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Glenda Tape Transcript 2-5

Glenda Tape 2-5, right click to download

Jacksons: An American Dream is coming up so I assume this conversation is sometime in the fall, 1992

MJ: I listen to what you say.
G: Oh.
MJ: [something something and your advice?] G: Oh my god! (laughs)
MJ: Yes, I do that.
G: Huh?
MJ: I do that, I pay attention. More so than you think I do.
G: Really?
MJ: Mhm.
G: Oh. (laughs)
MJ: I do that (I) Oh, you wanna go get your tape?}
G: (laughing) I’ve got it right here.
MJ: You got it? Really?
G: ‘Kay, wait a minute, hold on.
MJ: (i) [got something to tell you] (laughing) It’s gross (laughing) I don’t want to tell you.
G: What is it NOW? What is this- oh, is it something to do with the hospital?
MJ: Nooo. It’s something to do with Bill.
G: With Bill?
MJ: And Randy. Randall and Kathy, God. Well, Randy already knows, because he had a huge problem with Bill before. It’s gross, I don’t want to tell you (laughing)
G: Oh, come on! What is this? Okay, this is Bill Bray right?
MJ: Yeah, Bill!

Michael with his head of security since he was a kid, Bill Bray

G: Okay. What did he do, what’s he doing?
MJ: Every time, every time he gets up…
G: (laughing) Come on, man, it can’t be that gross!
MJ: It happens every time. Every time, this has been going on for years. (laugh)
G: (laugh) Really?
MJ: (i) whenever I stay in the room.
G: Is he in the room?
MJ: Oh, he’s getting ready to get in the shower. Every time, every time even when we were little kids. Bill, I tell you how he snores he (makes a loud snoring noise).
G: I know you, told me! (laugh)
MJ: Every time, every time, girl, the first thing he does…(laughing)
G: Oh no! What?
MJ: (still laughing)
Glenda and MJ: (both laugh)
G: Come on! What does he do?
MJ: He’ll wake up, go bursting outta bed, and he farts real loud! (laughing)
G: (gasps) Are you serious?
MJ: (laughing) Yes.
G: Why?
MJ: He’s been doing this for years. I don’t know. I said, “You better check this, I think there’s something wrong with you, Bill.”
G: (laughing)
MJ: But when he opens his eyes, he’ll stretch and he’ll wake up. “Michael, you awake?” “Yeah, I been, man…”
G: That’s the worst, Michael!
MJ: (laughing)
G: Oh my god, what a turn off. How do you stand it?
MJ: (laughing)
G: (laughing with him)
MJ: He’s always had that problem.
G: (laugh) I hope it’s just in the morning!
MJ: Yeah.
G: It’s not like an all-day thing…
MJ: (laugh) Nooo…
Michael and G: (still laughing…)
G: So funny!
MJ: And we used to tease him when we were little boys and stuff like that. We used to share a room with him, me and Marlon. First thing he did in the morning, he farted reeaal loud. Oh god we were like, “Clear the room, clear the room!”
G: (laughs)
MJ: He STILL does it. I haven’t been on tour with him for a long time. We like, “Oh my gooood, Bill!”
G: How funny! Oh my god.
MJ: It’s gross.
G: That is gross, that’s the worst.
MJ: I know, when he’s awake, every time I’d be playing asleep. “Michael? Joker (Bill’s nickname for Michael was Joker), Joker are you awake? Hey, Joker?” I go (loud fart noise).
Glenda and MJ: (laughter)
G: That is funny.
MJ: My god, he trying to kill me.
G: That’s very funny. (laugh) Well, I guess when you’re in close quarters with somebody like that…
MJ: You got to be LOUD and stuff?
Glenda and MJ: (laugh)
G: Yeah…
MJ: (i) (impersonating Bill’s voice): “It’s gas now, it’s gas, yeah yeah.”
G: (laugh)
MJ: (I)

[Assuming this was cut, too. Doesn’t fit will Bill’s gaseous problems.]

G: Hold on a second. No, I really can’t Michael. I can’t understand.
MJ: It’s just like… I’m being totally open.
G: I guess that’s when you’re the most comfortable
MJ: Yes, I would like to die on stage. (I) The most (I) because I can be no matter who I am, I can still jam, I can be (I), just do dance, just pour out my heart. God.
G: (giggle) Yeah.
MJ: You know, this special’s coming up pretty soon.
G: Which one?
MJ: The Jackson special (talking about the Jacksons: An American Dream produced by Jermaine, aired November 15, 1992)
G: Oh, really?
MJ: Yeah…
G: When’s it gonna come on?
MJ: It’s coming on in the fall.
G: Yeah? Well I’m going to watch that for sure.
MJ: Yeah, the little boy’s such a good entertainer. But for me to have to sit there and watch it while everyone is there, I don’t know, it’s just going to bring back all these memories.
G: I’m sure it will.
MJ: I’m really (scared?) and God what if I (I)
G: I know the feeling.
MJ: The things and the people that touch your lives(I). Which is sad, ’cause of course they’re not going to tell everything.
G: No.


MJ: Latoya’s saying all this and that, Latoya upsetting you.
G: I tell you, Latoya and I went around and around.
MJ: laughing (i)
G: God, I remember that and she said, “What do you want?” and I said, “Well, what do you want?” We want back and forth and then finally she said, she told me what she said, she said “I want it to end,” and I said, “Well, you’re not gonna get that, Latoya.” Funny, she wanted to meet us, she wanted us to meet-
MJ: I know! Her and her…
G: (laugh)
MJ: ….hit man, hit man boyfriend.
G: Yeah. (laugh)
MJ: I was going to say nigga.


G: Oh we have lovely memories as well. I love the memory I have with Janet. I remember one day I was walking down to go to home. It was after five, it was all gray and, like, rainy (i) He said, “Glenda, Jan is on the line.” And I got on the phone and she says, “Glenda, you gotta do this, you gotta play this joke on Michael.”
MJ: (inaudible, laughter)
G: I go, “What? I dunno if I should do this, you know, he might freak out or something.” “No, you gotta do this, you gotta play this joke on him.” That was fun.
MJ: (laughing) I remember. I got you real good too girl.. with that whip.. sour cream and stuff. That was the night I was going to come over there and we had the kids screaming.
G: Everybody was screaming!
MJ: Your husband was screaming! You – I said well, (in low voice) “I, I can’t make it tonight, I’m really tired.” And he got off (her jacket?) and started (I) G: (laugh)
MJ: And I said “HIKE” and then they couldn’t even tell I was throwing them. It was so funny.
G: Oh, I shoulda known you were doing that.
MJ: Oh, you were so pissed!
G: Yes, I was! (i) [gone through?] a lotta trouble.
MJ: You were mad. You were madder than that woman that had a nappy natural and couldn’t pick it out with a comb – you were so mad!
G: (laugh) Or when you called me and told me that you were gonna get married. I thought that I had given you all the wrong advice, I thought, “Oh my god!”
Michael and G: (Loud laughter)
MJ: I forgot all about that!
G: “What did I saaay?! I didn’t mean to!” Yeah, we done a lot in this short period of time, haven’t we?
MJ: Yeah. That was funny now that I think about it, at the time


G: And you both cried at the end.
MJ: And you- what?
G: You both cried at the end of it
MJ: Yeah. I didn’t wanna watch, I told you it was gonna be like that.
G: Yeah. Why does it make you cry?
MJ: ‘Cause it’s just so (i). We just be crying [when(I)? was going away, then they crying] and when she saw him, oh god! Like Jackie said, I be crying in commercials and stuff. (i) [don’t ask me I just wanted to (I)] When I die, you know, [I know I’m gonna see all that, I know I’m gonna see (grandmother again?)] G: I hope so.
MJ: Yeah. Just like you know (i)[ a feeling] G: I don’t think about stuff like that.
MJ: (i)
G: It gets me very upset and I don’t wanna talk about that.
MJ: Oh, I’m not gonna skip now, I got a show to do here, girl.
G: Yeah, you do. Must you go now?
MJ: What?
G: Must you go now?
MJ: Must I go?
G: Yeah.
MJ: No. Are you going now?
G: No.
MJ: (begins to talk, but Glenda laughs) What?
G: Oh, that little bit where you (i).
MJ: I gotta get my hair done.
G: Yeah, you must have a lot of things to do.
MJ: Yeah, I’m gonna get my hair trimmed a little too. ‘Cause, you know, the more you trim it, the better it grows. (I) We got another sound check today with, um, the band and stuff. Oh, they set up everything and it’s great. (sighs) And god, just, girl, you just don’t know, just being up there on that stage… You know, I’m really lonely, and…
G: Are you still?
MJ: (singing bits of Will You Be There).” I get lonely sometimes, will you be there, Will you still care, will you be there?”
G: You still get lonely? Really?
MJ: I never stop, I’ll be having a great time, I never, I just, it’s like a total makeover on stage. I never show ‘em all, [No matter (I) for me] ’cause they don’t know what you’re sayin’.
G: (laughs)
MJ: And that’s why it’s gonna be kinda fun to get to the the states [ ‘even if they don’t understand what you’re saying] G: I heard that Russia wants you to come and do a show.
MJ: Yeah. Oh, they’ll get more than that. But it’s like, all these people are [born??](I) and stuff like that. Once you get to America, people know what you’re saying. It’s so weird that you do shows overseas, they, they, they respect it in a different way. (Or: It’s weird when you do shows overseas, they, they, are receptive in a different way.)
G: They are?
MJ: Yeah, it’s like–

*********Break. Very static-y, and very difficult to understand..******** **

MJ: The night before what?
G: You were gonna be (i)
MJ: You’ve gotta talk louder
G: Remember the night two nights before you were gonna make your announcement on that radio station?
MJ: Oh yeah.
G: Remember?
MJ: I remember.
G: [I’m glad?] we talked for four hours (laughs) At that time, you didn’t really wanna tour again.
MJ: No, no. I’m gonna be so euphoric after this show.
(can’t make out anything here)
MJ: Because (I)[my heart and soul?] (I)
G and M laughing
G: You can hear it anyway.
MJ: Yeah, really? Well that’s just bad (I) we’re gonna we’re gonna have to (I) a lotta–

(Cut in tape, loud static)

G: It was good?
MJ: The outfits are amazing. They are great.
G: Yes, I read about them. (laugh)
MJ: Oh you did? (I)
G: Yeah. I bet. They weigh enough
MJ: It’s gonna be so hot under those lights. it’s gonna be like (i) [I’ll be having a baby on that stage, you know?] MJ: Taking [valeroots?], I gotta take [valeroots? thing] G: What’s [valeroots word?] MJ:Valeroot’s is something for your throat, like if you speak a lot or if you sing or something like that, they soothe your throat, they cool your vocal chords
G: Oh, I never heard of it.
MJ: Yea, they taste nasty, I don’t like the way they taste. But I’m just (I)
G: So nice (I) it must be nice to have somebody that you really [inaudible, wanna take good care of? OR it must be nice to have somebody that you can talk to that cares?] MJ: Oh, well, it’s the best. I always feel so lonely—

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