child – and she didn’t.

Lisa Marie Presley was found crumpled on a bathroom floor at her home, sobbing hysterically after scrawling “Nobody loves me – I’m ugly” all over her arms.

It was the bizarre start of a shocking spiral into self-loathing and self-destructive behavior that landed Elvis daughter in a hospital – and in the midst of a suicide drama. Lisa Marie, who wanted a baby by Michael Jackson, was shattered when their marriage fell apart. She plummeted into self-mutilation and a weird routine of body “cleansing” that wrecked her system, sources reveal.

Now she’s a physical and emotional mess, say friends – who fear the 29-year-old beauty will destroy herself if she doesn’t get professional help. That’s the untold story behind Lisas recent, frightening five-day hospitalization in Clearwater, Fla.

She was rushed to Morton Plant Hospital on May 25 from her home in Clearwater.

A spokesman for Lisa announced she was “diagnosed with a bronchial infection, a stomach infection and a liver infection.”

In fact, Lisa’s condition was far more serious. She also was suffering heart palpitations and a high fever.

JUST DAYS AFTER SHE LEFT THE HOSPITAL . . . bikini-clad Lisa Marie takes a lonely stroll (left) on the grounds of her bay front home and (above) sits dejectedly with her thoughts.

“Lisa Marie’s friends and family have every right to be worried. This is a life-threatening situation,” Dr. Danilo Ponce, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Hawaii, told The ENQUIRER. “I would say she was in the midst of a moderate to severe nervous breakdown. If this patient were brought to me, I would put her under a suicide watch. She is suicidal.”

Confided a source close to the gorgeous heiress: “Lisa Marie is a very sick girl. She’s mentally drained and emotionally upset.

“Now she’s relating to how lonely and depressed her father Elvis was feeling just prior to his own death.

“Friends and family fear she might try to kill herself. “In March of last year, two months after she filed for divorce from Michael, Lisa Marie tried to mutilate herself. “When she was found on her bathroom floor she was bloody from head to toe due to cuts shed made on her arms.

“Asked why she was trying to harm herself, Lisa Marie replied: ‘Because nobody loves me.’

“None of the wounds were deep enough to cause serious injury – but it was a cry for help.”

A month before that scary incident, Lisa Marie had already been found on her bathroom floor expressing her unhappiness by writing “Nobody loves me” and “I’m ugly” on her arms with a ballpoint pen, an insider told The ENQUIRER.

Explained Dr. Ponce: “By writing on her arms, Lisa Marie shows poor self-esteem.”

After that episode, Lisa – a member of the Scientology church – was escorted to a Scientology retreat in the California desert where she spent ten days getting special counseling from church members.

“A VERY SICK GIRL”: Just like her cigarette, Lisa Marie’s world is going up in smoke

“Unfortunately, this treatment wasn’t enough to combat her depression and low self-esteem,” said the insider.

Despite her beauty, wealth and fame, Lisa’s self-worth continued to plunge over the following months. “She had trouble looking anyone in the eyes, isolated herself at home and looked sickly,” said a pal. Instead of seeking conventional professional help, Lisa began a strange process of self-medication she calls “Cleanse Thyself.” It involves swallowing as many as 60 different kinds of herbs while eating decreased amounts of vegetables and fruit, followed by complete fasting.

Lisa also resorted to “purifying” her body with wheat grass – a type of grass that’s harvested and squeezed to yield a green liquid, said the close source.

“The liquid is used in enemas. To cleanse the eyes, you wash them with the juice – which burns terribly. And the hemp-like residue is inserted into the nostrils and mouth to cleanse them.”

Lisa added her own twists to the “Cleanse Thyself” ritual – including mega doses of vitamins, algae pills, and strenuous exercise, say insiders.

Finally, in late May, the abuse of her body came crashing down on her and she wound up in a hospital bed.

Lisa became a physical and emotional mess because “she loved Michael and really wanted to have a child with him while they were married, but it never happened,” said the close source. “Then Michael really did a number on her by having a child with his new wife Debbie Rowe. Now he’s telling friends that he and Debbie want to have another baby, and that’s another devastating blow to Lisa Marie.”

Lisa, a loving and devoted mother to her two children by ex-hubby Danny Keough, told a pal: “It makes me feel like I wasn’t good enough to have Michaels child.”

The internationally known stunner also feels unworthy because she wanted to follow in Elvis’ giant footsteps, but she’s never been able to get a showbiz career off the ground. She told a friend: “My father comes to me in dreams and says: ‘Lisa, when are you going to make me proud?’ “I wake up sobbing, saying: ‘Sorry, Daddy, I’ve let you down.’ “My heart is breaking. I feel my life is falling apart.”

Contacted by The ENQUIRER, Lisa’s spokesman denied she has exhibited suicidal behavior and engaged in self-mutilation. That’s “totally false,” he said.

But the close source declared: “Lisa is so emotionally fragile right now that her friends and family fear she could take her own life.” Lisa’s concerned ex-husband Danny Keough joined her in Clearwater after she was released from the hospital May 30.

Her symptoms – heart palpitations, liver and intestinal problems – are all compatible with an abusive disorder, Dr. Ponce told The ENQUIRER.

“Lisa Marie needs a medical doctor to deal with her health problems, a nutritionist to deal with her nutritional needs and a psychiatrist to deal with her emotional state.”

Said her pal: “If Lisa Marie doesn’t turn her life around soon, friends fear she could wind up like her father.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND 3T, TV Hits, 1997 ]

Q: So what about Uncle Michael and Lisa Marie getting a divorce?

TJ: They’ve had so much pressure on them, especially from the press – it must be hard to stay together.

Taryll: The press only report the bad things. They don’t know how much love there is between them.

Taj: Nobody ever said about Michael and Lisa Marie, “oh, that’s nice, I hope it lasts”. Everybody wanted to kill the relationship before it had a chance.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND 3T, Smash Hits, 1997: ]

Taj: We only got to meet her twice, but she was great. We all got along fine. It was sad when it ended, because we know how special she was to our uncle. Right from the beginning, everyone wanted to see it fail. A lot of it was media pressure and rumors – maybe she just didn’t want to be under the spotlight.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie joins Michael in London, July 11, 1997 ]

While a pregnant Debbie returns to the states, Michael goes to London where he is joined by his ex wife LIsa Marie.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie attends concerts at Wembley, July 12 + 15 + 17, 1997 ]

Michael performs 3 concerts at the Wembley Stadium in London . (Katherine and Lisa Marie attend the shows)

Lisa Marie on Oprah:

L: Then that ended. We again, were going to get back together, we spent four more years after we’d divorced getting back together and breaking up and talking about getting back together and breaking up. At some point, I had to push it away because it was not, I wasn’t moving forward with myself.

L: And actually afterwards, he and I were still… I was still flying all over the world still with him to follow.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Jul 16, 1997 ]

Lisa Marie Presley is in London at the invitation of ex-husband Michael Jackson, “who she’s very good friends with,” says Presley rep Paul Bloch. She was expected at Jackson’s Wembley concert Tuesday.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP sues National Enquirer over their comments on their claiming her hospitalization was an alleged suicide attempt, July 16 1997 ]

Lisa Marie Presley Sues Enquirer Michael Jackson’s ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, filed a lawsuit against the National Enquirer on Monday, claiming a report in the tabloid contained false and fabricated statements about her. The lawsuit charges defamation, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. No dollar amount was specified. Her lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, who represented Fred Goldman in the successful civil suit against O.J. Simpson, told USA Today that his client “isn’t interested in the money.” Instead, “she just wants to put a stop to the stories being made up about her.” The June 17 article, titled “Lisa Marie Suicide Drama,” alleged that the King’s daughter was “found crumpled on a bathroom floor at her home, sobbing hysterically after scrawling ‘Nobody loves me–I’m ugly’ all over her arms.

Lisa Marie Presley Sues Enquirer Michael Jackson’s ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, filed a lawsuit against the National Enquirer on Monday, claiming a report in the tabloid contained false and fabricated statements about her. The lawsuit charges defamation, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. No dollar amount was specified. Her lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, who represented Fred Goldman in the successful civil suit against O.J. Simpson, told USA Today that his client “isn’t interested in the money.” Instead, “she just wants to put a stop to the stories being made up about her.” The June 17 article, titled “Lisa Marie Suicide Drama,” alleged that the King’s daughter was “found crumpled on a bathroom floor at her home, sobbing hysterically after scrawling ‘Nobody loves me–I’m ugly’ all over her arms.”

Presley contends the article wrongly stated she was suicidal and into self-mutilation. The tabloid quoted unnamed friends as saying Presley was “an emotional mess” and was hospitalized for five days. Her spokesman confirmed she was in the hospital, but said she was there for treatment of bronchial, stomach, and liver infections. The Enquirer has refused to retract the statements, although a recent article claims that the twenty-nine-year-old heiress has “bounced back” and is now “doing great.” In a statement, Steve Coz, the tabloid’s editor, said, “The Enquirer gathered its information from trusted and reliable sources and stands by its story. The Enquirer was the first publication in the world to break the story of Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson’s marriage–despite public denials.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Jul 17, 1997 ]

There were near riot scenes as Jacko, wearing his face mask, left his London hotel at tea-time with ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley.

They split last year, but Michael Jackson and former wife Lisa Marie Presley were hand-in-hand Tuesday night returning to his hotel after his sell-out London concert. Presley stood at the edge of the stage through the show at Wembley stadium. Afterward, the two returned to the Carlton Towers hotel and Jackson waved to fans.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Press report on Michael seeing Lisa while married to Debbie, Jul 18, 1997 ]

HE’S GONE OFF THE WALL: Who’da thought Michael Jackson would ever show signs of a libido run amok? But there they are: reports that he was cozying up with ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley in London.

Presley stood at the edge of the stage through Jackson’s show at Wembley Stadium. Afterward, the two ambled to the Carlton Towers hotel, hand-in-hand. No sign of Deborah Rowe, you know, Jackson’s wife and the mother of his son. Presley divorced the King of Pop last year after a 20-month marriage.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Reports that Lisa tells friends she’ll always love Michael, Globe, Jul 23, 1997 ] [Lisa Marie Presley is back with ex-hubby Michael Jackson and telling friends she’ll always love the wacky pop star. The two staged a touching reunion after a concert Michael gave in London – as Globe’s exclusive pictures reveal. “Michael is wonderful,” Lisa Marie, 29, told pals.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Debbie comments on Michael’s friendship with Lisa, July 26, 1997 ]

Michael Jackson is a hunk in the bunk, according to his wife Debbie Rowe. Speaking for the first time about their bizarre marriage, Debbie said Michael Jackson lives to make love round the clock. Debbie, 38, said she doesn’t give a hoot that he and first wife Lisa Marie Presley spent time together in London recently.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Reports that Lisa wants to marry Michael again, National Enquirer, Aug 20, 1997 ]

Lisa Marie Presley is going to marry Michael Jackson again — and she has the full blessing of Michael’s mom!

That’s the shocking secret behind the couple’s recent reunion in London, reveals a Jackson family member who’s in constant touch with both Michael and Lisa Marie.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa and Michael in Johannesburg, “Afrique Magazine” and Black and White, October 8-12 1997 (printed November) ]

Michael is in Johannesburg, the second leg of his South African tour. He will give two concerts in this city, 10 and 12 October. To keep him company, a young woman came specially from the United States. Michael knows her well since she is his ex-wife Lisa Marie…

Together again for a few days, Michael and Lisa Marie did not leave. They visited the Johannesburg Zoo, strolled in the parks of the region, parasailed, dined face-to-face…

On October 11, Michael and Lisa Marie [accompanied by her two children] go to Phokeng, a village located 90 km north-west of Johannesburg, in the Bafokeng tribe Ka Bakwena [ “The People of the Crocodile”]

During a solemn ceremony, the Master of Pop was elected an honorary member of the tribe. A few days earlier, Joseph and Katherine Jackson had also received the honorary title.

The Bafokeng are delighted to welcome into their community – one of the richest countries, with the platinum mines – this strange golden jacket on the soft hat and mirrored sunglasses.

Michael had wandered into the village traditional arms of his ex-wife, her face sheltered under an umbrella.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael made an honorary member of a tribe in Phoheng, October 11, 1997 ]

Michael is made honorary member of a tribe in Phoheng. His parents Joe and Katherine and his ex wife Lisa Marie attend the event.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael buys Lisa perfume made from roses, Flo Anthony, Fox News Channel ]

Flo Anthony Has Stated That Michael brought for Lisa a $10,000 perfume that was made with roses in a diamond shape bottle! He purchased it after their South African 8 day trip in 98 After attending his Sister’s Concert Tour. He gave it to her the a year later from the trip.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael allegedly asks Lisa to marry him again, National Enquirer, October 21, 1997 ]

MICHAEL JACKSON has reportedly begged LISA MARIE PRESLEY to give marriage a second try. The king of pop whisked his ex-wife away for a hush-hush second honeymoon in exotic South Africa. And during the romantic getaway with Lisa Marie’s daughter DANIELLE, Jackson popped the question to her. A source told American tabloid THE STAR, “He’s really excited about the possibility of starting over with Lisa Marie. While they were in Africa they both realized how much they had missed each other.” Michael’s kid sister, a great friend of Lisa Marie, played matchmaker to bring the couple together. And despite Jackson being married, his wife DEBBIE ROWE was unaware of the they secret tryst at the Palace Hotel, in Johannesburg. Jackson and Lisa Marie stunned the world when they married in the Dominican Republic. But 20 months later the fairy tale union ended in divorce. Even though Jackson has fathered a baby with his new wife, Rowe, he has always remained close to ELVIS PRESLEY’s little girl.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Debbie Rowe denies Lisa and Michael are having an affair, confirms pregnancy, November 25, 1997 ]

Debbie Rowe Jackson gives an interview to KNBC in Neverland where she denies tabloid rumors of an affair between Michael and Lisa Marie and announces that she is pregnant with a baby girl that she and Michael want to name Paris Michael Katherine.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael, Life Magazine, December 1997 ]

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

But there is one subject to which Michael repeatedly returns during four hours of conversation and picture-taking: Lisa Marie Presley.

Michael’s voice quickens, even quavers, when he speaks of Lisa Marie. How she enjoys the baby. How they are still close after an amicable divorce. How they frolicked overseas the month before. He seems to pine for her. “Lisa Marie was just with me in Africa,” Michael says. “We (went to) IMAX theaters, simulated-ride safaris, dinner. We went parasailing. It was wonderful.”

Even Debbie has acknowledged that Michael is still smitten. “He cares about her very much, but it didn’t work out and he was devastated,” she has said. “He loved her very much. Still does.”

When asked if Lisa Marie has ever expressed second thoughts about not having been the one to bear his son, Michael insists, “She regrets it. She said so.” Would she still consider having a kid with him? “She’d like to, yes,” he says putting a mischievous finger to his lips. “Shh.”


And there, on one nightstand, rests a framed photograph of Lisa Marie. Not a recent snapshot. Or even a formal portrait. But a picture apparently cut out of a magazine, placed as a child would place it, cockeyed, in a frame meant to hold a photo twice its size. A picture of Elvis and is little girl, then only five years old.” This is the age,” Michael says, “when I first met Lisa Marie. When her father first came to my concerts. I’ve known her ever since.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie asked about Michael, Dec 14, 1997 ]

To the older generation, LISA MARIE PRESLEY is known for her famous father. Kids want to know about her ex. where is MICHAEL JACKSON?” 7-year old MARIKA ROEBUCK asked Presley on Friday night during a piped up this weekend during a Scientology Christmas party in Memphis. “I don’t know where he is right now,” Presley said. She and Jackson divorced in 1996.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa with Jackie Jackson, Salute to Martin Luther King, January 19th 1998 ]

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa back with Michael, National Enquirer, 28 January, 1998 ]

LISA MARIE PRESLEY is back in the clutches of ex-husband MICHAEL JACKSON, sparking fears that he’ll grab control of the multi-million dollar Presley empire. The couple have been spotted spending hours together chatting business and pleasure despite Jackson having a wife and child, with another on the way, back at his Neverland Ranch in California. And family friends of Presley say mom PRISCILLA is freaking out that the singer is only interested in her daughter’s fortune, left to her by ELVIS PRESLEY. A friend told American tabloid NATIONAL EXAMINER, “She’s starstruck over Michael. And he’s convinced her she can trust him over anyone else. She told me ‘I can trust Michael. Michael has all the money he could ever use. He has no reason to try to get part of mine.” Presley is due to inherit the $300 million Elvis estate when she turns 30 on February 1st. A friend said, “Priscilla is scared to death that Michael will take over and fire her. This is the guy who shrewdly bought up the rights to all the Beatles songs. So now PAUL McCARTNEY would have to pay Michael if he wants to record one of his own songs. Priscilla’s petrified Michael is up to the same game with Lisa.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa have dinner at the Ivy together, February 7, 1998 ]

Michael has dinner with Lisa Marie at the Ivy Restaurant in L.A.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa back with Michael, The National Enquirer, Feb 10, 1998 ]


King of Pop MICHAEL JACKSON has set tongues wagging again after being spotted out on the town with ex-wife LISA MARIE PRESLEY. The THRILLER star left pregnant wife DEBBIE ROWE at home while he wined and dined Presley at the exclusive IVY restaurant in Beverly Hills, California last Saturday night. Jackson emerged from the eaterie hand in hand with the 30-year- old daughter of ELVIS, and the couple sped off in a waiting car. Rumors are now rife that Presley’s bizarre romance with the megastar is back on again. The news will not be welcomed by her first husband DANNY KEOUGH, who only recently was reported to have reunited with Presley. Keough banned Presley from letting the singer near their two children after seeing pictures of five year-old son BEN sitting on Jackson’s lap. Now with the latest sightings, Jacko is well and truly in Keough’s bad books.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa wants Michael back, Jackson family friend Flo Anthony in 1998 ]

I’m on the radio everyday. I did give both sides of the story. However, I can’t confirm that Lisa was in New York with M.J. last week because I didn’t see her myself.

The only thing I know for sure is Lisa definitely is not back with Danny.

She really did visit him there. [refering to the Beverly Hills hotel MJ was staying at] ]

Debbie and Michael are not separated. They do not live together, but it’s an arrangement Debbie wants. She’s told me that over and over. I guess those people in the pictures are friends of hers.’ She has a house in Beverly Hills.

– I definitely think Lisa wants Michael back. They spend a lot of time together. I talk to Mike pretty often.

– Debbie has constantly told me she has no problem with Lisa and Michael’s friendship.

– Michael and Debbie are definitely still married. She really doesn’t like making public appearances. Lisa and Michael MAINTAIN they are just friends.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa signs a record deal, USA TODAY 3 June, 1998 ]

Who needs Michael Jackson? Ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley has signed a debut deal with Java Records, a joint venture with Capitol, and goes into the studio in January.

Java is owned by Glen Ballard, who produced Alanis Morrissette’s smash album Jagged Little Pill. People’s Mitchell Fink scooped this Wednesday on CNN’s Showbiz Today, and it was confirmed to me by a Presley spokesman.

Ballard will co-write and produce with Elvis’ only child. He said in a statement Wednesday: ”Lisa and I met through a mutual friend, and I was struck by her intelligence, her talent and her passion for music. There has been a genuine creative connection between us, and it is clear to me that Lisa will make an artistic statement that is unique and compelling.”

Jackson tried to get a record deal for Presley but nothing came of it. Ballard co-wrote Jackson’s Man in the Mirror.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Rebbie Jackson, OK! May, 1998: ]

One family member she has yet to get the chance to accept is Michael’s wife Debbie Rowe, the mother of his heir Prince Michael Jr. “I have never met Debbie, so I don’t know what she’s like,” she explains. But one ‘outsider’ Rebbie is happy to befriend is Michael’s first wife, Lisa Marie Presley. She says: “Her six year old son Benjamin is so in love with my two daughters – he flirts with them all the time when Lisa’s visiting my home!”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa signing onto her record deal, Herald-Journal, Jun 5 1998 ]

Lisa Marie Presley, 30, has signed an exclusive recording contract with Java Records. Asked if Presley would be a rock and roller like her father or a pop singer like her ex-husband Michael Jackson, her publicist said `I have no idea. I am as intrigued as anybody else,” she said. There was no information on a release date for her debut recording. ] [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa seen at the Ivy again, The Boston Herald, July 5, 1998 ]

When you see Quincy’s own Chivalry songman Brian Galligan, ask about the private concert he gave for Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley the other night in a chi-chi L.A. eatery.

But first, let’s rewind to earlier that day when Galligan – who was on the Left Coast last week making the record-company rounds with his group and manager Richie Balsbaugh – was asked by an MCA Records exec to name his musical influences.

Brian, who has no trouble hitting the high notes, told the exec it was the Prince of Neverland. So imagine his surprise when he and the rest of Chivalry sat down at The Ivy and noticed Jackson and his ex chowing at a window table.

“Brian was trembling so much that the waiter asked me what was wrong with him,” Richie reported. “I told him that Michael Jackson was his idol and that he could sing just like him.

“He didn’t believe me, so I told Brian to sing a few bars of ‘You Are Not Alone,’ which he did, and the waiter couldn’t believe it.”

By the time the server came back with their drink order, Jackson – dressed head-to-toe in black, including his surgical mask – had approached the table with Lisa Marie. He said to Brian, “I heard you sing. You have a high tenor like me,” said Balsbaugh.

“He asked if he would sing again for him and Brian did and Michael said, ‘You don’t have a deal yet? You’ve got such heart and soul. Everything’s going to be fine,’ ” he said. “It’s such a bizarre story. It’s almost unbelievable.”

After Michael and Elvis’ daughter blew out of The Ivy, all five members of Chivalry beat feet to call home to Boston to tell their families about their close encounter with the Thriller.

“It was after 1 a.m. at home, but they said they couldn’t wait until the morning,” Balsbaugh said, adding that the boys also ran into Estee Lauder lady Liz Hurley, Puff Daddy, Jennifer Lopez and Molly Shannon during their fantasy trip to La-La.

But Balsbaugh said running into the Gloved One hasn’t helped to reschedule an appointment with an executive at Michael’s record label,, who canceled Chivalry’s audience with him the day before Brian sang before supper!

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Scientology and Michael Jackson, Lawrence Wollersheim and Jesse Prince, Tape 2, August 24, 1998 ]

Lawrence Wollersheim and Jesse Prince

L: They would bring out their top auditors, people that you would have to pay $1,000 an hour at Flagg, $500 if you requested Bob Mithoff you would be charged an outrageous amount, right? They were getting these services free from – Were there any other divorces that Scientology was involved in, or breaking up celebrity couples, or matching celebrity couples. Did you ever hear of anything?

J: Lisa Marie. When she started in with Michael Jackson. David Miscavige just had an insane fascination for Michael Jackson.The whole crew had to listen to his music. We would have special showings, make sure you watch the Thriller video.

L: The whole staff would have to watch Michael Jackson movies? Was this before Michael Jackson got an audit?

J: This was while all of this was going on. David would proudly announce how we just almost got Michael Jackson, we’re doing everything that we can, and Lisa Marie, and. I guess it didn’t work out.

L: Do you know anything about the details of what happened?

J: I’ll tell you want I do know. They had a good relationship, however, with Jackson’s people, to the point where L. Ron Hubbard Battlefield Earth album was coming out and the executive producer of the Thriller album was a man named Bruce Swedien. He agreed to come out, based on the relationship that existed with Michael Jackson and Lisa to come out and work on the Battlefield Earth album. They shot themselves in the foot on that part, because Bruce Swedien’s wife came in with him, I guess he didn’t want to be alone, he had allocated a certain amount of days to work on this Battlefield project for them, and his wife wore cologne, perfume. She came into their magnificently elaborate studio wearing that cologne, and you know, no one at that base is allowed to wear any form of fragrance. The one person who was told, I forget her name, a little blonde girl, she was told to speak to his wife about her smelling, and she actually went to Bruce Swedien’s wife and said that cologne you are wearing is irritating, it’s stinking up the whole place. She was rough. She just had a fit, ran to Bruce and told him, and they left that day. He was like, “what kind of people are you? You people are nuts.” The girl’s name was Marilyn somebody. She ended up having to do conditions forever. That just blew it. She was told.

L: That blew the Michael Jackson deal?

J: Completely. I mean I know you didn’t hear much about Michael Jackson after that.

L: Did he get any auditing?

J: I think he may have got something, I don’t know personally, he might have gotten a little bit of something.

L: Do you think that there was anything suggested by the church that if Lisa Marie got him into Scientology, that she would be a special star, that she would obtain, be considered a very important person if she got him into Scientology?

J: I can’t really say that. I don’t have knowledge. I do have knowledge that she got as much free auditing as she wanted.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Scientology and Michael, Lawrence Wollersheim and Jesse Prince, Tape 2, August 24, 1998 ]

L: While she was working on Michael Jackson.

J: Right, prior to their marriage. She was married to someone – She was married to someone earlier, some guy that was a Scientologist, a Sea Org member, and she became infatuated with Michael Jackson, at which point that marriage ended. You asked me about divorces, the divorce between her and that fella that she was with was monitored and gotten done very quickly.

L: Do you think it was done to assist her to try to recruit Michael Jackson.

J: Yes. Lose this guy you’re with.

L: Orders went to this Sea Org member.

J: The CO of CC, what was her name, Karen Hounder. I forget the name. It was her job to specifically handle the Lisa Marie. I had an auditor who was auditing her, that went and audited her mother, and decided to get into a sexual relationship with Priscilla and ended up having to be – It was just a mess. Priscilla Presley, this is another one I would send out to Memphis, wherever she was, on a movie set, to just give her auditing for free

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa attend a Janet concert together, November 10-20, 1998 ]

Michael goes to South Africa with his kids as well as Lisa Marie and her kids and together they attend a Janet concert.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa have thanksgiving at Hayvenhurst with the Jacksons, November 25, 1998 ]

Michael spends Thanksgiving at Hayvenhurst with the Jackson family + Lisa Marie and her kids

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael and Lisa at the Hit Factory in NY, Mid December, 1998 ]

Michael goes to the Hit Factory in New York where he meets Teddy Riley, Janet and Lisa Marie.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Presley accepts settlement from National Enquirer in order to drop her suit, Annoys Tabloid January 1999 ]

From Mr.Showbiz. Lisa Marie Presley says she’s checked out of the Heartbreak Hotel of tabloid lawsuits, but the National Enquirer insists she’s All Shook Up.

Elvis’ little princess announced on Wednesday that she has agreed to drop her defamation suit against the tabloid after reaching a confidential settlement.

In 1997, the weekly rag claimed that Lisa Marie, the mother of two and ex-wife of Michael Jackson, had tried to commit suicide and had mutilated herself, scrawling “Nobody loves me” and “I’m ugly” on her arms with her own blood.

“I am satisfied with the settlement,” Presley said in a statement. “I hope suits like mine will force tabloids to think twice before they publish false information about me or others.”

That message got Enquirer editor Steve Coz’s blood boiling. “She is lying if she means to suggest that she proved false the 1997 article,” Coz said. “If Lisa Marie wanted a public airing of the facts surrounding these matters, she would not have dropped her lawsuit.”

Enquirer executive editor David Perel tells USA Today that Presley was the one who offered to settle. The agreement does not include a retraction or a correction.

Presley’s attorney Daniel Petrocelli denies that his client offered to settle first and tells the paper he advised her against seeking a retraction “because it only serves to republish the ugly allegations. The Enquirer has been anxious to settle this from Day One.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP asks about Debbie and Michael, Liz Smith, Newsday, 28 January, 1999 ]

Lisa Marie then wanted me to tell her my sources for various items about her ex-husband Michael Jackson and his current wife, Debbie Rowe! I declined, of course. And she declined to say much else either – merely that she is busy in the recording studio making an album. “Things are going well; my kids are good!”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP celebrates birthday with Janet and friends, USA Today, 10 February, 1999 ]

Presley princess marks 31 at L.A. bash from USA Today

Lisa Marie Presley danced till dawn to celebrate her 31st birthday with 300 guests at L.A.’s Argyle Hotel on Sunset Boulevard.

Elvis’s little girl, in a sexy red Dolce and Gabbana dress, partied Friday (her actual birth date was Feb. 1) with Janet Jackson, who stuck close, Seal, Kirstie Alley, Marisa Tomei, Andy Dick, Jimmy Jam, David Foster and Glenn Ballard, who’s working with Presley in the studio on her forthcoming record. Juliette Lewis picked up a mike to sing Happy Birthday. Guests enjoyed backrubs and a photo booth. No sign of Presley exes Danny Keough and that Michael guy. But an unidentified beau supposedly hosted the event.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa and Janet attend Elton John Oscar party, 23 March, 1999 ]

Elton John Hosts Seventh Annual Oscar Night Party to Benefit the Elton John AIDS Foundation Sponsored by InStyle Magazine Jim Carrey greeted Mariah Carey and both joined the booth of Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, and Lisa Marie Presley.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael Jackson interview, The Mirror, 13 April 1999 ]

“I start dancing and Prince is all in the way trying to dance with me,” Jackson never plays his own music to his children – “I’m saving that for a surprise when they are a bit older,”‘ he smiles. He would love them to go into the entertainment world but he’s aware of the dangers.

He says: “It’s going to be hard for them. When Lisa-Marie wants to sing, people always compare her to her father, which is so tough.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa attends a party to celebrate Joe Jackson’s birthday at Neverland, June 29, 1999 ]

Lisa attended Michael’s father Joseph Jackson’s 70th birthday party at Michael’s Neverland ranch.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie reportedly begs Michael to take her back, National Enquirer, June 30, 1999 ]

Lisa Marie Begs Michael: Please Take Me Back!

Lisa Marie Presley is desperately pleading with ex-husband Michael Jackson to take her back.

In a heartfelt phone call to her ex-mother-in-law, Katherine Jackson, “Lisa Marie made it very clear she wants Michael again,” said an insider.

Lisa Marie told Katherine, “Our divorce was a mistake — a bad mistake,” the insider revealed to The ENQUIRER.

“I know how to love Michael. I want him to know I’m here for him.”

Elvis’ only child married pop star Michael in 1994, and divorced nearly two years later.

Lisa Marie’s attempt to rekindle Michael’s interest comes when her ex-husband’s marriage to Debbie Rowe is on the rocks.

The couple had a bitter fight when Michael announced the couple’s 2-year-old boy Prince was dying — and backed out of a planned concert in Italy. But Debbie stated publicly in a televised interview that reports the boy was in danger were false.

“Lisa Marie wanted Michael to know that, unlike Debbie, she would NEVER publicly dispute anything he said,” noted the insider.

“Don’t forget, when Lisa Marie and Michael were married, she went on television with him and defended everything he has ever done.”

Debbie’s considering ending the bizarre, 21 2-year union with the pop star, and Michael’s terrified he’ll lose his beloved son Prince, and the couple’s 1-year-old daughter Paris.

But not if Lisa Marie can help it. She told Katherine Jackson, “I’ll treat his two adorable kids as my own,” said the insider.

“I want to be back with Michael.”

Oprah 2010:

L: Then that ended. We again, were going to get back together, we spent four more years after we’d divorced getting back together and breaking up and talking about getting back together and breaking up. At some point, I had to push it away because it was not, I wasn’t moving forward with myself.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael, TV Guide Interview, 29 November, 1999 ]

What about the plastic surgery?

All of Hollywood has plastic surgery! I don’t know why they point me out. The press exaggerated it. It’s just to my nose. They want it to be everything. Just the nose isn’t enough. Elvis had his nose done Lisa Marie told me. They don’t talk about that. They singled me out. It’s not fair.

OK, well, now that you bring up Lisa Marie, I read that she said she regrets not having had your son and that she may still want to have a child with you. Is that true?

I remember that’s how she felt at the time [laughs]. No matter what I say, I’m in trouble with this question. The next issue of TV Guide will probably say “Well, Lisa said she doesn’t ever want to see him again!”

Are you two friends now?

Lisa’s sweet. I like her very much and we are friends. And who knows what tomorrow brings? I have no idea how she feels today. I’ll just say that. She comes to my house and sees the children, and we talk on the phone, that sort of thing.

Do you think you will marry again?

That would be nice.

What would make the third time the charm?

It just has to hit me. You have to see that person and go, “This is it. This is the one.”

Did you feel that way with both of your marriages?

Yeah. Of course.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa reportedly angry with Michael, Enquirer, Dec.16, 1999 ]

MICHAEL JACKSON destroyed his friendship with ex-wife LISA MARIE PRESLEY when he claimed in a recent interview that Lisa told him ELVIS had a nose job.

Lisa is so furious with Michael for breaking her confidence that she’s stopped taking his calls and is vowing never to speak to him again!

Michael didn’t realize his casual remark about her father would upset Lisa and quickly sent her 100 of her favorite peach-colored long-stem roses as a peace offering.

But she refused to accept the delivery!

Michael is so distraught over the thought of losing access to Lisa that he’s leaning on ELIZABETH TAYLOR to intervene on his behalf.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND AN IRATE Lisa Marie Presley has ordered ex-hubby Michael Jackson to beat it! National Enquirer, January 2000 ]

FED UP: Lisa Marie’s fiance John Oszajca.

Once Lisa Marie got engaged to rocker John Oszajca in December, the Gloved One started pestering her with nonstop pleas to stay close. But a steamed Oszajca has demanded that Lisa Marie ditch Michael once and for all.

“Ever since he heard she was getting married, Michael constantly calls her and sends her flowers,” a close insider told The ENQUIRER.

Michael considers Lisa Marie his playmate — someone to have fun with — and his best friend.

“He doesn’t want to be married to her, but he wants to continue to pal around with her,” revealed the insider. “Michael won’t accept that she’s in love with someone else.

“He doesn’t want anything — or any husband — standing in the way of their special friendship.”

Until John came into Lisa Marie’s life, that arrangement suited her fine.

“They were so close after their marriage ended that it caused big problems with Michael’s second wife Debbie Rowe,” added the insider. “While his marriage to Debbie collapsed, his close friendship with Lisa Marie continued to thrive.”

But everything has changed. Lisa Marie, 32, will do anything to please John, 25– and he made it clear that Michael’s got to go.

“He told Lisa Marie, ‘Make him stop calling,’ ” a family friend told The ENQUIRER.

John doesn’t mind if Lisa Marie stays in contact with her first ex-husband Danny Keough, who’s the father of her children Danielle, 10, and Ben, 7.

“But John says Michael and Lisa Marie don’t have any ties and that Michael should get lost. He also feels Michael is a weirdo and shouldn’t be around the kids anyway,” divulged the family friend.

Lisa Marie doesn’t want Michael to come between her and John. She’s told him to stop calling her and is refusing to take Michael’s calls.

But Jackson is living in La-La-Land. Said the insider. “Michael told a friend ‘She just needs time.

” ‘I know she’ll always be there for me.’ ” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa’s lawyer, People Magazine, Feb 2 2000 ]

“The marriage to Michael was a mistake. Everyone knows that it was a mistake.” Lisa Marie’s Attorney John P. Coale

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa engaged but reportedly not over Michael, April 6, 2001 ]

Elvis’ little girl Lisa Marie Presley has ditched her rocker fiancé John Oszajca and is telling pals she wants to remarry ex-hubby Michael Jackson-and have his baby, reveal insiders.

“She’s even called Michael and begged him to take her back,” confides a Presley family insider.

But the source close to the Presleys says Lisa Marie’s feelings for Jackson are what really destroyed the relationship with Oszajca.

“She kept on having love pangs for Michael,” reveals the insider. “Her feelings for him kept intruding on her relationship with John. He would get furious and tell her to forget Michael. But she wouldn’t.”

Finally, fed up Oszajca told her to choose between him and Jackson-and she chose The Gloved One, according to the source.

Lisa Marie and Jackson, 42, divorced in 1996, following a two-year marriage. Since then he’s had a son, Prince, 4, and daughter, Paris, 3, with estranged wife Debbie Rowe, who filed for divorce in 1999.

Now Lisa Marie-who has children, Danielle, 11 and Benjamin, 8, from her first marriage to musician Danny Keough-is telling freinds that she wants to swap vows with Jackson again, sources report.

“She says her biological clock is ticking and she’d like to have his baby,” reveals the Presley family insider. And her dream might just come true.

Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson have remained close friends and continue to see each other, sources say. “She’s made no secret that the happiest time in her life was when they were married. Over the years, she’s also kept in touch with his family, includinghis mom, Katherine.”

Lisa Marie’s spokesman, Paul Bloch, confirmed her breakup with Oszajca and added that while she is still friends with Jackson and loves him, she does not want to remarry him.

But insiders say Elvis’ only child is determined to woo Jackson back. “Lisa Marie’s predicting to friends that she and Michael will be walking down the aisle by year’s end,” says the source.

“And if you know Lisa Marie, she never lets anything get in her way.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael Jackson’s Conversations With Rabbi Shmuley, 2000/1 ]

MJ: Lisa.. we’re still friendly, but she’s running around. She just changed her number and we don’t have the new one yet.


How do your feel about men who are not faithful to their wives?

MJ:I don’t think it’s good but I understand it. I know that is a strange answer.

You find women fall in love with your all the time as the megastar so you don’t judge men who are unfaithful, because sometimes you’ll ascribe it to women who make themselves available?

MJ:I don’t judge them because women can do some things that make guys very unhappy. I have seen it with my brothers. I have seen my brothers crying, in tears and pulling grass out of the lawn with frustrations because of their wives.

Do you think a lot of their wives are interested in their success than them?

MJ: Absolutely. They were after their money. That’s why I said to myself that I would never be married. I held out the longest. I stayed at home until I was twenty-seven, twenty-eight.

So part of the attraction to LMP that she had her own money and her own fame and you didn’t have to become anxious that she was interested in you for the wrong reasons?

MJ: Absolutely she didn’t take a penny [when we got divorce] she didn’t want anything. She makes about a million dollars a year from Elvis memorabilia and selling all that stuff and she has her own thing. She is not her to take, you know.

So that means there was almost like one girl in the whole world that you could marry because even a rich woman would want your name. Yu needed someone with money and a name. You were down to a Presley or a McCartney or something like that.

MJ: I know Lisa was great. She was a sweet person. But it is hard to tie me down. I can’t stay in one place one time so that’s why I don’t know if I can really be completely married all the time.

Did you want to be a father to her kids?

MJ: Yes

Do you still stay in touch with the children?

MJ: Yes and with her.

But marriage is too confining?

MJ: Yes. I don’t know whether I’m disciplined enough because I am such a rolling stone. I have such a life when I am always on the move and women don’t like that. They want you to be settled in one place all the time but I have to move. I have been in the same city as where my house is and I’ll check into a hotel just to feel like I’m going somewhere. My house is right there. I guess I’m just moving all the time, moving.

Do you get lonely? Or is there so much going on in your life that it doesn’t really happen?

MJ: Like lonely for a wife? For like a mate? Like that?

SB: Yeah

MJ: I’ve been through two bad divorces. I just got out of the second one. Even when married to those women that I was married to, I’d go to bed hurting. I was hurting. I was crying last night as I went to sleep and I didn’t sleep good last night and I cry Shmuley, because I feel this… and I’m not trying. I’m telling you the honest truth and if you don’t believe me you can ask Frank. Frank knew how I was hurting. I just was feeling all the pain of the children who suffer and I was hurting so much. That’s why I was trying to reach any child I knew who had pain from [Michael mention a little girl who was battling cancer and whose family he met at our home] to Gavin[Michael’s later accuser]. I was trying to like calling, dialing and I woke up the first thing, the first person I called was the little girl’s house and she had gone already. It hurts me. But I think that’s where my real love comes from, Shmuley. If I can help in that way I’m fine and I don’t need the other [romantic love].

You know if I meet some girl somewhere and I think she’s beautiful, which I see a lot of them, that’s great. I mean, I’ll go on a date or something. Nothing wrong with that. Jennifer Lopez looked awfully good the other day, she did. I was shocked’ cause I never thought….She looked good.

But have you given up on women understanding you? You tend to think that children will understand you a lot better?

MJ: I’m not easy to live with in that way for a wife. I not easy and I know I’m not easy. Because I give all my time to someone else. I give it to children. I give it to somebody sick somewhere, to the music. And women want to be the center. And I remember LMP would always say to me,” I’m not a piece of furniture.” “I’m not a piece of furniture.” “You just can’t…” and I say, “I don’t want you to be a piece of furniture,” and you know, there’d be some sick little girls calling on the phone and she’d get mad and hang up on them. And, you know, I feel that’s my mission, Shmuley. I have to do it.

What if you found a woman you was soft, who was incredibly soft?

MJ: Like a Mother Teresa or a Lady Diana or…That would be great. I would be perfect.

Would it be better than having to do it on your own?

MJ: Absolutely, and Lisa was great with going to the hospitals with me, and she was so sweet about that. They would tie the babies to the bed of chain children down. We’d go unchain…we’d go free all these babies. I hated that and she discovered a lot of that injustice with me. Countries like Romania and Prague, Czech and all that, Russia.


Lisa Marie was good about at least visiting. So she had no problem going and doing some of the compassionate things of giving these children love and making them feel special.

MJ: She had no problem doing that but her and I had several big arguments ‘ cause she’s very territorial with her children. Her children were [her major concern]….and I said “No, all children are our concern,” and she never liked that coming from me. She was very angry about that. Plus she a had fight with me one time when two little boys in London killed this other kid and I was going to visit them cause the Queen gave them adult sentencing of life. These were like 11 and 10 year old boys and I was going to the prison and visiting them. She said, “You idiot. You’re just rewarding them for what they did.” I said, “How dare you say that.” I bet if you trace their lives you can find they didn’t have parents around, they didn’t have any love, nobody there to hold them look in their eyes and say “I love you,.” They deserve that even if they are going to get life, I just want to say I love you and hold them. “She said, “Well you’re wrong.” I said “No, you’re wrong.” The information came out they came from broken families, were never watched as little kids, attended to. Their pacifier was those Chucky movies with the stabbings and the killings. And that’s how they became conditioned to that.

SB: Did she admit then you had a good point?

MJ: Nope, she thinks I’m rewarding bad kids.

Did she want you to be a father to her kids?

Well that was once asked of her. She was asked that question on TV and she said, “No, they have a father. Their father is Keogh,” that other guy. But I was really good to her children. Every day I’d bring them home something and they’d be waiting by the window for me and hug me. I love them. I miss them so much.

SB: Did she get used to living at Neverland or was it too isolated?

MJ: Lisa didn’t live at Neverland. We visited Neverland the way…I lived at her house in the city and every once in a while we visited Neverland. It would be like our fun weekend.

And her children liked it?

MJ: Are you kidding me? They were like in heaven.

And you were happy to show it to them?

MJ: Mmm hmm

SB: Since you idolize the family was it very hard for you when you had to go through that divorce then?

MJ: Which one?

SB: With Lisa.

MJ: as it hard for me?

SB: Did you see the writing on the wall? That you were different? Meaning my parents divorced when I was eight. So I really, really romanticized marriage.

MJ: Really?


But I’m a believer in marriage. So when your relationship with Lisa started to fall apart was it very hard? Your idealism about the family, everything you believed in building the intimate family you always wanted, especially because you knew….

MJ: I wanted children and she didn’t.

She felt she had her kids.

MJ: Yeah, and she promised me before we married, that would be the first thing we’d do was have children. So I was broken-hearted and I walked around al the time holding these little baby dolls and I’d be crying, that’s how badly I wanted them. So I was determined to have children. It disappointed me that she wouldn’t keep her promise to me, you know? After we got divorced she would hang out with my mother all the time. I have all these letters saying, ” I’ll give you nine children. I’ll do whatever you want.” and of course the press don’t know all these stories and she just tried for months and months and I just became too hard-hearted at that point. I closed my mind on the whole situation.

So she thought maybe you could get back together?

MJ: Uh huh

But children were a major, major issue?

MJ: Of course.

She had the kids and that was it.

MJ: She had hers and I wanted us to feel like we all were one big family and have more. Just my dream is to have 9 or 10 children, that’s what I want.

SB: You’re still very young. Do you think that will happen?

MJ: Yeah

SB: But then it means getting married again.

MJ: Yeah

Are you happy to do that?

MJ: Uh huh… or adopt.

SB: Is it possible Michael you’re attracting the wrong kind of girl because of your celebrity?

MJ: It’s hard. That’s why it’s hard, it’s hard for me. It is hard. It’s not easy for celebrities to be married.

Do you think that you could only really marry celebrities so that they don’t need you as much?

MJ: That helps, in my opinion. And they understand what you go through. They’ve been there.

They help you for the right reasons, then?

MJ: Yeah, they’re not after you know, what you’ve made [ the money] or you know? [singing] “That’s what you are….” [ He won a Grammy for that.] Right? Right.


MJ: I’ve been through two bad divorced and I just got out of the second one. Even when married to those women that I was married to, I’d go to bed hurting. I was hurting. I was crying last night as I went to sleep and I didn’t sleep good last night. And I cry, Shmuley, because I feel this… and I’m not trying, I’m telling you the honest truth and if you don’t believe me you can ask Frank. Frank knew how I was hurting. I just was feeling all the pain of the children who suffer and I was hurting so much.


“Michael always spoke with affection and respect for Lisa Marie Presley, with the one exception when he told me that she has wanted him to get involved with Scientology and got pushy. He had to tell her that he had no interest in becoming a Scientologist. Michael was dismissive of Scientology and spoke of how the practices of Scientologists that he had been exposed to were not sufficiently spiritual or substantive for him”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie engaged to Nicolas Cage but reportedly still hung up over Michael, Chicago Sun-Times, January 7, 2002 ]

While friends are predicting wedding bells will soon ring for Nicolas Cage and his love, Lisa Marie Presley, those same pals are also saying Cage is giving Presley an ultimatum.

Reportedly, the actor is VERY tired of his girlfriend’s continuing obsession with her ex-hubby, Michael Jackson. While a close Cage associate laughs off some press reports claiming Cage has demanded Presley stop ALL contact with Jackson (“Or else!”), he does stress the Oscar winner has asked his intended to “cool it,” regarding Jackson.

Though divorced, the daughter of “The King” speaks to the “King of Pop” quite frequently and also is a regular phone chatter with Jackson’s mother, to whom she’s remained close. Apparently, Cage is somewhat jealous of her relationship with Jackson and bored with her constantly bringing him up in conversation.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Nicolas Cage Doesn’t Want To Badmouth Jackson, Howard Stern, Popdirt, June 6, 2002 ]

Nicolas Cage was on the Howard Stern show Thursday morning where he sidestepped his sex life with Lisa Marie Presley. He said the relationship is good but he’s not going to talk about his sex life on the show. Howard asked him if it bothers him that Lisa Marie had been married to Michael Jackson a few years back. Nic said he’s heard that Michael is a nice man and he didn’t want to bad mouth him.
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Artist and Photographer Helnwein, 8 Oct 2002 ] iwc:
You’ve met some very interesting American Pop Icons in your lifetime.
What was meeting Michael Jackson and Andy Warhol like?

Michael Jackson was really interesting. He was very smart and very intelligent. I remember talking with him for an hour, and he brought Lisa (Marie Presley) along with him. So we talked about art and he was asking me about what techniques I use and telling me about what paintings he liked. And then he left. And Lisa looked at me and said, “Oh my god. He was totally normal. That’s amazing!” I mean, this is his wife saying this!”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Did The King Ruin Lisa Marie’s Marriage? J. Randy Taraborrelli, Daily Mail, 2002 ]


A couple of weeks ago, Lisa Marie Presley and her husband of three months, actor Nicolas Cage, watched on TV news the disturbing footage of Michael Jackson – her ex-husband – dangling his infant son from a balcony in Germany.

Afterwards, Elvis’s only daughter, who bears an uncanny resemblance to her father, had a furious row with Cage.

Nicolas, like most people, thought it a bizarre and careless thing to have done – the clumsy way Jackson held the baby, Prince Michael II, so precariously over a ledge, with a cloth thrown over its head.

However, Lisa Marie felt that Michael’s actions were not at all disturbing and maintained the incident had been blown out of proportion. ‘Michael would never hurt one of his children,’ Lisa Marie said. ‘It was the camera angle that made it look so dangerous.’

But, as she later recounted to one of her friends, Nicolas demanded to know why she was always so protective of Michael.

‘What is that about?’ he asked, trying to dig to the core of her feelings for her second husband. ‘I know you’re not still in love with the guy. Or are you?’

Six years after her divorce from him, Lisa Marie Presley does have strong feelings for Michael Jackson – though probably not of the romantic variety.

She speaks to him often and visits him at his Neverland home in California at least once a month.

For Nicolas to even comment on the long-standing, albeit odd, relationship was not a good idea. Lisa Marie loathes it when others attempt to probe her psyche. ‘Stop trying to analyse me,’ she told him, angrily.

‘It went on from there, a disagreement about Lisa not wanting Nicolas to delve into the reasons for her friendship with Michael,’ said Monica Pastelle, a friend of Lisa Marie’s.

‘Throughout his relationship with her, Nicolas was always asking Lisa questions and trying to figure her out. I think, though, that he learned what many people already know: you can’t figure out Lisa Marie Presley.’

Two weeks after that row, Cage filed for divorce. It was his second marriage and her third.

Those who have watched Lisa Marie endure the ups and downs of life in her father’s shadow are now wondering if she will ever find a man who can lay the ghost of Elvis to rest.

She has been married to a little known musician, her first husband, Danny Keough; a global superstar, Michael Jackson; and now an Oscar-winning actor. And she hasn’t found happiness with any of them.

Married just 107 days, Lisa Marie and Cage spent most of their time as newlyweds at her $2 million estate in Hidden Hills, outside Los Angeles. However, Nicolas continued to maintain his $7 million home in Bel-Air.

Though they planned to take a one year lease on a seven-bedroom home next door to actress Michelle Pfeiffer, they changed their minds at the last minute. So the couple never officially moved in with one another.

‘I’m really crushed by the way things have turned out,’ said Jerry Schilling, a longtime friend of the Presley family. ‘I know Lisa loved Nicolas. I saw them together. The way she felt for him was obvious. I thought this would last. None of us saw it coming.’

Perhaps they should have done. But basic personality differences between Lisa Marie and Nicolas Cage were obvious from the start – highlighted by a bitter row just before the wedding. In July, during a trip on Cage’s yacht, the Weston – named after his ten-year-old son by actress Patricia Arquette – Lisa threw her $65,000 engagement ring overboard.

The couple made it up and the marriage ceremony went ahead in Hawaii on August 10. In a strapless cream gown with a 6ft train, Lisa looked both vulnerable and innocent that day. And in a moving exchange before she spoke her vows, she reassured her mother, Priscilla Presley, that she was doing the right thing.

‘I promise you, Mom,’ she said, ‘I will not have three failed marriages.’ She didn’t dream that she and Cage would turn out to have so little in common or that it would matter so much.

Lisa Marie, 34, is a loner and a committed follower of Scientology, the controversial religion which numbers many of Hollywood’s elite as members.

She likes her solitude and enjoys long walks during which she can clear her head. She’s moody, too. One moment, up. The next, down. Way down. In contrast, Cage is an altogether bouncier individual: out of bed at five in the morning, ready for the new day, anxious to discuss big plans and new ideas.

Lisa Marie is also an early-riser, but only to see her two children, Danielle, 13, and Benjamin, ten (by her first husband) off to school.

She then drags herself back to bed until she feels like waking up again.

‘Lisa is such a sour-puss in the morning,’ Cage once complained. ‘She’s so negative it brings me down and ruins my morning.’

Their interests are also profoundly different. The more cerebral Cage enjoys reading about philosophy and has deep discussions with friends. Lisa Marie prefers romance novels, mysteries and other works of fiction.

‘Nicolas can spend hours with a book that doesn’t interest me at all,’ she once said, privately. ‘That’s all fine and good – except for the fact that he then wants to explain it to me and he wants me to enjoy hearing about it. Forget it! That’s not going to happen.’

He watches educational television. She prefers soaps and sitcoms. He’s usually charming and handles himself with diplomacy. She’s blunt, speaks her mind and doesn’t care what people think about it, or her.

Money was a sore subject from the start, too. Early on, Nicolas tried to advise Lisa, the sole heir to her father’s $100 million plus estate, on certain Presley family investments. She wouldn’t allow it.

‘It was one thing after another over three-and-a-half months,’ said Monica Pastelle. ‘A lot of bickering and bitching, and not much sex. In fact, I think it would be safe to say that they were probably intimate only three or four times after they married.

‘It might have helped if they’d actually moved in together. But Lisa said that she didn’t want to live in a house that smelled of cigar smoke, and Nic was not willing to give up his cigars.’

On November 22, Lisa Marie and Cage posed for celebrity photographer Annie Lebovitz for a magazine spread. Though the couple endeavoured to maintain a civilised front, it was clear to observers that something was already wrong.

‘It was tense,’ said a source. ‘At one point, she touched him and he recoiled, as if bitten by a snake.’

The next day, the Cages were scheduled to attend the Los Angeles premiere of Nicolas’s new movie, Adaptation. The evening started out badly, according to sources close to the couple, with a disagreement over Lisa Marie’s wardrobe.

‘Lisa Marie walked into the living room in an over-size orange and red sweat shirt, a pair of blue combat pants and orange tennis shoes,’ says a friend of the couple’s.

‘Nic was crestfallen. You could see a look of disbelief spread across his face. “Please tell me you’re not wearing that to my premiere,” he said.’ Lisa Marie just threw her husband an icy smile.

Nicolas went to the bar, poured himself a brandy and threw it back. He then changed into a redstriped shirt and awful, orange jacket so that at least he and Lisa Marie would appear coordinated.

When Lisa Marie’s mother, Priscilla, saw photos from the event the next day, she was alarmed at how unhappy the couple looked. In the company of a household employee, she challenged her daughter about her choice of clothes.

‘I want to have a music career! I have to look hip,’ Lisa Marie argued back.

‘You have to dress like a movie star’s wife, Lisa,’ Priscilla told her. ‘Not a silly rap star.’

She threw her mother a scathing look and walked away. It was the very next day that Nicolas Cage filed for divorce.

Priscilla was distraught. She had had confided to her friends that, even though the age difference between the two is negligible (at 38, he’s just four years older), she was concerned that Lisa Marie may have been looking for a father-figure in Nicolas, much the way she herself had in Elvis Presley.

‘I was just a kid when I married Elvis, but he really was a father-figure in so many ways, which is one of the reasons we were never intimate after Lisa Marie was born,’ Priscilla has confided.

‘I want more than that for Lisa. But Nicolas is so much more mature, so much more sensible – and I have seen him take her to task once or twice in a way that was a little too parental.’

Lisa likes laughing, and she likes making people laugh,’ says Monica Pastelle. ‘She’s as much of a kid as her own kids and you can see that when she’s with them.

‘She has struggled for years to come to an understanding with Priscilla. And she’d managed just that. For her to now start working to try to please Nicolas was just not on. He was always telling her to grow up.’

For his part, Cage is devastated by the split. He knew Lisa Marie could be a challenge but he loved her anyway.

‘He loved her indomitability, her enormous strength,’ said one of his close friends. ‘He wasn’t crazy about the fact that she swears like a truck driver. However, he did think he could be the one for her to lean on. She wanted that, too, more than anything.’

However, Samantha Kaplan, an acquaintance of the Presley family, believes Lisa Marie had embarked on this marriage without a thought for its long-term viability.

‘She loved Nicolas, yes. But was it the kind of love that would guarantee future happiness for her, or was she just living blindly in temporary ecstasy? She didn’t take the time to find out,’ says Ms Kaplan.

‘She so much wants to be the little princess who lives happily ever after. She talked herself into believing it was true.

‘Nic has a winning way with her children, and that was also a factor in her decision to marry him. I do think she’s willing to compromise, to settle for less out of necessity in a belief that great love will never really happen for her.’

There are cynics who say that Nicolas Cage was following more than his heart when he began wooing Lisa Marie two years ago.

He owns a vast and valuable Elvis Presley collection – including The King’s 1959 Cadillac Eldorado, worth more than £200,000. There was speculation that Lisa Marie represented nothing more than just another collectible item for him.

‘Well, that’s just not true,’ said a close friend of Cage this week. ‘It’s ridiculous. Nic thought she was the woman for him. But after he really got to know her, he realised that she’s not.

A few days ago, Lisa Marie was shopping for Christmas gifts with a friend in a suburban shopping mall in LA. Though her hair was pulled up under a large cap and her eyes hidden by dark shades, she still drew stares from passers-by. ‘Why can’t we be the way we were when we first met?’ she was heard to ask her friend.

‘I tried with Nicolas, I really did. Those first few weeks were so good,’ she said, wistfully. ‘I still love him. I wish we could go back.

‘The first few weeks of love are always good, aren’t they?’ observed her friend.

‘Well, I’ll be OK,’ Lisa Marie said, ignoring her friend’s observation. ‘I can get through it. I can handle it. I like being on my own, anyway.’

For the moment, that would seem to be where her future lies. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Jermaine on Larry King Live, January 9, 2003 ]

KING: Michael Jackson and his ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley. Are they friendly?

JERMAINE JACKSON: Yes. Yes. Very much.

KING: So even though the marriage ended, they’re still remain friends.


CALLER: Hey, Jeremy, one question I’ve had is Elvis Presley. Is Michael a fan of his? Because they’re so much alike.

JERMAINE JACKSON: Yes, very much. We’re fans of Elvis, too. We grew up watching his movies, everything. We like him.

KING: Did you ever meet him?
JERMAINE JACKSON: We met him one time in the elevator in…

KING: Vegas?

JERMAINE JACKSON: I think it was Tahoe. And he came and we were doing a show there. And he came in and we were coming down or some were going up. And he said — something like, Oh, yeah, you Jackson boys. But we were in awe because it’s Elvis.

KING: Michael was there, too?


KING: It’s Elvis. So it’s the Jackson 5 and Elvis on this elevator? Just an ordinary little elevator trip.


[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Nicolas Cage, Barbara Walters, Oscars Special, March 23 2003 ]

Walters: Did Lisa Marie ever discussed Michael Jackson or did her marriage to him ever gave you any pause?

Cage: No. I never… I met the man once, I was still Nicolas Coppola and I’m sure he doesn’t remember… but it didn’t… it didn’t come up to me. That was her past. It wasn’t an issue. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP interview, Papermag, 2003 ]

After decades of running from the press, this record is enabling Presley to settle the score. Her marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage, along with her involvement in the Church of Scientology, have swamped scandal sheets. And once again, Presley is eager to clear up all the bullshit. “I’ve developed a reptile skin to it,” Presley says of the media. “I didn’t want to address them. I went: ‘Fuck that! Fuck them!’ It got out of control. Jesus, its all a misconception in some sense. The biggest misconception is that I married Michael [Jackson] for some reason, that I’m some wannabe pop star, wannabe whatever. And Nic [Cage] and I — they love to say we got married because he is an Elvis fanatic. That really pissed me off — and that I could marry somebody for any other reason other than the fact that I fell in love with them. There’s nothing in me that’s a pretense. Everything’s right there, almost to a fault. The biggest misconception about me is to even look for a fucking motive. I’m not trying to climb some ladder.”

Jackson had aggressively courted Presley with flowers, presents and phone calls. They got married in May of 1994 in the Dominican Republic. At the time, Jackson had been accused of sexual misconduct with a 13-year-old boy. More jaw-dropping than the couple’s seemingly staged smooch at the MTV Video Music Awards was their televised interview with Diane Sawyer in 1995, where she professed her love for Jackson. “I was really naive,” Presley explains, narrowing her blue eyes into slits. “Its like if you watch yourself talking with a blanket over your head and you pull it off and go, ‘Aaah! There you are.'”

Presley and Jackson have had a few “benign” conversations recently, but, she adds, “I wouldn’t consider us friends.” They didn’t speak for four years, and Presley doesn’t seem surprised or saddened by the recent downpour of negative Jackson publicity.

What hurt Presley the most about that relationship is that, as his wife, she supported Jackson during his darkest hours. Her face twists with visible pain as I press the Jackson issue further. “I didn’t want to get into this,” she moans, shifting in her seat. “But I want to say this because it’s important: I didn’t feel appreciated [by Jackson]. That was why I left. It might have hit him later because I never took or wanted anything. He may have realized that at some point. I have no idea.” When Presley and Jackson’s union dissolved 19 months after they wed, she suffered a physical breakdown, which she attributes to stress and mercury fillings that were in her teeth and “poisoning” her body.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Toronto Sun – 2003 ]

“The thing is that I would have never had children with somebody I didn’t think I could be connected to for the rest of my life. Somewhere along the line, I had enough sense to know that.”


Which brings us to Jackson and what she thought of the recent and controversial Martin Bashir TV documentary on Jackson, which raised fears again the pop star was having inappropriate relationships with children.

“I thought what everyone else thought — it seemed manipulated,” she said.

Still, she added she wasn’t surprised at how strange and possibly dangerous Jackson came across. “Honestly, not really. If I thought he was that okay (a guy), I would have stayed.”

L[/EXPAND] [EXPAND MP, Blender Magazine – 2003 ]

FAMOUS SINCE THE moment she was born on February 1, 1968, Lisa Marie Presley has spent most of her 35 years ducking the spotlight: the glare that will always surround her father, Elvis Aron, and the flashbulbs that popped around two of her three husbands: Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage.


What inspires you to write?

Pain. I use songs as weapons. I’ve written some really good, nasty songs about people I’ve been involved with and then I make sure they hear it somehow. “Better Beware” is like that, “Gone,” too–I was pissed off.

Is “Gone” about Nicolas Cage?

[Raises eyebrows] Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know.

How’s your love life at the moment?

Quiet. It needs to stay quiet right now. I have something else to focus on, thank God. If I don’t have something to keep me busy, I get into all kinds of trouble.

Do you ever think that maybe you got married too young?

No, but I live my life in reverse. [Presley married fellow Scientologist Danny Keough when she was 20.] All the friends I had back then were crazy. Now they’re married with kids, and I’ve turned back into a fucking 12-year-old. So that’s funny. I got married early and had two kids and lived very stably for six years and then went fucking crazy.

Like going from Danny Keough… to Michael Jackson!

You know, nobody knows him. He’s like the Wizard of Oz, working this whole machine about himself. And he doesn’t let a lot of people see who he really is, but he let me see, and he was very normal. I felt like I was talking to someone I knew, like a brother. OK, maybe we shouldn’t have gotten married, but we were both raised a little differently and we were in situations that normal people would not be in, so we had a connection.

I don’t see why people can’t see that. They kept saying, “She wants a singing career, she wants this, she wants that,” and I’m like, “Wait a minute: I have never once, of my own free will, been in the spotlight.” I got his stigma, I was caught in his loop. We’re not in contact now.

Do you now think, “Was I crazy?”

Yeah, of course. I don’t relate anymore to the person I was at that time. I was really in Michael’s world–I went into his head, and into his land, and it took me years to get out of it. It’s quite a web you got into. Being the small young bug that I was.


When you think of your father, what do you think of?

That he could do no wrong in my eyes. He was a larger-than-life figure to me, someone I admired in everyway. I was daddy’s girl.

There’s a saying that the true test of a human is his ability to handle power. I think it’s true. You could give a perfectly fine person a lot of power and watch him struggle with it and try to figure it out. He was in a situation that would never be easy for anyone, and he didn’t understand why it was all happening to him.

People in that situation destroy themselves, because they don’t know what to do with the admiration. Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin–they overdo it, over-indulge, because there’s nothing else to compensate. I understand all that.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Dish – 2003 ]


I had a good feeling when I woke up

But I missed it ’cause I was sleeping

Did you know I broke up my family

Oh the guilt it’s really killing me

-Excuse Me

When asked how Danny feels about her, she says, “He finds me very entertaining, oddly enough. I’m his entertainment, I guess.”

Tad Pierson has a theory about why Lisa Marie ever left Danny. The jist of it is- “She divorced Danny over the Presley name-she thought Michael Jackson could handle it.” Whether that theory is true or not, she does say, “I made the mistake of saying I was not happy in my marriage-and the courting started. And I left probably quicker than I would have, and that was probably one of the biggest mistakes of my whole life.”

Larry King suggested that, “one of the attractions to someone like Jackson is that Jackson had been somewhat of a Presley. I mean, a pinnacle of attention and focus.” Priscilla expressed, “Concern. Concern. I think – I think any mother would be concerned. You know, obviously, if my daughter’s happy, you know, then I don’t have any problem. But she’s very strong-willed.”

Says Lisa Marie, “You know, I’m sure it’s connected in some way to the grandness and the bigness of an earlier loss in my life. Some sort of representation of this grand, powerful… thing in my life that went away. That’s what he was to me as a child-this huge, electrifyingly powerful, grand, beautiful presence. It’s like a lost duckling, walking around looking for that.”

So how did Michael Jackson enter the picture in the first place? According to Lisa Marie, in Rolling Stone, he attempted to meet her when she was 18, but she was unwilling at the time because she thought he was a “freak”. But years later, when they finally did meet, they slowly bonded, through phone calls, flowers, candlelight dinners, “I just want to say he’s not stupid, he didn’t get where he was because he’s stupid. It’s unfortunate that not a lot of people know who he really is. He doesn’t let anybody see it. And he has some idea about how he should represent himself in the public, that he thinks works for him, which is the sort-of meek victim, meek-quiet thing that he does, which is not like how he really is. So, he doesn’t let a lot of people see that. When he wants to lock into you, or intrigue you, or capture you, or, you know, whatever he wants to do with you, he can do it. He is very capable of doing that. He was very quick to, the first time I met him, sit me down and go, ‘listen, I’m not gay, I know you think this and I know you think that. And he started cursing, and he started being a real person. And I thought ‘wow’.

So I get caught up in that. I’m pulled in right away. I’m like, ‘wow, you’ve so misunderstood’. Oh my God, you’ve this guy. I fell into this whole you-poor-sweet-misunderstood thing, I’m going to save you. I fell into his act. I fell in love with him. I did.”

Apparently, the marriage, which had a romantic and sexual beginning, rapidly deteriorated. He disappeared for weeks at a time, “There would be periods of time where I had no idea where he was- only by the press,” she has said, and even worse, used her to prove he was a man who loved a women, perhaps to protect himself from pending child-abuse charges, or to save his reputation.

Lisa Marie ended it, but suffered depression and severe ill health for some time afterward. In spite of it all, she has spoken with Jackson recently by phone, to offer her support, in the light of the widely watched Bashir documentary.

“I told you, see now, I’m not attracted to mediocrity or normalcy or things like that. I think certain things are attractive. I’m weird. I don’t know. I’m wacked,” she has said.

“You know what it is?” she told Diane Sawyer. “It’s that I get attracted to artists. I’m attracted to artists. I like when someone is shaking it up, when they’re different. I don’t know why, and I’ll never know why. But it’s just what I get attracted to.”


She is also a loyal member of the Church of Scientology, about which there is always so much speculation.

“Church isn’t going to tell me what to do with my relationships or my life. That’s not what they’ve there for. In fact, I walked in there, I don’t know, two months ago and said; You haven’t seen me in four months, now look what happens. I just got a divorce again. They haven’t seen me, so here we go. They put me back together. Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall, and then there they are with the glue,” she has said.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, The Commercial Appeal, 16 January, 2003 ]

Schilling says Lisa Marie, 34, shied away from a career in music for years, one reason being the perception of living up to her father’s legendary legacy. Nevertheless, Lisa Marie had several offers on the table in the early ’90s, including a production deal at one label that Schilling says he snagged without using her name “to make sure that what I was hearing was good.”

“We were closing a deal at Epic Records and we had a firm offer from RCA,” continues Schilling. “And she called me and said, ‘I can’t sign the deal.’ I said, ‘What do you mean?’ I thought she was kidding. She said, ‘Jerry, I just can’t do it, and you’ll know why.’

“And a couple of days later she married Michael Jackson.”

Lisa Marie married Jackson in 1994. They divorced less than two years later in 1996.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, From Boston Globe 6 February, 2003 ]

While on Siegel’s show, Presley said she felt sorry about her former husband Michael Jackson ‘s troubles but added that they’ve had no contact since their divorce and noted that she wishes he would ”get help.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Harmon’s Radio GaGa, Feb.9, 2003 ]

Lisa Marie Presley lost her virginity to STAR 94, kinda. Lisa Marie woke up this morning on the Steve and Vikki morning show on star 94 to debut her new CD “To Whom it may concern”. As we opened up the interview coming out of her new song, she remarked this was the first time she had ever heard herself sing on the radio,and it was her first time doing a radio show. She was a little nervous, but answered everything we asked including questions about the King of Pop (she said “it was dark a lot in their rooms”) to Nick Cage,  who she realized just wanted to collect her as ELVIS memorabilia. She said she regrets the haze of the Michael Jackson interview years.

“It was a real marriage, believe it or not. Michael is a different person to the public image they have,” replied the new singer, however, said he did not recall whether there was a romantic proposal before the wedding.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, USA Today – March 28th, 2003 ]

When the offspring of rock royalty married the self-anointed King of Pop in 1994, eyebrows jumped. Michael Jackson wed Presley amid the media circus triggered by child-molestation allegations in 1993, prompting observers to declare the match an effort at image rehabilitation. They split 19 months later. Presley insists the marriage was “real” for her but sees fishy signs in hindsight.

“It was funny timing,” she allows. “I was blindsided. He’s very smart, and it’s not often that he lets someone into his world. I genuinely did love him. I wouldn’t have been involved for a weird reason, especially to cover up something.”

Ending years of no communication, Presley called Jackson to express support after a documentary earlier this year rekindled pedophilia suspicions. She stops short of echoing the “wacko” judgments, saying only, “He’s very different now. I can’t keep up with what’s going on. It’s not my mess to clean up anymore. I walked away a long time ago.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, New York Times – March 30th, 2003 ]

A bewildering 20-month marriage to Michael Jackson in the 90’s – epitomized by the couple’s cringingly awkward televised kiss at an MTV awards show, and Ms. Presley’s memorable suggestion in a “Primetime Live” interview that anyone who harbored questions about their relationship could “Eat it!” – solidified a perception of her as a brassy, unpredictable flake.


But the radio hosts Ms. Presley spoke to often seemed more interested in asking her about Mr. Jackson, whose appearance on ABC’s “20/20” in a documentary by the British journalist Martin Bashir had recently triggered a fresh round of controversy about his obsessive interest in children, his plastic surgeries and his all-around weirdness. She took the inquiries in stride.

“I walked away from that a long time ago,” she said of her marriage to Mr. Jackson, whom she divorced in 1996. “I was still relatively young, and trying to decide what would be better for me: being with someone who doesn’t have anything, and then they get trampled and have no ego because they just become `Mr. Presley,’ or being with someone whose situation is comparable to mine.” Before Mr. Jackson, Ms. Presley was married to the musician Danny Keough for six years; they had two children together and remain close friends.

“I was hoping that we’d be more equal,” she continued about Mr. Jackson. “I was in love with him at the time – and he doesn’t always act the way he did in that interview. I did feel bad about that – the director followed him around for eight months and edited it down to two hours. You can manipulate it any way you want. I mean, somebody could do that to me. But I’m sure I had the same reaction everybody else did when they saw it: it was a train wreck. I don’t have to clean up that mess.

“Then I read about all this voodoo stuff,” she went on, alluding to a recent Vanity Fair article that claimed Mr. Jackson had paid someone to cast spells on people he thought of as his enemies. “I thought, `What the hell’s going on now?’ I can’t even follow it, it’s so crazy. I have no sympathy for that.”


Wary of producing work that would only subject her to withering criticism, Ms. Presley sought – including in her relationships, most notably her marriage to Mr. Jackson – a collaborator who could help her sharpen her musical vision.


“That’s part of the problem with my love life,” she continued. “I’m looking for someone similar to him, and nobody could ever compare. He was so extraordinary a presence – not even as an entertainer, just as a person.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Roger Friedman, March 31, 2003 ]

I’d like to say Lisa Marie Presley should have her head examined. But she can’t, since she doesn’t believe in psychiatry. I mean, she really doesn’t believe in it.

On her album, which will be released next Tuesday, Presley even sings the whole title track about this. The song, “To Whom It May Concern,” is a screed about psychotropic drugs being bad for kids. (“When there’s something wrong take an antidepressant. You can even choose which kind you want by the latest suicide.”)

Nice, huh?

Of course, this is the position of the Church of Scientology, of which Presley is an adherent: They are anti-psychiatry and anti-medication. They would rather be the cure for what ails you.

You’d think Rolling Stone, which has Lisa Marie on its new cover and has promoted the heck out of this fact, would have asked Presley about some of this in the story. In fact, the writer of the 8,000-word piece glosses over it, as well as the fact Presley’s Web site promotes a charity called the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights, or CCHR. The initials make it seem like Creedence Clearwater Revival, or Contemporary Hits Radio.

In fact, this is Scientology. There are 23 registered non-profit chapters of CCHR, and their purpose, besides lobbying and promoting Scientology, seems to be to raise money for the group. On their tax filings, CCHR chapters spend lavish amounts on promotion and press, paying consultants far more than the charity’s local directors.

I had to laugh, too. In the Rolling Stone piece, there are not one but two references to Beck — his album is playing in the background during the interview, and later Presley is at his house until the wee hours of the morning. Beck is a well-publicized Scientologist, who proselytizes the “religion” with zeal.

Writer Chris Heath could have asked Lisa Marie if she only listens to Scientologists or goes to their parties based on this information. After all, that’s why some people think it’s a cult.

Presley does break with Scientology philosophy, which says we shouldn’t blame others for our mistakes. To get publicity for her album, she turns on Michael Jackson and blames him for their highly publicized bad marriage. She even sends Heath lyrics to a song not on the album that imply Jackson is “masturbative.” (There’s a word you won’t find in any other pop song.) The song, “Disciple,” is not even on the album. But Rolling Stone’s press release about their article would make you think it’s there.

Yet Presley manages to use Jackson throughout the article in order to promote herself. She also takes a swipe at her most recent ex, Nicolas Cage, in the song “Gone”: “Turned out to be a coward. When I turned my back, you cut my throat it bled for hours. Was that your power…You with the advisors in your ear. You did everything right it’s clear. I know I begged you to stay around. But I’m gone now. Well, here’s to you my darling leave. You’re stubborn and you’re free and of course, right. I don’t respect the way you leave. You can be no friend to me.”

Presley says in the article this will probably be her only album, and she will most likely go back to being a recluse. It may not be such a bad idea.

As for Rolling Stone, well, I don’t know why I expected more. They’ve taken their whole journalistic legacy and flushed it away, it seems. All that good reporting down the drain.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Primetime – April 3rd, 2003 ]

Diane Sawyer: Though nothing Lisa Marie Presley would ever do to her mum would equal this. Okay? Michael Jackson?

Lisa Marie Presley: Oh, God.

Diane Sawyer: Michael Jackson!

Lisa Marie Presley: I thought you were going to go here first. I was hoping you’d forgot.

Diane Sawyer: Why did you marry Michael Jackson?

Lisa Marie Presley: Okay, can I just, well …

Diane Sawyer: What were you doing?

Lisa Marie Presley: Um, let me, let me now … I’ve been trying to go through this. I haven’t thought much about this, what I was going to say and I just figured it would fly out of my mouth. Okay, first of all, he was very quick to … the first time I met him, sit me down and go, “Listen, I’m not gay. I know you think this, I know you think that”, and he started cursing and started, you know, being a normal person. And I was like, “Wow!” So I get caught up in that I’m pulled in right away. Like, “Wow, you’re so misunderstood. Oh my God, you’re this guy.” I fell into this whole, “You poor, sweet misunderstood thing, I’m going to save you.” I fell into that. I fell in love with him, I did.

Diane Sawyer: In love?

Lisa Marie Presley: Yes, I fell in love at the time. Now …

Diane Sawyer: Sexual attraction?

Lisa Marie Presley: I told you everything I said was the truth.

Diane Sawyer: Sexual attraction?

Lisa Marie Presley: At the time. Yeah.

Diane Sawyer: What did your mother say?

Lisa Marie Presley: She called me and said, you know, “Oh Lisa, there’s helicopters outside the house and they’re saying you married Michael Jackson”, and I go … I was just quiet and she goes, “You didn’t?” She goes, “You didn’t?” And I go, “Yeah, I did” and then it was just, you know, that was that was game on for me. Whoo! Mum doesn’t like it, let’s go!

Diane Sawyer: She didn’t you know you were going to get married?

Lisa Marie Presley: No, no that was quick, that was like run away and do this quick thing.

Diane Sawyer: And you did live together?

Lisa Marie Presley: Yeah.

Diane Sawyer: I didn’t believe that.

Lisa Marie Presley: Well, let’s just put it this way, if he was in town, he was at my house.

Diane Sawyer: Which was how often?

Lisa Marie Presley: I don’t know. It started to get less and less towards the end.

Diane Sawyer: Again, you can slug me on this question but I’ve got to go back. So these were, like, romantic nights?

Lisa Marie Presley: Mmm, mmm, yeah. I don’t remember them very well, but yes. I mean, it was normal. I wasn’t going to get married if it wasn’t that.

Diane Sawyer: By the time Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson, Jackson reportedly had been treated for addiction to painkillers. He was also under siege. He had been investigated for child molestation with a 12-year-old boy. Jackson settled a civil suit with the family reportedly for millions of dollars and his camp implied he was the victim of extortion.

Lisa Marie Presley: I was already friends with him, there was already some romantic stuff going on a little bit before that happened. So it was like, I was already like, you know, I was the only one he would be calling so I felt all privileged and, you know, that he was trusting me and telling me what happened and it was very convincing and I believed him, at the time.

Diane Sawyer: But she says her mother looked at the timing of the marriage and tried to make her see something else.

Lisa Marie Presley: That’s what my mum was trying to point out like “Hello, are you awake? Can you see this might be co-ordinating or coinciding with something else?” And I didn’t see that, like, I was young. I don’t know. I mean, it looked a little suspicious but at the same time I know that he loved me, you know, as much as he can love someone, I think he did.

Diane Sawyer: What do you mean as much as he can love someone?

Lisa Marie Presley: I just mean, you know, as much as he can be capable of doing that. It’s not something he’s used to doing is having relationships with women, you know? He’s sort of been a one-man show his whole life.

Diane Sawyer: How did it end? What happened?

Lisa Marie Presley: It just kind of went really sour, really fast.

Diane Sawyer: But you filed for divorce from Michael?

Lisa Marie Presley: Yes.

Diane Sawyer: And how did you tell him that was it?

Lisa Marie Presley: It was when he was, you know, it was over the phone. I’d had enough. There was a lot of stuff going on then. It got really ugly at the end. It wasn’t pretty but I don’t want to get into it.

Diane Sawyer: Did he fight you getting a divorce?

Lisa Marie Presley: No, he … I think he got on to, you know, getting somebody else pregnant, right? Or having a baby. That’s what he wanted. He seemed to get on that pretty quick. You know, I don’t know.

Diane Sawyer: Did it shake your confidence?

Lisa Marie Presley: Yeah, I was pretty much needed to be mopped up off the floor after that one.

Diane Sawyer: And then 108 days of nuptial nitroglycerine with actor Nicolas Cage … a relationship so tempestuous she reportedly threw her $65,000 engagement ring into the ocean. You were really in love?

Lisa Marie Presley: With which one?

Diane Sawyer: With Nic Cage?

Lisa Marie Presley: Yeah, I was.


Diane Sawyer: Why do you marry them when it’s like this?

Lisa Marie Presley: You know what it is? It’s I get attracted to artists. I’m attracted to artists. I like it when someone’s shaking it up, when they’re different. I don’t know why, I’ll never know why but it’s just what I get attracted to.

Diane Sawyer: Anyone out there who says “she’s loony” …

Lisa Marie Presley: Yeah.

Diane Sawyer: I mean, how do you explain to them?

Lisa Marie Presley: I’ll say it loud and say it proud, I’m completely insane.

Diane Sawyer: Have you figured out why?

Lisa Marie Presley: Um, God … no. No, I think when I figure out why I might stop and that might be boring.


Diane Sawyer: Five years from now, imagine a perfect day for me.

Lisa Marie Presley: It doesn’t take much for me to be a perfect day. So long as there’s not divorce involved in it, I’m fine.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie, MSN Chat, April 4, 2003 ]

dandystuff in Onstage_1 asks: Do you hate Michael Jackson?

Lisa_Marie_Presley says: No I do not hate Michael Jackson. The opposite of love is not hate it’s indifferent. I’m indifferent.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, VH1, April 4th, 2003 ]

Presley first leapt into the limelight in 1994 by marrying Michael “King of Pop” Jackson. Many dismissed the union as a ploy to divert attention away from the superstar’s child abuse charges and towards Lisa Marie’s nascent singing career. It didn’t work. The sloppy kiss seen around the world on the MTV VMAs couldn’t deter those pesky “irreconcilable differences.”


There’s more, too. “Nobody Noticed It” slams the hangers-on and handlers who won’t let her father lie, “Disciple” does much the same for Wacko Jacko’s entourage, and the ballad “Gone” may or may not be raking Cage over the coals.


VH1: John Travolta, who is also a Scientologist, recently said you’re like a surrogate daughter to him. Do you feel that way?

Presley: Yeah. We kind of went into that [relationship] straight away. He gets protective. I think after the Michael episode he got very protective. He was concerned about who I was going to date next! He’s a sweetheart. He’s such a teddybear, that man, I swear to god. So genuine and so sweet.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, LA Times – April 6th, 2003 ]

Presley knows that every story written about her — even her obituary — will probably include the names Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. So the daughter of rock’s greatest star is out to claim a piece of that obituary for herself. After years of being intimidated by the legacy of her father, she is hoping to have a recording career — and her goal is to prove that there is more to her than her birthright and ex-marriage partners.

“I’m not doing this to be a pop star,” says Presley, pausing to reflect the week before the performance. “I’ve had plenty of money and attention. I’m doing it for credibility.”

It’s only natural to scoff at such a lofty ambition, especially given the oddball turns in her private life (marrying Michael Jackson — hello!) and the image many probably have of her as a pampered rich girl. But the 5-foot-2 Memphis native is serious and disarmingly open during a break at the studio.


“I had no reason to do interviews before,” she says a week before the dress rehearsal. “The only thing I could talk about was my fame or my parents. Why the hell would I go out and do that?”

Though her mood is much lighter than at the public rehearsal, Presley is shy and reserved. She smiles nervously when introduced, and she tends to avoid eye contact. So it’s surprising when she eventually proves strong-willed and disarmingly open about her personal life. It’s as if she wants people to know her rather than her image, so she has to open up in her music and in interviews.

Nothing contributed more to her tabloid fodder than the 1994 marriage to Jackson, and no question is asked more than “Why?”

Even in trying to be candid, she finds it hard to settle on an answer, though in Rolling Stone, for instance, she talks enough about Jackson alone to fill a page. She felt sorry for him, especially after the child-abuse accusations came out, and was protective. And, yes, she said, they had sex. But she also points out that things got “ugly” at the end — that he would sometimes disappear for weeks at a time.

In the rehearsal studio, it’s clear that she regards the marriage as a horrible mistake.

She says her first husband, musician Danny Keough, is still a close friend. But that’s not the case with Jackson.

What about the recent documentaries on Jackson? Does she feel sorry for all the public ridicule?

“I did see the British program, and it does look like he was set up,” she responds. “But, no, I could never feel sorry for Michael Jackson.”

Trials of love

One senses that Lisa Marie’s highly publicized romantic trials have had much to do with the weight of being a Presley.

The young mother of two was devastated by the breakup of her marriage to Keough, which she clearly does blame on the Presley pressures.

“Even if you have talent, which Danny does, you immediately becomes Mr. Presley in the world’s eyes, and it eventually tore the marriage apart,” she says.

She pauses and looks around the room at the empty stage.

“That has been a constant problem for me,” she says, pursuing the thought. “If I’m going with a musician, they become Mr. Presley and they get squashed and they get resentful and we end up going after each other. After Danny, I thought maybe I should be with someone who is famous. I married Michael.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Newsweek – April 7th, 2003 ]

You’ve been in plenty of surreal situations by now, like being married to Michael Jackson. You must have known that it was going to be a circus.

I was naive on that front. I was in this constant struggle that went something like this: a man who’s with me who has nothing is gonna be stomped on and have no identity left by the time [the press] get done with him. He’ll be Mr. F–kin’ Presley. I thought, I need to be with someone bigger than I am – or at least comparable – so they don’t get trampled. Michael wanted to meet me earlier in my life, and I said, “No way.” I thought he was a freak, and I had no interest in meeting him. But when I finally did, he immediately dashed any preconceived idea I had about him. We had a perfectly normal conversation, and I completely forgot who he was within 20 minutes. I actually did fall in love with him, but I don’t know what was on his menu.

You married Michael at 26. You seemed miffed that people didn’t believe the marriage was real. Now can you understand why everyone thought it was weird?

Absolutely! But at the time I was like, “What the f–k is the problem? Why am I getting all this bad press? They think I married him because I want to be a singer or I want publicity? All I ever did prior to the marriage was stay the hell away from that!” It took me a while to realize that maybe he manipulated stories or did things for public reasons, and that I was getting dragged into it. I can see that now.

Do you think he was truly invested in the marriage? [Jackson married Presley only months after he was accused of child molestation.]

I can’t say what his intentions were with me, but I can say it was the most real thing I think he’s had. My mother was like, “Timing – hello! Wakey, wakey!” But I rebelled against my mom, of course, and tried really hard not to think like that, not to believe that.

Was it a mutual decision to break it off?

No, it wasn’t mutual. He was in the hospital, and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. I started asking questions, and it was always a different story. He said I was “causing trouble” and “stirring up problems.” He told me, “you’re making my heart rate go up,” and asked me to go home, and I said, “Good. I want out.” This person is one of the biggest entertainers out there. He is not stupid. He’s very charming when he wants to be, and when you go into his world you step into this whole other realm. I could tell you all about the craziness – all these things that were odd, different, evil or not cool – but it still took me two and a half years to get my head out of it.

You say you were naive, but you seem tough and savvy in person.

Well, when it comes to love I’m naive. I’m a noodle. I go haywire. I’m getting better at it, though. I’m getting faster at coming to the conclusion that something’s not right.

What went wrong with you and Nicolas Cage?

With people like me and Nic, it’s difficult because there’s the camps. You’ve got 15 people around. That’s something that contributed – same with Michael. They may be claiming to love you or seemingly happy you’ve together, but any minute they can throw a wrench in, they do. They’re so dependent on that person that you may be raining on their parade.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Chicago Sun Times – April 8th, 2003 ]

In the cover story of the current Rolling Stone, Presley patiently deals with all of the gossip: her bout with drugs (it was short, she was young and it’s over); her marriage to Michael Jackson (also short, also over and something she now describes as a result of being manipulated by Jackson’s charming ways); her third marriage, to actor Nicolas Cage (another failure–it was true love, but they just couldn’t live together), and her religion (Scientology is not a cult, she maintains, but something that helps her center herself).


Q. Now you have to deal with the selling part of the process, which I gather you don’t enjoy.

A. That’s where I’m having some trouble! [Laughs.] It’s hard for me, and then I have to deal with all the other stuff [the gossip], which I’m very happy you’re not asking about right now. But I’m sure you will.

Q. Oh, hell no. I want to talk about music.

A. Wow, thanks! The thing is, I’ve been doing these interviews, and I’m just hearing about my dad, Nic or Michael.


Presley doesn’t hold much back in her lyrics, railing against men who can’t hold their own in a relationship with a strong woman (several tunes seem to be directed at ex-husbands Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage) and the way that a prying media can trivialize genuine emotion. (The first single, “Lights Out,” is a poignant evocation of her father’s ghost, inspired by her recollections of the mood at Graceland the day he died.)

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP on Howard Stern, April 8th, 2003 ]

R: The thing with Lisa Marie is that she left her husband to go off with Michael Jackson.

H: That I don’t get. Let’s get into this.

L: K.

H: Alright.

L: *clears throat*

H: Yeah, clear your throat.

L: Here we go.

H: Alright.

L: Do You want it? Next time?

H: No, no, don’t hawk any loogies on me. You meet Michael Jackson. Now, where do you meet a guy like this?

L: I met him at a friend’s house – at the time, a mutual friend that we both knew.

H: Who’s the friend, Elizabeth Taylor? Or one of the…

L: No.

H: Uri Geller?

L: This guy was an artist.

H: Rabbi Shmuley Boteach?

L: Maybe…

H: Who’s this, an artist guy?

L: Yeah. A painter.

H: A painter?

L: Mmmm.

H: And he had a friendship with Michael Jackson?

L: Mm-hm.

H: I’ve sat with this guy – he has nothing to say.

L: Which guy?

H: Michael Jackson.

L: You did?

H: Sure.

L: Oh, this is that thing in your book when you said he wanted you to…

H: He wanted me to parade through the streets, rally here, the guy’s insane! I sized him up in two seconds. Before you get married again, you let me meet the guy.

L: OK.

H: So you meet this guy and he’s charming?

L: Yes. This was before all that garbage happened.

H: With the boys.

L: Yeah.

H: Yeah… so you meet up with him, he’s a good guy… and what does he do – he take you out on dates?

L: No, it was just more like a… we talked for a while. I forgot who he was after about 20 minutes, just ’cause he was so real with me.

H: You thought he was hot?

L: No, I didn’t think of him like that at all. But then um, I dunno, we started talking on the phone.

H: He starts calling you?

L: I started calling him, he started calling me, I sort of became his friend.

H: That’s what I would do with you.

R: Now, when does Michael actually make a sexual move?

L: [to Howard] You’re actually very sweet.

H: Thank you. You are too.

L: Thank you.

R: But let’s get back to this. When does Michael make a sexual move?

L: Um… I don’t wanna get into anything sexual…

H: I’ll get into it.

L: I’m not answering sexual!

H: [to Robin] You went too fast, you went too fast. Let me butter her up. Let me work on her.

L: No, you can talk to me about MY sex, whatever, but not like… you’re gonna try to get like, genitals and sex out of… with other people, no.

H: Fair enough. Did he make you wear a strap on?

L: Yes. No!

H: That’s what I thought. Alright. Now wait a second… so you meet the guy and he’s talking to you and stuff, and you think you’re falling in love with him.

L: Mmm…

H: Coz you like his conversation, you like his rap.

L: Mmmm.

H: But aren’t you just… ’cause when I sat with him, I was really disturbed by the nose and all the plastic surgery, I mean, it really… but I’m a guy, I don’t know.

R: And the make up!

H: At any point did you see him without the make up?

L: Um… what make up? I mean, powder, I don’t know…

H: You know what I mean, the tape over the nose, and the…

L: Yes, um…

H: And was it freaking you out?

L: I didn’t look at him like that, I was kind of beyond that, I know that sounds whatever but I just, you know.

H: So you’re going out with the dude, but it’s all private on the phone, then you probably go over to that Neverland ranch…

L: Yeah.

H: …hanging out there, because you can’t go out and be seen together…

L: Right.

H: …you gotta keep things quiet… and you go over there, and does the guy like, what does he do – does he make you dinner? How does a date go?

L: Um, it was just… I dunno, we used to hang out at his house, things like that.

H: What would you do for fun? Watch movies?

L: He’s got quite a spread there, you know?

H: Yeah. Did you go on those rides and stuff?

L: Yeah.

R: And play video games?

H: But you’re a full bodied sexual woman, I ain’t gonna sit there and play rides with you. The only ride I’m taking is you. Is he like a real perfect gentleman, a little too nice, or did he make some moves on you?

L: No, he was… whenever he was ready, it happened.

H: How long did that take?

L: I wasn’t the instigator, I wouldn’t, you know, I um… that wasn’t something I could imagine at the time.

H: So he moves in and starts kissing you, you don’t resist?

L: *laughs* Obviously not!

H: You liked it. Did he tongue you?

L: Huh?

H: Did he give you the tongue?

L: Will you stop it?

H: Yes.

L: Thank you. I married the… MF. Well, I can’t say it, right?

H: Did he spank you?

L: No.


R: but can you even tell us, alright, Were you sexually satisfied by Michael Jackson?

L: Um… you know, I… see…

H: The answer’s either yes or no.

L: Well, the answer would be I wouldn’t have married someone that I wasn’t.


H: Alright, so you’re with Michael Jackson and uh… you start to realise things are going horribly bad.

L: Mm-hm.

R: Wait a minute, who asked – he asked you to marry him? He wanted to get married?

L: Mmm.

H: Do you think it was a publicity stunt for him?

L: I don’t know. I think you should ask him.

H: What do you think?

L: I don’t know.

H: You think he used you?

L: Mmm… you know, sketchy.

H: Sketchy?

L: Mmm. Timing-wise.

R: But the whole, you know, MTV kiss?

L: That wasn’t my idea. I was… yeah.

H: So all these men are using you? Michael used you, and we’re not even sure about Nicolas Cage, I mean that was such a short marriage.

L: Nic didn’t use me.


H: Ever had a black guy?

L: *laughs*

R: Michael Jackson!

H: Oh that’s right.


H: You’re not gonna tell me about Michael Jackson’s penis, why it was so special?

L: I’m not.

H: There’s something on it though that that kid said he… should explain it, what is the… just give me the…

L: Something on it?!

H: Just come here, listen to me.

L: Come here?

H: Yeah come over here and if you don’t answer this I’m going to have to spank you. What is it that’s different about Michael Jackson’s penis that distinguishes it? Just answer that please.

L: I’m not answering any questions about anybody’s…

H: …penis?

L: Penis, right, I know.

H: Is it a vagina and not a penis, is that the mind blowing secret down there?

L: …

H: I’ll wait for your answer.

L: I’m not answering!

H: I can wait you out. I need to know. Tell me during the commerical.

L: I’m not… I’m not, I’m not!

H: Wink yes if there’s something weird down there. … Ah, thank you.

L: No I didn’t, I didn’t wink! I blinked.


Lisa Marie said that Jackson would give her all kinds of gifts and stuff when she was with him. She said she knew things weren’t right when he did an interview with Diane Sawyer.

She said she wasn’t drinking then either, that came after the marriage.

Howard asked her who she spoke to when she wanted to get away from Jackson. She said she talked to her mother and her mother just listened to what she had to say. Lisa said she and Jackson divorced but they had signed a pre-nuptial agreement so it wasn’t a major thing.

Link to a play by play of the full Howard Stern interview

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie, David Letterman Show, Wednesday, April 9, 2003. Show #1967 ]

What can she tell us about Michael Jackson?

“Ahhhhhhh! Wow!”

She seems to have a lot to say but isn’t saying much.

Dave wants to know what happened to him, if anything HAS happened to him? Something is obviously wrong. “Were there signs when you were married that he was odd?”

Lisa simply says, “I left.”

I guess there was something oddly wrong.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Comments on Lisa Marie’s using Michael to spearhead her music career, Roger Friedman, 10th April 2005 ]

Lisa Marie Presley has been receiving much press attention lately, mainly in regards to her past marriage to Michael Jackson.

The Diane Sawyer interview seemed to be solely based on the marriage, well – in the medias eye anyway. No article’s after the interview had anything to do with her album, that’s for sure. Lisa Marie seems to be building a pre-success through every statement and interview she makes regarding Michael – headlines are made, articles are written, but what is all of this really for?

The obvious answer to that question would be for the publicity, to promote her new album – no, thats not the why says Lisa. So why then? Why speak about Michael at every available opportunity? Why let peoples imaginations run wild with every dissecting and word-playing statement she makes?

Lisa shares similarities with Fox News `journalist’, Roger Friedman. When Michael Jackson’s name is brought up, their facial expressions show certain ridiculousness on Michael’s part. Lisa has `revealed’ that Michael has everyone fooled. “He knows exactly what he’s doing … that little victimy thing that he does.” Lisa’s words play with our imaginations about what Michael is `really’ like.

Here is the full impression that I get from Lisa about Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson is an extremely manipulative person who uses people as puppets in a media success war. Sorry Lisa, I’m not buying it.

Maybe at the bottom of her album cover will be a little message saying, “I was married to Michael Jackson.” – that should sell a few more albums. Would Lisa be anywhere if she weren’t ever married to Michael? Is it really a coincidence that the daughter of Elvis Presley is able to release an album? One thing’s for sure, Lisa certainly didn’t start from the bottom.

Maybe people should think about this – Lisa’s words seem incredibly different to those of former ex-wife, Debbie Rowe. But then again, Michael and Debbie did split up on better terms.

Lisa’s success, really, should come directly from her talent, her music, her performance and her personality – just as Michael’s does. Lisa is giving out a manipulative image; she manipulates the true personality of Michael Jackson to a media world, which are ready to eat it up, all just to publicise herself. The fact is, Lisa Marie and her new album has nothing to do with Michael Jackson in anyway. Is it really a coincidence that she is telling us all about her marriage to Michael now that she is promoting her new album? Now that she is trying to break into the music industry? Maybe, but not likely, and not plausible.

We wish Lisa the best of luck, just as Michael does – she’ll need it, as soon as her story dies down, so will her success. Now, if her fame and success were built upon talent and hard work, then there’ll be nothing to worry about – but Michael Jackson is still in the picture, if he weren’t, maybe she wouldn’t have gotten as far as she has, or will get. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, The Hamilton Spectator – April 15th, 2003 ]

But in interviews with Rolling Stone, Diane Sawyer, Howard Stern and others, she found herself defending and explaining brief and bizarre marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage.

She claimed she fell in love with Michael Jackson because she fell for his story about being a victim of publicity and that was before allegations surfaced about child abuse.


With the celebrity marriages (to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage) some would say you were asking for it.

You know what? That’s not the case. Here’s the deal: I was with 14 men in my life — like relationships. Two of them were celebrities. Two out of 14 ain’t bad. The other ones do exist, they are living, breathing human beings and nobody gives a crap about them.

Do they feel unloved with all of the attention through all this?

I know one. I don’t speak to the other kind of post-Danny (Keough, her first husband with whom she continues to have a close relationship). Prior to that, I don’t know any of them anymore.

I wasn’t trying to go out with celebrities. But one of the things I did try to figure out was “Should I go out with someone who is one or who isn’t (a celebrity)?”

They both have their drawbacks. With me being strong, being a woman, being the one who has all the celebrity, the interest, the power, the this, the that — it’s not easy for a man to be in a position like this, especially if he is talented on his own.

He gets kind of smothered or they get pummelled and they turn into Mr. Presley and they get this whole stigma on them and I hate that. And so I go to the other extreme and that’s what you see happening and not anything else. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Knight Ridder Newspapers, Wednesday, April 16, 2003 ]

What she craves, she says, is to be known for “something that I created. Not who I married, or where I came from — not that I’m trying to run from that.”

“It’s Michael (Jackson), Nic (Cage), your dad. Did you really have sex with Michael Jackson? Where were you when your father died?”

(For the record, the answers are: Hard as it is to believe, yes. And, home at Graceland, at age 9.)

Presley understands people’s fascination with her lineage and hersecond and third failed marriages — she refers to herself as a “tabloid queen” — and she wants people to know that she’s not dishing for self-serving reasons.

“Michael Jackson fans claim that I’m trying to sell records by talking about it. No!” she says, emphatically. “Like I’m enjoying this?”

“I was exposed to a lot of things real fast,” she remembers of the crowd that surrounded her father. “I had to watch these guys cheating on their wives,” which led her to a low opinion of women, not men. To this day, “I don’t have many close friends who are women.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, MTV, April 17 2003 ]

Though her three failed marriages were a great impetus to start putting her life on paper, and much will be made of songs that seemingly reference her second and third husbands Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage, it’s Presley’s first husband, Danny Keough, who’s all over this record. Presley worked with Keough in addition to producers Eric Rosse (Tori Amos) and Andrew Slater (Fiona Apple, the Wallflowers), but there’s not enough drama in their peaceful reconciliation and collaboration for anyone to notice. But Jacko or Nic? Could the breakup song “Gone” be about one of them? She won’t say, except to say that she’s “done worrying” about them.

“God, I don’t know, lately I can’t follow any of it,” she said of the past year’s Michael Jackson news. “He’s seemingly progressively more [unusual] lately, more in these last couple of years, more than when I was around.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Arizona Republic – April 20th, 2003 ]

Her rocking debut single, Lights Out, contains a chilling reference to the famed Graceland mansion (“That’s where my family’s buried and gone / Last time I was there I noticed a space left next to them”), but other songs have been inspired by her failed marriages to singer Michael Jackson and actor Nicolas Cage, as well as her love for her two children.


You’ve said you dove deeply into writing after your divorce from Michael Jackson. Was that due to the stress you were under?

That’s kind of how I get through everything: I start writing. But none of those songs ended up on the record, believe it or not. For the first year or two of my writing after that, every song was about that. Then I got bored of it and started having other things going on in my life that I was much more amused by or affected by, and it ended up taking over. I ended up throwing (the earlier songs) aside.

Do songs such as S.O.B., Sinking In and Important relate to Michael? It also seems that Gone refers to Nicolas.

Maybe some references and a concept here or there, but nothing specific. I’m not really answering (questions of) who they’re about. When I’m listening to records and (the songwriter) tells me what they were thinking, I hate it, because I can’t interpret it for myself.

Did Michael show any interest toward your musical side during your marriage?

I didn’t have any musical interests particularly at that point. I wasn’t planning to do anything, contrary to popular belief at the time. I had no interest in a record. I was more interested in trying to be a wife, trying to be supportive and basking in the idea that someone else was even more in the limelight than I was.


What do your children think about Mom cutting a CD and filming a music video?

They like it, but they have other things going on in their minds. They have their friends and their own interests, which is good. They’re not all wrapped up in me.


Do you consider yourself a happy person these days?

Yes. I’ve produced something that was mine, that I’m proud of, so it helps me hold my head up a bit higher. It’s not based on some other B.S. that I’m getting attention. I get attention for the right reasons, which makes me happy with the record. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Rolling Stone Magazine – April 20th, 2003 ]

Daughter of Elvis, ex-wife of Michael Jackson — you better believe she has a story to tell. In a no-holds-barred interview, she speaks about her three marriages, her dad and her crush on Darth Vader.


For most of these years she has avoided talking in public. (There was, of course, the very surreal live TV interview with Diane Sawyer alongside her second husband, Michael Jackson, but we will get to all of that.)


“He’s a sweetheart,” Presley says. “He and his wife, Sheri.” They met though one of her closest friends, Johnny Ramone, about whom she says, “I think we’re both pretty no-bullshit, and we don’t put up any fronts.” She laughs and adds, “We’re irritable assholes, really.” She didn’t even know any Ramones records until after they’d met. “I was into the Sex Pistols and Devo and all that stuff when I was a teen, but I didn’t get into the Ramones. I had a huge crush on Sid Vicious.”

Your taste in men . . . , I sigh.

“I know,” she says. “If you lined up all the men I’ve been with in a row, you’d think that I was completely psychotic.”

Presley knows that the world has never thought about her in quite the same way since her second marriage, her 1994 union with Michael Jackson. She is infuriated by this and by the notion that she wanted anything else out of it other than those things most people hope for in a marriage.

“All I did get out of it was a shit storm,” she says. “And I got out of it. Now people go, ‘You seem somewhat sane, you seem pretty together — what the hell was that all about?’ It put a stigma on me. A ‘What the hell was she thinking?’ stigma.”

She says that Jackson first tried to get in touch with her when she was a teenager. She got a message through her lawyer — “He wants to meet you; he thinks you’re very pretty” — but she blew it off: “I was completely in love with Danny, and I thought he was weird, and I had no interest in meeting him.”

A few years later a friend called and said that Jackson wanted to hear a demo she had made. She wasn’t interested in being on his label but was persuaded it would at least be good manners to take the meeting. They were introduced at the friend’s house, and that is how it started.

“He was very real with me off the bat. He immediately went into this whole explanation of what he knew people thought of him and what the truth was.”

Which was persuasive?

“Yeah. You get sucked into the ‘you poor, misunderstood person, you.’ I’m a sucker for that. Then we sat down to talk, and he was so not what I thought he was. He was very real — he was cursing, he was funny, and I was like, ‘Wow. . . .’ I fell into that ‘You have this whole Howard Hughes thing that goes on in the press, and you’re not anything like that.’ ”

But why wouldn’t he want people to know that?

“I don’t know. I think it worked for him to manipulate that image for a little while. The hyperbaric chamber thing and all that monkey shit and the elephant shit. It made him mysterious, and I think he thought that was cool. But then it backfired, like it always does.

“I was always saying, ‘People wouldn’t think I was so crazy if they saw who the hell you really are: that you sit around and you drink and you curse and you’re fucking funny, and you have a bad mouth, and you don’t have that high voice all the time. I don’t know why you think that works for you, because it doesn’t anymore.’ ”

After that first conversation, they were friends who talked. Then the child-abuse accusations surfaced, and Michael Jackson’s world exploded. “That whole shit hit the fan,” Presley recalls, “and he was quick to call me and tell me what his side of the story was, so it looked like an extortion situation. I believed him, because he was so convincing.” She frowns wryly. “I don’t know. . . . I just believed everything he said, for some reason. It’s very strange, because there’s not a lot of people who he’ll allow to see who he really is — there’s probably only five or six people, not including kids, who have seen who he really is. But when you do . . . ” She smiles. “He didn’t get where he is because he’s an idiot. You see a real person who’s very much the opposite of what he was presenting.” Jackson was under attack, and it brought out Presley’s protectiveness. “I got into this whole ‘I’m going to save you’ thing,” she says. “I thought all that stuff he was doing — philanthropy and the children thing and all this stuff — was awesome, and maybe we could save the world together.” She pauses. “OK. Hello. I was delusionary. I got some romantic idea in my head that I could save him and we could save the world.”

At this point she was still married, and they were yet to become girlfriend and boyfriend. “He called me a lot,” she says. “Confided in me a lot. Which could be very manipulative — I don’t know. I hung out with him more, and I made the mistake of saying I was not happy in my marriage, and the courting started. And I left [my marriage] probably quicker than I would have, and that was probably one of the bigger mistakes of my whole life.”

When you say “courting,” do you mean as between any boy and girl?

“Yeah. Flowers. Calls. Candies. You name it . . . everything started coming.”

I think people are still pretty incredulous at the idea that you had any kind of normal married relationship with him.


But I presume that is the case.

“That is the case. Like I said, I got caught up in this thing of ‘it was all a show.’ That was my first experience with being accused of that, which was shocking for me.”

But, to be clear, is it fair to say that in private you were doing all the things that married people do: kissing, going to bed together, having sex?

“Yeah. That was part of it, for a while. And then it became the Def Con 2. It just got really ugly at the end.”

Before that, when it was good, was it your understanding that that was what he wanted?

A pause. “I don’t know what he wanted anymore. I know that it looks very timely for him, in retrospect — the record was coming out, that other shit was happening, and I was too caught up in . . . ” She stops, and recasts the thought. “I can tell you my intentions; I can’t tell you what his were.”

News of their union leaked out slowly — of a marriage in the Dominican Republic in May 1994, first denied, then confirmed. Their first surreal public appearance was opening the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards, during which — as they stood center stage — Jackson kissed her fully on the lips.

“That was not my idea, by the way,” she says. “I was terrified. It was his manager’s idea. I thought it was stupid. All of a sudden I became part of a PR machine.”

It seemed like a blatant gimmick to prove — to start with — that he was straight.

“Yeah, but again, I wasn’t looking at it like that. See, if I had been, that wouldn’t have ever happened.”

Even stranger and more astonishing was the interview the married couple gave to Diane Sawyer in 1995, in which Presley steadfastly defended her husband, the genuineness of their relationship and his character.

“I don’t recognize who I was then, now, watching it,” she says. “I was really in this lioness thing with him — I wanted to protect him. Naive as all hell. I never thought for a moment that someone like him could actually use me for any reason like that. It never crossed my mind, and I don’t know why — I’m sure it crossed everybody else’s.”

People are still confused by Michael Jackson’s love of a certain kind of relationship with young kids, whether it’s totally innocent or not. And you made a huge defense in the Diane Sawyer interview of how you watched him with kids and how it was all totally innocent. Is that what you think on reflection?

“The only thing I can say is that I didn’t see anything that would ever allude to that ever. Otherwise I would have been the first one out there going, ‘You motherfucker.’ I’ve got children. But I never saw anything like that. I meant what I said when I said it, because I didn’t see anything weird or bizarre like that ever. And I did notice that he had an amazing connection to kids, whether it be a small baby or a two-year-old girl or a four-year-old — children really responded to him.”

Back then did you ever worry or even think whether there could be any truth in what he was accused of?

“Did I ever worry? Of course I fucking worried. Yeah. I did. But I could only come up with what he told me. The only two people that were in the room was him and that kid, so how the hell was I going to know? I could only go off what he told me.”

And what do you think now?

She purses her lips. “I don’t know. I still don’t know. I wasn’t there. I never saw anything else that could possibly lead to that. And there’s two sides of it. There’s the side of the dad. Why would the dad take the fucking money? If I had a kid and he was molested, I would fucking take that guy and hang him by his balls off a tree and let him sit there and die like that. Nobody could buy me, ever, if my child were molested. Fuck that. I don’t care if I didn’t have a penny — I would take his ass down in front of everybody.”

She says, by way of recap, this: “I understand it did affect people’s perception of me. That’s fine; I understand why. But I did fall in love with him. I can’t say what his intentions were, but I can tell you mine was that I absolutely fell in love with him and fell into this whole thing which I’m not proud of now.”

Do you rule out that he fell in love with you?

“As much as he can, possibly. I don’t know how much he can access love, really. I think as much as he can love somebody he might have loved me. It was always like a mind that was constantly working. It was a scary thing — somebody who’s constantly at work, calculating, calculating, manipulating. And he scared me like that.”


When I am sent the lyrics to her new album, there’s one more lyric than there are songs on the advance CD. It is called “Disciple,” and its remarkable first verse is:

You will flourish in your bringing you pleasure In so many masturbative ways Until you’ve simply no use for them anymore And then they will remain and suffer in your concentrated haze

The first seven songs that spilled out of her in the aftermath of her split with Jackson were all about the same thing, and “Disciple” was the one that summed it all up the best.

Everyone around you, they’re sick, they’re on medication or they willFinally lose their mindsBut they will always defend you and justify your insanity like I didBecause you make them blind

“I’m not into Michael-bashing at all,” she says, when I discuss the song with her. “I have no interest in doing that. He is who he is. I know people want to know what that was about, and I’m trying to say it without making him a bad guy, you know. . . . It’s hard to do, because it was such a bad situation and it was so fucked up.”

It wasn’t too long after the Diane Sawyer interview that things started going wrong. “We were really on shaky ground,” she says. “There would be periods of time where I had no idea where he was — only by the press. He would just disappear.” The final media spectacle documenting their union’s disintegration was the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards. She was in the audience; he was singing a medley of his greatest moments onstage.

“I was glaring at him,” she says. “That was a pretty infamous moment.”

Why were you glaring at him?

“Because I hadn’t seen him, or heard from him, in six weeks. He got upset and he would just disappear.” She says that after about a month without any contact, his people started calling, saying that it was important that she show up at the MTV Video Music Awards. She agreed to show up if she didn’t have to go down the red carpet; they consented, then led her down it anyway. “I was pissed. I just felt like I was being used at that point.” She was then told that he was going to sing to her and that he had a surprise for her. “I remember my whole look was: ‘Don’t you come anywhere fucking near me — we haven’t spoken in a month.’ And he got it. He didn’t come over. I talked to him later and he said, ‘I saw the look on your face, and I knew that if I walked up to you, I didn’t know what you were going to do me.’ ” (Weirdly, this performance — glare and all — would later be included on Michael Jackson’s video collection History on Film.)

There were other fault lines opening. Jackson had asked her never to speak about him, and she felt he was taking liberties, particularly in a TV Guide story at the time. “He was quoting me, ‘Lisa Marie told me Elvis had a nose job,’ which is absolute bullshit,” she says. “I think it justified something in his mind — they were asking him about his plastic surgery. I read that, and I threw it across the kitchen. ‘I told you what?’ ”

How did it come to a head?

“I’d had enough. That’s all.”

You pulled the plug?

“Yes. I told him I wanted a divorce. Then he didn’t talk to me for a couple of weeks.”

In the period following her split from Jackson, her health collapsed: “My body started to deteriorate. I started to have panic attacks. I went through two years of baffling every doctor from East to West Coast. One week it was asthma . . . hypoglycemia . . . candida . . . reflux . . . I had everything. My gall bladder just fucking stopped working, and I had to get it taken out. This was when the tabloids said I tried to kill myself or something like that. We settled out of court. But anyway, I wound up in the hospital. I had everything happening; my body completely fell apart. And nobody knew what the hell was wrong with me.” She was allergic to everything. “I had to eat chicken and broccoli for a year,” she remembers. “I was absolutely falling apart, physically and emotionally, for a two-year period.” At times she thought of death. “It was the constant physical breakdowns that were going on that I didn’t understand.”

You really thought you might not make it?

“I really thought it. It was just non-stop.” Then she went to a homeopathic doctor, told him all her symptoms, and he asked her to open her mouth. He told her to get her fillings removed. “But once I started to get it out, it all stopped.” (She now thinks her problems were caused by a mixture of mercury fillings and extreme stress.) “Mercury can make you go fucking crazy. That term ‘mad as a hatter’ comes from mercury: people working in felt factories and going crazy. They try to say mercury is safe, but it’s the second-deadliest poison known to man, underneath plutonium, and it’s in people’s fucking teeth.”


Like everybody else, she saw Martin Bashir’s interview with Michael Jackson. “I watched it and cringed,” she says. “I had the same reaction everybody else had — it was like watching a train wreck. It seemed like it was overly cruel — the guy [Bashir] had his agenda and was after him. I don’t make a habit of feeling bad for that guy [Jackson], because he kind of likes to push that sympathy button sometimes, and I don’t really go for it anymore, but that time I did. I was, ‘Oh, no, you really just got screwed.’ It honestly looked to me like, it would be like somebody walking into a convalescent home and just antagonizing someone and having it on film the whole time.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael Jackson Responds To Lisa Marie Presley, April 2, 2003 ]

Michael Jackson has responded to Lisa Marie Presley’s recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine. He said in a statement, “Michael Jackson wishes Lisa Marie all the best in the world. However, as to a comment on anything to do with their marriage, as a gentleman Michael prefers not to respond.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Daily Telegraph – April 24th, 2003 ]

In music, as in men, Presley is attracted to the dark side.

“I’m drawn to artists. I’m drawn to people who rattle, who shake things up. I’m definitely attracted to that. I don’t like mediocrity. I like people who are different, tortured. I like people that are shaken up and that aren’t status quo.

“And that’s the problem. You get attracted to them and there’s just another side – it’s attractive but it’s also destructive.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND The Life Of Brian, Marilyn Manson, THE FACE, May 2003 ]

Have you ever met Michael Jackson?

No, but I have a puppet of him! (Manson dashes out the room and returns gleefully with a horrendous figurine.) I shipped this home and – no lie – the nose broke off! (He shows me. It has no nose.) And I’m very good friends with Lisa Marie Presley, but I forgot about her relationship with Michael Jackson – as she would probably like to- and this was hanging in my hall. I felt kind of bad when she came over. So I did a little puppet show with it and made her laugh.

Isn’t she a bonkers Scientologist?

I don’t talk about religion with her, but I don’t think she’s bonkers. I said to her, look, you can’t get more punk rock than getting married to and/or fucking a baby dangler. He’s a baby dangler! At this point he’s saying, “fuck it, my nose has gone, I’m gonna dangle a baby.”

Manson suddenly leaps to his feet again. ‘I also have this! Worth about 700 bucks!’ He bounces back in clutching another Jackson doll more horrible than the first, ‘This is about when he built the big statue and thought he was Stalin. You’ll notice they went back and reconfigured his face to look more like now,’ He flips a button and the doll sings ‘Black or White’, Manson is delighted.

Did Macaulay Culkin buy any of your art?

He didn’t come to the art show but he did buy me cigarettes. I play this character in Party Monster and I really wanted to go for broke on it.” So I put on my man- boobs, this gut and padded ass and I had a fake German accent and I smoked cigarettes. I wanted to practice, so I went with Macaulay to the liquor store. They didn’t recognize either one of us! They carded him! [/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, San Francisco Chronicle – May 4th, 2003 ]

Q: I know. Are you ever going to get married again?

A: I’m not saying I wouldn’t. It just has to be the right situation. I’m not going to be whimsical about it. If it ever happened again, it would be a really long time before it happened, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be some big romantic, I don’t know, outburst.

Q: So you still believe in the institution of marriage.

A: I do. But I come from a different situation than most people. I don’t want to be looked at as an example. I’ve been handed a different set of chips, and I’ve tried to find my way with it. Unfortunately, it’s been in front of the public, but it’s a genuine search to find the right mate. It’s just that I can’t quite find the right way to go because of the situation I’ve been handed. It’s been difficult. I’ve struggled, and it’s been obvious, so I don’t necessarily want to be looked at as the cheerleader in that department. I probably shouldn’t have too much attention in that area.

Q: Oh wait, I forgot to ask you about Michael Jackson, Nicolas Cage, your dad, drugs, Scientology and Macaulay Culkin.

A: Macaulay Culkin? How did he get in there?

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Larry King Live – May 6th, 2003 ]

KING: What broke you out at 20?

LISA: Oh, God. I think I just needed to start — I don’t know, I just started to write to get myself through, you know, things, so …

KING: You were having tough periods in your life?

LISA: Yes, I think I was really having tough periods, but …

KING: And writing helped?

LISA: Writing got me through, yes, it was very cathartic, very therapeutic, so I did that.

KING: And then how finally did you make the break through to say I’m going to record and appear, concert, and …

LISA: I think it sort of happened all at a good period where I had just gone through my second divorce and was kind of aimless and somebody — Foster — David Foster came. We had worked on something and he basically said, you know, why don’t you do this now, you should do it, you know, you can do this and you should and it kind of came at a time where I was somewhat purposeless in my life, or aimless, not quite sure what to do at that point, and thought it was a great idea that I just sort of do the record, you know, put everything I had and felt and went through into that album.


KING: How did you handle when she got all that attention for being married to Michael Jackson? How did you as the mother handle that?

PRISCILLA PRESLEY: Concern. Concern. I think — I think any mother would be concerned, you know. I — you know, obviously, If my daughter is happy, you know, then I don’t have any problem. But she’s very strong willed.

KING: Wonder where she got that from.


KING: Was she happy for a time?

PRISCILLA PRESLEY: I think so. I think so.


KING: All right, we have to ask it. How do you explain the Michael Jackson thing?

LISA: You know I’m going to explain this over and over and over…

KING: Yes, but I haven’t heard it.

LISA: You haven’t heard it? God, it wasn’t — it was just.

KING: How’d you explain it to little Larry?

LISA: OK. I just met someone who — because we were born, raised in different situations, different upbringings, there was a connection, on that front. You know?

KING: Superstars, superstars.

LISA: Yes, this fishbowl life, oddities, different circumstances thing. I think that I was trying to, at the time, obviously the marriage to somebody who wasn’t you know — what’s the word- – famous enough or enough on their own.

It wasn’t really working out like that.

KING: In other words, he wasn’t going to be bothered that you were a Presley.

LISA: Right. I kind of — right — so in my mind at the time I’m thinking I’ll marry somebody who’s even bigger or as big or whatever than I am and I can actually feel like a wife, feel like somebody who which I really liked feeling to be honest with you.

I liked the idea that I could be next to someone and they are getting all the attention and I was fine with that.

You know? It felt more natural, like a female type of a natural.

KING: Very understandable.

LISA: So I thought that would be a good thing now because of that and things seemed relatively normal to begin with.

KING: Why didn’t it work?

LISA: A lot of reasons but I — you know it was just — it was a messy — you know it’s never — when you have that situation then you have – it’s drawbacks which is, you know, entourages of people.

I didn’t like the attention, particularly. I really did sort of thrive in being finally a woman who could take care of someone and have that person be getting all the attention. I liked that whole idea.

But then that had it’s own things connected with it, you know?

KING: So you were smart enough to know that once that took place, you were going to be in the tabloids every week.

LISA: I kind of — yes , I wasn’t trying to live my life via some of the damn tabloids, pardon my French, but I just kind of did what I wanted to do, but I thought I…

KING: Was he good to your kids?

LISA: Yes, he was always good to my kids.

KING: Are you friendly now?

LISA: Don’t talk to him right now. But, you know, it’s kind of something I walked away from a long time ago, not something I try to keep in my life any more.

KING: Is his life going to straighten out, do you think?

LISA: I have no idea.

KING: Because he keeps seeming to always have little problems that develop around like there’s a little cloud that follows him around with all that talent.

LISA: It’s true. I don’t know. You know, it’s kind of — I really can’t even predict it any more. I can’t keep up with it either. It’s always changing. I can’t keep up.

KING: Do you think he’s a good father to his kids?

LISA: I’m sure. I met — I only got a chance to meet his son and he was adorable and he was great with him. But when I did have — it was very brief; it was a long time ago, it was fine.

KING: Was he interested in your father’s music, by the way?

LISA: I — you know — he didn’t go out of his way to tell me that but I heard from others and I kind of got the idea that he was.

KING: And the Nicolas Cage thing, what went – I like Nic.

LISA: Yes.

KING: Don’t you like Nic?

LISA: I adore Nic. I do.

KING: What was — what happened there?

LISA: That was — you know — again, I’d been with two people that in between, Michael and Nic, that were really known people…


KING: We’re back with Lisa Marie Presley. The album is “To Whom It May Concern.”

We’ll get back to the music — remember that Diane Sawyer interview of you and Michael?

Was that weird?

LISA: Yes that was a little strange. That was very strange. I mean, I was a nervous wreck, so…

KING: Did you regret doing that?

LISA: I did after I sort of got my head and cleared of all that.

You know it took me a long time to come out of that emotionally and once I did and I watched it again I was — it was a little disturbing, startling.


KING: Now, about relationships, are you — do you want to meet, finally, Mr. Right, or whatever his name may be? And get married? Would you have another kid?

LISA: Yes, I do. I do. But I want — I try not to focus on that right now. I’m obviously not very good at it, just yet, so I’ll just lay low until I figure it out.

KING: Why do you think you’re not good at it?

LISA: Because I have an unusual situation, you know? I’m not…

KING: I would say.

LISA: Yes, I’m not an average — you know, I’m not living an average situation here where it’s easy to just meet your match and you know — with me it’s a little different.

You get with somebody who doesn’t have a name or doesn’t quite have the whatever it is to stand up next to me they get — they get swamped and then you get somebody who is a celebrity then that’s got it’s things where you get too bold an opinion and then there’s another problem.

So, it’s kind of you know, it’s me trying to find something in the middle, something right.

KING: There’s no natural life for you. If you meet a guy who isn’t well known he’s going to have a tough time. If you meet a guy who’s very well known, he’s going to have a rough time for the opposite reasons of the other guy.

LISA: Exactly.

KING: So you’re almost in a no-win.

LISA: Almost.

KING: Yes. Do you miss being in love?

LISA: Do I miss it?

KING: Well I’m assuming you’re not in love now.

LISA: No. Do I miss it? You know it’s too distracting…

KING: You know what those moments are like.

LISA: I get too distracted when I’m in love. It’s better that I’m not.

KING: Better to be in like.

LISA: Yes, yes.

KING: Do you date?

LISA: Not right now.

KING: Do you intimidate men?

LISA: Probably.

KING: The average guy don’t call up and say, Hey, Lisa Marie, what are you doing Saturday night, we’ll go to the movies.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Playboy, June 2003 ]

The relationship lasted six years, until she left Keough for Michael Jackson in 1994, marrying him in the Dominican Republic in a ceremony even Priscilla didn’t know about. There was widespread skepticism about any physical union, especially since Jackson had recently faced civil charges of sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy. JACKSON-PRESLEY UNION SPARKS SHOCK, DOUBT, LAUGHS read one headline. During an interview around the time of their one-year anniversary, Diane Sawyer asked the couple if they had sex. Lisa Marie responded indignantly, “Yes, yes, yes.” Seven months later she filed for a divorce. The marriage was “a mistake, everyone knows,” her lawyer declared.

After that mistake, she met actor (and longtime Elvis aficionado) Nicolas Cage at a party in 2001. They started a relationship, broke up, got back together, broke up, got back together and got married in Hawaii. He filed for divorce 107 days later.


PLAYBOY: What are people most eager to know about you?

PRESLEY: It’s the same thing: “Three marriages! Three marriages!”

PLAYBOY: Your ex-husband was involved with the record right?

PRESLEY: When you say “ex-husband” you have to be specific. [Laughs] I almost said, “Which ex-husband?” Yeah, Danny and I wrote two songs together.


PLAYBOY: Your dad died at 42, and his mother died at 46. You’re 35. Do you think more about death these days?

PRESLEY: No. When I was writing this album, I went through a period when I was not doing very well physically. It was mercury poisoning, from fillings. Everyone has a threshold, but after my divorce from Michael, I was under a lot of stress. My allergies caused craziness–I had my gallbladder removed, I went through hell. I constantly had these weird symptoms no one could explain. That was probably the worst period in my life, those two or three years.

PLAYBOY: Hey, at least you got some songs out of it.


PLAYBOY: OK, let’s discuss your ex-husbands instead.

PRESLEY: No–we’re going to stay on my dad, then. [Laughs] […]

PLAYBOY: Do you provide romantic advice to each other?

PRESLEY: No. He just shakes his head and laughs at me. I’m his entertainment. “How much of a shit-storm can you cause?” He intervened with Michael. But even then he wasn’t vocal. He just let me know he wasn’t happy about that one.

PLAYBOY: So you left Danny, an insecure, struggling musician, to marry Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.

PRESLEY: I walked away from Danny and went into Michael. And that was stupid. I thought it would help, because Michael and I had so much in common, our upbringings. And then it hit me in the face a year later.

PLAYBOY: Other than Danny, who know you were going to marry Michael?

PRESLEY: No one except the people who arranged the wedding.

PLAYBOY: Why didn’t you tell your mom?

PRESLEY: Because I knew she was against it. She was already saying, “Don’t you think this is just good timing for him? Wake up.” But I wouldn’t hear anything about it.

PLAYBOY: What did Priscilla say when you told her you had married him?

PRESLEY: She called me casually one day and said, “Ugh, there are helicopters flying over my house, driving me crazy. They’re saying that you married Michael Jackson.” And I was silent. And she went, “No, you didn’t. Lisa! Tell me.” And I went, “Yup, I did.” And I have to say I got a bit of a kick out of it, just for old times’ sake. One more middle finger going going up.

PLAYBOY: Lots of other people suspected it was a publicity stunt, because he had been accused of child molestation.

PRESLEY: We met casually at a friend’s house, and he immediately disillusioned me of any preconceived ideas I had of him. He said, “I know you think this about me, you think that,” and I immediately said, “Oh my god, you’re so misunderstood!” I forgot who he was within 20 minutes, because we were so locked into a conversation.

PLAYBOY: You’re saying that Michael Jackson is seductive?

PRESLEY: He’s not sexually seductive, but there is something riveting about him. He doesn’t let people see who he is. When he does, it’s hard to shake. I got caught up and thought I was in love with the man. I don’t know what else to say.

PLAYBOY: When you announced the marriage, you said in a press release, “I understand and support him.” Please explain Michael to those of us who really don’t understand him.

PRESLEY: Here’s the thing: For awhile, Michael was like the Wizard of Oz, the man behind the curtain. At one time he was really good at manipulating a Howard Hughes type of image: “He’s mysterious, fascinating.” He became this freak. And now he can’t get out from under it. When you’re the king of your own palace, there are no morals or ethics or integrity. Everyone will kiss your ass and then give you the push that knocks you over.

PLAYBOY: Did you and he ever have children join you in your bed?

PRESLEY: Never. Never, never, never, never. I never saw him sleep in bed with a child, ever.

PLAYBOY: Did you ever see him with photos of nude children?

PRESLEY: Never. Never.

PLAYBOY: Do you have any reason to think he’s a child molester?

PRESLEY: If I’d had any reason to suspect that, I would have had nothing to do with the guy. I had no reason to, other than the allegations themselves. The only two people who know are Michael and that kid in the room. I’ve never seen him behave inappropriately. He was great with my kids. He does have a connection with kids, babies. He’s a kid, and other kids sense that in him.

PLAYBOY: It would help his case if he’d stop saying, “Yes, I sleep with children.”

PRESLEY: I know! Someone should call him and go, “Would you just stop saying that? It’s not working for you!”

PLAYBOY: Did you and Michael discuss having kids?

PRESLEY: Yeah. [Laughs] I got out of that one. “I just don’t think it’s a good idea right now.” But I knew that’s what he wanted. And I knew Debbie Rowe was offering to do it for him while we were married, according to him. She was a nurse who had a crush on him and offered to have his babies.

PLAYBOY: Was he trying to leverage you into agreeing?

PRESLEY: Kind of. “Debbie Rowe says she’ll do it.” Ok, have Debbie Rowe do it! And it’s funny, when I imagined having a child with him, all I could ever see was a custody battle nightmare.

PLAYBOY: He just wanted to find someone to bear his children.

PRESLEY: I think so, but I don’t know.

PLAYBOY: Did you watch his TV interviews last winter with Martin Bashir?

PRESLEY: I watched, because I was on the radio tour that week and I was being asked about it everyday. I was like, Could there be any worse timing? I walked away in 1996. It’s not something consuming my thoughts anymore.

PLAYBOY: When Diane Sawyer interviewed you and Michael, she asked if you two had sex, and you were indignant. Can you see how the marriage looked suspicious to people.

PRESLEY: I can see that, only because that’s his thing, not mine. That always upset me. I was married for several years to a bass player nobody knew and before that never dated a celebrity. I never did anything to try and get publicity. I got caught up in Michael’s thing, which was manipulation. I was like, “Fuck you people, that’s not who I am. Why am I being blamed for a publicity stunt? Oh, I’m Miss Aspiring Singer, and now I want a record deal? That’s why I’m with him?”

PLAYBOY: It sounds like you think he used you.

PRESLEY: I’m not going to say he did or he didn’t. There are things that don’t look good, that’s all I can say. And most people saw it at the time except me.

PLAYBOY: When did the relationship go sour for you?

PRESLEY: Not long after Diane Sawyer. I started to wake up and ask a lot of questions. I don’t want to go into detail, but it went downhill pretty quick.

PLAYBOY: What about your kiss at the Video Music Awards in 1994? It looked staged and awkward.

PRESLEY: It looked awkward because I wanted out of my skin. At the 11th hour, he says, “I’m gonna kiss you.” I was like, “No, I don’t want to do that. Do we have to? That’s bullshit.” On the way there I kept saying, “Do we have to?” I squeezed his hand so hard that I cut off the circulation. He wouldn’t tell me when it was going to happen.

PLAYBOY: It was reported that you asked him for a divorce while he was in the hospital recovering from “exhaustion.”

PRESLEY: Not true. There was a bit of a showdown in the hospital, and I didn’t understand what was wrong with him. I didn’t know what he was up to. When I started asking too many questions about what was wrong, he asked me to leave. This is the real story. He said, “You’re causing trouble.” The doctors wanted me to go. I freaked out, because it was all too familiar. When he got out, I called him and said, “I want out.”

PLAYBOY: Later, when you met Nic Cage, were you thinking marriage?

PRESLEY: After Michael, I wasn’t in a hurry to get married again.


PRESLEY: Like when Michael and I split up, he said, “Don’t talk about me.” He never wanted anybody talking about him. I didn’t say a word about him. So the next three interviews I saw, he was talking about me. And I was like, “All bets are off, dude. You did it.”


PLAYBOY: How would you characterize your taste in sex?

PRESLEY: Probably “porn style.” [Laughs] I am a little dark on the subject. I like it rough, the way they do things in porn movies.


PRELSEY: [Laughs] If I get married again, I’ll stay married. I don’t know if I really thought I’d stay married with the last two. I’m whimsical about things. I get caught up in the moment. It’s the one area where I’m naive.


PLAYBOY: Do you want more kids?

PRESLEY: I’d like two more.

PLAYBOY: And if you don’t have someone to be the father–

PRESLEY: Are you kidding me? No, I will not go to a sperm donor. I could ask Debbie Rowe to be a surrogate for me.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, The Guardian, June 7, 2003 ]

As if her enduring adherence to Scientology, her children, even her highly publicised, at times disastrous, relationships, have all been an attempt to dress some ancient wound – the wound being caused by her own name, and her lifelong search for her own identity.


Her subsequent marriage to Michael Jackson would present the 1990s – a decade obsessed with celebrity – with the ultimate pairing of famous names. From the outside, the Jackson-Presley union looked like monolithic pop art: a pure Warholian fantasy of fame, wealth and beauty, as it might have been staged by Jeff Koons. The couple’s now legendary television interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC’s Prime Time Live, in which they announced that they were “just a normal married couple” and would indeed “be expecting a child”, prompted the gossip columnist Cindy Adams to retort, “I’ll bet my pearls he gets pregnant before she does.”

The marriage lasted 21 months, with Lisa Marie allegedly asking for a separation in December 1995 while Jackson was in New York’s Beth Israel North Medical Centre after collapsing with what was reported as low blood pressure. Of Martin Bashir’s recent television interview with Jackson, she says simply, “It was like someone antagonising a patient in a hospital – not that he’s a patient; but someone who’s in a vulnerable position. It just seemed cruel.”

But if the Presley-Jackson marriage seemed weighed down by the celebrity, wealth and eccentricity involved, there was, perhaps, a kind of method in its madness. Until now, she has spoken of the marriage only as a “delusional” episode in her life, prompted by a desire to save Jackson from his own demons, and a greater, more infantilist desire that together they could save the world; she has chosen not to comment on what might be seen as the far more understandable reasons she had for attempting marriage to Jackson – and for seeking happiness with the actor Nicolas Cage.

“I think I’ve been with 14 people in my life, and I’m 35, so that’s not too bad,” she begins. “Two of them were famous because I realised that, in the other situations I was in, although the men may be amazing people, may be beautiful, may be talented, they would just get pummelled by me. Their egos would be shot to hell, and it would create resentment, and love would never overcome that in the end. Because their identities would be taken away from them, or their importance; basically, they’d have their balls cut off, every time. Probably Michael and I connected because there was an unusual upbringing, unusual circumstances, and I felt honestly more comfortable being with someone who was as famous, or more famous, than me.

Because it took the pressure off me and I could feel like a female for the first time – like a regular female, not some female who has balls and who runs everything. I never liked that positioning, even though I’m strong and I have the name and the celebrity and whatever it is I have, it doesn’t feel natural. Because I want to be able to have a man who’s running things, and who I can admire and respect – and that’s always been my dilemma. So… I go with Michael.

“And then when you go with that, that’s got its drawbacks; because then you’re surrounded by whatever circumstances that person’s been in their whole life – which can be completely unrealistic, but that’s the way they are and you have to deal with whatever’s going on around that person – like entourages, shady people, all that that’s about. Then, I left Michael; two more people in a row that weren’t anyone. Again, it was all about me, and they’d get…” Here, Lisa Marie pauses for breath.

“…Like, I was engaged to someone who was an amazing singer and had a great record out, and none of that mattered – it was about me. And I saw too many men lose their identity and purpose in life because it was all about me. And so I ended up with Nic… It’s like ping pong, what do I do? And, somewhere in the middle, there’s got to be the answer. But I’ve got to find something in between where it’s not too extreme – right now, I go to extremes.

“And you know what I’ll say that I’ve not said before? I think that me being with these high-profile people is an attempt to hide – it’s kind of like I was too afraid, too uncomfortable with the attention on me, so it was kind of a way to hide behind someone, you know what I mean? That’s what’s really underneath it for me, it’s like I can just exist and be a female and not have the pressure on me. It was probably a way to run away and never deal with who I am and what I can do. It was always: hide behind somebody else, because they’re good at what they can do. I just realised that. And that probably has a lot to do with it.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, The Independent – July 2003 ]

She also sings about misery and drugs, and specialises in character assassinations of former lovers.

“Perhaps I should go on record now and say that there are no songs on this album that refer in any way to [second husband] Michael Jackson,” she says, impatiently. “Sure, I’ve written a bunch of songs about him in the past, but they are old songs and I ditched them long ago.”

“I write about subjects that are close to my heart, but not every one of them is necessarily about the men in my life. Maybe two or three at most.” Which? “I won’t say. That’s why it’s called To Whom It May Concern. Go speculate.”


Come May 1994, Lisa Marie Presley would do something very strange indeed, something that would further propel her into the limelight she claimed to so loathe. As news was reverberating around the world of Michael Jackson’s alleged pedophilia, she married him in a secret ceremony in the Dominican Republic, before subsequently announcing it to the world’s media with a full kiss on stage at that year’s MTV Video Music Awards.

The very mention of Jackson now causes the atmosphere in the hotel room to plummet further still. Her decision to enter into wedlock with the King of Weird is something she no longer wishes to discuss. “It was a moment of madness, old news, boring,” she says.

But then in the ensuing heavy silence she decides to explain herself.

“Look my whole life has been a constant battle of trying to find my own way. I have never met a man who could cope with me – who I am, the Presley name. I was always the dominant one in any relationship, and it’s unnatural for the woman to be the bread maker, the bread… whatever.” Winner? “The breadwinner, exactly. Which is why I ended up marrying someone even more famous than myself. Being Elvis Presley’s daughter is a whole lot of pressure. It’s been a constant burden in my life. Believe me, I had no idea just how great the pressure would get sometimes. Ultimately, it made me too chickenshit to step out of the shadow and into my own identity. Hiding behind someone else’s was, I guess easier, although not necessarily the right thing to do…”

The marriage remained a bizarrely public one – the couple being interview on US TV, seemingly happy to answer even the most intimate questions (yes, they were a regular couple; yes, they had sex) – but Presley became increasingly wary that she was merely a pawn in Jackson’s PR rebuilding exercise. Exasperated by his increasingly erratic behaviour, she divorced him three years later, and promptly fell ill with stress. She suffered from panic attacks, suspected asthma, hypoglycaemia, and had her gall bladder removed. The tabloids were convinced she was trying to kill herself, and her depression deepened, she lived on a diet of chicken and broccoli, and lost a lot of weight. Eventual salvation came from some unlikely advice: a homeopathic doctor told her to have the fillings in her teeth removed because mercury fillings, as she so succinctly puts it, “can make you go fucking crazy”. As soon as she had them taken out, her health started to improve.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, The Mirror, July 10, 2003 ]

And who can blame her? Her first marriage to musician Danny Keough may have lasted six years and produced two children – Danielle, 13, and Ben, nine – but her second, to Michael Jackson, lasted just 21 months. And the most recent, to volatile actor Nicolas Cage, ended when he filed for divorce, after 107 days, last November.

“I’m sure there was happiness, at some point, in the beginning, with all of them,” she tells me in her ultra-cool London hotel suite. “The first, the most. In fact, I’m still friends with Danny. He’s holding the fort right now, looking after my daughter in the States.

“And I’m still in contact with Nicolas. We talk on the phone all the time. We’re friends – we’ve managed to work that one out. I can’t say that about everyone I’ve been with.”

She smiles ruefully. In repose, you see strong echoes of her mother Priscilla’s doll-like features. But when she smiles, her mouth makes her look so much like Elvis, it’s heart-stopping.

And she adds: “If I were to bump into Michael in the hotel lobby, I’d just say “Hi’… and then walk. We have no contact at all.”

Her other less high-profile relationships have foundered because of her fame. Lisa Marie has been in the spotlight since the day she was born. “Because of the baggage I’ve got, unless they have their own thing they feel really good about, men just get bowled over,” she says. “If a man isn’t confident in himself, it just won’t work.

“So with Michael, I had the bright idea that being with someone more famous than me would be better.”

Their wedding in 1994 shocked the world but Lisa Marie insists that, at the start, it was genuine. “At the time, I thought, ‘This is it.’ I was vulnerable and got into his whole philanthropy thing. I thought I could help him save the world. In a way, I was hiding behind him – I didn’t have to deal with myself.”

It’s obvious when you talk to Lisa Marie – and it’s not an easy task, because she is both weary and wary, her black-shaded, heavy-lidded eyes evasive – that their marriage was a seismic event.

WHEN she filed for divorce the following year, she suffered a breakdown. “I was screwed up. It was two years of unwinding the web that was woven in my head.”

Lisa Marie won’t explain what she means but adds: “I’ve put that very concisely. Deliberately woven? I don’t know, you’d have to ask him.”

Then she chronicles the list of disasters that followed…

“It started emotionally and then it became physical. I was in a lot of trouble health-wise. Every week there was something wrong. It started with panic attacks, stomach problems. Then, one week hypoglycemia, next week asthma. I was in hospital twice. I lost my gall bladder.

“I worried constantly. My body seemed to be failing at every turn. It wasn’t a mental breakdown, it was physical. It was really amazing and it went on for about two years.”

When I ask her if she is surprised by what has happened to Michael in the intervening years – the money problems, the backlash following the baby-dangling incident, the Martin Bashir interview – Lisa Marie sighs.

“I will just say that at one point I did say: ‘This is like I’m on the Titanic and it’s sinking.’ And I wanted to help, because I could see certain things happening.

“But I said: ‘I’m either going to jump now, or I’m going to go down with you. So I’m going to get out.’ He said: ‘Am I sinking?’ I said: ‘Yeah.’ And then I walked. And he is sinking.

“I didn’t know how long it would take, I didn’t know when. I just knew there was going to be a karma situation. You can’t possibly conduct yourself a certain way and get away with it. I knew the karma police were coming. Do I feel guilt that I left him? On the contrary.” Her eyes flash and she shakes her head emphatically.

Lisa Marie is also determined that there will be no more actors in her life, although she is quick to point out that “this is not about Nicolas. But actors are out. They don’t know who the hell they are, what they’re doing. Drama – big, big, big! Everything’s so overblown.”

She goes on to confide: “Musicians have always been my weakness. My whole life – drummers, singers, guitarists. I’m always attracted to artists, to rebels, to bad boys. Troubled, usually!” She rolls her eyes and grins sheepishly.


Lisa Marie swears that not one song on her distinctive rock album – she has written all the lyrics – is about Michael: “They were all written about things that have happened in the past five years.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, New York Post – July 11th, 2003 ]

In those inquiring-minds-would-like-to-know exposes, we learned, yes, she did have sexual relations with her second husband, Michael Jackson. And yes, he actually has a man’s voice when he’s not speaking in public.



Post: There is so much negative writ ten about your relationships. What are the good memories of your dad, of Michael Jackson, of Nic Cage?

Presley: I’m not interested in talking about those memories of (Elvis). I have many great memories of good times, but I’d prefer not to talk about them. I don’t like to capitalize on my dad’s memory. As for Nic and Michael, there were good times, but people are just interested in the bad stuff. It’s just sensationalism. With Michael, I learned a lot. Nothing was all that terrible. As far as Nic, he and I still talk.


Presley: I had to do this record for me. I don’t like attention on me, and that’s a problem, but if I get it, I’d rather have it because I made a record and not because of who I married or who my dad was.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Q Magazine – July 14th, 2003 ]

Who expected Elvis’s little girl to grow up entirely sane? Certainly not Lisa Marie Presley, survivor of one gothic drug phase and three car crash marriages

A bright spring day in Knightsbridge, London. Lisa Marie Presley takes a seat on a chintzy hotel sofa and watches as the tape recorder in front of her is switched on. “Michael Jackson, Scientology, Nic Cage,”; she says without prompting. “What else?”

What else indeed? Given that Lisa Marie has been a tabloid fixture for most of her life, a celebrity sideshow occupying the space between Drew Barrymore and Elizabeth Taylor, variously infamous as Elvis’s daughter and the ex-wife of Michael Jackson and, more recently, Nicolas Cage, it’s not too surprising she’s a little cynical. Still she says it with a smile.


Her life is very different from that of her ex-husband, imprisoned behind the gates at Neverland. Lisa Marie often ventures out into the city to browse the fashion outlets on Melrose Avenue or meet friends for dinner. Since her album came out she gets recognized more but has yet to feel the need to go out wearing a mask. “I just go out looking like shit,” she says.


She’s also not doing the record to talk about Michael Jackson, but it’s another part of her past that continues to fascinate. The married in 1994 in a secret ceremony in the Dominican Republic and, despite the “shit storm” that followed, she insists now that she married with the best of intentions and that Jackson in private is very different from the falsetto man-boy who appears in public. Yet she also admits that her tie spent in Jackson’s world distorted her perceptions and twisted her emotions. The level of scrutiny he live under was too much, even for her.

“There’s good and bad to it. I felt I’d be more at ease with someone who was more famous than I was, that I could be second to, because I had no interest in having a record deal or anything like that,” she says. “There are drawbacks, because that person can build their own reality and everyone around them then goes into that reality and nothing’s real anymore. And I’ve been through all of that, I’ve seen all sides of it. Power or celebrity, you walk a really fine line. It’s a struggle to keep your sanity, to keep on a straight line.”

After splitting from Jackson in 1995, Lisa Marie Presley fell seriously ill, sparking rumours of suicide attempts and a nervous breakdown. In fact, she now believes, her health problems (which included everything from asthma to weird allergies) were related to stress and old mercury fillings. At the same time she was trying to get her emotions back to a stage approaching normality. In her case, this meant reaching a stage where she felt nothing towards Jackson at all.

As opposed to just hating his guts.

“The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference,” she says. “Someone kept telling me that and I was like, Bullshit!, because I could never get there. And then I finally didn’t care anymore. When you sit there full of venom and hatred for years, and you want so badly for the person to rot in hell, and I’m not saying this about Michael, but when you feel you’re caught up in something and theirs still enough emotion to even hate someone, it’s not ideal.”

But having “recovered” from her post-Jackson travails, Presley didn’t exactly play it safe.


So, is she learning to be “indifferent” to Nicolas Cage now, too?

“No, Nicholas and I are still in good condition. We’re good. That’s wasn’t as exciting or controversial as the other one [with Jackson]. There’s no big story behind it. ”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Post-Gazette Pop Music Critic , July 17, 2003 ]

Ask if she was into Michael Jackson growing up and the irritation in her voice begins to rise. “Probably like anybody else. I wasn’t over the top, but I’m sure you would have found me dancing to some of his music in a club here and there. Way back when.”

As to what attracted her to Michael when they met, she moans, “You know, I’ve kind of gone into this so-o-o many times” before working her way around to a fairly fascinating revelation. She was attracted, she says, to the fact that he was “raised in a fishbowl.”


Why now? “Because it happened that way,” Presley says. “I don’t know. I’d gone through my second divorce and was sort of aimless at that point and someone basically said, ‘Why don’t you just do this now?’ And I thought I’ll use everything I feel to channel it into this record.”


It’s important, after all, for people to start seeing her for who she is outside the context of her famous dad and famous former husband.

“Very possibly I’ll never shake that,” she says of the public image she acquired when she hit the tabloids as the girl who married Wacko Jacko, “but I don’t care.”

Well, she cares a little.

“I don’t want them to perceive me wrongly,” she admits. “I mean, I’d rather them perceive me correctly and decide based on that what they think as opposed to some sensationalistic idea of me that I never had anything to do with. I can tell you my logic or my method behind my madness, and if you don’t like that I can understand, or I’ll respect that. But don’t judge me before you actually ask me a question and try to figure out where I’m coming from.”


And Presley is especially pleased that as she does more interviews there are less questions about former husband Michael Jackson and more questions about her music.

“That’s when I’m happiest,” she says, and it’s evident that Elvis’ only child is taking her first steps beyond the mythology of Graceland, and taking them in stride.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Asbury Park Press – July 18th, 2003 ]

Tired of being defined by the men in her life — do we really have to tell you their names? — Lisa Marie Presley is putting herself out there, come what may.

Presley doesn’t need the money, thanks to her inheritance from her dad, Elvis (oops, that’s one). She doesn’t need the spotlight; her marriage to Michael Jackson (oops, that’s two) afforded her plenty of face time.


Q. I’m guessing you watched that British TV special on Michael Jackson. Did any of that ring true for you?

A. You know, I don’t wanna go there. I’ve already done the Michael Jackson thing.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, July 21, 2003 ]

“It never occurred to me before – I wasn’t interested in attracting more attention to myself,” says Presley of her musical debut. “I wrote cathartically forever. It kind of just happened. I had been through a lot in my life. My second divorce (to Jackson) happened. I was pretty aimless, trying to get it together. I thought it was the right time.


On the tracks “S.O.B,” “Better Beware,” and “Gone,” the three-times divorced Presley squarely takes aim at problematic relationships. During a recent phone interview, she is more circumspect about her tabloid-fodder personal life.

“I think (with) anyone if you put their relationships under a microscope, everyone’s going to be scandalous somewhere along the line,” she says. “It’s all out there – I screwed up. Mine’s a little more high profile. I’m in an unusual situation. Unusual things happened. I get attracted to unusual people, and that’s the way it’s going to bloody go.”

Now in the position of wanting to talk to the press about her music, Presley has decided it’s better to respond to coverage than to ignore it.

“I’ve realized that not saying anything isn’t any good,” she says. “Now that I’m out there, at least I have the opportunity (to respond). I can counteract them now, then it’s done. It’s unavoidable that people want to know that stuff. The (ABC) ‘PrimeTime’ interview and a few things I did … I tried to answer as much as I could without going too far.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, July 27, 2003 ]

Q – When you were married to Michael Jackson, did you ever talk about music or try make music together?

A – Never. I wasn’t interested then at all.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, The Commercial Appeal – August 1st, 2003 ]

You are getting a lot of stuff out of your system on this record. What would be the album’s most revealing song?

Excuse Me would be. [Sample lyric: “Did you know I broke up my family/And the guilt is never gone.”]

They’re all revealing. My God, they’re pretty to the bone.


What lyric that you’ve written on the record best describes Lisa Marie Presley?

It’s in Better Beware, I have to say. “I’m no longer (laughs) your erection or your congregation, I’m your disease.” There you go. That’s probably my favorite line. It’s metaphorical and literal; so many different angles on that one suit me on every level.


What would be your favorite Michael Jackson song?

Uh, good God. I can’t even answer that question.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Jane Magazine, September 2003 ]

I’m nestled in a park-view suite at the Ritz-Carlton on Central Park and asking my bride-to-be, Lisa Marie Presley, the former Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty), what color satin she wants to use for our top secret ribbon-binding wedding nuptials.

“Um, black. It seems appropriate right now,” she says.

Much like her hush-hush Dominican Republic marriage to Michael Jackson, there are no photographers here, and our only witness is her preppy bodyguard (though I had a minister waiting on call), who cased my room before the ceremony.


After I snap a few Polaroids of our hands for our wedding album, we sit down to our reception feast of American Spirits (hers) and Winston Lights (mine) and get to know each other better. First and foremost, I want to know what kind of guy (besides me) she goes for, since her taste seems pretty all over the map. “I get attracted to someting that’s different, that sticks out. It’s always an artist. One of my first boyfriends who I actually fell in love with just sold me out. He cheated and lied and was just the biggest player, drug addict, drug dealer, crazy-ass motherfucker. He was the only one that was really ever diabolical with me.”


Her next marriage, to Michael Jackson, produced a lot of speculation about their sex life. And not just because of that “You Are Not Alone” video in which they frolic nearly naked at a Roman bath. While she never actually moved into Neverland Ranch, she says they still did mundane married couple things, like watch TV together. “I remember Alanis [Morissette] broke like a bat out of hell back then. I pulled him into the room and said, ‘You gotta listen to this.'”

“Did he like her?” I ask.

“Yeah, and then when she took the Grammy, he goes, ‘Well, that’s your girl, you were on it.'”

Since Lisa has said that their 1994 MTV Video Music Awards kiss was a stunt dreamed up by Michael’s manager, I want to know how Lisa’s “people” got along with Michael’s “people,” and how much these “people” participate in the day-to-day dealings of a relationship. “It’s a strange thing, but the camps either work or they don’t. You have to deal with those people’s agendas, and if you’re a threat to them and what they are trying to do, those people will start to get in the other one’s ear and you have to be really hyper-perceptive to all of that.”

Interestingly, Michael owns the rights to some of her father’s songs. “I saw a Velveeta commercial, and it was playing, I think, ‘Burning Love.’ [Jackson] had approved it–that’s something we can’t control. He can do whatever he wants with the songs he owns to make money, and that got under my skin.”

“What about that Club Crackers commercial, where one of the Keebler elves dresses up like Elvis?”

“I just saw that too–I freaked out!” she says, her eyes widening in disbelief. “Thanks for reminding me. I’m going to kill whoever approved that one.” And she probably can, since she’s the owner and chairman of the board of Elvis Presley Enterprises, a worldwide licensing company worth an estimated $500 million.

When her marriage to MJ fell apart after 20 months, so did she. “I was insane, and nobody could tell me what was wrong. I was trying to pull myself out of somebody else’s world, somebody else’s way of thinking.” At that time, she went under the care of a doctor who sounds totally psycho.

“She was the most treacherous soul, she was like fucking Nurse Ratched. She gave me too many pills, which created a problem with my stomach, which led to my gall bladder failing. So, I get it taken out, and she came into the hospital and said [using a spooky voice], ‘It was the most beautiful gall bladder I’ve ever seen.'”


“So, for real,” I ask, “now that we’re divorced, where are you with you love life?”

“I’m nowhere,” she says, picking at her veggie-filled salad. “It hasn’t happened very often that I’ve actually given my heart. Sometimes I can be completely smitten, but I’ll still keep it back at arm’s length. Because if I do give it to someone and I get hurt, it’s tragic. It incapacitates me. I have to be really careful of that. But that’s not to say I would be opposed to falling in love with somebody.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Bunte Interview, November, 2003 ]

“I am not here to attack Michael. Until now, I have disclosed very few details of what has really happened in this marriage. I suffered. I was so mad at how they were treating me. When our marriage ended I wanted to call a press conference and tell everyone what had really happened. That my heart got broken. I was deeply disturbed and shattered because I truly was in love with Michael.”

“This relationship has poisoned me. I couldn’t lead a normal life for about a year after that. And I wasn’t allowed to say anything.”

Friend of Michael’s, Ahmad Elatab, New York Post, November 22, 2003

On the limo ride back, “I asked him about Madonna, seeing Lisa Marie Presley at the house one time, if he was gay, things like that,” the teenager said.

“He was so open, he doesn’t hide anything. He’s a different person when you know him. He said Madonna’s a bitch, and that he divorced Lisa Marie because she wouldn’t have his kids.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND November 23, 2003 ]

Likewise, Lisa Marie Presley, who married Jackson in August 1994 in the midst of a criminal investigation of a previous pedophile allegation against him, had nothing to say publicly, her spokeswoman said.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Myrna Smith, Syndey 2004 ]

EIN – I believe that you were the first person to introduce Lisa Marie to Michael Jackson! ]

MS – Yes, Jerry and I did that! She would have been 6 years old I think and she wanted to see The Jackson 5. So we took her to see the show and afterwards we went backstage to meet them. But she didn’t remember that! I saw her on my birthday recently and she asked me about it because Michael had remembered the meeting and reminded her of it. Apparently Michael had tried to get in touch with her long before she started seeing him but until Lisa was 18 years old her Mother had her kinda’ under her thumb.

EIN – Now was that was a weird relationship, wasn’t it?

MS – In my mind it was a strange one. Lisa didn’t talk to me for a couple of years because I told her that, “No way are you going to get together with Michael Jackson”! She defied me anyway. She knows her own mind and she’s going to try it whether it’s right or wrong. She’s definitely like her Dad in that respect.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, GQ Magazine – January 2004 ]

OK. Michael Jackson: what was that all about?


Were you in love?

I was. See, you have a difficult situation with me because of the celebrity thing. If I’m with a guy, he might be a talented and beautiful person but he basically becomes Mr Fucking Presley. Their whole identity just gets pummelled. Which is very hard for a man and creates resentment. That’s what happened with my first marriage. Then I met Michael and I could tell he was interested in me – we had a connection at the time. I don’t know him any more and I don’t know what’s happened since then but at the time he was different to how he presents himself to people.

Did he understand you?

We probably connected because our lives were different to most other people.

Were you sexually attracted to him at first?

I didn’t think of him like that when I first met him. We had something though. We were sitting talking and after 20 minutes I’d forgotten who he was.

He must be a pretty charming man.

He is and what people always forget is that he didn’t get where he is without being shrewd and very, very, very intelligent. Also I was trying to find my way at the time: should I be with someone who is on the same level as me – celebrity-wise – or someone bigger?

Did you ever think, “I’ll go mid-table rather than top of the Premiership?”

I guess I was looking for someone to deflect attention from me. I was happy to support someone but I didn’t want the spotlight.

Then it turned out that he wanted you in the spotlight with him.

That was a whole twist I wasn’t particularly read for. Like going and doing public things with him.

You looked uncomfortable in that role.

That was because I hated it.

But didn’t you ever say, “No, I won’t kiss you, live on national TV, for a full minute”? [As happened at the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards.]

That happened, like, literally 20 minutes before we went out there. So I didn’t have a whole lot of say so.

Did he tell you that he intended to linger on the lips for quite so long?

No and he wouldn’t tell me when he was going to do it. He told me what he was going to say, which I didn’t think made any sense, but I was going along with the machine, not knowing that I was part of the machine.

How about the video when you were blacker than him? [“You Are Not Alone”]

I know. I’d just come back from Hawaii. Again, last-minute call. And then suddenly, like, “Oh by the way, you’re going to be naked.”

It sounds as if he was pulling a fast one on you.

There was always an element of manipulation. It would be, “Come meet me here”. And I’d turn up and there’d be press everywhere. That happened a lot. To the point where I’d think it was going to be a charming dinner, just the 2 of us, then bam! Paparazzi all over us.

Looking back, do you see how much you were used?

I can see that the whole operation was in operation. There was a record coming out but I just shut that out at the time. It didn’t seem possible that a person would be so cynical.

Was any part of the marriage normal?

When he wasn’t working and we’d just hang out at the house it was fine. We’d go shopping and go to dinner, people would come over. Although that was only for the first six, seven months, then all that kind of dwindled away. It kind of went to hell in a handbasket.

Did you feel physically for him?

Of course, I wouldn’t have married him at the time if I hadn’t. It wasn’t instinctive to me right off the bat. He needed to make that overture because I wasn’t going to.

He’s a fairly unappealing guy physically.

He’s somewhat asexual but he can be whatever he wants to be when he wants to be.

In the Martin Bashir documentary on Jackson, did you recognise him as the man you’d been married to?

No, but I thought there was agenda there. You can edit eight months’ worth of footage to look any way you want it to look. But I never saw any behaviour like that when I was with him or if I did it was so brief. There were so many sides to him but they seemed to want one particular side in the documentary. The whole thing, to me, was like someone going into a hospital and badgering a patient. It was like he was antagonising him and it was cruel. Unnecessarily. And that’s screwed up.

What’s the closest you’ve come to completely losing it?

I guess after my divorce from Michael. My body just started falling apart: panic attacks for two years. Then I got every allergy and illness going. I was constantly sick with something or other. It turned out I was suffering from mercury poisoning. They found a really high level of mercury in my system, which came from nine fillings in my teeth. It was way beyond my tolerance level.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, 15 February 2004 ]

Presley said she fell “totally in love” with Jackson. Their 1994 marriage lasted 20 months.

Jackson, she said, had the power to intrigue, capture and engage.

Critics say Jackson married Presley to counter bad publicity. In 1994, he was charged with child sex offences.

But Presley said her motives for marrying Jackson were real.

“He is very smart and he knows what he is doing,” she said. “He didn’t get to where he is today by not being shrewd with people.

“At the time, I was quite young. So, I’m not going to disclaim the fact that it was a growing thing for me.

“I was naive. I’d never been subjected to anything like it, but I learned fast.”

Even today, Presley refuses to criticize Jackson directly.

“Honestly, it was such a long time ago,” she said. “It was a big learning process for me.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, March, Enough Rope – 2004 ]

Andrew Denton: Ha ha. You, you’ve said that your taste in men is psychotic, what do you mean by that?

Lisa Marie Presley: Has been. You know.

Andrew Denton: Has been.

Lisa Marie Presley: What I mean is if you lined everybody up that I was ever with in a row, that it would never make any sense. They’re all very different you know.

Andrew Denton: Yeah.

Lisa Marie Presley: There’s two that are when I was up but there’s also others that still would be, you know, there’s no pattern of sanity. And there’s no method behind the madness.

Andrew Denton: Are you attracted to people that are a bit like you, that like to be wild at heart?

Lisa Marie Presley: Yeah, but see those are the, that’s the not good match ups, cause you have to have somebody that sort of counteracts that. You know, you can’t have both people doing that.

Andrew Denton: Your producer Glen Ballard, when you went to do this album, he said to you, he said you asked him for advice. He said, “Write about your life”. So it’s interesting to look at the lyrics and and particularly SOB and it says, “I lost my trust in you, you were dangerous and scary and you poisoned me with sweets, everyone was intrigued by”. Why did you fall in love with Michael Jackson?

Lisa Marie Presley: Oh see, I knew this was a segue.

Andrew Denton: Yeah. Well look, it’s the word dangerous, it’s a giveaway.

Lisa Marie Presley: Right, right. Why did I?

Andrew Denton: Yeah.

Lisa Marie Presley: I have no idea, why does anyone fall in love with anyone. Um, it was 9 years ago, can’t really remember you know.

Andrew Denton: Really?

Lisa Marie Presley: Just, just hung out, we were friends. And um, he wasn’t anything like he is right now, I don’t know what’s happened, but I don’t know. Same reason anybody falls in love with anybody.

Andrew Denton: He was different to what you expected though wasn’t he?

Lisa Marie Presley: Yes.

Andrew Denton: In what way?

Lisa Marie Presley: Just more normal. Not the things that he sort of puts out about himself.

Andrew Denton: Cause you’ve said that he is the opposite of how he appears. The Michael Jackson we saw last year, you know dangling the baby over the balcony, putting veils over the kids faces, is that him?

Lisa Marie Presley: Okay. Um, no, I don’t know, I don’t know anymore.

Andrew Denton: You, when you talk.

Lisa Marie Presley: I never saw anything like that, is what my answer is.

Andrew Denton: When you talked about him, you described a man who was very smart.

Lisa Marie Presley: Yes.

Andrew Denton: Pretty ruthless, pretty manipulative. Now as a strong woman, you clearly are, was it difficult to be in a relationship where to some extent you felt powerless?

Lisa Marie Presley: Ah it was, that’s why I left. I mean only powerless in a lot of ways, in terms of, you know, realising that I was part of a machine, and seeing things going on that I couldn’t do anything about. You know and don’t ask me what sort of things, cause I’m not going to answer. But just stuff.

Andrew Denton: So what sort of things?

Lisa Marie Presley: You know what, I watched interviews of you, like two of them before and I saw where you were going to go in on me. Um, what were we saying?

Andrew Denton: I’ll just read back my question. Ah what sort of things?

Lisa Marie Presley: Of what? You mean that I noticed.

Andrew Denton: Okay I’ll…

Lisa Marie Presley: And that I had no control over?

Andrew Denton: Yeah, I got the sense that you ah, and believe you me I’m not going to spend the next half hour talking about Michael Jackson, we’ll move on.

Lisa Marie Presley: Thank you.

Andrew Denton: But, I got the sense, cause I know that this is a tender area, but I got the sense that you had become a part of Michael Jackson Incorporated. That you had an Access Most Areas ticket, but you didn’t have access to the board room necessarily. Would that be a fair way to describe the relationship?

Lisa Marie Presley: I didn’t want access, I mean I wasn’t in it for any other reason than I had fallen in love with someone, so it wasn’t like I was trying to find access to something. Like for some, ah I don’t quite understand the question maybe.

Andrew Denton: It must be very difficult to have a sense of being used in full public view.

Lisa Marie Presley: Right. I don’t think I was aware of that so much at the time.

Andrew Denton: And now?

Lisa Marie Presley: I have a different take now.

Andrew Denton: And what do you think?

Lisa Marie Presley: I look back at anything and look at my own responsibility in it and so I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it was all, I’m a victim, and there’s this whole bad stuff or whatever, but I will, I mean I, I look, when I look back now I look at what I was doing, where was I coming from, and what did I do to cause that on myself as well.

Andrew Denton: And when you look at that man now, and I’m not asking you to say what’s going on now because you can’t possibly know, but when you look at him, how do you feel about him? Do you feel sorry for him, do you feel for him still?

Lisa Marie Presley: I, I you know ta- I can’t, it’s really bizarre, I feel nothing. It’s just, I watch just like anyone else when anything’s going on and I have the same reaction and wow or you know holy shit or what ever, it’s whatever people are doing I’m doing the same thing. That’s, well with nothing attached any more, which is, it took a long time but that’s where it’s at now.

Andrew Denton: You’ve seen fame and you’ve experienced it in a way very few ever will. What does fame do to people?

Lisa Marie Presley: Um, it depends on the person. It kind of puts you in a position where you will immediately show you’re either expand it or you’ll become an arsehole and lose it. You know and there’s one, there’s not really in-betweens on that one I don’t think. You’ll either become a real jerk and abuse it and become obnoxious and unrealistic, and fall down the chute or you’ll learn how to deal with it.


Andrew Denton: Do you have a pretty good bullshit meter?

Lisa Marie Presley: Yes, you know but every once in a while I get a challenge and something happens that I wasn’t ready for and you know throws it off. It’s not perfected yet.

Andrew Denton: Ha, ha. For example?

Lisa Marie Presley: For example people that get close to me that are there for the wrong reasons and have a whole another thing going.

Andrew Denton: Which means what, people that are basically trying to get money or vicarious publicity out of you?

Lisa Marie Presley: Something yeah, or you know even closer, even deeper than that, not so much monetary things, just deeper, betrayal.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie clarifies remarks she made about Michael which incited negative media speculation about Michael, The Associated Press, March 17, 2004 ]

LOS ANGELES – Lisa Marie Presley clarified her remarks in an Australian TV interview, saying in a statement Wednesday that she never saw her ex-husband, Michael Jackson, engage in inappropriate behavior with kids.

Elvis Presley’s daughter, on a concert tour in Australia, said in an interview broadcast Monday that she saw things she “couldn’t do anything about” during her 1994-96 marriage to Jackson.

“I was in no way referring to seeing something inappropriate with children, as I have stated publicly before. I never have,” Presley said in a statement released by her Los Angeles publicist, Paul Bloch.

Without elaboration, Presley said during the talk show interview that she felt powerless during the marriage to Jackson, who is charged in Santa Barbara County with child molestation. The interview aired on Australian Broadcasting Corp.’s “Enough Rope.”

“Unfortunately, due to the recent media frenzy surrounding Michael Jackson, my comments during a recent TV interview in Australia regarding him were completely taken out of context and erroneously read into,” Presley said in the statement.

“In saying I saw things, I was specifically referring to things in that relationship with us that went on between us at the time as husband and wife,” she said.

Her interview comments led to widespread speculation about the 45-year-old pop star.

Presley said she felt “powerless in a lot of ways, in terms of … realizing that I was part of a machine, and seeing things going on that I couldn’t do anything about,” she said. “And don’t ask me what sort of things, because I’m not going to answer. But just stuff.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Jermaine Jackson responds to Lisa’s comments, MSNBC, Mar 19, 2004 ]

MSNBC: I know that you don’t want to talk much about your brother and his current problems, but I must get your thoughts on a couple of things.

JACKSON: Go ahead. Just a couple of things.

MSNBC: During a recent interview with an Australian television reporter, Lisa Marie Presley, intimated that she knew things, which, of course, was easily interpreted as perhaps she saw inappropriate behavior between Michael and young children. Today, she released a statement that read, in part, “Unfortunately due to the recent media frenzy surrounding Michael Jackson, my comments on a recent Australian television interview regarding him were completely taken out of context and erroneously read into. In saying “I saw things” I was specifically referring to things in that relationship with us, that went on between us, at the time as husband and wife and that dynamic.” Jermaine, what do you make of her comments?

JACKSON: Why would she say any of that stuff in the first place? I don’t understand why would she do that. I think everybody wants attention and they are using my brother where they can to get the attention.

MSNBC: And Lisa Marie Presley’s comments come on the heels of former CBS Records president Walter Yetnikoff’s new book “Howling At The Moon,” where he calls Michael “weird” and says your brother “was a strange guy, a little baby.”

JACKSON: I don’t know why these types of books continue to get published. All this negativity. Why can’t they publish a book that’s positive? That’s what I’d like to do, a positive story. Yetnikoff is obviously just trying to sell his book with those comments. What is sad is that everybody is trying to kick Michael while he’s down. I will say that once this (molestation case) is over, he’s now got to know without a doubt who his real friends and enemies are.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Joe Jackson’s Autobio, roughly translated from German, December 2004 ]

“After the allegations he married Lisa Marie. In their first TV interview the two newlyweds were asked if they have sex. Can you imagine a reporter asking Paul McCartney the same question shortly after he married Linda? Would any reporter ever ask newlyweds if they have sex? Why else should two people marry – to not have sex? The question was an insult but Lisa the little jewel answered, ‘yes, yes, yes’ – I love her for that. And so does Michael.”

“Michael never had to be afraid of Lisa marrying because of money. She had enough herself. He knew that all she wanted was his love.”

“Lisa Marie was and still is Michael’s big love of his life. When I think about them I always have to smile to myself. Her love for him warmed my heart.”

“Contrary to all the rumors they are still near to each other. During the time Michael had two children with Debbie Rowe she was a good friend to him. But of course the media just reports the bad stuff and so nobody could read about Lisa Marie and Michael meeting in South Africa, or that they were going out very often. Debbie too, knew that Michael will always love Lisa Marie, and I see it the same way. We never met Debbie, but with Lisa the family stayed in contact even after the divorce. She has a special place in Michael’s heart.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie says not following Michael’s trial, Roger Friedman, Tuesday, January 18, 2005 ]

I know you’re wondering what had she had to say about former husband Michael Jackson, so I’ll tell you: Nothing.

“I’ve been away from him for almost 10 years. I’m not following the case at all,” she said.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa’s comments on Oprah 2010 about the last time she spoke to him: ]

O: When was the last time you spoke to him?
L: Coherently good conversation? Sometime in 2005. It was a very long conversation. I was so removed from him and he could feel it and he could hear it. And I think that’s one of the things that killed me in the end too was that I was very distanced and he was checking to get a read, he was trying to throw a line out to see if I would bite emotionally and I wouldn’t. I was pretty shut off at that point. I don’t even know how I managed to be like that but I was. He was asking me, he wanted to tell me that I was right about a lot of the people around him, that it had panned out to be exactly what he and I had talked about years ago. He asked if I still loved him and we went into a whole thing about that and I told him I was indifferent and he didn’t like that word and he cried. He was trying to find out where I was at and how I could become so detached. Then the final part of the conversation was him telling me that he felt that someone was going to try to kill him to get a hold of his catalogue and his estate.
O: So he actually gave you names?
L: He did. And I’d rather not say them. But he expressed to me that his concern over his life.
O: You know, I’ve asked you this and I have to ask it again, even though it’s an uncomfortable subject, but whether or not you had ever seen any inappropriate behavior between Michael and young children?
L: Are you asking me again?
O: I’m asking you again.
L: The answer is absolutely not, in any way. I did not see anything like that.
O: By 2005 was when he was on trial with the second charge. Your feelings at that time were what?
L: He was calling me about it and I said “Please keep your head together, please. If this goes to trial, please hold it together.” He said, “What are you talking about, what do you mean?” And he said, “You mean drugs?” And I said, “Yes.” Because all I saw was random things coming out, whether it was Martin Bashir and all these interviews, and in those interviews I saw him intoxicated. I didn’t see the Michael that I knew in that Martin Bashir interview. He was high as a kite, from what I saw and from what I knew.
O: Really?
L: He was either too speedy or he was sedated. It wasn’t the Michael that I knew.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, LA Times – March 15th, 2005 ]

No matter how much friends and advisors prepared her for the media curiosity she would encounter in the 2003 interviews,

Presley wasn’t prepared for the relentless questioning about her father and the short-lived marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage.

In “Now What,” she examines relationships and self-esteem in ways that are both personal and revealing. The moods range from the snarling “Idiot” (which she swears is not about Michael Jackson even though a reference to “fairytale lines” might suggest the king of Neverland) to the self-affirmation of “I’ll Figure It Out” and sweet optimism of “Thanx” and “Shine.”


Meanwhile, she’ll do a few interviews to promote the album, including a TV appearance with Oprah Winfrey on March 28, but she’s not going to repeat the marathon interview run of 2003. She’s also going to keep a tight lip when it comes to Jackson and Cage.

When Jackson’s name is raised, she winces. “I’m prepared not to talk about anything that has to do with Michael,” she says. “He’s too much of a hot stove, and there’s a trial going on now.” (She hasn’t been approached by either side to testify at Jackson’s child-molestation trial.)

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie, Oprah Winfrey show, March, 2005 ]

OPRAH WINFREY: What do you say to yourself when you look at that period in your life [with Michael]?

LISA MARIE PRESLEY: Holy mother of God!


WINFREY: You said you loved him.


WINFREY: Do you think he loved you?

PRESLEY: Wow. God, it`s hard for me to answer that question. I don`t know the answer to that.

WINFREY: You obviously said, I`m out of here. So what was that? Was there a defining moment or a series of moments?

PRESLEY: Series. Just enough. You know, I just had enough. And none of that had anything to do with, you know, anything happening now. That`s a whole other — I don`t even know anything about that subject. I`m just saying between he and I, I was, like, you know, This is not — you know, I`m done.

WINFREY: You said you loved him.


WINFREY: Do you think he loved you?

PRESLEY: It’s hard for me to answer that question. I don’t know the answer to that, to be honest with you.

WINFREY: Do you think that he loved you as much as he could?

PRESLEY: Yes, as much as he was capable of loving somebody.

WINFREY: Do you think he used you?

PRESLEY: This seat is hot, let me tell you! Do I think he did? All signs point to yes on that. I can’t answer for him.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Toronto Sun – April 1st, 2005 ]

Ironically, she says she’s mainly asked about someone she claims to seldom think about — Michael Jackson, to whom she was married for 20 months in the mid-’90s. She’s owned up to feeling used in that marriage, and claims to know nothing about the behaviour that led to his molestation trial.

“It’s not so much the interviews, it’s the take on them after,” she say. “It’s running me into somebody else’s problems, you know what I mean? My ex-husband happens to be fouled up right now for whatever reason. I have nothing to do with that.

“It’s been 12 years and it seems to be that every time I put a record out I’m conglomerated into his thing and I can’t focus on what I’m doing.”

How does she avoid media coverage of the Jacko trial? “It’s really, really easy,” she says. “For one thing, I’m very busy. I’ve probably slept six hours in the last four days. If the radio’s on with it, I don’t listen. If it’s on TV, I don’t look. I’m so bored with it, I’m so done with it, I can’t even look — I’m not with him, nor have I been for a very long time.”

The two most important men in her life now are in her band — her bass player is her ex, Danny Keough (father of her kids Riley and Benjamin). Her new beau is guitarist Michael Lockhart — to whom she writes in her liner notes, ‘It took me 26 years to find you and DAMMIT if your (sic) not perfect in every way!’


There’s also a shout-out in the liner notes to her good friend, shock rocker Marilyn Manson. It occurs to me that Lisa Marie is attracted to people who tend to be misunderstood.

“With my history? Yeah!” she says. “I’m attracted to people who don’t go with the status quo, who don’t conform to mediocrity, who don’t conform to broad, widespread popular ideas. I’m attracted to artists who are artists.”

They also tend to share the morbid sense she displays in her lyrics. “Oh yeah,” she says, when I mention her dark muse. “Definitely, when I’ve gone through something, I’ve written songs that have got me through. I purge by writing; it’s a puke thing. I’m addressing things other than butterflies and dandelions.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Associated Press – April 4th, 2005 ]

AP: When you first came out, you were very honest talking about your father, Nicolas Cage and Michael Jackson. Do you think that took attention from your music?

Presley: Well, that was a really hard fence to walk, and it was a fence, because I knew there was so much that I needed to explain to some people. I understood the human nature and needing to fill that gap of all the voids that had been happening or all these questions marks. But at the same time, when I did talk about them, that’s all that would be discussed in the interview, and that’s what would be blown up … you don’t know whether or not you should say something, but you understand you need to explain yourself a little bit, but you don’t want to then have the whole focus of the damn thing being on that — which it ends up being.

AP: It is difficult releasing this record now with Michael Jackson on trial?

Presley: To be honest, it makes it really easy for me to deal with, because I just say it’s too hot of a stove. Anything about that subject is going to be way blown up out of proportion, so I don’t even touch it.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, 15 April, 2005 ]

And then there are songs like Turbulence and Idiot, in which she lets loose some intense anger against someone — but not ex-husbands Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage, if that’s what you were thinking.

“I can tell you right now that not one song on this record has anything to do with any high-profile husband I’ve had,” she said. “Those songs are about no one anyone knows about, and I’m going to keep it that way. I mean, why would I write about them? They’re not on my mind. It’s been years and everyone’s moved on, but people still want to associate me with them, which is hard.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, St. Petersburg Times – April 26th, 2005 ]

While the subject of Jackson – or any aspect of her personal life – was repeatedly forbidden by her publicist, Presley, who performs tonight at Jannus Landing, spoke candidly about her public image.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Orlando City Beat – April 27th, 2005 ]

When your dad is the King and your mom stars in the Naked Gun movies, your life would seem to be pretty set. So set, that only a marriage to Michael Jackson could screw things up. Whoops.

A decade after her short-lived marriage to the King of Pop, Lisa Marie Presley is still faced with almost daily reminders of her mistake. Then again, if your ex-husband had a chimp named Bubbles, dangled his infant child over a second-story railing and came to his child molestation court case in pajamas, it’d be hard not to be.

Surprisingly, Presley seems to have turned out just fine.


OCB: How sick are you of questions about your dad and your marriages?

LMP: I don’t mind answering questions about my dad. I now refuse to answer any further questions on my personal marriage thing. It’s funny because I just went to Canada and did all this press and it was so refreshing, because I’d done so much here. They’re so actually into the music there. A couple times, but not much, they’d brush over something … but very briefly. And it was really refreshing to see they’re music lovers and they’re serious about music and they love the record over there. And I was like, “Wow, this is really refreshing.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Press Journal – April 29th, 2005 ]

Presley’s bloodline, as well as her brief and well-publicized marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage, are the stuff of endless gossip, finger-wagging and rumor-mongering.

(She does not talk about her famous ex-husbands; any mention of Jackson, in particular, brings a quick change of subject.)

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP on Larry King Live – April 29th, 2005 ]

KING: What do you make of the coverage of your ex-husband?

PRESLEY: That I pretty much — it’s so delicate and it’s such a hot stove that, you know, it’s one of those things I’d love to chat with you about but anything you say at this point is going to add.

KING: Does it annoy you to see the focus on someone you cared about, probably still care about?

PRESLEY: To be honest with you I’m kind of — it’s kind of a blessing this is happening in that I don’t have to say anything right now, because there’s a trial going on. You know it’s…

KING: No, you don’t have to — I mean, emotionally though to see?

PRESLEY: Emotionally it’s never easy to watch anybody go through, no matter what, you know, something really difficult.

KING: Because you’ve been a staunch defender of him, right?

PRESLEY: Well, I’m not going to talk about it. KING: I’m mean as a person and a husband — we aren’t dealing with the charges or anything, you have been…

PRESLEY: I at one point was.

KING: A supporter? And now you’re neutral?

PRESLEY: I’m just benign really.


KING: You see any continuum in your own life, Lisa Marie, you’re the daughter of the most famous singer in the world, who then marries the most famous singer in the world.


KING: See a connection?


KING: And.

PRESLEY: You know, probably, you know, I’m not into psycho- analysis, you know, but there’s probably…

KING: Go ahead.

PRESLEY: There’s probably something in my, you know, looking — I had to experience that. And I think that there was some of that in the back myself mind probably.

KING: No regrets over it?


KING: No regrets?

PRESLEY: No, I don’t have any regrets.

KING: The decision you made — a couple other quick things on Michael. Do you feel sorry for him?

PRESLEY: I can’t answer. Larry, don’t do this to me.


PRESLEY: Please.

KING: You don’t want to talk about it.

PRESLEY: I don’t want — I just want to stay out of it.

KING: But you could be sorry.

PRESLEY: Well — like I said, I don’t like to — I don’t like to see anybody go through anything horrendous like that. I’m sure he’s not having a good time.

KING: People bug you about it a lot.


KING: I’m going to stop bugging but. I don’t want bug you.

PRESLEY: Every time. Usually it’s at last question but, yes.

KING: Because it’s an emotional thing and I would try to…

PRESLEY: I understand.

KING: We’d try to put ourselves in our place, how would I deal…


KING: … if an ex of mine who was famous was going through this.

PRESLEY: I totally understand what you’re doing, but at the same time, if I say anything, it’s going to be blown up and taken — you know, anything about him right now is such a hot — it’s a hot subject.

KING: So, no matter what you say it’s misconstrued.

PRESLEY: Good or bad, it will be taken out of context right because anything about him…

KING: One other thing, do you follow the story?


KING: You remove yourself?

PRESLEY: I’m completely removed from the whole thing.

KING: Lisa Marie Presley, good girl. “Now What” in stores as of April 5th. We’ll be right back.


KING: How did you handle when she got all of that attention being married to Michael Jackson? How did you as the mother handle that?

P. PRESLEY: Concern. Concern. I think any mother would be concerned, you know. Obviously, if my daughter’s happy, you know, then I don’t have any problem. But she’s very strong willed.

KING: Wonder where she got that from?

P. PRESLEY: I don’t know.

KING: Was she happy for a time?

P. PRESLEY: I think so. I think so.



KING: We’re back with Lisa Marie Presley. The newest CD is “Now What?” What’s your favorite song?

PRESLEY: I think there’s a song called “Idiot” that I like.

KING: Idiot?

PRESLEY: It’s not a nice song.

KING: Who were you — were you referring to anyone in writing it?

PRESLEY: I was but I don’t like to talk about who I was writing about.

KING: You mean, there is someone who will know who you’re writing about.

PRESLEY: I hope so.

KING: Is it a he? I will go no further than that question.

PRESLEY: Yes, it’s a he.

KING: And when he hears it, he’ll know.

PRESLEY: I hope so.

KING: Dedicated to him, the idiot.

PRESLEY: Everyone wants to know who that song is about, which is really funny. But it will ruin it for other people because it’s a good song.


KING: Wouldn’t you bet that your dad would have been rough on guys you dated?

PRESLEY: Whew, yes, yes.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Boston Herald – May 2005 ]

If the daughter of Elvis Presley and former wife of Michael Jackson doesn’t know about gossip journalism, who does?

“It makes me ill,” Lisa Marie Presley says. “People are celebrities now for God-knows-what. It’s completely insane. It’s more out of control than it’s ever been. And I’m talking to you as one. It’s disgusting.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Standard Times – May 7th, 2005 ]

Presley has lived her life not only under that considerable familial shadow, but also in the glaring spotlight shined on her marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage. Both marriages were brief (20 months and three months, respectively) and both are off-limits interview topics.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie, Asbury Park Press – May 13th, 2005 ]

Presley spoke about the road, her recent Vanity Fair cover shoot and her diverse audience — but not about ex-hubby Michael Jackson — during a static-filled cell-phone call.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie, Blender Magazine – June 2005 ]


There was a time in 1996 when I was having chronic panic attacks. They were brought on by my divorce [from Michael Jackson]. And I probably begged somebody to make it stop, because it was pretty bad. It took a while, but ultimately they stopped.


God, where do I start? I’d have a twelve-pack and fuller lips – that model-fake kind of full. I’d never have surgery on my face, by the way. I’ve never seen that work out for anybody. You should leave your face alone.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Priscilla Presley, Larry King Live, June 22, 2005 ]

KING: Let’s get into some things. First, the obvious, your reaction to the Jackson acquittal.

PRESLEY: Oh, you’re going to go there?

KING: No, I won’t press it. Your former son-in-law.

PRESLEY: You know, I don’t know, Larry. That’s was — that’s something that, you know, I wasn’t, obviously, in the courtroom. I really don’t have a whole lot to say about it, because there’s certainly a lot of rumors and certainly a lot of gossip. We all have our own thoughts and you know, he came out and obviously, I think the jury did a good job. You could see they truly wanted to do a good job. It was on this particular case and they stressed it that it was about one case.

KING: Were you rooting for him?

PRESLEY: Oh, gosh. I hate to see anybody suffering and it was hard to see him suffer. I know that I’m sure, you know, going through what he went through and sitting down, having to listen and face people who betrayed you is very, very difficult, if that’s the case.

You know, he’s very talented. There is no doubt.

KING: One other thing: Were you close to him, during your daughter’s marriage?

PRESLEY: I was not that close to him, you know. Michael was very private.

KING: Very.

PRESLEY: Very, very private and had people that he was comfortable with. He wasn’t around that much, really. Even around my daughter that much and he was off doing his things.

KING: Why does Elvis —

PRESLEY: Let me just point — he was off doing recording — just clarify that.

KING: Lest that be taken the wrong way and played on the comedy tonight.

PRESLEY: No. He was, you know, making records.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, The Journal Gazette – November 18th, 2005 ]

“Nowadays, a lot of celebrities want that whole, like, machine going on,” Presley said in a phone interview. “Or they both want it and don’t want it. That’s why I think they get a bit confused.

“They feel hounded by the press, but their publicists get antsy if they don’t make the cover of People magazine.

“I was never a part of that. It was just happening to me. I didn’t realize anyone even knew of me. So I had all that crap I had to combat. There was this whole persona prior to me coming out on my own.”


And matching the Elvis legacy – in terms of its impact and influence – is not something Presley aspires to.

In fact, it’s something she seems to want to avoid.

One of her greatest fears is overexposure, which is understandable, given her propensity over the years for generating sensational press.

“I admire careers that aren’t too out there,” she said. “Like Radiohead’s. It’s not overly done. They just do what they do. They’re not overhyped.”

There are many aspects of her past that Presley will not address. She won’t share memories of her father. She won’t discuss details of her high-profile and short-lived marriages to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage.

But she will say what she learned from her earlier relationships.

“Mostly just keeping it out the public eye as much as possible,” she said. “I’ve been in the same relationship (with her music director Michael Lockwood) for several years now. I learned the hard way to keep it to myself. He’s not a high-profile person, thank god. It’s simple, quiet and happy. There’s nothing to report on.

“You get two high-profile people together and it’s a tornado.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Spinner – August 16th, 2007 ]

How do you feel when you see some of your dad’s songs commercialized — like the current ‘Viva Viagra’ commercial?

I find that revolting. Some songs we have no control over. I know we didn’t license that one.

Being that your ex-husband Michael Jackson owns the rights to a lot of the Elvis Presley catalog, do you ever have the inclination to call him up and ask him to stop the commercialization of these songs?

I don’t know if he owns that one [laughs]. But have I thought about it? Yeah. I get mad all the time. If I see something wacked out, I’ll definitely yell and say, ‘What the hell is that?’ or ‘Get rid of this!’

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, NWI Times – September 28th, 2006 ]

A tabloid princess since birth, Presley steadily fueled the “freak show factor” with some admittedly wild years, filled with a series of bizarre marriages and erratic behavior.

“Everybody does some stupid things in their life that they look back on with regret,” said Presley, referring to among other things, the infamous Michael Jackson kiss on MTV.

“I have done my share. We all have things we’d go back and change, but we can’t, so we just put it behind us and move on.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Toledo Blade – September 28th, 2006 ]

Let’s start with what you probably don’t know about Lisa Marie Presley (and don’t worry, we’ll get to Michael Jackson, her dad, and some of that tabloid stuff soon enough):


Finally, she can quickly work herself into an profanity-laced lather when asked about her ex-husband Jackson, especially the notorious kiss on the Video Music Awards in 1994, but she doesn’t whine.

So get off her case.

“It’s one of those things like, I don’t like to say I have regrets but I definitely regret that time period,” she said in a telephone conference call with about a dozen journalists.

“And what are you going to (expletive) do, to be honest with you? You’re young, you’re stupid, and you’re blinded, and you do something really dumb, and you can’t ever live it down? How many people do that on their own and don’t necessarily get it advertised? I know that was kind of enormous, but I’m just saying it’s not something I’m proud of.”

Clearly exasperated, she wrapped up the answer with a question and a blunt demand.

“What am I supposed to say at this point? Get over it. It was a long time ago and I made a mistake.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND LMP, Marie Claire – August 2007 ]

“You want to know the best thing and the worst thing about me?” she says later. “I see things as they really are. People really bullshit themselves. I don’t like any filter or rainbows or fluff. And sometimes it is a blessing. And sometimes it makes me the biggest fucking pain in the ass ever. Because people don’t want to see that.”


“We’re all going to screw up,” Presley says. “The important thing is, do you learn from it and not do it again? Can you make it better in the future? Can you change? Because, Lord knows, I’ve fucked up many, many times.”

What was the worst time?

“My biggest mistake? Let’s see,” she begins quietly. “How can I word this? Um. Well. Leaving my first marriage, for the person that I left it for — that was probably the biggest mistake of my life.”

She is referring, of course, to Michael Jackson, a man whose name she, consciously or not, avoids saying aloud. This is understandable. The lunacy of the 1994 pairing exploded the celebrity Richter scale. There was the strained Diane Sawyer interview, the rumor that Jackson was only in the relationship for her dad’s song catalog, the awkward “kiss” on the MTV Video Music Awards. Presley, poignantly, was not in on the joke.

“I was really naive at the time. I was in la-la land.” She grimaces slightly, pushes some fallen hair from her forehead, then lets it all go.

“I had been really sheltered. I got married the first time very, very young. And the marriage I was in, there was so much resentment about who I was, because I had more than he did, and it became a power struggle. It is hard for a man to be with a woman who is stronger, wealthier. So in my mind I’m thinking, I know, I’ll get with someone more compatible. I wasn’t thinking what everyone else was thinking, which was that I must have been out of my fucking mind.”

Was she?

She pauses, smiles.

“I was just in a bubble. And able to be snowed. I hadn’t been bitten by the snake of life yet. I grew up after that. I had to.”

But not completely. After Jackson, Presley married the quirky, moody actor Nic Cage. It was a fiery pairing along the lines of Burton and Taylor, complete with frequent fights and pricey jewelry hurled into the open sea.

“Marrying him was a wild flurry, a crazy idea and being young, and ‘Ahhhh!'” Presley says, chuckling, glancing at her brilliant metallic fingernails, searching for chips.

“I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I’ve chased all the crazies down,” she says with conviction. “I was ready to stop the madness. At this age, I really appreciate having [a husband who is] a best friend. But you know, the other guys were fun. For a while.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie reportedly calls Michael to get closure on their relationship, May, 2008 ]

Another relative adds: ‘Lisa Marie has always been tough. She used to scare poor Michael Jackson half to death when he was married to her [from 1994 to 1996] because she wouldn’t take any rubbish from him.

‘She would tell him to “grow up or get out”. He’d just burst into tears. Then she would call him “a big cry baby”. He was the one who ended that marriage, she didn’t – but she was about to. In fact, she was real ticked off that he got to court first.’

It’s interesting that in the past year Lisa Marie has been striving for closure in her past marriages. ‘I truly think that’s part of her mid-life crisis,’ her friend says. ‘She has been determined to tie up loose ends.’

Lisa Marie and Danny Keough, her first husband, are now best friends. He’s the father of her two children. Their close relationship is something her current husband Michael didn’t understand when he married her.

‘Why is he always hanging around?’ Michael would ask. Lisa Marie’s answer? ‘Because he’s been around longer than you.’

‘She and Nicolas Cage, to whom she was only married a couple months, have also buried the hatchet,’ her friend says.

‘The missing link is Michael Jackson. She’d really like to have some closure with him, ask him some questions, find out what that marriage was all about in his head. Was he just using her for publicity? She really wants to know, even all these years later.’

Surprisingly enough, about a month ago Lisa Marie decided to track the fallen singing superstar down. She called him in Las Vegas, out of the blue. He was so surprised to hear from her, he couldn’t even speak. She did all the talking and got no answers – and no closure, either.

When she hung up, she said: ‘Well, he hasn’t changed much, that’s for sure. I guess that’s it for him until the next telephone call in 10 more years, if then.’

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie Presley on her Myspace, Friday, June 26, 2009 ]

He Knew.

Years ago Michael and I were having a deep conversation about life in general.

I can’t recall the exact subject matter but he may have been questioning me about the circumstances of my Fathers Death.

At some point he paused, he stared at me very intensely and he stated with an almost calm certainty, “I am afraid that I am going to end up like him, the way he did.”

I promptly tried to deter him from the idea, at which point he just shrugged his shoulders and nodded almost matter of fact as if to let me know, he knew what he knew and that was kind of that.

14 years later I am sitting here watching on the news an ambulance leaves the driveway of his home, the big gates, the crowds outside the gates, the coverage, the crowds outside the hospital, the Cause of death and what may have led up to it and the memory of this conversation hit me, as did the unstoppable tears.

A predicted ending by him, by loved ones and by me, but what I didn’t predict was how much it was going to hurt when it finally happened.

The person I failed to help is being transferred right now to the LA County Coroners office for his Autopsy.

All of my indifference and detachment that I worked so hard to achieve over the years has just gone into the bowels of hell and right now I am gutted.

I am going to say now what I have never said before because I want the truth out there for once.

Our relationship was not “a sham” as is being reported in the press. It was an unusual relationship yes, where two unusual people who did not live or know a “Normal life” found a connection, perhaps with some suspect timing on his part. Nonetheless, I do believe he loved me as much as he could love anyone and I loved him very much.

I wanted to “save him” I wanted to save him from the inevitable which is what has just happened.

His family and his loved ones also wanted to save him from this as well but didn’t know how and this was 14 years ago. We all worried that this would be the outcome then.

At that time, In trying to save him, I almost lost myself.

He was an incredibly dynamic force and power that was not to be underestimated.

When he used it for something good, It was the best and when he used it for something bad, It was really, REALLY bad.

Mediocrity was not a concept that would even for a second enter Michael Jackson’s being or actions.

I became very ill and emotionally/ spiritually exhausted in my quest to save him from certain self-destructive behavior and from the awful vampires and leeches he would always manage to magnetize around him.

I was in over my head while trying.

I had my children to care for, I had to make a decision.

The hardest decision I have ever had to make, which was to walk away and let his fate have him, even though I desperately loved him and tried to stop or reverse it somehow.

After the Divorce, I spent a few years obsessing about him and what I could have done different, in regret.

Then I spent some angry years at the whole situation.

At some point, I truly became Indifferent, until now.

As I sit here overwhelmed with sadness, reflection and confusion at what was my biggest failure to date, watching on the news almost play by play The exact Scenario I saw happen on August 16th, 1977 happening again right now with Michael (A sight I never wanted to see again) just as he predicted, I am truly, truly gutted.

Any ill experience or words I have felt towards him in the past has just died inside of me along with him.

He was an amazing person and I am lucky to have gotten as close to him as I did and to have had the many experiences and years that we had together.

I desperately hope that he can be relieved from his pain, pressure and turmoil now.

He deserves to be free from all of that and I hope he is in a better place or will be.

I also hope that anyone else who feels they have failed to help him can be set free because he hopefully finally is.

The World is in shock but somehow he knew exactly how his fate would be played out some day more than anyone else knew, and he was right.

I really needed to say this right now, thanks for listening.


[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie, Hello! October, 2009 ]

But this past year has brought sorrow, too. Lisa Marie’s second marriage, to superstar Michael Jackson in 1994, may have been brief, but there was no doubting the depth of feeling they had for each other and she was devastated by his sudden death earlier this year.

Here, in a candid interview, the musician, who is currently working on a new album – her first in five years – talks about the tremendous support she had from her husband during that distressing time, how becoming a mum again has enriched her life and why she and her family would like to make the UK their permanent home…


You were in Europe when your former husband Michael Jackson died. How did it affect you?

There have been so many layers of grief in Michael’s death, so many different aspects and angles that have at times overwhelmed me, which I am still dealing with, to be honest.

I am incredibly fortunate that I have an amazing husband who has been unbelievably understanding and supportive throughout this process. He has cried with me, he has left me alone to cry if that’s what I needed. He has let me talk his ears off, he has listened while I talk others’ ears off, without annoyance or complaints. I have never met a more selfless and supportive person. That, along with the fact that I have been writing [songs] a lot and throughout, has helped.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie leaves club after hearing Michael’s music played, London Evening Standard, 14th October, 2009 ]

Michael Jackson’s ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley was close to tears last night when one of his records was played while she was on the dance floor.

Elvis’s 41-year-old daughter, who was married to the Bad singer in 1994 for less than two years, was at Mahiki in Mayfair with her mum Priscilla for the Paul Smith store launch party.

Our spy told us: “Lisa Marie was having a great time with her friends. She was dancing away until Thriller was played.

“Without warning, she walked off the dance floor and went back to her seat and looked really upset.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie contacts psychic about him on her birthday, 1, February 2010 ]

Michael Jackson has spoken out from beyond the grave to Lisa Marie Presley ] in a spooky seance, according to the King of Pop’s former make-up artist.

Beautician Karen Faye and Jackson’s ex-wife Presley allegedly made contact with the singer, who died in June (09), with the help of a medium last week . Faye insists the Thriller icon’s spirit seemed to be “unsettled” and expressed remorse for any wrongdoing.

Faye says, “He seemed to be on a mission to reach out to people in his life and be forgiven. Michael spent his time explaining his faults and wanting us to forgive him. He seemed unsettled. He seemed more jovial with Lisa.” The psychic turned to me and said Michael is telling me, ‘You took such good care of me, and I am so sorry I hurt you so much.’ He said he should have listened to me more. It hit me straight in the heart.”

The 53 year old insists the psychic had “no idea” of her relationship with Jackson, adding, “There were definite, deep insights that would have been difficult (for a psychic) to make up. It was detailed about the inner dynamics of his family and his levels of pain and emotional inability.” Elvis Presley’s daughter wed Jackson in 1994 but they split just 18 months later.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie’s Blog, May 12, 2010 ]

Greetings MJ Fans – Lisa Marie Presley’s MySpace Blog |

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Greetings MJ Fans….

While visiting him a few days ago at Forest Lawn , Riley and I couldn’t help but notice that , while there are a few bouquets , candles and gifts there is a very large empty space around him and in front of him that could use a whole lot more.

While , I am sure that the staff at The Holy Terrace do their very best to place what is sent and what is placed at the door at his tomb , I thought you might like to know that he would want and deserves more than what is there and I had an idea…….

Some may or may not know this but his favorite flower was the Sunflower.

They made him happy because they looked happy to him , Thus, he called them “The Happy Flower”.

When we were married , I would try and fill up rooms with them wherever he was.

I wanted to bring something to place near him that he liked and that wouldn’t die so I brought a large vase of silk sunflowers and placed them near him.

This barely made any kind of dent in the atmosphere so I thought of maybe letting those who care know what the situation is and how we can solve it.

I know how much he loved and appreciated being showered with Gifts and flowers by his fans , I thought if whoever wants to bought just one silk sunflower each and sent it , the whole area around him and in front of him (As well as the two large empty vases that sit on either side of him) could be filled up in no time, which would be much more appropriate than what the current status is right now.

We can all cause a “Sun shower” if you will………..

He deserves to be flooded and surrounded , LETS SURROUND HIM!

Lots of Love,


There are two Forest Lawns in LA which is confusing,

Below is the correct address to send them to:

The Holy Terrace At Forest Lawn

1712 South Glendale Avenue

Glendale Calif, 91205

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Florist donates $5000 worth of sunflowers to Michael, 15th May 2010 ]

X17 XCLUSIVE – Lisa Marie’s Request For Sunflowers At Michael Jackson’s Mausoleum Is Granted

Sunflowers are being delivered as we speak to Michael Jackson’s mausoleum at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale. This past week, Lisa Marie Presley asked fans via MySpace to bring the King of pop sunflowers to the site of his mausoleum. Josh Levin, owner of was quick to respond to Lisa Marie’s request!

Levin tells X17online exclusively via cell phone on the way to Forest Lawn:

“We’re delivering 300 bushels of sunflowers to Michael’s site. If someone were to buy this amount in a store, it would cost them $5000 dollars. But we are happy to respond to Lisa Marie’s request and donate the flowers.”

Levin, accompanied by his assistant, left their flower shop in Vista, California this morning at 6:30, and arrived at 9:25am.

Black buckets, each filled with 50 sunflowers, were delivered.

Forest Lawn tells X17online exclusively that this past Monday, Lisa Marie visited the cemetery with Sunflowers of her own. A source on site tells us, “Lisa Marie carried in a portrait-sized frame and bushels of sunflowers. She carefully arranged them to look as though the sunflowers are coming out of the empty frame … almost like a 3D portrait. She spent over an hour getting it just right.” ]

As for getting this many flowers at once, Forest Lawn’s flower shop tells X17online, “This is the first time we’ve received this kind of delivery. At the most, people have brought only 2 or 3 bouquets at once, but this is unbelievable! Security will definitely be escorting them in.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie leaves a vase of sunflowers with the inscription, “I Will Always Love You,” X17, 15th May 2010 ]

Lisa Marie’s frame and vase which reads, “I will always love you” and something else I can’t decipher (eternally? something else?)

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie PresleyMichael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie thanks Flowerguy for the flowers, TMZ, 17 May 2010 ]

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley just sent a “thank you” bouquet to the florist that decorated Michael Jackson’s tomb with sunflowers — because if there’s one thing a florist needs, it’s more flowers.

TMZ has learned Presley sent the flowers to — along with a personalized card that said, “Thank you so much for donating the beautiful flowers.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie Presley’s Blog, June 24th 2010 ]


The Song” Sunshower” by Chris Cornell says more than anything I could say…………

11:04 PM

eta: Chris Cornell’s Sunshower lyrics

Dark as roses, fine as sand

Feel your healing and your sting again

I hear you laughing and my soul is saved

On forgotten graves you cry

Crawl like ivy up my spine

Through my nerves and into my eyes

Cuts like anguish

Or recollections of better days gone by

But it’s all right

When you’re caught in pain

And you feel the rain come down

It’s all right

When you find your way

Then you see it disappear

It’s all right

Though your garden’s grey

I know all your graces

Someday will flower

In the sweet sunshower

Eyes like oceans so far away

A feather trail to a better way

Worried mornings turn into days

Then into worried nights

But it’s all right

When you’re all in pain

And you feel the rain come down

Oh it’s all right

When you find your way

Then you see it disappear

Oh it’s all right

Though your garden’s grey

I know all your graces

Someday will flower

Oh in the sweet sunshower

Oh in the sweet sunshower

In the sweet sunshower

I know all your graces

Someday will flower

In the sweet sunshower

And it’s all right

All you’ll be you are today

Are today

It’s all right

All you’ll be you are today

Are today………

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND MJ’s Bodyguards from 2007-2009, July 13th 2010 ]

Q: Hi I know you should be busy but I´d like to know something, if you can answer of course.

a) Do you know Lisa Marie or have you seen her with Michael?

b)Did he talk about her or other girl?

MJs Bodyguards July 13 at 10:55pm

Please Stop with the Lisa Marie questions! We don’t know her, we never met her. She and MJ were not married during our watch.

Q: Ava Lane I have a question. What did Michael feel when Lisa Marie Presley was bashing him in the press all through 2003-2008?

She bashed him on Larry King, Oprah Winfrey, Diana Sawyer, even going as far as saying she regretted marrying him a few times. Did Michael say anything? Did he get angry? Sad? Hurt? Thank you for your ti…me gentlemen

God Bless.

MJs Bodyguards

He never said anything about it to us, she was long before us.

Yesterday at 00:01 • [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie on Oprah Winfrey, 21st October 2010 ]

O: Can you be as famous as your father was famous, as famous as your former husband Michael Jackson was famous as famous as you’ve grown up to be and be normal?
L: No. (laughs) I can only answer for myself. To tell you that I’m not normal. But um…
O: But you’ve managed to be relatively very private and that’s why I’m thrilled that you’re talking to me today. You’ve made a conscious decision to talk now. Why?
L: Every time I’ve ever had an interview in the past I tend to get very defensive because I was usually promoting something and it would cross into my personal life and I tend to never want to discuss the two. I never want them to cross. I know that it’s hard to have them not but I wanted to sit and really have a conversation about things that are you know, more in a personal level now, out of the way, before I do have an album coming out. Which I will sometime next year because…
O: I get that. I get that because you didn’t want to be in the position of promoting an album and having people ask you about Michael Jackson.
L: Exactly.
Narration: (the star crossed love affair between Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson started in 1993. What began as friendship bloomed very quickly into something more and in 1994 Lisa Marie shocked the world when she married Michael Jackson. And just a year and a half later their marriage was over. They had not spoken for nearly a decade when Michael was found dead on June 25th 2009 at a rented home in Los Angeles)
O: You’ve not spoken about Michael Jackson since his death other than the blog you did.
L: Right and I really didn’t speak well, when I see previous interviews, I’m barky and I tend to want to skirt out of it and I would find quick little exits defensively out of it…
O: It’s interesting because the very first interview we did together, when I asked you if it was a real relationship you became very barky and defensive because…
L: Because I didn’t understand my relationship with him.
O: Well, having gotten to know you since then, I understand your defensiveness coming from your point of view. But coming from my point of view, the viewers point of view, the world, didn’t know what to make of that.
L: Right.
O: And really still doesn’t know what to make of that and therefore your blog after his death where you said “I want to set the record straight, this relationship was not a sham, this was a real marriage.”
L: Mhhmmm.
O: I think really struck a lot of people. And even when you said on my show, yes, this was a real marriage, there was a sexual relationship, and all of that, but the rest of the world I think thought it was a big staged publicity something, I don’t know. Do you understand that now?
L: Right. I completely understand, I do. I understand that because to some degree he was a master at manipulating a little bit with the media. So I understand that there was no one who really knew who I was so they just assumed I was going along with something that he would be doing (Oprah: Absolutely) and a lot of that is what I wanted to clear up in an interview, in this interview was to explain… he was brought up that way. You know, before even answering questions about him or talking about him, it would need to be understood fully his life, which is completely different than anyone else’s life that ever was except for you know, my father. He was conditioned to sort of get himself where he needed to go for his career and with his talent. He became very good at making and creating and –
O: Manipulating.
L: Puppeteering – manipulating to some degree. It’s true but, see and I always confused that manipulation, thinking that that manipulation meant he didn’t love me. But I understand it better now. The manipulation was because it was a survival tactic for him.
O: So was it after his death that you have gained such clarity about the relationship?
L: Yes. And I don’t know why. I really don’t understand that. But yes, this whole last year and a half has been spent trying to gain the clarity because at some point I pushed it away and I just had to move on with my life and then that happened and it was like a tidal wave brought it all back.
O: Where were you when you first heard, where were you?
L: I was in England and I don’t know why but it was the strangest day of my life. I was crying all day.
O: For what reason?
L: I don’t know and I don’t normally do that. I was trying to work and I came home and I was literally cutting my food eating my dinner crying and I wanted to go upstairs and go upstairs and watch something mindless on TV and stop crying. I looked at my husband and said “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I just can’t stop” and then an hour later the call came and I heard.
O: You heard, who told you?
L: It was a friend of mine who just… Actually, I got streaming texts, “Are you okay? Are you okay? What’s happening” Actually John Travolta was one of the first texts I got, “Are you alright?” And I said, “What’s happening? Is this actually happening?” It was still unclear, you know.
O: And your reaction, your first reaction?
L: Real honest to goodness shock. Not even tears, just floored, I was honestly floored.
(June 25th 2009: News reporter: Apparently Michael Jackson has suffered cardiac arrest this afternoon. He was rushed to UCLA medical centre” People around the world were glued to their televisions as events unfolded in Los Angeles, by late afternoon it was clear. News reporter: “Michael Jackson, the legendary pop star, known by millions of fans around the world has died.” Oprah: A little over one year later I have come to England to Lisa Marie Presley about their relationship and his death. )
O: The next day after Michael’s death you posted very emotional thoughts on your blog. What made you do that?
L: I think I was just rocking a baby to sleep and I was just in floods of tears. I thought, I don’t know, I had a moment of clarity and I realized that all this bitterness I thought I had and you know, indifference, it was no longer. It all just came… I don’t even, it’s been so crazy. I don’t even know how to explain how all of it happened which is why I waited over a year to talk about it. Because there were so many phases of this –
O: Let me help you through that here, let me read an excerpt of what you wrote the day after he Michael died. You said, “The person I failed to help is being transferred to the LA County Coroner’s Office for his autopsy. All my indifference and detachment that I worked so hard to achieve over the years has just gone into the bowels of Hell and right now I am gutted.” Gutted. I thought that was an interesting choice of words, that means, gutted, empty, dug out…
L: Mhhm.
O: Did you feel that you had failed to help him?
L: Yes.
O: Okay, so in May of 1994 when you were married to him or during the time that you were married to him, did you suspect a drug problem?
L: Honestly, I didn’t really suspect and catch on until just before I filed for divorce. There was just an occasion, an incident, where he had collapsed and he was in the hospital.
O: This was for HBO?
L: Yeah, there was an appearance he was supposed to make.
(In December 1995 Michael Jackson collapsed onstage while rehearsing for an HBO concert special in New York. His doctors said Michael was suffering from a viral infection. Lisa Marie flew to his side in the hospital where he stayed for six days.)
L: Everybody flew to the hospital. And, um, it was very confusing what was wrong, because every day there was a different report. I couldn’t tell what was happening. Dehydration, low blood pressure, exhaustion, a virus, so I couldn’t really get a straight answer as to what was happening with him. I think we were all a little bit in the dark. At that point I think I really got from various indications I believed that was going on then.
O: You thought there was some drug use?
L: Yeah, yeah. There were times when I would pick him up from a certain doctor’s office and he would not be coherent. There was some behaviour now looking back at it. I knew that that was, because of injections because they were painful and he would need certain things because he needed to…
O: He would need things for what?
L: Injections or whatever various dermatological…
O: Was this for his skin disease?
L: Skin, various things he needed.
O: Was it the kind of marriage where a lot of things went unsaid or unspoken or did you feel a sense of intimacy and connection, that you could ask him anything?
L: I honestly can tell you that it was in every sense a normal marriage and everything was spoken. In the middle of the night, if he needed to wake up and tell me, bounce something off me, and wake me up and wanna talk… if there was trouble…
O: Was he having trouble sleeping then?
L: He was like a little gnome. I used to tell him he was a gnome running around the room because it was hard for him to sleep. A lot of times I couldn’t sleep either if he wasn’t sleeping. I’d just hear him piddling. It was a bit endearing but then I didn’t mind it. But he did have a hard time sleeping, yes.
O: Did you feel like you were in many ways a nurturer or caretaker for him?
L: Very much. And I really loved that role and I loved taking care of him. It was the highest point of my life, one of the very highest points of my life. When things were going really well and he and I were united together and he and I had an understanding about some of the people and the things that could go around him and he was with me on those things and we were a unit and I could take care of him. In spite of what people speculated while I was with him that I wanted a career or was trying to do something, it was absolute BS. I’ve never been comfortable being front and centre, honestly don’t like being front and centre. Loved being next to him, taking care of him. I was on such a high from doing that. It was a very profound time of my life. So it wasn’t anything – it was real, as far as that goes.
O: I heard you say to the producers that being with him was some of the highest highs for you, as you’ve just described, and also some of the lowest lows.
L: Yes.
O: What was the lowest low?
L: The lowest was… you know, again, when I talk about him I now in retrospect want to make very clear that I understand him now more than I ever did. So when I speak about him I can speak about him with understanding and it’s all good now. For some reason, I don’t know what happens when someone passes away and this is what’s come of it, but I’ve come to have all this love again and understanding for him. I don’t know why it had to take all that to have this happen. That upsets me a bit. But the lowest low…
O: ‘Cause were you angry with him before? Were you angry with him when you left the marriage?
L: I was angry, I was very angry. I was so angry, because I felt that we had such… we were so united. Then at some point he pushed me out.
O: Why did the marriage end?
L: There was a very profound point in the marriage when he had to make a decision, was it the drugs and the sort of vampires… or me? And he pushed me away.
O: Vampires?
L: Meaning, people that are sort of spiders, vampires…
O: Sycophants?
L: Sycophants, yeah.
O: So you saw that all around him?
L: Oh God, yes. And it was…
O: Many people talk about that and there are stories written about him. He seemed to be drawn to people who would take advantage of him. What was that?
L: The one thing that correlates with Michael and with my father on this subject is that they had the luxury of creating whatever reality around them they wanted to create. They could have the kinds of people who were gonna go with their program or not go with their program and if they weren’t then they could be disposed of.
O: It’s the reality of being a God in your own world.
L: Right. And this is something that I’ve experienced – that I’ve had way too much experience with. With both sides, where I’ve seen what can go on and that is um…
O: My way or the highway.
L: Right! Michael wasn’t a bad person because that’s how he functioned – he didn’t know any better. It wasn’t that – I took it very personally though. I felt like I was disposable. It was the same with my father, sometimes I sit and I think, there were times when I was angry at the people around him, why didn’t you stop him, why didn’t you say something? Well, because if you did you were out. It’s very simple.
O: So-
L: And he didn’t mean anything either.
O: So he wasn’t the kind of person, nor your father was, who wanted people around him who telling them the truth, he wanted to be told what they wanted to hear.
L: When it’s this unusual reality in an ivory tour and this God like life, mixed with an addiction, that’s when you get into trouble. A lot of trouble.
(August 16th 1977, nine year old Lisa Marie was home at Graceland when her father Elvis collapsed in his bathroom and died. There was a lethal mix of fourteen drugs in his system.)
O: Are you struck between the parallel from your father’s life and Michael Jackson’s life? Your father and your former husband?
L: Yes. It really blows me away to be honest with you. I still try to figure out why, what is it that I had to go through twice? Where these two incredible people and I speak with the utmost respect and love for both.
O: Your father and Michael.
L: Yes, who had the same fate. What is it about me? I went through it once and that was painful and I went through it again. I don’t quite understand it, y’know.
O: When we were hiking this summer, Lisa shared something with me that you all would find interesting.
(Shot of his LA home: This is the home in Los Angeles where Michael Jackson died. Across the street, just a stone throw away was Elvis Presley’s California home, where Lisa Marie spent a lot of time growing up.)
O: What about the irony of that? Just across the street!
L: It’s… my mother, when I came home after being in England for so long, I wanted to drive by and see where it was and I lived there up until after he died, she sold it. So I had several birthday’s there. I said, she said, “It’s right across the street,” and I said, “Oh please, it’s not right across the street. You’re being… whatever,” shooed her off. And I drove and I really was completely… I don’t even know how to describe that. How that felt because… I don’t even think he knew, I think that was another thing where these things keep happening and the universe… and I’m like, what is it that I’m trying to learn here? What is it that I need to know?
O: I thought it was interesting when you wrote the blog the day after Michael Jackson’s death that you titled the blog, “He knew.” What did he know?
L: When I was watching the footage of the ambulance backing out of his driveway, I went back to this conversation I had with him at Neverland in the library. We were sitting by the fire and he was telling me that he was afraid that he was going to end up like my father. He was always asking me about when he died and how it happened and where…
O: Michael was always asking you about your father?
L: Yes. And he said, I feel like I’m going to end up the same way.
O: Did you say why?
L: Yeah. I was like, “What are you talking about? I don’t understand,” and down to the play by play by play incident, it was identical.
O: First of all, you were much younger then. But as you look back at your marriage to him and who you were in that marriage, do you think there was a big part of you that wanted to see the truth?
L: The truth in what way?
O: The truth about the drugs.
L: I was so naive then, I know that isn’t easy to believe now.
O: It isn’t easy to believe but we can all understand the state of mind you were in. So first of all, you growing up as Elvis Presley’s daughter and being in your own right who you are, you wouldn’t be excited about being married to Michael Jackson. It’s not like some fan married to Michael Jackson, because you were used to the fame life. So you fell in love with him because of…?
L: For him. Because he was an incredible, an incredibly dynamic person. If you were in his vicinity and he wanted to give – and he showed you who he was, and he was willing to do that in any way, meant that… I have never felt so high in my life. I have never felt so high in my life as that. I am not lying when I say that. He had something so intoxicating about him and when he was on, when he was ready to share with you or give it to you, and be himself and allow you to come in. I don’t know if I’ve ever been that intoxicated by anything.
O: I can hear what you’re saying, because when I first interviewed him – first met him before the interview in 1992 (1993), it’s like he shines his light upon you. When he opens himself up and lets that light through you just want to be in that.
L: Yes!
O: You just want to be in that, you want to be around that and you know, we were all in Neverland eating the candy and having a great time and I left thinking, “Gosh, I wish I could be his friend.”
L: Yeah. It was like a drug. He was like a drug for me. I felt like I just always wanted to be around him, always wanted to be part of – I felt so high. I’ve never felt like that around another human being, except for one, which was my father.
O: So interesting because you just said you were nine years old when your father died, never felt that feeling before, so in many ways being with Michael brought back that feeling of that light falling on you.
L: Yes.
O: All of that energy coming your way.
L: Yes!
O: Did you feel loved by Michael in the beginning?
L: Very much so. I don’t think I realized it at the time, how much – what that meant because I know that was very unusual for him. I know he’d had a few dates in his life but there was nothing profound for him in that area. He fell in love with me and I fell in love with him. It was very real.
O: How did he ask you to marry him?
L: We were in the library in front of the fire and he pulled this giant 10 carat diamond out of his pocket and put it on my finger. I think he got on his knees too and proposed.
O: And at the time he proposed did you think that would be forever?
L: I did. I don’t know, I did. And when I was younger I can honestly say that you can think like that and believe that.
O: You know from the outside it just seemed so, too extraordinarily famous people together, everywhere you went it seemed like a circus.
L: It’s true. But it didn’t happen that often. We were together a lot and there was no cameras. I think a lot of that was because the promo for HIStory was coming so we had to go there and do this, all very manipulated, which I understand comes across as very manipulated, period.
O: Did you ever feel manipulated in the relationship?
L: Sometimes. But he knew that I didn’t love that and he was okay. He got it. He needed to do his thing, I would be there uncomfortably, like the MTV thing, his hand was blue afterwards after we got off that stage. He showed me and it was completely blue, I had squeezed it so hard! (laughs) I did not want to do that. It’s not in my nature to do that sort of thing. But I understood it as his way of, he needed to do things like that.
(Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson had been married for a year when he released the intimate music video for You Are Not Alone)
O: So was there a lot of pressure for you to have a baby?
L: Yes, there was quite a bit. I mean he was…
O: From the time you got married?
L: Yes, there was. And I did want to. I just kept, I wanted to make sure, I was looking into the future and I was thinking I don’t ever want to get into a custody battle with him, I don’t want to go head to head with him. So I need to make sure that everything around is good. I know, I’ve had children, I knew that bringing children into certain circumstances you have to make sure that everything is safe and secured and okay and I wanted to make sure that he and I were really really united because we were gonna be up against so much.
O: I can’t remember the exact month you divorced, but you divorced and several months later, I know by October, it was announced that Debbie Rowe was pregnant. How did you feel about that?
L: Well, I knew it was a bit of a retaliatory act on his part. Because I didn’t have a baby and I know that she was there the whole time telling him she would do it.
O: You knew that?
L: He would come tell me, he would come tell me. “If you’re not gonna do it, Debbie said she’ll do it.” And I was like, “What is that? Hi. Uh… not gonna entice me.” So we would get into it, you know, arguments because that really wasn’t how to handle it. But that was how he knew how to handle it, I don’t wanna say – he’d be like, “Well if you’re not going to, this person will. Are you gonna do it or not?”
O: That’s what you mean by disposable.
L: Yes! That’s exactly what I mean.
O: Oh, I get it. Well, there’s not many men who will say, you either have a baby for me or I got somebody standing in the wings who will.
L: Right and it sounds… hindsight twenty twenty and I understand him so well now. But at that time I didn’t.
O: Hurt?
L: Hurt. Hurt, I was hurt. And I did things that hurt him. I did stupid things too.
O: Like what?
L: Like, I was very torn because I broke up my family. I left my husband for Michael. I was having a hard time trying to process that.
(Lisa Marie was twenty years old when she married her first husband musician Danny Keough. Together they had two children, Riley and Ben. After more than five years together Lisa Marie divorced Danny. Twenty days later she was married again to Michael Jackson.)
L: While I was with Michael I was still trying to process what I had done. I never could feel good about it. I felt like, how could I have done that to somebody and I have these two little ones. Danny was still very much part of my life. Michael didn’t quite know what to do with that sometimes. That made him uncomfortable and I understood that. Michael would wonder, “Why are you in Hawaii with Danny?” I’d take a vacation and Danny would go. Michael would get upset and “Where are you?” and he would disappear for a couple of weeks and I couldn’t find him. Things would make him uncomfortable and when I would do things that would make Michael uncomfortable, if he got uncomfortable or felt vulnerable, he would ice you out as a mechanism. He would push you away and ice you. It was like a shark sometimes in that way, he could just like that, if you’d done him wrong or whatever, you were out. We had some moments like that. But I have to say in retrospect. that he honestly tried so hard and went through so much with me, and I know now when I look back at it, he’s never done that with any other female or anyone as much as we went through. We hit rough waters, we would fight, we would argue, three day arguments sometimes, taking a break to eat and sleep. I have to say that I really admire that he really gave it a good shot, you know, I didn’t appreciate it then and I wish I did.
O: Did he have to die for you to recognize that he loved you?
L: I think so, sadly.
O: Is that the first time that you recognized or believed that he truly loved you, after he died?
L: I think, yes. Sweeping answer would be yes. When we were together we were really in love and then we had the rough patches and then I had to make the decision to walk when I saw the drugs and the doctors walk in and they scared me and put me right back to what I went through with my father. Then that ended. We again, were going to get back together, we spent four more years after we’d divorced getting back together and breaking up and talking about getting back together and breaking up. At some point, I had to push it away because it was not, I wasn’t moving forward with myself.
O: So you still loved him even when you left him?
L: Very much. I left him to sort of stomp my foot in the ground and go… I was trying to take a stand and say, come with me, don’t do this. That was a stupid move, because he didn’t. And he’s you know, he’s a stubborn… I’m stubborn, he’s stubborn. The two of us it was like you know…
O: Don’t make a dare you’re not willing to follow through on.
L: And actually afterwards, he and I were still… I was still flying all over the world still with him to follow.
O: When was the last time you spoke to him?
L: Coherently good conversation? Sometime in 2005. It was a very long conversation. I was so removed from him and he could feel it and he could hear it. And I think that’s one of the things that killed me in the end too was that I was very distanced and he was checking to get a read, he was trying to throw a line out to see if I would bite emotionally and I wouldn’t. I was pretty shut off at that point. I don’t even know how I managed to be like that but I was. He was asking me, he wanted to tell me that I was right about a lot of the people around him, that it had panned out to be exactly what he and I had talked about years ago. He asked if I still loved him and we went into a whole thing about that and I told him I was indifferent and he didn’t like that word and he cried. He was trying to find out where I was at and how I could become so detached. Then the final part of the conversation was him telling me that he felt that someone was going to try to kill him to get a hold of his catalogue and his estate.
O: So he actually gave you names?
L: He did. And I’d rather not say them. But he expressed to me that his concern over his life.
O: You know, I’ve asked you this and I have to ask it again, even though it’s an uncomfortable subject, but whether or not you had ever seen any inapropriate behaviour between Michael and young children?
L: Are you asking me again?
O: I’m asking you again.
L: The answer is absolutely not, in any way. I did not see anything like that.
O: By 2005 was when he was on trial with the second charge. Your feelings at that time were what?
L: He was calling me about it and I said, “Please keep your head together, please. If this goes to trial, please hold it together.” He said, “What are you talking about, what do you mean?” And he said, “You mean drugs?” And I said, “Yes.” Because all I saw was random things coming out, whether it was Martin Bashir and all these interviews, and in those interviews I saw him intoxicated. I didn’t see the Michael that I knew in that Martin Bashir interview. He was high as a kite, from what I saw and from what I knew.
O: Really?
L: He was either too speedy or he was sedated. It wasn’t the Michael that I knew.
O: The shocking things, he said some pretty shocking things in that Martin Bashir interview, particularly about how he felt about how it was okay to sleep with young children.
L: I think he said that stuff sometimes to be defiant, because he got so angry at having been accused. He was such a stubborn little rebel at times and he was like a child and he would just say what he felt everyone didn’t want him to say. I don’t feel like he had a straight head during those things and I think that they were edited in a very very manipulative nasty way.
O: So you never saw anything and to this day you don’t believe any of those charges were true?
L: No. I honestly cannot say. The only people who are going to be able to say the truth are him and whoever was in that room at the time it allegedly took place. I was never in the room; it wouldn’t be fair for me to… I can tell you I never saw anything like that.
O: Have you now made peace with his death? I know that you watched the funeral that we all saw on television and you went to a private ceremony, what was that like standing in the room with his casket?
L: That was really, another six months of whatever I recovered from I think. I think I was the last one standing with him. That was…
O: What do you mean the last one standing with him?
L: Well, most people had left and I was the last one standing over him. I didn’t want to leave him.
O: As you stood over his casket I know that there’s probably nothing more personal or private than those moments when you stood over that casket, were you able to make peace?
L: No. I wasn’t able to make peace then. I more wanted to apologize. I felt like I wanted to apologize.
O: For?
L: Not being around.
O: Do you think you could have saved him?
L: God, that’s such a hard question. Naively I want to say… I know that it’s naive to think that I could have. But I wanted to. Could I have? Had I made a call, had I stopped being so shut off from him, had I said, “How are you?” Had I tried to make a phone call, you know, I really regret that I didn’t.
O: Do you think family and friends let him down? Do you think that someone could have done something?
L: I think that they tried. Sadly, like I said, if he didn’t want you around, if you were going to make him confront something he didn’t want to confront he could make you go away, including his own family. They got in the opposite side of that. I think that was a train heading into a certain direction that nobody could stop. I think I’ve really had to get my head around that in order to stop the pain.
O: For yourself?
L: Mhhm.
O: And how is this for your current husband who seem like a really loving generous supportive man? How is it for him with all this Michael stuff coming up?
L: He is so happy I’ll be done with this interview, he’s like “I just want you to exorcize this and get it out,” because I’ve been… he’s had to hear it for so long.
O: Never good for the current husband to have to hear about the ex husband a lot.
L: No, it’s not. It’s not, no. And I understand that. But he also understands that, he’s the most understanding person I’ve ever met in my life. I’ve never… thank God because he’s really allowed me to go through whatever it is I needed to go through with this. But I know it’s highly highly unusual and I know it’s a lot to ask for of him. I don’t feel good about it but it’s something that came down on me that I’ve had to deal with and I’ve had to…
O: Because all these Michael feelings were repressed and buried when you started dating Michael Lockwood
L: Exactly.
O: You’ve said earlier that the universe, God, you don’t understand is trying to teach you something obviously because of the parallels between your father Elvis Presley’s life and Michael Jackson’s life, now with over a year after Michael’s death and thirty three years since your father’s passed, what do you think the lesson is?
L: I feel really alone in that I’ve gone through this with these incredible like this. I feel really honored at the same time.
O: With Michael’s death, for you is it like a lot of people still, his birthday, the anniversary of his death, are those still hard days?
L: They are but it’s been happening all my life. August 16th I’ve dreaded my whole life which is you know…
O: The death of your father.
L: Yes and now it’s June 25th.
O: We said, you said when we talked about this interview you said you were going to do it one time, so this is it you’re not going to talk about it anymore?
L: No, I’m not, I’m not going to talk about it. If anyone wants to know about it in the future, they can refer to the Oprah Winfrey show.
O: Thank you. Thank you for letting us have the time and for opening up about it. Not an easy thing to do.
L: Thanks.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Jermaine Jackson asked if Michael should’ve stayed married to LMP, Times Interview, 10th September 2011 ]

More evolved things, such as women, he found problematic. Jermaine’s conviction is that Michael was a heterosexual of the romantic rather than predatory sort (although a jape during a tour in which, from under the bed, he caressed the buttocks of a Jermaine conquest as they made out suggests he was not always the blushing innocent). He was in love with Diana Ross, dated Brooke Shields, and in 1994 married Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of another showbiz king. They divorced two years later.

“I would have loved to have seen him stay with her, because she was strong. She was very strong.” Was he capable of sustaining a relationship with the right woman? “I think he would have been… I think it would have made a difference if he had a strong woman.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Jermaine Talks About Michael’s Marriage To Lisa Marie, “You Are Not Alone,” released September 2011 ]

Moving into 1994, there was a good reason for him to feel on top of the world because he had finally found his true counterpart in a woman: someone who had had a restrictive childhood, wasn’t impressed by his fame, had experienced living under a spotlight and didn’t need him for his money. Someone who absolutely understood his world and needed nothing from him but love. Lisa Marie Presley ticked all the boxes.

Looking back, Lisa Marie Presley was always popping up on the periphery of Michael’s life, sporadically flashing by unnoticed until their paths converged. Retracing destiny’s map today, it seems clear it was always God’s plan that they unite.

I’m not one for coincidence; I don’t think there is such a thing. And I know that Michael there felt there was a strong element of “meant to be” when they first met as adults in late 1992. He viewed destiny as a game of chess: we, the people, are the pieces and God was the player, moving us around the board until King takes Queen.

By the time of the big Oprah interview, Michael had already started a phone relationship with Lisa Marie, building up toward their ultimate romance – which ends the lie about a ‘publicity marriage to restore his reputation’ after the events of 1993. As a couple, they were flirting and talking and starting to feel something long before the extortion nightmare began.

In fact, destiny’s journey began in 1974 when we were in Vegas doing the family variety show. Somewhere between those bookings, we went to nearby Tahoe for a performance at the Sahara Tahoe casino lounge. That sort of intimate venue seated about 100,000 people and pulled in the likes of Frank Sinatra and Charlie Rich. At some point during our down time, Jackie must have wandered off with Michael because they found themselves in one of those wide, service type elevators. Apparently, they were standing around, watching their feet, when the elevator stopped. The doors opened and Elvis stepped in, slicked hair and sparkling jumpsuit with high collar, a thick towel around his neck. He looked at Jackie and Michael. “You’re those Jackson boy?” he asked.

They nodded, dumbstruck. You’d think that once you’d met the likes of Smokey Robinson, Sammy David Junior and Jackie Wilson, nthing could faze you, but the randomness of that shared elevator ride was the biggest unexpected thrill. Not that it lasted long. Seconds later, the doors opened again and Elvis was on his way. “Good luck, fellas!” he said. That was the day Michael met the future father in law he would never know.

I was mad to have missed out, but some years later, back in Nevada, I found myself in a hotel – can’t remember which one – and spotted Elvis’ right hand man, Colonel Tom Parker, amid a cloud of cigar smoke. He was a legend: the manager of all managers. Bespectacled and rotund, with his trademark red scarf around his double chin, he was sitting at a restaurant table near the casino. I dared to venture over and say hi. Before I knew it, we were siting down, talking all matters Elvis and the Jackson 5, as 20 year old me pretened to puff on one of his big ass cigars. He was fascinated by Mother and Joseph. “Tell me, how did they produce all that talent in just one family? That’s what I wanna know,” he said, probably working out the commission percentages in his head and multiplying it by nine.

When he asked me to fire at him any question about Elvis – and after I had found out that The Kind loved doughnuts and the blues group Muddy Waters (not to be confused with the artist) – I couldn’t resist asking the one thing that had always intrigued me: “Is it true that you split everything 50:50 with Mr Elvis?”

He laughed at my audacity. “Yeah.” He let out another thick swirl of smoke.

I was still pretty green about all matters business but even I was thinking Elvis must be mad to give away half his earnings but Colonel Parker was shrewd. He sat there all relaxed but commanding – like he owned the very spot were we were seated – and we spoke about how much of a partnership he’d shared with Elvis, how trust was everything in this business, and how Elvis set the bar as the hardest working man he knew. Later, when I told the brothers about this inspirational metting, Michael only wanted to know one thing: “Did you ask him if Jackie Wilson was one of his favourites?” Now there was a question I should have asked. “Because it sure loooks like he stole his moves!” he joked.

We did find out one thing about Colonel Parker: Elvis’ six year old daughter was a “big Jackson 5” fan, who had already seen us perform, she’d attended a show with one of her father’s backing singers. Years later, someone said that she was brought backstage to meet us.

The next time I saw Lisa Marie was maybe 17 years later around 1990-1 in a pharmacy in the Brentwood district of LA. I wondered about going over to say hello but she looked frazzled and I hesitated. Soon afterwards, in 1992, she and Michael discovered they had a mutual friend in the Australian artist Brett Livingstone Strong, and the man who had found my brother his secret hideaway in an airport hangar now played unintentional match maker. He brought them together at a dinner and from that day – when she was still married to Danny Keough – an innocent friendship began, the slow forming foundation to a very real romance.

Throughout Michael’s ordeal in 1993, Lisa Marie was one of those he called on for advice by phone wherever he was in the world. There were others: hotel owner Steve Wynn, talent manager Sandy Gallin and MCA Records David Geffen but she impressed him with her no nonsense, straight forward, hard advice. With so many voices around him, she was refreshing sounding board. She took no bullshit, and when she saw it around him, she made her feelings about certain people very clear. That kind of frankness always made my brother chuckle. There were no show business airs and graces, and she was feminine, fine looking and strong. I’d say the attraction was obvious.

The world didn’t see them step out together until 1994 – which is presumably why there was talk about a marriage of convenience – but she had actually joined Michael in public in May 1993 at some charity kid’ event out east as a guest of ex American President Jimmy Carter.

Michael never missed an opportunity to meet a president! Not only had he read up on nearly every one of them, but his coffee table in the living room at Neverland was decorated with framed photographs of him meeting Presidents Carter, Clinton and Reagan. Michael was very proud of that presidential showcase and he became particularly friendly with the Clintons. Soon the house would be filled with photographs of Lisa Marie, her two children, and Michael. It had taken 20 years since they first flashed by one another in 1974 and now Jackson was in love with Presley. The King’s daughter and the King of Pop – God doesn’t write better movie scripts than that.

It was a quiet wedding so quiet that we didn’t even know it was happening. The ceremony took place in the Domincan Republic in May 1994 and a decision was clearly taken not to inform either family: a “we want no fuss” affair. The fewer people who knew about it, the less chance there was of the press finding out. Had Mother been there, she might have reminded the officiating minsiter that her son’s name was not “Michael Joseph Jackson” as was said in the bows, much to Michael’s amusement. Once they were declared man and wife, the over excited groom phoned Mother from their hoel suite with his “big news,” but she thought it was one of his pranks. “You’re telling me you married Lisa Marie Presley? No, you did not,” she said.

“I did! I did!” he said, starting to laugh.

“I don’t believe you!”

“You want to speak with her? She’s here with me now…” he said, and there was, apparently, a lot of laughter in the background before Lisa Marie said hello and eventually put Michael back on.

Mother still didn’t believe it. “That’s no here – you’ve just got some black girl pretending to be her,” she insisted.

By now, Michael was laughing so hard he could hardly speak. Bless Mother, her Alabama ears had expected Elvis’ daughter to speak with her father’s drawl. As she recalls it today: “She sounded so unlike what I had imagined. Goes to show…”

There was probably another reason why Mother was sceptical. Michael was always ringing either her, Rebbie or Janet, disguising his voice and pretending to be someone else. His English gent impression was apparently very convincing, and always had them fooled.

In that phone call from the Dominican Republic Mother loved hearing how excited he was to have a wife. I only witnessed rare glimpses of this marriage because they were so wrapped up in each other. My previous concerns about him being alone – surrounded by professional advisers or filling the void with random people – evaporated. Now he had someone very real, firm, and big hearted, who wasn’t afraid of the vultures around him.

I laughed at media suggestions they were “faking it” because we all knew in the family the intensity of their relationship and how they always wanted to be together. Michael’s joy couldn’t have been faked. The intimacy you see in the video for You Are Not Alone was art imitating life; a sweet glimpse as to how easy they were with one another and how they liked to laugh. Reports that we “loathed” our brother’s new wife could not have been further from the truth; she was only ever embraced and there was never one iota of a doubt that she had Michael’s best interests at heart. She grew particularly close to Janet and Rebbie. When my sisters spend time with Lisa Marie and heard her speak about Michael, they always came away saying the same thing: “That girl is crazy about him!”

Now that Lisa Marie had arrived in Michael’s life, I stopped throwing out my lines of communication. For me, it was only ever about, “Is Michael okay?”

Once I knew he was okay, I was, too.


I didn’t know there was friction in Michael’s marriage until crisis phone calls were going back and forth between Lisa Marie and Mother, Janet and Rebbie. I wasn’t privy to those heart to hearts but it was obvious that the intensity of the romance at the start was mirrored in its falling apart.

The compromise needed in a marriage was, I think, a more difficult shift for Michael to make than he’d imagined. I’d honestly thought this one was going to last because they seemed suited, but when there was a problem, one of them needed to bend first and neither partner knew how to do that. Michael struggled with the demands of married life, and I think Lisa Marie struggled with his isolating creative process. I’m guessing now, but when you think how she grew up with a father who was always away, always performing, always in the studio, the last thing she needed was an absent husband. She couldn’t understand why he had to be gone all the time, and he couldn’t understand why she had a problem with him being in the studio, sometimes sleeping there. So, when Lisa Marie questioned his decisions, he thought, wrongly, that she wanted to tie him down.

They spent most of their time living at Lisa Marie’s house in Hidden Hills, north of LA, but there was added pressure because Michael had taken under his wing the grandkids of our uncle Lawrence, Joseph’s brother. There were problems in that family and my brother had stepped in, feeling that the kids needed real love at a difficult time. I’m sure Lisa Marie had every sympathy but she understandably wanted her husband to be emotionally there for her, too.

As the weeks went by, she realized she was not spending enough family time with her own kids, even though they spent some weekends at Neverland, which still remained a place where visiting families came together. At times, and no doubt in response, Lisa Marie disappeared for a few days and when she wasn’t around, Michael became insecure. A vicious cycle developed: she wondered where he was and he wondered where she was – jealousy and distance never were a good combination in Hollywood. Now, instead of coming together, they were pulling apart.

On one occasion, Michael spent the day in the studio with his protege Wade Robson, working late into the night. He decided to stay at Wade’s family home at the invitation of his mother instead of of returning to his wife – it was easier that way. Michael hated arguments or raised voices and preferred to avoid a problem rather than confront it. But Lisa Marie wasn’t putting up with it: she stood up to Michael and challenged him. That was what he needed, even if he didn’t appreciate it. Also, he was still contending with the remnants of his demerol dependency. I don’t know how much of it Lisa Marie saw, but I do know that Michael wasn’t finding his recovery easy and he was still suffering pain that agitated him and kept him awake at night.

Another uncomfortable factor for Michael was Lisa Marie’s beliefs as a Scientologist. She gave him lots of reading material about her religion and he devoured it all. At some point he discovered that Scientologists don’t necessarily rely on medication to treat a child’s sickness. Michael’s first port of call would be a paediatrician and he worried about what that might mean when they had children. As it was, he didn’t have to concern himself for long. The one big factor that tipped things over the edge when it came to Lisa Marie – in Michael’s eyes – reneged on her problem to give him kids. As soon as they got married, he started his countdown to having his nine little Moonwalkers. When he became convinced she had broken a pact he felt they made, it would have taken him back to that time when Joseph promised him dinner with Fred Astaire and never delivered. I’m pretty sure Lisa Marie would have felt, from that moment on, as if she was living in Siberia because he would have shut down and gone into retreat.

Soon enough, Lisa Marie ran out of patience. Eighteen months after their wedding, she filed for divorce.

The saddest thing about this whole breakdown is that there was genuine love and friendship between them, but all that got eclipsed and scarred within some power struggle. At the end of the day, it came down to two people with different temperaments and different outlooks, but I always wished for a compromise that never happened.

In the months that followed, I know that she reached out to Janet, Rebbie and Mother for their advice on how to best get through to Michael, to see if there was any way back. For me, that illustrated the love she had for him. But when my brother built those walls, he built them high. What I am thankful for is that Michael only ever wanted to know what a real relationship felt like, and he wanted to be loved, and find true love. As much as the reality didn’t work out in the end, his heart finally got to know true love and I think a part of it stayed with Lisa Marie right until the very end.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Lisa Marie Launching New Exhibit About Her Father And Asked About Michael, Good Morning America, 1st of February 2012 ]

Presley did not want to talk at length about Jackson. The exhibit displays a photo of her and Jackson visiting a children’s hospital in Budapest, Hungary.

“It was just one of the moments that was captured … we were helping this child get a liver transplant,” she said.

When asked what comes to mind when she thinks of Jackson, she said: “I can only say that I have good memories.”

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Michael Jackson and Tatiana Thumbtzen

Tatiana Thumbtzen was the star of Michael Jackson’s video The Way You Make Me Feel. She performed with him at he 1988 Grammys and did shows with him in on the second leg of the Bad Tour in Kansas City and New York, where she famously kissed him during their performance.

Youtube Video: Audio of the show where Tatiana kisses Michael, MSG, New York, March 5h 1988
Full Length HD Quality video for The Way You Make Me Feel

[EXPAND Tatiana started out as a ballet dancer, photos ] Michael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rare [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana modelling in Japan, photos ] Tatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modellingTatiana Thumbtzen, rare, Japan, modelling [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana began professional modelling as a teen, photos ]

Michael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rare
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael Jackson and Tatiana Thumbtzen shoot The Way You Make Me Film is filmed in Los Angeles, set photos, September 1987 ]

Michael shoots the video of The Way You Make Me Feel in Los Angeles directed by Joe Pytka, choreographed by Vincent Paterson and featuring Tatiana Thumbtzen

The Way You Make Me Feel, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Michael Jackson, girlfriends, datedThe Way You Make Me Feel, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Michael Jackson, girlfriends, datedThe Way You Make Me Feel, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Michael Jackson, girlfriends, datedThe Way You Make Me Feel, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Michael Jackson, girlfriends, datedThe Way You Make Me Feel, Tatiana Thumbtzen, Michael Jackson, girlfriends, datedMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rareMichael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rare[/EXPAND] [EXPAND The Way You Make Me Feel video premieres, October 31 1987 ] MTV premieres the video of The Way You Make Me Feel. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana news report, St Petersburg times, Music Video Star is Clearwater’s Own, 5th November, 1987 ]

When retired Clearwater school principal O’Cain Thumbtzen told me tha his daughter Stephanie was going to be in Michael Jackson’s new video, I kind of assumed she would have a bit part dancing in the background. That’s sort of what he thought, too.

My wife, teenage son and I tuned in the Entertainment Tonight show Tuesday and watched Michael sing and dance his way through The Way You Make Me Feel, while pursuing this strikingly beautiful young woman.

Could that be Stephanie, whose professional name is Tatiana Thumbtzen? I’ve never met her and had not seen her picture in about a year. No, we all agreed. That’s too big a part for a hometown Clearwater girl. Three additional women appear toward the end of the video and we decided one of them must be Stephanie.

Wrong! “Clearwater’s Own” is indeed the featured performer opposite one of the world’s superstars. O’Cain said his daughter and seven or eight others auditioned for the part last summer. When they finished, Michael called Stephanie back. She told her that Michael is “very pleasant,” to work with and “very gentle and humane.”

I’m not much for rock videos, or Michael Jackson for that matter, but it really is fun to point out his current video costar and exclaim, “Hey, I know her mother and father!”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND The Way You Make Me Feel single is released, 23rd November, 1987 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana talks about why the video didn’t end with a kiss, People magazine, January 18, 1988 ]

“My heart raced when his hand actually touched my leg.” That’s how Michael Jackson made her feel, says Tatiana, his dancing partner in Jackson’s latest video, The Way You Make Me Feel. The storyline has Jackson chasing Tatiana (also known as Yvonne Thumbtzen) through an old car. Her heel gets caught in the upholstery, and Michael gives her a hand in getting unstuck. The gloved one’s touch proved too much. “I fell flat and, as I got up, Michael was dusting off my butt. It was one of my favorite scenes,” says Tatiana. So why doesn’t the video end with a kiss? “Everyone asks that,” she says. “But just because we don’t kiss onscreen doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen later on. But I’d rather keep that personal,” says Tatiana. So would we.

Excerpt about this interview from her book:

On December 30th 1987, I had an interview with People Magazine. Todd Golden did the interview by telephone. I was pleased with the interview.That was my first experience in realizing that things do not always show up in print in exactly the way you say them in interviews. Just the same, I was proud of the piece and Julie was estatic. She asked me; ”So how does it feel to be on the same page as Cher and Elizabeth Taylor.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana invited to Leave Me Alone set, photos, Late January 1988 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana interview on “Hour Magazine” talking about working with Michael, 1988 ]

Youtube video of Tatiana interview on “Hour Magazine” in 1988 Part 1
Youtube video of Tatiana interview on “Hour Magazine” in 1988 Part 2″

Michael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rare

Gary Collins: Joining us is Michael Jackson’s costar in the hit video, Tatiana Thumbtzen. Nice to meet you. (something inaudible)
TT: It’s that kind of weather.
Gary Collins: How are you? Are you enjoying this sort of celebrity status that you’ve got?
TT: I’m having a great time.
Female interviewer: Did you get the job because you look like him? (audience gasps, laughs)
TT: No, I…
Female interviewer: He wishes he looked like you, right? (audience gasp) You’re prettier, you are prettier.
TT: Thank you.
Female interviewer: But naturally.
Gary Collins: Did they tell you it was for him when you got the audition? I’d guess when word got out they would be inundated.
TT: All they really said is that it was for a serious artist, my agent told me it would probably be for someone like Prince or Michael Jackson… When I went to the audition I heard “Beat It” was playing as I ran through the scene so I thought it was for Michael.
Female interviewer: Can you dance that way? Because ballet dancers are not usually good rock dancers.
TT: I did classic ballet, but I had to learn jazz and (inaudible)…
Gary Collins: How many people were involved in this audition? And why do you think you were selected? And please don’t be modest.
TT: Hmm, um…
Female interviewer: Because you look like Diana Ross.
Gary Collins: No, no…
Female interviewer: You’re prettier than both of them.
TT: 4 girls at the actual call back, the first call I think were several hundred girls, the second call where I actually met Michael there were just 4 of us.
Gary Collins: What’s he like?
TT: He’s great. He’s such a wonderful person and he’s so cute.
Gary Collins: He seems very very shy.
TT: So was I.
Gary Collins: Did you break the ice?
TT: It was difficult on set on the first day because when we were introduced and I shook his hand I could not look at him for a moment. (laughing)
Gary Collins: Does he look at you straight in the eye? Is there a lot of intensity there?
TT: Very. (inaudible) To break the ice I kind of… (cut) and when I came back there was a (inaudible)
Gary Collins: But wasn’t there a moment where you worked together, at least hopefully there was, where you think it’s gonna be okay, we’re friends and we can relax.
TT: I think the moment where we broke the ice is when my foot got stuck in the car upholstery and Michael put his hand on my leg to try and help me and I thought I’d die. Oh my God, he’s actually touching me. I got so excited and the director was screaming “Keep going, keep going,” so I pulled away and landed out of the car on my butt and my face was beet red and Michael was cracking up and I gave in laughing too ’cause it was quite funny and as I got up he was wiping me off…
Gary Collins: He touched your… [butt] TT: Yeah. (audience reacts) It was great.
Female interviewer: I don’t blame him.
Gary Collins: What is it about Michael Jackson that makes people turn to jelly?
TT: I don’t know, it’s magic. He has a power that you just feel when he’s in the room.
Female interviewer: I know Michael since the Jackson 5… he doesn’t look the same anymore, but he’s inside there somewhere.
TT: He is the same person inside, he’s very beautiful.
Gary Collins: What’s all this stuff about sleeping in an oxygen tank and all of that, being very shy, very…
Female interviewer: So, so… (something inaudible)
Gary Collins: Will you stop? One minute you’re knocking him, now you’re…
Female interviewer: I’m trying to be an arbitrator.
Gary Collins: Did he seem normal?
TT: He’s very normal.
Female interviewer: It’s not easy for him to go out in the real world.
TT: He is the most decent person I’ve ever met, and I wish there were more like him, you know, I really do.
Gary Collins: Are you dating him?
TT: We’re friends.
Female interviewer: Can you imagine their babies.
Gary Collins: Are you dating him?
TT: Not yet.
Gary Collins: Our guest today was Tatiana Thumbtzen, thank you very much Tatiana, good luck with your career. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Second leg of Bad Tour rehearsals, Tatiana featured on Entertainment Tonight, February 1988 ]

Tour rehearsals are held in Pensacola, Florida. Some footage is aired on Entertainment Tonight.

Michael Jackson Tatiana Thumbtzen, photos, girlfriends, model, sexy, photos, rare [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana interview, Touring With Michael is a Long Way From Home, St Petersburg Times, 20 Feb ]

Clearwater’s Tatiana Thumbtzen got a phone call in California this week that was worth calling home about – so she did.

She excitedly called her parents O’Cain and Evelyn Thumbtzen, here to tell them that Michael Jackson had called her from Pensacola where he’s in rehearsal for a 13 city American tour. He asked Tatiana, the costar of his current video, The Way You Make Me Feel, to join him when the tour opens in Kansas City Tuesday. He said he wants her on stage with him to kick off the tour. She was unsure whether she’ll be going to any other cities with him.

Tatiana told her parents she will be interviewing fans in the audience for a segment on PM Magazine.

In a short note to me recently, Tatiana writes about making the video with Michael, which 2was truly a dream come true for me… I consider him the ‘legend’ of our time.”

If you’ve seen the video, you’ll recall she steps ino he front seat of a cat, with Michael right behind her, and then exits the other side. “My heel got caught on the seat cover, and I got nervous because the director was screaming, “Keep going! Keep going!”

She said Michael touched her leg as he was trying to help her, and that made me so nervous, “I fell out of the car on my bottom. My face turned bright red and Michael was laughing… I started laughing, too, because it was funny.”

But when the video was finished, she said, Michael “thanked me for being so professional” and gave her an autographed hat that he wears at his concerts and Pepsi Cola commercials. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael kicks off the American leg of the Bad Tour in Kansas City, Missouri, February 23/24 1988 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael Jackson and Tatiana Thumbtzen perform together, Grammy Awards, March 2, 1988 ]

March 2nd, 1988 Grammy’s, Tatiana performs on stage with Michael

At the 30th Grammy Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York , Michael fails to win any awards for Bad but he makes an amazing performance of The Way You Make Me Feel and Man In The Mirror and gets a standing ovation from the whole industry. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Sheryl and Tatiana pose backstage of the Grammys, Jet Magazine, 21 Mar 1988 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana performs onstage with Michael and kisses him, photos, Madison Square Gardens, New York, March 3-5th 1988 ]

Concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York City. During the show on March 5th, Tatiana Thumbzten replaces Sheryl Crow on The Way You Make Me Feel and kisses Michael on the mouth.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Various press articles about the kiss ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana’s Star Grows Brighter, St Petersburg Times, 5th March 1988 ]

Clearwater celebrity Tatiana Thumbtzen is having a big week. The young woman, who is featured on the Michael Jackson video, How Do You Make Me Feel?, was interviewed on he PM Magazine TV show Tuesday night. The segment included shots of her performing with Michael in Kansas City as the start of his national tour.

She also appeared with Michael for one fleeting moment as he performed on the Grammy Awards show on Wednesday night. And she is appearing with him this weekend at his tour performances in Madison Square Garden.

Tatiana, the daughter of O’Cain and Evelyn Thumbtzen, doesn’t know whether she will be accompanying Michael on the entire tour. “Michael loves surprises,” she said in a photo interview from her New York hotel room, and she doesn’t know what plans he has for her. His invitation for her to appear with him in Kansas City New York was a last minute decision.

As for surprises, “It’s like Christmas,” she said. “I’m having the time of my life.”

Tatiana, who most local people still know as Stephanie, said fans are beginning to recognize her, take her picture and request autographs.

She said she recently completed a movie, The Perfect Model, in which she has a cameo speaking part. “Not just a strut but speaking, too.” She has also been called by one of the cable music networks about being a guest host.

As she told the PM Magazine interviewer, “I’m just so happy!” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Video star visits home, tells Hollywood tales, Tatiana news report, 13th Jan, 1989 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana speaks in Ebony about her career in Hollywood, March 1989 ]

Tatiana Thumbtzen, 28, danced her way to celebrity status as the nymph like creature pursued by Michael Jackson in the video, The Way You Make Me Feel. Now she awaits her own definition of stardom. “I sign autographs for people who stop me on the street, but there are times I don’t have the ren,” she says. Born in Clearwater, Florida, Tatiana studied ballet, but the desire to model and act eventually lured her from dancing. The LA actress can now be seen in a commercial with Mario Van Peebles and in the introduction of the TV series A Different World.

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana presenting MJ with the BRE award, photo featured in JET 26 June 1989 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Found in the Vaccaro Vault of possessions owned by Michael and the Jackson family, Portfolio for Tatiana, photo of her half-naked was taken in 1990 ]

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana on the Maury show where Katherine calls in to speak about her, video, Sometime August-December 1993 ]

Link to youtube video, Maury TV Show, amidst allegations about child molestation Tatiana defends Michael and says they had a year long relationship

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Jermaine mentions Tatiana, Tatiana interview, BET, sometime 1993-1994 ]

BET Announcer: Some of you remember the recent BET special where you, the public, had a chance to ask the Jackson family anything. Well, most of you wanted to know about Michael Jackson’s love life. Actress Tatiana says Michael Jackson is all man.

Woman on the street: This question is for Jermaine since you seem to be the closest. Has Michael Jackson ever had a girlfriend?

Jermaine: Yes, Yes, Yes. There was Tatiana that he was very close to.

Tatiana: The first day I met Michael and we were actually introduced, he reached his hand out and said hi to me and we shook hands. I was just so overwhelmed (smiling).

Tatiana: One of the first sparks was a scene in which I had to run through an old car and Michael chases me and by the third run through my heel had gotten stuck in the car upholstrey and I got stuck and the director said ‘Keep it goin’, keep it goin’ don’t stop’ Well, Michael put his hand on my leg to help me get unstuck and I uh, freaked out a little (smiling and glowing) bit and pulled away, and I uh, I ended up outside the car on my bottom. And as I had gotten up to continue with the scene, Michael had grabbed me and had actually started to wipe my bottom off.

Tatiana: He’s very romantic ’cause he’s so sensitive and caring.

Tatiana: His touch…his hugs…his kisses. I fell in love. Michael is not gay, he is not some kind of freak that the media wants to portray him as lately (very sad, angry look).

Tatiana: (She looks directly in the camera with a very sexy look) As far as his masculinity is concerned (arches her eyebrow and lowers her head) believe me, he is.

BET Announcer: Tatiana says she still loves Michael and just wants people to know how special he really is. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana on Geraldo, discussing Once More With Feeling, 1996 ] Youtube video: Tatiana on Geraldo, discussing Once More With Feeling, 1996 [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Two part interview where she discusses Once More With Feeling, 1997 ] Youtube video: 1997 Tatiana Thumbtzen discussing participating in a book “Once More with Feeling”
Youtube video: 1997 discussion “Once More With Feeling” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana talks about her time working for Michael, Extract from book “Once More With Feeling”, 1997 ]

To this day I have no idea what I did that was so terrible, but that was the end of the tour for me. I was not asked back when the Bad tour went on to several cities. Sheryl Crow took my place.

I went home and cried incredibly hard, over both the lost opportunity and over losing Michael. His mother, Katherine, was also puzzled by what happened. She later invited me several times to the Jackson compound in Encino and we talked at length. She told me that when we were shooting the video, Michael had asked her what he should do with me. He had told her how much he liked me and that he had feeling for me. She had told him to express himself, to tell me about his feelings.

He never did tell me anything of the kind, although several others in his camp – bodyguards, secretaries, and writers – had let me know. The only explanation I could fathom was that Michael’s top managers must have seen me as a threat. The Bad tour was one of the most successful promotions of his career, and the people working for him did not want anything to mess it up, especially a relationship with some girl they hardly knew.

Perhaps they thought of me as someone who, like a crazed fan, imagined herself being lovers with the superstar. Michael had done a music video of “Dirty Diana” with a similar storyline. To me, however, the feelings between us had always seemed very mutual. I felt a bond with him. Maybe it was because he, too, seemed to want to think of the world as color blind.
Perhaps, however, I was naive or mistaken or read too much into some of the things that happened between Michael and me. Even if that is so, I always behaved in a completely professional manner. Unfortunately, being fired from that tour had terrible repercussions for me both psychologically and professionally. I hope I will be able to put the experience behind me someday and go on, but for years it has haunted me. Certainly it illustrates how show business, money, and greed can keep apart two people who care for each other.

Encino, 1989
Joseph Jackson Misguides My Career
After leaving the Michael Jackson tour, Joseph Jackson, Michael’s father, wanted to sign me to a management contract. Like Michael’s mother, he also sympathized with me and didn’t like what had happened to me on the tour. When he proposed that he become my manager, I hoped he might really be able to help me. I had never had any problems getting contracts with agents or managers but finding one who could really build my career seemed to be the real challenge. I knew that Joseph was quite the ladies’ man, but he never tried to have his way with me. At the time we met he had a little Asian girl under contract, to whom he paid a lot of attention – unfortunately more than he ended up paying to me professionally.

After a while I realized that Joseph wasn’t going to be able to help me. In fact, I suspected that being under contract to him was probably hurting my career. All I wanted was to get out from under his control, but everyone to whom I showed the contract, including agents and lawyers, told me I was locked in. They said I needed a high-powered attorney with connections, but I had neither the money nor the clout to get one. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael talking about how he selects girls for videos, Conversations with Rabbi Shmuley 2000/2001 ]

SB: So what do you do in things like music videos when you’re expected to portray romance and do love scenes and things like that?

MJ: That’s why it is my job to cast the girl, because it is my job to think they are cute. So I can do it if I really like them, like some of the girls you see in my videos. I have cast them because I really like them and it caused a problem afterwards because they start to really like me, and I don’t want to get that serious, and it becomes a problem sometimes.

SB: You probably face this all the time because not only are you famous, but you are the kind of guy who women want to be around—soft, gentle, not afraid to express his emotions. Women die for guys who aren’t afraid to show vulnerability and softness, whereas a lot of the guys in Hollywood are stereotypically self-absorbed, self-obsessed, and can’t commit. So do you often find that this happens, that women get clingy?

MJ: What do you mean?

SB: Like you said, it is supposed to be a professional thing. You just film something with a female costar, but afterwards they become attached.

MJ: Yes, it happens.

SB: How do you break the news to them that you don’t reciprocate?

MJ: When they see me running the other way. Yeah. Some of them follow me around the world and it is so hard.

SB: That probably makes them chase you even more because they probably are drawn to that boyish shyness. To be sure, many women like “bad” boys. But for the same reason, a lot like shy guys. In the same way they believe that they can redeem the bad boy and polish up this coarse diamond, they believe the same thing about the shy guy. They think, “Only I can bring him out of his shell.” But I guess after a while, with you running halfway around the world from them, they get the message. But you never tell them directly?

MJ: No, because it would hurt them too much. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana interview about being fired used by Bashir in “Michael Jackson’s Secret Childhood, 2004 ] Youtube video: Tatiana discussing being fired on “Michael Jackson’s Secret Childhood”, 2002 [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana’s response to an article on, August 17th, 2004 ]

“My heart goes out to Michael and his family. I wish them nothing but the very best. Nevertheless, there has been much curiosity on my past with the pop star, and many journalists have been unfair and unkind in their interpretation in telling the story. That is why I choose to tell my experiences with the pop star myself and in my own words. I hope that my book will shed some light on the truth when it comes to my feelings towards him. To Michael, may god bless you!” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana interview by MJNewsOnline, December 15th, 2004, ]

How did you set out on your career in modelling?

I got into modeling on a fluke. I was scouted out one day while in ballet class, at The School Of American Ballet. It was Barry Lategan, (who discovered Twiggy in the early 60’s) who hired me for a special spread In Modern Bride Magazine. The spread featured ballerinas on point. It was the flame that sparked my modeling career. Several months later I met Antonio Lopez, a famous fashion Illustrator. Antonio took my modeling career to the next level, teaching me everything I needed to know and even introducing me to my future agent. I signed with the Ford Agency only to be dropped a week later. Because, they just didn’t know what do with me. They told me, “Your not black enough and your not white enough, Eileen doesn’t know what to do with you, stick with Antonio.” I was stunned and saddened by this. I was warned by Janice Dickinson not to sign with them but I didn’t listen to her. Sure enough…….Janice was right. Anyway, things turned out fine as I signed with the Zoli Agency a week later. And I even scored a contract to model in Japan becoming one of their biggest models for the next five years.

How were you approached to appear in Michael’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” video?

I was approached to appear In MJ’s video “The Way You Make Me Feel” through my agent Julie at JHR. Supposedly, I auditioned with 200 other girls. I believe it was my destiny though. It had been my dream for many, many years to meet and work with Michael. In fact, I actually let the opportunity of meeting him slip through my hands, (in the early 80’s ) while en route to an audition living In New York. And yes, I mentioned it to Michael while shooting the video. He even asked me why I didn’t stop and say anything to him. I replied that I was too shy and couldn’t figure out what to say.

Has your work with Michael influenced you professionally? If so, how?

His professionalism influenced me and also his perfectionism. We definitely have that one in common. He was the utmost professional. I loved watching him work.

Tell us a little of your experiences on Michael’s “Bad” tour.

My experiences on the Bad tour were unfortunately “BAD” and I don’t mean the bad as in slang terms. I mean Bad as in terrible. For the most part I was lonely and bored, except of course when I was on stage and saw Michael. I felt as though I was some sort of Barbie doll that they took out of the box when they needed to show it off. But, I kept getting all of these reports that Michael was in love with me. He even reported that to the media at one point. It was confusing and lonely to be me.

Do you recall any funny anecdotes whilst working with Michael?

One of my funniest anecdotes that I can remember was when Michael asked me If he could use some of my face powder. I was honored in obliging this request, but when he used it he went to town with the stuff. As if there was no tomorrow. I wanted to crack up but didn’t dare to out of fear he’d take it the wrong way. It was a cute site to see.

You have a new book out, “The Way He Made Me Feel”, tell us a little about it.

My book has been a work In progress, believe me! You can ask my friend and business partner Tonia Ryan. We have worked on it for two years now. And even longer for me, as I wrote it back in 1991. This is my Auto-Biography and it derived from my journal while living In Los Angeles. I hope it will be educational to those with stars in their eyes and a dream in their hearts. I truely believe that we are all put here to not only learn from our lessons but to give back to others. I hope my book does that. Because this girl learned “A Lot” and I have a lot to offer.

It has been reported that you and Michael have had a ‘falling out’ over the years, what is your response to that?

Going into writing my book this was one of the reasons why I wanted my story out their. So people would no longer speculate. I have had my words sliced and diced and have even been misquoted. So, I figured who better to tell my story than me? After all….I lived it! Not anyone else. And still I have had fans and foes bombard me with questions on MJ and my past. It’s time for me to put my story out their and move on. Michael and I never had a falling out and if we did…..I was unaware of It. In fact, his mother Katherine tried many times for us to get together and speak and it just never happened. He has never given me his ear. But, I do believe there are some misunderstandings from our past. As his family and I believed there were others in his camp keeping us apart. Everything happens in life for a reason. God doesn’t make mistakes. I put my trust “completely” in my Lord.

As you know, this interview is being conducted for the fans of Michael Jackson. Is there anything you would like to say to them?

I would like to tell the fans…….to “Always Keep Your Dreams Alive” and to always believe in yourself because anything is possible if you just “Believe.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana interview, discussing her book “The Way He Made Me Feel”, 2005 ] Youtube video: Tatiana interview, discussing her book “The Way He Made Me Feel”, 2005
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana Interview with MJJForum, 20th Dec, 2004 ]

Say what you want about Tatiana, but she has been where many fans wish they could go. She has worked with and dated Michael Jackson! Tatiana Thumbtzen has written a book titled “The Way He Made Me Feel”. It not only explains her relationship with Michael, but it also goes into other important events of her life.

Dip into our conversation…

Lei: I just want you to know that I have been a fan of yours since your
appearance in Michael’s video (The Way You Make Me Feel)! You and Mike looked great together. I was actually thrilled when I “heard” that you two were dating! Some fans still don’t believe that’s true? Would you like to elaborate on that?

Tatiana: This is the question that I get asked the most. This is actually one of the main reasons that I decided to write my book The Way He Made Me Feel. This is not something that I can answer in a few lines because I have chapters dedicated in detail about the experiences between Michael and me. I will tell you that Michael reported to the media, to members in his camp, and to his mother Katherine that he loved me.

Lei: I was always looking around and hoping I would see you pop up in another music video, movie, or something. I have seen all your television appearances and managed to find your website by just typing your name into a search engine. You even made me realize that a woman was sexy as hell in a black dress and boots! Any thoughts on that?

Tatiana: I had many disappointments while living in L.A. after doing the video. I went through much turmoil and distress. Fortunately, I chose to write about it all, it was extremely cathartic. Hence, my book was born. I tried getting a book deal and did, except it turned out to be a disappointment and a lesson. I also did an interview with a tabloid and basically learned the hard way that they were going to tell my story their way. Big mistake, but we live and learn – that’s what life’s about. So, I kept the hope and dream that someday I would do my own book “My Way.” As for the dress and boots…..well, it was the look I put together for the initial audition. It worked as Michael liked the look, from what I was told.

Lei: I know that you’ve done “Beat Street”, a music video for Levert, and liquor ad campaigns, but tell us what else you’ve done before the video with Michael? What have you been doing since?

Tatiana: Before working on the video with Michael, I had done several modeling jobs with my then agent Nina Blanchard. I did a campaign for Billy Dee Williams eye wear and an appearance on Hotel – a hot TV show at the time. Before that I lived in New York, which is where I grew up. While living in New York I had done my first video shoot with Herbie Hancock. It was his follow up album, (after his big hit with “Rockit”) titled Hard Rock. That prepared me in many ways and it was a blast. Prior to that, I modeled for five years in Japan.

Since I left L.A. in 1996, I have been focusing on my many projects I hope to bring to fruition, and learning from people and life itself.

Lei: You were one of the writers for “Once More With Feeling”, which by the way I can’t find at the local library and haven’t had the pleasure of reading it…yet! How does “The Way He Made Me Feel” differ from what you wrote in “Once More…”?

Tatiana: Once More with Feeling was a “great” disappointment. They wrote the story in their words and they focused on the stories that interested them. They were even selective about the other stories. I didn’t like this project. My book is the real thing. It’s in my “own words” and I tell the reader about all my crazy experiences and how heartfelt and confusing they all were. It is “My Autobiography”. Not a kiss and tell and not a tell all. It takes you on a bit of a journey, from me as a little girl and all the dreams I believed in, to real life and dealing with show business. And yes, it expresses the great love I had for Michael, although I have moved on with my life and my feelings for him. I will always wish him nothing but the very best; a small part of me will always care.

Lei: Are you single? Any kids?

Tatiana: No, I am not married and I do not have any kids. It would have been nice but it just hasn’t happened that way. The last time I dated was three years ago – he was a Miami police officer and he basically broke my heart into shreds. So, I have totally focused on my work and projects. Maybe someday the Lord will bring the right guy into my life, it would be nice. I have learned a lot and have been through a lot so it will definitely have to be someone mature, confidant, and sophisticated and has his own thing going on. But, I do pray a wonderful man will come along someday.

Lei: Are you recognized as “That Girl from the Michael Jackson video?” If so, has this been a career killer or thriller?

Tatiana: Unfortunately it was a career killer being “The Girl from The MJ Video”. For some reason casting agents couldn’t look beyond it. It hurt me a lot professionally; I lost work all the time. I am still recognized to this day and still there is this big curiosity and bombardment of questions. My partner Tonia saw this when we first met after being around me for a while. With the intrigue still lingering over me makes me even happier to know that people can just buy the book and leave me alone, (he! he!). [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana’s publicist Tonia Ryan makes a PR release about book, 24th January 2005 ] 24th January, 2005,

Tatiana Thumbtzen, the featured dancer in Michael Jackson’s 1988 video for “The Way You Make Me Feel” and the first woman to kiss him in public, admits in her forthcoming book, “The Way He Made Me Feel,” that she lied to Howard Stern and Maury Povich about having a romantic relationship with the singer back in 1993 when he first faced allegations of child molestation. She also describes Jackson’s obsession with child actors like Macaulay Culkin and Ricky Schroder. Her co-author, Tonia Ryan, said in a statement, “You do the math.” The book is due out February 14. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND MJ’s publicist responds, Contact Music 24 February, 2005 ]

“I pulled him close and as I was about to kiss him I felt the hand on my hip and before I knew it we were locked into this kiss.”

But the dream of dating a pop superstar as she toured the world with him were shattered when Jackson dumped her.

She recalls, “My dates just went by. A friend calls me, Michael’s stand-in, and tells me, ‘What’s going on? I’m really concerned about you.’

“He says, ‘You’ve been replaced. Sheryl Crow is doing your number…’ My world was shattered.”

But Jackson’s publicists insist Thumbtzen’s tale, as told to US news show ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, is fiction.

A spokesman says, “This is just someone else out trying to capitalise on Michael Jackson’s name.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Joe Jackson Biography, 2004 (roughly translated from German) ]

Brooke started university and Michael had begun to fall in love with a young dancer. They flirted with each other during the filming of one of his videos and he allowed them to be photographed together in front of his trailer. On their first date towards the end of the 80s Michael’s manager Frank Dileo was present as a sentry dog. Frank knew that Michael was interested in her and the three of them met at a restaurant. Without informing Michael, Frank had tried to court her even though he was married.

As soon as this young dancer realized that Michael was interested in her, she left her boyfriend, a Latino-American dancer who accompanied Madonna on her tour. The unknown dancer has never been near a celebrity and couldn’t believe that my son wanted her. She could barely overcome the excitement and openly spoke about their relationship. It wasn’t pleasant for Michael because he did not want her to be put out on a public review before he had the opportunity to spend some real time with her.

He invited the girl to our home so that my wife and I could get to know her. She liked all of us, she was young, beautiful and she had the heart of a child. Soon Michael had admitted to his mother that he was in love with the wonderful dancer. But he would like to get to know her better, therefore, he had invited her to accompany with him on his tour.

There was a strong sexual attraction between them and some time passed before the young woman couldn’t distinguish their relationship on stage during the show and offstage. She had called Michael at his hotel and had asked whether she could kiss him onstage. Michael had agreed, but had not discussed it with his manager.

They kissed that evening on stage. Michael liked it very much, but his manager was furious since he was afraid that Michael would lose his fans if they found out he was in a relationship.

When the photos of the kiss were printed and when this girl spoke on a talkshow about her relationship with Michael, Michael’s manager has decided that was enough. She was immediately fired. She had only answered a question of the of the host of the show, whether she had something with Michael, ” the you know what”. She hadn’t the slightest idea how closely the media observed her. Certainly, Michael’s friends Correy Feldman and Little Richard, both his sisters and brothers knew that he had romantic feelings for her but we had not uttered a word about it since it wasn’t clear whether their relationship was serious or not.

Michael was sad because then he had to let her go. She had simply been destroyed by this and very much tried to keep their relationship. She commissioned an artist to draw one of Michael’s favorite celebrities and sent this picture to his home.

In vain she tried to draw his attention to herself again, but Michael kept his distance, especially after he found out that she had dated Prince. He suffered from constant comparisons with the star and did not want to have anything in common with the yellow press in which they discussed that his former girlfriend had replaced him with Prince, and then with one of the boys in Milli Vanilli. When Michael’s lawyer tried to introduce her to one of his brothers, it also didn’t help. Nothing came out of it, because she was still in love with Michael.

I pitied the poor girl. She was a lovely girl, but she could not bear the burden of fame after she was shot in one of Michael’s videos. After that she was recognized everywhere but she hardly had money to pay the bills. I offered to become her manager, met with July McDonald, Paula Abdul’s agent, and had asked them to find her a job. July had tried very much and eventually she was employed by the known choreographer Jeffrey Horanday who too worked with Michael before. But she trained insufficiently and though she had a promising start, she had no success. I in fact wanted to help her, was engaged in her management, but eventually she was still too immature, and after I had helped her to earn a couple of thousand dollars, which she was required to pay taxes, I once again paid attention to the career of my children.

When the charges against Michael had appeared, her money must have just have ended again and that’s why she talked on TV about Michael, but she said such nonsense, that it didn’t seem real.

Soon after that Prince saw her in a nightclub and started talking with her about it and reproached her because she had not told the truth, had not mentioned that Michael had been in love with her. Prince knew all about their story because whilst she was with him she spoke only about Michael and had told him that she was crazy about him. I did not reproach her – these talkshows will confuse anyone. But I am glad, that Prince had expressed her his opinion on her hypocritical behavior. She tried to get out and had explained that her words have been twisted but Prince did not believe her. He accused her of telling lies about Michael for money when she was the one who could tell the truth.

Well all right, anyway, after that Michael dated princess Stefanie of Monaco and even secretly recorded a song with her. Certainly nobody had to find out that Stefanie was the female voice in this duet. Michael never wanted that the public found out too much about women in whom he was interested. And since his private life is all out there, you can’t blame him for it. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Excerpts from her book, The Way He Made Me Feel, 2005 ]

TR: What year did you return to New York City?

TT: I returned in 1984 and while going on one of many casting calls , who did I find pounding the pavements of New York City at just a mere five feet away from me? It was Michael Jackson!

This was before he had taken on the title ”The King Of Pop” I could not believe it! I just could not believe my luck. I kept following him and checking him out. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with a cap pulled down low on his face but I could tell it was Michael Jackson. I wanted so bad to stop and talk to him but I just could not figure out what to say. I was thinking of a way to stop and talk, I thought that maybe I could pretend to ask him for directions, but then I thought what to do after that? I just could not do it! I got shy and froze at the thought of talking to him. I followed him for about five blocks before it hit me that I was going to be late for my audition.


In 1987 I signed with a new agency, Joseph, Heldfond and Rix, at the time a fairly powerful group. Julie, my agent, sent me on an audition for a Michael Jackson video, “The Way You Make Me Feel.” I wasn’t told, though, whose video this was for. But I discovered later that two hundred other hopeful young actresses tested for that part.

When they called me, I was told to walk and show some attitude. The scene took place on a street in a rough area. A bunch of guys start hassling the character I was reading for, taunting her with lines like. “Hey baby, what’s up?”

Coincidentally, the very same thing had happened to me as I was on my way to the audition. Some guys had hassled me on the street, so you might say I was prepared. I ran through the scene a few times, and my audition was put on videotape.

A few days later I was summoned to a small dress rehearsal. It was the first time I learned that the video was with Michael Jackson. I was brought into a room by the video’s choreographer, Vince Patterson. Michael was there but I was too shy to even look at him at first. Patterson directed me to go through some moves, which I followed perfectly. Finally I glanced up at Michael. He was sitting there in a red shirt, bopping to the music with this big, happy grin on his face. I saw him turn to the person next to him and say something. I later found out from David Banks, one of the video’s writers, that Michael had said, “She’s the one. The rest are extras.”

I will never forget when my agent called to tell me that I had the job. I screamed so loud that all of Hollywood must have heard me. It was such a milestone accomplishment for me. I felt like I had finally made it, and my career would soon be taking off.

The shoot lasted five days, with the fifth day devoted to outtakes and close-ups of me.

Page 54/55

TT: The time had come when a slim Michael came walking out through an alley. this particular alley is the one that I run down in the video that is a ‘dead end’. I stood trying to control myself and keep my cool. I could not look directly at him, but I could feel his presence within the group of people that surrounded him. His manager Frank Dileo, was to his left, and his photographer, Sam Emerson, was to his right. Michael stopped and stood five feet away from me. I could not believe the artist I most admired and loved stood just before me. It was more than a professional moment: he was the only one for me whom i secretly held a big crush.

I just could not bring myself to look up at him! Instead, I focused on Vince Patterson who stood to my left. Vince greeted Michael and they shared a few words. I didn’t know for a fact but sensed that the two had a rapport. Vince turned to me and introduced me to Michael. He said, ” Michael, this is Tatiana, and Tatiana this is Michael.” Michael extended his hand to me, and I extended mine. I looked into his eyes and managed a quick nervous smile. For some reason, I could not look into his eyes longer than a split second or two. His stare was so intense. His eyes were piercing right through my soul. Michael’s presence was more powerful then words could ever express.

TT: The stylist and director had me go through the wardrobe. Although we agreed on the look the previous day, we tested other looks just to make sure we were satisfied with the wardrobe. We agreed on the black dress.

It was the exact look that I put together myself for the original audition taping with Leeland. There was only one difference in my dress and their dress. Danskin made mine and theirs was an expensive Azzedine Alaia that was priced at around (UNREADABLE).

The boots were mine, and the bracelets were too. I created my own look for the video and I was proud of that creative control, and that Michael liked what he saw. The only thing they added was something that I did not considered. It was a track of hair weaves to add more length to my own hair. They told me it was Michael’s idea.

What was Michael planning to wear?

I remember asking him “What are you going to wear?”

He said in a sweet and soft voice, “This is what I’m wearing.”

I felt so embarrassed because I appeared to be very overdressed compared to his costume. I thought , how silly, I am dressed up like a working girl and here he is dressed casually. I did not get it and I felt that someone needed to change. Since I liked my outfit, it should be him. However, when I was around Michael, I soon forgot about costumes, hair, or make-up. I did not care. I was in bliss. I assume that this boy genius knew what was right. After all, he had that video Midas touch.


Once we started the routine I felt a little bit more at ease but the whole time I still felt as if I was dreaming. The day progressed and I flew higher and higher into the clouds.


TR:How did the routine play out?

TT:In the beginning of the routine Vince went over the scene with me saying, ”Now Michael is going to sing live and when he sings his part you are to walk in this direction.”

I agreed and I knew my cue, but when the time came, no such luck. I went into shock. Michael is very powerful live. All I could think of was that he was so small and thin so where the hell does that voice come from? How did he do that?

As I stood in shock wondering all of this, Vince was screaming his his head off at me, saying, ”Tatiana, Go! React, Go, Go, Now!” Finally, something snapped and I woke up. I thought, I have to perform as well.

I had a look on my face that reminded me of that Pepsi commercial. It is the commercial with little Alfonzo Ribeiro. It came out around 1986 or 1987. In the commercial, Alfonzo turns around and finds Michael standing behind him. He is full of shock, surprise and his mouth drops open.

After the initial shock, I was able to get on with my character. Then Michael yelled ”Hey” to get my attention.

Then he starts singing ”You knock me off my feet, now baby.” I start walking off ignoring him, but then a gang that did not let me pass through stops me. Michael follows me from behind continuing his pursuit.

TR: What happened at the end of your first day on the set? Did you talk to Michael before you left?

TT: Before going home he said, “Drive safe.” I told him that I do not drive, I do not know how to. Someone drove me here.”

He said, “Tell the driver to be safe.”

I said, “Okay, I’ll tell him.”

TR: What did you do when you get home?

TT: When I got home, I was so wired mentally that sleep was far off my mind.

For those four days, sleep and food were not a big part of my agenda. I was running on excitement and adrenaline. My normal weight of one hundred and one pounds was down to only ninety-eight pounds. Not such a big difference, but on my small frame a few pounds does make a difference. I looked forward to the next day as I had the first.

Were you less nervous then you were the first day?

Unfortunately, by next morning my nerves had not improved any.


I got up, dressed myself, did my hair and make-up and I was off to the set. I could not wait to see Michael again. I never wanted this job to end.

TR: What did you and Michael talk about the second day of shooting?
Did you talk to the rest of the cast?

With both of us being extremely shy, we did not talk much at first. We did smile and stare at each other many times though. The wole crew was great and the writer David Banks was wonderful.It was a primo gig. It was the gig of “all gigs.” Even the real gang members that he hired were pleasant. I guess being on a (unreadable) set can bring out kindness in almost anyone.

Michael Jackson, Craig Parks, behind the scenes The Way You Make Me Feel

(Michael and his stand in, Craig Parks)

The one person that I became close to on the set was Michael’s stand in Craig Parks. We sat and talked about how awesome the set was and how wild it was-being such a perfect replica of New York. We also talked about how the guys were real gang members.

I told him how excited I was to work with my idol. Craig had worked with Michael several times before. He told me about his experiences with Michael and how he loved practical jokes. The last days of the shoot with Michael for me had gotten better. Everyone became more relaxed and natural. That is when Michael and I shared a special moment. The icebreaker. This was the same morning that the director, treated me a way that I would have never expected.He took me by total surprise.

TR:What did the director do that surprise you?

TT: I reported to the set. I stood across from Joe waiting for his direction as he yelled at one of the grips

I remember thinking, my God, this is how he treats his people? That is terrible. I had no idea that mine was coming soon. As I started my routine, he snapped! I do not even know what I did to receive such treatment, not even this day.

He started yelling, “You stupid fucking bitch? What’s your fucking problem? Didn’t you have your fucking coffee yet?” My eyes got big. my ears grew red and my heart became pained. I could not believe that he was treating me like this.

I stood frozen in my footsteps. I felt tears welling up in my eyes and I was chocked up with so many emotions that I couldn’t control the tears that were about to flow from my eyes. I heard him say ” Let me know when you are ready to work.” I became determined not to let his negative aura get the best of me. I replied ”No, let me know when you’re ready to work” and I ran off the set.


I ran into the dressing room and I cried for about five minutes. I poured out all the pain his words caused. A few of the guys and the stylists asked me what was wrong, and why I was crying. My emotions took over so I could not reply.

I just could not speak at all. I was balling my eyes and heart out to the extreme. Joe Pytka is known for this behavior, and I was slowly learning this. Someone told me he had a lawsuit against him because of it.

Cindy Crawford had admitted to his temperamental personality when she made her Pepsi Cola commercial years ago. She said he called models names like (Unreadable). She admitted to him calling others girls names, but never her. Of course he did not dare try to do this to Cindy Crawford. She was too famous!

I just could not figure out the mind-set of his treatment. I do feel that I can honestly say, I am and have remained humble throughout all the Hollywood weirdness. I feel that I am as real as they come. After all, I am only a human being.

He was physically abusive towards a grip. It was amazing to me that he treated me this way, and I could not believe that he worked with such negative energy. I mean people noted him to be the best at his craft.

TR:Did you get back to the set?

TT:Yes and when I reported on the set I was willing to forget about it. Just for the sake of professionalism, but I will never forget it.

It was surprising that Joe’s attitude changed suddenly once I returned. He was a bit kinder.

TR: Why do you think her change his attitude? Do you think he realized what he did?

TT: I later learned that Sam Emerson watched him yell at me and went back to Michael to report it. Frank Dileo, was the one who spoke to Joe. Whatever he said, it helped, Joe never openly attacked me again. There were little comments like, “You’re not a star! Tatiana Petitze, the model is a star”. Tatiana Petitze was a famous supermodel at that time. He whispered that in my ear. I thought this must be his way of making me stay humble or something


Did Michael say anything to you about what had happened?

TT: By this time. Michael arrived on the set and seemed concerned about me. I could see it in his eyes. He even brought it up. He asked ”Are you okay?”

I expressed that I did not understand why Joe used that language. It was not so much him yelling at me as much as the language and tone he used. I told Michael that I was a lady and I did not expect treatment like that from anyone. We soon forgot about it.

I was just happy that Michael arrived. A bit later La Toya, Michael’s sister, and mother Katherine arrived. I wanted to meet them. The thought of meeting more Jacksons was exciting. I remember thinking how close LaToya were in size. She disagreed and said I was even smaller. I did not learn until a year later that we both shared the same middle name, Yvonne. We talked a bit and I discovered that our favorite vegetable was broccoli as we waited to shoot our group shots.

I met Michael’s mother at lunchtime

TR: How did you meet his mother

TT: There I was standing near the end of the buffet line waiting for it to move. I saw Mrs. Jackson at a distance with a friend. Janet seems who later became my hairdresser They started walking towards me. I remember thinking Oh MY God! She is coming towards me. Michael’s mother and is coming towards me. what do I say? I just could not help but be start struck by her.

A s she stood next tome, i only mustered up a shy smile. Janet, introduced us. she said, ” Mrs. Jackson this is the girl Michael’s working with Tatiana. ” I said, ” ¸Hi nice to meet you. ” Then she went to look at the buffet but never walked away with anything. To be honest, I could not help but to think that she was checking me out. She wanted to see the girl she had heard about. The girl that had captivated Michael’s interest or tweaked Michael’s curiosity, and I eventually found out I was correct about her suspicion. She admitted it to me later.

tr:Michael talked about you to his mother?

TT:Yes and later in the day, there as an incident that has become a fond memory

We were shooting the scene in which I run from Michael by going through this beat-up car, and he follows me. It was the second take and by that time I was having much fun with the scene. I made faces at him in the car and then ran out leaving him stunned.

By our fourth take, the heel of my boot was caught in the cars upholstery and Michael put his hand on my leg to help pull it out. It blew my mind that he had actually touched my leg, which I pulled away and began to tumble out of the car falling on my butt and hard too! Michael started laughing hysterically as Joe Pytka yelled, “Get up, keep it going, keep it going, and don’t stop.” As I did, Michael got out of the car and started wiping my butt off.

I could not believe it! Michael was flirting with me. I thought if anyone questioned his manhood, here was his or her answer. This was a guy who didn’t care about expressing his likeness or attraction to me in front of others. It broke the ice of our shyness between each other and it gave me a rush. We laughed about that one for a while.

The fall caused a run in my stockings and the stylist wanted me to change. I started walking of the set and Michael asked, ” Where are you going?” I explained that she wanted me to change my stockings. He disapproved by saying. “No, I like it. I think the run is neat. It’s sexy.” I found that comment was a masculine statement, and personally, I did not think the run would matter.

However, that one moment was the most memorable of the shoot except for the final scene when we hug. It made me realize that my dreams had come true. Michael also said that he loved my walk and that it was very sexy. This I felt for sure was a compliment from a heterosexual male.

Did you two continue talking?

Between the break, I admitted to him that I saw him years ago in New York walking ahead of me and that I followed him a few blocks.

He said, ”Oh really? Why didn’t you say something? You should have said something.” Because I was too shy and couldn’t think of what to say.

This was truly ironic: I had followed him several years before on the streets of New York and now here he was chasing me in his video.

What happened the rest of the day on the set?

As we continued shooting the car scene, I was choreographed to run towards my girls, while we laughed and made gestures at them:making fun of Michael and the guys. I then walked off, like ”Yeah right,” and walked around to another car: a Volkswagen where Michael started a game of hide-and-seek.

Next I walked up to a street bench and sat down while he tried to get my attention I tried not to focus on the fact that we were coming close toward the end of the video and I kept trying not to think about it.

How were you feeling that night knowing that the following day would be the last day of the shoot and maybe the last day you would see Michael?

That night as I was lying in bed. It was very sad for me. All I could think about was that tomorrow would be my last, I fell asleep with much sadness in my heart. The morning sun came and I awoke with excitement of seeing Michael’s face again.

So how did the last day go?

TT: We began a scene in which I run up to an apartment building, avoiding him again, and then I run back down stairs. Michael told me, “Whatever you do, don’t fall down the stairs or I will start cracking up.” I was thinking what a brat. During a quick break from the scene, Michael pointed out two birds high above us perched on a ledge — they were making love. He said, “Look,” while pointing up. I became embarrassed and shy and I looked away blushing. Michael stood gazing at me with this sweet smirk on his face that was somehow naughty.

what was it like watching Michael dance live and up close?

Watching Michael dance with his group was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever experienced, My dance experience gave me a deep level of appreciation for the opportunity to have been part of all this. I had already seen some of the greatest acclaimed dancers ever-Rudolph Nureyev, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Edward (unreadable). Michael was a perfectionist. I admired

how he emulated the mood of the legendary work West Side Story but in his original and completely fresh version.
didn’t realize it then but I was falling for him. My heart was growing and my emotions were becoming wrapped up in him.

what are your other memories

Michael had some interesting and exciting guests visit the set. I met Corey Feldman, Emanuel Lewis, and Kidada Jones; Quincy Jones’ daughter. When we were introduced, she was not friendly at all and the only thing I could not figure was that she would have disapproved of any girl Michael chose for his video.


TR: What happened as you approached the last scene?

Michael had requested a closed set for the final scene in which we hugged, no one was allowed other than people necessary to th shoot. No dancers, visitors, or extras.

It was quietly rumored that we were supposed to kiss at the end of the video scene but Joe came up to me and whispered in my ear, ”Don’t kiss him, he’s too shy for that, don’t kiss him!” Therefore, of course I respected his direction.

I would never question an order from the director. As I stood and turned to my right, I looked out to see Michael. He approached me we stared deeply into one another’s eyes. I felt as though he could see my sadness and could hear my heart.He placed his arms around me and mine around him. I remember him stroking my back up and down as to say, ”I care for you too.” You can see this in the video. I felt it was all happening too quickly.

The weirdest thing about that scene was the way the light hits the water. It actually made the shape of a heart behind us. Between the scenes, Michael said to me, ”I heard you wanted to dance in this video.” I admitted it was true and I said ”I thought I would get the opportunity to dance with you.”

Michael replied in a soft and sweet voice, “Don’t worry, we’ll work together again.” Suddenly I felt content and confident that his words were true, and my hear felt with joy. However, it did not linger in my mind for long after his promise. I settled for what I got. I mean, how many people even get that close to a dream? I was fortunate, in starring side by side with him. It was the Fred and Ginger of the 80’s as far as videos are concerned.

I was thankful to Jesus a million times over, and I knew then that dreams do come true. I have lived a few and I hope many more to come.

TR: Did anyone on the set notice there was something going on between the two of you?

TT: One of the actors said to me, ”You like him don’t you? I can tell you both like each other. Bet you’ll end up married and have ten kids.”-I remember thinking,… with my little body I don’t think so!…

One of Michael’s own security guards even asked me during a break if I had a boyfriend. He asked as if he was asking for Michael. Michael stood by doing some out takes and I waited around and watched with my new buddy Craig

TR: How did you feel at the end of the day?

TT:When his final shot came I was sad and a bit depressed knowing the end was near, as we walked Michael off to his trailer. He thanked me for being so professional and I remember being a bit surprised.

Those were golden words to my ear as I expressed how great it had been working with him and then he asked me if his team had my number. I floated out of the trailer. As I left, I could hear Michael say to Frank :

”Aren’t you going to give it to her?”

Frank replied, “No, why don’t you give it to her? It’s from you.”

They were bickering like kids and before I knew it Frank tossed one of Michael’s hats to me. A black fedora with his name embroidered in gold inside the rim that he used in the Bad Tour. I caught the hat as if on cue and as I walked off I recall saying ”I love you Michael” I guess the fan was coming out of me.

Or maybe I could just not admit that my comment was much more personal. I did not own one Michael Jackson album or tape at that time so my feelings were based on respect for him as an artist and what I came to know of him as a person rather than being a fan.

Of course. I owned the Bad LP when we finished the project. I was honored to have been a part of the history and the making of the video. Several days later, I finally got my appetite and my sleep back on schedule but working with Michael been the greatest natural highs that I ever experienced.


TR: Did you see or talk to Michael after you shot the video with him?

TT: Not long after the video production was over, Michael’s stand-in, Craig, who had become a friend of mine, called and said, “You know, Michael talks about you all the time. He asks me how you are and told me to tell you hello. I think he really likes you. He says stuff like how incredibly beautiful you are and how sweet you are.”

In January, Michael was shooting a new video entitled Leave Me Alone. To my utter surprise, Craig called to say that Michael invited me to come and visit him but that I would need to clear my visit with Michael’s personal secretary Joli.

I was ecstatic at the thought of seeing Michael again. My heart raced with the warmest and

happiest of feelings. The location was in Culver City and I only had forty dollars with me which I knew wasn’t enough to get there and back but I figured I would worry about that later. I just could not pass up the opportunity to see Michael again especially since he had invited me.

When I arrived I was just so nervous and excited to see him. I remember taking a big breath as I pulled open the studio door. To my left, Michael stood on a platform that was about four to five feet off the ground. He wore a yellow Hawaiian print shirt with a ball and chain wrapped around his leg. It was the funniest site. I had arrived between takes and Michael seemed genuinely pleased to see me. For the rest of my visit he was full of smiles. Craig and I hung out while Michael did his scenes and for a short break. Sam Emerson, Michael’s photographer, asked that Michael and I pair up to do some photos. He took a full roll and film and they gave me two of the Polaroid’s as a gift. In one of the shots Michael was cuddling me and in another I was wearing his long black coat.Craig (Michael’s stand in) and I hung out whole Michael did his scenes and for a short break. Sam Emerson, Michael’s photographer, asked that Michael and I pair up and so some photos. He took a full roll of film and they gave me two of the Polaroids as a gift. In one of the shots Michael was cuddling me and in another I was wearing his long black coat.

Leave Me Alone, Michael Jackson, Tatiana ThumbtzenLeave Me Alone, Michael Jackson, Tatiana ThumbtzenLeave Me Alone, Michael Jackson, Tatiana Thumbtzen

He told me that The Way You Make Me Feel had charted number one that day and Michael complimented on the earrings I was wearing. They were of a little boy and girl engaged in a kiss. As we finished the photos, Michael’s manager Frank Dileo arrived. Michael joined him in his trailer and a few minutes later they asked me to join them, When I stepped into the trailer Frank took control, as Michael seemed to be a little uncomfortable and at a loss for words. He kindly asked me to have a seat and join them for some pie.

Michael sat next to the window and I sat beside him as Dileo took the containers out of the bag. Michael impatiently, like a kid, opened his up and started to chow down. Frank asked ”So, how is it going?” I started telling them about my interview for Hour magazine. Michael was inquisitive and seemed to know nothing about it. Frank, on the other hand, was aware of the interview and began to explain the scenario to Michael. Frank then offered me some of his banana cream pie which I later learned is one of Michael’s favorite. When I dove in to get a piece somehow I ended up with a larger slice than Frank and I jokingly remarked that I needed more of it than he did anyway. Frank was taken aback by my comment and his face turned red.

After a few minutes of small chitchat, Frank told me that he and Michael needed to discuss business

TR:Did you think that Frank’s statement was to dismiss you because of your comment?

TT:I wished I had not made the remark but I had not said it with any bad intent.
Michael just kept laughing like a kid. In fact, Frank laughed it off too as well. Nevertheless, I do not think he said he had to discuss business because of my comment. They left soon after. Frank was always rushing off somewhere.

It was not long after that Frank approached me about representing me. So I don’t think he was offended by my pie remark.
TR: what happened next?

I returned to the studio to hang out with Craig while Michael continued his shots, Craig and I stood nearby with Michael’s makeup artist Karen Faye. Michael and Craig were laughing about something between them, like a private joke as I stood next to Karen. She asked me what was going on — why were they laughing? I replied that I did not know, and I didn’t. I was simply smiling from the joy of being there. I was on cloud nine. I could feel Karen’s negative energy – probably because she felt I was holding something back from her. The rumor floating around was that Karen had feelings for Michael so it would complete the sense that she despised me and she did not try to hide it. You can feel a person’s heart when you look into their eyes.

Anyone could tell that Michael and I had chemistry when we were together. It was obvious to the eye and there was talk of his feelings about me going around. Craig was constantly telling me that Michael was asking about me and Michael would ask him to relay hellos to me. It was fun being there and seeing Michael again.

At the end of the day I realized I didn’t have a ride home. Still a recent transplant from New York, I didn’t drive yet. The cab to the studio had cost more than I had expected, and I didn’t have enough cash for a cab home. Craig pushed me to ask Michael for a ride.

Too shy to go to Michael directly, I explained my situation to Miko Brando, Marlon Brando’s son and Michael’s right-hand man, and asked if he could lend me a few bucks or give me a ride. Miko offered to check it out with Michael but thought it would be no problem to give me a ride in the limo. A few minutes later I was on my way home, sitting next to Michael in his black stretch Mercedes, which Miko was driving. At first Michael seemed nervous and jittery like a kid. We talked a lot, mostly about our families.

I asked Michael why he always wore tape wrapped around his fingertips during his performances. he explained that the tape gives an illusion of extension for dramatics. I thought how ingenious and I told him “You are a genius!” Michael loved this compliment and he smiled from ear to ear. He sweetly said “Oh thank you.” I placed my hand on top of one of his hands and then I picked it up and put it in both of my hands holding it gently. I could feel his nervousness. Then suddenly he picked up the phone as a call came in from his secretary Joli. I let go of his other hand so that he could manage the phone. He remarked that my hand has a roughness to it like his sister’s or members in his family. he didn’t say this in a bad or insulting way and it’s true. My hands are of an old soul, and other people have noticed this before. I felt that Michael liked me touching him but that somehow he just did not know how to deal with it.

When he dropped me off, I thanked him and said I hoped to see him again.

He said, “Oh, you will.”


One of the big Jobs Nina booked me on was a Billy Dee Williams eye-wear campaign. It was exciting to know that I was about to work with Diana Ross’ leading man from the film “Mahogany.” To my surprise Billy Dee arrived to the studio a bit liquored up. It was only 10:00 a.m. and we could all smell the liquor on him. he was frustrated and preoccupied with a personal problem, mumbling on about something. Still, I was excited about this day and working with him. When we got to work, the mood in the studio was fun and light. I did get a surprise though. The photographer positioned us with Billy Dee seated and me standing behind hovering over his light shoulder. The shot was a tight frame. Out of nowhere, his hand grabbed my lower private parts. I am certain that a shocked expression flashed across my face as I let a little scream out and jumped back. We did finish the shoot and the photographer called out a traditional ending, “That’s a wrap.”

I lost respect and admiration for Billie Dee that day. He hurt and disappointed me with his behavior. For a moment, I considered telling my agent Nina about it, but honestly, I did not want to cause a scandal or problem. I felt it was better to let it go and forget it.


The following month I sent Michael a valentine card. I wanted it to be special so I enclosed one of the earrings that he said he liked; the one with the little boy and girl engaged in a kiss. I thought for sure that would make my card stand out from the norm. I wanted it to have a romantic overtone. I contacted Joli for the mission.

On February 8th Frank Dileo, requested we meet at his office in Ventura. I remember being very excited until I got there and realized that Michael was not there and he was not going to be there. Frank told me that he had been Michael’s manager for a while, and confided that his luck could change any day. Michael could move on and get new representation so he had to think about future prospects and other clients. He expressed that he wanted to represent me. He told me how he could tell I had a thing for Michael and advised me to move on for my affection for him. he told me to focus on my career instead. he confused me. I did not understand his comments or his advise. he said that Michael and I would still be working together, and he gave me a tour jacket as a gift but he never came right out and told me I would be apart of the Bad Tour. Somehow, I just did not trust Frank. I guess because he was telling me something I just did not want to hear, as far as me moving on with my affections for Michael. He also made a comment about having me over and see his new home someday, but without mention of Michael being around or his own family being there.

We then discussed the request I had received from Michael’s office to audition for his upcoming Dirty Diana video and he disagreed with the idea of me doing another video for Michael. He said “You don’t want to be known for doing too many videos, and the role is a negative character. Just leave it be.”


(Tatiana talks about being invited to do the Bad Tour. She talks about the hotel she stayed in and how fabulous it was.)

When the management (of the hotel) told me that they were honored at having me as a guest, the truth was, I was honored at being their guest. Most of all, I was impressed with their hospitality. Unfortunately, When we returned to L.A, I heard someone say that Karen Faye had started a rumor that I complained about the service at the hotel and that I had demanded a suite. I was stunned, to say the least, but I knew that Karen did not like me. I could sense it whenever she was near.

That night I joined up was the final show in Kansas City followed by 5 days off. I spent most of my time in my room watching movies and I was bored. The only person that was socializing with me was Miko.

Why was he the only person you socialized with?

I came to learn, through one of the band members that Michael told them to stay away from me and not to bother me. I thought this was respectful of him to do and my mother especially liked it!

Why do you think he told them to stay away from you?

The way I perceived it, then, was he being protective. Michael knew that men could be dogs and the tour scenario just invited trouble. On tour, he wanted them to know that I was his personal interest.

4. On the 29th, we were off to New York City — the city of dreams and my home away from home. I could not help but remember the creative visualization I had done leaving New York for L.A. The words that ran through my head were, “Someday New York, I’ll be back in style.” I guess you could say that creative visualization does exist and I am a strong believer in it. With that, and a good amount of willpower, you can accomplish anything in life.

he next day on the 3rd, it was off to Madison Square Garden

This was our first date in New York City and still I had not had the opportunity to speak to Michael. I wanted a one-on-one with him. I wanted to thank him personally for making me a part of his tour. There were such brief verbal exchanges during our rehearsals and somehow, I just did not think it was too much to ask for.

So, you had not spoken with him yet?

The only time I saw Michael was onstage, or on television.

I was usually alone in my room watching movies or wondering what Michael was doing. Being on tour can be a bit boring especially if other members had been told to stay away from you

Honestly, this rule lead me to believe that Michael was going to spend some of his down time of his down time with me. I mean… Why not? Everyone was passing all these little mentions and comments from him to me. I often asked Miko about him.

On the 4th, we had down time and I once again spent part of my day off in my room with Miko. On the 5th I wrote in my diary that I was depressed and wanted to go back to L.A.


Did you finally get a response?

The following day was our day off. Once again, Miko was entertaining me. We had lunch, and yes I asked him about Michael.

Walking home from lunch, I saw my old friend Vanity on the cover of Playboy magazine. Suddenly, Miko and I were in a heated discussion about whether or not I would consider appearing in Playboy. Miko argued that I would and I argued that I would not

He insisted that I would do it for the right price. Later that night we took another walk. I told Miko that I wished I could take a horse and carriage ride with Michael.He asked me if I were crazy. He said, ”Mike could never do that! He would be recognized.” I argued with him that he would not. I mentioned how he could disguise himself, as he is known to do. In my mind Miko was losing the argument.

One of Hugh Hefner’s assistants told me Hef was good friend of Michael and that he did not want to involve himself with anything that was not ”Pro-Michael Jackson”.-Never did I consider my story against Michael in any way

(The PM Magazine was a magazine that Tatiana did an interview for after the TWYMMF video. Michael’s PR team set up the interview but surprisingly Michael did NOT know anything about it until later. That just goes to show you that Michael’s business team had more control than most people thought. They were doing things that Michael was unaware of.)

On March 1st, the PM Magazine piece aired. To my surprise, but not to my dismay, the story read as though Michael had found his soul mate in me. On this day, I left a message with Michael’s secretary Joli, and I told her that I wanted to speak to him. She explained how busy he was, but she said that she would give my message to him.

The following day, March 2nd, we performed for the 1988 Grammy awards at the famed Radio City Music Hall. Now I really felt on top of the world. This was history in the making. When we ran through the rehearsal I was so happy to see Michael again since it had been six days since the last time I had seen him.

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TR: So what happened during the rehearsal?

TT: Our routine was going to be different for this special performance. Michael started singing, The Way You Make Me Feel, then he went in The Man In The Mirror, combining the two songs.

During a short break, Quincy Jones played a practical joke on Michael. He placed a photo of Prince on the seat next to him. Michael nodded his head as to say, “No Way!” While the rehearsal continued, I had some off time so I sat in Michael’s seat watching. I caught Michael smiling at me with approval and a gleam in his eye.

At one point, as I was powdering my face, I realized that he was watching me. Before I blushed or even had a chance to get embarrassed, he asked if he could use some. I could not believe he was asking me this, but I was honored to share it with him and wee were going on stage so it was a natural thing. I watched him use it and it was a site to see. He was going to town with the stuff. I almost cracked up about it, but of course, I did not for fear that he would take offense. I treasured that compact with sweet memories. Unfortunately, a so-called friend of mine stole it from me.


After a couple of hours, it was back to our hotel, The Parker Meridian. I couldn’t resist calling my parents and keeping them informed on the day’s events. It was sad to me that they were not there to share this joyful time in my life but I kept thinking they would join me in another city.

TR: How did it feel to depart for a performance at Radio City Music Hall?

TT: We piled into the tour bus, and as they escorted us to the entrance and to my complete surprise fans were yelling my name. I could not believe it! One of the dancers even made a comment saying, ”Oh, so they know your name now huh?” This comment was sarcastic and made me feel a little uneasy. All I could think of was how weird this all was. Four years earlier, I had cried about not being able to attend a Michael Jackson concert and now here I was a special feature in one.

I was overwhelmed with my blessings. It was wild! Limos and celebrities were everywhere. As we gathered in one room waiting for our cue, I heard Michael through the door of a private room going through his vocal warm up. I noted how powerful his voice was! One of his security guys remarked to Michael that I looked beautiful and I heard Michael reply, ”I know. ”

He did not even see me yet.

Before I knew it, the incredible Stevie Wonder and his entourage were escorted inside. Yes, I was in awe.

TR: Did you get a chance to meet Stevie?

TT: Yes, someone introduced us and when he asked for something from the buffet. I was more than happy to hand him an apple. When I did, I told him how much I admired his music, and I told him that he was ”Bad’, which really meant good in 80s slang

Stevie laughed and told me, “No. this apple is Bad. That is what’s bad because you gave it to me. You are Bad.

TR: What an event even before the show time!

TT: It was!

Finally, we were escorted through the many hallways and the stairs of the music hall that lead to the stage. As we took our positions, the audience went silent in anticipation of us coming onstage. Peaking out from a curtain, I saw the faces lost in Michael’s magic. They were in a trance. I suddenly heard the familiar beat and signal for my cue.

When I stepped out onto the stage, I passed Mike and heard him say,

”Work it! Work it! That’s it!”

A comment like that inspired me even more. We had decided during rehearsal that I was going to catch his black fedora hat but ultimately the idea was nixed, Instead, I walked off the stage and I blew him a kiss.

TR:What happened off stage?

TT: I stood in the wings watching the rest of Michael’s performance. I was deeply lost in a trance like everyone else. Someone walked in front of me and as I shifted my position the woman turned to me and said,”Oh! Excuse me!” It was the one and only Miss Diana Ross. She was the woman that Michael admired as he grew up. Well, so had I.

TR: Did you talk to Diana?

TT: Yes. I even shared with her that people told me many, many times that I looked like her. She had this expression of surprise on her face and had no comment whatsoever. Then we both stood watching Michael’s performance and I focused on the monitor set up nearby

I sang every lyric and Herb Alpert who was standing near me said, ”I see you know every word don’t you?” I smiled and continued to sing.

TR: What happened when Michael finished his performance?

TT: They rushed Michael backstage. He stood nearly five feet away from me covered in a black cape with a white towel around his neck. There were many people around him talking to him and I didn’t dare get near him. I did not even try. I just watched from where I stood. I did yell ”You were great Michael!” At first, I did not think he heard me but he did a few moments later say, ”Oh! Thank you.” in his soft Jackson voice. I was thrilled that he acknowledged me and before I knew it, he was whisked away like Zoro.

TR: Did you watched the rest of the show?

TT:I watched with some of the dancers. I was enthralled with seeing my second live music show-the first being Herbie Hancock appearance following the video we had done.

5. On the 5th, I wrote in my diary that I was depressed and wanted to go back to L.A. I was receiving regular phone calls from a reporter asking me all sorts of questions about me and Michael. I put him off by saying, “I gotta go” and quickly hanging up. He would call right back and eventually I relented when he asked, “What’s it like working with Michael?” I finally gave in and replied, “I love it, it’s great!” Well, that was my first TABLOID experience. What was printed was that I said, “I love him.” It was true but I never, ever, have said such a thing. After his call, I was out the door to get ready for a show.

While Karen Faye was doing my makeup before the show, I found myself trying to make small talk. I had a feeling that she did not want to talk — she had such a bad vibe with me. I asked her “Do you really think there is resemblance between Michael and me? People are always saying we look a bit alike. Even the PM Magazine piece compared us calling us “Soul mate look a likes.” She replied bitterly saying, “Oh! Not at all! You two look nothing alike.” her tone was of such disgust and negativity that I did not say a word. I let the conversation go, stood up to go to the bathroom and pushed onto a swinging door. As I was pushing in, someone was pushing out. To my shock and surprise it was Michael’s little sister Janet.

(Tatiana talks about how she told Janet that she was a fan of hers and how she chatted with Madonna.)

My boot hit the stage and the roar of the audience greeted me. It was massive! Leave it to the New Yorkers to let you know how they feel. I walked out of character making fun of Michael and his homeboys while making hand gestures at him; basically, making fun of them. Strutting back and forth across the stage, I stopped, grabbed his collar and said, “Come on Mr. Big Shot.” I was calling his bluff, changing up the routine a bit. As I grabbed his collar, I landed a big wet one on his cheek. I kissed him. I did not think anything of it, and I did not think he would be ticked off. I just thought that it would add some excitement to our performance.

The fans went berserk! they loved it. After I left the stage, I heard a laugh in every note Michael sang. I figured from his laughter that he enjoyed the surprise. the dancers told me that he was happy and excited about the kiss. Telling me, “OOHHH, Boy! You just made Michael’s day! He was happy!” I pretty much thought it was a good thing.

In the dressing room, I wanted to take off my makeup, but there were celebrities everywhere! One of the reporters teamed me up with a very tall Brooke Shields. I saw La Toya, Michael’s sister from a distance and I decided to join her. We stood talking, and someone from the press asked us to pose for a photo which was later published in Rolling Stone. That magazine photo was one of the coolest experiences in my life.

After the photo, Frank came over to me and said, “Good show kid,” while patting me on the back. Meanwhile, I was overwhelmed by the entire thing. There were so many stars waiting backstage. They were all hoping to see Michael. I doubted that most of them would get to see him, because he usually did his Zorro act and disappeared. I never saw him after a show.

(Tatiana talks about how her and Miko had lunch the next day. Miko wanted her to do Playboy magazine but she declined.)

March 5th we had another great show. Afterwards CBS threw a party in Michael’s honor. I remember seeing one of my favorite actors, Christopher Walken from a distance and being star struck. Joli, Michael’s secretary joined me. She told me that she knew Michael had feelings for me, because he spoke of me often. Yet, she said that she was confused to why he had not responded to my request to speak with him yet. She promised me that she would make the call happen. I was fed up with everyone else telling me that Michael liked me. Everyone but the man himself was telling me that he liked me. I did not get it. It was just not making sense to me. Of course, it felt odd that I could not speak to the guy that supposedly liked me. Still I was thankful for the wonderful experience I was having, and I remained hopeful.

(Tatiana talks about the next day would be her last day in New York and how John Draper said they wanted to rejoin the tour and Atlanta.)

The next day was the last day I was scheduled to perform, and I called Michael’s secretary to ask her if I could talk to him. She gave me his number but told me not to keep him on the phone for too long because he was very tired.

6. As I dialed his number, I felt like I had the worlds winning lotto digits. When I called him, Michael answered the phone, not Bill Bray. It was as if Michael had been expecting my call. I asked him how was he doing and he answered; “Oh fine, I’m just a little tired.” I told him to take it easy and to take care of himself. I brought up our last show together. I apologized to him because I had kissed him on the cheek. I said, “I am sorry if I threw you off in any way,” Mike intervened by saying, “OH! NO! NO! It was fine! It was great! I liked it!.” Then I asked him, “Well would it be all right then if I did it again, and perhaps take it a step further?” He said “Oh sure! That’ll be great!” After all, he would sometimes pull a girl out of the audience and embrace her. Why would a kiss from someone you like be a big deal? I explained to him that fans were always asking, “Why does Michael chase you through this entire video only for a hug?” I then said to Michael, “Well thank you so much for inviting me to be apart of the shows. It has been so exciting. I love being out there with you. It’s a blast.”

When I stepped on-stage, there was there was that roar from the audience again, they were fired up. They truly liked me too, I thought. When I approached Michael, my heart was fluttering. For a few brief seconds, I thought about whether or not I should follow through on the kiss. For some reason I was questioning myself. As I stepped up to him and put my arms around his collar, he looked deep into my eyes, almost as though he was challenging me. Then he did this sexy little thing where he bit his bottom lip. I placed my arm around his waist, and I landed a kiss right on his smacker!

Never for a moment did I feel this was one-sided, as he at this point, put his left hand on my rear. Anyone witnessing this historical event saw that this was a mutual effort. I nearly fell off the stage because of the adrenaline rush in my body.

I walked towards the dressing room and down the hallway afterwards and I ran into Frank Dileo. He had this expression of hard disappointment on his face. His eyes said to me, you have done it now. It was an evil look. Until this day, I bare a scar on my soul from this look, and from the entire experience. He did not say one word to me, and in the past he always said, “Great show kid,” and gave me a pat on the back.

I stood frozen. knowing that something was wrong. Then I reminded myself about the conversation that we had, and that Michael agreed to the kiss.

The next person to greet me was Michael’s mother Katherine. She walked towards me and gave me a big bear hug. I was so touched by this and, for the moment, I forgot about Franks cold evil stare. She actually hugged me. Katherine Jackson put both her arms around me and very warmly hugged me. This meant a lot to me. She later admitted to me that she saw absolutely nothing wrong with us kissing. She approved.

At the hotel after the show, John Draper, the tour coordinator, approached me about signing some forms for the bill and told me that I was to rejoin the tour later. I was standing with John and Miko came at me from no where. He was yelling at the top of his lungs. John and I stood frozen and in shock. Miko was in a rage. He yelled, “How dare you f****** take advantage of him like that! You f****** b****! Who the f*** do you think you are? I cannot believe you are f****** took advantage of him like that in front of all those people.” He kept on and on, and I could hardly get a word in but finally I said as calmly as possible, “Michael and I spoke about it over the phone before the concert. He said it was okay.” He eased up a bit. Then I said, “I would never take advantage of him. It take two to tango you know!” I ran to the elevator, choking up and about to explode in tears. I had never, been so humiliated and embarrassed in my entire life. He showed no diplomacy or class by approaching me in the manner he did. I guess he yelled at me because he thought it was my fault. I could not believe the tabloids did not write about this incident. They love this stuff. Miko apologized to me later that night ans asked me to give him a call before my flight that evening.

7. (Tatiana talks about being hurt by Miko’s remarks but assures herself that everything is fine. She does an interview with Ebony and how she met Rebbie Jackson when she got on the wrong flight. She talks about how she met David Copperfield and danced with him.)

Someone showed me a 45-single of The Way You Make Me Feel with my picture on it. After finding that out I heard about a 1988 Michael Jackson calendar. Again my picture graced the month of May. I was not paid for the use of my picture and image. I asked Julie about it and she had no comment, questions, or professional advise of that matter.

My pal David Banks felt I was being taken advantage of from all around. I’ll never know the facts, but several professional people led me to know that my own agent had not had my best interest at heart, and suggested that she might have taken more of her cut. He could not believe I was paid $5,000 for the tour and a little less than that for the video.

(Tatiana talks about developing Alopecia, a condition caused by trauma and stress and how her hair was falling out)

On April 11th, I appeared on the Tonight Show with host Ross Schaffer. Ross was the host before Jay Leno took over. He asked me, “So are you and Mike really dating?” I replied, “No we’re not. Our relationship is strictly professional.” He insisted, “Oh come on!” I repeated my answer and once again, he insisted with the point that we were dating. I thought I would add a little humor and some mystery so I responded by saying, “No we’re not. Not yet anyway.” It got back to me that Michael did not like my response. Suddenly I was some plotting broad and I was up to no good. I could not believe it. I just could not win.

Two days later, the tour moved to Atlanta, Georgia. That is where I was to join the tour. I was expecting a call.

(Tatiana talks about receiving a cameo appearance in the movie Identity Crisis.)

When I returned to L.A., I received a phone call from John Draper. He wished me a happy birthday and then said, “I’m sorry about what happened to you.” I had no idea what he meant, so I asked “What do you mean what happened to me?” I sensed he was caught off guard. He continued saying I was a sweet girl and he wished me good luck. I still had no idea what he was trying to say to me. I started to worry and think about it everyday. I kept calling Frank Dileo, but he never returned my calls. I called MJJ productions, and they did not return my calls either.

He was basically saying “sorry, you’re fired” without fully coming out and saying it to me. He thought somebody else had already told me. He thought that I knew.

The following week on the 25th, I did a two-day shoot for Elle Magazine. During my interview for the piece, the writer, who shall remain nameless, told me that a friend of his wanted to hire me for a clothing line campaign. He said that his friend had contacted MJJ records to get in touch with me but was told that I was booked, unavailable, and in Europe. Well my friends, I have never been to Europe.

This not only devastated me, I felt as if a knife went through my heart. To think that my idol would do something so cruel was impossible to believe. Could he really be responsible? Would he do something that would damage my life and my career forever? Could it have been people from his camp? Was he aware of what they were doing? I pondered these thoughts for so many months. Of course, I wondered if I had lost other jobs or possible clients like the clothing line without even knowing it. What could I do? What had I done to deserve this? Yet, I could not ignore some of the rumors that floated my way. Someone told me they heard that I was being blackballed. That one really played with my mind.

Page 99

My agent who had represented me for the tour had nothing constructive to offer about why I was not going back. I had been ”added” to the tour as a trial and Julie had not required any type of contract. She made so many mistakes along this road.

I went through a great battle with depression. I cried often and extremely hard. Then to top it off, I was bombarded with questions “about why someone else was doing my part ?“ People asked me , ”Why aren’t you out there?” ”Why did Michael replace you with her?” All kind of comments came my way, and it hurt so BAD. It hurt too much to be questioned about it as often as I was. It got to where I hated leaving my house. I felt as though I did not want to live.

However, I did experienced many more lessons in the land of Hollyweird.

Later that evening, the telephone rang again. This time I was really surprised. It was the matriarch of the Jackson family.


Michael’s mother called me saying she was very interested and concerned about me. I first spoke with Rebbie for a few minutes and she said that they were concerned about me. They wanted to know why I was fired from Michael’s tour and she stated that her mother wanted to speak with me herself.

Mrs. Jackson got on the line and her voice and sweet yet: it was filled with an enormous amount of concern and anger about the situation. She told me she and the family were going to investigate some things with Michael’s camp.

She comforted me and reassured me that she was going to look into this and some other things. She invited me to her home in Encino. That very day I sent a birthday card to Michael at his office.

page 100

The MTV Awards were on September 7th, and I was preparing for Michael because he was nominated for an award but would not be present to accept it as he was still on tour. An MTV producer had received the okay for me to accept an award on Michael’s behalf if he won.

I thought this was weird! I mean, they had just unprofessionally fired me and now agreed for me to accept an award on his behalf. Even thought it was odd , I was absolutely thrilled

Terri took me shopping for the event and bought me the most beautiful dress. I felt like Cinderella, and when that evening rolled around Michael did win the award. As I prepared to go onstage and accept for him, the announcer said , ”Since he could not be here tonight as he’s still on tour, we accept this on his behalf” Well, so much for that! No one informed me of

the change.

TR: Did anyone even give you some idea about why you were fired from the tour?

TT: On September 14th I read an article that disturbed me. It basically read:

“Michael ditched his traveling companion, a leggy namely Tatiana because she talked about their friendship to a European publication. Silence, she learned too late, is golden where Michael is concerned”

I knew better than to believe what was written in a tabloid but it bothered me. Anything I ever said about Michael was good or positive. Michael was my hero and my idol, after all. My friend Marie Gabriel sent me another article from the SUN which is Britain’s answer to the National Enquirer. The headline read: “Love shock for Jackson -Sexy sizzler drives Michael wild”.

The story itself read as though we were in love.

Including photos from the famous or should I say, infamous, kiss they copied the National Enquirer story. The quote that Michael gave to the press really blew me away.According to one report they quoted him saying; Jackson stunned concert fans by locking himself into his first public kiss with Thumbzten ”I love her because she’s warm, caring and exciting.” Michael said. This led me to believe that he was falling in love with me.

Page 101

On the 9th Michael was back in town and I spoke again with Mrs. Jackson on the 14th. She assured me and comforted me once again. She said that I would get an opportunity to speak with Mike and find out what the problem or confusion was. Michael’s family felt this was Frank Dileo’s doing. It was clear: they did not trust his manager. Michael’s mother put me on the telephone with someone working with her and Joseph. He was a real character, named Jerome Howard.

He took an interest in helping me with with my career. My own parents felt some form of relief and hope from all the promises the Jacksons and Jerome Howard made. He talked about the things I should be doing to capitalize on my success-like having my own clothing line, my own calendar, or my own doll. He told me how perfect my face was for a doll and the great success I could have, he promised it would all happen if I stuck with him.

He told me that he was working with them and helping them with their investigation. He admitted to me that Michael’s own parents could not get in touch with him when they wanted to and was there to help find out what happened. Jerome picked me up for my first visit to the compound.

My mother advised me to write Michael a letter during this time and to pass it through my new contacts within the family. I was constantly in touch with Jerome. He called me almost everyday.

When I finally went to the Jackson family home. I could barely believe that I was there.

I had seen photos in magazines like Ebony and Life, and now I was actually there! I was hanging out in the kitchen with Michael’s mother and his sister Rebbie telling them how lonely I was and how I only saw Michael onstage.

Then I told them how Frank and Miko had treated me after the kiss. I expressed everything I had endured and I told them some of the things that I thought were odd. Katherine listened to me with great interest.

She said that she knew her son had real feelings for me because he told her so when we were making our video together. She said that one morning, before the shoot, she found Michael sitting on his bed. He looked troubled about something. She asked him what was wrong.

Michael told her he had real feelings for me and he wanted to know what he should do about it. Katherine said to him, ”Just tell her, and let her know.” She asked me if he had ever told me anything about this or his feelings for me.

I told her no, but everyone told me that he had feelings for me. It was clear to me that she was sad about the situation. She felt that Frank Dileo had something to do with it all. I brought up the fact that Michael had sent A request to my agency for me to audition for the Dirty Diana video, and that Frank discouraged me from doing so. Her response was of more or less ”Ah, ha, you see! You are a threat to him

If Michael falls in love and wants to marry you, then Dileo fears the person Michael is close to could have more value and credibility than he does with Michael.” She made a point I never considered myself. It was interesting that my parents and the Jackson family shared the same theory.

Katherine encouraged me to tour the grounds and she warned me to be careful of the swans out back, telling me that if I go too close they would bite. I remember standing on a little bridge staring down at these swans as the glided in (unreadable) and wishing Michael was there with me.
David Banks told me I was living in a fantasy world but I did not see it yet.
Page 104

I had a dinner date with the hilarious and talented Eddie Murphy. While on telephone with him I spilled my drink and said, ”Oh hold on I just spilled my Pepsi”.

Why did I say Pepsi? I don’t know because it was a coke. I did not drink Pepsi.

Eddie replied in that distinctive voice ”Oh, You are just all Jackson-ed out”. This was during Michael’s big Pepsi campaign.

In truth, he was right with his analogy, because I was crazy about him.

Page 104/105

Family friend Majestic on one of his many visits to my apartment, surprised me once by bringing the actor Corey Feldman with him. I first met Corey when I filmed the video with Michael. Corey asked me why I had not attended the premier of Michael’s new video Moonwalker. We both became embarrassed and we felt awkward. Corey could not understand why Michael did not invite me and neither could ****. Corey was preparing for a show at the Palace in Hollywood and he invited me as his guest. It was a fun show and I recall meeting Soleil Moon Frye from the TV show Punky Brewster. She innocently asked me to tell Michael hello.

I thought how can I do that for her when I can’t even call him myself. Some people believed that we were dating or they all thought that we had some sort of connection.

During this time I was close friend with Matt Leblanc.This was before he scored a part on the sitcom, Friends. We went out a few times, but our physical relationship grew into a friendship. Once his career took off, I felt as though he changed a little. Hollywood and stardom can do that to the best of us.

I do recall Matt fully enjoying my DeNiro stories. I guess it was that Italian mano y mano thing that they shared.

TR: Did Michael’s mother try to put the two of you in contact again?

TT: It was not too long after that Mrs. Jackson took me with her and the family to one of Michael’s shows. It felt good, on one hand, to have his mother in my corner. On the other hand I went from being a part of the show to watching the show.

I guess if I had to go with someone, going with the matriarch of the star himself was not too shabby. Majestic picked me up and drove me out to the Jackson home. When I arrived, I waited in the den. Then, more and more people from the Jackson family arrived.

Rebbie and her children arrived later someone said that she is always the last to show up. Everyone gravitated towards the kitchen. One of Michael’s sisters in law asked her son who I was.

He looked up at me with these big innocent and shy eyes.

At his mom’s insistence he answered in the cutest and sweetest voice, “Tatiana Jackson” Everyone cracked up. I was speechless and I was laughing, but the comment made me nervous. However, I will not deny this was my biggest wish and dream.

Page 108/109

The investigator Jerome and the Jackson’s relationship was not going well. From what I heard, he was backstabbing them with deals. That is what Katherine told me. I soon found out that he was shopping for deals for me with a fake demo tape. He was doing the same thing with me that happened to Milli Vanelli.

One time, Jerome and I left the Jackson compound to pick something up at his apartment and he somehow found it appropriate to have a porno channel on while I waited in his living room.

This was the moment I ended his chapter .


Before I knew it, Mr.Jackson approached me about representation. Although I was still working with Terri, everything we did was PR work. I wanted some real jobs. I will not deny the idea of Joseph Jackson managing me swept me off my feet.

I am a huge believer in destiny and I feel we choose our fate in life. I loved my manager, Terri Hartman but this offer from Mr.Jackson was one I felt I could not refuse.

There was more attached to this deal than Terri or anyone else could imagine.

Katherine and Joseph both assured and promised me a visit to the ranch at Neverland Valley to speak to Michael. Therefore this alone played a big part in me wanting to sign with him.

TR: Did you feel that you could trust him?

TT: I had faith in him, perhaps far more than his own family.

I probably had more faith in him than I should have but I felt that without Joe, none of the Jacksons would have been where they were. His dreams and diligence took them so far.

I could not pass on this opportunity. I went to two different attorneys about the calendar and the 45 single. As misfortune would have it, both were afraid of a case against Jackson productions. They told me to consider myself lucky for having worked with the king. They were too afraid to up against someone of his stature and power.

I was penniless and powerless. I was not going to get anywhere with this.

Taking my idol to court and suing him was not in my heart anyway.

Nevertheless I did want to be compensated for what I felt was rightfully mine. Katherine and Joseph seemed so concerned and they wanted to help me professionally and personally.

Someone finally wanted to help me and I was obsessed with following their encouragements and suggestions. I felt I was in the best hands imaginable.

I loved their son.


Majestic approached me initially about Joseph’s interest in managing me and he was also a client, their assistant and houseboy. He was living rent-free in one of their Las Vegas homes.

TR: Did your friends or family feel that it was a good idea to have Joe Jackson as your manager?

TT: My family agreed that it was a good idea to secure the connection because it could help me clear up my issues with Michael. My agent, Julie, already messed up and had not contracted a merchandising agreement.

Nor I had for that matter. We only had a standard Screen Actors Guild contract that was strictly for the video. Most attorney feared going up against someone like Michael and most felt I must had signed something that protected their side. I had not knowingly signed such a document.

TR: Did you decide to sign with Joe Jackson?

TT: When I did come to a decision to sign with Joseph they had me contact one of Joe’s representatives-a man named Ben Brown.

His claim to fame was that he produced one of Michael’s first record, entitled Big Boy. He also took pride in the fact that he still owned the rights to the song which must have been an accomplishment in itself.

Michael owns everything, and it seemed that Michael wanted the rights to that too. Mr.Brown and I met Joseph at a restaurant in Encino. Joseph expressed sincere and positive intent as a manager working on my behalf.

I left the meeting feeling positive and confident that this was the right move for me. Joseph was charming and funny. and I believed I was in good hands. Joe, in a strange way, reminded me of my own parents.

I do not know why, perhaps it was his old school mentality and charm. Nearly two weeks passed and we were still in the contractual stages. The contract was taking this long to be drawn up.


Then, through my ex- boyfriend Angel, I met a female attorney named Terri Bingham. She was anxious and hungry to work on a deal involving a name as important as the Jacksons. She had worked on a record deal with Angel and I trusted his judgement.

That decision came back to slap me in the face later. She turned out to be so conniving and manipulative, that I did not even know what hit me. My mind does not relate to people who can manipulate and calculate with such evilness.

I pride myself in being a good person who would not kill a soul just to get what I want. This girl, well. she would stab you in the back without a thought or pause. I do not know. Maybe nice guys do finish last.

Terri went over the contracts that Mr. Brown sent to her and she agreed to virtually everything. I do not recall her making many changes, if she made any at all. The contract was for five years with a three year extension. I thought eight years was too long, but she told me that it was standard.

The relationship lasted only seven months. I was patient for seven months. Many things went wrong with our partnership and I learned of the lack of respect the entertainment industry has for Joseph and his endeavors.

I did not realize this when I signed with him. People were constantly asking me, ”Why are you signed with him?” Some even were sarcastic and rude when they found out that he was managing me.
They said, ”You’ve got to be kidding?” When it came to business. Michael was highly respected, especially during this time, but his father was not. I was offended when people made negative comments. After all, this was a reflection of my partnership

It was an important time in my career and I did not want any negative light cast on me.

TR:Did Joe get you any work?

TT: There was talk of a movie deal and a recording contract. The first project we were supposed to have done was a movie called Tracer

We even had a meeting with the producers of the film and they hired an acting coach for me to work with, I was on a mental high for months because of this project. I was into the character and the script. I felt confident about its possibilities and I felt physically capable of doing the part. A good five months has passed since I first met with the producers and casting agents. Everyday, every week and every month, Ben Brown had an excuse about the delays. He was constantly telling me to be patient.


Joseph left so much in Mr.Brown’s hands that I often questioned who I was really signed with. I was constantly bringing up the calendar and album to Mr. Jackson reminding him that my financial situation needed to be better.

He always assured me that he was going to investigate it and find out first hand, through Michael, what had happened.

I found that I was asking this question so often with no outcome-that I had to question his relationship with his own son.

I remembered the family complaining that the could not reach Michael when they wanted or even needed him.

After two or three months, Joe told me that Michael had handpicked me for the part in the video.

“What does that have to do with anything? This I already know,” I said.

This was not the question at hand.

I was trying to not be disrespectful when I asked him, ”So, what did he say about the calendar? Or album’?”

Joe brushed it off and said. “These things take time. I need to do more investigation; I’ll be talking to Michael again.”

He was stating that he had Michael on the telephone, which is supposedly hard to do, and he did not use that opportunity to ask him about the things regarding me his client? When I was going to get an answer?


TR: Were you working at all then? Were you still going to auditions?

TT: During this time there was an audition coming up for an LA Gear commercial. Michael had a big campaign with them at the time and my agent wanted me to go up for it. I did audition but they did not pick me.

Several clients did not pick me. They said ”She has that Michael Jackson Girl image.” This worked against me a lot. I auditioned for Pepsi and was told that they already had Michael and did not need another reminder of his image.

I also had a Coke audition and was told that they could not use me because I was a reflection of Michael which could be a conflict of interest.

It seemed that my relationship with Michael was working against me all the time. It was hard enough that I had a look that makes it difficult to know what category to place me in, now I had another obstacle that worried me, I had the ”Michael Jackson Girl” image strapped to my back.

I even heard at music video auditions that “We’re sorry. We are looking for a new face, and you are a little too famous.” Some of the videos were for new recording artists. Their managers or the label were concerned that I was too recognizable.

They thought that I was going to steal the thunder from their artist altogether . There was a new band on the scene during this time called the Dan Reed Network. They wanted to use me in one of their videos but I believe it was not booked because of finances.

… the lead singer wrote a song about me, and he named it after me. I was honored to say the least, and if you are still out there, I thank you! I was deeply touched and I loved the song.

During this time, my mother called and told me that my first dance teacher, Beatriz de Paris, was organizing an Alumni Salute for me in Clearwater, Florida. It was to be a special dinner in my honor saluting my achievements.

They wanted to present me with the key to the city of Clearwater which is my hometown. I was honored beyond words but I did wonder why they had picked me. I felt as though this was an honor that should be given to someone who had accomplished much more than I had.

I felt this was premature and I just did not quite feel worthy. The event was all prearranged and planned so I was obligated to follow through on their time schedule. Mr. Jackson scheduled an important meeting for me at the same time, …

…and my teacher was very annoyed at the thought of me not attending. I received so much press promoting the event that classmates from many of my classes called me to say hello and congratulations. I even had relatives that I didn’t know call to say hello!

It was all interesting and odd. The press was calling my mother and asking questions. I was weird to be in my skin sometimes, I cannot say that I was always comfortable with it.

You see, I had not changed, but it seemed the way people felt about me had changed. When I arrived, I could not believe my eyes. There was a full house – the room was packed! My teacher and the mayor presented me with the key to the city of Clearwater.


When I returned to Los Angeles I helped with a children’s charity that Mr.Jackson was involved in. I drove to Las Vegas — the event site- with Mr.Brown with another one of Joseph’s clients: a small Asian girl named Mihoko who was a singer.

We checked into a hotel for the first evening with plans to spend the night after the event at the Jackson’s Vegas home.

When we arrived at the house, Mihoko walked in and immediately rushed to one of the rooms and put her bags down.

Mrs. Jackson complained to me about this saying that she planned for me to stay in this room Mihoko had chosen.

I found Mihoko to be a bit disrespectful to the Matriarch, but she was good at kissing up to Mr.Jackson. It was obvious that he liked the attention. I could not help but feel there was more to the relationship than meet the eye and I could tell Mrs. Jackson felt the same.


Later that evening, Majestic and I watched television with Katherine. I felt more comfortable around her than Joseph. He was a bit too hard and stern at times.

Majestic asked me “Wouldn’t she be a great mother-in-law?” and he was right. She always appeared to have a soft and sweet side to her. She loves to play board games and is especially good at scrabble.

The entire group was scheduled for a charity event at a park located near the Jackson house. The event was not at all what I had expected. I had a feeling I was at a family barbecue. This was my first visit to Las Vegas and I was excited about seeing the nightlife-the bright lights, casinos, and slot machines. Mrs. Jackson did not go with us on my first adventure of Vegas and we planned to go back to the hotel after the event.

When we arrived at the hotel I ran right into Miko Brando. This was the first time I saw him since my Bad tour days and we shared a brief moment of awkward pleasantries. I did not occur to me until later that Michael was probably in town and staying in the same hotel.

Once this hit me, I knew that someone would tell Michael that I was in the hotel. After all, Miko was his personal assistant. I mentioned this to Mr. and Mrs. Jackson but they didn’t have a comment.

On my last day there, Majestic told Katherine that I wanted to see a Vegas show. Katherine and I started talking about the possibility of going to a show together, and the two of us staying another day. Joseph walked in as we were having this conversation and unfortunately, he did not like it one bit.

Before I knew it Joseph requested that Mr.Brown and I join him in the room in which I was staying. Joseph told me that he was the who had initially invited me not – not Katie- and that I should have asked him about this first.

He also said that if I wanted to come back with her on another trip that was fine but I was not going to add an evening with her or be staying another night.

I am extremely sensitive and because of the way he handled this. with such a harsh tone in his voice I started to choke up a bit and cry. Oddly enough, I somehow felt that I understood the inspiration behind Janet Jackson’s hit song Control.


I felt I was experiencing her words firsthand. When the three of us came out of the room, where I had been chewed out, I did my best not to lose it and not cry in front of Katherine, but felt the tears welling up.

Sitting next to her, I wanted to let it all go and cry in her arms. I trusted and felt so comforted by her and I wanted to stay another day with her. In the end, we both submitted to the pressure. We did not say a word to each other.

TR: What made you decide to submit (in your words) to Joseph? He was not your father and you were a grown woman.

TT: I followed through with Joseph’s original plan to leave the following day. I assumed Katherine knew why. It was clear he controlled everything.It was obvious that Katherine took the backseat on this as well.

About one week after we returned to LA, there was a big party held at the Jackson home in Encino. It was a celebration for several of Joseph’s clients and projects myself included.

One of his babies’ was a soft drink called Joe Cola.

To my complete surprise, my ex-attorney, Terry Binghaum was at the party. She was the one who had admitted to me a week earlier that she was elated in meeting me because she only wanted to get to the Jacksons.

She said to me ”I never cared about you as a client. You were my link to get to them. I always wanted to be connected to the Jacksons. ” Well, now she was connected.

Majestic told me that she was working on several projects with Joseph. She was even working on one that involved Michael. I could not believe it. I knew Katherine disliked and did not trust her.

Majestic told me that Katherine had asked him, ”Where did Tatiana find her? Why did she ever bring her around?” The whole thing was such a joke. My attorney had used me to get to my future manager.

Then, when he became my manager, she admitted to me that she had used me to get to them and then jumped off my ship to join his. The whole thing made me sick! I was so disappointed. The whole situation was such a farce. I was frustrated beyond words about my career.

It seemed obvious that if she admittedly used me to get to the Jackson family that she had not negotiated my contract to protect me. I realized that I signed my career and my life away. This was when I realized it was all a joke. It was time to do something. As difficult as it would be. It was time to move on.


TR: Did you have any income at all then? How did you pay your bills?

TT: During this time I got a job at the China Club. Everyone in the industry went in this hot spot. It was “The Club”.- I was the coat check girl; so I greeted all the guests and knew who was there. There were many celebrities who were regulars: Sylvester Stallone, Eddie Murphy, Paul Stanley from KISS, Richard Greico, David Bowie, Julian Lennon-the list of celebrities was long. The China Club was the first place that an artist like Bruce Willis would jam with an artist like Elton John. It was a fun place to work.

Mondays and Thursdays were the hottest nights. The nights that celebrities showed up and jammed live onstage. One night, Scott Baio came in and flirted heavily with me. I could not believe it! He was overwhelming and I could not even flirt back because I was in awe of him!

He was just a dream to me. I always had a crush on him but I was too shy to respond to him. I think he got the impression that he did not faze me or that I did not like him. However, it was just the opposite. He was all that.

After working at the club for about a month. I invited Mr. Jackson and Mr. Brown to be my guests. After all, it was Joseph’s idea that I get a normal job . My friends at the club, however felt that as my manager he should have had me working as an actress. They did not think that I should have to work as a coat check girl. People wondered why my career was standing still when in fact it should have been on the rise.

We arranged to meet at the club on my night off.

I was not told who would be picking me up: I hoped it would be Joseph, since he was my manager. He told me he wanted to support my efforts especially since he advised me to get a job to supplement my income until one of our projects took off.

Early on, the evening’s wires got crossed. Joseph, Ben and even Terry went to the club without me. I planned the entire evening and I ended up at home alone wondering what had happened to my guests.

I guess the joke was on me. Mr. Jackson later complained to me how Terry had to wait alone at the club entrance. I could not believe what I was hearing. I had put his name, and mine, on the guest list plus two guests. Terry was his guest and Mr. Brown was mine.


At this point, I realized what and who his priorities were. Terry’s new found relationship with Mr.Jackson was a conflict of interest and I decided to cut off contact with her. After I signed with Mr.Jackson, and prior to the party, her attitude towards me could only be described as nasty. I had witnessed a major change in her.

When we first met, she appeared to be sweet and kind to me. Once she got in with Mr.Jackson, and began working on deals with him, she became very dictatorial. Majestic told me that she went to Las Vegas as Joseph’s guest.

I knew that things were not right with my camp. My ship was sinking and I had no answers

I met Rob and Fab from the group Milli Vanelli around this time. Rob and I became friends and even dated for a brief (unreadable)

He could not believe, like many others, that I was under management with Joseph Jackson. Rob told me about a meeting he and Fab had with Jospeh and Joseph supposedly approached them with a music deal. Rob offered to help me get out of my contract with Joseph but instead I would opt for someone’s else advice and guidance.

That someone else was Robert DeNiro.


On a night off from the China Club, I received a phone call from one of my bosses Danny. He was also one of the owners of the club. He told me that he wanted me to come in the following evening-also my night off. When I asked why, he said that Robert DeNiro had been in to the club and had seen my head shot hanging in the office. I gave this photo to my bosses when they hired me. Danny said that Robert wanted to meet me.

I was silent and just sat there listening to him. I guess because I was keeping cool about this information Danny got persistent saying, “Hey! I am talking about Robert De Niro. You should make an effort to meet him.

He could help your career. You never know. Maybe he will put you in one of his films!”

I did not jump all over the idea. Antonio had warned me about Bobby years before saying, “Tatiana don’t you ever get involved with Bobby.He is Toukie’s man, and she’ll kick your butt” Bobby and Toukie Smith had been an item for years. Toukie was at one time a model.

We had something in common. She was a former model, and she was making the transition from modeling to acting. Her first big break was in the film Salsa.

I also did not trust the idea that DeNiro would put me in one of his films. I did not want a part just because someone liked me or wanted to help me. I did not trust or believe it was that simple and easy.

I agreed to show up and I brought one of my girlfriends, Angela Alvarado, who was an actress and a beautiful, tall Puerto Rican girl.


When Angela and I arrived at the club, we asked Danny about De Niro at least three times. Danny acted busy, and as if he did not know what I was talking about. By the fourth inquiry, he said that he was not sure if DeNiro had even arrived yet.

Angela and I thought that was too odd. The owner of the Club would know if one of the world’s greatest actors was in his club or not. A few seconds after asking Danny about De Niro Angela and I spotted him at a table sitting with another guy and two other women. How weird that Angela and I were asking Danny if De Niro had arrived and there he sat in the roped off, VIP section with a small party of three.

I also thought it was odd that two other women were there since Danny had made it clear he had invited me on some kind of date. This kind of scenario was somewhat typical stuff that happens in Hollywood. Whe the women finally left, Angela and I introduced ourselves and joined the De Niro and his male guests.

We told him honestly that we had been asking Danny about his whereabouts and Bobby acted as though he did not know who Danny was, saying, ”Danny? Who is Danny? I don’t know a Danny ”

Angela knew that this was some kind of game and she said to me, ”Oh this is such total bullshit! Now suddenly he does not know who Danny is!” De Niro did not catch on to what she said nor did he comment on Angela’s remark. I was so glad I had Angela with me.

She was the kind of friend you knew had your back in times of real need. She did as much on many occasions. Ironically, Angela starred in a film with Bobby fourteen years later called, Showtime.

I am sure she thought about the days she shared with me at the China Club. I doubt though that she reminded Bobby that she was the girl who remarked. ”This is total bullshit T.” I was happy to see that she had accomplished one of her dreams as I remember her saying that she wanted to work with him someday.

I believe that when you conceive a dream you can achieve it. We can will whatever we want in life. We just have to foresee the dream and work hard.

I am proud and happy that she was able to bring one of her dreams to fruition.

TR: So what did you and Robert DeNiro talk about?

TT: We made small talk for a while and I told DeNiro that I admired and respected his work. For some reason I told him that I never wanted to change the image I held of him.


My instinct made me say this to him. It was almost like a prediction, somehow. Unfortunately, when I look back on tarnished relations and disappointments I have had with people I was correct in saying this to him. I did not care about his status as the world’s biggest star. The bottom line was that he was just another man made of God’s likeness.

Bobby told me with complete confidence that he was going to phone me later at home to see if I got in all right.

I told him that he did not even have my phone number yet.Then I thought, how cocky and arrogant. He assured me that he did have it, and that he would call.

Angela and I ended up staying at the club for at least an hour dancing and socializing.

TR: Did he call you that night as he said he would?

TT: When I got home, it only took five minutes for the phone to ring. Yes, it was DeNiro.

Somehow, I was still stunned that he called so quickly, even though he did tell me that he was going to. Danny never admitted to me that he gave him my number, but then again, he never admitted to me that he was in the club either.

On one hand, I was touched that he was calling, but on another hand, I felt like Danny had ‘arranged’ the situation much like he would with a call girl or something. I mean, why didn’t DeNiro just ask me for my number himself?

Why did the two of them act as though they didn’t know each other? I felt like a Christmas goose that was being prepared for the feast.

TR: What did you and DeNiro talked about during your phone conversation?

TT: During the phone conversation. Bobby was kind and sweet. He said he was pleased to see that I got home all right, and that he wanted to get together with me sometime to talk. He asked if he could call me the next day.

I told him that I would be home in the afternoon and to call me then. The following morning at 10.00 a.m. he called. It took me by surprise a bit, but it did make an impression on me. It was a sweet good morning, hello call.

DeNiro called again later in the afternoon . he told me that he was headed back to New York for a few days but that he would love to take me out for lunch and when he returned, he


came to my home to pick me up. I then lived in the San Fernando Valley. When he walked into my apartment, he immediately noticed a huge painting that Antonio had done of me.

This was a special piece to me and when People magazine wrote an article on Antonio in 1982, they included the painting. Bobby recognized the painting right away and I knew that he would, because his girlfriend Toukie has also worked with Antonio.

In fact, she and I had worked together on a job with Antonio that was for the designer Hormel. My cat, Magic Michael made his presence known, darting out of nowhere and jumping on Robert. I thought it was funny and I cracked up. When Robert pointed out the Antonio he mumbled that he was familiar with his work. I waited to see if he was going to make any comment about Toukie and their relationship. I did not know where there relationship stood but he never said anything about it.

Antonio’s advice to me about not getting involved with Toukie’s man cruised through my memory bank. Antonio had warned me, as if he knew my turn with De Niro would come someday.

It was a known fact that Bobby loved women of color. DeNiro was not the greatest conversationalist, but he was sweet and charming. For some crazy reason I felt comfortable enough to disclose my problems and my concerns about my contract with Michael’s father.

There were moments when he looked into my eyes and I felt his concern were genuine.

TR: Where did you and De Niro go on your date?

TT: We went to Residuals it was a little place frequented by the people in the industry and near my apartment. It was a very nice first date. He was concerned that someone was going to recognize him but no one did. As odd as that sounds, he was not in disguise at all.He did not have a hat on, or dark sunglasses. Our waitress didn’t even know who he was. He did wear reading glasses, but they just made him look nerdy and unrecognizable. On our second date Robert took me out to a Japanese restaurant in downtown Chinatown.

It was a pleasant date and we began a friendship.

The following day I called a friend of mine an attorney named Gary Walterstein. I met him when I had been under management with


Terri Hartman and worked with him during this time I was doing the demo records. I asked Gary for advice and assistance about my contract with Joe. I got two different attorneys advice, and both of them had said that the agreement was binding and it would be not easy to get out of it. I worried myself sick about it. The last thing I wanted was to be stuck into a contract with someone who did nothing for my career. Close to six months had passed and Mr.Jackson and Ben Brown had done nothing for my career. The only thing I received was ridicule and sarcastic comments from people about my contract. I was beginning to realize that I had been better off with my last manager Terri Hartman.

She actually did a good job for me and I would eventually thank her for everything she has done. The main reason that I signed with Joe was that there were so many unanswered questions I had for Michael. Answers that Joe had promised me he would find out the answers to.

Majestic relayed a message to me that he heard that Michael’s response to me signing with Joseph was, ”She can’t be that stupid!”

I could not believe what I was hearing.

”Michael said that?” I asked.

I never knew for sure if he did or not. I never knew what the truth was. When I asked Majestic, ”When and where did you hear that?” he would not disclose how he knew.

I was getting fed up with all the rumors and the gossip. It seemed to me there was some communication between Michael and his parents but none of them would put me in touch with him as they promised me. Joseph’s reply always was, ”These things take time.”

Bobby and I talked again around this time as he was in town for a few weeks. He was staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel and he phoned one evening, insistent that I come and visit him. He asked me about the contract giving me the impression that he could find someone to help me, or that he would help me find an attorney. I was at home with a girlfriend named Kookie,and neither one of us felt like moving, We were comfortable at home together, just chatting.

I told Bobby that I did not feel like going out, but he was very persistent ”Oh come one! Just for a while,”he said.

Most women , I guess, would think I was crazy or out of my mind to say no to someone like DeNiro. I think that was one reason

page 128.

he liked me. I was a challenge for him and my guess is that most women fell at his feet. Michael was the one who held the key to my heart. When I look back on everything now. I missed a few good men because of my feelings for Michael.

I have no regrets though. You have to be open and ready for things as they come. Open I was not, and ready? Mentally preoccupied was more like it.

TR: did you meet him or did you decline?

TT: I told Bobby that I would think about it and get right back to him As soon as we hung up the phone and it was Bobby again pleading ”Just a little while, bring your friend too. I don’t care,” he said. Kookie and I arrived at the hotel around 9:30 p.m Bobby had a friend with him who announced about fifteen to twenty minutes later that he needed a ride to his car. Of Course, he directed this question to my girlfriend Kookie. She and I just looked at each other like, okay, but we had expected the set up. Kookie was concerned and wanted to know if I wanted her to stay, asking me if I would be okay. I reassured her to go ahead and that I would take a cab home. I did feel comfortable with Robert and I did need to speak with him.

Once Kookie left, we spoke about the contract which I brought with me. Robert asked ”Why do you even have a manager for acting? All you need is an agent”, He argued this fact, insisting ”why and why Joe Jackson?”

I remember Bobby having a sarcastic expression on his face acting out the craziness of it all; saying that Mr.Jackson’s status and profile was low on the industry’s totem of respect. He told me that Michael was a great entertainer and performer and that he was even weird but that Joe was a total joke. I agreed that I was not knowledgeable about what I gotten myself into although, it did bother me a bit that he called Michael weird.

I somehow agreed and I thought that he might be right. After all geniuses are a bit weird. He mentioned knowing Dileo, Michael’s manager and how they were friends.

I reminded Bobby about the calendar and album and that I had not been paid for any of it.He then brushed it all off by telling me that I needed an attorney’s help.

It was obvious that it was all too much to be bothered with at this moment. Before I knew what hit me, Bobby wrapped his arms around me in


a lock and hold position. I felt as though an octopus was attacking me. I demanded that he let me go of me or I was going to punch him. He started laughing and he let go of me. I started to see his real intentions and I told him that this was all a farce. He did not care about helping me.

He suddenly got serious, and he apologized. However, that lasted for only five minutes and it was back to ”Octopussy”. His arms wrapped around me again and I was a little enraged and I threatened to leave if he did not shape up.

He stopped for long enough that it made me decide to stay a few minutes more. Bobby then excuse himself and he said that he wanted to change into something more comfortable.I felt as though I was in an old movie and that he was reading a line from ascript. You know, usually the woman is the one that says ”Let me go change into something comfortable.” Within seconds, he came prancing out in a thick Beverly Hills Hotel robe.

He assured me that nothing was going to happen, and that he was not going to harm me . He said all of this as he was pulling me into the bedroom. I asked him back by saying:

”Oh, I know. Nothing is going to happen because I will kick your ass, if you try anything”

Suddenly, I was in my tough girl New York mode. He laughed and found it all amusing, and I thought he was being silly and playful. Never did I feel threatened or scared, if anything Bobby amused me with it all.

Suddenly Bobby jumped onto the bed and started acting like a little kid, jumping up and down. I could not believe my eyes. Here was the Great Robert DeNiro jumping up and down on a bed flashing me as his robe flew open.

Somehow I just could not get into the moment. I had arrived with a mission in mind, to find a resolution to this damn contract. I am a Taurus and we can be serious at times. This was one of those times. I demanded that he call me a cab.I told him that it was all ridiculous and a joke!

When Bobby hung up the phone from calling a cab, I asked him.”What would you do if there was a fire right now?” Until this day I have no idea why or where that question came from. Bobby replied ”Well, I guess I would run out of here!”

I then replied, everyone who saw you would say, “There goes DeNiro, what a little weenie!” Yeah, I know, it was a bad choice of words, but you have to understand I was frustrated with these games. I wanted some advice


and help with this contract. I was not in the moment or mood for this playful crap and I felt he was making light of it all, and he was. Why I chose the word ”Weenie” I do not know it. It flew right into my mouth. As I used the word. I meant he was weenie, but I am sure he thought I was speaking about his anatomy. That was not what I meant! That was completely intact, in all honesty. I made the comment to distract him and turn his motor off.

It had worked and I was on my way home.

TR: Were you not attracted to him? Is that why you did not want to talk about more than the contract?

TT: I found Bobby very attractive but my head was just not in the mental place that he was.

I guess he viewed me as playing hard to get, but I was not. He was beginning to do exactly what I initially feared and expressed at our first meeting. He was tarnishing my respect for him and changing the image that I held of him.

TR: Did you talk to him again after that night?

TT: He phoned me several times the following day, as I assumed he would. I screened my calls until I was ready to discuss what happened and when

we did speak he was extremely apologetic and a true gentleman. All was forgiven. I had agreed to call him later that afternoon but something came up, and I did not get home until much later.

Keep in mind this was the day before cell phones and the luxury of constantly being in touch. So, when I did finally come home there were five messages from Bobby-one after another and with each messages he grew more and more angry.

By the fifth message, my mouth was hanging open from the shock because of his tone and the words he was using.

TR: What did he say?

TT: The first message was upbeat and friendly. He said ” Hey Tatiana its Bobby. Call me when you get in.” The second message he said “Hey, it’s Bobby again. I am just calling to see if you are in yet. Call me. I’ll be here.” In the third message he said, ”Yeah, its me again. Where are you? You said you would call me and I am waiting to hear from you. Call me when you get in.” By the fourth call he got a bit irate and his tone of voice was not pleasant. He said ”Hey, where the fuck are you? I can’t fucking believe


you haven’t called me yet. You said you would call me, and I think its pretty fucken rude that you keep me waiting. You said you would call”. The fifth call was the final straw, and it blew me away. I le said, “I just can’t believe that haven’t fucken called me back yet.”

TR: Did you finally call him back?

TT: I immediately called him and gave him a piece of my mind. I apologized for not calling him as I promised, but told him he had no right to leave such profane messages on my machine, and that I wasn’t his wife or girlfriend and I didn’t owe him anything.

Before I knew it, we were making plans to go to the movies.We went to see Pretty Woman. After the film, I told Bobby that unlike the character in the movie I hadn’t found my prince charming in him. I broke it off with him. Call me stupid, but I didn’t have feelings for him and I was not about to use him or any other man to try to further my career.

I felt confident enough in myself and I always wanted to succeed on my own merit.

I have tons of pride, and a healthy amount of self-respect. When I got outside of his Mercedes, I never looked back.

Most women , I guess, would think I was crazy or out of my mind to say no to someone like DeNiro. I think that was one reason he liked me. I was a challenge for him and my guess is that most women fell at his feet.

Michael was the one who held the key to my heart.

When I look back on everything now. I missed a few good men because of my feelings for Michael.

I have no regrets though. You have to be open and ready for things as they come. Open I was not, and ready? Mentally preoccupied was more like it.

Tatiana was under contract with Joe Jackson and she tried to find a way out. She talks to him for advice.

Kookie, who is mentioned once is a friend of Tatiana. They were together when DeNiro called and asked Tatiana to come see him at his hotel room. He told her she can bring her friend if she wanted to.

141 (The BRE Awards in 1989)

The creative consultant for the Black Radio Exclusive Awards show, Ingrid Woodson, called me.

She said that Michael was being awarded the outstanding achievement in the ”Pop, Rock and Soul” categories.

He won the ”Triple Crown Award” which is the highest honor of the evening. Ingrid said that she wanted me to be part of the show-to present the award to Michael.

Finally, it seemed I would have an opportunity to see and speak to Michael. I looked at this as if it was God’s doing. I spoke with the producers several times over the next two weeks.

What I did not know at the time was that Ingrid was familiar with all the industry gossip that surrounded Michael and me.

She also knew about me being fired from the Bad Tour. Ingrid told me that she felt that an injustice was committed towards me and that she had heard and felt that Michael cared very much about me. Ingrid felt I was the underdog. She said that there must have been a misunderstanding between us and wanted to help.

As I listened to her over the phone saying all of this to me, I felt deeply touched that she cared so much and wanted to help me. I was beginning to regard her as a “Guardian Angel” of sorts.


It is rare in Hollywood to find people who care enough to want to do something positive to help you especially behind the scenes. Ingrid’s view on the situation surrounding Michael and me was very rare.

Her views reminded me of what his parents and my parents thought. Ingrid said that she heard from many people in the industry that Michael cared for me, but she felt his professional camp had taken control of the situation by brainwashing him and telling him lies about me.Ingrid wanted to give us the opportunity to work together again and she wanted us to get together and speak one on one.

I invited Joe Jackson as my guest. Joe said ”We already know about the show and the entire family has tickets to it.I will check my schedule and see what else I have to do. I will try to come” He did not seem enthused and his lack of interest hurt my feelings.

The show was held at the Universal Amphitheater on May 28th, 1989.

I put a lot of thought and preparation into my image for the award. I wanted to emulate the old days of Hollywood, when the stars were truly glamorous. I used Rita Hayworth as my inspiration and I wore the long white gown Terri Hartman had bought for me.

I styled it with long white satin gloves and silver pumps that sparkled with rhinestones. I was glamour at its finest. When I arrived at the theater,I reported in to the producers and we had dinner in the green room. There was nearly an hour before the show started and the producers had me wait with the other performers and presenters in a special waiting room, separating me from the two friends I had bought as my guests.

Ben Brown, my assistant manager had come in Joe Jackson’s place. This really disappointed me and while Ben and I waited around, someone from the media snapped a few photos of us and then teamed me with Little Richard.

He is one of the original creators and innovators of rock and roll. He inspired Elvis, Prince, Michael and Terence Trent Darby. To me, Little Richard is the king of Rock and Roll. As a little girl he captivated me. His good looks, style, hair, and the way he tore up a piano was too cool, and unlike anyone else out there. When Prince came along it was like deja vu. To me, Prince was the spitting image of Little Richard but in a different time. Little Richard was way ahead of himself.


We finished the photos and it was close to show time. I was on stand-by and I started getting nervous. When I was walking backstage, I felt confident that things would finally be resolved for me And I would finally have some peace of mind after speaking to Michael.

As I waited to present the award, I dazed out onto the stage and watched the singing group ”Surface” perform. Quincy Jones was standing not too far away from me and he too was a part of the special presentation for Michael.

My original entrance was to be stage right, but just a few minutes before Ingrid told me to walk across to stage left, changing the original plan.

As we got halfway across, I heard someone saying something through a walkie-talkie to the person escorting me, who was Ingrid’s husband. It was so muffled that I could not make a complete sense of the voice at the other end. What I did hear was ”Michael something, something. ..Tatiana.”

I was so excited at the time and I was walking with a big smile on my face. I was so elated about being there and having this opportunity to talk and see Michael that I did not really listen to what was being said.

My smile and good mood were about to change. I began to feel very confused. I asked my escort what was going on and he replied ”Nothing!” He looked as bewildered and confused as I was. Then he muttered ”I don’t know. They just asked me to go back to our original entrance.”

I realized that my escort was too kind to reveal what was really said because he did not want to hurt my feelings. In time, found out the missing words in the puzzle.

As we walked back to the other side of the stage, I was so dumbfounded over what had just happened that I could barely focus on what we were doing. My cue finally arrived and I started to walk towards the stage then someone said ”No! No !NO! yet!” I stopped in my tracks. Then someone said ”OK Go!” I felt the warmth of the glowing spotlight hit me and sensed the surprise of the audience as they yelled and applauded. I was so nervous and I kept thinking about possibly dropping the award. I though ”Please, T, do not drop this award whatever you do.”

The award was heavy and I remember wondering how much it actually weighed. No one warned me before hand that it was going to be heavy and it felt to be at least forty or fifty pounds. It was obvious that the


award was too heavy for me-you could see the strain in my arms as I carried it. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remembered the few awards I had won when I was a little child ; one for gymnastics and one for a limbo contest.

But that was kid stuff and this was the big leagues. Award shows and awards themselves did not get any grander then this event and I was presenting an award to the world’s greatest star.

I loved and adored Michael and I was once again participating in the making of his history. As I stood before Michael he was smiling. I stretched out my hands to honor him with his award and to relieve myself from its weight .

When he took the awards out of my hands, he walked to the microphone to begin his speech. At one moment when the audience was applauding, he turned to me and told me how surprised and happy he was to see me and that he’d had no idea that I was going to be there.

I flinched in response and said ”Oh really? I was told you knew.” My response jumped out of me spontaneously and I did not even have a chance to think about what I was going to say. He turned back to the microphone and towards the audience to finish his speech.

I though he was behaving strangely but did not quite know why. Somehow, I just felt Michael was not being sincere. He was not being honest with me somehow but I could not imagine why.

I stood on stage near Quincy Jones and the executive producer of the show, Mr .Sidney Miller. Michael’s speech ended and he walked off stage and left me behind.

I just stood there dumbfounded and numb.

The audience showed their disapproval as they echoed a series of oooooohhs and ahhhhhhs. They broke my trance. This was not a televised event but if it had been, perhaps he would not have left me on the stage alone. I found it especially odd since he had just expressed how surprised and happy he was to see me

Yet, here he was leaving me on stage as I was following behind him. It just did not add up or make any sense to me. Once we passed the curtains, out of view of the audience,

his security surrounded him quickly-as if they were shielding him from all who tried to approach him. Before I knew it, I could no longer see him in view and he was gone.

Outside the theater, I saw the large trailer that was set up for him:


roped off by his security team. I spotted Mr.Brown and waited with him. I told him how badly I wanted to speak to Michael and how he had been rushed away before I could even talk to him. Ben encouraged me and told me to go for it!

I mustered up all the power and determination within me and I told myself that I was not going to let this opportunity slip through my hands. I was within feet of him and I had to fight for this moment. I had to talk to him to find out why I was fired from the tour. What had I done to deserve that? Why did Sheryl Crow replace me? I just had to try to find out the answers or die doing so.

When I approached his trailer I had butterflies in my stomach. I was far more nervous than I had been on stage with him. I had all the words that I wanted to say running rapidly through my head.

I approached the gate and I asked Bill Bray, Michael’s assistant
if he could please relay to Michael that I would like a moment with him. He told me that he would see what he could do.

While I stood there, Alfonzo Ribeiro and Ricky Shroeder also waited to see Michael. Ricky was the child star from the sitcom Silver Spoons. I talked to them for few minutes and before I knew it, they were admitted inside Michael’s trailer. After around ten minutes Alfonzo and Ricky came out of the trailer where I was still left feeling very alone.

I stood there starring at Bill Bray patiently but I felt like some sort of peasant. I felt like something less than a peasant.

Before I knew it, Bill yelled ‘’Well hurry up! If you are coming, come on! We do not have all day! We’ve got another award to get.”

I stood looking at him stunned and shocked. I just could not believe he was talking to me like that. I turned back to look at Mr.Brown to see if he had seen this, I just could not believe how he spoke to me in front of everyone that was there.

He spoke to me as if I were trash. Yet, Alfonzo and Ricky were greeted so nicely. I was so embarrassed and humiliated that I wanted to cry. However, there was simply no time for tears.

Here was my moment, my long awaited cue and I was going to get some questions answered from Michael. When I walked towards Bill, I passed the entrance gate and the door to Michael’s trailer flung open. I assumed and imagined that I would go


inside the trailer to talk to him. That is what I hoped for anyway, but Michael walked out of his trailer and he stood before me.

He kept repeating exactly the same words to me that he said on stage. as though he had been scripted.

He said ”Oh Tatiana! It is so good to see you! I had not idea you were going to be here.” It was like an instant replay, and it was so weird.

I said, ”Michael, I would really like to talk to you.”

Right after I said that, Bill Bray grabbed Michael’s arms and pulled him away saying, ”We gotta go!”

They did this as if they planned it. It reminded me of what Majestic told me about Michael always having other people bail him out of situations that he did not want to be a part of. Basically Michael did not want to look like the bad guy.

Michael closed with. “Oh well! I gotta go, sorry!”

I just stood there in shock, and once again, I was alone. Obviously, he did not want to talk to me but I was being treated so disrespectfully for no valid reason.

Why would Michael not let me talk to him? Why did he keep repeating the same comment to me? Why did he leave me onstage alone? The biggest question was why did he tell me he had no idea that I was going to be there when he did know?

The producer told me that he was aware of the entire show including the monologue. I was feeling very uncomfortable in my own skin, embarrassed and rejected. I told myself that it was time for me to move on.

I turned around and I walked back towards Mr. Brown. Even though I felt ridiculous and stupid, I tried to carry myself with complete and utter confidence. I tried to regain my dignity, self-respect, and composure.

I was speechless for awhile , but I felt as though Ben sensed my pain and disappointment.

I told Ben that I did not get a chance to speak to Michael and , of course he had seen the entire thing. He knew what I was feeling and what really happened.

Ben and I went back into the theater to watch the rest of the show.

I heard someone whisper as I walked to my seat ”Ooooh… There she is!” Hearing the worst in that statement. I wanted to go home.

TR: What happened when you did go home?

TT: My girlfriends tried to help me make sense of it all but there was no comfort to be found. For the next two weeks this disturbed me. I kept searching for answers within myself and I could not stop crying.

TR: Did you talk to Mr or Mrs. Jackson about what happened at the


award show?

TT: I told Mr. and Mrs. Jackson about my experience and that I did not get a chance to speak to Michael or get any of my questions aswered. I explained the Bill Bray story, how her had spoken to me, and how I had been treated.

Joseph made a remark about Bill that made it obvious that he disliked Bill and said that had he been at the awards with me none of that would have happened: I would have been able to speak with Michael. Katherine also said that she did not trust Bill.

I remember asking myself what possible good their comments would do for me now. Perhaps they were in the dark but I felt as though they knew more than they were telling me.

TR: Did you speak to Ingrid about the show?

TT: Ingrid called to thank me for the being part of the show and she apologized for the way I had been treated. I knew at the time of the show as it was perhaps obvious to others that Michael did not want to talk to me, but now it was confirmed.

”I don’t know what happened to you on tour but I heard a lot of different things and felt there were other people around Michael trying to keep you out. I thought I could help you two get together so you could talk.”

Ingrid said that she just really wanted to help and she was sorry how the whole thing turned out and how badly Michael had treated me.

My curiosity grew when she admitted she was aware of the cold treatment I received. I felt she knew more and my instincts were correct.

I begged her to tell me what she knew and it took a lot of coaxing before she did. I said that whatever she had to tell me would not hurt anymore than I have already been hurt. She finally told me that as she had been organizing the event she called Michael’s publicist Bob Jones.

He told her that he had some concerns about me being involved with the presentation. She told me his comment was ”Tatiana, she’s only a dancer! Why is she involved in this? Is she going to speak?”

Ingrid told me that she said ”No! She is just going to be presenting him the award.” He asked her, ”Why does she have to be in it at all?” Ingrid told me she reasoned with Bob and that she stated that


because we worked together before it would be a nice moment in the show and that the audience would enjoy this as well. When I worked with Michael, it not only catapulted my career and brought me into the public eye but it helped his image to some degree. It validated his masculinity to those who doubted it and fans often said that we were the perfect match and a believable pair.

Ingrid continued to explain the situation to me adding that Bob decided that they would go along with this idea as long as I was to present and not speak. It really hurt me to think that Bob Jones said such a thing about me when he did not even know me. Ingrid’s information was enlightening.

What I learned was that Michael knew that I was involved with the show yet he had said repeatedly that he was surprised to see me and that he had no idea I was going to be there. My instinct that his sincerity was not real was correct.

I hated to believe this. Oh, how I hated it, but it was true. He knew of my involvement and he even approved it, as long as I did not, ”have anything to say.”

Ingrid also shed some light on the walkie-talkie incident that occured when I was being escorted from behind the stage left to stage right. I learned that the missing words of the puzzle were, ”Michael does not want to see or speak to Tatiana before the show.”

I knew that these words were true because I was rushed back to the opposite side of the stage from where he was to make his entrance, then when Bill Bray was pulling him away from me it proved that they timed it so Michael would not have to deal with me.

The entire thing was obvious to everyone.

TR: How did you feel after the phone call with Ingrid once you found out the truth?

TT: I cannot even put into words the devastation that I felt. It was very difficult to get over the pain that this and other experiences working with Michael had caused me. I never, in my wildest dreams, ever considered I could go through such agony. Looking from the outside in, you picture things so differently. I did anyway absorbed in it all and I wanted nothing more than to find answers. I look back on Ingrid as a beautiful spirit for trying to help me.


TR: Did you talk to anyone else about your experience at the award show?

TT: Majestic came over to visit me and we talked about it for hours. I told him everything and I took him through every part of the evening. Majestic explained again how Michael’s people take the blame and they cover for him so he does not look like the one at fault.

” He will not look like a bad guy,” Majestic said. He reminded me of a similar experience that he had with Michael years prior when he visited him on a video shoot.

Majestic helped me understand what really happened to me that night . He said that when Bill Bray yelled for me to “Come on” it was probably giving Michael a cue for him to come outside his trailer so that I could not go inside. Then, when Bill pulled his arm saying, ”We gotta go,” that was also a planned skit.

He made it clear to me that Michael did not want to speak to me. Just as David Banks pointed out before, if Michael wanted something, he got it! ”What Michael gets,” he said.

It was naive of me to think otherwise. Majestic reminded me that his own family complained about not being able to get in touch with him when they wanted. Majestic said, “Tatiana! Who do you think is to blame or really in control?”

Our conversations opened my eyes some. It explained the crazy experience I just had but it still didn’t answer the big and main question. Why? Why was I made to endure all of this? What had I done to be treated this way? These were the questions no one could answer.

Majestic said, “People just fuck you in this town and don’t kiss you first, huh, Tatiana?” He ended that wonderful comment with laughter, but it wasn’t funny to me. This was my life and my career we are talking about.

Only Michael knew exactly why was fired from his tour. Only he could answer the questions about replacing me with his back-up singer. I brought up the issue of not being paid for his 1988 calendar or the single’s cover of The Way You Make Me Feel.

I still felt as though I was the underdog and wanted so badly to talk to Michael, I just couldn’t help but feel that someone had filled his head with lies or something. Maybe he did not like that fact that I didn’t audition for the Dirty Diana video.
Somehow, I reason he had been lied to. He had the wrong impression of me.

Even after all the confusion and pain I endured from the experienxe of the BRE awards I still sent him a birthday gift three months


later. It was August 1989 and I was making arrangements with Katherine to have it delivered. It was a huge, larger than life full size portrait of his friend and idol Marlon Brando.The portrait was from his classic film the Wild Ones.

It was a creation by my friend and artist Demetrie Kabbaz. Jermaine’s wife Margaret picked it up from me and we loaded it into her Jeep. At 5 feet wide and standing at 5’6-5’6 1/2, it wasn’t an easy gift to carry or transport

TR: Did Michael call you or send a thank you note for the gift?

TT: I never received a word of thanks or a card of gratitude. I was forced to realized that I was fighting a losing battle. I was begining to tell myself that I just needed to move on!

(on meeting Prince a few years later)

The Prince chapter


My 29th birthday was on April 22nd, 1989. I celebrated it with a group of friends at Club 20-20 in Century City.

Someone at my party told me that Prince just arrived. I figured since it was my birthday, I was going to ask him to dance with me which is how I met and danced with the artist formely known as Prince.

It was like the parting of the Red Sea. We were all having a great time but I think my friends were amazed when I walked over to Prince’s table and I politely said to his bodyguards that I wanted to ask Prince for a dance.

I had to go through them first because there were several of them blocking me the front of his table. Prince was sitting down and his bodyguards parted and let me enter.

I told Prince that it was my birthday. I said to him, “If I could have one birthday wish it would be to dance with you. ” He nodded his head yes. He is a man of few words. We tore up the dance floor to Madonna’s song, Like A Prayer. The entire club was gawking at us.

To back up a bit, my friend Craig astounded all of us with his Michael Jackson moves. He had them down and it was like watching the ”Bad One”.

I caught my friend Kookie, trying to take snapshot as we danced. Prince’s bodyguards stepped in front of her and stopped her dead in her tracks. I was so disappointed because she was not quick enough.

Prince walked me back to my table. He said that I had an open invitation to join him at his table. I quietly agreed to meet him there in a


few minutes. After all it was my birthday! Friends and guests gathered around me. They started asking me if I knew Prince. I replied ” No, I just met him.” They were all so surprised because I casually walked over to him and asked him if he would dance with me.

I did it as if we already knew each other. Kookie kept saying how disappointed she was because they would not let her take a picture of Prince.

My girlfriend Audra was so mad at herself because she had not made it to my birthday party. She was a huge Prince fan. After blowing out my candles and opening my gifts. I excused myself and went to Prince’s table to join him. When our drink arrived, he offered me a taste of his drink.

He had a Virgin Pina’ Colada. I said, “No thank you, but can I have your cherry?” Prince gave me this wide-eyed, shocked expression. He took it as a sexual innuendo. I said it was not my intention and we started cracking up.

Prince liked innuendos and double meanings, so he enjoyed that. As this exciting evening progressed, Prince asked me to join him in his limo. He wanted to take me for a ride.

When I walked up to the long, white stretch limo, I stopped in my tracks. I wanted to make a mental note of this magical moment. The glow on the evening light bounced off the limo’s frame.

It looked like something from a fairy tale or a Hollywood movie. I felt like Cinderella and this was the most wonderful birthday I have ever had in my life.

TR: So where did you and Prince go’?

TT: We just rode around Westwood all night.

We were listening to some of his new music on his demo. He asked me what I thought about his new stuff. One of the songs was a demo of Sheena Easto singing a song that Prince had produced. I told him that I met her once and said hello but she ignored me and that I hated that crap!

I added I couldn’t stand snobs. Anyway, I loved his new stuff.

TR: So what did you do at the end of the night’?

TT: I was not ready for this night to end, but we had been driving


around for a few hours. He invited me to his hotel-the Sunset Marquee in Westwood. I questioned the thought of going there with him. After all, we had just met. But we were both having such a wonderful time together and neither one of us was tired.

When I entered his room, I took a mental picture of everything. How neat he was, the artwork, even the smell of the air. Although this was a hotel, Prince was living there: making it his home.

He showed me around and we walked down a short hallway that led to the bedroom. I recall staring at a painting that hung above the bed. The detail was so small and faint that from a distance I could not make sense of it. As I got closer I saw that it wall all nude women intertwined together.

He told me, “Don’t get too close it might damage your eyes.” I told him that it did not frighten or faze me. Prince was a musical genius and he intrigued me. He walked me towards his closet and it was amazing! It was just awesome beyond words.

Before me hung dozens and dozens of outfits. I was dazzled by the colors, textures,bold prints, and designs. For every outfit, there was a matching pair of boots. His closet was the bomb! It was unlike anything I have ever laid my eyes on.

He told me, ”Curiosity killed the cat.” I stepped in his closet further and said, ”Yeah, well the cat had nine lives.’He got a kick out of my quick come back. He asked me, ”Would you like it if I dressed you in my clothes sometime”

I told him him that would be cool, but I thought his pants would be excessively too short for me. He is only 5’4″ and I am 5’7”. However, I tried on one of his boots, and it was a perfect fit. He started it out by saying ”You know, when I was little… Well, I’m still little…” Before he could finish, I started laughing so hard. I thought I was going to bust a gut from laughing so hard. I thought it was great that he could joke and laugh at himself and make light of his small frame.

I thought it was cool for a few seconds anyway. Suddenly, I stopped laughing because of this expression on his face. There was immediate silence. He had this look on his face as to say” I can make fun of myself but you cannot.”

Prince is a Gemini and I soon learned that his moods switched on and off like a light switch.

His bathroom bewildered me. Laid out were an endless amount of make-up and toiletries: Any girl would have been jealous. The vanity’s


layout was so beautiful arranged. You could view every piece of lip liner, mascara, and eyeliner. He had more make-up and perfume than any woman I knew. We went back into the living room and he asked me if I was hungry.

I was and minutes later everything I ordered was in double amounts. Prince did not touch any of it. I thought it was odd that he did not have anything to eat, especially since he ordered so much. Why did he order so much if he was not going to eat?

Did he think I was a pig? After I ate. Prince and I sat Indian style on the living room. We just sat and talked. I had a top on that was strapless and out of nowhere Prince yanked my top down. He did it in a playful manner as if he was still a little kid. A spoiled brat was more like it.

I did not flinch when he did it and he asked, “I thought you said you were shy?” That was the last topic of our conversation. It was his playful test for me.He wanted to see how I would react and see how I would respond to it. He asked me inquisitively ”Do you ever caress them or play with them?” I could not believe that he was asking me this and I quickly answered ”No!” I know I started blushing and I laughed it off.

He then asked me, ”Well why not? They’re beautiful.” The conversation quickly switched from my beautiful boobs, to Vanity. She was the lead singer of his girl group Vanity 6. I told him that I knew Vanity and knew her real name was Denise Matthews.

We met in Tokyo when we both were signed with Zoli. It was during that time she was working with Prince in the studio. They were working on a demo for the single Nasty Girls. I was staying in her New York apartment and she had given me strict instructions not to answer a red phone. She was the only person that could answer it so I assumed that Prince called her on that phone.

After I told Prince that story he said, ”Oh, that Vanity!”

It was already 5:00 and and we were still talking. We were like two kids defying the limits and boundaries of time. We did not want to go to sleep. I felt comfortable with him and I was having a ball. He asked me if I wanted to sleep over.

Before I knew it, Prince handed me a beautiful pair of silk pajamas. The entire scenario was out of the ordinary for me but we were having fun and there was such trust and comfort that I reasoned with a myself it was okay to spend the night with him


I changed into the pajamas and I asked him what he was going to put on. He told me, “These are my pajamas,” —telling me the black lycra cat suit with the half of the waist missing were his pajamas for the evening.

There was a chain attached to the cat suit that dangled from his waist from one side of his body to the other. I thought ” Well you go ahead with your bad self, Do your thing!” Geniuses are odd. He is a genius and he is odd. We curled up in bed like kittens and simply fell asleep, sweet and innocent as that. It took me forever to fall asleep though. I couldn’t believe that I was snuggled up in bed with one of the greatest artists of that time.

In a way, Prince was viewed as Michael’s musical rival.

TR:How are the two of them different?

TT: Michael was the Peter Pan squeaky clean one, and Prince was the sexually overt one. They were like night and day but they were both geniuses and incredible to observe.

Prince admired and respected Michael

Did you talk to Prince again after your birthday night?

A few days later Prince called me and invited me to a concert. The group Guy was performing at the Universal Amphitheater.

Prince asked me if I would mind if the press took a few pictures of us together. I said that it would not bother me in the least that it was part of the deal. I felt that Prince was concerned about media putting their own twisted spin on us and it was also out of concern and respect for Michael.

He believed, like most there was something between us.

The show was incredible and Teddy Riley was awesome! Prince admired his work. After the show, we rode around the lot of Universal and Prince asked if I wanted to drive the limo for fun. I passed because I did not have my license yet. I didn’t admit to him I did not want to crash the limo or be responsible for it.

That night I wore a silver belt buckle spelled out LOVE in bold letters. It was similar to a belt Madonna worn in the early 80’s that read Boy Toy. Several times during the night Prince complimented me on it. He told me that he wanted one that spelled out Gemini. He wanted his in gold and mine was in silver.

Prince and I spoke several times by phone and at odd hours. It seemed we both had a late night schedule. We spoke many times at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. Once he called me and when I answered he said,


“I bet you’re sorry you gave me your number huh?” I reassured him and said, ”Not at all. I’m a night owl ”

A few weeks went by and I ran into him at Vertigo, a popular nightclub. Prince asked me to join him as he sat surrounded by three other women. Sometime during the evening, I asked him if he was dating or seeing anyone.

He replied something like ”I don’t have any! I have many. ” Suddenly, he turned into Dr.Jekyll and his mood changed.

He left me standing on the dance floor alone.

At the time I was working on a special surprise gift for him. I had called a friend in New York and asked him to make a gold belt buckle that spelled GEMINI, This is what Prince said he wanted. I did all this for someone who left me on a dance floor alone.

Gemini’s are strange. They do have two sides to their personalities. Prince did show me his gratitude by wearing the buckle in his video Batdance. In the video, he plays a character named Gemini. The video was for the movie Batman.

Prince and I lost touch for about four years. We met by chance one night at a club and started talking about an interview I had given to the Star tabloid during the scandal involving Michael Jackson and the underage boy. Prince was upset that I had spoken to the tabloid; he attacked me for my comments and he was especially bothered by a line that quoted me as saying that Michael would never get married. He shouted, “Did you need the money that bad?” Are you that poor-that broke, that you sell your story to the tabloids?


TR: Did you want to keep working, modeling and acting after all that happened?

TT: I was going out less and less on auditions. I was in an odd position. I was in this sort of ”catch-22” thing

I was looked as somewhat of a celebrity but I was not a big enough name and my credits were not building. Everywhere I went the fans knew my name but the casting agents just couldn’t seem to get past the quote, unquote, ”Michael Jackson


(unreadable) thing. I finally did score a commercial for Miller light. On the day of the shoot I was told that the director decided to put me in the background for fear that I would steal the thunder from the commercial’s star, comedian Dennis Miller.

It seemed as if I was big enough star to threaten the stars status but I was not a big enough star to have my own campaign.

This was the only offer I had at the time and when the commercial aired I could not be seen at all.

It was truly an odd positon to be in and ,strangely, many people that had been in the business for years envied me. So many artists are truly talented-they work for years on one project and then another and they do not get the recognition that was bestowed upon me from just one video. The thought of being employed on a regular basis in our industry without anyone knowing who I was sounded great to me. Here some actors envied me and here I was envying them.

I thought I would be great on a soap opera because I had already been through so much drama and confusion that I was living my very own day and nighttime drama. I wondered if Michael’s last video girl, Ola Ray, from Thriller ever experienced anything similar to my situation. I thought it would be great to sit down, talk to her, and trade stories.

TR:How were you feeling emotionally at this time

TT: I cried enough to make my very own river.

I did not know what or who to believe. It was difficult for me to trust anyone. I could not even trust my own judgment anymore. Even the guys I dated made me feel like they were with me because of some celebrirty status. Suddenly I became this hot trophy, I could tell I was looked at as some kind of sex object. Real relationships were becoming difficult to find, male or female. I even questionned the friends I had prior to my ”newfound fame” I mean one of them stole the powder compact that Michael used while I was on tour with him. That was a hard pill to swallow. This so-called ”friend” and I had a three-year friendship before all the Hollywood crap. It really hurt me.

TR: You had to have at least one true friend out there

TT: My friend Valerie Simpson took on the role of surrogate mom. She endured all the tears and confusion, and pain with me. I thanked God for her constantly. It was a blessing that I had someone as beautiful and


compassionate as Valerie with me. Especially since my mom lived in Florida and she could be only supportive and compassionate by telephone. Valerie was my closest confidant and will forever considered my guardian angel on earth during those times of despair.

She saw it all, heard it all, and lived it all with me. I sometimes feel that if it were not for her love and support I would not have lived to tell this story. There were many times I considered ending it all.

Not only my heart was broken but I also had issues with working, dating, my own camp, and paying me rent. Many people assumed that I was set for life financially because I worked with the world’s greatest entertainer of our time.

I would get picked up at my apartment and some guys could not believe that I did not own a home. Many wondered why I was not driving around in a Mercedes. I once had a date with Kato Kaelin (famous from the OJ Simpson trial) and when he picked me up, he remarked ”This is where you live?”

This was coming from a guy who lived as someone else’s fricken house guest. At least I had my own place! Well, I never said that I always had the greatest taste in dates or men.

Even though times were difficult. I did not want to give up. I kept pursuing the Hollywood dream and continued to be knocked down, only to stand up and brush myself off repeatedly. I considered going overseas to work but decided not to go.

I probably should have considered it more seriously.

TR: Did you ever have to ask anyone to help you financially?

TT: Michael’s mother was aware of my hard times and she once gave Majestic fifty dollars to give to me.

I sincerely felt that Katherine cared very much about me and was perhaps frustrated that she could not do more to help or get Michael with me to talk. Yet, I could not understand why she did not ever make it happen. I guess it was too hard for her to do.

I had moved on from Joseph and the contract. I spent a lot of unnecessary time worrying about getting out of it, when in fact it was a null and void situation. None of the obligations were fulfilled within our


agreement so I had nothing to worry about. It reminded me of the movie, the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy fretted so much about getting back home, when all the while she had never really left home. Here I was fretting about getting out of a contract that was not valid anyway.

Ultimately, we went our separate ways without any complaint or argument.

TR: Was Joe Jackson upset that you did not want him to represent you any longer?

TT: Not at all, and it did surprise me a bit that Joseph didn’t care enough about it to even to discuss our parting ways. I

did not accomplish anything during the duration of our contract. I even tool several steps backward when I signed with him.

None of the promises he or Katherine made to me were kept. They did not give me any answers about why I was fired and going to Neverland never happened. My dissapointments were ongoing, but never did I complain to either one of them. I just accepted these losses and went on my way.

I traveled to the Far East to resume working with Satoru, an agent I had worked with years before. This was when I ran into Rebbie Jackson again. We spent a few days together talking, having dinner, and sightseeing during our time off. She was touring and promoting her album at the time. Although things did not go well with Joseph, seeing Rebbie was running into a family member.

When I returned to L.A for work, things still did not pick up for me. By this time, I was under pressure, too, because the statue of limitations for the calendar and the 45 of The Way You Make Me Feel were almost over and the day was approaching that I would not be able to challenge Michael in court.

I did not want to sue my idol but I couldn’t help but feel like I was a casualty or some sort of victim of of circumstance. I was pleased that my contractual agreement with Joe Jackson ended amicably In 1991, I did not have representation for management. I did not trust people anymore. I had made some awful choice and trusted the wrong people. Perhaps I had even missed out by letting the good ones slip through my hands.

My brother William once told me ”If you know how to play game of chess then you’ll know how to play the game of life.” I regret not knowing this game because I believe there is something to this theory. I believe this is simply what life isall about. Living and learn


ing, if you haven’t learned anything from it then you haven’t lived. I look back now and see how gullible and naive I was about certain things and people in L.A. I was raised by teachers and I spent my formative years in New York City.

I thought I had learned a bit about street smarts. Still I had yet to learn a thing or two about Hollywood and its smoke and

mirrors. Many people play games there. There is a difference in New Yorkers. They are not fake with you.

They are straight up and honest to the core, which I adore. But in L.A people can be very plasic and pretentious in many ways. Not everyone, but many that I met. Hollywood is a city that is made up of dreams and fairy tales.

Auditioning even changed for me because I started to question my own ability and talents. I felt as though I was not in the

moment when I was auditioning, as if I were outside myself judging me. Like some kind of outer experince. I lost myself due to all the deception.

Working with my idol took me through many experiences. I knew what it was like to go from anonymity to suddenly being famous within just a few days.I anticipated doors being opened in the end, no one even acknowledged my knock.

They would not even give me work as an extra. I did not have any prior knowledge of the entertainment business and I found myself flat broke. Having a good support system is a big advantage.

The people that are backing you, both professionally and personally are very important. The message behind the movie Mahogany is so true.”Success is nothing without someone to share it with.” To top it all off, In lost a different loved one each year for three years.

I endured endless pain. As each person in my life passed on, I, in turn, lost strength and energy. As soon as I would regain my strength and start to feel better, another one left me.

TR: Who were the important people in your life that you lost?

TT: In 1989, I lost my mentor, Svengali Antonio Lopez. I felt in many ways that it were not for him, I never would have made it as far as I did. He gave me and taught me so much about the industry. I take great


pride in being an “Antonio Girl.” Not many hold the title and the ones that do are an elite few. Some of the others are Jessica Lange, Pat Cleveland, Jerry Hall, Grace Jones and Toukie Smith-are all Antonio’s girls.

Losing Antonio was devastating to me. He was like my brother, my father. my teacher, my friend and my everything wrapped up in one. I miss dearly. In 1990 I lost my one and only link to life itself , my biological mother.

This was one of the most difficult burdens for me. Although I have two wonderful parents who are there for me a biological mother is incomparable as far as people and relationships are concerned. In 1991, I lost my closest male friend and soul mate, Chanti Gani Tyelis, a.k.a Eric Tyus. He was truly one of a kind. I will always consider losing him a great-great loss.

He was everything to me! Someday I will tell the story of our lives together.

TR: How did you manage without representation?

TT: In 1992, I became my own Agent/Manager and I put together a package and proposal for Playboy Magazine.There was much interest and I came close to signing with them.

Considering the deal made me reflect on my Bad Tour days when Miko and I debated the future and if I would ever consider a Playboy spread especially if I was paid the right price. But at this point in my life, it wasn’t just about the paycheck.

It was more about having new opportunities. I looked at it as a chance to have a voice and to be taken to the next level professionally. I felt that perhaps it should be the next step in my career, but the deal did not happen.

TR:Why? What happened?

TT: One of Hugh Hefner’s assistants told me Hef was good friend of Michael and that he did not want to involve himself with anything that was not ”Pro-Michael Jackson.-Never did I consider my story against Michael in any way.

if anything my story was that of a woman who cared very much about him. However, because I was fired from his tour people thought that I must have been on bad terms with him.


I was better off not doing Playboy. That somehow I was saved from something that really was not made to be.

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TT: My friend Chris Ameruoso encouraged me to express my support for him publicly. Initially the thought frightened me but I did consider doing it. I

thought it would be good for him to know that I was still in his corner.Also, the public would see that I was.

TR: Why did the idea of you expressing your support frighten you ?

TT: I was frightened at the thought of the issue itself. This was a serious implication. Nevertheless, my love for Michael and my belief in him gave me the willpower and strenght to go forward with my pursuit and to speak out on his behalf.

Chris set up my first interview on the Howard Stern Radio Show. I remember being nervous because I did not know much about Howard until the day before our call.

I did not know what to expect or if he was going to be kind to me. I was not knowledgeable about his show and I just did not know what to expect. It’s a strange experience to have so many people hear you speak to someone by phone that you’ve never met.

It’s so cold and impersonal. You cannot see that person’s expressions or see what is in his or her eyes. If you cannot see into a person’s eyes, you are not connecting with their soul.

When Chris handed me the phone to me. Gary, the producer of Howard’s Show, asked me questions about the video shoot to confirm I was the girl. My heart raced, and Howard welcomed me. He was straight to the point. He then asked me the question that was on everyone’s mind.

Did you sleep with him? What proof do you have that he is heterosexual?

Suddenly my being in support of his innocence meant having to offer personal information about my intimacy with the pop star. I took offense to this fact, yet at the same time. I wished that I did have some proof for people. In my heart, I felt I had enough proof. I was not as prepared as I thought I was for such a strong and opinionated host as Howard Stern.

Howard left me with something to think about when he asked me, ”I don’t get why you support him. Why the loyalty?” I knew he had a point and it made me question myself. It was a great question and there was no clear answer why I supported Michael other than wanting to believe in his innocence and loving him dearly. Because of the love and adoration I had for Michael. He could do no wrong in my eyes. By nature’s course, I am a Taurus who is ruled by Venus. This means that I am stub-


born, determined, diligent, and in-love with the thought of love itself. The sign Taurus believes in loyalty and they will endure anything and put up with a lot before they give up and let go of something and someone.

It is hard for them to move on. Howard could not have conceived just how much I had gone through. It was a though interview, but overall Stern was pleasant to me and his partner Robin impressed me. She knew all of my credits, which she read aloud.

This was the best and hardest interview of them all. My next interview was for Black Entertaiment Television. It was a one on one piece with the reporter and it helped that I could see her eyes.

I was emotional, and I was honest and the words came from my heart. The interview caused me to lose control and cry on camera. I hated that but it was real.

If truth be told I was optimistic and I thought that perhaps this would bring Michael and me together.

Maybe he would see how much I cared and loved him.

About a week later, I was in touch with Katherine and Joseph.I expressed my concern and sincere support.

I could tell that they were somewhat surprised that I was in support of him. I reassured them that I was not taking a stand for any payment.

I just wanted to show my support. There was another interview scheduled. It was in New York City for The Maury Povich show.

On the panel I found myself among those who were in support of the pop star and people who were not. Majestic was in the group of Michael supporters with me. I found it a bit surprising that neither Joseph nor Katherine made an appearance.

They commented by telephone. Nevertheless, I knew that it was all taking a toll on them and their health. They were both disturbed by it all and who wouldn’t be? This was there baby and these were some serious allegations

It was nothing to take lightly.

TR: What questions were you asked at this interview

TT: They asked me sismilar questions Howard Stern asked me on his radio show. “Did the two of you have sex?”

That was all anyone was concerned about and that is what they wanted an answer to. As if saying we had, was going to validate his manhood: that my affirmation would have made him innocent of these horrific accusations. I do so


wish that I could have told them that we did have sex, but if we did, how was I to prove this to the public and media? I wished I could have gone beyond just speaking out on his behalf but I could not.

When I blurted out something about dating Michael his mother Katherine confirmed his feelings and love for me and it angered the other panel guests because they were trying to crucify him.

I was there as a supporter, not as a a judge and jury. However, for many people, that was not good enough. Some on the other panel were security guards that had worked for the Jacksons, at their Hayvenhurst home.

In fact, some were involved in a lawsuit against the Jacksons. They told stories about Michael and his young males guests at the house. Suddenly I was out of my realm. I did not have anything to say about this topic.

The panelists were arguing saying that I never visited the house when Michael still lived there, and they were right! I became a visitor after he moved out. I had to remind myself that was there to support Michael. Not to lie.

I had already blurted out something about us dating for close to a year and I said that we were romantically involved when in fact we were not. There were only a few visits to the set of Leave Me Alone and Baby Bad.

Even though I had old issues lingering in the back of my head. I put them all aside for the sake of love and loyalty. As I told even one little white lie I was becoming a part of it all.

TR: So you lied and said that you dated Michael for a year when you did not? Why did you do that?

TT: The lie slipped out of my mouth simply because of my feelings for him. I felt that an injustice was being committed.

Plus, I wanted Michael to see how much I loved him.

In my fairytale mind I thought that he would come looking for me and thank me. Boy was I wrong! I regretted being on the panel at the Maury show. It was all about debate and somehow I just did not foresee it being that way.

It was an odd situation that I put myself in the midddle of yet I was still willing to go to war for him. I could only imagine the mental and physical stress he was going through

TR: How did you feel when you saw Michael on televison at this important time?


TT: The CNN piece stunned me. Michael was looking straight into the camera. He was dressed in a red shirt, donned false eyelashes and he was claiming his innocence. I felt that if there was any momwent and time that Michael needed to look a little more normal and down to earth,this was the time to do it. He needed to show every aspect of his masculinity. I was angry when I thought about it wondering why he wasn’t being better advised. This was such a critical and serious time.

If he was going to come clean and talk to the media about this, then he needed to look the part as well. I pitied him and felt he was not getting the best advice. I wanted to help him and I felt as though there was an injustice being committed

I just could not see Michael harming a child. In my heart of heart of hearts, I knew that when we worked together on the video there were real sparks and feelings between us. The feelings were mutual. His own mother confirmed this fact

TR: Do you think it may be possible that his mother just wanted to believe that he was in love with a woman? Is it possible that she wanted others to believe this as well to protect her son?

TT: You are asking me if she could have been in denial about his sexuality. When I think about all the little flirtations, gestures, and looks he gave me, I just cannot fathom that none of that was true or real. I am convinced he did feel something for me at one time.

I mean real feelings, and if he was gay, well, I would probably have still loved him anyway. I went back to Los Angeles and I continued in my fight and support for Michael.

I wrote a letter to Oprah hoping that she would do a story with me and perhaps some other women who had worked with him. However no such luck. Soon I was horrifed by an interview his sister LaToya gave at a live conference. She said something to the effect of, ”I cannot and will not stand by and allow little innocent children to be hurt by my brother, and I won’t be a silent collaborator to this.” This was so shocking to say the least. Like many

I could not believe his own sister was speaking against him yet I feared there was truth to what she was saying. After all, she is his flesh and blood, and we assume that family knows their own.This of course, is not always the case. At any rate her statements certainly did not help him.

Page 164

Then it was soon reported that Michael settled with the boy for around twenty million dollars.

I was sad because I knew how this was going to make him look. The world would think that he was guilty.

I was also disappointed because I believed he was going to fight to the end to prove his innocence. I was dissapointed on both sides of the coin.

Both sides came out looking bad. I had also hoped that my defending him would bring us close.

I at least wanted some kind of contact, but once again, I never heard from Michael. He did not even send me a thank you card.

TR: Why do you think Michael should he have sent You a thank you card?

TT: Its not that he had to thank me for supporting him.

It just would have been a polite thing for him to do. No matter what. I did it because I believed in him, and wanted him to know it.

I will never regret my support and love for him. However I secretly hoped that he would reply.

I did not understand why he shut me out. I believed in him. My friend, Iris Parker kept telling me to wake up and smell the coffee. She said that it was time for me to move on for good.


TR: Did you wish it were you that married Michael instead of Lisa Marie?

TT: Yes, it hurt that it was not me. However I put everything in the Lords’s hands, because I trust in Him.

My support of Michael had not brought me any closer to him or his family.

Sometime in May of 1994, Michael married Lisa Marie Presley the King’s daughter. Initially, I was stunned. I did not know what to think. My brain went blank.

TR: Did you feel that Michael and Lisa Marie’s marriage was conventionnal?

TT: After viewing Michael and Lisa’s appearance on MTV and their famous kiss, well all I have to say is, our kiss was far more convincing.The proof is in the picture, but she carried the name Mrs.

Only time will tell what the furture holds for me or for Michael, but after everything I still believe in my dreams. You can call me crazy if you like, but I will always have a bit of a soft spot for this little kid from Gary, indiana who captured my eye and made me a part of his history. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana comments on his passing, Myspace, June 25th 2009 ] June 25th, Myspace website update:

Tatiana Yvonne: have been completly numb, saddened, and sickened by the recent news. I am devastated! beyond words. But i want to thank all of you for your continued support Mood: distraught distraught1 hour ago

I am weak with heavy emotions and saddened beyond words. I don’t understand how someone could pass a physical exam and die so suddenly. Something just doesn’t add up. What he meant to me, my childhood dreams, the belief that anything is possible, that anything can happen if you believe in magic. My dream did come true because I was blessed and privileged to have known and worked with the greatest artist of our time. I will forever cherish the small details of my personal experiences with Michael. Like the time he invited me to the set of the video ’’Leave Me Alone’’. He drove me home in his limo and we had great fun talking the whole way there. He would turn giddy and shy, in that child-like we he had, when I touched his hand. I remember feeling nervous as I got out of the limo because I knew he was watching my every move, so I made sure not to stumble or trip.

The child in me, the little girl I was that grew up with Michael Jackson, died that day along with him. He is the quintessential icon. I really did love him and he will be forever painfully missed by me. My time with him is sacred to me and nothing or no one can diminish the truth of that. My heart goes out to his family, my love to Katherine and Joe.
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana talks about his passing to E!, June 2009 ] Video has since been removed.

Video has since been removed but Tatiana expressed grief and heartbreak at Michael’s passing, said that what they shared would always be “sacred and precious” and said her thoughts were with the Jackson family. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana attends Michael’s funeral, September 3rd 2009 ] Youtube video: Tatiana attending Michael’s funeral [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana speaks about her favourite MJ moment and song, June 25th 2010 ] June 25th 2010 Talks about her favourite Michael moment and song
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana talking about his funeral, “The Way You Make Me… Heal?”, Firpo Carr, March 17th 2010 ] Firpo Carr, March 17, 2010

Tatiana Yvonne Firpo Carr The Way You Make Me…Heal?
The girl in the video makes good

Day 266, Week 38, Article 37

What do Naomi Campbell, Cheryl Crow, Iman, Lisa Marie Presley, and Britney Spears all have in common? They all came in the wake of Tatiana Yvonne (then known as Tatiana Thumbtzen) as love interests who played opposite the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Tatiana starred with Michael in his “coming of age” mega-hit film short, The Way You Make Me Feel (1988). In it, the Gloved One couldn’t wait to get his hands on her. Even though superstars and supermodels would come later, none of Michael’s videos or performances, made with the above stellar cast, outpaced the Billboard #1 hit, The Way You Make Me Feel.

But on September 3, 2009, the night that Michael Joseph Jackson was finally laid to rest, Tatiana Yvonne was made to feel anything but happy. However, little did she know that a hurt feeling then would turn into a productive healing now. But before we entertain this transition, Tatiana succinctly tells of the tragedy and trauma of that sobering, memorable night.

In Encino: “After inquiring about the possibility of paying my respects,” states Tatiana, “Mr. and Mrs. Jackson invited me to the funeral, and family friend Majestik was sent to pick me up. Fond memories stirred my emotions as we approached the house. It had been two decades! Unexpectedly, I lost it at the gate. It hurt so much. Majestik, said: ‘C’mon T, pull it together.’ We went inside. I didn’t see Katherine, who was upstairs, until the service. But Joe hugged me, after which family and friends sat together. There was an uncomfortable silence, which prompted Joe to say, ‘It’s too quiet in here!’ He then handed me the TV remote. ‘Oh, you handed it to the wrong person,’ I confessed. ‘I don’t know how to work these things!’ Everybody laughed. Suddenly, the phone rang. Joe answered, turned to Majestik, and said: ‘You have to go and do that Larry King piece.’ ‘Let’s go,’ Majestik ordered me. ‘You’re coming with us.’”

At CNN: Indeed, Tatiana was among the Jackson entourage I encountered at CNN’s Los Angeles ’ bureau on Sunset in Hollywood . As I came off the Jane Velez-Mitchell show, I ran into Rev. Al Sharpton, the stunning actress Lisa Raye McCoy, and the Reverend’s entourage. Right after, I saw a teary-eyed, traumatized Tatiana. Although I didn’t recognize her at first, my heart truly went out to the petite-sized woman. Angel Howansky, Joe Jackson’s publicist, introduced us. Tatiana had a faraway look in her very sad eyes. I didn’t think our introduction registered. Surprisingly, it did.

Memorial Service: Tatiana continues: “I was overwhelmed by a flood of thoughts that ran through my mind as I sat at the service. At the same time, I was in a complete haze. It was heart-wrenching.” Her tremendous sadness was supplemented by the thought that, reportedly, Cory Feldman, Alphonso Riveiro, Margaret Maldonado (the mother of two of Jermaine’s sons), Rebbie Jackson, Michael’s bodyguards, and Mrs. Katherine Jackson herself, all said that the Gloved One was especially fond of Tatiana; talked about her regularly; and considered marrying her–even to the day he died. “Mrs. Jackson told me,” said Tatiana, “‘I know my son loved you. He had feelings for you. He told me this one morning.’”

Repast at the Restaurant: A pensive Tatiana said further: “I was also invited and went to the repast at a restaurant in Pasadena . It seemed that everyone was there. But my heart was still aching for Michael. I couldn’t really enjoy myself. Not for one moment.”

Back to Encino: A select few were invited back to the Encino compound, and, not surprisingly, Tatiana was among them. “I felt so sorry for Mrs. Jackson. Even though she tried to be strong for everyone, she was completely distraught.” As an artist, Tatiana thanked Michael’s parents by presenting a framed drawing of him, which they appreciatively placed in the Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 museum. Unexpectedly, she discovered doing for others was therapeutic.

Hope for Haiti : “Seeing a young Haitian boy emerge from the rubble with a broad smile inspired me to do something for the people of Haiti ,” says Tatiana. “So I came up with a montage painting entitled ‘Hope for Haiti .’ When this and other items are purchased at The Official Myspace (Fan Site) Of Tatiana Yvonne (Tatiana Yvonne) | MySpace or Tatiana Yvonne, 40% of the proceeds go to the Help for Haiti fund. I invite everyone to purchase something and help me help Haiti .”

Tatiana in Text?: In doing this Tatiana is imitating the spirit shown by a Christian woman in the Biblical text named Dorcas, who abounded in “good deeds and gifts of mercy,” including making clothes for certain ones in need. (Acts 9:36, 39; 1 Tim 5:18) Stay tuned for more on the Michael Jackson-Tatiana Yvonne Connection as we explore the chronicles of the King of Pop, and anxiously await justice to be dispensed. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Bodyguards from 2007-2009 posted onto Tatiana’s facebook wall, March 27, 2010 ]

MJ’s BodyguardTatiana Yvonne: You were spoken of with very kind words. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Article about Tatiana, Firpo Carr, The King of Pop, Lip-Locked? 1 April, 2010 ] The way she made him feel…her?

The video The Way You Make Me Feel (1988) with Michael Jackson and Tatiana Yvonne (then Tatiana Thumbtzen) has received nearly 22 million YouTube hits. Even with this interest, few know of Michael’s public displays of affection for the woman he loved till his dying day. Consider what a New York correspondent for a British newspaper wrote. After prominently showing a touching photo of Michael and Tatiana with the caption reading, “‘I’m really in love with her,’ the Pop star admitted,” the article went on to say:

“Superstar Michael Jackson stunned thousands of his fans-by kissing in public for the first time. The girl who received the smacker is his new love, model Tatiana Thumbtzen. And it came when the couple danced together on stage during a concert in New York. ‘They were doing their number from the video they filmed together,’ said a close friend. “They don’t kiss in [the video],” the article quotes the eyewitness as saying. “But this time their lips met…and lingered.'” (MICHAEL!) The article continues: “Those who know Michael were stunned. It was the first time he’s kissed in public. He’s usually very careful about that sort of thing.” (Brother Jackson!)

“Michael, 29, flipped for 25-year-old Tatiana the moment she showed up to audition for his video The Way You Make Me Feel nine months ago. Tatiana said, ‘During the one stunt I accidentally fell down. He offered to help dust me down. (Dawg!) He started by brushing his hands against the back of my legs and then he gradually worked his way upwards. (Help me Lawd.) He was gentle but it was very cheeky.’ The singer said: ‘I didn’t think any woman could affect me like this. I’m really in love with her.'” But, if this is true, then…

Why Didn’t They Marry?: According to the King’s loyal fans who’ve followed his royal romances for decades, Frank Dileo (Michael’s long-time manager who he reportedly fired) and Karen Faye (Michael’s long-time stylist, also reportedly terminated) maneuvered matters so as to prevent Michael from marrying Tatiana. “Dileo couldn’t have his moneymaker married,” said one fan. “Michael can be heard on the Glenda Tapes as saying, ‘Sam says Frank [Dileo] is trying to get Tat [Tatiana] in trouble.'” Another fan alleges, “Karen Faye was just jealous of any love interest of Michael’s. Even Lisa Marie had Michael fire her.” Whatever the case, friends and family say Michael’s love for Tatiana was enduring, and that future wives and secret girlfriends (whose relationships were either real, imagined, or exaggerated) were glorious afterthoughts.

The Paris Pause: On the night that Michael Jackson was finally laid to rest on September 3, 2009, Michael’s daughter Paris met Tatiana for the first time. It was at the Jackson Encino home after the repast. When Paris was told that this “was the girl with the golden brown hair that danced your father in the video, The Way You Make Me Feel,” her eyes lit up. She then took a deep, joyful sigh and said” “Oh! Wow! Really?” Her radiant smile brought unanticipated warmth to Tatiana’s heart. She responded, “Come here Sweetie and give me a hug.” Paris caressed her around the waist and squeezed ever so gentle. “It felt as if Michael was hugging me through her,” said a misty-eyed Tatiana. Paris’ behavior toward Tatiana is significant. Michael trusted the child prodigy’s judge of character implicitly in certain matters. He seriously embraced me and took me into his confidence after Paris reacted to me in a positive, trusting way.

Tatiana’s Timely T-Shirt: Paris was wearing a pink t-shirt with Michael’s picture on it when she and Tatiana met. An idea was subconsciously planted in Tatiana’s mind that would later serve to express her desire to see justice done in Michael’s case. Finally, the Paris-inspired idea reached fruition with the “Justice for Michael” t-shirt emblazon with the one and only photo of her kissing a cherubic-faced Michael on the cheek. (Visit The Official Myspace (Fan Site) Of Tatiana Yvonne (Tatiana Yvonne) | MySpace for info on obtaining one.) “Please help me seek justice for Michael by wearing the t-shirt,” says Tatiana, “especially during Justice Week starting Monday, April 5, 2010, the next court date for Dr. Conrad Murray.” Peace. Out. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana talks about kissing Michael in Japan documentary, 2010 ] Tatiana: “Here’s one secret: He was a great kisser.”

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND New info regarding her time shooting the video through till her 2005 book, Excerpt from Tatiana’s book “King of My Heart” ] [Page 50] Poitier Was Pissed! Since Harry loved my talent, he wanted me to try out for a film with his good friend Sidney Poitier. This will be the day I will never forget. While I was waiting for him to call me in to his office, I already could hear him yelling at the top of his lungs. He was yelling at someone over the phone. He was so loud anyone could hear him. He was already very obvious really upset. Soon, it was time for me to walk in. I began to read the script, my part wasn’t a small one. This was actually an leading role. With this being my 1st chance for a possible leading role that I have never been use to and his very obvious angry attitude I very intimidated. He told me, ‘No, that’s not it!’, he yelled.
‘Do it again!’ he ended with. There was no patience, no concern, he was cold-hearted and very unencouraging. Then he ended my audition by saying, ‘You’re not ready. I don’t know why Harry (Belafonte) would even send you to me.’ I couldn’t be totally offended by his statement because he was 100% correct. I did confess to him and said, ‘I don’t think I did very well did I?’ I even felt that he didn’t like me as well. Harry still was encouraging to me and told me everything would be ok.
Getting the Part [Page 54]

Her representation called her on August 28 letting her know she got the part.
[Page 58]:
David Banks the co-writer of TWYMMF, is a relative of Eddie Griffin. He(David) shared with her how MTV had complained about MJ’s new video TWYMMF saying it was too “ethnic”. David said to her, ‘He’s (MJ) Black. What do they expect?’ [Page 62] Meeting Michael: There I stood in front of a slim but very handsome Michael Jackson came walking up to me.
[Page 65] Staring Contest (Between she and MJ):
The next day of shooting the video. That morning, at this time mostly what the 2 did (she and MJ) gaze at each other back and forth and just smiled and waved at each other the whole time. As she puts it, they just kept on repeating this silent, unscripted and unrehearsed scene over and over again. BUT it was Michael, who broke the ice and took it to another level.
Though he did regularly gaze at me, I was in awe when I caught him looking at my butt. He just approached me up close boldly and studied my butt. Then he took a moment to look away for a second after he did that and it was as if he was thinking or as if he was somewhere else? Then after he took this little pause moment he just bluntly asked, ‘Were you a ballerina?’
TY: ‘Yes.’
MJ: ‘You wore pointy shoes and danced on your toes?’
TY: ‘Yes, I did.’,
[Page 70] Flirty Talk, Sexy Walk:
(After their flirting in and out of the car and her fall along with MJ helping her up and wiping her butt off and the 2 giggling and him telling her not to walk away and stay there with him. Because in MJ’s eyes she didn’t need to change her stocking because it was sexy the way she had her runs on them, she says this happened with MJ. With him being mischievous and testy, he became the over seer and had the last word on his video-he was like an construction worker with the way he acted with her that day.) This was the moment that was one of the most pleasurable and special we shared between us. He said to me, he absolutely loved the way I walked, it was all so sexy. He was all so sexy just by the way he said it to me. His words,
‘You’ve got a great walk’, TY:’It’s just a walk.’, MJ:’Oh no! It’s a “special” walk. It’s sexy.’
[Page 71] Role Reversal: This was during a break and she shared with him how she did see him about 3 years old in NY, he was walking ahead of her that day and she followed him.
MJ:’Oh really?’,
TY:’Yeah, I was there during the Victory Tour.”
MJ: ‘Why didn’t you say something? You should have said something.’
TY: ‘I was too shy; couldn’t think of what to say.’
[On page 72, she shows a pic of her and MJ when they were performing for the Bad Tour onstage and he is checking her butt out with excitement. She comments how much she enjoyed the fact that he would often check out her butt.] Also from this page she talks about MJ pointing out the 2 birds from above mating and she mentions how by this moment she became use to with MJ often looking at her with “naughty” looks, stares and his sweet smirk-it all became familiar to her now. Could It Be I’m Falling in Love?:
[Page 73] She finds out that it was originally written in the script for her and MJ to kiss but it was Joe the director who decided to not do that. She now admits she had no clue, as she wasn’t privy to the script. She was completely unaware of this while they were filming this video. She now seems to realize and understand that while she and MJ were doing their hugs embrace scene that they were acting and there’s a great possibility that MJ just may’ve not necessarily been trying to comfort her because of her being upset that this was the end of their working together in this video. She did say that it was all professional. Towards the end of the video of the 2’s hug and makes an heart, she shares how that was not planned or scripted it just happened that way and everyone especially the director pointed it out and was pleasantly surprised. She felt it was a sign from God himself.
[Page 74 and 75] Teased at the Table:
During the last 2 days of shooting the video, everyone but MJ and LaToya had 4-5 tables set together by the caterers to server their lunch. All the production crew, director, extras and etc all gathered together for their meal. It was MJ and LaToya who ate privately in their trailers. During lunch at the tables it was so much like elementary school. As she walked to get her food and take her place at the table, some people were teasing her about she and Michael, ‘Oooh. You and Michael like each other.’ they would say. Then someone else went with a chorus of giggles, ‘They’re all in love.’ Even the director joined in with the teasing of that, he somehow had teasingly choreographed the scene with everyone acting like children cackling. She understood it was all fun but it did make her blush beet-red. Eventually the director quieted his class. She eventually ran quickly away from everyone because she was getting embarrassed even though she knew it was harmless fun to them.

“I Love You, Michael”: As she made her way to respectfully leave Michael and Frank from their trailer; and after she received a hat from both of them, as she was walking she said to MJ, ‘I love you, Michael.’ and according to her Michael said, ‘I love you too.’
She kept in contact after the video was finished with, Craig (MJ’s stand-in), David Banks and Joe Seneca. She shares here how not only David Banks who was amazed by how tiny she was but Michael Jackson as well. Michael Jackson would say to her, ‘So, you’re a size zero?’
TY: Yes

She says that she was so small that she would slip through his (MJ’s) hands.

Chapter 10:Slipping from the Grip of the Glove: Shamless Curiosity:
Pg. 77 and 78: She now realizes and found out that after her People magazine interview everything else she did was set up through MJ’s team for pre-filmed interviews from music channels so as BET, VH1, and MTV. Willie Harper was in charge and on January 5, 1988-when she met him he was contracted by MJJ Productions (which was MJ’s) as the director of the interviews. She has met Willie before that they-to her they clicked very well and had chemistry. She felt that he was the one who inspired and gave MJ the idea for the morphed faces in Black/White. You see, what Willie Harper did in the PM Magazine piece on MJ and Tatiana was morphed their faces together starting from her into Michael’s. She felt MJ saw that and liked what he did and that’s why he was (Willie) hired to work with MJ again She got to have creative input with Willie and enjoyed every moment working with him during their 10-hour day hrs. Her ex-Angel got to choreograph the dance sequences.
Keeping Pace with Paula (Abdul):
Juile was also working with Paula Abdul as well. Tatiana had gotten to actually work with Paula in a commercial before and found Paula very sweet. One day while filming the commercial with her Paula had her show another girl on her classical ballet skills along with contemporary dance. They were all impressed by her (Paula was impressed by Tatiana). Paula said to her, ‘You’ll work a lot with moves like that.’ (she said with a big smile)
Tatiana shared how she was aware that Paula was dating Arsenio Hall at this time and would’ve loved if she and Paula got to be sisters-in-laws if they both got to marry a Jackson. According to Tatiana, Paula had dated MJ’s brother Jackie Jackson and if she only got to marry Michael, they would’ve been sisters-in-laws and Tati would have loved that. They both would be “Mrs.Jackson”. Tatiana also helped plugged Paula’s show, “Live to Dance’ in this book.
[Page 80 and 81] Facial Recoginition:
She expresses how began to be scared out of her mind out of the 24 hours a day of starting to she her face, likeness and image everywhere thanks to the video she did with MJ. She began to get followed by people and being recognized everywhere was went. She had her “taste” with fame when she was in Tokyo, Japan, but it was nothing like this! This was now worldwide across from one country to another. While in Hollywood people from all over the globe was now aware of her and now began to be weird and insane to her. She was now being asked for autographs and etc. and also had to deal with the press. She also explains who she got to be in contact or “associated” with Martin Bashire in 2004. She recalls how in 2004, one prominent media involvement tricked her on this one. What happened was it was from during the time MJ’s trial was about to start. This was about around the time she had been working on her ’05 book. She understood that people began to have an “interest” in her because of MJ’s case. The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) contacted her for an interview. They flew her from Miami to New York, and had an female reporter to questioned her. After that was done, people began asking her why on earth did she agree to do an interview with Martin Bashir? She had no clue what they meant? She admitted she has never met Martin Bashir, that’s when she found out what had happened. BBC dubbed Martin Bashir’s voice over the female reporter, with made it look like she was being interview by him. This in truth never happened. BBC knew what they were doing, they had just “manipulated” the situation for what they wanted to present
[Page 82 and 85] Chapter 11: Making It Back to Michael:
Reunited!: Craig (MJ’s stand-in) explained to her that MJ was too shy to call her himself and ask her to visit him on the set of Leave Me Alone so, he asked him to do it for him. Also, she would have to clear this up with MJ’s secretary Joli (Levine). Craig also very much insisted that this “invitation” was 100% directly from Michael. Craig gave her the number to MJ’s office where Joli was, to call her. After she arrived between takes she now hints and wonders if the pictures taken by Sam Emerson (of her and Michael), MJ’s personal photographer-if they weren’t “scripted”. From her exact words, “It may have been “scripted”. Either way, Sam took a full role of film with between she and MJ.
Baby Bad: At a log adjacent to Leave Me Alone, there was Baby Bad set. During a break, she, Miko and Michael all 3 walked over to it. She was glad to be away from Karen Faye who gave her the creeps. Michael she recalls was in grins and seemed very happy. A moment she will never forget. As they reached to the Baby Bad set, MJ said, ‘This is the Baby Bad set, what do you think?’
TY: Oh my god, it’s so adorable, it’s so cute. It’s just like the other set, but smaller; for little people. It’s so cute.’
They all laughed about it. MJ ended up pointing out certain detail things about the set. On the wall the words read, ‘Baby Bad’ instead of ‘Bad’. When she got to see the actual video from Baby Bad, on tv she was able to realize what it was that MJ showed her. She also felt so honored that he had shared this with her even before it became made and shown world wide. She felt and thought it was so sweet that he wanted to share something so near and dear to his heart with her.
[Page 86-88] A Ride with Royalty:
Once she heard the words ‘It’s a wrap!” she knew it was time to go. She remembers that when she arrived to the set that spent $40.00 to get a cab and asked if Miko mind to take her home. Miko told her he would have to clear that up with Michael 1st. But before Miko had the chance to ask Michael, Michael actually approached her by making his way to say goodbye to her. She asked Michael herself, and his eyes lit up with excitement and said to her, ‘Sure, no problem.’ Miko came up to her with an armful of boxes of Super Soakers-large, powerful water guns-that he had just picked up from Michael’s request. Miko asked for her to help carrying them to the car. She carried about 2-3 light boxes into their trunk. As they made their way from the studio to back to the car, Michael was walking following back them. It was Miko who opened the door for her and she got in on the driver’s side of the back seat of the car.
Girl Interrupted: She at some point placed her hand on top of one of Michael’s hand and picked up the other one and put them both in hers and held them very gently. She felt his nervousness-but she was nervous as well. When the phone rang coming from Joli, she removed one of her hands from one of his so that he could grab the phone…When they made it to her door on Orchid Avenue, just up the street from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, she thanked Michael for being so kind of giving her a ride home. and she thanked Miko as well. (The rest was pretty much exactly the same from the ’05 verison.)
A Dark Tonight Show? It was April 11, 1988 and I came on the show. He kept on insisting and hinting around that there just must be something going on between me and Michael and I kept on repeating the same answer! He would say, ‘So, are you and Michael really dating?’ and I would say, ‘No, we’re not. Our relationship is strictly professional.’ and then he would go, ‘Oh come on!’ So after his “insistence” I just decided to say ‘No, we’re not. Not yet anyway.’-I didn’t know what else to do?! He refused to believe we weren’t dating-so I didn’t know any other way to deal with it. I thought what I said was ok and he made me feel so uncomfortable and nervous, what else could I say? Either way, I later was told that Michael wasn’t happy that I said, ‘Not yet anyway.’ I was so confused, I mean, why? Part of me felt that maybe this person who told me or “claimed” Michael didn’t like my answer was only jealous and saw me as a threat; because other than that I don’t get why he would felt what I said was a problem?

[Page 89] Distrusting Dileo?: On February 18, 1988, in his office in Ventura, around 40 miles Northwest of L.A. I was excited to see Michael and thought I was, but turns out he wasn’t going to be there that day. Frank wanted me to remove my feelings from Michael and I believe he possibly told Michael to remove his feelings from me? Frank also told me that I would be invited to see Neverland one day, but he said it in such a way that gave me an impression nor Michael or Dileo family would be there? Either way, at least he did say I still would be working with Michael and gave me the Bad Tour jacket as an gift. Then he brought up the invitation I got straight from Michael over the audition for his new video Dirty Diana. He disagreed with Michael’s idea of me doing another video with Michael. When the video came out, so many fans thought in fact it was me. To this day many of them still do! [Page 90]This Bad Is Good!: That following week on February 17, 1988, I finally got the confirmation that I was indeed going to work with Michael-just like both he and Frank said. I had been added to the Bad tour. By this time so many people including my agent Julie told there have been rumors everywhere that Michael had feelings for me. For not too long the tabloids would catch up with this story.
Chapter 12: A Taste of Touring: [Page 91] At the Hotel:
On February 22, 1988, I joined the tour in Kansas City. As soon as I got there the 1st person I saw was Miko. We picked up our luggage, and off to the hotel. The hotel staff all were impeccable. They personally escorted me to my room but to the bellman there was horror, my room wasn’t clean. He apologized completely and went to the manager. As I dropped my bags off, Karen Faye and her assistant, Anne Morgan were there viewing it all. I tried to chat with them ’til the bellman came back. The bellman told me that the management were honored to have me and I would be moved to another floor. I was truly honored to been in such a grand hotel and was grateful for how kind they were. He gave me a key that had an elevator access to this floor, with a beautiful corridor and led directly to my suite. This was a private floor and this suite was breathtaking. By the time I went by to L.A., I received news that Karen Faye was claiming I was the one who asked and demanded the suite. What I noticed was Michael’s camp were threatened by my presence. Rehearsal:
Once I was settled in my room, it was time for Kemper Arena and met with my director. This was the PM Magazine piece regarding the tour. The PM Magazine cameras were there when I came off stage, asking me all kinds of questions.
[Page 93] I used Miko’s shoulder, with my eyes crying for the next 5 minutes. Miko kept an watch over me, he kept me company. This all seemed to be his job because he was always there. The Bored Room: When I joined the Kansas City show it was the final night there. I spent most of the time in my hotel room watching movies and being bored. The only person I ever got to speak to or see was Miko. Band members and all of them told me Michael told them not to spend time with me. I took it as meaning on Michael’s part, ‘This is mine. Don’t mess with it!’
[Page 97] Star Gazed:
A woman just walked in front of me as I was watching rest of Michael’s performance. She was blocking my view, as I moved from behind her, she finally turned and said, ‘Oh! Excuse me!’ It turned out to be Diana Ross! I tried to tell her that I often get people telling me that I look just like her, she seemed surprised but said nothing. We just both returned to watch and look at Michael. Now You See Him, Now You Don’t: He was surrounded by a so many people. I just gave up trying to get near him. All I could do was watch the whole thing, but I managed to yell out something to him. 1st I was concerned that he wouldn’t hear me, with so many people surrounding him. Within a few seconds I got to see him look towards me and say thank you back to me. I was so surprised yet happy to hear him speak among the huge crowd of people and he was able to hear me?! [Page 98] This was the next day and we were now at Madison Square Garden. This would be our 1st date in New York City. I wanted so much to speak with Michael one on one, I wanted an private moment with him. But yes, we did have verbal exchanges during our rehearsals, but that was brief and wasn’t enough for me. With him being the one to not allow anyone but Miko to be around me, it led me to believe he was going to spend time with me. This all played with my mind. and I was still going all these messages and little mentions and comments from him to me. I often tried to ask Miko about Michael and would ask what he was doing. Once a week passed and I still hadn’t got a reply from Joli on my request to speak with Michael, I tried again. She tried to tell me to be real patient and he was real busy. MY First Taste of Tabloids: It was March 4, 1988 and I spent part of my day with Miko in my room. The next day I wrote in my diary, there was this mystery guy who kept on calling me and calling me. He wanted to know what it was like working with Michael, after several attempts of me hanging up on the guy; I eventually did let him speak to me. I answered his question and told him I loved working with Michael and that its great! I found out later that he worked for National Enquirer; and he lied or mis-quoted me. He put in the Enquirer that I said I loved Michael. Yes this was privately true but I wouldn’t tell a stranger that! I in no way told him that. At the same time Michael privately told his mother that he was in love with me. I did the same with my mother and she was the only one who knew at this time.

[Page 99]Catty Chatty: While I was sitting in the make-up chair, I tried to still make nice with Karen Faye. I shared with how many people mention me and Michael looking alike and even the PM Magazine compared the 2 of us. I even asked her opinion of the matter? She had this disgusted look on her face and such negative attitude. and she said, ‘Oh no, you and Michael look absolutely nothing alike. You have completely different looks.’ After she said what she said and the way she said it, I decided to no longer speak with her. It was like she really didn’t want to talk to me? I just didn’t get her problem what so ever. I just got up from that chair and made my way to the bathroom, as I was trying to push the door that swung in, something was pushing the door out? It was Janet Jackson-Michael’s sister! I asked her for a quick picture to be taken together but she said nothing and just stared at me with those big brown eyes and did nothing. I actually admired her work as well but the only thing I can think of for the reason of her attitude was that she was real shy to meet me. I still don’t know?
The Garden Kiss: As I was making my way to the long hallway towards the entrance, I ran into Madonna and she was leaving the stage to take her seat.[Page 100] This time I decided on my own to kiss Michael on the cheek. When I did that, the dancers told me that I made Michael so happy and excited. They said I made his day! I thought it was a good thing. As I made it to the dressing room there were celebs everywhere! There was one reporter who put me and Brooke Shields together, we exchanged some words (pleasantries) and once I noticed LaToya, I went over to her. We talked to each other and then the press caught us and we took a photo of us together. The photo made it in Rolling Stone’s magazine. I saw it as one the coolest photo in my life. The following day with our day off, Miko again was with me and entertaining me and we had lunch and yes, I asked about Michael.
[Page 101-103] Contact with the King:
It was March 5, 1988, got to do another show in New York and afterwards there was an CBS party thrown in honor of Michael. Joli approached me and told me she knew that Michael had feelings for me because he speaks about me often. She was determined to make this talk with Michael to happen for me. As I was in the middle of a luxury bath (relaxing) at the Parker Meridian. The phone rang, it was Joli! She was really rushing I could tell from her voice. She told me immediately to call Michael, but to not take very long because he wasn’t feeling well-he was tired. So when I call him ask for Michael ‘cause Bill will answer it. Bill was Michael’s personal assistant. I was really excited, so excited and nervous my hands were shaking and heart beating so loud, I could hear it! I paced in my room for a little while, then I decided to just get over my nerves and call him. But when I called it wasn’t Bill who answered it-it was Michael! It was so obvious that Michael was waiting by the phone for me to call him. (He knew I was going to call him?.)
[Page 102] After I explained to him how the fans never understood why we never kissed, then I “reasoned” that kissing him would be “a good thing”. The Kiss Heard Around the World:
[Page 103] (This pg. has the complete play by play of what led to “the kiss”, from her grabbing a hold of him by the collar, to him looking into her eyes-biting his bottom lip, to him (or both) landing the kiss on each other lips and then him looking to the audience biting his bottom lip-looking all macho and proud that the 2 kissed and her looking at him “thinking” they did a “great thing” and the 2 maybe an “item” now. Her comment about these pix, ‘Our history-making kiss was Michael’s 1st ever public display of affection. I loved him more than life itself.’)

Tatiana’s 2011 book:
[Page 104] Her favorite article about her kiss with MJ onstage:
This one was from New of the World, Sun day, exclusive:
“Love Shock For Jackson, sexy sizzler drives Michael Wild”.Chapter 15: Leaving for La La Land [Page 110-113] A Record with the Devil?: This is the way it went: Whenever I would hit a bad note when I was trying to sing on this record with Joshua Thompson (of group Surface); they would turn the lights off, in this claustrophobic booth and used the synthesizer to produce demonic, along with devil like noises and Josh would speak into the mike. Each time they would do that, I couldn’t help but to scream several times because I hated it! Regardless, they wouldn’t stop. They kept continuing with their cruel jokes and eventually they all laughed out loud. Then, I decided to ask them why are they doing this? They told me, ‘That’s what we’re going to do whenever you hit a bad note.’ They claimed this was suppose to help me but I didn’t see any proof in that. Here this was suppose to be an very promising opportunity with the signing record deal with CBS, but all of that crumbled like cake. They wanted to be my producers, however, they were not my idea of good producers-I would want others than them. They wrote the 3 songs I was suppose to do and we only got to one. I didn’t get to have any say in the matter and the song we did do had like an Latin salsa beat and it was called, 99 degrees. Joshua also had the nerve to try and exploit my friendship with Vanity. I asked him to please not to but he didn’t listen. What he did was send a message with her record company in my name and asked her to call me. She returned the message by calling me and I had no clue what was going on? Vanity: My record label said you called., Tati: What? I didn’t call you. Then I finally figured it out what just happened, I was so disgusted with Josh. I didn’t want any part with him and left the whole ordeal. [Page 113] This picture on this page of MJ having his leg upon Tatiana and with him looking right at her, as she looking into the camera and has her arm over his shoulder and his arm is on her side-this pic appeared in the 1988 Michael Jackson Calendar for the month of May. Her comment of this picture, ‘It was still another “close” moment and happy time between us.’

Chapter 17: The Aftermath: [Page 117-131] My agent Julie finally “kind of” explained to me why I was no longer part of Michael’s tour. She told me I had been only “added”, I wasn’t necessarily “offically” part of the tour. There wasn’t any concrete 100% guarantee that I was always be in this tour. She said I was an “trial”, so therefore she did not need to request for any type of “contract”.
[Page 118] The MTV Travesty: At the VMAs on September 7, 1988. Michael happened to be nominated for an award, however, he wouldn’t be present to accept his award he won. This was because of his tour he was still on. Terri, my manager, told me that MTV’s producers had just received an okay for me to accept the award for Michael. This was from Michael’s camp, I found all of this so odd considering I no longer even work for/with Michael? Terri went with me and took me shopping and helped bought me this really nice white dress for this event. I really felt like I was in a fairytale. When this event arrived and it was time for Michael’s award to be accepted; as I was ready to come onstage…this happened, the announcer said, ‘Since he (Michael) couldn’t be here tonight, as he’s still on tour, we accept this on his behalf.’ Well, I spent money on this dress and spent all this time coming on here for Nothing! They had time to inform me and tell me that they had changed their initial idea-but however they did not tell me at all. Obviously, I was “someone’s” joke.
Tantalizing Tabloids:
By September 14, 1988 there were tabloids running everywhere about me and Michael. There was the Globe with their stories. I must tell you I had never spoken to any European tabloids except for that reporter who had persistence when I was in New York briefly touring with Michael. But Michael, however, had spoken to at least one. My friend Marie Gabriel who had lived in London while all of this was going on, sent me the article that had spoken to Michael. From The Sun, ‘Love shock for Jackson sexy sizzler drives Michael wild.’ I realized that Michael did speak or shared stories with the National Enquirer and that’s how The Sun got their story, they copied what Enquirer originally had with Michael. This is what National Enquirer actually had, ‘Jackson stunned concert fans by locking himself his first public kiss with Thumbtzen. ‘I love her because she’s warm, caring and exciting,’ Michael said.’
[Page 121] Musing with “Mother”: David Banks was always trying to distance me from having any feelings for Michael; he finally presented to me what his “true” intentions were. He always had something negative to say about Michael and always tried to make him look like the bad guy-like Michael was this horrible person who only exploited me for his selfish gain. While I was at the Jacksons house David asked me out on a date. I said, ‘Are you kidding? I’m old enough to be your daughter.’
*I was at the time 27 and he was 45. So I added, ‘Well, how would you like it if an older man asked your daughter out?’
DB: I wouldn’t, TY: I didn’t think so., DB: Well, Peewee, you can’t knock a man for trying.
[Page 122-131] Chapter 18: Residual Ruination: A Really Different World: After thanks to Sinbad’s help and Terri’s (my manager) as well, I was suppose to appear as a guest on the show. This was a part of the deal they made with Terri. I’ll admit when I audition for it, I was totally unprepared and it was one of the worse thing I did to my career. Debbie Allen seemed to me more concern on wanting to know any “sexual” details between me and Michael Jackson. She just asked me one day how big was his “anatomy”, like I knew?! I would never discuss it anyway. I just laughed it off when she asked me. I would often run into the cast of Different World after I did the intro for the show. What got to me was even after my unprepared audition Debbie did promise me and Terri I would have at least an guest appearance-that never did happened? I could feel and sense the energy emanating from Debbie and her friends-something was up and not being said. They would “accidentally” whipped their hair in my face. (Now this happened months later at a nightclub) This happened that night after Debbie told me a producer was looking for me and wanted to work for me but she just couldn’t remember who it was. Hollywood calls this, ‘mind f***k.’ The cast members, you name it about everyone associated to this show pretty much treated me this way whenever I saw them. Eddie Murphy: He’s a very talented man and I met him at a club. One of his guards came to me at my table and introduced himself. He gave me Eddie’s card; we exchanged numbers. We eventually talked on the phone a few days later and then he invited me to a Beverly Hills restaurant. When we were on the phone, and I accidently said Pepsi-he some how sensed I must’ve been still thinking about Michael Jackson-cause he brought it up and he was right. At the restaurant, he was more serious, I kind of was hoping for the funny Eddie. During our date, we did end up talking about Michael again like we did on the phone. This time we talked more about the tour and how it was going seen my sudden absence. Eddie did share with me he personally knew the Jacksons and he and Jermaine have been talking about the things they didn’t like about Michael’s tour-especially the back-up singers doing J-5 material. I didn’t think it was right for me to share my sentiments of especially how I felt about Sheryl Crow replacing me. So I didn’t reply on the subject.
[Page 127] Concert Trauma: (On the last show Michael did in L.A., they all went to the show. Tatiana with the Jackson family and Corey Feldman went on this own and etc.) When it got to the end of the show we were all ready to leave-but not soon enough. What made us want to leave was when Sheryl Crow came strutting doing my part. I wasn’t prepared to see this. I had a hard time seeing her wearing my dress and doing the character I created. I tried to be respectful and realized she just was a performer following orders. Jermaine felt and knew my pain and he was looking right at me, he very kindly asked if I was ok. Then I said something in the effect, ‘No, I’m not.’ I just wanted to leave.
[Page 129] Complaints from the Clan:
Margaret, Jermaine’s girlfriend (at the time)-who became the mother 2 of his sons, said she thought that Frank Dileo was threatened by me and saw his paychecks going through the window. Katherine Jackson agreed with her.
[Page 131] Even though Milli Vanilli did become the brunt of Arsenio Hall’s jokes. He did allow them to sing live on his show. However, my own experience with Arsenio wasn’t such a good one. How can I forget my only one time I met him. As we all are aware of his big long hands and fingers, he squeezed my hands so hard and tightly that I couldn’t help but to muffled out a scream; once I did that he scurried away. A few people were around when this happened. A man even asked me what happened, and if I was ok. I just was so shocked, and tried not to call anymore attention to what just happened. I don’t even get what Arsenio was calling himself doing? I tried not to have any ill-will towards him. God only knows what that was all about.

Chapter 19: Managing Joe Jackson [Page 133 and 134] A Loser Lawyer: Through my ex-Angel, I got an female attorney to help me with the contract. She seemed her main desire or interest was to have her association with the Jacksons. Several years later, after our awkward experience with “working together” and both of us years ago decided to go our separate ways-we met again. It was September 3, 2010, 1st annual Never Can Say Goodbye Event honoring Michael. During that day I went on took photos and shared some kind words to this woman who I vaguely remembered. She went to Majestik and had an brief conversation to him and said, ‘Oh she (meaning me) hates me.’ I was like, I don’t hate anyone?! That’s not what I do, is hate anyone. I was wondering who is this woman? What she is getting at? Then I found out she was the lawyer that I had during that time I was working with Joe. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even recognize her. I say, her conscience was bothering her.
[Page 148] Prince’s Palace: (This was when Tati met Prince on her birthday-at a club with MJ’s stand-in Craig and some of her friends were with her. To make a long story short, she ended the evening with going to his hotel. She now does claim they “dated”.) We went into his living room then he asked if I was hungry. I told him I was. Next thing I know minutes later everything I asked for was ordered in doubles. Prince didn’t eat anything. I don’t get why he ordered tons of stuff then? Maybe he thought I was a pig. Then we eventually were ready for bed. He gave me his pjs to wear and he was wearing a black cat suit with half of the waist missing. With a chain attached to the cat suit that dangled from his waist on one side of him to the other. Then we both curled up like little kittens, and went straight to sleep. I know that’s hard to believe, but truly was as simple and as innocent as that. From what I gathered, Prince didn’t make much sexual overt moves on Madonna either. They dated like in 1985 and she had been quoted of saying, ‘He was just sipping tea, very daintily. I have this theory about people who don’t eat. They annoy me.’ This may have been meant to be a kind comment because in 2007, the two were caught on camera having a hug at an Oscar party. Either way, that night I really wasn’t able to fall asleep. I just couldn’t get over who I was curled in bed with-one of the greatest artist of all times. The public viewed Prince and Michael as musical rivals. To them, Michael was squeaky clean-Peter Pan and Prince being the sexually overt one. They were different as night and day, both geniuses who were interesting to observe. Prince in truth, actually admired and respected Michael. They were friends. Prince only spoke highly of Michael. Few days after I spent the night Prince invited me to a Teddy Riley concert.

[Page 151] Prince seemed to be concerned with the media and how they were going to put their twist on us. He really wanted to show respect for Michael. He even like many, believed there was something going on between me and Michael. In my heart, I wished it would be, but by this time I was hearing negative reports coming from his camp about me. At the same time, people were still reminding me that if Michael really cared why hasn’t he called. David Banks on several occasions when we would have long conversations about what happened to me. David would say, ‘I’m sure he (Michael) has your number. If he really cared, he would call.’ David wasn’t only the co-writer for TWYMMF, but he played the store owner in the video.
Now on to the show, it was incredible and Teddy Riley did an amazing job! Prince admired his work as well. After the show, Prince and I rode around Universal’s very large parking lot. Then he asked if I wanted to drive this limo for fun. I passed on this because I did not have my license at the time. I didn’t want to admit that to him, and I didn’t want to be responsible if the limo had crashed.
Chapter 21: Desperately Seeking DeNiro:[Page 163] (She ended up having a total of 4 dates with DeNiro-which she claims were all due to thinking/ at least hoping he was going to help her with her now failing career. Does mention how much she wished she had followed her former mentor’s (Antonio Lopez) advice, about staying away from DeNiro-he’s Toukie’s man and he’s trouble. It seems she went on 4 dates with DeNiro that would expand to about 6 months since it began some time about May 1989 into 1990-since they end up going to see Pretty Woman-which was out in 1990.) So we went to see Pretty Woman (1990) and after the film was over, Bobby (Rob DeNiro) was to me unlike the character in the movie, I hadn’t found my prince charming him. I broke off everything with him. It was so obvious now with me that he was not going to help me with the contract was just an enticement to date me. You can call me crazy but I just couldn’t have any feelings with him. And I wasn’t about to just use him or any man that way to further my career. I value my self-confidence, self-esteem, and healthy does of self-respect-along with my virtues. With tons of pride, tempered with humility, I didn’t mind being determined to meet my success on my own. I got out of his Mercedes and didn’t look back.
[Page 168 and 169] Chapter 22: On Stage Again With Michael: Insincerely Yours: (On pg. 168 is the picture of her and MJ from the last time the 2 would ever see each other. Her comment regarding this picture and moment, ‘Michael and I reunited on stage at the BRE awards in 1989. This was when I had just presented him with the very heavy award statuette.’) When Michael’s speech was over, he abruptly walked off the stage-leaving me alone. This did not look good to the audience. I just stood there for a little while dumbfounded. With the audience’s disapproving sighs by Michael’s actions, broke my trance. They saw what he did as rudeness on his part. If this was on TV; perhaps he would not have left me on the stage alone. This was all odd to me, he acted like he wasn’t aware I was going to be there. He expressed how surprised and happy to see me. Ingrid Woodson, confirmed to me that he was aware and approved it. Once the curtains passed out of the view of the audience, his security surrounded him quickly, it was as if they were shielding him from anyone to try and approach him. He soon was completely out of view. Completely gone. Outside of the theatre I saw the large trailer that was for him, roped off by his team. I saw Mr.Browne and waited with him, I shared with him how bad I really wanted to talk to Michael. I expressed how he had been whisked away where I couldn’t talk to him. Ben encouraged me to go for it! So I tried to build up my courage and determination to speak to him and not let this opportunity slip through my hands. I wanted so badly to find out what happened, why I was “let go” from the tour-and been replaced. What I had done to have this happened? (If any of you have read the ’05 book, she pretty shares the same story. So I decided to stop there-but tomorrow I will post more on what Ingrid Woodson-the lady who invited Tati to the BRE awards explains in more detail why MJ acted the way he did.)

[Page 172-174]Demystifying Michael:
Ingrid Woodson spoke with me on the phone on why things went the way it did between Michael and me. She told me it had a lot to do with his publicist Bob Jones. Bob admitted to her that he had some concerns about me being involved with presenting Michael an award. Ingrid admitted she had to “reason” with Bob, saying it would be a nice thing if I showed up and presented Michael an award especially since we had worked together. From what I’ve been told, it would validate his masculinity to those who doubted it, trashing him as being weird. Many have said (especially fans) that we’re a perfect match. Bob eventually went along with the presentation as long as I wouldn’t speak to Michael. I didn’t get what Bob Jones was getting at. After all, I never met the man, he knew nothing about me and I knew nothing about him. But irony would set in years later, because by 2004 and during Michael trial Bob would turn on him and made a book criticizing Michael. Ingrid’s information helped me. Michael did know before I presented the award that I would be there. But oddly he would repeat at the show that he was surprised to see me and that he had no idea I would be there. I knew he wasn’t sincere by what he said. I hated to think of him in this light. But this was the reality of it. Not only did he know, he approved it as well-but as long as I had nothing to say to him. By the time I arrived to the show Ingrid gave me the missing pieces of what was said about me while I was there. ‘Michael doesn’t want to see or speak to Tatiana before the show.’ I was truly thankful for Ingrid.
[Page 173 and 174]The Rumor Mill: So many rumors were floating around. They were completely untrue. I supposedly stalked Michael, and that his security had to step in and pull me away from his limo. It was so bad that I couldn’t help but to think this person must have taken this storyline from Dirty Diana video. Rumors of me being a high class call girl. A nasty rumor and not true what so ever. That I written sexually vulgar letters to Michael. If I had, I don’t think his own mother would have encouraged me to send them. She read them herself. These rumors began after I was let go from his tour for the next two years and then they came back again after his passing. These rumors came from his fans all around the world. Some fans shared with me the correspondence of Ms.Karen Faye. She was exposed as the source of these such rumors. If those letters were authentic, then it would be consistent by Ms.Faye’s behavior with me all those years. Another who that’s recent allegedly told by Ms.Faye is that I slept with Lenoard Rowe a man who is a family friend of the Jacksons and concert promoter. I hadn’t met Rowe until the day of Michael’s funeral and burial. I never had such a romantic relationship with this man. I’ve been celibate for two years now I’m so happy to say-along with during this time I was writing this book. I still sent Michael a birthday gift right after the BRE event.

Chapter 23: Chasing the Wind: The Wild One:
About 3 months after the BRE event, I tried to get my mind off of it and stepped into the nightlife. This was the summer 1989, so I often went to the Roxbury club in L.A. I came across with Jaime Foxx and Bobby Brown on 2 different occasions. As I was walking through the club I felt a hand on my butt-it was Mr.Bobby Brown. I told him, ‘Excuse me.’
BB: Hey, it’s all bout da money.’ he mumbled in his Ghetto slang.
I asked, ‘Didn’t you just get married.’
BB: It’s all ’bout da money baby.
Then I just walked away. On another wild night at this club, men had been pulling and tugging me all night long it seemed. Then someone grabbed my arm, I turned around and it was Jaime Foxx. I just snapped my arm back and turned and walked away. Looking back I probably should have handled the way I tried them a bit better than I did. In August that was when I arranged with Katherine to send a gift to Michael. Jermaine’s girlfriend Margaret came over and picked it up and putted it in her jeep. (that was the gift she had of Marlon Brando life size portrait of him from film, The Wild One.) Facing the Ugly Facts: [Page 177] As for all the changes Michael had went through surgically, I can only feel a bit of sadness that something or someone caused him to feel inadequate. In my eyes, he was always the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen! Painful Puberty: [Page 178] In the last decade of Michael’s life there was a big change in not just his looks (with surgical enhancement) but his spirit as well. He seemed sad and losted to me. He changed to a point of being barely recognized. By this point in my life I had very few and fewer auditions. I was in a very odd position. It was like an catch-22 thing. People saw me as some celebrity but I wasn’t big enough and to my credit it was not building. Everywhere I went fans knew my name but with casting agents couldn’t seem to get pasted the ‘Michael Jackson Girl’ view.

Tatiana 2011 book: [Page 179, 181-182] From Miller to Thriller:
Since Michael had also worked with Ola Ray before me, in the Thriller video; I had for years wondered what it was like for her and if we shared similar experiences. I always imagine it would be amazing to personally meet her and share stories. I was so curious, but after Michael’s passing, I no longer feel that way. I feel my experiences with Michael-while I worked with him were unique.

Tatiana Goes to Jail-in South Korea!: I was part of this show that included Michael and Janet Jackson lookalikes. When we had flown to South Korea since we were scheduled to perform in this city of Pusan. This promoter of ours ran off with our money! We were stuck with the hotel bill, we barely had any money between us to buy some food to eat! The security followed us as we went to buy some food; as it turned out we became hostages! This was crazy. We tried to escape. By 5 am we tried to snuck through the lobby, got busted! The Michael Jackson impersonator threw down some real karate on the bellman. Anyhow, they motioned us to go ahead and leave. As we were on our way out, cops were pulling up, and we were all arrested! We were taken to the police precinct and we had 14 grueling and stressful hours to deal with. The investor eventually came and bailed us out. He paid the hotel bill and all other expenses. He eventually took us to a 5-star restaurant where we got to eat a wonderful meal. Since we already at least have her plane tickets, he didn’t have to pay for that. All I can say, Karma is a bitch!

The Wizard of Oz [Page 182]: Michael’s mother heard of my hard times and gave me $50 through Majestik. I felt that at least Michael’s mom really did care for me. I also sensed-perhaps, she felt frustrated that she couldn’t do anything to really help me-especially with her son Michael to talk with me. I guess, it was harder for her than I could realize. As his mother maybe she just didn’t want to push him. You’ll never know.

[Page 194 and 195] This is about when she appeared on Maury Povich show during MJ’s late 1993 into early 1994 scandal with the ugly Chandler family: The panels who had worked with Michael were security guards who worked with him when he still lived in the Jackson’s family home in Encino. In fact, they were involved in a lawsuit against the Jacksons-as well. They told these stories about Michael and young boys as his guest at the house. This proved I was out of my realm. I couldn’t add or say anything on this topic. The security guards didn’t mind saying I never visited the house when Michael still lived in the Jacksons’ family house. What can I say, they were right! I became a visitor after Michael just moved out of there. Then when I blurted out that Michael and I were dating and his mother at least confirmed he had feelings for me. This happened around the same time when Jermaine came on BET and answered, ‘Yes, yes, yes. There was Tatiana who he was very close to.’ In fact, their mother Katherine revealed to the world that Michael told her that he loved me angered the other panelist because they were on a mission to have Michael as an gay, pedophile, and asexual man.
[Page 195-198] MJ’s Not Gay!:
His own mom confirmed this fact (of him having feelings for me) not only to me-myself, but to the world. I tried to write to Oprah, in hopes that she would do a story on all other women that he worked with-which would include me. No response from Lady O. This surprised me. She seemed pretty distanced from Michael during this ugly time in his life?. But years later she had Lisa Marie (his ex-wife) and even his parents and children on her show-those were all positive lights on Michael. I could even relate to LMP.
Tabloid Trash
It’s so obvious that the media never really treated Michael right-or even those associated to him. They wanted me to be against him and was using me for it. I was their scapegoat-that’s what they wanted from any female connected to Michael. It would help keep him in their “image” of Michael as gay, pedophile and asexual. Some people even asked me why even do that story with the Star? It helped me to feel guilty about it. Even Prince-the man I dated, was one of them.

Chapter 28: Just Married: Lisa Marie Presley, Leave It to the Lord:
[Page 201] Whatever reason, it wasn’t mean to be (between me and Michael) in this life. I do believe in destiny, and as much as I loved and adored him, something always pushed us a part. I’ve tried not to regret anything, there’s always something to learn in all things. One should never regret a lesson. Really mistakes are blessings. Everything has a reason and a rhyme in this life.
Chapter 29: Life and Learning, The Prostitute Panel: [Page 203] The only author with a legitimate story besides mine on Once More With Feeling was Jennifer Young. The others just may’ve had legitimate stories also, but nothing like ours. This didn’t hit me until we had our book tour. I had to say to myself, ‘What the Hell am I doing?’ While sitting on this panel with openly admitting prostitutes. I’m not trying to have anything against them, however, I was in wrong company for certain. I was thinking, ‘Will I ever the right forum to tell my story?’ I was so mad at myself for just settling for my deal. So, that’s exactly what I did, settled! The reason why I did it because I thought any deal is better than no deal! Well, I found out that wouldn’t be true. I still had so much to learn. I had to sit back and wait for the right opportunity to come along-at the right time. Life’s Lessons: With me trying to be head strong all throughout my career all backfired on me. I was in wrong company, during the promotion of this “prostitute panel”. We were on camera for a high profile entertainment show. While the camera was focused on me they said, ‘former call girls’, giving an obvious title that I was a former call girl!
[Page 204 and 205] Here, I went to do this book deal with an headstrong belief to finally tell my story the way I wanted. Personally knowing Margaret (Jermaine’s ex-girlfriend) reassuring me that it was a great deal. I felt that I was in good hands with Allstate. But, now…I don’t blame her. I did sue that entertainment show for claiming I was a former prostitute. They settled out of court. With my attorney they had sent me a threat saying that I will never work in Hollywood town again. They didn’t realize, “someone” had “black-listed” me long time ago. However, it was never nice to have to hear that type of talk. They called me derogatory name and threatened to ruin my career, that has been done already-hasn’t it?
Principal Lessons: [Page 205] It was so hard to have to see articles and books I was affiliated with misrepresent me by completely misquoting me or quoting me out of context-mainly just lying.
Chapter 30: Home Sweet Home, Clearer Waters: All I could kept on thinking about to myself: if people only knew the confusion, turmoil, stress, pain, lies, rumors, and corruption that took place between Michael and me,or the slander against me. Would people still consider me “lucky”? I don’t see that.
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Talking about the events relating to Michael’s passing and attending his funeral, Excerpt from Tatiana’s book “King of My Heart” ]

When I was told that Michael had passed (it seemed that Tatiana had been working at an restaurant as a waitress) I almost fell to the floor. It was until I was flipping from one channel to the next. Then, it finally hit me. I completely lost it. When I spoke to my friend Iris that next day, she said I should eat something. I told her I wanted vodka to calm me down. She bought me 2 small bottles of vodka, but suggested for me to eat some soup. I ate some soup, she also bought me my favorite candies, twizzlers. During the next 2 weeks I had sharp pains in my chest; I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I was having sharp pains in my chest. I ended up praying for God to take me. Then that next morning when I woke up and realized I was still here, I actually said, ‘Are you kidding me? Must I, another day?’

[Page 213] Around 2 weeks before the funeral I called Majestik, who was helping Mrs.Jackson pack to go to London. Aware we wanted to speak to each other he put her on the phone.
TY: Hi Mrs.Jackson. How are you doing?
KJ: Oh hi, how are you?
She went immediately to Michael-he was mainly in her thoughts.
KJ: They didn’t treat him right here.
TY: I know.
Then I got very emotional and began crying.

From Larry King to the King of Pop: After possibility for me to pay my respects, Mr. and Mrs.Jackson invited me to the funeral and family friend Majestik picked me up. Michael Joseph Jackson was finally laid to rest on September 3, 2009. Memories stirred with emotions came as I approached the house. It had been 20 years! I lost it at the gate. It hurt so badly.
Majestik: C’mon T, pull it together.
When we went inside I didn’t see Katherine, she was upstairs, so I was told. She didn’t come out til the service. Joe hugged me, after then family and friends sat together. There was silence, prompted Joe to say, ‘It’s too quiet here!’ He handed me the remote. I confessed, ‘Oh, you handed it to the wrong person. I don’t know how to work these things!’
Everybody laughed. Then the phone rang. Joe answered and turned it to Majestik. ‘You have to go and do that Larry King piece.’ Majestik turned to me. ‘Let’s go. You’re coming with us.’ Majestik said to me.
[Page 214] From CNN to the End: Angel Howansky, Joe’s publicist introduced me and Firpo Carr. After the Larry King piece with Leonard Rowe the group headed to Michael’s final resting place in Forrest Lawn.
Memorial Service: My mind drifted while sitting back to the Bad Tour days, with Corey Feldman, Alfonso Riberio, Margaret Maldonado, Rebbie, Michael’s bodyguards, and Mrs.Jackson all said that Michael loved me; talked about me regularly; even considered marrying me. As I found them and began to make my way through down the row I heard someone say ‘That’s the girl from one of his videos.’ I looked up and saw Chris Tucker sitting on the end of the row. Our eyes met as I made my way to my seat. When I sat down I tapped his shoulder. I began to choke up, ‘Hello, I always wanted to meet you…’ Chris, ‘Yes, I know, but under different circumstances.’ I really appreciated his consideration as I understood he was hurting too. I saw Kenny Ortega. Our eyes locked. I could see his pain welled up in his eyes. As if we said together, ‘What an awful day. What an awful 1st circumstance under which we meet. What an awful thing we have to share.’ I stumbled slightly but someone caught me. When I made it to the coffin, I reached out to touch it. I spoke to him with my mind. While I was doing this something interrupted it. Someone snapped a photograph. People immediately chewed him out. After things calm down I turned back to the coffin. After my thoughts I tried to pull out a flower, but couldn’t. A hand pulled it out and handed it to me.
[Page 216] Way out of the mausoleum I saw Katherine. She was standing by the balcony-like structure. Several women were hovering around her. One of them being Rebbie, I gave her a hug. Katherine was distraught to go into mausoleum. Frozen with grief. I came to her and hugged her and told her I loved her. When I released and pulled back, I brushed against her ear and knocked her earring off. I tried to pick it up and handed back to her and apologized for my grief-with my clumsiness. She kindly accepted it, while dealing with her own grief. Linking Up With Lisa: After the funeral the cars all went to a restaurant in Pasadena, several miles from Forest Lawn in Glendale, California, less than 10 miles from L.A. It was like everyone was there. This was where I met a brief introduction to Lisa Marie Presley. Rebbie introduced us. I was sitting down and Lisa and Rebbie were standing nearby. Rebbie: This is Tatiana.
Lisa gave me a pleasant nod of acknowledgement and bowed slightly as she reached down to shake my hand. We locked eyes, and then I said, ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you.’ She responded with strong silent stare, after which she and Rebbie returned to their conversation as I floated in and out of the fact Michael was gone. I didn’t enjoy myself for one moment.

[Page 218-220] Back to Encino: I asked to be taken home. Leonard Rowe fully understood this request, & saw it that our driver took us back to the Encino house. There I met Paris, Michael’s little girl, for the very 1st time. She was told I ‘was the girl with the golden brown hair that danced with your father in the video, TWYMMF, her eyes lit up. She took a deep joyful sigh. Paris: Oh! Wow! Really?!
With her radiant smile brought unanticipated warmth to my heart.
TY: Come here Sweetie & give me a hug.
Paris caressed me around my waist & squeezed so gently. If felt like if Michael was hugging me through her. I was surrounded by Mrs.Jackson. She tried to be strong for everyone, she was still completely distraught. To soothe my pain, I drew portraits of Michael & presented it in a fame to Mr.& Mrs.Jackson. They appreciated it & placed them in the Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 museum. Leonard took me home.
Loose Ends & Letting Go: A woman named Lorraine said she knew Michael just before his passing. She was now working with an artist who was doing a tribute to Michael, & was inviting me to be a part of this event. She wanted to meet me before that, so she invited me to see This Is It at the Archlight Hollywood at the Cinerama Dome. This was the final week of the film in theaters. We met at a restaurant inside the complex & had drinks prior to the movie. She told me he had just spoken about me on June 19, 2009, a week before he passed. My mouth dropped open. She wanted me to know that I was one of the 4 main women he really loved. The other 3 were Tatum O’Neal, Brooke Shields, & Lisa Marie Presley. Then dropped a bombshell: She told me I was still in Michael’s heart & he still loved me! She felt I should know that. She shared that when he heard I was dating DeNiro-& heard there were pictures of us dating-it crushed & broke Michael’s heart. I told her, ‘No, I never took pictures with DeNiro!’ I just lost it. She also told me that he left Jehovah’s Witnesses just before he met me, & loved that I said-& still do say ‘God bless you.’ While the movie was about to began thinking of all she just told me, I cried during entire film. I was truly hurt to hear about DeNiro when nothing ever really happened with me & him. I just couldn’t wait to get out of there. I was literally sick for the next couple of days & had to leave work. She told me, ‘I can tell you that whenever he sang Liberian Girl he thought of you.’ I couldn’t tell how much pain I could endure. Fans had pointed out to me about the Glenda Tapes. Glenda was a good friend of Michael’s, & taped loads of conversations between them. Michael was unaware of this. One tape was heard of him saying, ‘Sam says Frank [Dileo] is trying to get Tati[Tatiana] in trouble…’ It was so clear to me now that Frank truly was trying to get between Michael & me. Hearing those words were reliving that nightmare. Throughout the years I heard lots of people saying Michael was depressed after I was “let go” from the tour. Ingrid Goodsend was one of those. Even Firpo Carr told me recently he heard the same thing.

[Page 220] Around August 2010 a certain Cindy J. who also worked with Michael said when she would bring up my name, there was regret in his voice. None of this helped me. I received unanticipated comfort when Majestik & I were together just shortly after the funeral. Stevie Wonder called Majestik; when Stevie heard I was with Majestik, he asked to speak to me. It was very consoling; he offered some kind words of encouragement.
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatiana and Frank Dileo had breakfast together a few months after Michael’s passing where he talked about why she was fired, Excerpt from Tatiana’s book “King of My Heart” ] [Page 211-213] A Frank Encounter: It was a weird coincidence that I ran into Frank Dileo in L.A. about a month or 2 after Michael’s passing. I never understood how I was “fired” from the tour, I thought this was a good chance to find out how this happened. I wanted some clarification, closure on how everything ended. We arranged to have breakfast together and just ask: I heard Karen Faye put out a rumor that I was “fired” from the tour. Why was I “fired”?
Frank Dileo: “You were never “fired”? You were never fired. We were negotiating. You wanted $5,000 a show, and Michael wasn’t going to pay that. Michael was cheap.”
TY: “What! Are you kidding me! I wasn’t asking $5,000 a show. I was happy with the $1,000; happy to be part of the show. I knew nothing about the negations. That was my agent.”
FD: “Well, Michael was cheap, and he wasn’t going to pay that.”
TY: “Why would Karen Faye say such a thing? What was wrong with her? What’s her problem? Why is she attacking me?”
FD: “Ah, she’s crazy. She thought she was married to Michael. She’s getting ready to write a book.”
So, that was it. I got some of my answers. I still don’t hold any hatred towards Julie my former agent, Frank, Karen Faye or anyone who played a part in separating Michael and me.

A Final Thought: ‘With Michael my love it was ever so nice; now begins a new chapter in life.’
The Complete End.

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Michael Jackson and “Emily” 2000/2001/2002

From Frank Cascio’s book “My Friend Michael.” Based on the time that Frank spent working and was most around MJ, either 2000-2001 or 2001-2002 seems to be the most likely time period for this relationship. Frank began working for MJ in June 1999, and MJ was married to Debbie until October 1999, and he says that this relationship occurred around a time Michael visited London with him, which was in March 2001.

From “My Friend Michael,” by Frank Cascio

Sometimes Michael invited members of his fan clubs to Neverland, and he occasionally formed a special relationship with one of the women. One time I was driving Michael into town. Someone was next to me in the passenger seat of the Bentley, and Michael was in the backseat, kissing one of his fans.

“Easy back there,” I said. “Relax, calm down.”

“Just keep driving,” Michael said in a joking way. “Don’t worry about it, just keep driving.”

Michael’s dalliances with fans were infrequent and discreet, but they were hardly unheard of. He tended to like tall, slender women whom I’d describe as nerdy in a sexy way. Once, in London [March 2001?], I was in his suite when he brought a friend he’d known for years into his bedroom. They were in there for about an hour, and when he emerged, his pants were unbuttoned. I smirked at him.

“Shut up, Frank,” he said, smiling sheepishly. The woman, equally sheepish, said goodbye and left.

Around this time, Michael had another friend – I’ll call her Emily – who visited the ranch regularly. She was a nice, cute girl, slender, with brown hair, in her early to midthirties. Emily didn’t want or need anything from Michael. They just liked spending time together – talking, walking around, hanging out in his bedroom. It was a romantic relationship, but as far as I know, he didn’t tell anyone about Emily but me. Michael kept her a secret – she didn’t stay in his room because he didn’t want her to be seen coming out in the morning – and even I didn’t see real evidence of the romance. That’s how I knew he was telling the truth. He wouldn’t have been so secretive if he hadn’t had something to hide. That was the longest relationship I saw Michael have: Emily was at the ranch frequently over the course of about a year.

The question as to whether Michael was intimate with Debbie Rowe came up often. People seemed to think that they could make sense of Michael if they could only unravel the mystery of his relationships with women, but Michael was his own man. There were no simple answers. I know he was sexually intimate with Lisa Marie when they were together – he told me so. With Emily, to be honest, I’m not sure, but I know in her he found a companion, a friend.

Frank Cascio, CY Interview, 5th January 2011

Frank shows a personal side of Michael, sharing stories about him kissing and dating numerous women. He agreed that Michael’s attraction to women was something that generally wasn’t focused on.

“It was downplayed. And I’ll tell you, Michael was private about that part of his life. Michael was attracted to women. He had a very particular type and it’s funny because people wouldn’t think it, but it’s a simpleton. He was dating this girl who he really cared about and you know and she cared about him and it was great to see, but it was also kept very private because Michael did not want to, you know, expose this girl and have the media from the outside ruin a relationship that he really was enjoying and you know, he likes slender, tall, simpletons, sweet, humble, soft-spoken girls. And I’m really happy that Michael actually found that in his life later on.”

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Michael Jackson and Giselle Samson

Michael Jackson and Giselle Samson

[EXPAND Contestant on the First Cycle of America’s Next Top Model Where She Said She Wanted To Meet And Dance With/For Michael Jackson ]
America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 1, Episode 5

In her interview, Giselle told Cindy Berger about her “infatuation” with Michael Jackson’s talent

Giselle Samson: One day I’ll be able to meet Michael Jackson.
Cindi Berger: You want to meet Michael Jackson?
Giselle Samson: I want to meet Michael Jackson so bad! [/EXPAND] [EXPAND During The Show She Did A Shoot For “Stuff” Men’s Magazine, Printed May 2003 ]

Michael Jackson and Giselle Samson, America's Next Top Model, Stuff Magazine, bikiniMichael Jackson and Giselle Samson, America's Next Top Model, Stuff Magazine, bikiniMichael Jackson and Giselle Samson, America's Next Top Model, Stuff Magazine, bikini
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND After Seeing Her in “Stuff” Michael Jackson Contacted Her And Invited Her To Neverland ]

America’s Next Top Model 2006 Follow Up:

After appearing in “Stuff” magazine, Giselle Samson got a call from one of her idols.

“Michael Jackson got in contact with me.”
“Oh, my gosh, that was my dream come true.”
“So a week later, I went down to Neverland Ranch and had a grand old time.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Performed In a Dance Troupe For Him On His 45th Birthday, August 2003 ]
Giselle Samson’s website:

Michael Jackson’s 45th Birthday Celebration – (Dancer) in honor of the the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, Giselle performed an invigorating dance number at the Orpheum Theatre in Hollywood, CA. It was here where she performed with a dance group that brought Jackson’s favorite television show alive through dance
[/EXPAND] [EXPAND At This Event She Can Be Seen Passing Him A Note ]

Michael Jackson and Giselle Samson, America's Next Top Model, 45th birthday party

The note:

Michael Jackson and Giselle Samson, America's Next Top Model, 45th birthday party

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Visited Michael’s home in Gary, Indiana, On His Birthday, August 29th 2011 ]

Giselle Samson, facebook, Aug 29th 2011

Happy birthday michael jackson! xoxo

Giselle Samson, facebook, Sept 10th

Just left the jacksons home in gary, indiana….so cool to see! Miss you MJ! xo

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Michael Jackson and Tatum O’Neal

(Tatum was born on the 5th November, 1963. Michael the 29th August, 1958. She was 12 when they first met in 1975, he was 17. They started dating in 1977 when she was 13 and he was 18 and finished when she was around 16 and he was 20.)

[EXPAND On Their First Meeting At A Paul McCartney party in 1975, (Magic and Madness, Taraborelli, p. 195, ’91 ed) ]

Michael and Tatum first met in 1975 at a party Paul McCartney hosted aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. At the time, he was seventeen and she was twelve. They had no contact with each other again until the spring of 1977, when Michael spotted Tatum with her father at the On the Rox club in Los Angeles.[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Photos of them together at a party at The Roxy, 1977 ]

Michael Jackson and Tatum O'NealMichael Jackson and Tatum O'NealMichael Jackson and Tatum O'NealMichael Jackson and Tatum O'NealMichael Jackson and Tatum O'NealMichael Jackson and Tatum O'NealMichael Jackson and Tatum O'NealMichael Jackson and Tatum O'NealMichael Jackson and Tatum O'Neal[/EXPAND] [EXPAND The Michael Jackson Story 1977 ]

The singer had been seen many times in the company of adolescent actress Tatum O’Neal. After the critical acclaim she received acting with her father Ryan in Paper Moon she was in the same position as Michael. Everywhere she went Tatum was the centre of attraction. Michael could empathize with the pressures of child stardom and found in her a kindred spirit.

In fact reports reached the press that the relationship had turned torrid at Hugh Hefner’s Los Angeles mansion and that they had taken a nude sauna bath together. “Well, I guess I am dating her in a way,” he explained. “I’ve taken her out a couple of times — or she’s taken me out — whatever. ‘I met her sometime back, when Paul McCartney gave a party on the Queen Mary boat. She was there and we talked a bit. Two years went by before I saw her again, which was at a club on Sunset Blvd called the Roxy. We talked and talked and talked. The next day she invited me to join her at Hugh Hefner’s house to watch Roots on videotape. She got sort of bored, so we went outside and got into the jacuzzi. We weren’t naked as people have said. We both had on bathing suits, just enjoying ourselves. And that’s it.”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Magic&Madness regarding their first few dates, p. 196, ’91 ed ]

The next day, thirteen-year-old Tatum invited Michael to a dinner party at Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner’s rambling Holmby Hills estate, long a playpen for the chic Beverly Hills jet set. There they watched Roots, the highly rated Alex Haley television miniseries, on videotape. When Tatum became bored, she asked Michael to go into the hot tub with her.

“But I don’t have a bathing suit,” he said.

“Who needs bathing suits?” Tatum responded.

When Michael began to blush, Tatum asked one of Hefner’s assistants for two swimsuits, then handed one to Michael.

Tatum’s hair at this time was soft blond and flowed just below her shoulders. Her skin was baby pink and her figure quite ample for a girl who wouldn’t turn fourteen until close to the end of the year.

She was almost plump. “She’s like a sacred doll,” Michael said of her to a friend. He said that while soaking in the water and watching for shooting stars, the two shared secrets with one another.

Eventually, rumor has it they were nude together in the hot tub. The idea was tantalizing to the public, and the rumor persisted for months, fed by Tatum’s fast-life reputation.

“We weren’t naked,” Michael firmly pointed out in an interview, “as people have said. We both had on bathing suits, just enjoying ourselves. And that’s it. Why do people have to always find something dirty in everything?” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Todd Gold’s book on their first few dates ]

He wasn’t used to being touched in a romantic way by pretty young ladies, and when Tatum’s gentle hand rested upon his, Michael’s heart melted.

On their first official date they went to Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion, an enormous stone castle in Holmby Hills, with a reputation for being an orgiastic playground. Inside, the rooms were generally dark and full of leather furniture. The rambling backyard was home to Hef’s envious collection of exotic animals, not the least of which were the many shapely young women who regularly lounged topless poolside in all their pneumatic splendour.

Halfway through the movie they were watching, Tatum, then fifteen years old and light years ahead of Michael in sophistication, led her more innocent date outside for some fun and relaxation in the backyard. Discarding their clothes they slipped into the roiling hot tub. In recounting the incident, Michael says they had their swimming suits on, but mansion insiders say they were indeed skinny-dipping.

Consequently, the bare facts remain buried in a frothy sea of bubbles but Michael’s sexual preference seemed clear. “I can’t tell the details of that evening since I wasn’t there,” Marlon says, “But Michael definitely isn’t gay. He’s not as innocent as people think. When it came to girls in the early days, he and Jermaine were something to keep up with. Michael definitely isn’t a virgin.”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael telling Hilburn about Tatum, Hilburn, Cornflakes with John Lennon, p. 160]

…when I asked [Michael] about supposed encounters with Tatum O’Neal, his eyes got big as he told me about the time at the Roxy that she had actually put her hand on his knee under the table.[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Susan Blonde in Ron Galella’s book about Michael and Tatum at The Roxy ]

“I introduced Michael to Tatum O’Neal at On the Rox in Hollywood. Her father Ryan flirted with me a little, so Tatum sat on Michael’s lap (she was still a kid, although she had won an Academy Award).” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Talk with Joe about Michael dating Tatum and being seen at the Playboy Mansion, Jet Mar 31, 1977 ]

Michael Jackson and Tatum O'Neal
Michael Jackson and Tatum O'Neal [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Report of Michael date at the Playboy Mansion, 4th April, 1977 ]

Michael Jackson and Tatum O'Neal [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Jacksons interview, Echoes, May 28th, 1977]

Rumours of Michael’s love life abound. He’s been matched up to date with every under-seventeen year old from Jodie Foster to Stephanie Mills and Tatum O’Neal. Yes, he and Tatum have gone to a couple of parties, but they are strictly friends. Jackie kids that Linda Blair (of Exorcist film fame) is still ringing him up. Michael prefers to tip out quietly on his own. But he does ask after 14 year old Heather McCartney, who he met at the Wings party last year. “They have a house in Scotland. I thought they might be up there.” [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael asked if he’s dating Tatum, JET 30th june 1977 ]

Michael Jackson and Tatum O'Neal[/EXPAND] [EXPAND St Peterburg Times, 13 July 1977 ]

“Michael[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Ledger, 14 Aug 1977 ] “Michael

[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael speaks about meeting Tatum in 1975, Rock Lives, August 23, 1977]


“This was a year ago. I’ve got some pictures here of the party. It was a gigantic party at the Harold Lloyd estate. It was a very good evening. All the stars were there! [He pulls a voluminous black scrapbook off a nearby shelf and leafs through it.] Lemme see. This is when we met the Queen . . . This is at Paul’s party at Harold Lloyd’s estate, right around the time when Paul and his wife and I, were were talking about the Girlfriend song, and exchanging numbers and addresses.

“That was one of the greatest parties I’ve ever been to, because when Paul gives a party he believes in just going out! It was a whole schedule: nine o’clock, you get to see the ballerina act. Ten o’clock, Chuck Norris, the karate expert, put on a show. At four o’clock in the evening, the Broadway company of The Wiz would put on a show. There were all kinds of food! You want Mexican food, they had a Mexican stand, a Mexican lady. Italian, and Italian stand with an Italian man. American food, a buffet! Oh, man!

And that’s more at Paul McCartney’s party, where they had the Wiz show… And John Belushi doing his Joe Cocker imitation at Paul’s thing, too. Did you see the robot on summer TV specials? That was the same robot that was at Paul McCartney’s party! That was the first time I had seen it. I said, “How does he work?”

People went crazy over him. And that’s my friend Tatum O’Neal . . . And that’s my nephew on my brother’s side.

I left kinda early, but the party went on and on…”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael denies swimming naked with Tatum, JET 22 Sep 1977]

Michael Jackson and Tatum O'Neal[/EXPAND] [EXPAND “Michael hoping for Tatum to visit him in New York, Pittsburg Post Gazette, 7 Dec 1977 ] “Michael[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatum O Neal, 22, December, 1977 ] “Michael [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael speaks about Tatum, London, Disco Dancing, 1978]

He admits to often still being shy and embarrassed in front of girls.

“But I love them,” he says. “I’d love to meet the right girl and get married. But at the moment I can’t because there’s so many things I’ve got to do.”

Michael’s name has been recently linked with film star, Ryan O’Neal’s daughter, Tatum. But he says, “We’re really good friends. She’s helped me a lot with my acting.”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Interview with Michael by phone from California, August 3, 1978:]


L.R. You’ve been seen out with Janelle Penny Commissiong, the former Miss Universe. Is it a romance?

M.J. [Laughter, giggling.] That’s a hard question to answer. Like most of the people you may see me out with, like Tatum [O’Neal] and Janelle, they’re kind of on and off, they’re friends, and [hysterical laughter] … I talk to them. I don’t know how to describe it, really [more laughter]. I don’t know what to say.[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael says Tatum wants to take him camping, People Weekly, November 1978]


They met at record producer Lou Adler’s private club, and she later took Michael on a date – he claims it was his first with anyone – to an open house at Hugh Hefner’s mansion. Yet Tatum has so far failed to persuade Michael to move up to Malibu to be near her. ”Girls,” he complains, ”want all your time.”


(Michael is) planning a three month tour with his brothers of, among other places, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and Singapore. (A new LP , Destiny, the first completely written and produced by the Jacksons, has just shipped gold.) At some point, though, Michael wants to fit in a pleasure trip with Tatum. “She wants to take me camping. I’ve never done any of those things,” he says wistfully. “I been knowin’ this business all my life so there’s no way of quittin’-but I am ready for a nice long vacation.”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael wanted to go with Tatum to the premiere of the Wiz, 24 Oct, 1978]

Michael invites Tatum to be his date for The Wiz but she turns him down and he goes alone.[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael attends Tatum O’Neal’s Birthday Party, November 5 1978 ]

At 5:43 on Tatum and Ryan’s 2011 show The O’Neal’s where Tatum talks about the craziest birthday she ever had at a dinner.

Tatum: But for 16, dad, we had a party and we invited a couple hundred people and a couple of thousand came.
Ryan: I remember 15 now…
Tatum: 16 or 15.
Ryan: Oh I have to sit down.
Tatum: Sit down now. So, I remember Brooke Shields came.
(Someone mentions Michael)
Tatum: Well, Michael was there. Michael was there. (Show a picture of her and Michael) And it was just the craziest birthday and I remember going ‘Where were you dad? Where were you?” You were at the beach house.'[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael talks about Tatum, Jet Dec 14, 1978]

Michael Jackson’s first date is still his current one – but he isn’t saying it goes beyond that.

Jackson, who is part of the box office success of the film version of The Wiz, still dates teen actress Tatum O’Neal, who he said was really excited for me when I was cast for (it).

“She helped me, too, with advice on how to stay cool through it all. She and her dad (actor Ryan O’Neal) have been just great for me,” he told a Philadelphia Daily News interviewer.[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatum interview, The Beautiful Brat, 1978 ]

“He doesn’t believe in birthdays or Christmas or Halloween or any of those things. It’s so strange because I’d like to send him a Christmas card and he says I mustn’t do it. Strange, no presents. I think that’s so weird. I love presents more than anything and I thrive on them.”

Ryan O Neal characterized their relationship as “no big thing.”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatum, Michael, Dan Aykroyd, Randy Jackson, Margot Kidder, photographed together, 1979]

1979: Actress Tatum O’Neal and actor Dan Aykroyd sit at a table and pose fora portrait with pop singer Marlon Jackson, basketball player Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, pop singer Michael Jackson and actress Margot Kidder at an event in 1979.

“Michael[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Michael interview, 1979]

Because Jackson is such an introvert, his life isn’t as glamorous as many assume it is. He could obviously be part of that frantic show biz social circle but chooses, nearly all the time, to avoid it “That way of life isn’t for me,” he said. “It’s not what I want. I don’t go out much. Oh, if Tatum (actress O’Neal, a close friend) calls and wants to go out I may go to the Roxy or some place like that. But I spend a lot of time by myself. That’s the way I want it.”[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Sat next to Tatum O’Neal at the Grammys, 1979]

Soon after, Michael made a solo album, “Off the Wall,” produced by brilliant pop composer Quincy Jones. It was more sophisticated than anything he and his brothers had ever done, and Michael won the 1979 Grammy for Best Rhythm and Blues Male Vocal for one of the singles from it. He sat in the audience that night next to his friend Tatum O’Neal, his conventional cuteness suddenly replaced by a sharply original handsomeness. [/EXPAND] [EXPAND Taken inside a bank vault in Beverly Hills to celebrate a gold record for the Destiny album, June 1979]



Photographer Brad Elterman on these photos

Michael Jackson made sure that I got these cool photos of him dancing with Tatum O’Neal at a party held inside a bank vault in Beverly Hills. They were best buddies and Michael wanted copies of all the photos.[/EXPAND] [EXPAND The Ledger, 26th June 1979]

“Michael[/EXPAND] [EXPAND Tatum and Michael reported back “on” again, Spokane Daily Chronicle, 11 July 1979]


[/EXPAND] [EXPAND The alleged encounter between Taum and Carole Mallory and Michael Jackson, printed in Star Magazine 8/2/1988]

Magic/Madness quoting a Star magazine exclusive (originally printed 8/2/88 “How Tatum O’Neal Stripped to Seduce Michael Jackson”) on what happened a few weeks later between them

Says Sarah Jackson (no relation to Michael) who was a friend of Tatum’s at the time, “Tatum told me that Michael was a nice guy, but so shy, how can any girl have a relationship with him? When we’re together, he hardly says two words. I know he’s a virgin. Someone needs to have a talk with him about it. I wonder if he’s afraid to have sex. He doesn’t seem very interested.”